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The Lottery Part 8


"The Lottery" - Part 8 (ff, Ff, mast, inc, con)

* * * *

Marge and Anne were thirteen when they met at school.
They were in the same P.E. class. They remembered
bumping into each other as they left the gym and too
many girls tried to get through the door into the
locker room. They introduced themselves and continued
to their lockers. After they had showered and changed
the two girls walked to down the hall towards the next

Marge told Anne, "Maybe I will see you around

Anne said she would like that, having just moved into
town, she didn't know anyone yet.

After school had let out, Anne saw her new friend

"Hi Marge," she said, "what are you doing this

Marge told her that she had to wait for her brother to walk her home. Even at thirteen, Marge's parents did not want her to walk home alone.

The two girls stood and talked for a few more
minutes, then a tall boy walked up and said, "Hi kid,
who is this?"

Marge told him her name was Anne, and that she had
just moved here and was new in school. Marc said hi
to Anne then told his sister it was time to go.

Over the next weeks, Anne and Marge became friends.
One Friday, after school, Anne invited Marge to sleep
over at her house. Marge went home and asked her
parents if it would be ok. Marge's mom called Anne's
house and spoke with her mother, then told the girls it would be all right.

The girls arrived at Anne's house and she introduced
her new friend to her mom and brother. Marge said hi
and Anne took Marge to her room. Inside, she told
Anne that her brother was cute. Anne laughed and said
he was a pain.

The two thirteen year olds stayed in the room talking
about school, the latest teen band, clothes and other
things that two normal teens would talk about. After
about an hour, Anne's mom called the girls for dinner.
They had roast chicken and all the fixings. Don,
Anne's fifteen-year-old brother made fun of his sister and their mother kept telling him to be polite.

Marge had learned that Don and Anne's father had died
two years ago. The family decided to move away from
the house they grew up in and get a fresh start.
Marge told Don about her brother and family. She said
that Don should come over to her house and meet Marc.

Dinner was finished and the kitchen cleaned. Anne's
mother told the girls she was going shopping and out
for a drink with some friends from work. She
instructed her son to leave the girls alone. Anne's
mom left and the girls went back to her room.

Marge inquired about the clothes that her friend had.
Anne went to her closet and opened the door showing
Marge the items hanging neatly on the closet pole.
Marge reached in and removed a black mini skirt. She
held it up to her waist and commented how cute it

"Try it on," Anne told her, reaching in and getting a
top that she usually wore with it.

Marge removed her jeans and sweater. Standing in her
matching powder blue panties and bra, she took the
skirt from Anne and stepped into it. She pulled the
top over her head and went to the mirror. The top was
tight and accented her breasts, the skirt came down
about half way between her knees and crotch.

"This is so hot," she said as she turned to see it
from behind.

Anne and Marge tried on various outfits and talked
till about ten o'clock. Anne heard a door close and
told her friend to follow her. The two girls left
Anne's room and went out of the house using the front
door. Anne led Marge around the house to the
backyard. The two girls crept slowly towards a
window. As they approached, Marge could see light
flowing out into the dark backyard. Crouched below
the window, Anne put her finger to her lips indicating
to Marge to be quiet. Slowly, the two young girls raised themselves up and peeked into the room.

Don was lying on his bed, his head to the window, his
legs stretched away. He was holding a magazine in his
left hand. Marge looked at the book Don held,
noticing that the pictures were of men and women
engaged in sex acts. She had seen this type of
literature before, having found a similar magazine in
her own brother's room. Directing her gaze down the
boy's body, she saw him gliding his hand up and down
his hard penis. Marge gasped as she stared at his
hard member.

The two girls continued to watch Don as suddenly his
stroking became faster.

"Just watch," Anne whispered to her new friend.

Don put the book on the bed beside him and pushed his
hips into his hand. A geyser of creamy liquid erupted
from the end of the penis, shooting into the air and
cascading back to the boy's naked chest. Another
series of streams, of the substance, followed each
becoming weaker than the previous one.

Anne moved away from the window, taking Marge with
her. The girls went back into the house and into
Anne's room. She turned on the radio and sat on her

"What was that all about?" Marge asked.

"That was Don jacking off," Anne replied. "He does
it almost every night."

Marge knew about masturbation, she had read about it,
but she had never seen anyone actually do it. In
fact, she had never done it herself. Marge noticed a
strange, unfamiliar feeling between her legs. Her
vagina was tingling and felt damp beneath her clothing.

The two thirteen year olds talked about what they had
witnessed. Anne told Marge that she had been watching
Don for almost a year, and had almost been caught on
several occasions. Marge saw that Anne had her hand
under her skirt. She watched as the young girl moved
her hand, and saw the expression on her face beginning
to change. Marge's curiosity got the best of her and
she asked Anne what she was doing.

