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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 61



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited without
the express written permission of the author. ©2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are offended
by material of this nature, are under the legal age in your location
to read this material, or it is illegal for you to possess this
material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at

The Lottery - Part 61 (mFm, mf, group, anal, oral, mast, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision

After Kim, Sally, and Tom left the family room, Jack and Megan
cuddled together on the couch watching the fire slowly diminish.
They traded soft kisses and fondled one another as the dancing flames
gave way to the orange glow of the remaining embers.

"Want to go and get some sleep?" Jack asked Megan as he circled her
erect nipple with his fingertip.

"No, but I do want to go to bed," she replied, stroking his semi
flaccid penis. "That is if you're up to it."

Jack pulled away from her, stood up, and scooped the tall thin
redhead into his arms. He picked her up off the couch and headed for
the stairs. Megan put her arms around his neck and hugged him as he
carried her up the stairs one at a time.

Using his foot, Jack pushed his bedroom door open and deposited
Megan on his bed. He reached for the lamp on the nightstand to turn
it off, but she stopped him.

"Leave it on Jack," she said. "I want to be able to see you."

Jack grinned, pulled his tee shirt over his head, and tossed it onto
the floor. Gripping the bottom of Megan's sweatshirt, he pulled it
over her head and exposed her small firm breasts. Sitting back on
his heals Jack admired her trim body stretched out before him.

"You're so pretty Megan," he said softly. "I love looking at you."

Blushing, she smiled at him. She put her hands on her sides, slid
them up slowly, and cupped her breasts.

"Even my little tits? They've grown a little you know," she said as
she pushed her breasts together, creating cleavage. "I was an A
sized bra when I met you, but now I'm almost a B."

Jack bent over, kissed both of her nipples, one at a time, and sat
back. "I think your boobs are perfect…just like the rest of you."

"You're so sweet Jack. I know I'm skinny and flat, but you make me
feel so beautiful. I love you sweetheart and…"

"And what?" Jack asked as he hooked his fingers into the waistband
of her sweatpants and worked them down her hips.

"…And I'll do anything you want Jack," she continued as she lifted
her bottom off the bed so he could remove her pants. "All you have
to do is ask me and I'll do it for you."

"I don't really understand what you're trying to tell me Megan. You
and I already do a lot together."

Megan sat up folded her legs Indian style and looked into Jack's
eyes. She glanced down at his chest and rested her gaze on his
crotch. Reaching out, she tugged on his shorts, indicating she
wanted him to remove them. Jack rose up, knelt near her, and worked
his shorts down to his bent knees. He lifted first one knee and then
the other pushing the garment over his knees and onto his calves.
When he finally pulled his feet free of the shorts and tossed them on
the floor near his tee shirt, he sat back onto his heals again.

"What I mean Jack, is just what I said. I will do anything you ask
me to do as long as it isn't against the law…well, some laws anyway.
If you want me to only make love with you, I won't ever touch another
guy…or girl. If you want me to do a threesome with you I will."

Jack put his finger to her lips and said, "I would never ask you do
anything you don't want to do Megan."

"I know Jack. I just want you to be as happy as I am. I want to
make you as happy as you make me."

"Oh you do honey, I couldn't be any happier. Now that the
relationship between Kim and I is out in the open I don't feel as
guilty as I did."

"You don't have to feel guilty at all. I would never ask you to
change your relationship with your sister Jack. I too love Kim…I
love all of you. You…well, you're special. I love you the most. So
like I said before, if there is anything you want me to do…just ask."

Jack thought for a moment and said, "Are you telling me that if I
asked you to dress real sexy and go out in public with me, you would?"

Megan grinned and shook her head up and down. "I will wear anything
you want Jack. I will dress as a whore…your whore, and walk down the
street for you. If it turns you on to have other people see me, I'll
do that too."

Jack chuckled and turned their exchange into a little game. "How
about if I ask you to go to school without any panties on, would you
do that too?"

Megan reached out, wrapped her fingers around his flaccid penis, and
toyed with it.

"I will not only go without panties Jack, I'll take you into a
closet, pull my skirt up, and let you fuck me in school," she
replied, feeling his penis growing in her hand.

"That would be so hot," Jack moaned.

"Or how about if I do this in the parking lot," she said, bending
over and taking him into her mouth and sucking gently. "I could give
you a blowjob while you stood next to your truck."

"I could do this in the lunchroom," Jack said as he slipped his
finger into her vagina and slowly stroked her.

Megan moaned and said, "Oh yes, you could finger me while I sit at
the table with Kim and Sally. Maybe you could finger Kim and me at
the same time. Or I could play with your cock under the table."

Jack and Megan were startled when they heard Tom say, "What about my

The two naked teens turned to look at the direction of the voice and
saw Tom standing in the bathroom doorway, rubbing his eyes. Jack
removed his finger from Megan and she released his penis.

"Did we wake you up Tom?" Megan asked, making no effort to conceal
her nudity. "I'm sorry if we did."

"No, you didn't wake me up," Tom replied. "I got up to take a piss and heard you guys giggling so I looked in here. I didn't know you
two were fooling around. I'll just go back to bed and leave you guys alone."

Megan looked at Jack, smiled, and said, "You don't have to leave
Tom. You can sit and talk with us if you want to."

"Um…well, it looks like I interrupted more than just talk," Tom said
as he looked over Megan's naked body. "I don't want to keep you two
from what you were doing."

"Come on in and have a seat Tom," Jack said. "Besides, Megan hasn't
answered your question yet."

"What question?" Tom said as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"The question about what she would do with your cock," Jack replied.

Tom's face turned bright red and he looked away.

"I could play with your cock too," Megan said. "That's if Jack
doesn't mind. I could jack you both off under the table in the

Tom cleared his throat and looked at Jack. He hadn't heard too much
of the conversation before he walked in and didn't really know what
they were talking about.

"You'll have to excuses me, but I don't know what you're talking
about. I only heard you say you could play with Jack's cock. When I
said what I did, I was still half asleep."

Megan and Jack laughed and told Tom about the conversation they were
having before he walked in on them. Tom nodded and grinned as Jack
explained their fantasy game to him.

"I get it," Tom said as he tried to adjust his penis. The
explanation was exciting him as he drew a mental image of Megan
stroking him in school. "That sounds very brazen. If you got
caught, they would throw all of us out of school."

A big grin formed on Megan's face. She looked first at Jack, and
then at Tom. "Maybe I could do it here," she said softly. "There
isn't anyone to throw us out."

Megan pulled Jack onto his back and got on her knees near his chest.
She took his penis into her hand and slowly stroked it back to its
erect state. Tom watched her small hand travel over his cousin's
shaft as she slid it from the head to the base and back.

"You'd better get your shorts off if you want some of this Tom,"
Jack said. "It feels great!"

Tom removed his shorts, stretched out on his back on the other side
of Megan, and waited. She took his penis in her other hand and began
to stroke him just like she was doing to Jack. The two boys watched
as she worked her hands over their penises, winking at one another
behind her back.

"How does it feel to have a cock in each hand Megan?" Jack asked.

"Hot," she moaned. "It's making me tingle."

"Here?" Jack said as he put his hand between her legs and rubbed
her heated crotch. "Does it make your pussy tingle when you play
with Tom and I?"

"Oh yes!" Megan groaned as Jack slipped two fingers into her
vagina. "It makes my pussy tingle and my boobs ache."

Tom put his hand on Megan's stomach, slid it up, and began to rub
her breasts with the palm of his hand. He could feel her hard
nipples poking him and heard her moan as he toyed with them.

"Harder Tom, play with my nipples and tits harder," she said.

Tom took her nipple between his finger and thumb, pulled it away
from her chest, and rolled it. Megan humped her hips against Jack's
fingers and increased the speed of her hands on the two boys penises.
She leaned forward, covered Jack's member with her mouth, and lowered
her head until she felt him at the opening of her throat. She
clamped her lips around his shaft and slowly raised her head until
his penis popped free of her sucking mouth.

Turning slightly, she repeated the process on Tom. Megan moved back
and forth between the two boys, taking them into her mouth one at a
time. After several minutes of the activity, she sat up.

"I want to try to get both of you in my mouth at the same time,"
Megan panted. "Get on your knees."

Tom and Jack scrambled to their knees and Megan tried to get both of
their penises into her mouth at the same time. Deciding the
positioning was wrong she sat up again.

"Stand next to the bed and let me try that way," she said. "I'm
going to get both of your cocks into my mouth one way or another."

Tom and Jack stood next to the bed slightly facing each other.
Megan sat on the edge, pulled them close, and pushed their penis
together. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she took both of
their penises into her mouth as far as she could. She moved her
tongue back and forth between the two bulbous heads, teasing the
underside of each one.

