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The Masque


The following contains sexual scenes and nasty words.
Don't read it if you are underage or if you don't like
stuff like that.
People....this one turned out weird. It kind of took
a wacky turn about halfway through, and has a sort of
creepy ending. Still...I would like to hear back if
any of you actually liked this one.

The Masque by Pami (
It was a chilly fall day in October. The sky was
gray, and the weatherman forecasted drizzle and
showers all day. Even the vibrant reds and oranges
and yellows of the falling leaves were somehow dulled
by the dreariness.

She sighed as she glanced out the window at the
depressing sky. She was trying to decide what to wear
to the Halloween Feast and Ball she was attending that
afternoon and evening. Oh, everyone would be dressed
up anyway...that was part of the group. They got
together whenever possible to re-create the middle
ages. The glorious days of knights and their ladies.
Well, maybe it wasn't QUITE like that, but to her it
was sort of like getting to be IN a historical romance
instead of reading one. Something exciting always
seemed to be just around the corner, although in
reality some of the events she attended were kind of
boring and she felt sort of like an outsider. But she
was determined to make her mark in the society,
regardless of how on the fringes she actually was.
She just wanted to be acknowledged as part of the

Tonight was Halloween. The special night when
anything was possible. And there was to be a masked
ball that evening, following the feast. She figured
it would be the same old people, but the idea of
hiding identities was a fun one. Who knew who would
actually be there. And the same old people could seem
exciting, and you could pretend, even MORE, that you
were someone exotic and interesting, and DIFFERENT.

She slipped into the dun-colored gown and reflected
that the drabness of her garb was pretty on par with
the drabness of the weather. It was a few years old,
and all of her friends had seen it ad nauseam, but it
was comfortable and warm. She picked up her new gown
and tossed it into a bag with a gold-colored eye mask.
She hopped in the car and was off.

It was almost an hour's drive to the event, and she
got there right after lunch had been served. She saw
her friends at a table across the room from the
entrance and waved to them. She checked in and
glanced around the hall. Linen tablecloths covered
the round wooden tables, and there were different
types of candlesticks on them to provide the period
lighting. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.
She looked closely and saw just about all of the same
people she saw every time, and sighed again. Some of
the ladies' gowns were magnificent. To her left was a
woman in a black and gold Tudor dress, draped over a
hoop, she surmised, and wondered how the heck women
sat down in those things. Toward the back was a woman
all in some kind of flowing gauzy dress. Not very
period, but she sure did look pretty. Two little
boys, about five years old, ran by her, chased by
their father, she guessed. At least they were all
wearing matching tabards, and Dad was kind of
handsome, too. She smiled.

She wove her way to her table and she greeted her
friends. Everyone was looking resplendent in their
holiday garb. She pulled a chair up and sat down.
The usual conversation flowed around her, and she
participated from time to time, still absorbed in
admiring the clothing from various periods of the
middle ages that surrounded her. Finally, someone
addressed a comment to her. It was one of her male
friends, asking her if THAT was really what she was
going to wear for the ball. His girlfriend hit him on
the arm and told him that it wasn't chivalrous to ask
a lady that question. She smiled at him, and simply
remarked that she was comfortable and after all, there
wasn't really anyone there she wanted to impress
anyway. His smile disappeared, and she
chuckled. Yes, it was slightly meanspirited of her to
say that, but he did grate on her nerves from time to
time and needed put in his place.

She wandered outside with a couple of friends and they
watched the fighting going on underneath the trees.
Some of the armor was plain leather, some was chain
mail, some was plate, but to her they all looked like
they were having fun. The marshals kept an eye on the
fighting going on to ensure that no one was hurt and
stopping the action when it approached the spectators.
Some ways off, she could see the archers winging their
arrows at a few targets shaped like men. And beyond
them, the fencers went back and forth, epees hollowly
ringing in the air as they clashed.

She chatted with some of the other ladies, and the
afternoon passed fairly quickly. Before anyone
realized, it was time for the feast. And it was
delicious. Flaky rolls, chicken in various sauces,
some kind of beef swimming in a sauce that tasted like
red wine, candied ginger and walnuts for dessert.
And other things, of course, but she didn't want to
eat too much. She packed up her feast gear...wooden
plate, pewter goblet, knife and fork, and told
everyone she was just going to head out and put her
things in the car. People were collapsing the tables
and pulling the chairs to the sides to make room for
dancing. The musicians were off to one side, making
musical noises and, she assumed, planning the
selections for the evening.

