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The Lottery Part 9


"The Lottery" - Part 9 (ff, inc, oral, toy, con)

When they reached the pier, they saw the boys tying
up the boat, and taking the three fish they had caught
out of the cooler.

"Hi," they yelled to their mothers and sisters.
"Look at what we caught today."

The four women looked at the large fish and told them
what a good job they had done.

Kim shouted to her brother, "Jack, can we go fishing
with you tomorrow?"

"If you get up in time," he said, "We waited for a
half hour for you two this morning."

Sally said, "We're sorry, we will be on time

After spending such a great afternoon with their
moms, the girls were not the least bit sorry about
missing the fishing trip.

The moms and daughters made their way up the hill the
house. Resting on the porch were Don and Marc.

"Where have you guy been?" Don asked, "We have been
waiting for an hour to go and eat."

Marge explained that they had been swimming and
sunbathing and they would be ready to go in a little

The four women went into the house and headed to
their rooms to change, just before going up stairs,
Kim said, "Mom, Aunt Anne, I sure had a nice time
today. Maybe we could spend some more girl time

Sally agreed with her cousin and thanked the two
adults for being so open with them.

Anne smiled at the two and said, "I would love to
spend more time with you two."

The girls bounded up the stairs to change for dinner
and Marge and Anne went into their rooms.

Kim pulled the door closed behind her as she followed
Sally into the room. Sally spoke first saying, "This
is turning out to be some vacation isn't it?"

Kim replied, "Really, I have learned so much and have
cum so often that I think I am going to become
addicted to sex!" The girls laughed and removed their
cover-ups and suits.

"Your tan lines are almost gone." Sally told Kim.
Sally looked at herself in the full-length mirror and
saw that her tan almost covered her entire body.

The girls showered and put on jeans and tops. They
fixed their hair and went down stairs to join the rest
of the family. The four guys were sitting on the
porch waiting for the women.

"Your mom and Aunt should be out shortly," Mark said.
"They always take forever getting ready."

After a few minutes, Marge and Anne came outside.
They were dressed in jeans like their daughters. The
families went out to the cars and drove into town.

Don and Marc parked their cars and they all went into
a local pizza joint. The eight of them dined on pizza
and sodas. When the bill was paid they walked out
into the evening air.

"Tom and I need to go to the sporting goods store, we
need to pick up a few things." Jack announced.

Everyone stood and discussed what they were going to
do. It was decided that the boys would go to the
store they wanted to go to, the dad's would look
around town and the four women would head back to the
beach house. After splitting up, Anne opened the
doors of the car and the four girls climbed in. As
they drove down Main Street, Anne pulled the car
around a corner and parked.

"Wait here," she said, "I need to pick up something
real quick." Anne got of the car and disappeared
around the corner.

"I wonder what that is all about?" Marge said.

They waited for about fifteen minutes, and then Anne
got back into the car.

"So what did you need?" Marge asked.

"It doesn't matter," Anne replied. "They didn't have
it anyway." She winked at her sister-in-law and drove
off towards the house.

At the house, Anne and Marge vanished into Anne's
bedroom. The girls went into the living room and
turned on the TV. A short time later, Anne called the
two teens into her room. When Kim and Sally got
there, they noticed that their mothers had changed,
and were wearing robes.

"What do you need?" Kim asked.

"Here," Anne said, handing the girls each a small

"What is this for?" The girls asked, opening the
bags that were given to them. Sally's eyes got big as
she removed a very small piece of material from the

"What the..." she said.

Kim was equally surprised as she held up the micro
sized object.

"Is this some kind of underwear?" Sally said, as she
examined the tiny garment.

"No," Marge said, as she and Anne opened their robes
revealing the smallest bathing suits the girls had
ever seen. "They are 'Wild Weasel' swimsuits." Anne
told the shocked teenagers. "We figured that if you
are going to sunbathe, you need the right equipment."

The girls studied the suits. There was a small
triangle of thin cloth with thin strips of elastic
attached, and another part was two patches of cloth
and more thin straps.

"Try them on," Marge encouraged the girls.

Kim and Sally quickly shed their jeans, tops, bras
and panties. They stepped through the straps and
pulled the garments up. The bottoms consisted of the
small triangle attached to a waist band on one end and
another strap that went from a point between their
legs, up through the crack in their butts to the back
of the waist band. They put the tops on and adjusted
the small patch of material that barely covered the
areola of their breasts.

