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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 62



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited without
the express written permission of the author. ©2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are offended
by material of this nature, are under the legal age in your location
to read this material, or it is illegal for you to possess this
material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at

The Lottery - Part 62 (MF, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
Marge woke up before the alarm sounded, climbed out of bed, and went
into the bathroom. She was washing her hands when Don walked in and
stood in front of the toilet. Marge reached for her husband's penis
and held it as he urinated into the bowl, shaking it gently when he

"Is everyone still sleeping?" Marge asked, still holding his penis.

"Yes, I think so," Don replied grinning. "Why do you ask?"

"I thought I'd have a little breakfast."

"You did huh…what did you have in mind."

Marge bent at the waist and took Don's penis between her lips. She
drew him into her mouth, sucking firmly on his expanding member.
Groaning, Don put his hand on his wife's back and slid it down to her
bottom as she pulled his entire penis into her mouth. Backing off as
it grew, she rolled her tongue around his shaft just below the head.
Just as she began to develop a rhythm with her bobbing head, Marge
felt someone smack her butt.

"Save it for later," she heard Anne say. "There are other people
that need to take a pee around here."

Marge removed Don from her mouth, looked back at her sister in law,
and said, "I was just having a little cock Anne, leave me alone."

Anne moved past Marge, wrapped her hand around her brother's penis,
and said, "This doesn't look like a little cock to me!"

The two women began to laugh and Marge straightened up, standing
next to Don. She watched Anne's hand slip back and forth over Don's
hard-on for a moment and then knocked it away.

"I thought you said you had to take a pee," Marge giggled, wrapping
her hand around Don's penis and stroking it.

"I do," Anne replied as she lowered the seat and backed up to the
toilet. "Get out of here and let me go."

Don and Marge left the small bathroom and walked into the bedroom.
Dianne was sitting on the bed, pushing her mussed hair away from her
face. She glanced at Don's crotch and smiled.

"Looks like that thing is up early," Dianne chuckled. "What have
you two been up to?"

"I was just giving my husband a blowjob," Marge said. "That is
until Anne came in and broke it up. Now Don's hard…and I'm hungry."

The laughter that filled the room woke Marc and Bob. Bob looked at
his wife as she sat on the edge of the other bed and propped his head
up on his hand. Marc rolled onto his back, sat up, and rubbed his

"What the hell is all the noise for?" Marc said. "Can't a guy get
any sleep around here?"

"It's time to get up and get going," Marge said. "We have a plane
to catch. I want to get some coffee and toast before we have to

Marc climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom as he grumbled
about it being so early. The three couples began to get ready,
cleaning up and dressing.

"What are you going to wear for the flight Marge?" Anne asked.

Marge took a gray pleated skirt and a black sweater from her
suitcase and held it up. She then took a pair of thigh-hi stockings out of the bag and sat on the bed to pull them on.

"Don and I plan on becoming members of the mile-high club on the
plane," Marge said as she finished pulling her stocking on and stood
to step into her skirt. "I want to make it as easy as I can for him."

Anne chucked as she watched Marge fasten her bra.

"I guess I'll wear a dress, I want to be a member too," Anne said.
"How about you Dianne?"

"I'm already a member," Dianne replied. "I plan on renewing my
membership though."

The three guys laughed as they listened to their wives talking about
their plans for the flight. The men finished dressing and waited
until the women were ready before closing the suitcases and putting
them by the door.

"Are you horny old broads ready to go?" Marc asked.

Anne moved next to Marc, grabbed his crotch, and said, "We're not

Don opened the door, picked up his and Marge's suitcases and said,
"Not old, but horny."

"Is that a problem?" Dianne asked.

"No, not at all. I like horny broads," Don replied with a chuckle.

The group left the room and went to the hotel restaurant to have
breakfast. They all asked for coffee and waited for the server to
take their orders. As they waited for their breakfast, they talked
about the next few days and the things they would do.

After finishing breakfast, the group left and headed for the counter
to check their bags. After their bags were checked, they went to the
gate to wait for their plane to load. They sat in the chairs looking
out the window at the snow-covered ground, waiting for the attendant
to open the jet-way door.

"Do you think it's too early to call and check on the kids?" Anne

"I called Lisa and the boys," Dianne replied. "I woke them up."

"I really don't care how early it is," Don said. "I'll give them a

Don took his cell phone out of his coat pocket and dialed the number
for home. He chatted with Kim for several moments and hung up.

"They're all still sleeping," Don said as he folded the phone and
dropped it back into his pocket.

"I wonder who they're sleeping with." Marge chuckled. "You can bet
they aren't alone."

"No," Anne said. "I'm sure they're not. Those kids are like
rabbits…they seem to fuck every chance they get."

"Yeah," Don said. "They remind me of us when we were young."

An attendant announced the boarding of the flight and the three
couples stood up. They went to the door and handed the attendant
their boarding passes as they passed her. On the plane, another
attendant pointed out their seats in the first-class section. They
placed their carryon bags in the overhead compartments and took their

Don and Marge sat in a pair of the oversized seats, with Bob and
Dianne across the isle. Marc and Anne sat behind them and fastened
their lap belts.

"Where is the bathroom?" Marge whispered into Don's ear.

Don chuckled and pointed towards a pair of doors near the entrance
to the cockpit and said, "You have to wait until we're in the air

"I know…I just want to be ready."

Once all of the passengers were loaded, the plane backed away from
the gate. The flight attendants moved about the cabin seeing to the
comfort of the passengers. They handed out small pillows and
blankets to the people in first class, and pulled closed the curtain
that separated the coach seats.

The plane took off and was soon at its altitude. The attendants
offered coffee, juice and sweat rolls to the three couples, the only
passengers in the first class section.

Marge unfolded the blanket and spread it out over her and her
husband's laps. She glanced around and then placed her hand on his
crotch. Don parted his legs slightly as Marge fondled him through
his slacks, feeling his penis begin to grow.

"In a hurry?" Don asked.

"Kind of," Marge whispered. "I'm already wet from thinking about
it. I want you to fuck me and make me a member of the mile-high club."

"Go into the bathroom and wait for me, I'll be there in a minute."

Marge removed her hand and stood up. She glanced at Anne and
Dianne, smiled, and went forward into the bathroom. After several
moments, Don got up and went to the door. When he opened the door
and stepped in, he saw Marge sitting on the closed toilet. The
moment the door was closed behind him, she reached for the waistband
of his slacks.

