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The Lottery Part 7


"The Lottery" - Part 7 (ff, mm, oral, inc, con)

The next morning, Kim woke up and got out of bed.
She saw the sunlight streaming in through the parted
drapes. Looking at the clock, she saw the time was
10am. Kim went to the door that lead to the balcony
and walked outside. Looking at the lake, she saw the
boat was missing. She went back into the bedroom and
shook Sally.

"Wake up," She said, "It's 10 o'clock, and the guys went fishing with out us."

Sally stirred and sat up.

"What did you say Kim?"

Kim told her that they had over slept and their
brothers had left without them.

Kim went into the bathroom and started the shower.
She entered the large shower stall and stood under the
warm spray. Taking the shampoo, she poured some into
her hand. She stared at the creamy white, thick liquid that sat in a small puddle in her hand. She
took her fingers and stirred the substance. She had a
vision of her mother and her aunt, their faces
splattered and dripping with her father and uncle's
hot cum.

Kim tried to clear her thoughts as she spread the
shampoo through her hair. While standing there, with
the suds cascading down her back and breasts, she
heard her cousin enter the bathroom.

"I think I need a trim," Sally called to Kim, "I am
starting to get a little stubble on my pussy and

Kim put her hands on the inside of her thighs and
slid them up to the point where her tan legs met. She
flattened her palm over her vagina and rubbed it

"Me too," she said, "Bring the razor and shaving gel
and get in here."

Sally stepped into the shower with the items in hand,
setting them on the shelf. Kim placed her hands on
Sally's hips and guided her under the warm water.

Kim stood in front of Sally watching the water wet
her hair. Sally leaned her head back, allowing the
water to run over her face and down her breasts. Kim
poured another gob of the shampoo into her hand.

Sally cleared her eyes as Kim said, "What does this
remind you of?"

Sally looked at Kim's palm as she pulled some of the
thick liquid up with her free hand, letting it drip
back into her hand. Sally giggled and said, "Put some
on your face and tits and I will lick it off for

The two wet naked teens laughed as Kim stepped
forward and applied the shampoo to her cousin's hair.
Kim used both hands to rub Sally's hair and form a
thick lather. As she washed Sally's hair, their
breasts rubbed gently together. The two girls could
feel their nipples harden as the protrusions came in
contact. Kim moved Sally under the shower and rinsed
her hair.

Kim picked up the bar of soap and began to rub it
over Sally's shoulders, she moved down each arm,
washing it thoroughly. Kim moved the bar to her
cousin's breast and soaped them gently. She set the
soap in the holder and used her bare hands to cover
Sally's chest with suds. Kim paid special attention
to Sally's breasts and nipples. Once they were
completely washed, Kim remover the spray head and
rinsed Sally completely.

Free of soap, Kim bent over, took one of Sally's firm
nipples between her lips, and sucked it gently. She
caught the nipple in her teeth and rolled it back and
forth as she probed it with her tongue. Sally moaned
in pleasure as her cousin sucked as much of her breast into her mouth as she could. Sally put her hands
behind Kim's head and held her tight to her chest.
Kim reached between her cousin's legs and rubbed her
hand over her hairless pussy. She parted Sally's
vaginal lips and inserted a finger deep into her. As
she pumped in and out of the wet hole, she rubbed
Sally's clit with her thumb. Sally moaned and gyrated
her lower body against Kim's hand.

Once Kim felt that Sally was nearing an orgasm, she
released her breast and picked up the soap. Sally
stood in a daze, and then shook her head.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked Kim.

Kim renewed her effort to bathe her cousin, rubbing
the slippery bar of soap over Sally's stomach and down
to her crotch.

"I'm just washing you," Kim smirked.

She knelt in front of Sally, washing her legs and
vaginal area, being careful not to pay too much
attention to her over-heated pussy. As Kim stood up,
Sally pulled her tight to her body, placing her mouth
over Kim's. She pushed her tongue past Kim's teeth
and probed her mouth.

Kim pushed her away, saying, "We will never get you
clean if you keep that up." She turned Sally around
and washed her back. When she worked her way down to
Sally's ass, Sally bent over presenting herself to
Kim. Kim just ignored her and continued to soap the
back of her cousin's legs. Again Kim took the
showerhead and rinsed all of the foaming soap off
Sally's body.

"Just what are you up to?" Sally asked, "Do you
think you can get me all worked up and just stop?"

