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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 63



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited without
the express written permission of the author. ©2003 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are offended
by material of this nature, are under the legal age in your location
to read this material, or it is illegal for you to possess this
material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 63 (Ff, ff, mm, bond, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision

Lisa checked the potatoes and green beans she had cooking in
separate pots on the stove. She placed four lightly flowered and
seasoned chicken breasts into the hot oil in a frying pan and turned
them after several minutes.

"Why don't you and Sally set the dining room table Kim? Megan is
almost done with the salad and the other food will be ready in a few
minutes," Lisa said.

"Okay," Kim said, jumping off her stool and going to the cupboard.

Sally and Kim placed dishes, silverware and glassed on the dining
room table. Kim took a pair of candles out of the buffet, placed
them in the center of the table, and lit them. The two girls returned to the kitchen and watched as Lisa poured cooking wine into
the hot frying pan. Steam rose from the pan and the room filled with
the sound of the sizzling meat.

Lisa shook the pan, sliding the chicken breasts around in the
thickening sauce. She turned off the stove, placed the chicken on a
platter, and put it in the oven to stay warm. She drained the
potatoes, put them into a bowl, drizzled melted butter over them, and
sprinkled them with dill. Lisa transferred the green beans to
another bowl and seasoned them with salt and pepper.

"Dinner is served," Lisa said, taking the platter of meat out of the
oven. "If everyone grabs something we can make it in one trip."

Sally took the potatoes and green beans, Megan the large bowl of
mixed greens and Kim pulled a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator.
Lisa carried the platter into the dining room and set it on the
table. The girls filled their bowls with salad, their plates with
the other food, and began to eat.

"This is great Lisa," Kim commented. "Where did you say you learned
to cook?"

Lisa wiped her mouth with a napkin and replied, "Mostly from my mom,
but I try different recipes I find in magazines too. It's really
pretty easy once you learn about the different spices and stuff."

"What do you call this?" Megan said.

"Chicken Marcela with Capers," Lisa said. "I found the recipe on
the internet."

"I wish I could cook like this Lisa," Megan said. "I have trouble
boiling water."

The four girls laughed at Megan and continued to eat. When they
were finished with the meal, they cleared the table and cleaned the

"Have you ever thought about being a chef or something?" Sally
asked as she put the last of the silverware into the dishwasher.

"Yeah," Lisa said. "I've thought about going to culinary school
after I graduate. I really love to cook and I think it would be a
great way to earn a living. Good restaurants pay really well and
there are a lot of them."

"Sounds a lot more fun than being an accountant," Megan chuckled.
"That's what I'm going to college for."

The four girls went into the family room, flopped on the couches,
and continued their conversation.

"How about you and Sally," Megan said to Kim. "What are you two
going to do?"

"I guess I haven't really thought about it," Sally chimed in. "I
guess I will find something when it's time to."

"Me too," Kim said. "Although I'm not really sure if we'll have to
work. Our families are pretty well off now and my parents have never
brought up the subject of work."

"You guys have to do something, it would get kind of boring just
laying around the house wouldn't it?" Megan said.

"Let me think about it for a minute," Sally giggled. "We can spend
our time swimming, traveling and messing around, or get up everyday
and go to work…hum, I don't know."

Laughter broke out and the four teens began to fantasize about the

"You two can marry my brothers and Megan and I can marry yours,"
Lisa giggled. "Then we can buy a great big house and all live

"Yeah," Megan said. "That way we can spend all of our time making
the guys happy. Can you imagine what it would be like with all of us
living in the same house?"

"We wouldn't need many clothes," Kim said. "We could just run
around naked all the time."

Sally shifted around and pulled her legs under her. She was
laughing so hard she had to hold her side and tears were streaming
down her cheeks. "If we wanted to get laid, we could just grab the
closest guy and fuck him."

Megan grinned and said, "Or the closest girl!"

Lisa gave Megan a quick glance and said, "I don't know about that,
but there sure would be plenty of cock around."

After about an hour, Kim said, "Are we going to workout tonight?"

"Sounds good to me," Sally said as she got off the couch.

"Me too," Megan said. "Let's go and change."

"I'm not going to change," Kim said. "I can workout like this."

Megan shrugged her shoulders and followed Kim, and the other girls,
down to the basement. Kim led them into the mini gym and turned on
the lights.

"Is doesn't have all the machines that Sally does, but it'll do,"
Kim said.

Kim turned on a portable stereo and turned up the volume. The girls began to warm-up, stretching and twisting to the music. After a half
an hour of the aerobic activity, each girl selected a machine. Kim
jumped onto the treadmill and turned it on, Sally sat on the weight
bench and lay back to do bench presses. Megan selected the stair-
master and Lisa a rowing machine.

"It's too warm in here," Kim said as she pulled her sweatshirt over
her head and tossed it onto the floor.

The other three girls glanced at Kim and watched her jogging on the
treadmill, her breasts giggling with each step. After several
minutes, the girls switched machines. Kim went to the weight bench,
slipped off her sweatpants, and sat down naked.

Sally ran on the treadmill, looking at Kim's spread crotch. She
took off her top, tossed it on top of Kim's, and continued to run on
the moving surface below her. Soon all of the girls were topless.
Before they were finished with their workout, they were all nude.

The four teens sat on the carpeted floor, cooling down. Kim said,"
Are we going to do those stretching things, the ones like on the
video at Sally's?"

"Sure," Lisa said. "I like those, it helps with sex."

Kim sat next to Megan and Sally sat across from them with Lisa. The
girls extended their legs straight out in front of them, grabbed
their calves, and leaned forward. Slowly, they pushed their bodies
down and then sat back up. They continued to stretch until they
could touch their chins to the floor between their legs.

Next, they lay on their backs and used their arms to pull their legs
back along their sides. They worked on the movement until they could
hold their legs under their arms. After they untangled their arms
from their legs, they worked on doing the splits.

The girls stopped to rest, sitting on the floor. Kim remained in
the splits, trying to work her crotch down to the floor while her
legs were perpendicular to her body.

"Lisa," Sally said. "What did you mean when you said 'I don't know
about that' when Megan said something about girls upstairs?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm still not sure about it. I mean I liked
it when we did it that time, but I feel weird when I think about it,"
Lisa replied. "I guess I'm worried about being gay or something."

"I know exactly how you feel Lisa," Megan said. "The first time Kim
touched me I was petrified, but now I really like it. Don't get me
wrong, I still love to have Jack's cock in my pussy or my mouth, but
it feels so wonderful to have my pussy licked by another girl. A
girl just seems to know how to do it better than a boy."

"Well I don't know about that," Lisa chuckled. "Tom is pretty good
at eating me. That night in the rec-room was ok, but everything
happened so fast that I really don't remember too much."

Sally smiled and said, "Maybe we'll have to refresh your memory Lisa."

Lisa turned her hear and looked at Sally, noticing the devilish
smirk on her face. When Lisa began to say something, Sally put her
hand on her thigh, slid it up to her crotch, and rubbed her vulva.
Lisa clamped her legs closed trapping Sally's hand, but relaxed them
when she wiggled her fingers. Closing her eyes, Lisa moaned as
Sally's thumb found her clitoris and began to rub it. When one of
her fingers slipped between her folds and into her vagina, Lisa
grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away.

"Okay, okay," Lisa said. "That's enough, you're going to get me all
turned on. I need a shower right now."

Kim turned off the stereo and lights and the girls went upstairs.
They headed for the pool house to wash away the sweat from their
workout. Before going into the shower room, Kim turned on the hot tub.

"I turned on the hot tub," Kim said as she turned on the water at
one of the showerheads. "We can relax in the hot water when we are
finished with our showers."

When they were finished in the shower, the four girls went to the
hot tub and stepped into the churning water. They sat on the seats
and leaned back, resting their heads on the edge of the tub.

"This feel so good," Sally said. "I love the feeling of the hot
water. It helps loosen up my muscles after working out."

"What are we going to do tonight?" Megan asked the group.

"I don't know," Kim replied. "What do you guys want to do?"

"Do you have any movies Kim?" Megan asked. "Maybe we could watch a
video or something."

Kim glanced at Sally and the two younger girls broke out in
laughter, remembering the tape Marge had in her dresser drawer.

"What's so funny?" Megan asked.

"We were just thinking about a porn flick we watched," Sally said.

"Really!" Megan exclaimed. "I've never seen an X-rated movie.
Where did you see it?"