"Get your cock out," she said in a hurried voice. "I can't wait to
feel it in my pussy."

Don fumbled with his belt as his wife lowered his zipper and snaked
her hand into his fly. She found his expanding penis and began to
fondle it while Don pushed his slacks over his hips and down to his
knees. When he hooked his thumbs in the elastic waistband of his
boxers and tried to lower them, Marge stopped him.

"Come here," she said as she pulled his member out of the opening in
his boxers. "You can just leave them on."

Marge opened her mouth, pushed her head forward, and took most of
her husband's penis into her throat before clamping her lips around
his shaft. She pulled back until the velvety head was against her
lips and then drove her face forward, driving him into her throat

Don put his hands on the sides of her head, entangled her hair in
his fingers, and began to pump his throbbing penis in and out of her
sucking mouth. Marge gripped his bottom with one hand, squeezed his
cheek, and pulled him roughly into her face while she rubbed herself
with the other. After several minutes, Marge moved her hand to the
front of his hips and pushed him away, releasing his penis from her

Marge stood up, turned around and put her hands against the wall.

"Now Don," she panted. "Fuck me now!"

Don flipped her skirt over her back and pulled her panties aside.
He gripped his shaft with one hand and her hip with the other as he
rubbed his penis along her wet heated slit. Marge wiggled against
him and groaned as he entered her vagina and pushed his full length
into her.

"You're so hot and wet Marge," he grunted as he began to thrust in
and out of her. "I love the feeling of your pussy around my cock."

Marge reached between her legs and grabbed his testicles. She
massaged the orbs as he continued to pump into her heated hole.

"Don't hold back baby," Marge groaned. "Cum in me! I want to feel
you shoot in my cunt!"

Marge moved her hand from his testicles to her clitoris and rubbed
it. She could feel her orgasm begin to build and she increased the
speed of her fingertips on her engorged nub. Don was also close and
started to pound his hips against her bottom.

Don and Marge, both close to their climaxes, moaned and rocked into
each other. Suddenly the plane jerked from turbulence and Don fell
forward into his wife. As he tried to regain his footing, he began
to cum, sending his seed into his wife's convulsing vagina.

Even with the irradiate movement of the plane, Marge could feel him
swell and pulse in her. She tightened her vaginal muscles around his
and moaned as he sent several strong spurts of cum into her.

"Oh yes Don, fill me with your cum. Fuck me and fill my pussy!"

Don was soon spent and stopped moving. He held himself against her
as his penis began to shrink in her still contracting vagina. When
he felt the contractions subside, he slowly pulled his penis out of

Marge quickly turned around, opened the seat of the toilet, and sat
down, holding her panties to one side. She could feel Don's cum drip
from her stretched opening into the bowl below her. Marge looked up
into Don's eyes and then down at his penis. She could see the shinny
coating of their mixed fluids that coated his semi rigid member.

"Let me clean that up for you," she grinned as she pulled him closer.

Marge took Don's penis into her mouth and used her tongue to collect
the coating from his shaft. She released him, swallowed, and
inspected him, licking the last remains from the ridge under the head
as she moved him around with her hand. She tucked his penis back
into his boxers and looked up.

"I guess we're members of the mile-high club now baby," she chuckled.

"Yup, we're definitely members now, but I think we should renew our
membership every chance we get."

"Me too," she replied as she wiped herself and then stood up. "Next
time we should fly at night so we can do it in our seats though. I
think that would be such a turn-on, I'll bet you wouldn't last three

Don chuckled, told Marge to wait for a few minutes, and then left
the bathroom. He walked back to his seat, holding both thumbs up for
the other two couples to see. Anne and Marc both grinned at Don, got
up and walked towards the restrooms. Marge passed them on her way
back to her seat and giggled as she bumped into her sister-in-law.

"I wonder where they're going," Marge said as she sat next to Don.

"To join the club," Don replied. "Just like us."

Dianne got up and crossed the isle. She leaned over and whispered
to Marge and Don.

"Did you two have fun in there?"

"Yes Dianne, we had a ball," Marge giggled. "I want to do it again."

"I don't think we'll have time on this flight, we'll have to wait
until we go home," Don said.

"Well, I don't plan on waiting," Dianne said. "I'm going to grab
Bob, drag him into the bathroom, and fuck his brains out."

Marge laughed and said, "I think my brother and Anne are in there."

"That's okay," Dianne said as she turned back to her seat. "There's
another one right next to them."

Don and Marge watched Dianne grab Bob by the arm and pull him out of
his seat. She whispered into his ear and they headed for the

"They're not very discreet are they," Marge said to Don.

"No, not at all."

After about fifteen minutes, Anne and Marc came around the corner
and walked towards their seats. They had to stand aside to let one
of the flight attendants pass and Anne blushed when she smiled at the

"I think she knows what we were doing in there," Anne said to Marge
as she leaned over at her seat.

"So…do you think we are the first people that fucked on a plane?"
Don said.

The two girls began to laugh and Anne returned to her seat. The
flight attendant announced the plane would be landing in a few
minutes and for everyone to return to their seats. Bob and Dianne
scurried down the isle and sat in their seats. When Marge looked
back at her, Dianne licked her lips and smiled.

The plane touched down and taxied to the gate. When the three
couples got off, Liz was waiting for them.

"Hi," Liz said. "How was the flight? After watching the weather
reports last night, I wasn't sure you would even make it."

"The flight was great," Marge said. "We stayed at the airport hotel
last night so we wouldn't have to deal with the weather."

"That was a good idea," Liz replied. "Let's go get your luggage and
go the hotel. Jerry will be in meetings all day, but we can still go
sight seeing."

The group followed Liz down an escalator to the baggage turnstile.
Don, Marc, and Bob pulled their suitcases off the moving track as
they came by and placed them near the girls. When Don took the last
bag from the turnstile, the three men gathered the rest of the
luggage and followed Liz out of the terminal.

"We're over here," Liz said, pointing at a black limo. "The car
belongs to Jerry's firm."

When the driver saw Liz walking towards the car, he got out of the
front seat and opened the trunk. The driver helped put the bags in
the trunk, closed the lid, and opened the back door for the group.
Once everyone was in the car, he closed the door and returned to he
driver's seat.

"This is nice," Dianne commented as she looked around the inside of
the large car. "I've never been in a limo before."