"Rubbing myself off," she replied matter-of-factly.
"I always get so hot after watching Don jack off. I
just have to do myself."

"I I I have never done that," Marge stammered.

"You're kidding!" Anne said in shock, "You have
never touched your pussy like this?"


"Wow!" Anne exclaimed, "You don't know what you are

Marge continued to watch Anne, who now had her skirt
up around her waist and her fingers under the fabric
of her white panties.

"Will you show me how?"

Anne removed her hand from her wet pussy and said,

Anne started to remove her skirt and told Marge to
take off her jeans. Anne rolled the white panties off
her hips, revealing her sex, which was lightly covered
with soft curly brown hair. Anne reached out and
helped Marge remove her pants and blue panties. She
pulled Marge's top over her head and unclasped her
matching bra, revealing her medium sized breasts.
Anne took off the rest of her things, and stood before
Marge. Anne's breasts were a little smaller that her
friend's, but just as firm.

The girls returned to Anne's bed and lay down next to
each other. Anne instructed Marge to rub her finger
in the slit of her pussy. Marge poked around trying
to find the spot her friend was referring to. Anne
watched Marge then rolled on her side and placed her
hand on Marge's crotch. She used her fingers to
separate the lips that hid the small bump she knew
would bring her friend great pleasure. With her other
hand, Anne ran her finger through the wetness, causing
Marge to jump when she came in contact with the
inexperienced teen's clit. Anne moved her fingertip
over the small nubbin and Marge rotated her hips in

"Pinch your nipples," Anne told Marge.

Marge took the small hard nipples that topped her
breasts and rolled them. As she increased the
pressure, she felt like they were connected to the
spot Anne was rubbing. After several minutes of this,
Marge shuddered with her first orgasm. She humped her
hips into Anne's probing finger and rubbed and mauled
her breasts.

Having reached her peak, Marge lay on the bed trying
to regain her composure. Once returned to a state as
normal as possible, she talked with Anne about the
experience. For the rest of the night, and long after
the girls explored each other's sexuality.

* * * *

The action of their daughters below brought them back
to the present. On the blanket below, the two girls had turned over on their backs. They had bunched the
thin fabric of the bottom of their suits together to
form a strip barely two inches wide. The material
created a tight v as it went between the teen's legs.

The two adults watched their daughters for a few more

Anne said to Marge, "What do you think, should we
join them?"

Marge thought for a moment and said, "Why not."

The women got up, gathered their things and walked
down the sandy hill to the place the two girls were
sunning themselves.

The moms approached their young offspring in a manner
that cast a shadow over the girls. Sally and Kim
jumped up when they felt the presence of the
intruders. They were shocked to see that it was their
mothers. The teens tried to cover their naked breasts and stuttered in fear as they attempted to explain
their appearance.

"Um ah well um," Kim was desperately seeking the
words to offer as an explanation.

Marge and Anne began to laugh hysterically. They sat
on the blanket, joining the girls unable to speak.
Marge gripped her sides as the pain from the robust
laughter dug into her guts. Kim and Sally sat
dumfounded as they watched their moms try to regain
their self-control.

After what seemed like hours, Anne spoke between

"Do you two think you invented nude sun bathing?"
She asked. "Well you better think again!"

Kim and Sally relaxed a little, realizing that they
may not be in trouble after all. The youngsters sat
with their arms crossed over their upper bodies, still
unsure of what their mothers might do. All fear was
removed as Anne glanced at Marge and gave her a wicked
little smile. Anne hooked her thumbs under the
shoulder straps of her suit and lowered to her waist.
Marge followed suit by removing the top of her two-
piece. The two moms stretched out on the blanket,
elevating themselves on their folded arms.

"Kim, would you please put some of my lotion on my
back," Marge said to her daughter, "I don't want to
get a burn."

Kim, starting to feel a little more comfortable, took
the suntan oil from her mom and applied some to her
back. She could smell the strong coconut fragrance of
the oil as she ran her hands over her mother's bare
back. She felt the firmness of her soft skin as she
spread the oil.

"Do my legs too," Kim's mother said.

Kim moved down and repeated the process on the backs
of her mom's legs. Anne asked Sally to put some on
her also. The two young girls knelt beside their
patents and covered the exposed skin.

Having finished, Kim and Sally laid down, sharing the
blanket with the adults. The four of them were silent
as they rested in the warm sun, each absorbed in their
own thoughts. Sally was the first to break the
solitude. "Mom," she said, "When was the first time
you did it?"

Anne was taken back at her daughter's question. "Did
what?" she asked cautiously, not completely
understanding the nature of the young girl's query.