She had parked on the far corner of the lot, away from
the building, and it was dark. There were trees on
one side of her, and her car blocking the hall, as she
quickly changed. She pulled her long golden hair up,
and wound it into a knot, although wisps insisted on
falling out. Without a mirror, she reflected, that
was the best she could do. She lifted the mask out
and tied it around her head. It really didn't hide
her identity, but it made her feel....fascinating.
Not like the brown wren who showed up in the beige
dress that everyone had seen a thousand times before.

She picked up her cloak and wrapped it around herself
and gingerly picked her way back across the lot,
holding the train of her gown up, so it did not gather
dirt and twigs and leaves on it.

She re-entered the hall and heard the strains of a
recorder, or five, playing some jaunty tune that she
had never heard before. And as she glanced around,
she saw that about half of the people there had masks
on...because, you see, on Halloween, Death came out to
play, and in medieval times, you had to disguise
yourself so that he would not recognize you and would
pass on to the next unfortunate soul. Of course,
these were the MODERN middle ages, and many people
disdained to wear a mask, or a costume.

She saw a few of her friends about halfway across the
hall, and made her way over to them. On the way, she
smiled and nodded distantly at some people who seemed
to be staring at her. "Wow," she thought, "My hair
must be REALLY wild...I had better get to a mirror and
repair it." She poked the gentleman who had remarked
on her unremarkable dress earlier in the ribs. "Is
this more to your taste, my lord?" she asked in a
lofty tone.

He turned and looked at her and his mouth dropped and
he said nothing. "Geeze...I make the effort and all I
get is silence? Harumph," she said to him in mock

His girlfriend turned to her and she stopped in mid-
sentence. Slowly her friends looked at her. She
started to feel very uncomfortable. "It's the mask,
huh? Too much? Should I take it off?"

"Nnnooo," the unlordly gent replied to her. "You just
look GREAT! Where did you get that dress?"

She smiled, and explained that she had bought it from
a seamstress that she found a few months back. "It
just fit right and I couldn't turn it down."

She and one of her girlfriends started to mingle,
promenading on the edges of the crowd. Not in the
dance floor, but not against the walls either. They
chatted with people here and there. They giggled
together and marveled at some of the costumes. There
was Cleopatra, and there was a Templar Knight in full
chain mail, and over there was...Death! In a full
length black cloak. He looked kind of spooky. Like
you would expect Death to look, she reflected.

Suddenly they were stopped by a man in a short
sapphire blue velvet tunic. He was not wearing a
mask, so of course they recognized him at once.

"Well met, my lady," he smiled at her, ignoring her
friend, "You look wonderfully well. I have missed
you. And what are you costumed as this evening?"

Her friend whispered that she was going back to their
"home base" and left her. To face him. Her ex-
boyfriend. The man who had once told her he would
break her heart. And he had.

She inhaled deeply and smiled, "I come as the Sea,
milord....don't you appreciate my efforts?"

He was indeed thinking that she was looking wonderful.
Her sea-foam green gown, in the Italian Renaissance
style, accentuated her full breasts, and the gold mask
made her chocolate brown eyes seem darker and more
mysterious. "Well, milady, I knew that the sea had
WAVES, but not curves like that," he flirted with her.

She blinked back the tears that suddenly threatened
and swallowed the lump in her throat. "Well, I should
have known, my lord, that YOU would find some way to
make me feel like a dumpy cow." And she turned and
walked as quickly as she could, without running, to
the exit.

Why did he have to be here?! She hadn't seen him at
an event in so long that she thought she had forgotten
what he looked like. Then, BAM, he showed up, in her
face, looking like a god with his angelic smile and
white-blond hair. She had been so good lately. There
were even full days that passed that she didn't think
about him anymore. After all, it had been a year
since they had even seen each other in passing. And
for him to insult her so. She was just thinking that
she was ready to move on, FINALLY. She pulled off her
mask and the tears fell.