The girth of the two boy's combined members prevented her from
getting much more than the heads into her mouth, but she continued to
try. Jack lightly stroked her cheek as he started at her stretched

Removing her mouth from the two penises, she looked up at the boys.
"That's not much fun, I have another idea. Jack, you get behind me
and fuck my pussy while I suck Tom's dick."

Megan got onto her hands and knees as Jack climbed onto the bed.
She took Tom back into her mouth and began to suck on him as Jack
knelt behind her. When she felt Jack enter her, she moaned around
Tom's throbbing member.

Putting her hand between Tom's legs and gripping his testicles, she
started to develop a rhythm. When Jack pushed into her vagina from
behind, she pushed Tom away. When Jack pulled his penis back, she
pulled Tom's member into her mouth. Soon the two boys were pumping
in and out of Megan. Tom pumped into her sucking mouth as Jack
pumped into her heated vagina.

As Jack and Tom increased their movement, Megan held still. When
Jack's penis pulled out if her vagina and bumped into her anus, Megan
removed Tom from her mouth. She looked back at Jack and smiled.

"Fuck my ass," Megan said in heated passion. "Put your cock up my
ass and do me!"

Jack grabbed his slick penis and positioned it against her tight
anus. He slowly pressed against her until the head popped past her
tight ring. Humping his hips slowly, Jack worked his penis into her
rectum. When his hips pressed against her bottom and his penis was
deep in her bowels, she groaned out loud.

"Now fuck me!" she growled. "Fuck my tight asshole while Tom fucks
my mouth."

Megan opened her mouth and took Tom's member back in. She reached
for his scrotum and pulled him as deep as she could. When Tom's
penis hit the opening to her throat, she gagged. Fighting off the
reflex, she took him into her throat and clamped her lips around his

Jack began to slowly withdraw and then push back into her stretched
rectum. As her sphincter muscles relaxed, he increased the speed of
his thrusts. Tom moved his penis in and out of her throat as she
sucked on him. The three kept up the actions for several moments
filling the room with the sounds of slapping flesh and animal like

Again Megan pushed Tom back and his penis came free of her mouth.
She moved forward and felt Jack slide out of her bottom.

"Get on your back," she told Jack.

Jack lay on his back and Megan straddled his hips, facing his feet.
She reached between her legs, grabbed his penis, and lowered herself,
feeling him re-enter her anus. When she was fully impaled on his
member, Megan lay back against his chest. Jack placed his hands on
her breasts and began to massage them as Megan wiggled on his penis.

"Put your dick in my pussy Tom," Megan groaned. "I want to be
filled by both of you."

No one saw Kim and Sally standing in the doorway to the bathroom as
Tom knelt between Megan's open legs and inserted his penis into her
vagina. As he pushed into her, Tom could feel his cousin's penis
against his, separated only by a thin membrane. Jack groaned when he
felt Tom's penis glide along his and humped up into Megan's bowels.

The two younger girls watched in amazement as their brothers had sex
with Megan. From their vantage point, they could see that Jack was
in her bottom and Tom was in her vagina. They stared in awe as Tom
thrust his penis in and out of Megan's stretched opening and Jack
bounced up and into her rectum.

Megan reached up and pulled Tom's head down to her chest. She
pushed one of Jack's hands away so Tom could take one of her breasts into his mouth. The feeling of being so full caused Megan to begin
to feel a little faint. Her entire body trembled as the two boys sandwiched her between them. Her climax started to rumble through
her body and she cried out in ecstasy.

"I'm going to cum!" she shouted. "Fuck me, fuck me…fill me with
your cum."

Kim and Sally's eyes were wide open as they watched the display on
the bed across the room. They could see Tom's buttocks clinch and
hear him groan as he shoved into Megan and stopped moving. When
Sally tried to pull Kim away, she shook her head and stood motionless.

Megan and Jack could both feel Tom's penis swell as his semen surged
through his member. Jack also began to send his seed into her bowels
as Megan's muscles contracted around them. She reached the pinnacle
of her orgasm as the two boys emptied their spunk into her quivering
holes. Megan bucked her body and twisted between the two, pulling
Tom's head tight to her chest.

All of a sudden, Megan's body went completely limp. Her arms fell
to the bed, extending away from her body at right angles. Tom
released the grip his mouth held on her breast, rose up, and looked
down at her face.

"She's out," Tom whispered to Jack.

Jack circled his thumb and forefinger. "Just hold still for a few
minutes," he told Tom.

Tom nodded, supporting his weight with his outstretched arms. Both
boys could feel Megan's cavities quivering around their shrinking
penises as they waited for her to regain consciousness. Her
breathing was labored and irregular as her limp sweaty body rested
between Jack and Tom.

Kim and Sally moved away from the doorway and went back to Kim's
bedroom. They climbed into the bed and pulled the covers over their
naked bodies.

"I want to try that someday," Kim groaned. "That was so fucking hot!"

"Me too Kim, I would love to have a cock in my pussy and ass at the
same time," Sally replied, moving her hand between Kim's legs.

Kim put her hand on Sally's crotch and the two girls diddled one
another as they replayed the things they had just witnessed. They
talked quietly about who they would like to do the things they saw
Megan doing to Tom and Jack with, agreeing that their brothers were
the best candidates. After a few moments, they stopped talking and
tried to fall asleep.

"Megan," Jack whispered into his girlfriend's ear.

Megan moved slightly between Jack and Tom. Tom slowly removed his
flaccid penis from her vagina and rolled onto his back next to Jack
and Megan. Placing his hands in her armpits, Jack lifted her off his
penis and laid her on her side.

"Are you okay baby?" Jack asked as he pushed her damp hair off her
sweaty forehead.

Megan rolled from her side onto her back, pushed her hair back with
both hands, and rubbed her eyes.

"That was the wildest thing ever," she said. "What happened?"

"You passed out baby, I guess it was too much for you," Jack replied.

Megan giggled and sat up. She looked down at Jack's soft penis and
then at Tom's. "It looks like it was too much for you guys too. I
need a shower now, do you two want to help me?"

The three teens laughed and got out of the messy bed. Megan looked
back at the sheets and saw they would need to be changed before the
bed could be slept in. They went into the bathroom and Jack turned
on the water. He stepped into the spray followed by Megan as Tom
stood watching.

"Come on Tom," Megan said. "You helped mess me up so you can help
clean me up."

Tom joined them in the shower and helped Jack wash every inch of
Megan's body. When they were finished, Megan took the soap and
washed both of their genitals. She stroked their soapy members,
feeling them begin to grow in her hands.

"You guys can't be ready again, can you?" She asked as she rubbed
their hardening shafts.

Jack and Tom both nodded their heads and started to thrust their
hips, sliding their penises through her hand.

"Boys!" she giggled as she increased the pressure around their
members. "I'm way to sore to fuck again for a while…but I'll jack
you two off if you want me to."

"You don't have to Megan," Jack said.

"I know I don't have to Jack," she said. "I want to. I saw
something on Kim's computer I'd like to try…if you two are up to it."

"What?" Tom groaned as he watched her hand sliding over his penis.

"I want a facial," she giggled.

Tom looked to Jack for his reaction. He shrugged his shoulders and
said, "Anything you want sweetheart," remembering what she had told
him earlier. "I'll do anything to make you happy…just like you said
you'd do for me."

Megan released the two boy's penises and dropped to her knees on the
shower floor. Jack blocked the spray with his back and looked down
at her. She sat back on her heals, placed her hands on her thighs
and looked back up at Jack and Tom.

"Well!" she said. "What are you waiting for?"

"We're waiting for you to jack us off," Jack said. "I thought you
wanted a facial."

"I do, but I don't want to give it to myself…I want you guys to do
it. I want you two to jack off and cum on my face," she said
giggling. "What would even be better is to have you guys jack off
each other."

"Your wish is my command," Tom said.

Tom reached for Jack's penis, wrapped his hand around it, and began
to pull on it. Laughing, Jack took Tom into his hand and started to
rub him. Megan's face beamed as she watched the two boys. She
hooked her arms around their legs and rose up so her face was at the
same level as their penises. Moving her hands to the boy's bottoms,
she rubbed them and gave them encouragement.

"Come on guys," she said. "I want your cum covering my face. I
want it on my nose, my cheeks and in my mouth."

Megan moved her fingers between the two boy's butt cheeks and
pressed against their anuses'. She probed the tight puckers working
her finger into both of them.

"Tell me if I hurt either of you," she said as she pressed her
fingers into their anal openings.
Tom and Jack both moaned, as she wiggled her fingers into them, and
increased the speed of their pumping hands.

"Oh god!" Jack said. "I'm close. I'm going to cum soon."

"So am I," Tom grunted.

Megan tilted her head back and opened her mouth in anticipation of
the semen that would soon erupt from the two penises that were only
inches from her face. She watched Jack's hand glide over Tom's penis
and Tom's pumping on Jack's. When they started to thrust their hips
and groan out loud, Megan pushed her fingers into their rectums as
far as they would go.

