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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 60



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited
without the express written permission of the author. ©2001 By:
Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are
offended by material of this nature, are under the legal age in
your location to read this material, or it is illegal for you to
possess this material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 60 (Fmf, Ff, ff, inc, oral, con)
By: Dark Vision
"Finished!" Kim said as she closed her history book and put it
into her backpack. "How are you doing Megan?"

"I'm almost done too," Megan replied. "I just have to finish
writing this report."

Kim turned on her computer and clicked the icon for her
Internet browser. She checked her email and then began to surf
some of the sites she had book marked. The screen displayed an
image of two girls engaged in an open-mouthed kiss when Megan
closed her notebook and looked up. Watching silently, she
observed the different pictures of young nude girls touching and
kissing one another. When she saw a picture of two girls licking a man's penis, Megan moved closer to the computer.

"Wow," Megan exclaimed. "That looks so hot."

"Do you like to look at this stuff?"

Megan turned slightly red and nodded her head.

"Me too," Kim giggled. "It gives me ideas."

"Really? What kind of ideas does it give you?" Megan said as
she slid off the bed and moved next to Kim.

"You know, sexy ideas. I get turned on looking at these
pictures and think about things I would like to try."

Megan put her hand on the mouse and clicked the back button on
the browser. When she came to a picture of two girls with their
heads between each other's legs she stopped.

"Do pictures like this turn you on Kim? They make me all hot
and bothered."

Kim turned in her chair and looked up at Megan. She put her
hands under the redhead's sweatshirt and moved them up to her
breasts. Lightly she covered Megan's mounds with the palms of
her hands and rubbed over her nipples, feeling them respond to
her stimulation.

"Does this answer your question?" Kim said. She used her arms
to lift the sweatshirt, expose Megan's stomach, and leaned
forward to kiss her soft flesh.

Megan moaned and put her hands on the back of Kim's head. She
rubbed her hair and pulled her face into her tummy. Kim removed
her hands and pulled back. She looked up into Megan's half
closed eyes and smiled.

Kim stood up, unbuttoned her white school shirt, and removed
it. When she unfastened her bra and let it slip down her arms,
Megan removed her sweatshirt.

"I was just planning on changing into something more
comfortable," Kim giggled. "I guess you have other ideas."

Megan turned red and grinned. "Sorry, I just thought that you
wanted to…"

"I do, but maybe later. We should see what my brother is up to
and get some dinner."

Megan started to pull her sweatshirt over her head and Kim
stopped her. She covered one of her breasts with her mouth and
sucked on the nipple. Megan stood still as Kim suckled her
nipple and licked around her areola with her tongue.

Kim removed her mouth and straightened up. She put her arms
around Megan's waist and held her close, mashing her breasts into her.

"I can't wait to taste your pussy later Megan," she said in a
low throaty voice.

"I want to taste yours too Kim."

Kim let go of Megan and removed her skirt. She went into the
closet, hung up her clothes and returned, dressed in her
panties. Kim took a black nightshirt out of her dresser drawer,
slipped it on, and buttoned the two middle buttons of the silk
garment. She rolled her panties down her legs and took a lacy
pink thong from her drawer. She stepped into the garment and
pulled it up over her hips, adjusting the thin strip of cloth
between her butt cheeks.

"I don't think we'll be going out tonight Megan, why don't you
change into something a bit sexier." Kim said as she slid her
hand along Megan's inner thigh and up to her crotch.

Kim undid the button that held Megan's jeans closed and lowered
the zipper. She helped her push her jeans down her legs and off
her feet. Megan opened her bag, removed a pair of pajamas, and
began to put them on.

"These are all I brought to sleep in Kim," she said as she
pulled the flowered bottoms up her legs.

"Would you like to borrow a nightshirt or something?"

Megan grinned and nodded yes. Kim took a hunter green
nightshirt from her drawer and held it out to her.

"I have this if you want to wear it."

Megan took the nightshirt from Kim and put it on. She removed
the bottoms of her pajamas and looked at herself in the mirror.
Kim rummaged around in a dresser drawer and found a green thong
to match Megan's nightshirt. She tossed it to her and grinned
as Megan quickly removed her panties and replaced them with the
tiny garment.

"How do I look Kim?"

Kim stood in front of Megan, unfastened the top and bottom
button of the nightshirt, and stepped back.

"You look great Megan. You'll drive my brother nuts tonight."

Megan turned and stared at her reflection in the full-length
mirror. She noted how her breasts and panties would show if she
moved just right. Glancing into Kim's eyes in the mirror she

"So will you Kim."

Kim smiled back at her and moved towards the door. "Let's see
what Jack is up to, I'm getting hungry."

Megan followed Kim out of the bedroom and across the hall. Kim
opened Jack's door, without knocking, and walked in. Jack was
standing next to his bed wearing only a pair of boxers.

"We're hungry Jack. Let's get some dinner."

Jack looked at his sister and girlfriend, noting their outfits.
He walked into his bathroom, returned with a robe, and slipped
it on.

"I'm starved," he said. "Let's go."

The three teens bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen.
Kim went to the refrigerator and pulled the door open.

"We have left over, chicken, meatloaf, and pasta with
meatballs. What sounds good?" Kim asked.

"It all does," Jack replied. "What do you want Megan?"

Megan glanced at Jack's crotch, smiled, and said, "Anything is
fine with me."

Kim took the bowl of pasta out of the refrigerator and set it
on the counter. She took a large pot out of the cupboard,
placed it on the stove, and poured the pasta and meatballs into

"If one of you will make a salad, I'll heat this up," Kim said.

Megan and Jack began to gather the items for the salad as Kim
stirred the contents of the pot. Jack stole glances of the two
girls as they moved around the kitchen, feeling his penis react
to the sight of their breasts and panties. While Kim had her
back to Jack and Megan, Megan slipped her hand into the opening
of Jack's robe and rubbed his growing erection.

Jack quickly pulled away, grinning at Megan. When she reached
for him again, he moved around the counter next to his sister.

"Kim, Megan's trying to touch me," Jack said in a child like

Kim looked down at her brother's crotch and noticed his robe
was tented away from his body. She began to giggle and said,
"Megan, you can't have sausage, there isn't enough for everyone."

Megan and Jack started to laugh at Kim as she waved her finger
at the two of them Megan scurried around the counter, pulled
open Jack's robe and pointed at his erection.

"Are you sure about that Kim," Megan said.

Kim's eyes quickly met Megan's and locked onto them. When she
saw Megan smile devilishly, Kim took a deep breath and looked
away. Jack put his arm around his sister and girlfriend and
pulled them to his sides.

The three teens stood quietly, the girls against Jack's sides.
After several minutes, Kim pulled away and began to stir the
pasta. Megan kissed Jack's cheek and also moved away from him.
She finished preparing the salad and set the bowl on the counter.

"Get the plates out of the cupboard Jack," Megan said. "I'll
get the silverware."

When the pasta was heated, Kim spooned a helping onto each of
the three plates. They all sat at the counter, Jack in the
middle of the two girls, and ate.