His mouth had dropped when she stormed out so abruptly
and he wondered what he had said to her. He sighed.
He HAD missed her. Seeing her in all of her finery
made him want nothing more than to claim her for his
own. He glanced around the room and saw her friends
glaring at him fiercely. Ah well, they hated him from
day one anyway, he thought to himself. But their
opinion hadn't swayed her feelings one bit. He found
himself walking slowly toward the exit. He had to see
what had upset her so. God knew he had done enough to
hurt her in the past, but he was damned if he was
going to let her hate him for something that he didn't
even know what it was.

He walked out into the night and didn't see her at
first. The moon darted behind the clouds and there
were no lights in the parking lot either. It was very
dark beyond about ten feet past the hall. His eyes
accustomed themselves to the darkness and then he saw
her. She was all the way across the lot, and he could
barely hear her talking to herself.

He looked around, and saw no one, so he started to
cross the lot after her. Her mask was on the roof of
a car and she had pulled her hair down so that it
streamed past her shoulders. And he heard her...

"I will NOT cry over him anymore. I will NOT let him
hurt me anymore. He is a SCHMUCK. He is NOT worth
this. It has been over a year. Why does his opinion
even matter? No, it doesn't. That's right,
girlfriend, it doesn't."

"You know, its ok to talk to yourself, dear, but YOU
answer yourself. Now THAT is scary," he called out to
her in a laughing tone.

"Fuck you," she called back. "What the hell are YOU
doing out here? Come to give me a little more?"

"What on earth are you talking about?" he asked her,
genuinely perplexed.

The almost full moon showed itself and they both
paused. He felt like his breath was stolen at the way
her hair glowed in the moonlight and it picked out the
white embroidery in her pale green dress. She felt
like she had been hit in the stomach at the way his
hair seemed to form a halo around his head and
reflected the moonbeams in the silver edging on his

"Oh, you know what I mean. You know how I am about my
weight. And yet you made that asshole crack about my
curves inside. I hate you."

"Dearest, sweetest Lady, I NEVER meant to hurt you
about this. I know how sensitive you are. But you DO
look heavenly tonight. I always loved your curves.
And so would any red blooded man in his right mind."
"Well, that lets you out, then, doesn't it?" she
cracked back. She knew she was doing it again. The
best defense was a good offense, she had always
maintained. But with him, it was necessary. She
needed to move on once and for all.

He came closer to her. And sighed. He HATED it when
she got like this. "You are such a BITCH sometimes."
He paused. "And I mean that in the best of ways of

"Just go away, ok?" she asked and she turned away,
trying to hide the tears.

"Are you crying?" he asked. Even though he knew full
well what her answer would be.

"Nnoo," she sniffled.

"Come here," he said, and pulled her around and into
his arms. She just felt right there.

She cried and cried. She wasn't even quite sure why
she was crying anymore, because when the rational part
of her piped up, it reminded her that the reason she
was crying was holding her in his arms, and surely
that couldn't be a good thing.

Finally, she stopped. And she sniffed, "I am such a

He laughed, and pulled her face up toward him. "But
you are a cute dork. And I DID miss you."

"I missed you too," she smiled. And stood still while
he wiped the tears off of her cheeks with the sleeve
of his tunic.

"And I STILL think you are the sexiest woman here," he
told her with a smile on his face.

She giggled. "Yeah. Right. Ok."

"Oh ho...don't believe me, eh? Well... would I do
this with someone who wasn't the sexiest woman here?"
And he pulled her close on kissed her.

She knew what was going on. She was being about as
stupid as she could be. She was almost over him, and
here she stood. Kissing him. It felt WONDERFUL.
She sighed, and leaned up and kissed him again.

The passion flowed like it had been yesterday that
they had professed their love for each other, not a
year ago. His teeth reached out and nipped her lower
lip and she groaned.

"Remember that?" he murmured in a low tone.

She smiled again. "The first kiss. I remember."
"No," he rebuked her. "It was the SECOND."

"Yes, I know. But to me it was all like one BIG kiss.
Not two smaller ones." She glowed up at him with the
memory of their first date.

"Yes, well..." he leaned up against her car, bringing
her with him. "Do you know how much I wanted you that

She laughed throatily. "Not as much as I wanted you.
But...good things come to those who wait. And we did.
No matter how hard it was."