"All day, until you beg for it."

Sally placed her hands on her waist atop her bare
hips, tilted her head to the side, and said. "Well
turn about is fair play!"

She pushed Kim back, forcing her to sit on the bench
at the back of the shower stall. She dropped to her
knees and pulled her teen cousin's legs over each of
her shoulders. As she moved her face into Kim's
crotch Sally reached up and grabbed each of Kim's
nipples between her thumb and forefinger, pinching
them firmly.

Sally pressed her face into Kim's sex, lapping
between the hot bloated lips of her pussy. She shoved
her tongue deep into the hot cavern of Kim's vagina,
rubbing her nose against her clitoris. Sally release
a nipple and found the bar of soap, as her tongue was
plunging in and out of Kim's hole. Sally rubbed the
end of the bar of soap between the cheeks of Kim's
firm ass.

Sally dropped the soap on the shower stall floor and
used her fingers to replace it. Kim was starting to
moan deeply. She placed the tip of her middle finger
over the tight rosebud of Kim's anus and rubbed
gently. Kim was starting to oscillate her hips and
hump against Sally's relentless tongue, when the young girl pressed her finger solidly against her pucker.
Her finger slipped into Kim to the first knuckle.

Kim's loud moan was half pain and half pleasure.
Sally moved her finger back and forth slowly as Kim
bounced about on the hard bench. While Kim was moving
uncontrollably, Sally's finger slid all the way into
her rectum. Kim felt like the intruding digit was
clear up into her body. As she started to shudder
with the orgasm building deep within her, Sally
removed her finger and mouth, she let go of her
sensitive nipple, and stood up.

Kim sat on the bench breathing hard. Her hand went
to her clit to finish the job her cousin had started.
Just as she touched her hooded little clitoris, Sally
grabbed the showerhead, turned the hot water off and
directed it at her cousin. Kim shrieked and stood up
trying to escape the chilling spray. Sally turned the
water away from Kim and readjusted it to a comfortable

Kim, still trying to catch her breath, looked at her
cousin. She started to smile, and said, "Well, I
guess I deserved that!"

"Yup," was Sally's reply. Then she added, as she
rubbed her chin, "You need a shave." Both girls laughed and hugged each other.

While they embraced, Kim said, "Sally!"

"Yes?" her cousin said softly.

"That was awesome!"

"What?" Sally asked.

"When you put your finger in my butt," Kim whispered,
"I have never felt anything like it before."

The two fourteen-year-old girls stood in the spray of
the shower, gently caressing one another for a few

Kim said, "We better finish up before the water turns
cold. I know you wouldn't like it."

Again the girls laughed and proceeded to shave their
legs and crotches. They took care of each other in
the areas they couldn't see for themselves. The two
dried off and returned to their bedroom.

"What do you want to do today?" Sally asked.

Kim pointed at the light skin that was concealed by
her bikini, and said, "I would like to even this up."

Sally looked at her body and agreed with her. The
two girls took the small white bikinis from their
hiding place, and put them on. Kim wrapped a short
denim skirt around her waist and tied the string that
held it in place. Sally selected a pair of white
short shorts and pulled them up over the bottom of her
suit. Sally looked at herself in the mirror, and then
removed the small top, putting it into her beach bag.
She retrieved the more conservative top that her
mother had insisted she buy and put on.

"Why did you do that? Kim inquired.

"I don't want my mom to see me in that top."

"That's a good idea," Kim said, replacing her top
with the blue and black striped one she had purchased
before the trip. The girls gathered their things and
went downstairs to eat breakfast.

Kim found a note from her mother and aunt, explaining
that they had gone to play tennis, their dads were
golfing and the boys were fishing. She wrote that
they would be back about one or so. The girls made a
small breakfast of toast and juice.

The lake was fairly calm as the 27-foot boat moved
along at trolling speed. Jack was watching the lines
and Tom stood as the lookout. The fishing had been
slow all morning, with only one small Coho Salmon in
the cooler.

"Lets pull the lines and have some lunch," Jack told
his cousin.

The two boys reeled in the lures they had been
dragging behind the boat for several hours, brought up
the downriggers, and stored the equipment in its
proper place. Jack turned off the autopilot and
pointed the boat towards shore. He pushed the
throttle forward, bringing the craft on plane. The
five-mile run to shallow water only took a few
minutes. When the depth gage read six feet, Jack
backed off the gas and turned the bow into the gentle
wind. Tom pressed the switch that lowered the anchor
and the boat came to rest.