"We saw it right here, it belongs to my parents," Kim giggled. "Do
you guys want to watch it?"

"Can we?" Megan said.

"Sure, we can go to my parents room and watch it on their
television," Kim said.

The girls got out of the hot tub, dried off, and went up to Kim's
room. They all put on their nightclothes, each of them selecting
panties and a tee shirt. Kim led them to her parent's bedroom,
pulled the bedspread and blankets down, and went to the drawer in her
mom's dresser. She pulled out the box of videos and adult toys her
mom kept in the drawer and placed it on the top of the dresser.
After removing the lid, she pulled out several tapes, leaving the
other items in the box.

Kim shuffled through the tapes and selected one.

"This isn't the same one Sally and I watched, but we'll see what
it's about," Kim said.

Kim put the tape into the VCR and turned it on. She picked up the
remote, went to the bed and joined the other girls, and started the

The screen came to life, showing two girls walking along a street,
carrying books, and discussing their classes. They walked up to a
small house, opened the door, and went inside. They dropped their
book on a table, went into a bedroom, and began to laugh.

"It looks like our project is doing fine," one of the girls said.

The camera moved around the room, coming to rest at the bed. Lying
there was a naked young man with his arms and legs bound to the bed.
The two girls moved over to the side of the bed and stared down at him.

The four teens watched the video as the two girls made comments
about the man and how he had came too quick the night before and was
being taught how to restrain himself. The two girls undressed and
climbed onto the bed, one on each side of him.

The man in the bed watched as the girls began to kiss and touch each
other right above him. Every once in a while, one of the girls would
wrap her fingers around his penis and stroke him. Once the man was
erect, the girls took turns sucking his penis into their mouths until
it appeared he was about to climax and then they stopped and returned
to each other.

The movie went on for another half an hour with the girls sucking him and lowering their crotches onto his penis only to return to one
another. At the end of the movie, the girls used their hands to
bring him to his climax. When he ejaculated, his semen shot into the
air and landed on his chest and stomach. Once he was done, the video ended.

"That was pretty lame," Lisa said.

"No kidding," Sally said. "We could make a hotter movie than that."

"It's too bad the guys aren't here," Lisa smirked. "I would make a
porn flick with Tom."

"Would you tie him to the bed like the man in the video?" Kim asked
as she rewound the tape.

"That's an idea," Lisa said. "Then I could ride his cock all night."

The four girls laughed and began to talk about different things they
could do to their boyfriends and brothers. Kim put the video back in
the box and sat on the bed with the rest of her friends.

"How about if we let the boys tie us up and have their way with us,
that would be hot too," Kim giggled.

"I've never thought about being tied up before," Megan said. "I
think it would be fun to try sometime."

"Do you guys think the guys would like that?" Sally asked. "I have
thought about bondage before, I saw some pictures on the internet
with girls tied up in all kinds of different positions. They even
make special harnesses and stuff for it."

"You mean S&M Sally? I saw some pictures of that before and it
looks like it would hurt," Megan said. "It was really kind of scary.
The pictures I saw had a girl bound in a leather contraption with her
hands stretched above her head and another woman was whipping her ass
with a riding crop, you know, like they use on horses."

"That doesn't sound like fun at all," Kim said. "I don't like pain
and I wouldn't want someone hitting me with anything."

"Me either," Lisa offered. "I think that being tied up would be
neat to try, but without the pain part."

"Maybe we should ask the guys to tie us up sometime and try it,"
Sally said.

Megan giggled and said, "Yeah right, I can just hear it now, 'Jack,
would you tie me to the bed and fuck me please,' he would laugh at me."

"He might," Lisa said. "He might just tie you up and do it too.
How can we give them the idea without sounding like we're sick? I
know we could just ask, but I think it would be more fun if they
brought up the idea…even if it really wasn't theirs."

"How about if we tied each other up, took pictures, and let the guys find them?" Kim said. "Maybe they would get the idea that way."

"Oh that's a great idea," Sally said sarcastically. "With my luck
my dad would find them."

Kim got a devilish grin on her face and said, "So!"

Sally giggled, slapped Kim on her bottom, and said, "You little
tramp…you'd love it if your dad found them, wouldn't you."

Kim grinned and nodded her head. Sally and Lisa made remarks about
Kim and her dad, but Megan remained silent and just smiled.

"Well," Lisa said. "I think Kim's idea is a good one. I think it
would be neat to let the guys find pictures of us, even if they don't
get the hint. Why don't you get your camera Kim and we can try it.
If we don't like it, we'll just erase the pictures."

"We should use your camera Lisa," Sally said. "That way you could
have Tom develop the film and he would see the pictures."

"I have a better Idea," Kim said as she jumped off the king sized
bed. "I'll be back in a minute."

"What does she have up her sleeve?" Megan asked as she watched Kim
leave the bedroom.

"I don't know," Sally replied. "You can never tell about her."

"I'm sure it's no good," Lisa said. "She can be very devious when
she wants to be. I'll be right back, I've got to pee."

Lisa went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. When
Kim returned to the room, she had Jack's video camera and tripod.
She put the camera on the tripod, extended the legs, plugged it into
the television, and turned both of them on. Kim adjusted the camera so it was covering the bed, focused it, and sat down.

"We can make a video and let the guys see it," Kim said. "That
should give them ideas."

Sally giggled, glanced at the bathroom door, and whispered to Megan
and Kim. They all laughed and Kim went to her mom's dresser and
began searching through the drawers. She found her mother's scarves
and pulled several out of the drawer. Moving quickly, Kim hid the
silk scarves and sat back on the bed.

Lisa came out of the bathroom and noticed the grins on her friends'
faces. She joined them on the bed and was about to ask what was so
funny when she saw the television and the girls picture on the screen.

"What the hell are you guys up to?" Lisa inquired.

"We thought it would be better to make a video for the guys instead
of taking pictures," Kim said.

"Oh really," Lisa giggled. "What kind of video did you have in mind?"

Kim knelt on the bed, faced the camera, and lifted her top. She
wiggled her shoulders, shaking her breasts. Sally moved next to her,
pulled her tee shirt over her head, and began to do the same thing.
Lisa and Megan laughed, removed their tops, and also faced the camera.

"Do you guys like our boobs?" Kim said into the camera as she
pulled her top completely off and tossed it aside.

"Yeah boys, you want to suck these," Lisa giggled as she cupped her
breasts with both hands.

"Or maybe you guys would like my ass," Sally said, turning around
and bending at the waist.

Megan reached over Sally and pulled her panties down, exposing her
bottom to the camera. She used an open hand to spank Sally lightly
as all of the girls watched. One by one, the girls removed their
panties and pointed their butts at the camera. They were having
trouble controlling their laughter as they made off-colored comments.

Kim rolled onto her back, bent her knees, and lifted her bottom off
the bed. She glanced at the television to be sure she was positioned
so the camera was pointing between her wide spread legs. Kim put her
hands on her inner thighs and moved them from midway above her knees
to her crotch and back.

"I'll bet this is making you guys hard," Kim said as she pulled her
labia open, exposing her pink flesh. "Would one of you boys like to
stick your hard cock in my pussy?"

Megan moved beside Kim, covered her vulva with her hand, and began
to rub her. She pushed her middle finger into Kim's vagina as Kim
held herself open. Lisa and Sally watched as Megan slowly fingered
Kim, feeling their own vaginas begin to tingle.

Lisa moved her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit as Megan
continued to probe Kim's wet opening. When Sally saw what Lisa was
doing, she reached for the older girls breast and massaged it. Lisa
pulled back, a little startled, when she felt Sally's hand on her
breast. When Sally tried to touch her again, Lisa moved away.

"What's the matter Lisa," Sally asked. "Don't you like it when I
rub your tit?"

"Um, I don't know, you just startled me," Lisa replied.

"You have such nice tits Lisa," Sally said. "Don't you want me to
suck them for you? I'll bet you'll really like it."

Megan pulled her finger out of Kim and turned to see what Lisa and
Sally were doing. Kim flipped onto her stomach and rose up on her
knees so she could see too. Sally, Megan, and Kim slowly moved
closer to Lisa, walking on their knees across the bed.

All three girls put their hands on Lisa and began to rub her, Kim
stroked her legs while Sally rubbed her sides and Megan massaged her
shoulders. Lisa was backed up to the headboard with no place to go
as the girls worked their hands over her, avoiding her crotch and

Megan knelt on her right side and Sally on her left with Kim at her
feet. The feeling of the girls' hands stroking her naked flesh began
to excite Lisa and she leaned her head back and let out a muffled moan.