He looked down at her again and was struck by how
RIGHT things were when he was with her. "I have
waited over a year for this to happen again," he told
her, "And I cannot wait any longer." And he leaned
down into her, his body pressing against hers.

She reveled in the feel of his hard chest against her
swelling breasts. His leg pressed between hers, and
she felt the firmness of his thigh against her pussy.
His mouth found hers, and their tongues dueled back
and forth.

She wrapped her arms around him and grasped his firm
ass, pushing his short tunic up and finding that he
had no underwear on. And she laughed into his mouth.

"You find my ass amusing, wench?" he asked mock

She chuckled up at him and continued caressing the
downy cheeks of his bottom. "Oh no, milord. I LOVE
your ass. But you were....regimental...tonight. Did
you KNOW I would be here?"

"Ah, my love, I had only HOPED to find a fair maiden
here. Little did I know that the fairest of them all
would be mine for the taking." He smirked down at

"And you think I am yours for the taking, milord?" she
inquired archly. "I don't THINK so." She pulled her
hands off of him and down to her sides.

He pulled her arms back around him. "Oh no, my
dear...don't THINK at all... just FEEL. Who else
makes you feel like this?" He asked as he wrapped her
hair around his hand and pulled it back, exposing her
throat to his mouth. He swiftly reached down and bit
her, hard, right at the base of her neck. He licked
her neck from side to side, knowing that this, more
than anything, made her hot. And he slowly ground his
thigh up against her pussy, feeling the heat through
the brocade of her gown and knowing that she felt it

She moaned. Damn, he knew all the right moves to get
her going. In addition, he still owned part of her
heart. Why should she fight him?

Her hands crept below his tunic again and kneaded his
ass. He laughed triumphantly against her neck and
licked lower. He pulled her chemise lower and used
his hands to pull her tits up over the top of her
bodice, exposing them to his gaze. In the darkness
they glowed pale white, and the nipples seemed brown,
rather than the dark pink color he knew they were. He
reached down and caressed one, watching it harden
before his eyes. And he leaned his head down and
licked the other with his tongue, feeling it grow and
engorge in his mouth. He sucked the tip between his
teeth and bit it, holding it firmly between his teeth
while his tongue flicked back and forth across the
incredibly sensitive nerve endings. He could hear her
moaning lightly above him and knew he was pleasing
her. That turned him on almost as much as her
touching him.

And her hands had slowly moved around and she was
stroking his hard cock now. She sighed breathily. "I
missed this guy, you know," she told him as she pulled
away from his hands and mouth and dropped to her knees
to give him a hello kiss. Her tongue flicked the head
and he groaned. "Such a PRETTY penis," she mockingly
told him as she licked all around the head of his
prick. He hated it when she said that he had a pretty
one, although he supposed that was preferable to her
saying that she hated to look at it. In fact, as she
drew him deep into her mouth, if she wanted to say it
was pretty, as long as it made her want to go down on
him, she could say anything she damn well wanted. And
then he stopped thinking as he felt the head of his
cock at the opening to her throat. She had always
wanted to deep throat him, but she had trouble with
it. Not that he didn't appreciate her efforts, but a
plain old blowjob was great too. He went to pull out
and she stopped him. She looked up at him, and he
looked down into her bottomless dark eyes. He felt
her swallow and then swallow again, and then he was
THERE! She had taken all of his cock down her throat.

"Oohhhhh...." he groaned and shut his eyes. It felt
incredibly hot and wet and fucking awesome. He could
just feel her tongue around him as he pulled out a few
inches and then back down her throat. "You are so
incredible," he moaned to her as he slowly and
steadily fucked her face. She moaned and the
vibrations from her larynx were too much. He pulled
himself out of her mouth quickly. And pulled her to
her feet.

She looked at him questioningly. She knew it was the
first time she had taken all of him in her mouth, but
she thought she was doing it right. And now he had
made her stop? "Did I do something wrong?" she asked
him softly.

He looked at her in disbelief, and kissed her long and
hard, tasting his precum on her tongue. "No. No.
You did it too good, I am afraid. I don't want to
come just yet"

She smiled at him. "You know I love the way you
taste. Kind of like brie." They both laughed.