The boys went to the built in cooler and took out the
fixings for sandwiches. They each opened a soda and
pulled the deck chairs into the open deck area. They
sat eating their lunch when Tom finally brought up the
subject of the previous night.

"I just can't believe our parents," Tom told Jack, "I
would never have thought that they would do such

Jack nodded in agreement, "I guess we owe the girls an apology."

Tom said, "Yes, I suppose so."

The boys finished their lunch and leaned back in the
chairs, absorbing the warm sun. Jack removed his tee
shirt and his shorts, returning to his chair in just a
pair of boxers. After a few minutes, Tom took off his

The boys continued talking about the actions they had
seen their parents engage in. As they sat and
reminisced the things they had seen, Jack started to
become aroused. He reached into the baggy boxers and
rearranged his lengthening penis. Tom was starting to
feel the affects of the conversion also and had to
reach into his shorts to make himself more

"Did you see how our dads fucked our mom's mouths?"
Jack asked his cousin. "They could take it all and it
looked like they were really enjoying it."

Tom asked Jack what it was like to have a mouth on
his cock, referring the episode Jack's sister.

"I am not really sure," he said, "It all happened so
fast that it was over before I knew what was

Jack was now rubbing his fully erect cock,
remembering all of the events over the last weeks. He
pulled the throbbing member out the fly and began to
stroke it in earnest. Tom watched his cousin jacking
off just a couple of feet away. The sight was more
that his teenage hormones could take, so he unzipped
his shorts and copied Jack's actions.

"Jack?" Tom said quietly, "What was it like to have
Kim jack you off I mean you know have someone else
do it to you?"

Jack told Tom it was very exciting, it was like
nothing he had ever felt before.

"You said she kissed you after she sucked you. Did
you taste your own cum?"

"Yes," Jack replied.

Tom went on and asked what it tasted like. Jack
assured him that it was not as bad as he thought it
would be.

Both boys were really feeling the effect of the
discussion, as well as the fondling themselves. Tom
was relentless is his pursuit of all of the details of
Jack's encounter with his sister. Finally Jack had
had enough of the questions. He reached over and took
Tom's hard cock in his hand and started to stroke it
for him.

"This is what it feels like to have someone jack you

Tom couldn't believe what his teenage cousin was
doing to him, but it felt to good to ask him to stop.
Tom laid his head back and closed his eyes as Jack
gently stroked up and down on his erection. Jack felt
the pangs of excitement welling up in side as he felt
the hot, hard cock in his hand. Tom was moving his
hips up off the chair slightly, meeting the movement
of his cousin.

Jack stared at the purple head of the object he held.
He watched as his own hand moved the skin up and down
the shaft. He noticed the pre-cum forming at the
small opening that crowned his cousin's cock.

Tom jumped as he felt Jack's hot wet tongue lick
across the head of his penis, then felt the warmth of
Jack's mouth as he allowed the head to glide past his
lips. Jack could feel the ridge that formed the head
of the throbbing member, he ran his tongue around the
head then down the bottom as he pressed forward and
engulfed more.

Jack had his hand wrapped around Tom's cock,
restricting the amount of meat his cousin's bucking
hips could push in. Jack took his free hand and
placed it on Tom's hip, slowing his movements and
sitting him back into the chair. Jack moved his hand
down to the base of Tom's cock and allowed it to slip
into his throat. Jacks gag reflex caused his throat
to vibrate on the intruder.

"Jack, I am going to cum!" he heard Tom yell.

Jack backed off leaving only the head of thing
resting on his tongue. Jack slid his hand from the
base to his own lips and back. With his fingertips
riding along the bottom of Tom's cock, Jack could feel
the cum move up the length before it shot deep into
his mouth. Jack pulled away and continued to stroke
Tom until his cock stopped spewing its seed.

Tom fell back and tried to catch his breath, Jack sat
motionless on the deck. Once Tom had recovered, he
sat on the deck next to his cousin and took Jack's,
still hard cock in hand and returned the favor. He
stroked Jack about a dozen times when his cousin could
no longer contain himself and started to cum. Tom
lowered his head, wrapped his mouth around the spewing
cock and sucked the remaining cum out of Jack.