Jack was the first to send a rope of sticky cum against Megan's
face, striking her on the forehead. Megan closed her eyes and felt
the nest jet hit her tongue. Tom also began to ejaculate, hitting
her nose and cheek with his hot fluid. The two boys took control of
their own penises and sent several more spurts onto Megan's upturned

When they were finished, Megan opened her eyes. She used her cum covered tongue to clean first Jack and then Tom's penises, swallowing
the combined semen of the two boys. They looked down at Megan's
splattered face and grinned, watching their cum drip from her chin
onto her breasts.

Using her finger to scrape up the remainder of the sticky fluid, she
pushed as much as she could into her mouth. She stood up, kissed
both of them, and said, "Thanks guys, that was great."

Jack and Tom nodded as Megan washed her face, breasts, and hands
under the cooling shower. She stepped to the back of the shower
stall, opened the door, and stepped out.

Tom and his cousin quickly washed themselves, rinsing off just as
the hot water ran out. They stepped out of the shower and began to
dry themselves off as Megan wrapped a towel around her wet hair.

Once they were dry, Jack and Megan headed back to Jack's room. Tom
told them both goodnight and turned to go into the guestroom.

"Where do you think you're going?" Megan said, grabbing Tom by the
arm. "I want to sleep with both of you guys tonight…if Jack doesn't

"Hell no," Jack chuckled. "As long as he keeps his hands off my

They all laughed and went into Jack's bedroom. Megan stripped the
soiled sheets off the bed and told Jack to get a fresh set. When he
returned from the hall linen closet, he helped Megan make the bed.
The three of them climbed into the bed, Megan in the middle. Jack
put his arm over her chest and Tom put his over her stomach. Both
guys kissed her cheeks and told her goodnight.

Megan turned to Jack, covered his mouth with hers, and kissed him
deeply. She pulled away and whispered into his ear, "Thanks baby…I
love you."

"I love you too Megan," Jack replied. "I hope you enjoyed yourself

Rolling onto her side to face Jack, she said, "Mmmm, I sure did. I
hope you did too."

Jack kissed her and told her he did. Megan scooted close to him,
pressing her breasts into his chest. She reached behind her and
pulled Tom closed, again sandwiched between the two of them. Megan
sighed and started to drift off to sleep, feeling Tom's penis moving
against her buttocks.
The annoying sound of the telephone snapped Kim out of her deep
slumber and the erotic dream she was enjoying. She reached for the
receiver, picked it up, and mumbled into the mouthpiece.

"Hello," Kim said in a groggy voice. "Who is it?"

"Good morning Kim," she heard her dad say. "We're about to get on
the plane and leave for New York. Your mom wanted me to call and let
you and your brother know."

"Okay daddy, you and mom have a good time. I'll tell Jack you

"Did Sally and Tom come over last night Kim?"

"Yeah, they're here."

"Aunt Anne wants to talk to Sally. Is she up yet?"

Kim sat up on the edge of the bed and looked over at her sleeping
cousin. She put her hand on Sally's bare shoulder and shook her
gently. When she opened her eyes, Kim handed her the phone.

"Hello," Sally said.

"Hi Sally," Don said. "Hang on a second, your mom wants to talk to

"Hi honey," Anne said. "Are you and your brother okay?"

"Yes mom…we're fine. We came over to Kim's after I talked to you
last night."

"Alright Sally, we're leaving now. I will call you from New York
and give you the number at the hotel. You guys have a good time this
weekend and stay out of trouble."

"Okay mom, goodbye," Sally said, and hung up the phone.

Sally and Kim sat on the edge of the bed rubbing their eyes. Kim
got up, went into the bathroom, and returned.

"Well," Kim said. "I might as well stay up now. Do you want have
some breakfast?"

"Sure Kim. Let me put on my clothes and go to the bathroom."

Sally dressed went to the bathroom and came back to find Kim pulling
her sweatshirt over her head. The two girls went downstairs and into
the kitchen. Megan, dressed in Jack's robe, was sitting at the
counter drinking a glass of orange juice.

"Morning Megan," Kim said. "Why are you up so early?"

"Good morning Kim, morning Sally," Megan replied. "Jack snores, he
snores real loud."

Kim giggled and said, "Yeah, I know he does. How are you feeling
this morning?"

"I'm fine," Megan said. "Why do you ask?"

Sally giggled and said, "We thought you might be a little sore this

Megan looked at Sally and then at Kim. A smile slowly formed on her
face and she nodded her head.

"A little," Megan said. "How do you two know? Were we too loud
last night?"

Kim shook her head, told Megan about going to Tom's room to seduce
him and seeing him in bed with her and Jack. Megan blushed and
covered her face with her hands. After a couple of minutes, she
looked up at Sally.

"Do you and Tom mess around too?" Megan asked.

Sally nodded and Megan turned to Kim.

"Why didn't you tell me Kim," Megan said.

"It's not my place to talk about other people's sex life Megan…at
least not when it involves incest," Kim replied.

"You're right Kim, sorry. Have you and Tom been doing it as long as
Kim and Jack?" Megan asked.

"Yup, same vacation," Sally giggled. "You know Megan, the hot tub
will make your ass feel better."

"It will…how do you know?" Megan said.

Sally laughed and replied, "Let's just say I speak from experience."

All three girls began to laugh. Kim and Sally took bowls and cereal
out of the cupboard and placed them on the counter. Kim took a
gallon of milk out of the refrigerator and set it near the box of
cereal. The girls filled their bowls and ate, making jokes about
what happened in Jack's room the night before.

After they were finished and the dishes were cleared away, they went
out to the pool area. Kim turned on the hot tub and the three girls removed their clothing and stepped into the warm swirling water.

"You were right Sally," Megan said as she moved in front of a warm
jet and opened her legs so the water could massage her tender
orifices. "This does feel good."

"Was that the first time Megan?" Kim asked.

"For anal sex?" Megan said. "Yes it was. It was the first time
being with two guys too."

"Did you like it?" Sally asked. "I love to be fucked up the ass."

"It was okay I guess, so much happened so fast…and I was so turned
on that everything felt good," Megan said.

"How about having two dicks in you at once Megan? Did that feel
cool? I've had one in my mouth and one in my pussy at the same time,
but never my asshole and pussy," Kim inquired.

"It made me feel so full that I thought I was going to split in two,
but once I got use to it, it felt great," Megan replied. "You guys should try it someday."

"Oh, I fully intend to," Sally said. "Just as soon as I can get
Brad to understand the difference between making love and having sex.
He, and his brother, still think it's the same."

Kim, Megan, and Sally all laughed. They relaxed in the hot water,
feeling it massage their bodies, silently thinking about their own
sex lives. The serenity of the moment was interrupted when Jack and
Tom walked up to the hot tub and wished the girls good morning.

"Morning guys," Kim said. "How's it hanging?"

The three girls broke out in laughter as Jack and Tom blushed. The
two boys knew there were no secrets between the girls and the night's
activities were common knowledge.

"Low and long," Tom replied with a smirk, still blushing.

"I'll bet," Kim giggled. "Did you guys eat breakfast yet? I have a
feeling you're going to need all the energy you can get."

"Yeah, we ate Kim," Jack said. "Now Tom and I are going to go for a
swim and relax in the pool."

Jack tossed two of the floating pool chairs into the water. He and
Tom removed their shorts and dove in. They swam for a moment and
then climbed into the chairs, leaning their heads back.

"You know," Tom said. "Lisa and the twins are at home all alone.
We should call them and see if they want to spend the day here with

"My dad said that we weren't supposed to all be here at the same
time Tom…not until Sunday," Jack replied.

"I know Jack, but we were supposed to be in school all day today.
With the snow storm and all things have changed. Maybe they could
hang around until this evening and then you, me and the twins can go
to my house."

"Well," Jack said. "Maybe it wouldn't hurt. I think we should ask
the girls what they think about it."

Jack called out for the girls and they got out of the hot tub and
jumped into the pool. They swam over to the boys and hung onto the
chairs. Jack told them about Tom's idea and asked them what they
thought about Lisa and her brothers coming over for the day.

"I don't think we'd get into trouble," Kim said. "Just as long as
you guys all took off this afternoon. mom and dad won't be at the
hotel for a while yet, so I can't call and ask yet, but I think they
will understand."

"It's still early," Sally said. "Why don't we call and leave a
message for our moms to call. When they do we can ask them. I don't
want to do anything that will get us into hot water."

Kim agreed and climbed out of the pool. She toweled herself off and
went into the house to call the hotel her parents were staying at.
When she returned, she jumped back into the pool and made her way
over to the others.

"I left a message for my mom," Kim said. "I told the clerk to be
sure to write down that it wasn't an emergency."

"That was smart Kim," Tom said. "No sense in scaring the shit out
of them."

The group played around in the pool for a little while and then
climbed out. Jack went into the pool house, turned on the big screen
television, and returned to the rest of the teens. They all pulled
lounge chairs around, so they could see the television, and sat down.