"This is really good," Jack said as he stabbed a meatball with
his fork.

"So is the salad," Kim said. "We make a good team."

After they were finished with dinner and the kitchen was
cleaned up, they went into the family room to watch television.
Jack and Megan sat next to each other on the couch and Kim went
to her father's recliner. Just as she was about to sit down,
the telephone rang. Kim went over to the phone and answered it,
talked for several moments and hung up.

"That was mom," Kim said as she walked back to the chair. "She
was just checking to be sure everything was alright."

Kim flopped down in the large leather chair and leaned back.
Jack flipped through the channels until he found a program that
all three of them agreed on.

"Jack," Megan said. "Would you please build a fire in the
fireplace for us?"

Jack jumped off the couch and went to the fireplace. He
stacked several logs on the rack, added kindling, and started
the fire. Once he was sure the fire was going to stay lit, he
closed the screen and went back to the couch. Megan reached over
him and turned the table lamp off, leaving the television and
the fire the only source of light in the room.

Folding her legs under her, Megan leaned into Jack and put her
hand on his leg. She caressed his thigh, moving closer to his
crotch with each stroke. Jack turned to her, grinned, and
pressed his lips to hers. Megan opened her mouth and let Jack's
tongue begin to explore her teeth and lips, moaning softly.

Kim watched from her chair as her brother put his arm around
Megan's shoulders and pulled her to him. When she saw his hand
begin to rub her bottom, Kim felt a tingling in her vagina.
Shifting her eyes from the television to the couch, Kim became
excited watching Jack and Megan kiss and touch each other.
Letting her hand drift to her lap, Kim slowly stroked her mons
with her fingertips.

The three were lost in their passion, Jack and Megan with one
another, Kim with herself. Three loud beeps from the television
startled the teens and drew their attention to the screen. A
blue banner scrolled across the bottom of the television screen,
warning of a snowstorm.

Jack found the remote and flipped to the weather channel to see
if he could get more information. After several minutes, the
station switched to the local weather and the woman on
television told about the storm.

"I hope this doesn't screw up mom and dad's flight," Jack said.

"So do I," Kim added. "They're really looking forward to the

"Do you think they'll close school tomorrow?" Megan asked.

"I hope so," Kim quipped. "I'd love another day off."

They watched the weather report for a few more minutes and then
Jack switched back to the program they were watching earlier.
He placed the remote on the end table and put his arm back
around Megan's shoulders.

"Does anyone feel like taking a swim?" Megan asked.

Kim stood up and said, "Sure, that would feel great."

The two girls headed for the sliding doors to the pool,
stopping to look back at Jack. "Are you going to join us?" Kim

Jack shrugged his shoulders, stood up, and followed the two
girls out to the pool. He watched as they shed their
nightshirts and thongs and then ran to the edge of the pool.
When they dove in, Jack pulled off his robe and boxers, and
jumped in after them. They swam and splashed at one another for
a little while, each one becoming the target of the other two.
When they were finished, they climbed out of the water and went
to shower.

Kim and Megan walked into the shower room and turned on the
water, Jack waited in the common area of the pool house for them
to finish.

"Where's Jack?" Megan asked as she held her head under the

"I don't know, maybe he is waiting until we're finished before
he takes his shower," Kim replied.

"Well, if it doesn't bother you, it wouldn't bother me if he
wants to shower with us," Megan said.

"I don't care if he does," Kim said.

Megan went to the door, opened it, and called for Jack. She
told him to come join them in the shower. Jack walked to the
door, entered the shower room, and followed Megan to the
showerhead she was using. He stood close to her, letting the
water spray the two of them. Jack put his arms around Megan's
waist and pulled her nude body to his, kissing her forehead.

Kim watched her brother and Megan as they stood under the
cascading water. She saw Megan wink at her and nod her head.
Kim looked at her with a puzzled gaze, trying to figure out what
she wanted. Megan smiled and ran her hand up and down Jack's
back several times and glanced at the bar of soap in the holder.
He curled her finger and indicated to Kim to come over to her
and Jack.

"Are you sure?" Kim mouthed silently.

Megan nodded and then closed her eyes. Kim picked up the bar
of soap and moved behind her brother. She put the bar against
his back and slowly began to rub it over his flesh. Jack
flinched and his muscles tightened when he realized who was
washing his back, but Megan quickly grabbed his butt and kept
him from moving. He looked into his girlfriend's eyes and Megan
smiled at him.

Jack relaxed and began to enjoy the feeling of Megan's breasts against his chest and his sister's hands soaping his back. Once
Kim had completely covered his back with suds, she knelt on the
floor and started on his legs. She worked her way up his right
leg, starting at the ankle and stopping just short of his butt.
She switched legs, repeating the process.

Megan could feel Jack's penis jump against her belly as it
filled with blood. She pulled her hips back slightly, reached
down, pulled his hard member up, and trapped it between her
tummy and his.

"My turn to have my back washed," Megan said after Kim stood up.

When Kim started to hand the soap to her brother, Megan stopped
her. "Why don't you do it for me," Megan said. "Just reach
around Jack and soap me up."

Kim moved against her brother's soapy back, reached around the
couple, and started to rub the soap on Megan's back. As Kim
moved the bar up and down, she felt her breasts sliding against
her brother's slick skin. Once again Kim dropped to her knees
and started on Megan's legs. She washed up one leg and down the
other, avoiding the redhead's crotch.

Megan turned around in Jack's arms and leaned back into him.
She wiggled her bottom against his hard-on and giggled as it
slipped between her butt cheeks.

Still kneeling, Kim started to wash the front of Megan's legs.
When she neared the top of her thighs, Megan moved her legs
apart. Kim stood up, soaped up her hands, and began to wash
Megan's shoulders. When she moved down to her breasts, Megan
took her wrists and guided her hands over the small firm mounds.

When Megan released Kim's wrists, she continued to cover her
breasts with soap. Jack looked down and watched his sister's
fingers toying with Megan's nipples. Kim took the bar of soap
and rubbed it over Megan's stomach, moving down as she did.
Megan felt Kim's fingertips stroke her thin strip of red pubic
hair and moaned. She reached between her body and Jack's, took
his penis in her hand, and placed it between her legs.

Kim rubbed lower, her fingers moving between Megan's legs.
When she felt her brother's penis, she pulled her hand away.

Megan again grabbed Kim by the wrist and put her hand back.
She pushed Kim's fingers between her legs and against Jack's
throbbing penis. When Kim began to rub her fingers over the
underside of Jack's member and push it up against her sex, Megan
started to rock her hips.

Moving her fingers between Jack's rigid shaft and Megan's
vulva, Kim stroked her. She put her fingertip against Megan's
clit and rubbed it in small circles. Megan put her hands on
Kim's bottom and pulled her tight against Jack's back, making it
almost impossible for him to move.

Megan leaned her head back on Jack's shoulder and moaned as Kim
teased her clitoris. Jack squirmed out from between the two
girls and watched his sister play with his girlfriend's crotch.