The boys sat on the deck for a little while, and then
Jack got up, stripped off his boxers and dove headlong
into the cool lake. Tom followed his cousin into the
water. The two of them swam around for about fifteen
minutes and returned to the boat. Nether one spoke of
their actions as they pulled the anchor and returned
to fishing.

The two girls cleaned up the dishes and kitchen.
They walked out the back door, grabbed the blanket
that was folded over a chair and started down the hill
the beach. A gentle breeze was coming across the dark
blue water. The sun was high in the sky and warmed
the wind to about eighty degrees. For the first time
since they had arrived at the vacation spot, the girls turned left at the beach and walked south. They could
see the sand dunes rise up from the flat beach,
forming a barrier to the houses that were scattered
along the road.

They shuffled their feet in the wet sand along the
water's edge until Sally saw a gap between two tall
dunes. The two girls walked up onto the gap, finding
a small valley. They looked around and discovered
that they could not see the lake or any of the large
beach houses. Kim spread the blanket out and removed
her skirt. Sally took off the shorts she had worn and
both girls replaced their tops with the small white
garments in their bags. Kim and Sally sat side-by-
side talking as the hot sun bathed their barely
covered bodies.

Marge and Anne returned from their tennis match and
found the note they had left. At the bottom Kim had
written that she and Sally had gone to the beach to
get some sun.

Marge said, "Anne, lets change and join the girls."

Anne agreed and the women went to their rooms to put
on bathing suits. Anne selected a one-piece bathing
suit that was cut high at the hips, revealing her skin
to the waist. The top of the suit plunged between her
breasts, revealing her ample cleavage. The suit was
unlined and her nipples were clearly visible through
the thin material. She wrapped a short yellow skirt,
which matched the suit, around her waist and returned
to the kitchen. Marge had put on a two-piece suit and
a matching cover up.

The women grabbed towels and lotion and went to find
their daughters. They walked down to the beach and
looked in both directions.

Marge said, "I wonder which was they went?"

Anne looked at the smooth sand and said, "this way."
Pointing at the footprints that headed to the south.
The women walked along the beach until they saw the
prints head up into the dunes.

"They must be up there," she told Marge.

They started to follow the tracks into the sandy
hills when Marge said, "Hold it for a minute Anne."

They stopped and Marge suggested they climb up the
hill and try to surprise the two teens. Anne agreed
and they started up the large dune to the right of the
path the girls had taken.

As they crested the top of the sand hill, Anne
grabbed Marge's arm and pulled her back. "Lets see if
we can just watch them for awhile," she said.

Marge nodded her head yes and they proceeded slowly
to the top of the dune. They took their towels out of
their bags and lay them on the warm sand. They knelt
down then lie flat on their stomachs, peering over the
sand at their daughters below.

Sally and Kim had stretched out on the blanket,
exposing their backs to the sun.

Anne quizzed Marge, "Now where do you suppose they
got those suits?"

The two women could see their daughter's bare butt
cheeks and backs. The girls had pulled the material
of the small white bikinis into the crack of their
ass, forming a thong, and untied the tops to prevent
tan lines.

Marge replied, "They must have picked them up at the
swim shop in town, I remember seeing suits like that
when we were shopping." The mothers giggled at their
daughters' lack of modesty.

Below, on the blanket, Kim asked Sally to put some
lotion on her back. Sally sat up, topless, and took
the bottle from her bag and poured some of the liquid
onto her cousin's back. Setting the bottle down,
Sally used both hands to spread the lotion over Kim's
back. She applied it to her shoulders and sides.

The two women watched as Sally's hands ran up and
down Kim's sides, slowing at the flesh of her breasts.
She moved between her cousin's slightly spread legs
and poured more lotion on the backs of Kim's thighs.
She spread the lotion over the teen's legs and thighs,
then using both hands coated Kim's ass. Sally kneaded
the firm exposed flesh, moving her hands between her
cousin's parted thighs. As she moved up and down, her
palms flattened against Kim's inner thighs, her mother and aunt could see the side of her hand bump into her
sex. Having completed her task, Sally lay back down
next to her cousin.

Marge and Anne sat and stared at the two young girls.

Marge was the first to speak, "My god, they remind me
of us when we were that age!"

Anne agreed with her sister-in-law and replied, "Do
you remember the first time we touched each other?"

"How can I ever forget?" Marge smiled. The two of
them continued to observe the teens below as they
reminisced their past.


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