Jack had put on a music video channel and turned the volume up. The
group watched the videos for about an hour and almost didn't hear the
telephone when it rang.

Kim leaped out of her lounge chair and rushed to the phone in the
family room. She talked with her mom, explaining their request for
Lisa and her brother's to come over for the rest of the day. Marge
checked with Don and Dianne and then told Kim it would be okay as
long as the boys left at a reasonable hour. Kim thanked her mom,
hung up, and called Lisa's house.

When Lisa answered the phone, Kim told her about their idea and
asked if she would like to come over. Lisa quickly agreed and the
girls hung up.

"That was my mom on the phone," Kim announced" as she sat back down
in her lounge. "I asked her about Lisa and the twins, and she said
it would be okay as long as we behave and the boys left this evening."

"That's cool," Tom said. "Did you call Lisa?"

"Yeah Tom, I called her," Kim replied. "She said that she would
love to come over, but she doesn't want to drive because the roads
are still bad. Can you guys go and pick them up in one of your

"Sure," Jack said. "As soon as we get dressed."

Jack and Tom left to put on their clothes and the girls remained by
the pool.

"I'm going to get dressed too," Sally said, as she got out of her

"Why?" Kim asked her. "We're just going to end up naked again

"I know," Sally giggled. "I just love to tease Brad…that's all."

"You're such a brat Sally," Kim said. "I love it! Let's go to my
room and decide what we should wear."

Sally, Megan, and Kim scurried up the stairs and into Kim's room.
They milled around trying to decide what to put on.

"I'm going to wear a swimsuit and my sweats," Sally said. "That way
when Brad asks me to go swimming, I can jump in with a suit on."

The three girls agreed and Kim opened the drawer containing her
large assortment of suits. The girls each selected a conservative
two-piece and put them on. They stepped into their sweatpants and
pulled on their sweatshirts. Once they were dressed, they went to
the family room to wait for the others.

"Should we let Lisa know about our plan?" Megan asked.

"Yeah," Sally replied. "I don't think we should tell Tom and Jack

The three girls giggled and agreed to keep the secret from the two
boys when they returned. They sat on the couches and waited for Jack
to get back from picking Lisa and her brothers, making plans for the
rest of the day.

A half an hour later, Jack and Tom came into the family room
followed by Paul, Brad, and Lisa. The teens all greeted each other
and began to chatter about the snowstorm. Lisa asked Kim where she
should put her things and Kim jumped up to show her.

On the way upstairs, Kim informed Lisa about the plan to tease the
guys. Kim showed Lisa the guest room and told her she could put her
things in there. Lisa quickly began to undress and slipped into her
swimsuit. She put her jeans and sweater back on, over the suit, and
the girls went back downstairs.

When Kim and Lisa returned to the family room, Kim saw Brad sitting
next to Sally and Paul pacing the floor. Giggling, Kim went to him
and put her arms around his waist.

"Have you missed me?" Kim asked after kissing him briefly on the
lips. "I've missed you."

Paul circled Kim's body with his arms and pulled her close to him.
He planted his lips on hers and began to kiss her, probing her mouth
with his tongue.

"I missed you so much Kim," Paul said quietly in her ear.

Grinning, Kim pulled away from Paul and led him to a couch. She sat
down and patted the cushion next to her, indicating where she wanted
him to sit. The group of eight teens sat in pairs and talked about
the things they had done since they last saw one another.

"You know," Sally said. "It's been a while since we last worked
out. Kim has a mini gym in the basement we could use later if we
want to. It isn't as well equipped as the one at my house, but it
will do."

"Sounds good to me Sally," Megan said. "I can use a good workout."

Kim and Sally looked at each other and fought back the urge to
laugh. When Megan saw them attempting to control themselves, she
winked and smiled.

Paul turned to Kim and asked, "Can we go swimming?"

"Sure Paul, you know where the pool is," Kim said teasingly.

"No, I mean do you want to go swimming with me." Paul replied.

Brad asked Sally the same question and the two boys waited for an

"In a few minutes Paul," Kim said. "If you guys want to go now,
we'll be out in a little bit."

"We can wait," Brad said.

"Well I'm ready for a swim," Tom said, lifting Lisa off his lap and
standing up.

The four boys went out to the pool, stripped off their clothes, and
dove into the pool.

Kim stood up, took off her sweats, and said, "I'm ready too."

The other three girls also removed their clothes and headed for the
pool, dressed in their suits. They went to the edge of the pool and
jumped into the water, away from the boys. Paul and Brad swam over
to Kim and Sally. The two girls could see the disappointment on
their faces when they realized they were wearing swimsuits.

"What's the matter?" Paul asked Kim.

"Nothing, why do you ask?" Kim replied, trying not to laugh.

"Well, um…I just thought that we would swim…you know," Paul stammered.

"Yeah, you know," Brad said. "Naked."

Sally cocked her head to the side and said, "You guys! You just
want to see our bodies. You two don't care about just being with
us…do you?"

"Yes we do," Paul said. "It's just…well…we thought that…"

Kim and Sally could see Lisa and Megan standing behind the twins
with Jack and Tom. They could tell by the way they all looked that
Lisa and Megan had told their brothers about the plan to tease the
two boys. When she saw Jack take Megan's top off and Tom do the same
thing to Lisa, Kim whispered into Sally's ear.

Sally glanced over the boys at the older teens and saw Megan and
Lisa wave the bottoms of their suits over their heads before tossing
them onto the deck. Grinning, she and Kim swam away from the twins
to the opposite end of the pool from their brothers. Brad and Paul
watched as Kim and Sally climbed out of the water and sat on the edge
of the pool with their legs dangling in the water.

The two boys swam over to the girls, clung to the side of the pool,
and looked up at them.

"We're sorry," Brad said. "Aren't we Paul? We should have asked
you before assuming that you guys were going to swim without suits

"Brad's right, we should have asked," Paul said. "Please don't be
mad at us."

Kim and Sally bit their lips in an effort to keep from laughing as
the two boys groveled. They had to turn their heads away when they
saw Lisa and Megan swimming up behind the twins, stark naked.

"What's the matter?" Lisa asked as she and Megan came close to them.

Paul and Brad turned, looked at their sister and Megan, and gasped
when they realized the two girls were nude. When the boys looked
back up at Kim and Sally, all four girls broke out in laughter.

"Got ya," Kim said as she stood up.

Paul and Brad gazed up at Kim and Sally as the two girls stood at
the edge of the pool and began to sway with the music that came from
the stereo. They watched as the two girls seductively began to
remove their swimsuits and dance naked in front of them. When the
song ended, they girls dove over the top of the twins and swam to the
other end of the pool.

Paul and Brad raced to join the others in the shallow water. When
Paul began to protest the trick Kim and Sally had played on he and
his brother, Kim wrapped her arms around him. She crushed her
breasts against his chest and wiggled her crotch against his. Sally
grabbed Brad and did the same thing, feeling his penis react to the

Lisa, Tom, Megan, and Jack sat on the steps in the shallow water
laughing out loud.

"I don't think it's funny," Paul said, turning and standing next to
Kim with his arm around her trim waist.

"Well I do," Lisa roared. "You two looked like someone took away
your favorite toy."

"It doesn't really matter," Brad said as he slid his hand up Sally's
side and cupped her breast. "I've got my favorite toy now."

Sally knocked Brad's hand away and said, "Oh, so now I'm a toy.
First you only want to see me naked and now I'm a toy?"

"I think I'm just going to keep my mouth shut," Brad said. "It
seems that I can't say anything right."

Paul nodded in agreement. "Brad's right, every time we say anything
you guys twist it all around and make it sound bad. We just won't
say anything."

"Bullshit," Lisa said. "You two can't keep your mouths shut. We
were just having a little fun, don't take it so seriously."

Kim put her mouth near Paul's ear and whispered so no one else could
hear her. "I'll make it up to you sweetie, just relax."

Paul grinned, nodded his head, and swam away. Kim followed him into
the deeper water and surfaced at his side. Reaching down, she
circled his penis with her hand and stroked him gently, feeling him
grow in her fingers.

"Does that make you feel better," Kim asked him.

Paul nodded and put his arm around her, gripping her breast. The
two of them hung onto the side of the pool with one hand as they
fondled each other with the other. Glancing around to be sure no one
was watching, Kim lowered herself underwater and took his hard penis
into her mouth. She gently chewed his member until she could no
longer hold her breath. When she surfaced, Paul kissed her.

"I'm getting waterlogged Paul," Kim said. "I'm going to get out for
a little while."

Kim climbed out of the pool and went to sit in one of the lounge
chairs. Paul stayed in the deep water, willing his erection to
subside so he could join her. Sally saw Kim walking over to the
chairs and also got out of the water. She sat next to Kim and they
giggled about teasing Paul and Brad.

"What's so funny," Lisa asked as she and Megan sat in chairs on
either side of the two younger girls.