The young girls looked at themselves in the mirror.
They couldn't believe that their own mothers would buy
them such items. Kim looked at her mom's suit. The
top allowed most of her breasts to be visible, hiding
only the dark skin that topped them. The bottom
revealed her firm ass in the rear and most of her
pubic area in the front. Anne's was an exact match
right down to the color. All four of the suits were a
dark leopard print with black straps.

Sally shook her shoulders from side to side, watching
her breasts wiggle beneath the suit. The women
chuckled as they watched.

Anne said, "Now girls, you must be careful where you
wear these. They are not for the public to see"

"I thought you guys said we shouldn't be ashamed of
our bodies," Kim said.

"You shouldn't," her mother answered, "But there is a
time and place for everything."

The sound of car doors interrupted their little get
together. The four quickly dressed and went out to
the porch. Kim and Sally put their new suits in the
pocket of the jeans they had put back on.

Outside, the girls saw that their brothers had
sleeping bags under their arm and a couple of bags in
their hands.

"What are those for?" Sally asked her brother.

"Jack and I are going to sleep on the boat tonight,"
he told his sister, "and you two have to be ready to
go at six if you want to fish with us."

"We will be," Kim said, turning to Sally and telling
her that they had better go to bed early.

The girls kissed their parents and told everyone good
night. They went up to their room and started to get
undressed. Sitting on the bed in her red panties and
lacy bra, Kim asked Sally, "What do you think about
what our mom's said this afternoon?"

"About what?" she said, "They said so much."

"About losing their virginity?" Kim went on. "I
always though it was something special, but now I
don't know."

Sally thought for a minute then said, "It kind of
sounds like they didn't think too much of it."

Sally was walking around the room wearing a pair of
black bikini panties, and no bra. With her back to
Kim, Sally went to her dresser and rummaged around in
a drawer. When she turned around, she was holding the
purple dildo against her crotch, wiggling it back and

"Want me sexy girl!" Sally said to Kim as she
approached her.

Kim giggled and slid off the bed and fell to her

Kim put her hands on Sally's ass and pulled her
towards her, as Sally guided the fake penis into the
teen's open mouth.

"Suck me," Sally said, as she slowly pumped her hips.

Kim allowed the dildo to slide into her mouth as she
slid her hand under the silky fabric of Sally's
panties and over her ass. Kim slobbered over the firm
purple object, bobbing her head up and down the length
of it. She moved her hand down into the gap between
her cousin's legs, slipped her fingers under her
panties and stroked her hairless pussy. Kim could
feel Sally's moisture as she parted the warm lips.

Sally started to move the dildo in and out of Kim's
mouth until she felt her cousins wet lips against her
hand. Kim had all of it in her mouth and throat.
Sally reached down with her free hand and placed it
over Kim's bra covered breast, squeezing it firmly.

Kim slowly allowed the purple, veined object to slide
out of her mouth. She stood up and unhooked the clasp
on the front of her red bra, letting it fall down her
arms and on to the floor. She put her thumbs in the
waistband of her panties and guided them down her
legs. Without saying a word, she went to the drawer
and took out the pink plastic vibrator.

Kim walked to Sally, removed her cousin's panties,
and pulled her down on the bed. She ran her fingers
through the teen's hair, puling her lips to her own.
They kissed deeply, their tongues darting in and out
of each other's mouth. They massaged the firm breasts of the other, pulling and rolling the nipples. The
girls broke their kiss, and Kim lowered her head to
her cousin's breast, licking and sucking her nipple.
Sally held Kim's head firmly against her breast as her
cousin nursed the hardened nipple.

Kim released her breast, ran her tongue between her
breasts and down her tummy, stopping to lick in and
around her navel. Kim continued her travels, kissing
and licking lower on her cousin's body, ignoring her
sensitive pubic area. Her mouth moved down Sally's
leg to the top of her foot. She ran her tongue over
the teen's toes and moved to the other leg, flattening
her tongue against the inside of Sally's thigh.

Sally had pulled Kim around to give her access to her
pussy. She licked and probed Kim's vagina and pinched
her nipples. Kim rolled onto her back, and Sally
followed. They each buried their faces in the other's
crotch and sucked and licked at the clit that was
available to them. Kim broke their embrace and picked
up the vibrator, holding it up like she now had a

"Want some of this bitch?" Kim said.

Sally immediately lowered her mouth over the hard
plastic, wetting it with her tongue. She moved her
head down to the base then back to the tip as she gave
her cousin a fake head job. Kim returned her mouth to
Sally's pussy and pushed her tongue deep inside. She
rubbed her nose over the teen's engorged clit as Sally
continued to perform on the vibrator.