"Why don't you wash Kim's back and then mine Jack," Megan

Jack took the bar of soap and began to rub it over his sister's
back. When he had her covered with suds, he put down the soap
and used his hands to spread the soap down over her bottom. Kim
removed her hand from Megan's crotch and turned to face her
brother. Megan picked up the soap and began to wash Kim's chest
as Jack knelt to do her legs.

The three teens finished washing each other, rinsed, and turned
off the water. They went into the common area, picked up
towels, and dried themselves. They all put their night clothes
back on and left the pool house. Jack turned off the lights and
they walked over to the window to see how much snow was on the

"Looks like we got a couple of inches," Kim said as she stared
out the window.

"More like four inches," Jack said.

"I have read that in Sweden people sit in a hot tub and then go
and roll in the snow," Megan said.

"Really!" Kim said. "That sounds stupid."

"I don't know," Jack said. "I understand it's supposed to be
invigorating. Do you two want to give it a try?"

"I will Jack," Megan replied. "If you want to."

"What the hell, we only live once," Jack said as he headed for
the pool house to start the hot tub.

While Jack was turning on the hot tub, Kim turned to Megan and
asked, "What was that all about in the shower Megan?"

Megan shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know, it just
seemed like fun. You aren't mad at me are you?"

"No, I'm not mad. I'm just a bit surprised."

The two girls walked over to the hot tub and stared into the
churning water. Jack joined them, removed his robe and boxers,
and stepped into the tub. He leaned back and felt the warm
water swirl around his body, looking up at the girls.

"Well, are you two going to get in or not?" He asked.

Megan took of her clothes and stepped into the tub. She sat
near Jack, but not in contact with him.

"How about you Kim?" Jack said. "Are you going to do it too?"

"I don't know Jack, it doesn't sound like much fun getting all
nice and warm and then rolling in the snow. We might get sick
or something," Kim replied.

"At least get into the hot tub," Megan said. "You don't have
to go in the snow if you don't want to…but think about how much
fun we can have warming each other up after we do."

Kim shed her nightshirt and thong. She stepped into the tub
and sat across from her brother. After a few minutes Kim looked
at Jack and said, "Did you turn the temperature up? The water
seems to be hotter than usual."

"Yeah," Jack said. "I turned it up so we would be nice and hot
when we go outside."

The three teens relaxed in the hot water, exposing only their
heads. After several minutes, Jack began to move next to Megan,
putting his arm around her waist.

"Well, are we ready to do this?" Jack said.

Both Kim and Megan nodded and they all climbed out of the tub.
Moving quickly, they went to the sliding doors that led to the
back yard and Jack pulled one to the side, opening it. Without
a moment's hesitation, they charged out the door and flopped
into the cold white snow. They rolled around in the fresh
power, screaming and yelling. Megan rolled over Jack, onto Kim
and back onto her brother. Megan climbed onto the pair, rubbing
hands full of snow over their naked bodies.

They played for several minutes and then ran back into the
house. Jack slid the door closed, locked it and turned to Megan
and his sister.

"Holy shit that was cold," Kim yelled. "I can't believe you
two talked me into doing it."

The three came together and wrapped their arms around one
another. Moving their hands quickly, they rubbed one another's
chilled bodies. Without untangling their arms, they moved as
one to the pool house and grabbed dry towels. They dried each
other, rubbing the soft towels briskly over their bodies. Once
dry, they left the pool house. Before walking out, Jack turned
off the hot tub.

Jack followed Kim and Megan back to the family room and stood
near the fireplace with the two girls. He took a couple of logs
off the pile on the hearth, opened the screen, and placed them
on the fire. Kim sat down in front of the roaring fire and
folded her legs Indian style. Jack and Megan also sat on the
floor, and all three of them snuggled together.

Kim jumped up, grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch, and
wrapped it around Jack and Megan. She sat back down, pulled her
feet close to her bottom, and wrapped her arms around her knees.
Jack covered his sister with the blanket and she scooted against
his side. They all sat in front of the fire shivering and
pulled the blanket tightly around them.

"My whole body is tingling," Megan said. "I feel wonderful!"

"Me too," Kim agreed. "I thought it would suck, but it wasn't
bad at all…especially this part."

Jack put his arms around the two girls and hugged them close to
his side. Kim and Megan both took his hands and guided them to
their breasts, neither one knowing what the other was doing.
Jack massaged the girls' firm mounds, feeling their rigid
nipples against his palms.

Kim glanced at Megan and saw she was watching the fire.
Carefully, Kim moved her hand to her brother's thigh and stroked
him lightly. She moved her hand up to his crotch, wrapped her
fingers around his cold flaccid penis, and began to flex her
fingers. Kim felt her brother's penis begin to grow in her hand
and she slowly stroked him. When she felt Megan's hand bump
into hers, she began to jerk it away.

"I'll rub his balls if you want to rub his cock Kim," Megan
said. "Is he playing with your tit too?"

"Yes," Kim said quietly.

Megan cupped Jack's testicles in her hand and rolled the orbs
with her fingers. Kim returned her hand to his penis, wrapped
her fingers around him, and resumed her stroking. After several
minutes, the two girls switched and Megan began to jack him off
as Kim fondled his scrotum.

Jack wasn't sure about what was happening or how to react. He
wondered if Megan knew about the relationship between he and his
sister and how she felt about it if she did know. The sensation
of having Kim and Megan both playing with him was beginning to
have an affect and he knew he would cum soon if they kept it up.

"Kim," Megan said, snapping Jack out of his trance like state.
"Do you remember the picture you showed me on the computer

Megan moved her head closer to Kim's and whispered into her
ear, "You know, the one with two girls and a guy."

Kim nodded her head, showing Megan she remembered the picture.
Megan grinned, pushed Jack onto his back, and kissed Kim on the
lips. Kim put her hand on the back of Megan's head and kissed
her back, opening her mouth and extending her tongue. Jack
watched as his sister kissed Megan and they both continued to
fondle him.

Megan got onto her knees, leaned across Jack, and put her hand
on the back of Kim's head. The two girls held their kiss as
Megan drew Kim's head down to Jack's crotch with hers. When
Megan felt Jack's erection bump the bottom of her chin, she
pulled her mouth away from Kim and grinned.

Shifting around, the girls laid next to Jack with their feet
pointing past his head. They rested their heads on his thighs
and stared into one another's eyes. Megan was the first to
extend her tongue and run it along the side of Jack's penis.
Kim also stuck her tongue out and began to lick the other side.

Together, the two girls licked from the base to the bulbous
head and back down. Jack lifted his butt off the floor as the
girls bathed his member with their soft wet tongues, groaning
out in pleasure. Lifting his head, he watched them lick up his
penis and then kiss each other when they reached the tip.

"Why don't you finger fuck us while we suck your cock Jack,"
Megan groaned.

Jack moved his hands in between the two girls legs and pushed
his fingers into their openings. Kim lifted one leg to give her
brother better access to her heated vagina and moaned as he
pumped his finger in her. Megan got onto her hands and knees,
spread her legs, and covered his penis with her mouth.

Jack stroked Megan's slick tunnel with two fingers as she
lowered her mouth on his penis. She removed her mouth, kissed
Kim, and watched as she sucked her bother's member into her mouth.