"When was the first time you sunned in the nude?"

Anne sighed in relief and told her daughter. "Oh I
guess when I was about your age." With that, Anne
rolled onto her back. The girls could see her breasts slightly flatten as the effects of age and gravity
took over. "Hand me the oil," she said to Marge.

Marge sat up, took the plastic bottle, and said,
"Here let me help you."

The two fourteen-year-old girls watched as Marge
applied the oil to Anne's body. She poured the thick liquid onto Anne's stomach and used her hand to spread
it evenly over her bare skin. She applied it to her
breasts, spending a few extra minutes on the soft
flesh. After covering her legs, Marge said to Anne,
"Do you mind?" and handed her the oil.

Anne repeated the process on her sister in-law. Kim
and Sally didn't know what to think about what they
were seeing. Here, right in front of them, their own
mothers were touching each other.

"I think I am going to take a swim," Marge said,
"It's getting hot in this sun." With that she sat up
and got on her feet.

"Sounds great!" Anne said, "Are you two going to
join us?"

Anne stood up, and the girls did the same. Kim and
Sally picked up their bags to get the tops to their
suits when their moms shocked them again. Anne
removed her suit and picked up a towel. This action
even shocked Marge a bit, however she followed Anne's
lead and pushed the bottom of her suit down and
stepped out of it. The women wrapped towels around
their bodies, just in case there were other people on
the beach.

Kim shrugged her shoulders and untied the strings
that held the bottom of her suit in place. Sally
exercised a little more modesty, leaving the tiny
piece of cloth that covered her in place. The four of
them walked out through the gap in the dunes that had
hid them and onto the beach. Anne looked carefully in
both directions making sure they were in fact alone.

Having confirmed they were the only people in the
area, Anne dropped her towel and started to walk
towards the blue water. Kim and her mother mimicked
Anne and also headed for the lake. Sally thought,
what the hell, removed the bottom of her suit and
followed the others.

As they waded out into the cool water, Marge turned
to Kim and said, "Love your trim." Pointing at the
thin strip of short hair above her vagina. Kim smiled
and turned a little red. The four nude women
frolicked in the surf, and dove beneath the surface of
the water.

Kim swam over to her cousin and stood close to her,
blocking the view their mom's may have.

"This is just too much," Kim said. With that she put
her hand firmly between Sally's legs and squeezed

Sally giggled and did the same thing to Kim,
inserting a finger into her, feeling the warmth of her

"I can't wait to get you alone!" Sally said,
removing her finger and swimming away.

Kim splashed water at her cousin as she made her
escape. Kim saw her mother and aunt standing neck
deep in the water, talking to each other.

Kim made her way over the two adults and said, "I am
going to go back to the blanket."

She headed to the shore as the others followed. She
picked up her towel and wrapped it around her,
watching her mother, aunt and cousin running out of
the shallow water, onto the sandy beach. Kim couldn't
help but notice her mother's large breasts, topped
with the hard protrusions of her nipples, bounce as
she ran towards her. She observed her hairless pubic
area and firm legs.

Grabbing their towels, the four naked women charger
through the sand, back the sanctuary of their hiding
place. Out of breath from the run and swim, the four
collapsed onto the blanket.

"Was that the first time you girls had gone skinny
dipping?" Marge asked.

"Well," Kim responded, "It's first time with other
people." She fibbed.

"It's a lot more fun with guys," Anne said.

The two teens blushed at her comment, recalling the
day on the boat with their brothers. Hoping her
mother and aunt had missed the reddening of her
cheeks, Sally asked, "When was the first time you swam
nude with boys?"

Anne and Marge suddenly realized that their curt
remarks had opened the door for a round of truth or
dare, so to speak. Marge thought carefully about her
response, then, to the amazement of Anne, she said,
"When we were fourteen."

Kim and Sally's mouths dropped open as they stared at
Anne. After all, here they were, stretched out on a
blanket in the sun, completely nude, with their
mothers, and they were just told that their moms had
been nude with boys at their same age.

The girls were trying to take in what they had just
heard when Anne said, "When we were your age, we would
go to an old gravel pit to sun and swim." She went
on, telling them about how she and Marge would ride
their bikes to the deserted pit and play in the water.
One afternoon as they were lying in the sun, their
brothers showed up. Marge added that the boys hid and
watched them until they dove into the deep water and
then they removed their clothes and joined them.

"What did you guys do?" Kim asked.

"There wasn't much we could do," Anne went on, "We
all just swam together and then went back to the

Sally got a real serious look on her face. She
looked at her mother and aunt and confessed that she
and Kim hadn't been completely honest. Sally told
them about the day on the boat, leaving out the part
about the mutual masturbation. Marge and Anne assured
the girls it was no big deal, that they should never
feel ashamed or embarrassed about their bodies. The
two moms continued to talk to the girls about sex and

Marge looked at the teens and asked, "Did the boys get erections?"