"Jerry's firm keeps the limo here in New York to transport clients
and the partners when they are here on business. It is better than
taking cabs, or trying to park," Liz told the group. "When we are
here, and no one else needs it, we can use it for what ever we want."

The three couples tried to look out the windows at the Manhattan
skyline as the limo driver made his way out of the airport and onto
the freeway. All six of them commented on the sights as they rode
along. After about an hour, the limo pulled up in front of a hotel
and parked under the canopy.

When the driver opened the door, the group climbed out of the car
and waited for the bellhop to load their luggage onto a cart. Liz
told him the room numbers and they headed inside. The three couples
were awestruck as they walked through the lobby of the luxurious
hotel. They marveled at the marble walls and highly polished floors.
Looking up, they could see the skylight in the ceiling of the fifty-
five-floor atrium.

"This place is unbelievable," Anne said. "I've never seen anything
like this."

"Jerry reserved two suites for the weekend," Liz said as she stepped
onto the elevator. "Each one has two bedrooms. I think you'll be

"I'm sure we'll be fine Liz," Don said.

The doors on the glass elevator closed and the car began to rise.
They were able to see down into the lobby as the elevator carried
them to the fifty-second floor. When the door opened, they followed
the bellhop to their rooms and waited as he opened the door.

"Oh my!" Anne said stepping into the large room. "This is

Liz chuckled and walked across the room to the windows. She drew
the drapes back and told the others to come and see the view. The
group looked out the window at the street below.

"That's Time Square," Liz said as she pointed out the window. "Over
there is forty second street."

The bellhop finished unloading the bags and stood near his cart.
Don went over to him, reached into his pocket, and handed him a
twenty-dollar bill. When the man left and closed the door, Don
returned to the window.

"Who is staying in which room?" Don asked.

"I thought that you and Marge could share one suite with Marc and
Anne, and Bob and Dianne could stay with Jerry and I in the other,"
Liz said. "If that's okay with you guys."

"That's fine with me," Marc said. "Is there a connecting door?"

"Yes," Liz said laughing. "There is a door between the suites. We
need to get going, Jerry's going to meet us for lunch."

"Do we have time to freshen up Liz?" Dianne asked.

"Sure, come with me and I'll show you your room," Liz replied.

Liz left with Bob and Dianne. Marc and Don grabbed their bags and
selected a bedroom.

Anne followed Marc into the bedroom and looked around. On one wall
was a king sized bed with nightstands on each side. A television was
mounted to the wall above a chest of drawers and a door led to a
large bathroom, complete with a whirlpool tub big enough for two.

Anne took her make-up case from her bag and went into the bathroom
to clean up for lunch. Marc put his suitcase on a stand, opened it
and took out a clean pair of slacks and a sweater. He removed the
clothing he wore on the plane and walked into the bathroom.

"Are you going to change?" Anne asked him as she looked at his
reflection in the mirror.

"Yes, I'm going to wear a pair of slacks and my navy blue sweater."

"Do I look okay for lunch?"

"Yes dear, you look fine," Marc said as he moved behind her, put his
arms around her waist, and kissed the back of her neck.

Anne leaned back against Marc and put her hands over his. She
rubbed the back of his hands, moving them up to her breasts. Marc
gently massaged his wife's breasts through her top and bra as she
groaned softly. She reached behind her, found his penis, and pulled
it out the opening in his shorts.

"We'll never get to lunch if you keep that up Anne," Marc mumbled
into her ear.

"Maybe I'll just have you for lunch," She said as she turned around
and bent over.

Anne kissed her husband's flaccid penis and then took it into her
mouth. She sucked the soft flesh and pushed against it with her
tongue. Marc pulled her skirt up to her waist and massaged her bottom.

"Come on you two," Marge said, standing in the doorway, watching her
brother and sister-in-law. "We're ready to leave."

Anne let Marc's hardening member slip out of her lips, stood up and

"Okay, okay, we'll be ready in a minute," Anne said.

Marc removed his hand from her butt and let her skirt fall. He went
into the bedroom, pulled on his slacks and sweater, and told his
sister he was ready. Anne came out of the bathroom, slipped on her
coat, and waited for Marc to put on his jacket.

"We're ready Marge," Anne said.

The three of them joined Don in the living room of the suite and
waited for Liz, Dianne, and Bob to come into the room. When everyone
was set, they left the room and headed for the elevators.

"We are meeting Jerry down by his office," Liz said as they rode the
elevator down to the lobby. "After lunch, we can go to the Empire
State Building and look around."

Outside the hotel, the driver was waiting by the limo. He opened
the door and waited for everyone to get seated before he closed it.

As the driver worked his way through the traffic, the group looked
out the windows at the buildings and crowd of people that lined the
street. Liz pointed out several of the famous buildings along the
way and tried to give a brief history of each one.

"We're here," the driver said as he pulled up in front of a

Everyone went into the restaurant and waited to be seated. Liz told
the hostess her name and she led them to a table. After they were
seated, the server took their drink orders and left. While they were
waiting for their coffee, Jerry came in and joined them.

"Hi folks," Jerry said as he sat down next to his wife. "How do you
like the rooms?"

"Hello Jerry," Don replied. "The rooms are great. How are your
meetings going?"

"Things are going well. My client was trying to start a business,
but the investors backed out and he is being forced into bankruptcy,"
Jerry said.

"That's too bad," Bob said. "He must be devastated. What kind of
business was he trying to start?"

"A charter business," Jerry replied. "He was having a custom yacht
built to provide luxury charters in the Caribbean. They are almost
done with the yacht, but we will have to liquidate it along with the
rest of his assets."

"What kind of yacht Jerry," Marge asked. "We were on one this
summer at the marina."

"I don't really know too much about it Marge. The boat is at the
shipyard in Florida right now. They've stopped working on it until
we can figure out what to do with it," Jerry said. "I guess we'll
have to try to sell the thing."

"Don, you should buy it for Jack," Anne chuckled. "He wants a
bigger boat."

Everyone at the table laughed at Anne's statement, everyone except
Jerry, he drifted off into deep thought. The server came to the
table with the beverages and distributed them. She took their lunch
orders and left to get the salads and soup that was ordered.