Kim and Megan took turns sucking on Jack's rigid penis, kissing
each other each time they switched. Jack tried to keep up the
thrusts with his hands, but was nearing his climax.

"I'm going to cum," Jack groaned out loud.

Megan and Kim put their mouths on either side of Jack's penis
and waited for his seed. Kim wrapped her fingers around his
shaft and pumped him quickly. She felt him swell and his butt
rise up from the floor. Megan put her hand under him and felt
his cheeks clinch as his semen boiled out of his testicles and
into the two girls waiting mouths. Kim and Megan were able to
capture most of his cum, but some of the hot fluid landed on
their faces. When the strong spurts began to subside and his
cum trickled from his penis, Megan took the head into her mouth
and sucked on him.

Jack lay back on the floor, his arms extended straight out from
his shoulders. He breathed heavily, his chest rising and
falling with each labored breath. When he glanced down, he saw
Megan cleaning his sister's face with her tongue. When Megan
was finished, Kim returned the favor, savoring each drop of
semen she could collect with her tongue.

The two girls sat on the floor next to Jack and looked at his
face. They could see the contentment in his eyes and they both

"I take it you liked that," Megan said.

"Oh yes," Jack replied. "That was the best ever. I'm sorry I
didn't get you two off, you guys just had me so turned on that I
couldn't concentrate."

"That's okay big brother, the night is still young. Judging
from the weather, we aren't going to have school in the morning
so we can stay up late," Kim said.

"Sounds good to me," Megan said. "Why don't we go upstairs
where we can be comfortable? This floor is getting hard."

Kim took Jack's semi-soft penis into her hand and fondled it.
"That's not the only thing that's getting hard," Kim giggled.

The three of them got up from the floor and onto their feet.
Kim went out to the pool and picked up their clothing while Jack
closed the glass doors on the fireplace. After he turned off
the television, they all headed upstairs and into Kim's room.

Kim stopped in the middle of her bedroom and spun around.
"I've got an idea," she said. "Why don't we use my parent's
room? They have a king-size bed and we'll be more comfortable
in there."

The three teens left Kim's room, walked down the hallway and
into the master suite. Kim pulled the covers back on the large
bed and they all climbed in. When Jack reached for the lamp to
turn it off, Kim stopped him.

"Leave the light on Jack, I want to be able to see," Kim said.

Jack rolled onto his back and reached for Megan and Kim.
Before he could get his hands on either one of them, they moved

"What's that all about?" Jack asked.

"Just sit back and relax sweetheart, we're going to finish what
you started," Megan said.

Jack pulled a pillow up and placed it against the headboard.
He leaned back, put his hands behind his head, and waited to see
what was going to happen next.

Kim stretched out on her back and Megan lay next to her on her
side. She moved her head close to Kim and began to kiss her ear
and neck. When Kim moved her hand to Megan's breast, she pushed
it away.

"Just lay back for a minute Kim," Megan whispered into her ear.
"I want to try something."

"Okay I'll try, but I'm so horny that I might not be able to
hold still."

Megan started to kiss Kim's ear again, pushing her tongue into
it. She took her earlobe between her lips and sucked it gently.
Megan moved her mouth over Kim's cheek and down to her shoulder,
planting wet kisses along the way.

Keeping her hands away from Kim's body, Megan continued to
cover her upper chest with her tongue and mouth. When she came
close to one of her breasts, Kim would try to move so Megan made
contact, but she moved away.

Kim put her hand on her stomach and moved towards her mons.
When Megan saw what she was doing, she pulled her hand away.

"Damn it Megan, stop teasing me! I feel like my pussy is about
to explode."

Megan giggled and kissed all around her breasts, never touching
them. She used her tongue to trace a wet path under Kim's
breasts and along her ribs. Megan watched Kim's stomach jump as
she moved down to her navel.

Drilling her tongue into the small indentation of Kim's belly
button, Megan felt Kim twisting beneath her. As Megan tapped
her tongue against her navel, Kim felt her vagina react. It was
as if there was a direct connection between her tummy and her
clitoris. Megan moved even lower, kissing and licking just
above Kim's heart shaped pubic hair.

For the next few minutes, Megan covered Kim's hips and legs
with soft kisses, avoiding her sex. Kim moaned and ran her
tongue over her lips as Megan continued to bring her to the
brink of pleasure.

Jack focused on his girlfriend and sister. His penis was erect
again and he could feel it throb as he observed his sister's
writhing body. He could see Kim's stiff nipples and the
crinkled flesh of her areolas. Megan was on her knees, facing
away from him and Jack could see the glistening wetness along
the slit of her puffy labia. Wrapping his fingers around his
hard shaft, he slowly stroked himself.

Megan had kissed her way down to Kim's feet and was working her
way up her inner thigh. As she approached her crotch, Kim
grabbed the sheets with both hands and screamed out.

"Oh god Megan! Please make me cum. Eat my pussy…play with my
tits…shove your fingers in me…I have to cum soon."

A light sheen of sweat covered Kim's body and she continued to
plead with Megan for sexual relief. Megan blew a stream of air
against Kim's vulva and caused her to raise her hips off the
bed. Megan put her hands on Kim's thighs, touching her for the
first time since she began her teasing. She slowly slid her
palm against her thighs until her thumbs were at Kim's slick

Megan shifted around, knelt between Kim's wide spread legs and
rubbed her thumbs along the outside of her labia. Kim wiggled
her crotch in an attempt to get Megan's thumbs to penetrate her
sex, but Megan wouldn't allow it. She pulled Kim's labia to the
side and up, exposing her engorged clitoris. Leaning forward,
Megan again pursed her lips and blew a thin stream of air at
Kim's clit. She stuck out her tongue and touched Kim's nub with
the tip, causing Kim to scream out again.

Megan flattened her tongue against Kim's clitoris and dragged
it slowly upwards. Kim released the sheets, grabbed her
breasts, and squeezed them roughly. She felt her stomach begin
to quiver and her vagina contract as Megan continued to lick her

When Megan sensed Kim was close to her climax, she removed her
mouth from her crotch. She waited until she was sure Kim had
calmed down before returning her mouth to her sex and pushing
her tongue into her vagina. Megan could taste the tangy fluid
that leaked from her slit and smell the pungent aroma of her

All of the activity was having an effect on Megan too. She
could feel her vagina tingle and her breasts throb as she
continued to bring her friend to the edge and then back off.
Sitting up on her haunches, Megan looked down at Kim and then
over to Jack. She smiled when she saw him stroking his penis
and slid her finger into Kim's opening.

"Does that feel good?" Megan asked Kim as she moved her finger
in and out of her.

"Yes, it feels wonderful."

"Tell me what you want Kim. Tell me what to do to you."

"Finger fuck my pussy, put another finger in me and finger me

Megan added another finger to Kim's vagina and moved slowly in
and out. She took her other hand, slid it up her stomach to her
breasts, and rubbed back and forth between the two firm mounds.