"We were just talking about your brothers Lisa," Sally said. "We
were pretty mean to them."

"They'll get over it," Lisa said. "Those two are just like all
guys…they think with their dicks sometimes."

"Not all guys think with their dicks," Tom said as he and Jack
walked up behind the girls.

"It sure seems like it," Lisa giggled. "When you get a hard-on all
the blood leaves your brains."

Kim, Megan, and Sally laughed at Lisa's statement, nodding in
agreement. Jack and Tom sat on the lower part of Megan and Lisa's
chairs and looked back at them.

Paul and his brother came over and joined the rest of the group,
sharing the lounges with Kim and Sally.

"What are you guys talking about?" Brad asked.

"Your sister thinks all guys think with their dicks," Jack said.
"We're telling her she's wrong."

The eight teens sat and kibitzed back and forth. The girls told the
guys they would do most anything to get into a girl's pants and the
boys denied it.

"You guys couldn't tell the difference between one mouth or pussy from another," Lisa said. "All your cocks care about is being in
something warm and wet…and I'll bet I can prove it."

Kim, Sally, and Megan looked at Lisa in disbelief. They had no idea
what she was talking about or how she planned to prove such a thing.
Lisa looked at her friends and winked, running her tongue over her

"How do you propose to do that Lisa?" Brad asked.

Megan turned to Lisa and said, "Yeah, just how do you plan on
proving it?"

Lisa got up from her chair and told the other girls to follow her.
She led them into the pool house, away from the boys, and told them
her plan. The four girls all agreed it would be fun and followed
Lisa back to the boys. Kim went into the house and Lisa told the
guys to come with her and the other two girls.

The group went into the family room and Lisa told the boys to sit on
the couch. Kim returned with several wide strips of cloth and went
to stand with Lisa, Sally, and Megan.

"Okay boys," Lisa began. "Here are the rules. We're going to
blindfold you guys and you have to stand with your hands behind your
back. The four of us will kiss your cocks, but you can't touch us.
If you guess who it is, you get laid…if you don't…well, you can guess."

The four boys looked at one another and then at the naked girls.
Jack shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm in, if you guys are."

"What do we do if we think we know who it is?" Paul asked.

"You just sit back down on the couch," Kim said. "Who ever was in
front of you will stay there until everyone else is finished. Then
you can take off the blindfolds and see if you're right."

"Before you take off the blindfold, you have to whisper into the
person's ear their name. That way no one will be able to tell what
the other guys said," Sally added.

The girls secured the strips of cloth over the boy's eyes. They
adjusted them to be sure they couldn't see and told then to stand up
with their legs against the couch. When all of the guys were
standing next to each other, with their hands behind their backs, the
girls got ready to begin.

"Okay boys," Megan said in a low sexy voice. "We are going to start
to suck you cocks, one by one. You have to wait until all of us have
had a chance to suck on each of you before you can start guessing who
it is."

The girls watched the boys' starting to get erect in anticipation of
what was to come. Because it was her idea, Lisa was elected to go
first. She knelt in front of Jack and opened her mouth. Slowly, she
took him in, rolled her tongue around his head, and backed off. When
Lisa moved to Brad and repeated the process, Kim knelt in front of
her brother.

One by one, the girls moved down the line, taking each of the boys'
penises into their mouth and then releasing it. When Megan finished
with Paul, the last one in the line, the girls stepped back and gazed
at the four hard penises in front of them.

"All right," Lisa said. "Each of us has sucked on each of you. Now
it's time to get down to business. We are going to start over, but
this time we will each be in front of one of you. Remember, when you
think you know, sit down."

The girls all knelt on the floor. Lisa in front of Jack, Kim in
front of Tom, Megan in front of Brad and Sally in front of Paul. The
girls leaned forward, took the penis of the boy in front of them into
their mouth, and began to suck on them.

After several minutes, the girls switched. Kim took Jack, Megan
sucked Tom, Lisa took Paul, and Sally knelt in front of Brad. Again
the girls went to work on the boys, bobbing their heads up and down
the rigid shaft in their mouth.

Lisa took her brother deep into her throat and groaned, trying to
make him cum. Paul fought off the urge to explode, pulling back
slightly. When he did, his legs hit the back of the couch and he
ended up sitting down. Lisa sat back on her heals and waited to see
which one would sit back next.

The next time the girls shifted, Megan knelt before Jack and quickly
took him into her mouth. She teased his bulbous head with her
tongue. When she pulled back until her teeth were against the ridge
and poked her tongue into the slit, Jack sat down. He remembered her
technique from previous sessions and was sure it was his girlfriend.

Kim was in front of Tom, sucking him deep into her mouth. She
clamped her lips tightly around his shaft and moved her head quickly
back and forth. Tom let a low moan escape his throat as his cousin
worked feverishly on his manhood. In an effort to keep from sending
his spunk into the mouth on his penis, he sat down.

Brad was the last boy standing and Sally was kneeling in front of
him. She worked her tongue along the underside of his penis and then
took him into her mouth. With her mouth wide open and her tongue
extended, she pushed forward. Brad's member slipped into her throat
and Sally's tongue touched his hanging testicles. When she clamped
down on him and pulled her tongue slowly into her mouth, Brad lost it.

Sally pulled back so only half of Brad's penis remained in her mouth
and swallowed as he sent several strong jets of semen against the
roof of her mouth. Sally continued to suck on him and stroke the
underside with her tongue as he thrust his member into her. When he
was spent, he sat back, not really caring who it was in front of him.

Lisa turned her head away from the couch so her brother wouldn't
know who was sitting on the floor at his feet. "Okay guys, whisper
into our ears who you think it is."

Jack leaned forward, whispered Megan's name into her ear and sat
back. Tom whispered Lisa's name into Kim's ear and waited to see who
it really was. Paul guessed Kim and Brad picked Sally. When the
boys pulled the blindfolds off and looked down, they saw who was
kneeling in front of them.

Megan threw her arms around Jack's neck and announced he was right.
Tom looked down at Kim and shook his head from side to side. Brad
grinned at his girlfriend and said he was right.

"Sorry Paul," Lisa said. "Looks like you do without, along with Tom."

"Oh well," Paul said. "You do with out too."

Kim walked on her knees over to Lisa and put her arm around her.
She covered her breast and massaged it firmly.

"Maybe not Paul," Kim said. "Lisa might get lucky anyway."

"Brad already got lucky," Sally said licking her lips. "He has to

"Okay," Tom said. "If you girls think you're so smart you put on
the blindfolds and see if you can tell who is eating your snatch."

The four girls huddled together away from the boys and then agreed.
They all sat on the couch and the guys tied the blindfolds over their
eyes. Once the guys were sure that the girls couldn't see, they told
them to get ready.

Sitting on the edge of the couch, the girls pulled their legs open
and back to their chests. The guys knelt on the floor in front of
them and began to lick and nibble at the girls' exposed crotches.
Because the girls were already sitting, they were to close their legs
when they thought they knew who was licking them.

Jack knelt before Sally and Tom worked on Megan. Paul lapped at his
sister and Brad licked Kim. The boys pushed their tongues into the
girls open labia and tapped at their clitorises. After a few
minutes, they switched around.

Tom stabbed his tongue into Kim, covering her sex with his mouth.
She wiggled her hips and humped against Tom's face as he moved from
her slit to her hard clit. Jack moved over to Lisa, chewed on her
puffy labia, and sucked her clitoris between his lips. Brad settled
in between Megan's legs while his brother went after Sally.

The girls wiggled and moaned as the boys licked, sucked, nibbled,
and tongued their sex. From their angle, they couldn't see the four
girls groping one another's breasts. Soon the moaning became louder,
turning into groans and grunts.

Kim was the first to reach and orgasm, screaming out in pleasure.
Lisa and Megan followed her as they too began to climax. The room
was filled with the sound of the guys slurping at the girls' soaking
wet vaginas and the moans of their ecstasy. When Sally reached her
orgasm, she let her legs flail above Paul's head.

One by one the guys pulled their heads away from the crotch in front
of them. They sat on the floor watching the girls twisting in
pleasure. When Kim began to laugh, the other girls joined her and
they all removed their blindfolds.

"What the hell was that all about?" Jack said. "None of you
guessed who was eating you."

"What difference does it make who was eating our pussies'…as long as
they got ate," Lisa replied.

Brad and Paul began to complain that the girls hadn't played fair,
but Tom stopped them.

"Take it easy," Tom told the twins. "We've been had! They never
intended to guess who was who."

"You mean all they wanted is to be made to cum?" Brad said.

"Yup," Jack replied as her moved in between Megan's legs and kissed
her sweat-covered belly.

Paul knelt in front of Kim and said, "That was mean, we played fair
and guessed. You guys cheated."

Kim put her legs down, bent forward, and kissed Paul.