The group changed the subject to the play they were going to see
that night. Liz told them they would go to the theater and then out
to eat afterwards. After lunch, Jerry paid the bill and left. The
rest of them went out to the limo and headed for the Empire State

They spent the rest of the afternoon sightseeing and shopping around
Manhattan. The four women bought new outfits for the evening, the
men bought slacks and shirts. At four-thirty, they headed back to
the hotel to get ready for the play.

The group milled around in Liz's room, waiting for Jerry to arrive.
He came in, put his brief case on the table, and sat down next to his

"Well," Jerry said. "We are all done for this trip. We still have
a lot of work to do, but most of it can be done back in Michigan."

Liz put her hand on Jerry's thigh and said, "So you're free for the
rest of the weekend. That's great, we will have a ball. We don't
ever have time for fun when we come here."

Jerry smiled and glanced at his watch. "We best get a move on if we
want to get to the theater on time."

"Okay," Marge said. "We can take a hint. You guys go get dressed
and then we will change in our room."

"Why don't you girls get dressed at the same time we do?" Bob asked.

"Because we don't want to Bob," Dianne said. "Now go and change."

The men showered and put on their suits. The all met back in Jerry
and Liz's living room and Jerry mixed each of them a drink. The
women went into Marge and Anne's suite and proceeded to get ready.

"What the hell are those girls up to?" Marc said.

"Who knows," Don replied. "They must have something up their sleeve

The four men sat and talked while they waited for their wives to
finish dressing. After an hour, the four women walked into the room,
dress to the nines. They each had on an evening dress.

Marge wore a dark blue dress with a plunging neckline. The thin
fabric accented her breasts and the v-neck revealed ample cleavage.
Anne and Dianne both wore black dresses. Anne's was cut low, showing
the tops of her breasts and Dianne's a little more modest. Liz had
on a burgundy dress that was cut low in back and had a plunging
neckline much like Marge's.

When the women stepped into the middle of the room, the men all
stood up and began to complement them.

"You all look lovely tonight," Jerry said, moving next to Liz.

The girls all thanked the guys and asked for a cocktail. Jerry and
Bob went over to the bar, mixed the drinks, and handed them to the
women. Everyone sat down and enjoyed their drinks while they talked
about the flight.

"Jerry," Liz said. "These guys all screwed on the plane."

"Members of the mile-high club now are you," Jerry said.

Marge, Anne, Don, and Marc all chucked and nodded their heads.

"We didn't screw on the plane," Dianne said laughing. "I gave Bob a

"How come we have never done anything like that on an airplane
Jerry?" Liz asked her husband.

"I don't know, I guess I thought you'd never agree to trying
something like that," Jerry said.

"Well, that was before, I want you to fuck me on the plane," Liz
said with a grin. "I want to join this mile-high club on the way

"Okay dear," Jerry said sarcastically. "If you insist."

The group broke out in laughter. They started to make jokes about
making love on an airplane and the different ways they could do it.

Liz stood up, faced the rest of the group, and held her glass up.

"I would like to propose a toast to all of you. I want to thank you
all for helping me find this fire inside of me and introducing me to
the joy of sex. Several months ago I would never have used language
like this, and now I'm asking my husband to fuck me in front of other
people…in front of friends."

Jerry stood up and moved next to his wife. They touched their
glassed together and smiled at their new friends. The rest of the
group also raised their glasses, said "Here, here" and drank their

They all finished their cocktails and put their coats on to leave.
Liz and Jerry were the last couple to walk out of the room, and Jerry
locked the door behind them. The four couples walked hand in hand to
the elevators Jerry, and his wife behind the rest.

"Jerry," Liz whispered into his ear. "Is there a club for the

Jerry chuckled, squeezed her hand, and said, "I don't know…maybe."

They all got onto the elevator and rode down to the lobby. Jerry
had called the limo driver and he was waiting for them when they
walked outside. The ride to the theater was brief, taking only about
ten minutes.

The four couples watched the play seated together in the best seats
in the theater. In the darkness, Jerry put his hand on his wife's
thigh and tried to move it to her crotch, but his efforts were stopped.

"Not now," Liz whispered into his ear.

Jerry quit trying to slip his hand under his wife's dress and let it
rest on her stocking covered knee.

During the intermission, the group gathered near the concession
counter, ordered wine, and talked about the play.

"This is just wonderful" Anne said, sipping the ruby liquid from her
glass and feeling the wine warm her body. "I've never been to a live
play before, at least not a professional one. We all went to a
couple of plays in high school, but they were nothing like this."

"I know," Marge said. "I can't believe the costumes and the music,
it's so extravagant."

After several minutes, the lights dimmed and then returned to their
full brilliance.

"The play is going to continue," Jerry said. "We should go back to
our seats."

The couples finished their wine and made their way back to their
seats. The house lights went down to a dim glow, the music began,
and the play resumed. After the final act and several standing
ovations, the group left for dinner. Jerry told the driver to take
them to Carnegie Deli and rolled the window, that divided the front
of the limo from the back, up. They all chatted about the play as
they rode through the almost deserted streets of New York, making
comments about their favorite parts.

When they arrived at the deli, they joined the throngs of other
theatergoers and waited for a table. The walls of the deli were
covered with pictures of actors and famous people, most of them
signed. The waiter led them to a long table and seated them with
several other people.

"You have to try the corned beef sandwiches," Jerry told the group.
"They're the best in the country."

All eight of them ordered the sandwiches that Jerry recommended.
When the waiter brought their meals everyone made remarks about the
size of the sandwiches. They ate their food and drank sodas from
unmatched plastic glasses. When they were finished, the waiter
cleared the dishes and dropped the bill on the table.

Don and Jerry both reached for the bill, Don won and looked it over.
The group got up and waited for Don as he went to the front counter
to pay for the food. They climbed back into the limo and rode back
to the hotel.

"I'll give you a call tomorrow if we need the car," Jerry told the
driver as he exited the limo.

The driver nodded, wished everyone goodnight and drove off. The
four couples went into the hotel and up to their suites.

"Would anyone care for a brandy or something?" Jerry asked as he
walked to the small bar in the corner of the room.

In chorus, everyone said, "Yes."

Jerry took eight crystal snifters from a cupboard under the bar's
counter, poured an equal amount of brandy into each one, and began to
pass them out. The four couples retired to the two couches and sat
next to their spouses.

"To a wonderful evening with great friends," Marc offered, raising
his glass.

"To a wonderful night with great lovers," Liz added.