"Is this what you want Kim, do you want my fingers in your

Kim gasped as Megan pushed her hand into her hard and rubbed
her thumb over her clit. She nodded her head at Megan and

"Maybe you'd rather have a cock in here," Megan said in a raspy
voice. "Wouldn't a nice hard cock feel better than my fingers?"

"Oh yes, I would love a cock in my pussy," Kim panted.

"Do you want your brother to fuck you? Do you want his big
cock in your hot cunt?"

"Yes, I want it," Kim yelled, thrashing her head back and forth
on the bed.

"You have to ask Jack for his cock then Kim," Megan said as she
worked her fingers in Kim's vagina. "You have to tell him want
you want."

"I want him to screw me," Kim said in a low growl.

"Come on now Kim," Megan said as she pulled her hand back and
teased her clit with her fingertips. "You can be more
convincing than that can't you? Tell Jack what you want him to
do to you."

"I want him to fuck me! I want his cock in my pussy!" Kim

Jack couldn't believe what his girlfriend was doing to his
sister. He watched Kim start to beg for him to put his penis
into her vagina and screw her. He pulled his hand away from his
throbbing member to keep from climaxing too soon and watched the
two girls.

"Don't tell me Kim…tell Jack. Maybe I should let him fuck me
instead," Megan said. "Jack, come over here and fill my cunt with your big cock while Kim watches us."

"No!" Kim shouted at Megan. "I want his cock in my pussy. I
want my brother to fuck me...not you. You can fuck him when he
is done with me."

Megan shifted around and straddled Kim's head. She grabbed her
and pulled her down the bed so Jack would have room to kneel
behind her. Lowering herself, Megan pressed her crotch onto
Kim's mouth and wiggled her hips.

"Suck my pussy Kim, make me good and wet for Jack's hard cock."

Kim shoved her tongue out and into Megan's vagina as she
reached for her own sex. She rubbed her clit and fingered
herself and she mouthed Megan's labia.

"That's it Kim, eat my pussy. Make me as hot as I've made you."

Jack moved behind Megan, put his hands on her breasts, and
began to massage them. He pulled and rolled her nipples as she
ground her crotch into Kim's willing mouth.

"Oh yes Jack," Megan groaned. "Play with my tits while your
little sister eats my cunt. Make me cum in Kim's mouth!"

Kim could hear Megan giving her brother instructions above her.
She reached up and found one of Megan's breasts, pushed her
brother's hand away and began to maul her firm flesh. She took
Megan's nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pulled it
out away from her breast.

Releasing Megan's nipple, Kim grabbed Megan by the hair and
pulled her face down between her legs. When Megan leaned
forward, her crotch lifted away from Kim's mouth. She tilted
her head back, saw her brother's penis near Megan's bottom, and
reached for it. Kim stroked him several times, guided him
against Megan's opening, and watched as his hard member
disappeared into her vagina.

Jack started to move, sliding his penis in and out of Megan.
His dangling testicles rubbed Kim's face from her forehead to
her chin and back. Each time his scrotum neared Kim's mouth,
she extended her tongue and licked it.

Megan chewed on Kim's vaginal lips and moved her tongue from
her opening to her clit as Jack increased the speed of their
coupling. She moaned into her crotch and mumbled incoherently.

"Fuck her Jack," Kim yelled to her brother. "Fuck her hard.
Shove your big cock into her pussy and make her cum."

Kim wiggled down slightly and pushed her tongue against Megan's
clitoris. Jack's uncontrolled thrusts kept knocking her mouth
away from Megan's crotch, but she quickly returned to it when he
pulled back.

Reaching behind her brother, Kim gripped his buttocks and
pulled him into Megan's upturned body. She watched as his slick
penis slid in and out of her and how Megan's labia puffed out
around his shaft. When Kim felt his bottom clinch up and heard
him groan, she knew he was sending his seed into her vagina.

"Give it to her Jack," Kim yelled at her brother. "Fill her
hot hole with your cum."

Kim could see the thick slimy coating on her brother's shaft
and she pulled herself up so she could reach him with her
tongue. She lapped up as much of their combined juices as she
could as Jack continued to slip in and out of her now dripping
hole. Kim could feel her own orgasm building as her tongue
scraped along the underside of her brother's penis and she
clamped Megan's head between her thighs.

Jack pushed into Megan and held himself tight to her bottom.
His penis stopped spurting, but he could feel her vagina convulsing around his shaft. Kim let go of his butt and waited
for him to withdraw as Megan brought her to her climax with her

The moment Jack pulled back, Kim grabbed his penis and took it
into her mouth. She tilted her head back as far as she could
and sucked him deep into her throat. Kim's chin rubbed against
Megan's crotch and coated her with the hot sticky fluid that
dripped out. Once Kim's orgasm began to subside, she released
Megan's head from between her thighs. She arched her back and
tried to breath through her nose and Jack began to thrust his
semi hard penis into her throat.

When she felt him begin to regain his erection, she pushed him
back and out of her mouth.

"Fuck me Jack!" Kim screamed at him. "Get between my legs and
fuck me before your cock gets too soft."

Jack scrambled down the bed and knelt between his sister's
legs. He put his hands under her waist and lifted her up.
Megan grabbed his penis, stroked it several times, and guided it
into Kim's gaping vagina. He pushed forward and sank into her
as Megan pulled her hand away.

"Megan," Kim yelled. "Come up here and sit on my face. Let me
suck Jack's cum out of your pussy while he fucks me."

Megan moved up to Kim's head, threw her leg over her, and
lowered her crotch to her face. She moved her hot vulva over
Kim's face, coating her with the juices that leaked out. When
Kim stuck her tongue out, Megan pushed herself down.

Jack pounded into Kim and put his arm around Megan. He pulled
her close and began to kiss her as the three of them kept up
their sexual activity. After several minutes, Kim began to
climax again, her vagina gripping Jack's manhood. She moaned
into Megan's crotch and her body convulsed beneath the two of

The vibrations of Kim's animal like groans sent Megan over the
edge and she too had another orgasm. After the two girls were
completely spent, Kim began to squirm around. She pushed Megan
up off her face and then knocked Jack away. The three teens
collapsed onto the bed, their legs and arms tangled.

The sound of their labored breathing filled the room as they
slowly regained their composure. Kim rolled onto her side and
gazed down at her brother's still erect penis.

"You're going to have to take care of that thing yourself
Jack," Kim said. "I'm too wiped out right now."

Megan looked at her boyfriend's penis and smiled. She moved
next to his hips and leaned over.

"I'll clean it up for you Jack," Megan cooed.

She took Jack's member between her lips and slowly let it slip
into her mouth. Kim watched as Megan cleaned the remains of
her, and her brother's, lovemaking off his penis, knowing that
Jack had not cum in her.

Megan sat up, licked her lips, and sighed. "That was the best
sex I've had today," she giggled.

"That was the only sex you had today Megan," Kim quipped.

"I know, but it was still the best. Anyone else need a
shower?" Megan said.

"I know I do," Jack said. "Do you two want to go down to the
pool house?"

"We can all fit in mom's shower Jack. It'll be a little
crowded…but fun," Kim quipped.