"I think she is beginning to like it," Kim said softly. "Do you
Lisa? Do you like it when we touch your hot body like this?"

With her eyes closed, Lisa nodded her head slightly, indicating she
was enjoying the attention. Sally again moved her hand to Lisa's
breast, but this time she didn't try to escape. When Sally took her
nipple, between her finger and thumb, and began to tease it, Lisa
moaned again, this time louder.

"You're right Kim," Megan said as she moved her hand over Lisa's
other breast. "She does like it. She likes her boobs played with
even if it is by another girl."

The three girls moved Lisa onto her back and slid her to the middle
of the bed. Kim pulled out the scarves she had hid under the
mattress and handed one to Sally and another to Megan. Giggling, the
girls began to tie the silk scarves to Lisa's wrists and ankles.
When Lisa started to protest, the girls held her down and secured the
makeshift restraints to her and the spindles of the headboard and

Lisa twisted around and pulled at the bindings in an effort to free
herself. One of the scarves came free from her ankle and Kim quickly
sat on her leg and reattached it.

"What are you guys doing?" Lisa said. "Why did you tie me up?"

Kim pointed at the television and said, "Look."

Lisa lifted her head and stared at the screen, seeing herself bound
to the bed spread-eagle. The way the camera was positioned, she
could clearly see her crotch and gaping labia. Realizing she was
helpless, she let her head flop back onto the bed.

Kim knelt on Lisa's left side, near her hips and Sally knelt near
her chest. Megan knelt on the other side of Lisa and resumed teasing
her nipple with her fingertips. Sally massaged Lisa's other breast with one hand and rubbed her stomach with the other. Kim put her
hands on Lisa's leg and kneaded her flesh.

Lisa closed her eyes again and began to feel her body temperature
rise. She moaned in her throat as her friends fondled her. Kim
moved one of her hands to Lisa's inner thigh and began to drag her
fingertips up and down, coming closer to Lisa's sex with each stroke.
Each time Kim was near her crotch, Lisa wiggled in an effort to make

"What do you want me to do Lisa," Kim asked.

"I want you to touch me Kim," Lisa groaned.

Megan leaned over and covered the end of Lisa's breast with her
mouth. She sucked on her firm mound, poking at her nipple with her
tongue. Sally also leaned over and took her other breast into her
mouth, sucking it firmly.

"I am touching you Lisa," Kim giggled. "Can't you feel my fingers
on your leg? Do you want me to touch you somewhere else?"

"Yes," Lisa said, her breathing becoming rapid.

"Where Lisa," Kim said, continuing to taunt her. "Where do you want
me to touch you?"

"I want you to touch my pussy Kim," Lisa shouted.

Kim moved her fingers to Lisa's crotch and traced the edges of her
puffy labia with her fingertips. She moved up one side of her spayed
crotch and down the other as Lisa wiggled her bottom.

"Like this Lisa," Kim said. "Is this how you want me to touch your

"I want you to do it harder Kim," Lisa said. "Do it harder and
touch my clit."

Sally released Lisa's breast from her mouth, leaned across her body,
and put her hand between Megan's legs. She rubbed two fingers
through the folds of Megan's sex and looked down at Lisa.

"Is this what you want Kim to do to your pussy Lisa?" Sally asked
as Lisa stared between the redhead's legs. "Or maybe you'd like her
to finger fuck you. Would you like Kim to put her finger in your
hole and finger you?"

Lisa watched as Sally's fingers disappeared into Megan's vagina.
Megan spread her legs wider and Lisa could see the Sally's fingers
glisten with her juices. Megan covered her own breasts with both
hands and squeezed her firm flesh as Sally continued to move her
fingers in and out of her.

"Oh yes, please finger fuck me Kim," Lisa pleaded. "Put your
fingers in my cunt and fuck me!"

Kim kept her fingers moving around Lisa's crotch, but avoided
contact with her clitoris and labia. Lisa bucked her hips around on
the bed in an effort to feel Kim's touch, but she was unsuccessful.

Megan, feeling heated by Sally's fingers, shifted around on the bed,
and knelt over Lisa's head, facing the bound girl's feet. Looking
straight up, Lisa could see Megan's opening being stretched and
probed by Sally.

Removing her hands from her own breasts, Megan began to knead
Lisa's. She pulled at her nipples and felt them become even harder.
Lisa groaned as she felt her vagina tingle and her stomach quiver.
She held her gaze on Megan's gaping vagina and Sally's pumping fingers.

Kim pulled Lisa's labia open with her fingers and looked at her
wetness. She could see her engorged clit peaking out of its
protective hood and briefly touched it with her thumb. When Lisa
felt the contact, she let out a scream and rolled her head from side
to side on the bed.

"Please make me cum!" Lisa begged at the top of her voice. "Please!"

Kim removed her fingers from Lisa's crotch, bent over, and ran her
tongue along her puffy vaginal lips. When the tip of her tongue
reached her clitoris, Kim tapped against the nub causing Lisa to
scream out.

"Do you like it when I lick you Lisa?" Kim asked, her mouth only
inches from her sex. "Do you want me to suck your clit and put my
tongue in your pussy?"

"Yes, yes, yes," Lisa chanted. "Eat me Kim! Eat my pussy!"

Sally removed her hand from Megan's crotch and looked at Lisa's
contorted face.

"Why don't you show Kim what you want Lisa," Sally cooed. "Show her
on Megan."

Megan lowered herself, moving her vulva closer to Lisa's drooling
mouth. She hovered her sex above the helpless girl's face, just out
of the reach of her tongue.

"Show me Lisa," Kim said as her hot breath bathed Lisa's crotch.
"Show me what you want me to do to you."

Lisa lifted her head and strained to reach Megan's sex. She
extended her tongue and swiped it over her slit, barely making
contact. Kim used her tongue to lightly touch Lisa's labia and blew
a stream of warm air against her.

"I thought you said you weren't sure if you wanted to kiss another
girl's pussy," Megan said tauntingly. "Are you sure you want to lick

"Yes, bring your fucking cunt down here so I can lick it!" Lisa
shouted. "I want to show Kim what I want! I want to eat your pussy Megan."

Megan lowered her crotch onto Lisa's mouth and moaned when she felt
her tongue pushing into her folds. Kim motioned for Sally to move
between Lisa's legs and she quickly replaced Kim. Covering Lisa's
crotch with her mouth, Sally began to suck on her and push her tongue
into her opening. Kim glanced at the television to make sure the
camera was in the right position to capture the action and jumped off
the bed to improve the angle. When she was satisfied with the image,
she went over to the dresser and rummaged around in the box of sex

Kim removed the 'Rabbit' vibrator from the box and went back to the
bed. She knelt behind Sally's upturned bottom, placed the end of the
device against her crotch, and twisted it as she pushed it into her

Sally moaned into Lisa's sex when she felt the object penetrate her
and increased her assault on her. She sucked Lisa's clit between her
lips and rubbed the tip of her tongue over the hard button.

Lisa screamed into Megan's dripping vagina as her climax began to
overtake her. She orgasm was building rapidly and she knew it would
only be a matter of minutes until she achieved the sexual release she
so desperately needed.

Sally lifted her head from between Lisa's legs and said, "I think
she is about to cum."

Megan rose off Lisa's face and sat back on her heals, looking down
at Lisa's wet face. The three girls watched Lisa wreathe on the bed
and pull at her restraints.

"Why did you stop?" Lisa shouted at them. "I almost came and you

"I'm sorry," Sally said as Kim pulled the vibrator from her vagina.
"Did you want to cum?"

"Yes, I need to cum," Lisa screamed, tears running out of the
corners of her eyes. "Please don't stop, please make me cum…I can't
stand it."

Megan and Sally stretched out on the bed and lowered their mouths to
Lisa's breasts. They began to suckle her hard nipples, slurping
noisily as they did. Kim put the vibrator against Lisa's opening and
slowly worked it into her. Lisa's eyes sprang open when she felt the
intruder and she let out a low throaty groan.

Kim moved the phallic device in and out of Lisa's sensitive vagina until she was fully impaled. When the small finger on the vibrator
was against Lisa's clitoris, Kim flipped it on.

Lisa screamed out in ecstasy as the device pulsated deep within her
and the small finger vibrated against her clit. Her muscled began to
contract as the three girls pleasured her and brought her sexual
awareness to new heights. Kim held her hip with one hand and the
"Rabbit' with the other as she watched the devices bead filled barrel
push Lisa's labia around. She moved it back slightly, removing the
tiny finger from her clit and then pushed it back.