"I'll drink to that," Anne said, and emptied her glass.

Everyone chuckled and Jerry went to the bar for the bottle of
brandy. He walked around the room, refilling the snifters with the
amber liquid, empting the remainder of bottle into his glass. After
returning the empty bottle to the bar, Jerry sat back down next to
his wife.

As the group sat and talked, the men loosened their ties and
unbuttoned the top of their shirts. Don removed his suit coat,
folded it, and placed it on the back of the couch.

"Jerry, I don't know how you can wear a suit everyday," Bob said.
"I feel all confined when I have to wear one."

"You get use to it," Jerry said. "After a while, it doesn't bother
you at all."

"Well," Dianne said. "If you guys are going to get comfortable, so
am I. These shoes are killing my feet."

"That's a good idea," Liz said. "I'm going to change too."

The four women stood up and left for their bedrooms to change. On
the way, Liz whispered to the other three and they all giggled.
Marge and Anne went through the door that connected the two rooms and
Liz and Dianne went into theirs.

When the girls returned to the living room, the men all let out low
wolf whistles. The women had removed their dresses, and were wearing
their lingerie. All four of them had on low cut bras, bikini
panties, matching garter belts, and stockings.

Dianne and Anne both wore black underwear, Marge wore navy blue, and
Liz had on red. They walked slowly back to the couches, giving their
husbands an opportunity to study them, and sat down.

"This is much better," Marge said, cuddling up to Don. "I'd like a
little more brandy if I could, it's a bit chilly now."

Jerry went to the bar for another bottle of brandy and Don put his
arm around his wife. He rubbed her upper arm briskly and pulled her
close. Marge curled her legs up on the couch and rested her feet
against Marc's leg. When he glanced at her, Marge opened her legs and
gave her brother a clear view of the shear gusset of her dark blue

Marc shifted in his seat as his eyes traveled from his sister's
crotch, over the creamy flesh of her thighs, down her leg and back.
Marge noticed his gaze, smiled at him, and rubbed his leg with her

"Well," Marc announced as he rose abruptly. "If the girls are going
to be comfortable, so am I."

Jerry refilled Marge's glass, as well as the others, and returned
the bottle to the bar.

"Sounds good to me," Jerry said, surveying the women. "I'm going to
get out of this suit."

The men left the room and the women talked quietly amongst
themselves. When the guys returned, wearing their underwear, the
girls stopped talking. Jerry and Bob sat back down on one couch with
their wives, and Don and Marc joined Marge and Anne on the other.

As soon as Marc was back in his original spot, Marge returned her
foot to his leg and resumed her light cresses. She rubbed her
stocking covered foot slowly against her brother's leg, flexing her
toes so he would know what she was doing. Don noticed his wife's
actions and gently squeezed her arm.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm wiped out," Marge said.
"It's been a long day and I need to get to bed."

"You're right about that," Dianne said. "I'm bushed too."

Dianne stood up and everyone else followed. They all wished one
another goodnight and placed their glasses on the bar. Marge, Don,
Anne, and Marc went into their suite, leaving the other two couples
in theirs. When Don walked through the connecting door, he flipped
it, causing it to close most of the way.

Once in their suite, Marge walked up to her brother and kissed him
on the cheek. She turned to Don and Anne, smiled, and took Marc's

"We'll see you two in the morning," Marge said to her husband and

She moved over to Don, kissed him deeply, and said, "Goodnight honey."

Marc kissed Anne on the lips and followed his sister into a bedroom.

"I guess it's you and me big brother," Anne said to Don. "It has
been a long time since we were able to sleep together alone."

Don put his arm around his sister's waist, pulled her to him, and
lowered his hand to her bottom.

"Yes it has Anne, much too long."

The siblings turned off the lights and went into the other bedroom,
partly closing the door behind them. Anne turned on a small lamp on
a table in the corner of the room and Don turned off the overhead
light. They moved into each other's arms and hugged one another.
Anne placed her head on her brother's shoulder and moaned softly as
he stroked her hair.

"This feels a bit awkward," Anne whispered. "It's almost like the
first time we slept together."

"As I remember it," Don said. "We didn't get much sleep."

"No we didn't, did we," Anne chuckled.

"Any regrets?"

Anne lifted her head from her brother's shoulder, looked into his
eyes, and said, "None Don, no regrets at all."

Don released Anne, sat on the edge of the bed, and patted the
mattress next to him. Anne sat next to him and leaned into his body
when he put his arm around her. She put her hand on his thigh,
squeezed him gently, and began to rub him.

Twisting towards her, Don took Anne's chin into his hand, tilted her
face up, and covered her lips with his. They kissed softly,
breathing through their noses. Anne parted her lips, extended her
tongue, and traced Don's lips with the tip. When he opened his mouth
slightly, she pushed in her tongue. The siblings continued to kiss
one another, moving away from their mouths to plant kisses on the
other's face and then resumed probing with their tongues.

Don moved his hand to her breast and massaged it through the silky
material of her bra. Anne reached behind her back, unfastened it,
and helped Don remove it. When he rolled her hardening nipple
between his thumb and forefinger, she moaned into his mouth.

Anne put her hand between his legs and stroked his inner thigh until
he moved his knees apart. She moved up to his crotch, slipped her
hand into the leg opening of his boxers, and rubbed his testicles.
She rolled his orbs in the palm of her hand for several minutes and
then moved to his penis.

"Wouldn't this be much easier if we removed the rest of our
clothes?" Don whispered as he kissed her neck.

Anne nodded, stood up, and unfastened her stockings from the satin
suspenders that extended from her garter belt. She unhooked the lacy
garment, tossed it aside, and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of
her panties. Don, already nude, grabbed her wrists, and moved her
hands away.

Dropping to his knees, Don pulled Anne's panties down. When she
stepped out of them, he rolled first one, then the other stocking down her leg. Leaning forward, he kissed her navel and traced his
tongue down to the trimmed tuft of pubic hair on her mons. Anne
entangled her fingers in Don's hair, pulled him to her crotch, and
parted her legs. When he poked his tongue at her clitoris, she moaned.

Don eased her back and she sat on the edge of the bed. He put his
hands in the crook of her knees, lifted her legs over his shoulders,
and moved his hands to her hips. Anne fell onto her back when her
brother slid his hands up along her sides and teased her nipples with
his thumbs. He covered her vulva with his open mouth and licked the
folds of her swollen labia.