The three of them went into the bathroom and climbed into the
shower. Kim turned on the water and they all took turns washing
one another. When they were finished, they stepped out and
dried off.

Jack went to the window and looked out at the freshly fallen
snow. It seemed that the worst of the storm was over, but
flurries still filled the air.

"Is anyone hungry?" Jack asked. "I'm starved."

Kim and Megan both shook their heads no.

"I'm going to run downstairs and get something to eat, I'll be
right back," Jack said.

After Jack left, Kim looked over the rumpled bed. She could
see several wet spots on the sheets and decided she would change
them. When she pulled the covers off the king sized bed and put
them on the floor, Megan went to the other side of the bed to

The two girls pulled the sheet off the bed and Kim balled it up
to go into the wash. She took a clean set of sheets out of the
closet and began to re-make the bed.

"What was that all about Megan?" Kim asked as she tucked the
corner of the sheet under the mattress.

"What was what all about?" Megan replied.

"You know…having sex with my brother and me."

"I don't know Kim. Are you mad at me?"

Kim finished with her side of the bed and came around to help

"No, not really. It just seems strange, that's all. I mean I
know you and Jack have sex, but why did you include me? How'd
you know that I would do it?"

"I just kind of knew you would Kim. I don't think it was the
first time you and Jack made love either."

Kim got a worried look on her face and sat down on the freshly
made bed. Megan sat next to her and waited for Kim to respond.

"Why do you say that Megan?"

"Am I right?"

Kim slowly nodded.

"I sort of thought it was a little strange the way you two get
along. I mean, you guys never fight about anything and Jack is
so protective. I guessed that your relationship was much closer
than just brother and sister, tonight proved me right."

"You must think Jack and I are weird or sick," Kim mumbled.

"Not at all Kim," Megan said as she put her arm around her.
"No sicker than me. After all, I did it with my dad."

Tears began to fill Kim's eyes as she sat next to Megan. She
didn't know what to say to her brother's girlfriend.

"Please don't get upset with Jack. I don't care if you're mad
at me, but my brother really loves you and it would break his
heart if you were mad at him."

Megan hugged Kim close to her and rubbed the back of her head.

"I'm not mad at Jack or you Kim. I love your brother and would
never do anything to hurt him. When I started to think about
you and him messing around I was really upset with both of you
for a while. After I thought about it and then that night with
my dad…well I guess you two mean too much to me to get pissed
off about it."

Jack walked up to the bedroom and stood outside the door,
listening to his sister and girlfriend talk. He was surprised
to hear what Megan was saying to Kim and felt relieved their
secret was finally out in the open.

"Are you telling me you don't mind if I make love with Jack?"

"Just as long as you don't wear him out for me Kim. I still
want to get laid too," Megan giggled.

"Oh I'm sure you will Megan, he has great stamina."

Megan began to laugh. "Oh really! How many times have you
made him cum in one night?"

"Um…four or five. I don't really remember, but it was a hell
of a night. My pussy was real sore the next day," Kim said with
a giggle.

Megan took her arm from around Kim's shoulders and lay back on
the bed. Kim flopped back next to her and rolled onto her side.

"Hum…four or five huh. That means he still has two or three
times left in him. I think we should try to set a new record
tonight Kim."

Jack's penis began to expand as he listened to his sister and
Megan conspiring. He was about to walk into the bedroom, but
stopped when Kim began to speak.

"You still haven't explained why you had me join you and Jack
tonight. I thought that you were going to sleep with him alone
and I'd be playing with myself."

"Well, to tell the truth Kim…I do have other motives. I want
to fuck two guys at one time and I thought that if Jack got to
do it with another girl and me, he wouldn't object."

"Really! Have you thought about who?" Kim said, putting her
hand on Megan's tummy and began to rub it.

"No, I haven't. I thought you might be able to help me Kim.
Do you know any guys that would like to do a threesome with Jack
and I?"

Kim laughed and said, "Just about anyone with a dick I'd guess."

Megan scrunched up her face and then laughed along with Kim.
When Kim moved her hand between Megan's legs and stroked her
sex, she moaned.

"I don't want some sicko or a complete stranger Kim, I want
someone nice, and someone Jack would approve of."

"I know Megan, I was just kidding. I'm sure you'll figure it
out. Why don't you ask my brother who he'd like to have you
fuck with him? Maybe he knows somebody."

Jack crept back down the hallway, cleared his throat and said,
"I'm back girls…are you two decent?"

Kim turned around quickly and put her head between Megan's
legs. She moved her leg over her head and lowered her crotch to
her mouth. Kim licked Megan's labia and poked at her clit with
her tongue. Megan groaned into Kim's crotch and did the same to
her. When Jack walked into the room, Kim looked up at him.

"Hi Jack," Kim said. "We were just having something to eat too."

"I can see that Kim," he chuckled. "It looks tastier than the
sandwich I had."

"Oh it is Jack," Kim cooed. "You should really try some of
this sweet pussy."

Megan began to laugh at Kim and Jack. She pushed Kim up off
her face, and then sat up.

"Hi sweetie," Megan said. "Did you miss us?"

Jack nodded and sat on the edge of the bed. He stared down at
his hands and played with his fingers. Kim noticed he was
thinking about something and she put her hand on his shoulder.

"What's the matter Jack, you look worried," Kim asked.

When Megan heard Kim talking to Jack, she scooted next to him.

"I have a confession to make," Jack said. "I was outside the
door while you two were talking."

"How long were you listening to us Jack?" Megan asked him.

"I walked up just as you were telling my sister that you didn't
care if she and I made love," he said. "I shouldn't have spied
on you guys, but I just couldn't pull myself away. I'm so sorry."

"So you heard everything!" Megan exclaimed.

Jack nodded his head yes.

"You must think I'm a slut Jack," Megan said.

"Not at all Megan, don't ever say that about yourself again.
I'm just so happy you aren't pissed at Kim or me. I've had a
real hard time dealing with the fact that my sister and I fooled
around. I felt like I was cheating on you and it made me
upset," Jack said.

Kim wrapped her arms around Jack's arm and snuggled up to his
side. "So does that mean you're not jealous about Jack and I
Megan?" She asked.

"No, I'm jealous, but I can deal with it. I wouldn't want to
do anything to break all of us up and making Jack choose between
you and I," Megan said. "Ever since I met you and Sally my life
has been great Kim. When Jack asked me to go to the school
dance and then we started to date…well I couldn't ask for
anything more. How about you Kim, are you jealous?"

"I was at first Megan, but making this guy happy is the most
important thing in my live right now," Kim said as she squeezed
her brother's arm. "I know he's happy with you and that makes
me feel great. I think we can all love each other and be

"Do I have anything to say about all of this?" Jack asked,
looking back and forth between the two naked girls.

"No!" They both said simultaneously.

Jack began laughing and said, "Well, I think I do. You two
are very important to me and I don't want anything to come
between any of us. Megan, thank you for being so understanding.
I love you and my sister very much. As for you Kim…I don't know
what to say. You have been my best friend and you're
responsible for me getting together with Megan."