Megan and Sally kept up their oral assault on Lisa's nipples as she
pulled against the scarves that secured her to the bed and let animal like sounds escape her throat. Lisa held her eyes closed and her
mouth open as her body began to convulse with her climax. The girls could see Lisa's stomach ripple as her orgasm increased in intensity,
and Kim could feel her legs tighten.

"Oh god!" Lisa screamed as her entire body became rigid and
quivered. "I'm coming!"

Lisa bounced and shuttered as the three girls continued to suck and
probe her. Suddenly Lisa gasped and her body went limp. Kim turned
off the vibrator and started to remove it from her vagina. She could
feel Lisa's vaginal contractions telegraphing through the device and
her muscles grip it. Removing her hand from the device, Kim left it
embedded in her vagina and watched it quiver.

Megan and Sally sat up and gazed down at Lisa. Her body was covered
in a sheen of sweat and her eyes were closed. Sally touched her
cheek and smiled when Lisa didn't respond.

"She passed out," Sally said.

Kim pulled the vibrator from Lisa's crotch and the girls untied the
restraints. Megan slowly stroked the side of her head, pushing her
wet hair off her face. Kim went to the camera, stood in front of it,
and smiled.

"We hope you boys enjoyed the movie," Kim giggled. "Does it give
you any ideas?"

Kim waved at the camera, turned it off, and rewound the tape.

Leaning over, Sally kissed Lisa's lips softly. She ran her tongue
over her upper lip, tasting the salty flavor of her perspiration.
When Sally probed Lisa's open mouth with her tongue, Lisa sucked it

Moaning, Lisa kissed Sally back and moved her hand to the back of
her head. The two teens kissed passionately and their tongues danced
with each other's. Sally moved her hand to Lisa's breast and
massaged it gently as they kissed, removing when Lisa knocked it away.

Raising her head slightly, Sally said, "Are you okay Lisa?"

Lisa nodded, rolled onto her side, and put her arm around Sally.
She scooted closer and pressed her body against Sally as she stroked
the younger girl's back. Finding Sally's mouth with hers, Lisa began
to kiss her again. After several moments, Lisa pulled her head back,
sat up and looked around the room.

Megan and Kim were at the foot of the bed, sitting on their heals.
They both smiled at Lisa and moved closer to her.

Lisa put her arms around Kim and Megan's necks, kissed each of them,
and then let them go.

"Thanks you guys, I never knew another girl could make me cum like
that. What was that thing you had in my pussy Kim?" Lisa said.

Kim showed Lisa the vibrator and said, "It's called a 'Rabbit'…I
guess you liked it."

Lisa giggled and said, "I liked it all!"

"I have it all on tape," Kim said. "Do you want to watch it?"

"Not right now, I need a shower first. I feel like I just ran a
marathon," Lisa said. "Anyone care to join me?"

Sally was still laying on her back next to Lisa. She put her hand
on Lisa's back, moved it up and down her spine, and said, "I'll go
with you Lisa, if that's okay."

Lisa looked down at Sally, smiled, and nodded her head. The two
girls got out of bed and were about to leave the room when Megan
asked, "Do you two mind if we come too?"

"Not at all," Lisa giggled. "Unless Sally minds."

"I don't care," Sally said. "The more the merrier."

The four girls left the bedroom and walked naked to the pool house.
They went into the shower and turned on the water. Lisa motioned for
Sally to join her under one of the spray heads and Kim and Megan
shared another.

"We sure spend a lot of time in the shower," Sally said as she
rubbed a bar of soap over Lisa's body.

"I know," Megan said. "My skin is starting to get dried out."

Kim took the bar of soap Megan was rubbing over her own breasts and
began to wash her. She moved slowly, covering the tall redhead with
suds before putting down the soap and finishing with her hands. Kim
pressed her body against Megan's and gripped her butt.

"I'll put lotion on you if you want me to," Kim said.

"That would be nice Kim," Megan replied. "I'll do it for you too."

"What are you going to do for Megan," Sally asked as she turned
around to face the other two girls.

"I'm going to put lotions on her," Kim said. "Then she is going to
put it on me."

Lisa slid her soapy hands up Sally's sides, from behind, and covered
her breasts. She coated her firm mounds with suds, looked over
Sally's shoulder, and giggled.

"That sounds like fun," Lisa said. "Do you want to put lotion on
each other when we are finished in here Sally?"

Sally nodded and leaned her head back. Lisa moved her hands down
her stomach and soaped Sally's mons. When Sally moved her feet
apart, Lisa began to wash her crotch.

The four girls completed their shower and went into the common area
to dry off. When they were finished, they went back up to Kim's
parents' bedroom and flopped onto the king sized bed. Kim turned the
camera on and sat with the others to watch the video they had made.
When the tape was finished, Kim rewound it and turned off the

"I think it would be better if someone was the camera man," Megan
said. "That way we could zoom in on the action."

"I think it was okay," Lisa said. "It's too bad the guys can't see
it, I bet it would give them ideas."

"How did it feel to be tied up Lisa," Megan asked.

"It was really hot, I felt so helpless and a little scared at first,
but I knew you guys wouldn't hurt me. Once I felt you start to touch
me, I got real turned on and decided to try to enjoy it," Lisa
explained. "They all hell broke loose in my body. You guys brought
me to the edge and then let me go back down again and again."

"I guess that means you liked it," Megan said.

"I loved it! I have only been that turned on one other time," Lisa
giggled. "I only wish Tom could have been here. That Rabbit thing
was great, but there's nothing like a hot hard cock."

All of the girls began to laugh at Lisa's remark about Tom.

"When were you turned on like that before?" Sally asked.

Lisa smiled, and replied, "When I went to the photography workshop
with your brother Sally. He made love to me with his mouth and hands
and made me pass out. It was the most wonderful feeling!"

"He didn't screw you?" Kim said.

"No, not that time. I was still virgin and he was so caring and
nice. He never pressured me at all to fuck, or do anything I didn't
want to do," Lisa said softly. "I had never been with a boy like him
before. Most of the other guys I dated were pushy and tried to make
me do things that I didn't want to, but not Tom. That's why I love
him so much."

Sally beamed with pride as she listened to Lisa talk about her
brother. She knew that Tom was a caring person from her own
experience and introduction to sex, but to hear it from someone else
was special to her.

Lisa turned to Sally, and said, "You're very lucky to have Tom as
your first Sally, if he was."

Sally was a little stunned by Lisa's brash statement, as well as the
other two girls. She smiled at Lisa and nodded her head.

"I am lucky Lisa, very lucky," Sally said.

"I wish my brother's were as nice an caring as Tom," Lisa continued.
"They are only interested in getting off, not really making love.
We've only done it a couple of times, but it has never been as good
as with Tom."

"Kim's just as luck as Sally," Megan said. "Jack is a wonderful guy
just like Tom."

Both Kim and Sally turned red as they listened to the older girls praise their brothers. Kim put her hand on Sally's knee, squeezed it
firmly, and said, "We are very lucky, Jack and Tom are great
brothers, as well as lovers."

"Well," Lisa said, changing the subject. "How are we going to get
the guys to see the video we made?"

The girls thought about the best way to let the boys find the tape,
discussing several options.

"I have an idea," Sally said, glancing at the clock. "The boys are
still at the hockey game. We could take the tape to my house and
leave it somewhere they will find it."

"That works for me," Kim said. "I'll get a blank VCR tape and
transfer the video."

Kim left the room and returned with a blank tape. She set up the
VCR and camera and turned everything on. The four girls watched the
television as the VCR recorded the video from the camera, talking
about what they would do to make it better next time.

"We should go get dressed," Megan said. "That way we'll be ready
when the recording is finished. We don't want to get caught at
Sally's house."

The girls went to the other bedrooms and quickly dressed in jeans
and sweaters. They went back to the master bedroom, arriving just as
the transfer was completed. Kim took the tape out of the VCR,
slipped it into its cover, and headed downstairs with the other girls close behind her.

"We should wrap it like a present," Megan said.

Kim found a roll of Christmas wrapping paper and covered the tape.
Sally made a card out of a piece of paper and had everyone sigh it.
When they were finished, they headed out to the garage to get into
Megan's car and drive the two blocks to Sally's house.