Suddenly Sally got up, turned around and stretched
out on top of her cousin. She reached between their
bodies and guided the pointed object between the
swollen lips of her sex, allowing it to enter her.
Kim held the vibrator firmly as Sally moved herself up
and down on it. She could feel her tight virgin pussy stretch to accept the intruder. She kissed Kim and
licked her own juice from her cousin's face as she
continued to impale herself. As she felt the phallic
device bump her hymen she grimaced with pain.
Breathing harder and faster, she told Kim, "Hold that
thing tight!"

Kim gripped the very end of the vibrator with both
hands as Sally rose up, and with a forceful thrust,
she pierced the thin membrane that separated her from
womanhood. Sally moaned loudly into Kim's mouth as
she felt the sharp pain travel through her. She lay
motionless, trying to adapt to the feeling of fullness
she was experiencing.

After a moment, Kim asked her cousin, "Are you all

"Oh yes," Sally moaned, as she became accustom to the
object deep inside her. She started to move her hips,
moving up until she was almost free of the device then
pushing back down, feeling it fill her. The initial
pain, while not completely gone, had subsided enough
that she could begin to enjoy the new feelings. She
lowered herself until Kim's hands were tight against
her and rolled onto her back. When she did, Kim lost
her grip on the vibrator.

Sally turned Kim around and pulled one of Kim's legs
over the side of her head. As her cousin hovered
above her, Sally said, "Please do it to me."

Kim reached for the vibrator and started to move it
in and out of Sally. Sally wrapped her arms around
Kim's waist and pulled her overheated, dripping pussy down to her extended tongue. Kim turned the base of
the vibrator, causing it to buzz. She slid it all the
way out and ran the dancing tip over her clit. Sally
moaned deep into the hot cavern that covered her mouth
as Kim slipped it back in her. She could feel the
walls of her vagina grip the tool as Kim pumped it
slowly. Sally reached a body shaking orgasm with the
thing in her as far as it would go.

Sally's orgasm began to recede, but Kim kept up the
action. Kim was nearing her own climax when she felt
her cousin push her up off the hot tongue that was
pleasuring her. As she tried to force her pussy back
onto the probing tongue, she felt a cool blunt object
at her entrance. She felt the pressure as Sally
pushed against her spread pussy. Looking down between
her legs she saw the purple dildo she had been sucking earlier. Knowing this was the point of no return, she
rolled off Sally and onto her back. She removed the
vibrator from Sally's stretched hole and let it fall
to the bed. Kim hooked her arms into her knees and
pulled back, spreading her legs as she brought them
back towards her head. Sally began pumping the dildo
in earnest.

Kim's ass bucked as she felt the stretching that
Sally must have endured. She gasped as the thing
bumped her own membrane. Sally covered Kim's mouth
with her own to silence the sound she knew would soon
emanate. Sally looked deep into Kim's eyes and Kim
nodded her head, encouraging the girl to persist.
Sally sealed Kim's mouth, pushing her tongue deep
inside and thrust the dildo through her cherry. Kim's
eyes widened as she let out a scream into Sally's
mouth and tears ran from the corners of her eyes, down
the side of her face.

Sally held the purple penis deep in Kim's vagina,
letting her become accustom to the feeling that she
had felt just moments earlier. Sally removed her
mouth from the new woman and asked, "You ok?"

Kim nodded yes, and said, "Move it in me."

Sally slowly withdrew the dildo and pushed it back
in. Kim smiled as her cousin stroked the inner
confines of her vagina with the firm object. She
released her legs and started to move in synchronizes
motion, matching that of her lover's. The girls sped
up the movement, sliding the dildo its full length in
and out of Kim's expanded pussy. Kim could feel her
climax welling up inside her as Sally's hand came in
contact with her clit on each stroke.

Kim grabbed her arm and held the dildo deep inside as
she ground her clit on Sally's hand. Kim bounced
against the soft flesh of her cousin's hand as her
body convulsed. Her vagina contracted so hard that it
pushed the dildo out. Sally quickly replaced the
purple penis with her mouth and sucked the juice from
her. When she felt Kim's body go limp, she removed
her mouth and moved to lie next to her.

The girls were silent as they embraced each other.
Finally, Kim spoke to her cousin. "Well, mom was
right, losing it was not all that great, but what came
after sure was!"

Sally nodded in agreement, "You know, I always
thought it would be with someone I loved, and it was.
Kim I couldn't think of anyone I would have rather
done that with."

The two teens hugged tightly and kissed softly. Kim
pulled the blanket and sheets over them and they
drifted to sleep, naked in each other's arms.


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