"Yup, we cheated…do you really mind?" Kim giggled as she reached
for his throbbing penis. "Your dick doesn't seem to mind."

Tom leaned over Lisa and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her
mouth. "We're going to get even with you girls for this," Tom said.

Lisa looked at Tom, grinned, and said, "Why don't you quit your
bitching and fuck me."

Tom dropped to his knees in front of Lisa, pulled her back to the
edge of the couch, and slid his penis into her hot wet tunnel. Lisa
wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted her bottom up into his
thrusts. She let out sharp yelps each time he slammed into her and
wrapped her arms around his neck.

When the twins saw their sister and Tom coupled, they immediately
turned to Kim and Sally. The girls giggled as they looked into the
two younger boys' sex crazed eyes and pulled them close.

"Oh god this feels good," Paul groaned as he entered Kim. "I love
the feel of your pussy."

The moment Paul's penis was in Kim's steamy vagina, he began to pump
into her at breakneck speed. Kim wrapped her legs around him, dug
her heals into his butt and pulled in an attempt to control his

"Slow down Paul," Kim said.

Paul let out a long groan, pushed himself tightly against Kim, and
sent his seed deep into her cavern. He dropped his head onto her
chest and breathed erratically. Kim let her legs relax and fall to
the floor on either side of her boyfriend, letting out a sigh.

Brad was slowly moving in and out of Sally, next to his brother and
Kim. Kim turned her head, watched as Sally held her legs in the air,
and then hooked them over Brad's shoulders.

Looking towards the other end of the couch, Kim saw her brother and
Megan. Jack was sitting on the cushion and Megan was on his lap
facing away. She had her hands on Jack's knees and was slowly
raising and lowering herself on his erect penis.

When she looked back at Paul, Kim could see the look of
disappointment on his face.

"I'm sorry Kim," Paul said softly. "I couldn't help it…you make me
so hot."

Kim smiled and pulled her legs up and around his waist. Paul was
still in her and when she began to flex her vaginal muscles, she felt
his penis stir. After a few moments, Paul began to move again.

"Just hold still Paul," Kim said. "Can you feel my pussy squeezing
your cock? Don't move and I'll make it hard for you."

"Yes," Paul groaned. "I can feel it…it feels like a hot wet hand on

Kim continued to contract and relax her vaginal muscles around
Paul's penis. Every time he began to move his hips, she stopped him.
She pulled his head to her breast and he began to suckle her nipple
as she stroked his back.

On one side of her, Brad was emptying his semen into Sally. He
grunted as he pulled back slightly and then shoved hid penis into her
with each spurt. On the other side of her, Lisa and Tom were still
moving together in a slow sexual ballet. Her brother and Megan had
moved to the floor where she was on all fours with Jack behind her.
Jack gripped her breasts and moved in and out of her as she pushed
back against him.

Returning her attention to Paul, Kim began to pull him into her and
then release him with her legs. Paul followed her motion, letting
her set the pace of their lovemaking. He moved his mouth from one of
her breasts to the other, sucking as much of the firm flesh into his
mouth as he could. Kim could feel her own orgasm begin to build deep
in her stomach and she increased the speed.

Shifting slightly, she changed the angle of her opening so Paul's
penis would come in contact with her clitoris. Each time his slick
shaft grazed her engorged nub she let out a throaty moan.

"That's it baby," Kim cooed. "Suck my boobs and fuck me. Fuck me
slow and make me cum Paul.

Kim lowered her legs, hooking them on Paul's thighs. She arched her
back and groaned as the first wave of her climax rumbled through her
body. Wrapping her arms around Paul's head and neck, she began to
thrash around beneath him.

"Yes, yes, yes," she cried out. "That's it baby…fuck me…I'm cumming
baby…I'm cumming!"

Paul started to pound into Kim their bodies slapping noisily
together. Sally and Brad watched the two teens as they rutted. Tom
and Lisa were coming down from their orgasms and turned their
attention to Paul and Kim also.

Kim's body tensed and she hugged Paul as tightly as she could with
her arms and legs. Paul felt his semen surge through his penis and
into Kim's quivering vagina. After a couple of minutes, Kim's body
went limp and Paul collapsed on top of her. The two sweaty teens
held one another and tried to catch their breath.

Jack and Megan were still going at it on the floor. Jack was
rubbing her clit with one hand and a breast with the other. Tom,
Lisa, Brad, and Sally all watched as Jack's buttocks clinched and
heard him let out a loud moan. Megan screamed out as Jack's penis
swelled in her vagina and filled her with his spunk. She wiggled her
bottom back into him as she too reached an orgasm just as Jack
finished his. When they were both spent, they separated and lay on
their sides facing one another.

"Wow!" Lisa said as she pushed Tom off her. "That was different.
I never thought I'd be fucking next to my little brothers."

Sally giggled, thinking about the times she and Kim had made love to
their brothers in the same bed. "I need a shower," she said.
"Anyone else?"

The entire group agreed and made their way to the pool house. They
coupled up under the spray heads and seductively washed their
partner's body. When they were finished, they went out to the lounge
chairs and relaxed.

"Is anyone else hungry?" Tom asked the group. "It must be lunch
time by now."

"I'm hungry too," Jack said. "Why don't we make lunch today?"

"Okay," Tom said. "Come on Paul and Brad, you two can help us."

The four boys went into the house and began to prepare lunch. They
made ham and cheese sandwiches for everyone and placed them on a
large tray. Paul and Brad gathered sodas and carried them out to the
pool area. Tom took a bag of potato chips from the cupboard and a
jar of dill pickle spears from the refrigerator. The twins came back
into the kitchen and helped Jack and Tom finish up.

When the boys returned to the pool area, carrying the food, the
girls gathered around a couple of tables and sat down. The guys joined them at the tables, passing out the sandwiches and other items.

Kim and Sally sat at one table with Paul and Brad. They chatted
about the remainder of the weekend and what they would all be doing.
Megan sat next to Jack, along with Tom and Lisa, at the other table.

"Thanks guys," Lisa said. "This is great. It was nice of you to
make lunch for all of us."

"No problem," Tom replied, his mouth half full of food. "You girls are always making meals for us…besides, lunch is easy."

"What do you girls have planned for the rest of the afternoon?"
Jack asked.

"Oh, I don't know," Megan said as she placed her hand on Jack's leg
and moved it up to his flaccid penis. "Desert maybe."

Jack grinned and Tom and Lisa both chuckled. He winked at her and
wiggled in his chair, as she toyed with his member.

"Is that all you ever think of Megan?" Lisa asked.

"No, but these guys are going to be gone for the rest of the
weekend. I don't want Jack to get any ideas while he's at the hockey
game. There might be some hot girls at the game," Megan replied.

Jack leaned over and kissed Megan on the cheek. He put his hand
between her legs and stroked her thigh gently, stopping before he
touched her sex.

"Baby, you don't have anything to worry about. You're all the girl I need…or want," Jack whispered.

Megan moved her mouth to his ear, so Tom and Lisa couldn't hear her,
and said, "Just me and your little sister."

Jack smiled and nodded at her.

Megan continued to whisper to Jack, saying, "You know it's okay with
me honey. I don't mind sharing you with Kim…or fooling around with
everyone else here. Just as long as you love me."

Jack turned to Megan and took her chin in his hand. He kissed her
on the lips and said, "I do love you Megan…I love you a lot."

Megan smiled, stroked his stiffening penis, and then released him.
She turned back to her lunch, picked up her half eaten sandwich, and
took a bite.

"I think the four of us should try to get away for a weekend," Tom
said. "Lisa has been talking to the couple we met at the photography
workshop and they invited us to come to their place. I don't know if
you remember, but they live in a lighthouse on Lake Michigan."

"Do you think they would mind if Jack and I went too Lisa," Megan

"No, not at all. In fact I told them about you two and they said it
would be fine," Lisa replied.

They all talked about the possibility of making a weekend trip to
the lighthouse as they finished their lunch. Once all of the food
was eaten, Megan and Lisa cleaned up the table and took the dishes
into the house. Kim and Sally also picked up the dishes from their
table and went into the kitchen. The four girls cleaned up the mess
the guys had left and returned to the pool area.

The four boys had moved from the tables into the lounge chairs that
faced the big screen television. Jack had turned up the volume and
they were all watching a music video. The girls sat on the ends of
the lounge chairs, sharing them with their respective partner.

"Is there room for me?" Kim asked Paul as she scooted up on the

"You bet Kim, come here," Paul replied.

Kim moved up between Paul's legs, stretched out on her side, and
rested her head on his thigh. Paul began to run his fingers through
her hair as she nuzzled her cheek against his flesh. The rest of the
girls snuggled up to the guys and got comfortable in the chairs.

The combination of all the activity, lunch, and the warm humid air
in the pool area made the teens very lethargic. Soon the entire
group was asleep in the chairs, cuddled as couples.