Sally opened the front door and the group of girls went into the
house. They all offered suggestions where to put the tape so it
would be easy to find, deciding to prop the package against the

"That should do it," Sally said. "You just know they will watch
television when they get back."

"How will we know they found it?" Megan asked.

"We'll know," Kim giggled. "I have a feeling we can expect a phone
call later."

The four teens left Sally's house and drove back to Kim's. Megan
parked the car in the garage and the girls went back inside. They
laughed and talked about the reactions of the boys when they viewed
the tape.

"I would love to be able to see them," Lisa said. "I'll bet they'll
all be jacking off before the night is through."

"That's too bad," Megan giggled.

"What's too bad Megan," Sally asked.

"It's too bad they'll be wasting all of that tasty cum," Megan

All four girls laughed at Megan's comment and made jokes about what
they would do to the boys if they were with them. They went back
upstairs and removed their jeans and sweaters. When Lisa began to
put on a tee shirt, Sally stopped her.

"I thought we were going to put lotion on each other," Sally said.
"It'll be hard to do if you're dressed."

Lisa nodded and tossed the tee shirt aside.

"I have a question," Lisa said, sitting down on Kim's bed. "What
would you have done if I would have asked you guys to stop?"

"We would have stopped," Kim said. "What would you want us to do?"

"I'm not sure. I know that I didn't want you to stop what you were
doing, but I almost said stop a couple of times," Lisa said. "You
guys had me so turned on that I don't really think I knew what I was

"I wonder how people that practice S&M do it," Megan said. "There
must be rules or something. After all, I don't believe that someone
would let someone else whip them without being able to stop it."

"I wonder where we can find out?" Sally said. "There must be books
or something about it."

Kim turned on her computer and started her browser. "We should be
able to find some information on the Internet," she said. "You can
find out about most anything on there."

Kim went to a search site and asked, "What should we search on?"

"Let's try 'S&M' Kim," Lisa said. "Or maybe 'bondage', we should be
able to find some sites to look at."

Kim typed the word bondage into the search box and waited for the
computer to return the results. When the search engine returned
thousands of hits, the girls giggled.

"There must be a million places to look on here," Kim said.

Moving through the list, the girls selected a sight that looked
promising. They found a glossary of terms listed on the site and
navigated to it. For the next hour, the four naked girls huddled
around the monitor reading all they could find on the subject.

"I would have never guessed that an entire sub-culture like this
existed," Megan said. "I'm not all that naïve, but this is mind

"No shit Megan, this is wild!" Lisa added. "After reading about
this stuff, I guess it's bondage & discipline that interests me, or
maybe dominance & submission, but I don't know about the S&M stuff.
I mean, sadism & masochism just sounds a little scary."

"Oh I don't know," Sally said, remembering the night she and Tom had
played with spanking. "I think it could be okay if your partner knew
your limits."

"Maybe Sally," Lisa said. "I would worry about being hurt or
feeling too much pain."

"Have you ever tried anything like that Sally?" Kim asked.

"Um, yes I have," Sally replied. "One night Tom and I were messing
around and he spanked me. It was so fucking hot that I almost had an
orgasm from him slapping my bare ass."

"Didn't it hurt?" Lisa asked.

"A little," Sally replied. "He only spanked me as hard as I asked
him to, in fact, I had to ask him to do it harder."

"How does you know what your limits are, and how do you tell someone
else?" Megan asked.

"It talks about a 'safeword' on here," Kim said as she pointed to
the monitor. "It says that a 'safeword' is a word that you and your
partner agree to before messing around and it is the only word that
will make the other person stop immediately, no mater what. It also
says you should pick a word that wouldn't come up while you are

"That makes sense," Lisa said. "That way you can feel safe and know
that nothing is going to happen that you don't want to happen."

"It also says that there can be more than one safeword," Kim
continued as she read on. "One that means the action is getting too
intense and another to mean stop immediately. That way you can slow
things down without stopping. It says the universal safeword is
'safeword', and everyone that does this kind of thing knows that."

"Maybe we should pick a safeword," Megan said. "You know, incase we
ever want to try something like this again."

"I agree with Megan," Lisa giggled. "I know I want to do it again,
and soon. I can't wait to hear what the guys have to say after they
see out little home movie."

"Okay, what are we going to use as our safewords? I think we should
have one for stop and one for slow down, just like it said on that
site," Sally said. "How about mellow-yellow for slow down and just
safeword for stop?"

The girls talked about the words Sally suggested and decided they
would work. Kim began to click on links from the site she was on as
they continued to talk. She came to site that advertised adult toys
and leather goods. As she maneuvered to the different sections, one
caught her eye.

"Come look at what I found," Kim said. "Toys for B&D and stuff."

The girls looked at the items displayed on the screen. Kim went
from page to page as they made silly comments about the different
devices offered. When Kim found a page that displayed a bondage kit,
she stopped surfing.

"Look at this kit they have," Kim said. "It has almost everything
you need to get started. Maybe we should order one."

"Maybe we should order four of them," Sally said as she looked at
the contents of the kit. "It has two leather wrist cuffs, two
leather ankle cuffs, four tie-downs, a collar and a blindfold.
That's everything the modern mistress needs to control her man."

Lisa giggled, and said, "Or a master to control his slave."

The girls watched as Kim clicked on different pages, giggling at
what they saw. When they began to look at some of the unique leather
and latex clothing, Megan gasped.

"Who in the world designs this stuff," Megan asked. "Some of these
things look like they are right out of the nineteenth century. Look
at that getup."

The four girls stared at an outfit that was made up of a series of
leather straps, metal rings, and elastic. The garment had leather
half-cups that went under the breasts and straps that ran up to a
collar to provide support. The bottom half of the harness was a
group of leather straps designed to run between and around the
wearer's legs.

"That looks pretty wild," Sally said. 'Do they have it in my size?"

"From the looks of the thing, one size harnesses all," Kim giggled.

After viewing many additional pages, the girls decided to purchase
four of the restraint kits and four leather adjustable cock-rings.
Kim charged the items to her credit card and ordered express
shipping. She exited the sight, turned off the computer, and joined
the others on the bed.

Is anyone else ready for a lotion massage?" Kim asked.

"I think I need a cold shower first," Megan replied with a grin.
"Looking at all that stuff has me all worked up."

Kim giggled and said, "Let's go back to my mom's room, we can all
fit on her bed."

The girls went to the master bedroom and waited on the bed for Kim
to get the bottle of lotion from the bathroom. They heard the water
running and saw Kim walk in after several minutes. She sat on the
bed and placed the lotion on the nightstand.

"What took you so long?" Lisa asked.

"I warmed the lotion in hot water," Kim said. "Megan and Lisa
should lay down and Sally and I will do you two first."

Megan and Lisa stretched out on the bed, lying on their stomachs.
Kim took the lotion, poured a large amount into the palm of her hand,
and handed the bottle to Sally. Sally also poured the warm lotion
into her hand and the two younger girls began to apply it to Megan
and Lisa's backs.

"I'm going to really enjoy this," Megan moaned as Kim spread the
lotion over her skin. "It feels good already."

The room filled with the aroma of the fragrant lotion and the sounds
of Megan and Lisa's soft moans. Kim and Sally slowly coved the two
girls' backs and worked their way down to their bottoms.
Jack pulled his truck into the driveway at Tom's house and parked
near the garage door. The four boys climbed out of the truck and
went into the house.

"That was a great game," Paul said. "It is the first time I've ever
been to a hockey game."

"Yeah, me too," Jack said. "It was really cool. Megan's dad got us
great seats."

"Speaking of great seats," Tom chuckled. "I wonder what the girls are up to."

"They're probably sitting around talking about clothes or something
lame like that," Brad said. "You know how girls are."

The boys laughed and went into the kitchen to search for something
to eat. Tom took ham, cheese, and bread out and set the things on
the counter. They all made sandwiches, took sodas and went into the
family room to eat.

"What the hell is this?" Tom said as he picked up the wrapped
package that was leaning against the television.

Tom opened the makeshift card, read it to himself, and then out
loud. "It says, 'to our favorite guys in the whole world, just to
let you know we are thinking of you'," Tom said. "It's from the

"Open it up and let's see what's in there," Jack said with his mouth
half full of food.

Tom pulled the wrapping paper off the videotape and held it up for
the others to see.

"I wonder what the hell that is," Paul said.

"It's a video tape you dope," Brad replied. "Haven't you ever seen
one before?"

"I know it's a video tape you shit head," Paul shot back at his
brother. "I meant I wonder what's on it."