"You're going to make me cum if you keeping eating my pussy Don,"
she groaned.

Don pulled his face away from her heated crotch and said, "You want
me to stop?"

Anne put her heals against the back of his head, pulled him back
into her sex and moaned, "No, I love the feeling of your tongue in my

Don probed her opening and tapped at her hardened clit with his
tongue. He covered her breasts with his hands and massaged them
firmly as his sister twisted beneath him. When Anne began to buck
her hips off the bed and rub her crotch against his mouth, Don
started kissing his way up over her mons to her stomach.

Silently, Anne got up, turned down the covers on the bed, and
climbed in. She reached her hand out to her brother and pulled him
into bed beside her. The siblings began to kiss each other as they
lay on their sides facing one another. Don kissed his way down her
neck to her breasts and sucked a nipple between his lips. He moved
from breast to breast, nibbling on her extended nipples and massaging
her firm flesh. Anne grabbed his head, pulled it tightly to her, and
rolled onto her back, bringing Don with her.

Don slid up her body and positioned his penis between her wide
spread legs. He wiggled his hips slightly until he felt the head of
his member part her labia and begin to sink into her slick tunnel.
Slowly, he pressed his hips towards hers as his penis became
enveloped in her hot vagina. Once fully embedded in his sister, Don
relaxed his muscles and savored the feeling. He put his hands on
either side of her shoulders, rose up, and looked into her eyes.

"I really miss making love with you Anne, we get to fuck once in a
while, but it seems we never have a chance to really make love."

Anne hooked her feet into the crook of his knees and pushed her
knees to the bed. She smiled up at her brother, flexed her vaginal
muscles, and closed her eyes.

"I really miss it too Don. I miss feeling your big thick cock in my
pussy and having your body against mine. I love Marc with all my
heart and sole, but I have feelings for you that can never be equaled."

Don withdrew his penis until only the bulbous head was still in her
vagina. He paused and then sank slowly back into her depths, driving
the air out of her lungs. When his penis was all the way into her,
he shifted from side to side, rubbing his pubic bone against hers.
Anne put her arms around Don's neck, pulled him down, and held his
chest to hers.

Don moved his hands under her and gripped her shoulders. He began
to move in and out of her in long slow strokes. Anne lifted her hips
up to meet his inward thrusts, moaning each time he filled her with
his manhood. The two continued the calculated movement for half an
hour. Their lovemaking was not rushed or heated; rather it was slow
and loving.

After a few more minutes, they rolled on the bed. Don was now on
his back with Anne above him. She placed her hands on his chest and
rose up, staring into his eyes. She began to raise and lower herself
on his rigid shaft, increasing the speed of their lovemaking. Anne
moaned and whimpered as she rode Don's penis up and down. She moved
her hips in a circular motion as she pushed down on him.

Reaching up with both hands, Don massaged her breasts and toyed with
her nipples. Anne felt like the nerves in her hard nipples were
connected directly to her clitoris and let out a throaty groan as Don
pinched them.

Feeling her climax begin deep in her belly, Anne began to bounce on
her brother's penis. She leaned forward, crushed her breasts into
his chest, and rocked her hips up and down at a feverish pace. Don
could feel his testicles begin to tighten and he started to push up
into her.

The room filled with the sound of their sweat-covered bodies
slapping together and the animal like groans that escaped their
throats. Don felt her vagina begin to contract and spasm around his
penis and her muscles ripple against his body. Anne lifted her head,
arched her back and let out a muffled scream as her orgasm coursed
through her body. Her movements became erratic and her entire body
began to vibrate.

When his sister's lust reached its summit, Don's buttocks clinched,
his back arched and he began to empty his semen into her vagina. He
pushed up into her as she pushed down on him, and felt his penis
swell and throb in her vagina. When Don's body went limp Anne
collapsed on top of him.

The two lay in each other's arms and gasped for breath, Don's chest
swelled and retreated against her breasts. After several minutes,
Anne lifted her head to kiss her brother's lips. They were still
panting as they moved their tongues in and out of each other's
mouths. Don's penis, embedded in her vagina, began to soften as they
lay coupled in the damp bed.

"Thank you Don," Anne cooed. "That was wonderful."

"Yes it was sis, I love the feeling of being inside you. Do you
want to go and clean up?"

Anne straightened her legs and let them lay along side Don's. She
shifted her pelvis slightly and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'd rather just stay here in your arm if you don't mind Don. We
can shower in the morning."

Don stroked the back of her head and said, "That's fine with me. I
wonder what my wife and your brother are up to."

"Well, if I know those two, they are fucking each other's brains out."

Don chuckled and closed his eyes. He relished the warmth of his
sister's body as it covered his. Soon their breathing slowed and
they fell asleep in each other's arm.
Marc and Marge walked into their room, closed the door, and sprang
into each other's arms. Their lips met and they both opened their
mouths to receive the other's tongue. As their passion rose, they
moved their hands over one another's bodies.

Marge worked her hand between her and her brother's bodies and
rubbed his crotch, feeling his firm penis expanding against her palm.
Backing away, she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them
down as she sank to her knees. She pulled the garment off his feet
as he lifted them one at a time and moved her hands up his thighs to
his dangling scrotum.

"I want you so bad," Marge said as she fondled Marc's testicles with
both hands.

Marc put his hands on his sister's head and guided her to his erect
penis. She extended her tongue and licked from the base to the head,
lingering at the ridge. She used the very tip of her tongue to tease
the sensitive point where the shaft met the velvety helmet, chuckling
as his penis jumped.

Wrapping her fingers around the now rigid shaft, Marge opened her
mouth, pulled down on his penis, and engulfed him. When her lips
touched her hand, she clamped them tightly around his thick member
and moaned. She stroked the underside with her tongue, removed her
hand, and took him into her throat. Marge slowly backed off of his
penis, taking it back in her hand before it came out of her sucking mouth.

"I love to have my mouth and throat stuffed with your cock Marc, I
love it almost as much as when you fuck me."

"You do huh, well why don't I fuck your mouth for you? Get on the
bed and hang your head over the side like you use to do when we were

Marge got up and removed her bra and panties, leaving her stockings and garter in place. She pulled back the bedspread and sheets,
climbed onto the bed, and stretched out with her head hanging over
the edge.