After an hour, Sally woke up. He head was perched on Brad's thigh,
her forehead near his limp penis. She moved her hand up between his
legs and covered his genitals. Brad's penis began to respond to her
warm hand and flexed against her palm as he slept.

Sally tilted her head, pursed her lips, and blew a thin stream of
warm air against his glans, watching his penis jump as she did. She
continued to bathe his hardening shaft with her warm breath,
observing carefully as his penis transformed from a small limp tube
of flesh into a throbbing hard-on.

Brad moaned softly and shifted in the lounge. His penis was fully
extended and pulsed with his increasing heartbeat. When Sally
extended her tongue and licked the underside of his penis, Brad
opened his eyes. He remained motionless as he watched his girlfriend
trace the thick vein that ran along the length of his manhood with
the very tip of her tongue. He fought the urge to acknowledge her
oral ministrations, choosing to see what she would do next.

Sally pulled Brad's penis away from his body, raised her head, and
took him into her open mouth. She rolled her tongue around the ridge
below his bulbous head and closed her lips around his shaft. Brad
let out a groan, causing Sally to glance up. When she saw his open
eyes, and the look of pleasure on his face, she took more of him into
her sucking mouth.

Shifting into a kneeling position between Brad's legs, she slowly
lowered her head and then raised it again. When Brad attempted to
push up into her, Sally opened her mouth and waited for him to stop.
As soon as he settled back into the chair, she again clamped her lips
around him and again began to bob her head slowly. Brad tried
several times to thrust up into her mouth, but each time he did, she
stopped. He finally realized what she wanted and relaxed in the

Brad's throaty groans caused Lisa to wakeup in the lounge next to
her brother and Sally. She watched her brother's penis slowly
disappear into Sally's mouth and reappear covered with saliva. She
remembered the times that she had taken Brad's member between her own
lips and tasted his cum. Lisa felt a slight tingle between her legs
and the pangs of jealously in her stomach.

When Brad turned his head and caught his sister's eye, he smiled.
Lisa took Tom's flaccid penis into her hand and fondled it as she
stared into Brad's eyes. The moment Tom began to respond to Lisa's
gentle massaging, she took him into her mouth and started to mimic
his sister's actions. Sally watched Lisa, out of the corner of her
eye, as she engulfed Tom.

After several minutes, Sally pulled her mouth off Brad and gazed at
Lisa and her brother. She got up from the lounge, extended her hand
to Brad, and pulled him to his feet. Sally looked into Lisa's eyes,
gave her a devilish wink, and led Brad towards the family room door.

Lisa removed her mouth from Tom's penis and replaced it with her
hand. She watched her brother and Sally, stroking Tom's rigid penis,
as they walked hand in hand through the sliding glass doors into the
family room. Just before they were out of sight, Sally looked back
at Lisa, grinned and flipped her head, inviting her to join her and

Slowly sliding off the end of the lounge, Lisa pulled Tom up and off
the chair. Placing her finger to her lips she guided him towards the
doors, following her brother and Sally.

"What's up?" Tom asked Lisa as they entered the family room.

"I really don't know yet Tom," Lisa replied.

Tom shrugged his shoulders and allowed his girlfriend to led him to
the stairway. He watched her naked bottom shift from side to side as
she walked up the stairs in front of him. When they reached the top
of the stairs, she took his hand and walked towards one of the
guestrooms. She pushed the door open, glanced around and noted it
was empty. Closing the door, she led Tom across the hall to the
other guestroom and slowly opened that door.

Lisa saw her brother stretched out on the bed and Sally hovering
above his upturned face. Sally grinned at Lisa and her brother,
lowered her crotch to Brad's mouth, and used her finger to invite
them in.

Tom and Lisa moved to the bed and stood at the side as Brad probed
Sally's labia with his tongue. Reaching down, Sally wrapped her
fingers around Brad's wavering penis and began to stroke him. In a
move that caught Lisa by surprise, Sally took her brother's penis in
her other hand and fondled him too.

"You want some of this Lisa?" Sally asked softly, as she shook
Brad's penis.

Lisa's face turned pink as she felt a rush of blood. She turned to
Tom and looked into his eyes, looking for guidance. On one hand, she
wanted to have her brother's penis buried in her vagina, on the
other, she didn't want to upset Tom.

"He'll be fine Lisa," Sally whispered, pulling her brother closer.

Tom smiled and extended his arm, palm up, in the direction of Brad's

"Help yourself baby," Tom said.

Lisa climbed onto the bed, straddled her brother's hips, and took
his penis in her hand. Sally rose up off Brad's face so he could
watch as his sister guided him into her vagina and lowered herself on

Brad's look of surprise turned to pleasure as his sister's hot wet
vagina encompassed his throbbing member and he let his head fall back
onto the bed. Sally again lowered her crotch to his mouth and rocked
her hips.

"Get on the bed Tom," Sally said. "Kneel between us so Lisa and I
can suck your cock."

Tom knelt on the bed and Sally moved him so she and Lisa could both
have access to his erect penis. Sally placed her lips on one side of
Tom's hard shaft and Lisa placed hers on the other. Both girls pushed their tongues against his member and coated him with saliva as
he moved his hips back and forth.

Sally put her hand on Tom's hip and eased him back until she and
Lisa's mouths were at the very tip of his penis. Sally moved her
tongue against Lisa's and covered her lips with hers as Tom's velvety
head pressed at their union. Sally broke the kiss, turned her head,
and took her brother into her mouth. She engulfed over half of his
penis and then pulled back, returning her lips to Lisa's. This time
Lisa took him into her mouth, and sucked him firmly, and then
released him.

Unable to see what was going on above him, Brad continued to tongue
Sally's vagina as his sister slowly moved on his penis. He put his
hand between the two girls bodies and massaged first Lisa's breast and then Sally's. The four teens kept up the activity for several
minutes and then Sally pulled back from Tom's penis.

"Behind me Tom," Sally panted as Brad attacked her clitoris with his
lips. "Get behind me and fuck my pussy."

As Tom moved behind his sister, she pushed Lisa's shoulders back.
Lisa put her hands on her brother's legs, just below his knees, and
leaned back. Lifting her crotch off Brad's mouth, Sally leaned
forward and began to suck on Lisa's nipple. When she felt her
brother's penis pressing against her sex, Sally lowered her head and
pushed her tongue into the union between Lisa and Brad.

Looking up, Brad saw Tom's penis bumping against Sally's puffy red labia. He took Tom's penis in his hand, stroked it a few times, and
placed it at the entrance to Sally's vagina. He watched as Tom
slowly sank his member into his sister and felt his own sister rocking on his hard-on. He felt Sally's hot tongue against his penis
as she probed at Lisa's hard clit and licked his shaft. Rising up,
Brad put his tongue on Sally's clitoris and felt Tom's penis ride
against it.

Tom reached under Sally, with one hand, and covered her breast. He
also slid his other hand up Lisa's side and squeezed her breast. He
massaged the firm mounds on both girls as he pumped his shaft in and
out of his sister's vagina.

The room was filled with the sounds of animal-like grunts and
slapping flesh. As the group reached the pinnacle of their vigorous
activity, the grunts turned to moans and cries of pleasure.

"Oh god," Brad yelled out. "I'm going to cum."

"Yes Brad," Lisa screamed back. "Cum in my pussy! Fill me with
your hot cum."

Tom increased the speed of his thrusting causing his dangling
testicles to bang into Brad's chin as the boy continued to tap at
Sally's clit with his tongue. He released Lisa and Sally's breasts,
placed his hands on his sister's hips, and slammed into her. Each
time he bottomed out in her quivering vagina, he drove her face into
Lisa and Brad's crotch.

The combination of her brother's penis pumping in and out of her
vagina and Brad's tongue against her clit sent Sally over the top.
Her muscles began to contract and her vagina gripped Tom as she
reached her orgasm. Lifting her face from Lisa and Brad's union, she
groaned out in pleasure as her climax ripped through her body.

Sally bounced her bottom back against her brother as her vagina convulsed around his penis. His buttocks tightened and he began to
send spurt after spurt of cum into her. Tom continued to slide his
penis in and out of his sister as his testicles emptied into her.
When he pulled back to far, his slick member came out of her and a
large glob of their mixed fluids fell from Sally's gaping vagina onto
Brad's face.

Brad was too wrapped up in his own climax to notice the thick substance that ran down the side of his cheek. His penis was
exploding into his sister as she twisted and bounced above him, his
eyes closed tightly. Lisa groaned as her brother's penis expanded
deep in her and she too began to cum. Leaning forward, she rested
her chin on Sally's shoulder as her body shook and quivered.

Tom pulled away from Sally and she dropped her crotch down to Brad's
face. She rubbed her labia across his lips, coating them with her
brother's discharge. Brad extended his tongue and licked her heated
slit, tasting the leaking fluids. Sally moaned as his tongue pushed
into her and his nose touched her sensitive clitoris. When Lisa fell
to her side and his semi hard penis was exposed, Sally took Brad into
her mouth.