Jack and Tom laughed as the two twins tried to put each other down.
Tom finished his sandwich, got up, and went to the television. He
put the tape into the VCR, turned it and the television on, and
picked up the remote control.

"Why don't we just watch the tape," Tom said as he sat down next to
Jack on the couch. "My guess it is something the girls cooked up as
a joke."

"No doubt," Jack said. "Our sisters have a very strange sense of
humor at times."

Tom started the VCR and waited for an image to appear. When the
boys saw Kim lifting her shirt and shaking her breasts at the camera,
Jack said, "I told you guys."

The four boys watched as the other girls bared their breasts and
wiggled them. They began to make curt remarks as the girls turned
around and showed their bottoms.

"Holly shit!" Paul said. "What are they doing?"

As the action on the television began to become more provocative,
the boys quit talking and stared at the screen. They watched as the
girls began to fool around and touch each other. When Megan, Sally,
and Kim started to tie Lisa to the bed, they all gasped in unison.

"What are they doing to our sister?" Brad said to Paul.

"They are going to tie her up Brad," Paul replied as he began to rub
his crotch. "This is giving me a hard-on."

"Me too," Brad said. "Why don't we go over there and fuck them."

"We can't," Jack said. "My parents said we can't go to my house
until Sunday."

Tom rubbed his hardening penis through his jeans as he stared at his
girlfriend tied to the bed. He could see her vulva and breasts as
well as the other naked girls. Tom unfastened his belt and jeans,
pulled down his zipper, and put his hands into his shorts.

Jack noticed what Tom was doing and opened his slacks. Being a bit
more brazen, he pulled his erection out into the open and began to
stroke it. The twins saw what the older boys were up to and in an
instant, they both had their jeans around their ankles.

The four boys sat watching the video and stroking their penises.
When Megan began to lower her crotch to Lisa's mouth, Brad let out a

"She is going to eat Megan's pussy," Brad said with a labored sound
to his voice. "I didn't know she liked that."

Tom and Jack both chuckled, knowing that their sisters had a way of
making things happen that normally wouldn't. When Kim moved her face
between Lisa's legs and began to lap at her, Paul spoke up.

"Do they all like girls too?" Paul asked.

"I know that Kim and Sally like girls," Tom said. "They love cock,
but they don't mind eating pussy either. What the fuck, does it
matter to you who sucks your cock? Have you two boys ever messed
around with each other?"

None of the boys took their eyes off the television or their hands
off their penises as they talked.

"What do you mean Tom?" Brad asked.

"You know what he means," Jack replied. "Have you two ever sucked on each other's cocks?"

"Well, um…I guess so," Brad said as he watched Kim pushing the
vibrator in and out of Sally as his girlfriend ate his sister.

"You guess so," Tom said. "Don't you know if you did or didn't? If
you did and you don't remember, you guys must not be very good at it."

They listened to Lisa beg the other girls to make her cum and
watched Kim push the vibrator into her crotch. They could hear Lisa
screaming out, asking to be taken. Paul felt his testicles begin to
tighten and quickly removed his hand.

"We're not gay Tom," Paul said.

"No one said you were," Jack said. "We just asked a simple
question, that's all. Do you think the girls are lesbians because of
what they are doing?"

"No, I guess not, I mean they all like to fuck us, so they like boys too," Brad said as he removed his hand from his member in order to
keep from ejaculating.

When the video finished, they all sat and mulled Kim's comments at
the end. Tom and Jack were still slowly moving their hands over
their rigid shafts.

"Let's rewind it and watch it again," Paul said as he returned his
hand to his penis.

Tom picked up the remote control, began to rewind the tape, and
said, "I wonder what Kim meant when she asked if it gave us any
ideas. I wonder if the girls want to be tied up by us."

"I think they would rather tie us up," Brad said. "Tie us up and
fuck our brains out."

"I don't really know what she was referring to," Jack said. "I'm
going to find out though. I wish we didn't have to stay away from
them, I could sure go for a goods blowjob right about now."

"Me too," Paul giggled. "I'd love to have Kim's mouth around my

"You like to have anyone's mouth on your dick Paul," Brad replied.

"Yeah, so what?" Paul snapped back. "Why, do you want to blow

"Shut up asshole," Brad said.

Tom and Jack laughed at the brothers as they kibitzed with each other.

"You can blow me if you don't want to do it to Paul," Tom said to

"Fuck you Tom!" Brad replied.

"I don't know if I'd like that Brad," Tom chuckled.

Brad's face turned red and he looked down at the floor. Paul
giggled as Tom and Jack tried to figure out what was going on. Jack
shifted his gaze between the twins and then began to laugh.

"Holly shit!" Jack said. "You two have fucked each other!"

"Really?" Tom said as he turned to look at the two younger boys.
"Have you guys really fucked each other's ass?"

"Once," Paul lied. "We wanted to know what it was like to fuck
somebody so we did it to each other."

Tom restarted the video and the boys watched the girls perform for
the second time. They all had their pants off now and were rubbing
themselves as they studied the screen as they continued their

Tom's voice turned from laughter to serious. "What was it like?"

"It's okay," Brad replied, quickly adding, "But not as good as pussy."

Tom and Jack both knew what it was like to have their penises
stuffed into a rectum, but neither of them ever thought about having
one in them. They watched the action unfolding on the screen and
increased their masturbation.

"Did it hurt?" Jack asked as he stared at the television.

"A little, at first," Paul said.

"Yeah, but then it felt kind of good," Brad added.

"Have you guys ever done anything with each other?" Paul asked Jack
and Tom.

"Yes," Tom quietly admitted. "Only with our mouths and hands
though. We've never fucked each other."

Paul got a big grin on his face, and said, "Want to try it?"

"Try what?" Jack said. "Fucking you in the ass?"

"If you want to," Paul said. "Or I'll do it to you."

Jack's penis jumped in his had as he thought about Paul's
proposition. He let go of his shaft and sat back on the couch. He
cleared his throat, blinked his eyes a couple of times, and then
looked over at Tom.

"No one but us would ever have to know," Brad said as he got off the
couch and moved towards Tom. "You might even like it. You might
like having someone's cock up your ass."

Brad knelt on the floor in front of Tom and stared at his rigid
penis. He watched Tom's hand slowly travel from the base to the head
and back. Brad moved closer, put his hands on Tom's thighs, and
looked up at him.

"I don't know about this Brad," Tom said, remembering the feeling of
Megan's finger in his rectum and the pleasure it provided him.

Jack and Paul watched Brad reach up, wrap his fingers around Tom's
penis, and take over the gently stroking. Tom tried to push the
younger boy's hand away, but Brad resisted and kept pumping.

"It's too bad we don't have my video camera," Jack said. "We could
make a tape for the girls."

"That would be so cool," Paul giggled as he scooted next to Jack.
"My sister would love to see her brother jacking off her boyfriend."

"She might like to see this too," Brad said, and he leaned over and
covered Tom's penis with his mouth as his hand continued to stroke it.

Jack and Paul stared at Brad, as he took more and more of Tom into
his mouth. Tom placed his hands on the sides of Brad's head to pull
him away, but stopped when he felt his tongue swirl around the
bulbous head. Groaning in pleasure, Tom laid his head back and began
to enjoy the sensation of Brad's mouth and tongue.

Paul slipped off the couch, knelt between Jack's legs, and began to
suck on his penis. The twin brothers worked their mouths over the
older boys members as they sat on the couch and moaned their
approval. Paul bobbed his head on Jack, took too much into his
throat, and began to gag. He backed off the salvia-covered shaft,
took it in his hand, and looked up at Jack as he stroked him.

Releasing Jack's penis from his hand, Paul got up and left the room.
Jack watched Paul disappear around the corner, wondering where he was
going. When he returned to the family room, Paul was carrying a jar
of petroleum jelly. He sat on the floor and invited Jack to join him.

When Brad saw Jack stand up out of the corner of his eye, he removed
his mouth from Tom's penis to watch. Paul moved in front of Jack,
took his penis back into his mouth, and resumed his oral stimulation.
Jack closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and shuddered as he felt
Paul start to massage his testicles with one hand. Paul's other hand
worked the lid off the jar and he dipped his fingers into the
yellowish jelly.

"Jack is going to really love this," Brad said quietly to Tom. "Do
you want to try it too?"