"Like this?" She said as she rubbed her breasts with both hands.
"Do you want to fuck my mouth and throat now?"

Marc took his penis into his hand and began to rub it over her face.
Each time he would get close to her mouth, Marge would stick her
tongue out and lick it. He pointed his penis at her open mouth and
pushed it past her lips. He leaned forward to adjust the angle and
reached for her breasts as he slid his member into her mouth and

Gripping her breasts with both hands, Marc began to slowly move his
penis in and out of Marge's throat. When about half of his member
was exposed, she sucked on him, coaxing him back in. Marc massaged
her breasts as he made love to her mouth, groaning out loud.

"Oh god sis, your mouth feels so good on my dick. I don't know how
much more I can take."

Marge backed off his penis and rubbed it against her face, flicking
her tongue out at the head.

"Don't hold back Marc, I want to taste your sweet cum."

Marc moaned as she gobbled him back into her mouth and reached
behind him to grab his butt. She pulled him to her and took him down
her throat again. Marc began to pump his penis in and out of her
mouth and rolled her nipples with his fingers. She timed his thrusts
with her hands, pulling on his butt and then releasing it.

When Marge felt his butt cheeks cinch up, she pushed him back until
only the head of his penis was in her mouth. Marc began to
ejaculate, filling her mouth with his hot cum. spurt after spurt jetted from his penis into her mouth, splattering against the roof.
When Marc's pluses diminished to a dribble, Marge sat up and turned
around on the bed,

Moving to her knees and facing Marc, she opened her mouth and showed
him the pool of semen. She used her tongue to push his cum out of
her mouth and let it run down her chin and onto her breasts, forming
thin strands. Marc took his penis into his hand and began to stroke
it as he watched his sister put on the sensual display. She cupped
her breasts and pushed them together to prevent his cum from dripping
down to her stomach. When the last drop of the sticky fluid rolled
off her lower lip onto her chin, she smiled up at Marc.

Marc pushed her onto her back with one hand as he continued to
stroke his penis with the other. He moved between her legs, knelt on
the bed and began to smear his semen over her breasts and chest.

"Did you like that Marc? Did you enjoy watching me let your cum run
out of my mouth onto my tits?" Marge asked as she pushed her breasts together.

"Yes, you're so sexy when you do that. Anne has never done that for

"Well have you ever asked her to? I'll bet she would do it if you
wanted her to."

"Yeah, I'm sure she would, but it is something that you do for me
that really turns me on. Maybe I'll just do that with you…you know,
our little secret."

Marge giggled, released her heavy breasts, and pushed her brother's
hand away from her chest. She moved a pillow against the headboard
of the bed and asked him to sit up and lean against it. Marc moved
to the pillow, adjusted it, and leaned his back against it. Marge,
still wearing her stockings and garter, threw her leg over his and
straddled him on her knees.

"I want that big cock of yours in my pussy," she said as she reached
between her legs and wrapped her fingers around his shaft.

Marge rubbed the head of Marc's penis along her already wet labia
and settled down on it when it was at her opening. She moaned as she
lowered herself, wiggling her hips, and feeling her brother stretch and fill her. When she was fully impaled on his manhood, Marge
leaned forward and pressed her breasts against his face.

"Are you going to clean your cum off my tits while I fuck you?" She

Marc took her head in his hands, tilted it down, and ran his tongue
over her sticky chin. "What ever you want sis."

Kissing and licking her face and neck, Marc moaned as his sister flexed her vaginal muscles around his erection. She rose up, paused
so he could lick her breasts and then slowly lowered herself again.
Marge maintained a slow and steady motion as she rode Marc's rigid
penis, enjoying the feeling of his tongue on her nipples and breasts.

Marc winced at the tangy flavor of his semen, but continued to lap
it up. Marge began to increase the speed of her humping motion and
moved one of her hands to her crotch. She started to flick her
fingertips over her clitoris and bounce on Marc's lap.

"That's it Marge," he moaned. "Fuck my cock with your hot cunt.
Make me fill your pussy with my cum."

Marc grabbed her hips and guided her up and down on his engorged
member. He pressed his face into her breasts and felt them rub over
his skin. The two siblings were sweating and their bodies were
becoming slick. Marc moved his hands from her hips to her bottom and
gripped her cheeks.

"Yes, yes, yes," she groaned out loud as she pinched her hardened
clit between her finger and thumb. "Fuck me Marc!"

Marc moved a finger against the tight pucker of her anus and wiggled
it as he began to bounce up into her. Marge rocked her hips against
his penis and the probing digit at opening to her rectum. When Marc
pushed his finger past her tight ring of muscle and into her anus,
she screamed in pleasure.

"Deeper Marc," she groaned. "Push your finger deeper in my asshole!
Finger fuck my ass and make me cum!"

Marc forced his finger into her rectum until it wouldn't go any
deeper. He wiggled it in her, pulled it out about half way and them
drove it back in. Marge let out a grunt as her brother's finger slid
in and out of her rectum and his penis throbbed in her vagina.

The combination of Marc's finger in her bowels, his penis in her
vagina and her fingers on her clit was more than she could stand.
Her stomach muscles began to contract and waves of heated pleasure
coursed through her body. As her orgasm reached its peak, she
slammed down on his lap, burying him deep in her vagina, and threw
her head back. Marc watched his sister's face contort with lust as
her vagina began to spasm around his penis. He tried to push deeper
into her quivering body, but he was in as far as he could go.

Marc felt his testicles draw up and his semen explode into her
vagina. Marge also felt him expand in her and began to slide her
vagina on him as his penis sent several strong jets of cum into her.
As his cum mixed with her fluids, their active coupling began to
create a sloshing sound. Marc slowly removed his finger from her
bottom, gripped her butt cheeks with both hands, and moved her up and
down on his spent shaft.

Suddenly, Marge fell forward against her brother's body. He moved
his hands up her back and held her twitching body tightly against his
own as she savored several more small climaxes. After several
moments, Marge's body went limp in his arms and she breathed heavily.

Marc stroked the back of her head and waited for her to regain her
composure. "Are you okay?" He asked her softly.

Marge nodded her head against his shoulder as she gasped for air.
Her brother slowly rubbed his hands over her sweat-drenched body,
moving from her neck to her bottom and back. Finally, she began to
stir in his arms, lifting her head to look into his eyes.

"Wow Marc," she said, a smile forming on her reddened face. "That
was good as you've ever fucked me. It felt like I was going to faint
at the end."