Lisa and Tom watched as their younger siblings cleaned each other's
sex. Lisa crawled on her hands and knees over to Tom and began to
lick his penis clean. When she released his member from her mouth,
Tom pulled her crotch to his mouth and cleaned her.

Exhausted, the four teens collapsed onto the bed and panted. Lisa
and Tom hugged one another and Sally rested her head on Brad's stomach.

"I guess we should get back downstairs and join the others," Tom said.

Sally sat up and nodded her head. She took Brad's hand, pulled him
into a sitting position, and kissed him.

Tom and Lisa slowly climbed off the bed as did Sally and Brad. The
four of them headed out of the room and back down to the pool area.

When they entered the pool area, they saw Paul with Kim sitting on
his lap, his penis buried in her vagina, and Jack lying on top of
Megan, in the lounge chair, pumping in and out of her. Moving
quietly, Brad, Tom, Lisa, and Sally headed for the pool house to

As the four teens stood under the warm spray and washed each other,
the rest of the group joined them in the shower room. They all joked
and messed around, taking the spray heads from the hooks and pointing
the streams at water at one another. When they were finished, they
left the shower room and went into the common area to dry off.

"Where did you guys disappear to?" Kim asked Sally.

"We went upstairs," Sally replied.

"I see," Kim giggled. "Were you having sex with Brad? Did you let
that boy fuck you?"

Sally grinned at her cousin and shook her head no. "Lisa fucked
Brad…I fucked Tom."

Paul over heard Kim and Sally, turned to Lisa and said, "You did it
with Brad?"

Lisa grinned and nodded.

"With Sally and Tom in the same room?" Paul asked.

Again Lisa nodded her head, still smiling. "In the same bed Paul,"
she said.

Paul shook his head from side to side. He looked at his twin
brother and frowned, feeling he had missed out on something.

"What's the matter Paul?" Kim said, poking him in the ribs. "I'm
not enough for you?"

"Yes you are Kim, it's just that…" he stammered.

"Just that you wanted to do it with your sister too?" Kim said

Paul hung his head and looked at his feet. He knew that he was in
trouble for making the remarks he did, but didn't know how to work
his way out of it. He shuffled his feet and cleared his throat,
trying to think of what to say. When Paul reached for Kim's arm, she
pulled away from him.

"Leave me alone Paul," Kim said as she left the pool house and
headed for the family room.

Lisa looked at her little brother and frowned. "You're an asshole
Paul," she said. "Can't you ever keep your stupid mouth shut?"

"What'd I do?" Paul said. "You and Brad were the ones fucking."

"You made Kim feel like you wanted to be with me instead of her…now
she's pissed at you," Lisa replied as she looked right into her
brother's eyes. "How would you feel if you thought she would rather
be with someone else instead of you?"

Paul thought for a moment and said quietly, "I guess I wouldn't like
it. What should I do now?"

"You should go and tell her you're sorry Paul. She may not accept
your apology, but you have to try. If Kim is still pissed at you, I
will try to talk to her after you leave," Lisa said.

Paul left the pool house and went into the family room. Kim was
sitting on the couch, dressed in her sweats. He sat down next to
her, keeping a little distance between them.

"Kim, I'm really sorry for what I said out there," Paul told her.
"Sometimes I talk without thinking. I didn't mean that I would
rather be with Lisa…I would rather be with you than any other girl in
the world. Please forgive me Kim…I love you and don't want to hurt you."

Kim looked at him, tears streaming down her face. She looked down
at her clasped hands and then back up.

"You did hurt me Paul. I had such a good time today and when we
made love together, it just topped it off. When you were talking
with your sister, it looked like you would have rather been with her
than me. How do you think that made me feel?" Kim said, still crying.

Paul shrugged his shoulders, not knowing what to say.

"I'll tell you how it made me feel, it made me feel like I'm second
to your sister."

"You're not second to my sister, or anyone else Kim," he said and
put his hand on her shoulder.

Kim's body stiffened at his touch and she froze in place. Paul
sensed the tension and slowly began to rub her. He moved his hand
across her back and pulled her to him.

"I'll never have sex with anyone but you again Kim. I'm so sorry I
made you feel bad and caused you pain. Please Kim…please forgive me."

Kim relaxed and leaned against him. She put her head on his
shoulder and her hand over his.

"I'm not asking you not to have sex with Lisa, or any other girl,"
Kim said, thinking about her brother and the thought of not making
love with him. "Just don't make me feel like this by doing dumb
things. You know, if you had said something like "maybe Kim and I
could join you next time" everything would have been fine."

Paul hugged her and kissed her tear-covered cheek. She turned to
him and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Kim and Paul wrapped
their arms around each other and probed the other's mouth with their
tongue. When they broke their kiss, Paul stroked the back of her
head and whispered into her ear.

"You mean you'd make love to someone else in the same bed like Lisa
and Brad did with Tom and Sally?"

"No Paul, I wouldn't make love…but I would have sex. I would like
to watch you fuck Lisa and to have you watch me fuck Tom. Maybe we
could have Jack, Megan, you and me in the same bed fooling around.
It's just fooling around, kind of like this afternoon when all of us
girls were sucking you guys."

The thought of the possible combinations began to have an effect on
Paul. His penis started to fill with blood, rising up from his lap.
Kim noticed him, giggled, and put her hand over his member.

"Boys," she said. "It sure doesn't take much to turn you guys on…does it?"

"It's you baby," he replied. "You turn me on every time I get near

Kim wrapped her fingers around his growing penis, stroked it a
couple of times and then let it go.

"You'd better get dressed Paul, you and the rest of the guys have to
leave soon," she said as she stood up.

"Okay, I think my clothes are still out by the pool," Paul said,
getting up and standing next to Kim.

Paul began to head for the door, but Kim grabbed his arm and stopped
him. She turned him around and looked up into his eyes.

"You're forgiven Paul," she said as she put her arms around his waist.

Paul wrapped his arms around her, put his lips to hers, and kissed
her deeply. The two held their kiss, pushing their tongues in and
out of one another's mouths. They ran their hands over each other
and continued to kiss until Jack walked into the room and interrupted

"I really hate to break this up," Jack said. "We need to get going."

Kim pulled back, nodded to her brother, and led Paul out of the
family room. Paul picked up his clothing and began to dress while
Kim went to the lounge chairs to sit with the rest of the teens. The
boys had already put on their clothes and the girls were in their
swimsuits. Paul finished dressing, walked up behind Kim, and put his
hands on her shoulders.

The group talked for a few minutes about what time they would get
together on Sunday. Jack finally stood up and said, "Let's get out
of here."

Tom, Brad, Paul, and Jack said their goodbyes and left, the girls following them as far as the door to the garage. The couples all
kissed one more time, and the boys left.

Kim closed and locked the door behind the guys and the girls went
back to the family room. They began to discuss the day's activities
when they were interrupted by the telephone. Kim jumped off the
couch, ran to the phone, and answered it. After talking for several
minutes, she returned to the couch and sat down.

"That was Yuko," Kim said. "She and Crystal can't come over
tonight, Yuko's parents think the roads are still bad. She said they
might be able to come over tomorrow and spend Saturday night."

"That sucks," Sally said. "Her parents must be real strict."

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I want to get out of this
suit," Megan said. "I'm going to go upstairs and put on some sweats
and get comfortable."

"What are we going to do about dinner?" Lisa asked as she got up
and walked with Megan and Sally towards the stairs.

"I don't know," Kim replied. "Go change and we'll talk about it
when you guys get back."

When the three girls returned, the group tried to decide what they
wanted to eat. After ruling out pizza and several other options,
Lisa spoke up.

"I'll make dinner for all of us, let's go out to the kitchen and see
what we have," Lisa said.

The girls headed into the kitchen and Lisa opened the freezer door.
She began to sort through the packages, calling out several different
choices. The girls decided on chicken and Lisa pulled out a package
of boneless breasts.

"Do you know how to cook?" Sally asked as Lisa carried the chicken
to the sink to thaw.

"You bet I do," Lisa replied. "I've been helping my mom for years."

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Megan offered. "I don't
really know much about cooking, but I'd love to learn."

"Sure Megan," Lisa replied. "Come over and I'll show you what to do."

Megan went to the sink and began to follow the instructions Lisa
gave her. Kim and Sally sat at the counter and watched the two older girls, listening to what Lisa was saying.

"How long will it take to make dinner?" Sally asked.

"Not too long," Lisa said. "It should be ready in less than an hour."

"That's cool," Kim said. "I starved. What can Sally and I do to

"Megan and I have everything under control for the moment, I'll let
you know," Lisa said.

Lisa ran cold water over the frozen chicken breasts as Kim and Sally
continued to watch. Megan took the pans they would need out of the
cupboards, asking Kim where to find them. While Lisa and Megan
worked on dinner, the four girls began to talk about the boys.


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