The girls nodded affirmatively.

"Well," Marge said, "Boys will be boys." With that
she and Anne laughed as the young girls turned red again.

The four reclined in the hot afternoon sun, letting
it bathe their bodies.

Kim said, "I had better put some more sunscreen on or
I am going to be very uncomfortable."

The four nude females agreed and began to apply the
lotion the their exposed bodies.

Marge said to Anne, "Roll over and I will do your
back." Anne rolled over and presented her bare
backside to Marge. Marge poured the sunscreen onto
her sister-in-law and covered her with it.

Kim lay on her back and Sally did the same for her.
Sally watched her aunt, out of the corner of her eye,
as Marge moved her hands over her mother's butt. She
gasped, to herself, as she saw her aunt's hand venture
between her mom's legs and apply the lotion to her
vagina. Her mother spread her legs slightly, trying
not to be too obvious, and allowed Marge better access
to her wet pussy. Sally was getting turned on by her
aunt's actions, and slipped her hand between Kim's
legs. Kim swung her head around as Sally's fingers
probed her most private place. Sally gestured towards
their mothers. Kim could see her mother doing the
same thing to her Aunt Anne.

Kim put her head back down to enjoy her cousin's
motion. Sally and Marge's eyes met, as they were both
engaged in masturbating the nude body next to them.
Marge smiled at Sally and indicated that they should
change places. Acting like they were getting more
lotion, Marge and Sally swapped their unknowing
partners. Marge gently replaced Sally's hand with her
own. She could feel the heat emitting from between
her young daughter's legs. She bent forward, kissing
Kim gently on the back of the neck and told her to
roll over so she could do her front.

Kim was a bit startled, but complied with her
mother's request. Staring straight into each other's
eyes, Marge poured the sunscreen onto her daughter's
belly and breasts. She set the container down, and
with both hands, covered Kim's nude body with the
slippery substance. Kim closed her eyes and moaned
softly as she felt her mother's hands massage her
young, firm breasts. She felt the tingle run through
her as Marge lightly rubbed her hard nipples. Kim
parted her legs to allow her mom admission to her
pubic area and moved her hips up to meet her hand as
Marge covered her with lotion. She felt the palm of
her mom's hand cover her vagina. She began to shudder
as a finger found her button, and gently manipulated
it. Quickly, Kim was having an orgasm, at the hands
of her mother.

As Kim and Marge relaxed, Kim glanced over at her
cousin and aunt. Anne was slowly fingering her
daughter's pussy as Sally rubbed her own breasts. The
mother and daughter, now lovers to some degree,
watched Sally buck her hips into the digit that
impaled her. She shook her head from side to side as
her mother brought her to the pinnacle of her orgasm.
Clutching her own breasts, Sally's body stiffened and
shook as she came. Anne removed her hand from between
Sally's spread legs and smiled at her on lookers.

Recovering from the bizarre activities, the women
relaxed on the blanket once again. The quiet was
broken by Kim, who asked bluntly, "What was it like to
lose your virginity?"

Marge and Anne were a bit flabbergasted with the
young girl's question. Sally perked up in
anticipation of the answer.

"Well, to be quite honest," Anne began.

"A little painful," Marge completed the answer. She
went on to say that it is was not all that it was
cracked up to be.

"How did it happen?" Sally inquired.

Marge and Anne told their young daughters about the
prom and parking afterwards. They left out the
details, including the drinking, but did confess that
it was with their fathers. The two adults told the
girls about how young guys are inexperienced and
everything was over before it started.

Anne took her watch from her bag and said, "It's
three o'clock, we had better get back."

As they gathered their things and dressed for the
walk back to the beach house, Kim asked, "Can we do
this again?"

Anne and Marge smiled at their daughters, and said,
"Sure, this was great fun."

With their bodies covered for the first time in
several hours, the four females walked through the gap
between the dunes that concealed their activity, and
onto the beach.

While walking back to the house, the girls handed
their beach bags to their mothers, and ran into the
lake. They swam for a few minutes then came out of
the water and rejoined the two adults. The women
looked at the young girls and noticed the transparency
of the thin white suits.

"You too had better cover up before your fathers see
you," Anne said.

Marge agreed with Anne.

The girls, giggling, reached into the beach bags
their mothers were carrying for them and removed the
modest tops they had started the day in. The girls exchanged their tops as they walked along the beach,
never looking to see if anyone was present. They took
out the shorts and skirt and completed covering
themselves as they approached the path to the house.


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