Kim and Megan leaned into Jack and listened as he talked.
Megan's eyes began to tear as she snuggled against him.

"Having sex with you two has made my wildest fantasy come
true," he continued. "I have thought about it many times, and
now I have lived it. I hope that we can do it again sometime.
I heard what you said about being with two guys Megan, I guess I
would do that if it would make you happy, but I really don't
know how I would react."

Kim let go of Jack's arm and slapped his leg. "You shit!" she
said. "It's okay for you to screw around with Megan and me, but
it isn't okay for her to have two boys…you can be such a dick

"I didn't say I wouldn't do it Kim…I said I didn't know how I'd
handle it," he replied, rubbing his thigh.

Megan kissed Jack's neck and said, "We don't have to Jack, I
was just curious about what it would be like."

"Sorry Jack," Kim said, and bent over to kiss his leg. "I jump
to conclusions sometimes…but you already knew that. I'm hungry
now, do you want to get a snack Megan?"

"Sure Kim, let's go," Megan replied as she stood up. "I'm kind
of chilly, I think I'll slip on a robe or something."

Kim and Megan left, stopped in Kim's bedroom and tried to
decide what to wear.

"I'm going to put on sweats Megan," Kim said. 'What are you
going to wear?"

"Sweats sound good, it's a little cool in here."

Kim took a baggy pair of sweatpants from her drawer and stepped
into them. She pulled a matching sweatshirt over her head and
waited for Megan to put on the outfit she had in her bag. Once
they were both dressed, they headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Jack was in the family room putting more wood on the fire. He
too changed into a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Kim took
cheese and crackers out of the refrigerator and cupboard, placed
them on the counter, and looked for a sharp knife.

As Kim was cutting the cheese into small pieces, Jack walked
into the kitchen and sat at the counter.

"The news said our school is closed tomorrow, we don't have to
go to sleep early," Jack said, grabbing a piece of cheese from
the cutting board.

Kim giggled and said, "I noticed you said sleep and not bed
Jack. Do you have something in mind?"

"Not really," he fibbed. "I just thought it would be nice to
sit on the couch, in front of the fire, for a while and cuddle."

"That sounds good to me," Megan said. "I would love to cuddle
with you two."

They finished their snack, cleaned up the kitchen, and went
into the family room. Jack used a poker to stir the fire, put
on another log and sat on the couch in between Kim and Megan.
Kim stretched out, put her head on her brother's leg, and stared
at the fire. Megan took Jack's arm, pulled it over her
shoulder, and turned her back to him.

"This is so nice," Megan said as she leaned back against him
and placed his hand on her breast. "I could stay like this for

"Me too," Kim said.

The three teens watched the orange and blue flames dance along
the logs in the fireplace. The room was lit by the glow and the
faint crackling of the fire was the only sound other than their

"Can I ask you guys a question?" Megan said, breaking the

"Sure baby, what do you want to know," Jack replied.

"How did it start between you two?" Megan asked.

Kim glanced up at her brother and began to tell Megan about
their vacation and the boat. She told her about the night on
the porch at the cottage and giving Jack his, and her, first
blowjob. As Kim talked, Jack added his version, telling Megan
about licking Kim.

Shifting around, Megan stretched out on her stomach and propped
her chin in her hands. She looked across Jack's legs at Kim and
said. "When was the first time you two…you know, did it?"

Jack told Megan about learning to dance with his sister and the
things that happened in the recreation room. As he relived that
night his penis began to expand, extending down the leg of his
shorts. Megan noticed the bulge in the thin material of his
shorts and giggled.

"It still turns you on to think about it, doesn't it Jack,"
Megan said as she traced the outline of his hard-on with her
fingertips, watching it jump.

Jack nodded and smiled down at Megan and Kim. He was about to
say that that night was the best of his life, but thought better
of it.

"You know Megan," Jack said, his voice turning serious. "What
happens between Kim and I is against the law. If anyone finds
out, we could be in big trouble."

"I know Jack, no one will know…not from me anyway. I know
incest is illegal and I also know how much trouble you could be
in if the wrong people knew about it," Megan said. "I too have
a secret."

Jack put his hand on her back and slowly rubbed from her neck
to the waistband of her sweatpants and back. "You do?" He said.

"Yes Jack. I have thought about telling you about it many
times, but could never bring myself to it. I'm so afraid that
you will hate me and not want to be with me if you knew. I told
Kim because…because I had to tell someone," Megan said as her
eyes filled with tears.

"You can tell me anything honey," Jack said as he rubbed her

"I had sex with my dad," Megan said abruptly. "Please don't
hate me Jack!"

Jack stopped rubbing her back and froze. His mind began to
swirl as he thought about his girlfriend in bed with her father.
Kim sensed his mood and gripped his thigh firmly.

Jack began to move his hand along her back again and increased
the pressure. After several moments, he broke the silence.

"I don't hate you Megan…I love you," he said. "Do you want to
tell me what happened?"

Megan put her head down on Jack's thigh and told him and Kim
about the night of her eighteenth birthday party. She explained
about drinking too much wine and then ending up in her parent's

As she told her story, Jack's penis again began to harden. The
thought of her in bed with her dad was making him very excited.
Megan felt his erection pressing against the side of her face
and giggled. She moved her head towards his knee and gazed up
the leg of his shorts. She could see the bulbous head moving as
his penis filled with blood, extending closer to the opening of
his shorts.

Megan hooked her fingers under the knit material of his shorts
and pulled back, exposing his member. She extended her tongue
and licked the helmet shaped tip, causing Jack to squirm on the
couch. When Kim felt the movement, she glanced at her brother's
crotch and watched Megan bathe the tip of his penis with her

"…So you see Jack, I have as much to lose as you and Kim,"
Megan said.

"I guess you do," Jack moaned as Megan took the head of his
penis into her mouth and toyed with it, using the tip of her

"You're so fucking lucky Megan," Kim blurted out.

"Why? Because I have Jack's cock in my mouth?" Megan replied.

"No, because you got to do it with your dad. I would give
anything to have my dad fuck me, but he just keeps telling me
no," Kim replied.

"You asked dad to do it with you Kim?" Jack said.

"No, not really, but I have tried to send signals that I want
to. He always puts me off. He told me that we could never do
that," Kim said.

Jack chuckled and said, "Well Kim, you're only fifteen. Maybe
he doesn't want to do it because you're too young."

"I'm not too young for you Jack," Kim said curtly.

Jack put a hand on his sister's breast and massaged her through
her sweatshirt. "No Kim, you're not too young for me…or Paul.
I'm only seventeen myself."

Megan removed Jack's penis from her mouth, worked more of his
stiff shaft out of the leg opening of his shorts, and said,
"Would you feel better if Jack made love to you Kim? I don't
mind if you two want to do it."

Kim laughed and said, "I always feel better when Jack makes
love to me Megan. Shit, I feel better when anyone makes love to

Jack and Megan joined in Kim's laughter. "You're turning into
a hussy Kim," Megan said.

"That's me," Kim giggled. "I'm going to stand by the side of
the road with a sign that says 'Will work for cock!' and see if
I can get laid."