Tom shrugged his shoulders and stood up. Brad reached for the
petroleum jelly, coated two of his fingers, and took Tom's penis into
his mouth. Looking at his cousin, Tom saw Paul place his slick
fingers between Jack's buttocks and begin to smear the lubricant
between his cheeks. Jack's eyes sprang open when he felt Paul's
finger massaging the tight opening of his rectum and he let out a
yelp as the digit penetrated him.

Brad was also working his slimy finger into Tom's rectum as he
gently mouthed his penis. When Tom's sphincter muscles tightened
around his finger, Brad stopped pressing into him and waited for Tom
to relax. The two twins knelt side-by-side in front of Tom and Jack,
each with a penis in their mouth and a finger in the boys' anuses.
Tom and Jack groaned in pleasure as their rectums were being stretched.

Paul began to slowly pump his finger in and out of Jack's tight
rectum as he continued to savor the feeling of the hard penis between
his lips. When Paul added a second finger to his rectum and pushed
the pair deep into his bowels, Jack pushed his butt back against the

Tom began to pump his penis in and out of Brad's sucking mouth as he
too felt a second finger being pushed into his anus. When Brad felt
Tom start to swell in his mouth, he pulled off his penis and began to
wiggle his fingers.

"Feels good doesn't it Tom," Brad said as he watched the hard penis
dancing near his face. "Do you like the feeling of my fingers up
your ass and you dick in my mouth?"

"Fuck yes!" Tom shouted at Brad, taking his head in his hands and
guiding him back to his throbbing member. "Suck my cock! Suck my
cock and fuck my asshole. I'm almost ready to cum Brad. You had
better watch it or I'll do it in your fucking mouth!"

Brad took Tom's penis back into his mouth and clamped his lips
around the hard shaft. He pushed his fingers as deep as he could
into Tom's bowels and began to apply suction. Tom reached behind
himself, grabbed his cheeks, and spread his buttocks open so Brad
could go deeper.

"Fucking A!" Jack cried out as Paul twisted his fingers in his
quivering rectum. "I'm going to cum!"

Paul found Jack's prostrate and pressed against the gland with his
fingertips. Jack felt every muscle in his body contract as Paul
worked his fingers in his bowels. Suddenly, Jack felt his penis
explode into Paul's mouth and felt his legs getting weak. He put his
hands on Paul's shoulders to support himself and he sent several
intense spurts of semen into his still sucking mouth. Paul tried in
vain to swallow Jack's offering and a trickle of cum ran out of the
corners of his mouth. When Jack's penis stopped pulsing and his
strong ejaculation diminished, Paul opened his mouth to breath.

Jack felt his knees begin to wobble and he lowered himself to the
floor. As he knelt down, Paul's fingers pulled free of his rectum.

Glancing at his cousin and Brad, Jack saw the younger boys cheeks
swell as Tom sent the first jets of his load into his mouth. Paul
also watched as his brother sucked and swallowed Tom's semen and used
his tongue to collect the remains of Jack's cum from the edges of his

Tom's eyes were squeezed shut and his mouth gaped open as Brad held
his fingers deep in his rectum and sucked the last of his cum out of
his penis. Grabbing Brad's head, Tom pushed him off his overly
sensitive member and wiggled away from his hand. Tom dropped to his
knees and tried to catch his breath and Brad sat back on his heals
and smiled.

The twins looked at each other, grinned, and Paul picked up the jar
of lubricant. He pulled a glob of the jelly out of the jar with his
fingers, handed the jar to his brother, and began to apply it to his
rigid penis. Brad mimicked his brother's action and soon both boys were sliding their hands over their members.

"Now it's our turn," Brad said. "We're going to fuck you two in the

Jack leaned forward and stuck his bottom up as Paul moved behind
him. Tom started to protest, but surrendered as Brad pushed him onto
all fours.

Jack and Tom knelt on the floor and rested their upper bodies on
their forearms. Jack's head was at Tom's hips and Tom's at Jacks.
Looking up, Jack watched Brad position himself behind Tom, take his
slimy penis into his hand, and point it at Tom's slightly stretched
anus. He heard Tom groan as Brad pressed his penis into his rectum,
and then felt Paul pressing against his own.

"Go slow Paul," Jack groaned as he felt the increased pressure
against his rectum.

Paul held Jack's hip with one hand as he guided his member into his
anus with the other. When he felt the head of his penis enter Jack's
rectum, he paused to allow Jack to relax. Jack folded his arms, laid
his head on them and tried to accept the feeling of Paul's penis in
him. Paul removed his hand from his shaft, grabbed Jack's other hip,
and slowly began to move.

"Fuck that hurts!" Tom said as Brad sank into his bowels.

Brad stopped moving for a moment and waited for the tight ring of
muscles to relax. When he felt the grip on his penis lessen, he
moved forward, slipping another inch or so into Tom's rectum.

"You're so tight and hot Tom," Brad said as he slowly with drew and
pushed in again.

"No shit," Paul said. "So is Jack.

Jack and Tom became accustom to the feeling of having their anuses
stretched and soon were enjoying the feeling. Tom glanced under his
cousin and saw that Jack's penis was beginning to swell as he and
Paul started to develop a rhythm. Tom could feel his penis come to
life as Brad slowly moved in and out of his rectum, his hips slapping
against his upturned bottom.

"Do you want a reach around Tom?" Brad asked.

"What's a reach around?" Tom said.

"This is a reach around," Brad replied as he reached under Tom, took
his penis into his hand, and began to stroke it.

Tom groaned at the sensation of having his rectum filled and his
penis stroked at the same time. Brad picked up the speed of his
movements and began driving his penis into Tom's bowels as he pumped
his hard shaft.

Paul also took hold of Jack's penis and began to jack him off as he
pounded his penis deep into his bowels. Jack closed his eyes and
breathed heavily through his mouth as Paul continued to slide is
penis in and out of Jack's well-stretched anus. When Paul slammed
his member into his rectum, as far as he could, and squeezed his
penis, Jack knew he was filling his bowels with his semen.

Falling backwards, Paul's penis pulled out of Jack's anus with a
popping sound. Jack stayed in his bent over position and listened to
Paul breathing behind him. He looked over at his cousin and watched
as Brad emptied his seed into Tom. When Brad was spent, he pulled
away from Tom and sat back.

Tom rolled onto his side, facing Jack, and stared at his cousin's
rigid penis as it bobbed with his breathing. He reached out, wrapped
his fingers around the shaft, and slowly began to stroke him.

Jack lowered himself to the floor, rolled onto his side, and
returned the favor for Tom. Paul and Brad watched as the two cousins
rubbed their hands over the other's members and grinned. When Jack
took Tom into his mouth and started to suck on his penis, Tom groaned
and did the same thing to Jack.

The twins got up and headed to the bathroom to clean themselves up,
leaving Jack and Tom alone. Jack removed Tom from his mouth and
pumped him slowly as Tom rubbed the underside of his penis with his

"That really feels great Tom," Jack said.

Tom moaned around the throbbing shaft, sending vibrations through
Jack's body. He took more of Jack's penis into his mouth and felt it
against the opening of his throat. After gagging for a moment, Tom
pressed forward and allowed the head of his cousin's penis to enter
the restricted opening. Jack let out a loud groan, took Tom back
into his mouth, and suckled the spongy helmet shaped head. Tom
bucked his hips and drove his member into Jack's mouth, causing him
to choke.

When Tom began to pull his penis back, Jack followed him with his
head, keeping Tom's shaft deep in his mouth. The two began to hump
their hips, sliding their penises in and out of the other's mouth,
and moaned in pleasure. Jack felt his testicles begin to tighten and
removed his mouth to warn Tom. When Tom didn't stop, Jack took him
back into his mouth.

The first surge of semen hit the top of Tom's mouth as Jack began to
cum. He felt several more, less intense spurts, and then also began
to ejaculate, sending his cum into Jack's mouth. When they both were
finished they pulled away from one another and sat up. Paul and Brad
were sitting on the couch and grinned when Tom and Jack glanced up at

Jack found his slacks and pulled them on. When the other boys saw
what he was doing, they also got dressed.

"Maybe next time we can make a tape like the girls did," Paul said.

Tom smiled and replied, "Yeah, maybe we can."

Picking up the remote control, Tom rewound the tape. None of the
boys had spent any time watching it the second time it played.

"You want to watch it again?" Tom asked.

"Not right now," Jack replied.

Tom turned on the television and they all sat back to see what was
on. As Tom flipped through the channels, the telephone rang. Tom
tossed the remote to Paul and got up to answer the phone.

Tom picked up the receiver and said, "hello."