"You were hot sis, it's been a long time since we fucked like this."

"You're right Marc, too long. We need to work it out so we can get
together more often."

"I'm sure that your brother and my sister would like that too Marge.
They like to fuck each other as much as we do."

"Yes, they certainly do…don't they. I need a shower now, I'm all

Marge rose up and let Marc's penis pull out of her vagina. It
flopped against his thigh, covered in cum. She scooted back, bent
over, and took his flaccid member into her mouth, sucking all of its
length in. She pushed his soft flesh around in her suckling mouth,
swallowing their combined fluids. When she was finished, she sat up
and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

"Mmmm, that's so tasty," Marge said as she climbed out of bed and
began to remove her garter and stockings. "I can never get enough
cum to suit me."

"Well," Marc chuckled. "I'll do everything I can to help you get
your fill."

"I'll just bet you would," she giggled as she walked towards the
bathroom. "I think you're all done for a while though. Your cock
looks like it will be several days before it will stand up again."

"Yeah right," Marc said. "You can get it back up in a little
while…if you want to."

The two got into the shower, turned on the water, and began to wash
each other. When they were finished, they dried off and returned to
the bedroom. Marge fixed the covers on the bed, climbed in, and
waited for Marc to join her. He turned off the lights and crawled in
next to her, slipping his arm under her head. Marge rolled onto her
side facing him, kissed his lips and snuggled against his naked body.

"Marge," Marc said as he hugged his sister. "Have you noticed
anything strange about Kim?"

"Strange? What do you mean by strange?"

"I don't know…it's just that Sally seems to be acting different and
I was wondering if it is just me or if you've noticed it in Kim too."

Marge traced small circles in the hair on Marc's chest and he rubbed
along her side.

"The girls are different Marc, they are sleeping with their brothers
for goodness sake. They also have boyfriends and mess around with
each other, just like we did when we were young."

"I wasn't talking about that, I know they are doing those things."

"Then just what the hell are you talking about Marc? I'm confused."

Marc turned onto his side and faced his sister. He could see her
eyes in the dim light that filtered into the room from the bathroom.

"Well," he began. "A little while ago I ran into Sally in the
hallway at home, naked. She was getting clean sheets out of the
linen closet. I think that she and her brother had just messed up
her bed and she was going to change it."

Marge chuckled as she listened to him tell about the event. "I
don't think that's all that strange Marc."

"That, in its self, wasn't. The fact that I got hard looking at her
and she rubbed against me when we hugged is. Marge, I had a very
chilling felling for several moments and I had to get away from her
as fast as I could."

"Because she made you hard? It's only normal Marc. Sally is a very
sexy girl with a great body. Besides, you always liked young girls as I remember."

"No, not that. She is sexy and built. It's that I…um, well…I…"

"You wanted to make love to her?"

"Yes Marge, I wanted to make love to my fifteen year old daughter.
You must think I'm a pervert."

Marge brushed his hair back and ran her hand over the top of his
head. She smiled and said, "I don't think you're a pervert Marc.
Our girls have been trying to get into Don and your pants for quite a
while now. Don and I have talked about Kim's actions several times
and I've also talked with Anne about Sally."

"I know our dad died when we were very young Marge, but do you think
Anne wanted to have sex with her father?"

"Things were a lot different then Marc. I don't really know if Anne
wanted to make love to her dad, but it wouldn't surprise me if she
did. I think that at some point in life it crosses every kids mind.
Did you ever think about having sex with mom when you were a teen?"

In the dimly lit room Marge couldn't see her brother blushing. He
felt the heat rise in his cheeks as he thought back to his youth and
the times he fantasized about his mother when he masturbated.

Nodding his head, Marc said, "Yeah, I guess I thought about mom."

"Well you see our kids are no different. They think about things
like that too."

"Do you think our boys think about having sex with you and Anne?"

"I would think so, although their sisters and girlfriends give them
all the pussy they want."

"Marge," Marc said in a low voice. "Do you ever think about having
sex with Jack?"

It was Marge's turn to blush now. She thought about her brother's
question and said, "Yes, I have."

"Would you?"

"I don't know Marc. It's so hard to think about it. If the
situation was just right, I might. Would you make love with Sally?"

"I have no idea Marge. All of this makes me nuts. I mean, how
would you feel if Kim and Don did it? How would you handle it if
your husband fucked your daughter."

Marge was silent for several minutes. She shifted around next to
Marc and thought about her feelings.

"To be completely honest, the thought of Kim and Don making love
excites me. On one hand I know it is not right, but on the
other…well, very little about our lives and relationships is normal.
After all, here we are in bed together and our spouses are in the
next room. That in its self isn't so strange, but we're brother and
sister, and so are Anne and Don."

"Yes, I know. I'm so grateful that we all have the relationship we
have," Marc said. "It isn't often that people can share the kind of
love the four of us do. After the first time we made love, I knew
that I always wanted to be with you. I would get so jealous when you
and Don were together."

"You still haven't answered my question Marc. Would you make love
with Sally if you had the chance?"

Marc closed his eyes and thought about his supple young daughter.
He remembered the feeling he had that night in the hallway and how
warm and soft her body was against him. He also thought about the
roll playing he and his wife had done, acting out the fantasy. As
his mind reeled, his penis began to grow and press against Marge. He
tried to move away slightly, but she chuckled and continued to press
against him.

"Well big brother," she said as she wiggled against his expanding
member. "I guess that answers my question. You don't have to feel
ashamed, it's normal. You aren't a pervert or anything like that,
you're just a healthy male."

"Thanks sis, I feel better about it now."

"I think that we should have a discussion with Don and Anne about
this sometime soon, but for now…"

Marge rolled onto her back, pulling Marc with her. She spread her
legs, bent her knees, and slid her hands down to his butt.

Marc positioned himself between her legs and slid his penis into her
vagina. He pulled back and pushed back in several times before lying
still on top of her.

"Do you want to fuck or just fall asleep with my dick in you?" Marc

Marge wrapped her legs around him and replied, "Both!"

Together they started to move. Their lovemaking was slow and loving
this time as they developed a familiar rhythm. Neither of them
talked as they relished the feelings of their coupling. They simply
kissed each other and concentrated on the moment. The two siblings
kept up their motion until they both reached an orgasm and then fell
asleep in one another's arms.


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