"You don't have to work for cock Kim," Jack said. "You can
always have mine."

"Anytime I'm not using it," Megan said as she took Jack's penis
into her hand and began to stroke it.

The three teens continued to joke and tease one another. The
loud report of the doorbell snapped them out of their laughter.

"Who could that be?" Kim said, looking at the clock. "It's
almost eleven."

"I don't know," Jack replied, tucking his penis into his
shorts. "I guess I'll go see."

Jack left the family room and went to answer the door. When he
opened it, he saw Tom and Sally standing on the porch. Looking
past his cousins, he could see a steady falling snow.

"What are you guys doing here?" Jack asked as Tom and Sally
stepped into the foyer and shook the snow off their clothing.

"We got bored at home so we decided to come over here. We
don't have school tomorrow, so we don't have to be up early,"
Tom said. "Where's Kim?"

"She and Megan are in the family room. We were just sitting in
front of the fireplace and relaxing," Jack told them. "Take off
your coats and come in."

Tom and Sally removed their coats, hung them in the closet, and
kicked off their wet shoes. They followed Jack into the family room and said hello to Kim and Megan. Sally dropped the duffel
bag she carried onto the floor and joined the two girls on the

"How are you guys doing?" Sally asked Kim and Megan.

"Great Sally. Kim, Jack and I have just been kicking back,"
Megan said. "What have you been up to?"

"Not too much, Tom and I finished our home work and watched
television for a while. We got bored and decided to come over
here and hang out with you guys," Sally said. "You don't mind
do you?"

"No, not at all Sally, you know you and Tom are always
welcome," Kim replied.

"Cool," Sally said. "I'm going to go get out of these jeans
and put on some sweats too."

Sally left and headed up to Kim's room to change. Jack and Tom
walked into the family room and took seats on a couple of the

"Do you think our parents will get out of town tomorrow?" Tom

"I think so," Jack said. "The airport knows how to handle this
kind of weather. We can give them a call if you want to, but I
think they will be sleeping."

"They're sleeping," Tom said. "I woke them up when I called to
tell them we were coming over here tonight."

Sally came back into the room dressed in a sweatshirt and
sweatpants like Kim and Megan. She plopped down on the couch
next to Kim and folded one leg under her.

"Did you guys go swimming tonight?" Sally asked.

"Yeah," Megan said. "Then we sat in the hot tub, went outside,
and rolled in the snow. I about froze my ass off!"

"Why in the world would you guys ever do something like that?"
Sally said laughing. "It sounds crazy to me."

"It was crazy," Kim said. "But it was fun too."

"I think I'll pass," Tom said. "I don't see how freezing my
nuts off would be fun."

Jack went to the fireplace and added another log. He sat next
to Megan and put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her to
him. The teens sat talking for another hour, discussing their
plans for the weekend. Kim noticed that her brother and Megan
were softly caressing one another as they cuddled together on
the couch.

"Well," Kim said as she stood up and stretched her arms over
her head. "I'm getting tired. I'm going to go up to bed."

Sally decided she too would go to bed and stood up near Kim.
When she winked at Tom, he also got up and the three of them
left Jack and Megan alone in the family room. On the way up
stairs, the girls decided to sleep in Kim's room and leave the
two guest rooms for Tom and Megan.

After telling Tom goodnight, Kim and Sally went into Kim's room
and closed the door.

"Do you really think Megan is going to sleep in the guest room
tonight Kim," Sally asked.

"No, but I like the sleeping arrangements anyway. I wanted to
sleep with you tonight."

Sally giggled and pulled the covers back on Kim's bed. Without
saying a word, she removed her clothing and waited for her
cousin to join her. Kim undressed, turned off the lights, and
slipped into bed next to Sally.

"This is so nice," Kim said as she scooted next to Sally.

The two young girls wrapped their arms around one another and
pressed their nude bodies close. Kim rubbed down Sally's back,
her hand coming to rest on her bottom. Sally cooed softly as
she felt Kim grip and release her buttock. She moved her hand
to Kim's breast and massaged her firmly, as Kim moved her hand
between Sally's legs.

When Kim inserted her finger into Sally's vagina, she noticed
it felt slick and hot. Scooting down under the covers, Kim
said. "It feels like someone got fucked tonight."

Sally rolled onto her back and opened her legs as Kim covered
her vulva with her mouth. Kim extended her tongue and pushed it
between Sally's vaginal lips, tasting the bittersweet salty
juices that leaked from her.

"Mmmm," Kim said. "It tastes like someone got fucked tonight

Sally groaned, reached down to Kim's head, and pulled her face
into her crotch.

"I did get laid tonight Kim, I hope you don't mind tasting
Tom's cum in my pussy."

Kim continued to lap at Sally's vagina, savoring the mixed
flavors. She moaned into Sally's crotch as she nibbled at her
clit and felt her body twist beneath her. Soon Sally arched her
back and groaned out loud. She wiggled her bottom and humped
her crotch across Kim's mouth.

When her spasms subsided, Sally collapsed onto the bed
releasing Kim's head.

"Oh that was good," Sally panted. "I didn't cum when Tom
fucked me earlier tonight."

"Glad I could help," Kim said as she crawled up next to her
cousin. "I hate it when I'm all horny and don't get to get off."

Sally moved her hand between Kim's legs and rubbed her trimmed
pubic hair with her fingertips. When Sally's fingers touched
Kim's sensitive clitoris, she pulled her hand away.

"Don't you want to cum too Kim?"

"I'm okay Sally, I did earlier…before you and Tom came over."

"With Jack or Megan?"

"Both," Kim giggled.

Sally jumped up, knelt next to Kim, and turned on the lamp.
She looked down as Kim interlaced her fingers behind her head
and smiled up at her.

"At the same time?" Sally asked.

"Yup…it was heaven."

"What did you guys do?"

"Just about everything Sally, it was really hot."

Sally let her hand drift between her legs and she began to rub
herself. She used her middle finger to part her puffy lips and
touched her clitoris as they talked.

"You mean that you let Jack fuck you while Megan was there!"


"No shit, how did she react? Was she shocked that you screwed
your brother? Did she get pissed?"

Kim giggled and said, "No Sally, she didn't get pissed. She
said she suspected that Jack and I messed around so she wasn't
shocked…in fact, she really instigated the whole thing."

Kim told her cousin about the sexual activities of the evening
as Sally continued to wiggle her finger in her crotch.

"You're making me so wet Kim. Do you want to go and surprise

Kim giggled and sat up. She nodded her head and the two girls slipped out of Kim's room. They went down the hall to the
guestroom that Tom was sleeping in, opened the door, and stepped
into the dark bedroom. After letting their eyes adjust, they
moved to the bed and climbed in.

"He's not here," Sally said, moving her hands around the empty
bed. "Maybe he is still in the family room."

Sally got out of the bed followed Kim. They were about to
leave when they heard noises coming from Jack's bedroom.
Quietly, they slipped into the bathroom that separated Jack's
room from the guestroom and moved to the door.

Peering into the dimly lit room, the two girls were taken back
by what they saw.


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