"Oh hi Sally, what's up?" Tom said.
"Your hands feel so good on my ass," Megan said as Kim rubbed lotion
into her firm globes.

"Spread you legs Megan," Kim said. "I want to do your thighs now."

Megan opened her legs and Kim applied more lotion to her soft flesh.
She spread it over her thighs and down to the crook of her knees,
avoiding her crotch. After Kim had applied the lotion to her legs
and feet, she told Megan to roll over so she could do her front.

Sally was straddling Lisa's hips and massaging lotion into her
breasts. She worked her way down her stomach and rubbed the
substance over Lisa's mons. When she was finished, Sally lay down on
her stomach and waited for Lisa to do her.

Megan and Kim also switched places. Megan poured some lotion onto
Kim and began to rub it in.

"I wonder if the guys have watched the tape yet," Kim said.

"I don't know," Sally replied. "They haven't called us yet."

Lisa's hands covered Sally's bottom with the lotion as she knelt
over her. She moved her hands between Sally's legs and began to move
up towards her sex, massaging the lotion into her skin.

"Why didn't you put lotion on my pussy?" Lisa asked.

Sally giggled, and said, "I didn't think it would taste good."

Lisa quickly pulled her hands away from Sally's crotch and continued
to coat her legs. Megan heard what Sally had said and avoided
getting any lotion on Kim's vulva. When Lisa and Megan were
finished, they stretched out next to Sally and Kim.

"Do you guys think I should call over to my house and see what the
boys are up to?" Sally asked.

"Why not," Kim replied. "I'm just dying to know what they thought
about our little movie."

Sally reached over to the nightstand, picked up the telephone, and
dialed the number for her house.

"Hi Tom, it's Sally."

"What are you and the other guys doing?"

"Really, hold on a minute, I want to put you on the speakerphone."

Sally pushed a button on the telephone and hung up the handset.

"Okay Tom, now everyone can hear you. So, what are you guys watching on television?"

"We're watching a movie, The Terminator."

"That's cool Tom, did you guys have a good time at the hockey game?"

"Yeah, it was really great! We had really good seats and we won
too. What have you guys been doing tonight?"

"Not too much, we had a really good dinner, Lisa is a great cook.
Then we sat in the hot tub for a while and just messed around…you
know girl stuff."

"Yeah, I know. Is Lisa there by you, or is she still tied up?"

The girls, as well as Tom, all broke out in laughter. They had
trouble calming down and being quiet enough for Sally to talk.

"So you found our little surprise?" Sally said.

"Yeah, we found it Sally, it was really hot!"

"We thought you guys would like it. Did Jack and the twins like it

"Yeah they did, Brad and Paul had no idea that their sister liked to
be tied up."

"Neither did she," Sally said, looking at the other girls and
watching them try to contain their laughter.

"Hey Lisa," Tom shouted into the phone.

"Hi baby, how are you doing," Lisa replied.

"I'm great honey, but I think your brothers want Jack and I to take
them to the store tomorrow."

"Oh really, for what?" Lisa said.

"Rope," Tom said. "I think you gave them some very strange ideas."

"I did huh, well you can tell those little perverts to just forget
it. If anyone else ties me up, it's going to be you."

"Hey Tom," Kim said.

"What Kim?"

"We were kind of hoping all of you guys would get some strange ideas."

The girls listened to Tom telling the other boys what was being
said. They laughed when they heard Jack in the background say, "I
don't know how strange they are, but it gave me some ideas."

"Okay," Sally said. "You guys have a good night and we will see you
on Sunday."

"We can't wait, we all miss you," Tom replied. "I wish we could
come over right now."

"We wish you guys could come over too," Lisa said. "I really miss

"I miss you too Lisa, but it looks like your being taken care of."

"I was thinking about you Tom," Lisa said. "I want you to get taken
care of too."

"You don't have to worry about me or the other guys, we're just fine."

The girls heard the boys laughing and making comments they couldn't

"Okay guys," Sally said. "We'll talk to you later. Maybe you can
call us tomorrow or something."

"Will do Sally. Goodnight all."

They girls all yelled goodnight and Sally hung up the phone.

"Well, I guess they enjoyed watching me be tied up and you guys messing around with me" Lisa chuckled.

"It sure sounded like it to me," Megan said. "I wonder what Tom
meant when he said they were just fine. Do you guys think they
played with themselves while they watched the video?"

"I guess," Kim said.

"If I know my brothers they did more than just play with their
dicks," Lisa said. "I'll bet there was a lot more going on that that."

Kim and Sally giggled and nodded. Megan sat up, folded her legs,
and looked at Lisa.

"Do you think they touched each other?" Megan asked.

"I think they probably did more than just touch each other," Lisa
giggled. "They were most likely sucking and fucking each other."

Megan wrinkled her face in disgust as she imagined what the boys might have been doing.

"That sounds so…so," Megan stammered.

"Gay?" Kim said.

Megan nodded her head as the other girls giggled.

"Why do you say that?" Sally said. "Don't you like it when we fool

"Of course I do," Megan replied. "It's just seems different when I
think about the guys doing something like that."

"It isn't any different Megan," Kim said. "I think it's sexy to see
two guys messing around. It doesn't make them gay anymore than it
does us, when we do it."

"You've seen two guys messing around?" Megan said. "Who?"

"I watched my two brothers give each other blowjobs before," Lisa
said. "Kim's right, it's hot to watch a cock in a guy's mouth."

Kim and Sally both nodded, agreeing with Lisa. Megan shook her head
as she tried to sort out her feelings. She turned to Kim, and said,
"You've seen it too?"

"Yup," Kim said, and proceeded to tell about the time she and Sally
watched Tom and Jack.

"What do you guys want to do tomorrow?" Sally asked, trying to
change the subject.

"I don't know," Megan said. "Do you think Crystal and Yuko will
come over?"

Kim shrugged her shoulders, and said, "Who know, I guess it all
depends on Yuko's parents."

"Maybe we can go to the mall and do some shopping," Sally offered.
"We haven't done that in a while. In fact, it seems that the only
thing we do together is have sex or workout. We need to get a life."

"What's wrong with sex?" Kim said. "I happen to like it."

"Me too Kim, but not all the time. I want to do other things too.
When was the last time anyone went to a movie or just us girls have
gone out to eat?" Sally asked. "We always seem to end up with
something stuffed in our pussies or our mouths. I want to try some
new things."

"We are taking the boating class Sally," Megan said.

"True, but there has to be other stuff to do. Lisa has her
photography and cooking, what do the rest of have to do?" Sally

"I could teach you guys to cook," Lisa said. "Megan knows how to
sew, maybe we could learn that too."

"I didn't know you could sew Megan," Kim said. "Do you make your
own clothes?"

Megan nodded, and said, "I use to sew a lot, until I met you guys.
I haven't made anything in a long time."

"See what I mean," Sally said. "We started having sex and now we
don't do dick."

"Yes we do Sally," Lisa giggled. "Isn't that what you're
complaining about, the fact that we do too much dick."

The four girls laughed out loud at Lisa's cute remark. Sally shook
her head as they sat naked on the bed laughing.

"I never said I was doing too much dick," Sally said. "I just said
we should do something else too. I don't want to stop sucking and
fucking, or eating pussy. I just don't want it to be the only thing
I do."

"I'm getting tired," Kim said. "I need to get some sleep."

"You're right Kim," Megan said. "Who's going to sleep where?"

"Couldn't we all just sleep here tonight?" Lisa asked. "The bed is
big enough for everyone and I think it would be nice."

"That's fine by me," Kim said as she reached for the lamp on the
nightstand and turned it off.

The four girls settled into the bed, pulled the covers up over them,
and told each other goodnight. Lisa snuggled up to Sally, put her
arm around her, and closed her eyes. Rolling over and facing Lisa,
Sally found her lips and kissed her. The two girls moved together
and held each other, lightly stroking the other's skin.

Megan lay on her back and Kim scooted against her. She put her head
on Megan's chest and smiled in the darkness when she felt the
redhead's arm go around her shoulders and pull her close. Megan
kissed Kim's forehead and whispered goodnight again. Kim put her arm
over Megan's chest, covered her breast with her hand and gently
squeezed and released the pliable flesh.

Kim closed her eyes and was drifting off to sleep when the phone
rang and startled her. Groping in the dark, Kim located the phone,
picked up the receiver, and said, "hello."

"Hi mom," Kim said. "How are you and dad doing in New York?"


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