"Truly, you are an evil wench," he told her. "But I
want you to feel good too." He pulled her to the back
of the car, bent her over the trunk, and lifted her
gown over her waist.

"Regimental, milady? And you took me to task for
that," he told her as he ran one finger down the crack
of her bottom and along the wetness that was seeping
out of her. "Well....MY dress is longer than YOUR
tunic. And it IS more comfortable. And, OH!" she
exclaimed as his fingers suddenly spread her pussy
lips wide and she felt the chill of the night air
against the heat of her sex.

"I am tempted to make you pay for that. Your cheeks
are so temptingly white in the evening. Perhaps I
should spank you to remind you that those in glass
houses should not throw stones."

She moaned as his palm caressed her exposed ass. "But
then someone might want to know what is going on. And
while I am sure you wouldn't mind them knowing what a
slut you wife might not understand why I am
the one you are a slut for. And you ARE my slut.
Aren't you?" he asked as he ran his fingers up and
down her cunt to her asshole and back.

He felt her tremble as his forefinger suddenly thrust
deep into her pussy. God she was wet. And hot. And
she moaned. "Be quiet. You don't want anyone to come
out and find us here, do you?" he asked her
rhetorically, knowing that she wouldn't answer.

He fucked two fingers in and out of her now, feeling
her thrust back on them. "MMMmmmmm," he moaned.
"Your cunt is so hot for me. Do you want me to fuck
you now? Hmmmm???"

"Yes," she panted, "Yes. I want you inside me. Now.
From behind. Fuck me. Hard. And deep. Please."

"Now, now, be a good girl," he told her as calmly as
he could with his cock stroking over her engorged
pussy lips through the wetness. "Tell me. Tell me
where you want me to come."

And he rammed his prick deep into her tightness. They
sighed as one. "You feel so good inside me," she
murmured at him.

"You feel so good around me," he growled at her, "I
have missed you. And this....TOO much. I know...I am
not going to last long this time." Already he could
feel his balls churning.

They grunted each time he thrust into her. She loved
this feeling. She loved feeling him inside her. No
one got her this turned on. Just him. Damn, she
thought fleetingly, she still loved him.

He loved this feeling. Her walls clamped tightly
around him, as if they were made for him, and him
alone. Damn, he thought fleetingly, he still loved

"Where, damn it. Where do you want me to come?" he
asked her again.

"Please," she told him breathily,

Oh God, he thought. Inside her. She wants me inside
her. She still loves me. I know it.

"I can't wait, love."
he stammered with each thrust into her slick and tight

"Come....please...."she answered. "Come..."

And he thrust one last time into her and held it there
as, with a muffled yell into her hair, he felt the
semen rocket out of his cock and fill her.

She felt it. The throb and pulse of the jets of come
inside her. And it triggered her own orgasm. She
screamed into her fist and collapsed on the trunk of
her car as she swore the clouds cleared and the stars
came out for one magical moment.

He lay gingerly on her back, feeling himself soften
inside her. And she reveled in the feel of him
against her. He finally pulled out and straightened
his tunic. He smoothed her gown down over her exposed
bottom. He turned her around and kissed her lightly.

"I love you. I have missed you so. We WILL find a
way to be together," he told her.

"Shouldn't you be getting back inside?" she asked him.
"People will wonder where you are."

"Did you hear me? I said that I love you," he told
her testily.

"Is THAT what you said?" she challenged him, hating
herself for doing this, but not being able to stop
herself. "Perhaps what you meant to say is that you
love fucking me, but you need to get back to your
family now."

He angrily looked at her. "Happy Halloween, my lady."

"Happy Halloween, milord" she replied distantly,
wondering what the hell she was doing. And reflecting
that this was an ugly tangle that no one would come
out of intact.

He sighed. He took her hand and lifted it to his
lips. "I do love you. And I will call you."

"Good night, milord," she said, withdrawing her hand
from his.

He turned and walked away. She watched him go,
wondering to herself why she hadn't bothered to tell
him that she had her phone number changed.

The moon came out and glistened on her sea-foam green
dress. There was a rustling in the nearby trees as a
dark figure emerged. She gasped as she recognized
Death. "You had better put your mask on, my lady, so
I do not recognize you again."

She choked as she put on her mask. She inhaled deeply
and took Death's arm. "Milord, shall we?"


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