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The Meeting


A story written about meeting someone from the
internet for the first time. If you DO that sort of
thing, please be careful and take precautions. There
are quite a few wackos out there. Just a public safety
announcement for the holidays. :)
The Meeting by Pami ( (M/F rom)

She waited nervously, sipping her coffee. She truly
couldn't believe this was happening. The typical "I
met you on the Internet and now we are meeting"
nerves, she supposed. Not that she really MET people
off the computer. "I don't use the computer as a
dating service" was the standard line she used
whenever someone pressured her to meet. Still, she
reasoned, they had been chatting for MONTHS. It
wasn't like she was meeting someone romantically, they
were just having coffee as two friends. Ok, well,
maybe they HAD had a few somewhat steamy
conversations, but really not much. Just an
exploration of each other's likes and dislikes. For
general information, of course.

"Wow", she thought, "I am really rationalizing THIS
one!" And she chuckled out loud.

She glanced up as the door to the coffeeshop opened.
A tall man with dark hair walked in. He looked over
at her, and she knew. It was HIM. No, she had never
seen a picture of him, but she just knew. He walked
immediately over to where she sat, and all kinds of
thoughts ran through her mind. She hoped that she
didn't have stained lips from the mocha coffee she was
sipping; she hoped that the dress she wore was at
least somewhat becoming ; was her hair straight,

"I would know you anywhere," he said as he looked down
at her. True, she had sent him a couple of pictures,
but pictures can lie, and he was pleased that
she looked "nice". No, not a model, or centerfold,
but kind of like a real person. The girl next door.
Except that he knew that her seeming wholesomeness
masked a deep sensuality. Indeed, as he looked into
her brown eyes, he thought he saw a spark of
something. And she looked up at him and BLUSHED. Did
women really blush anymore? he mused. He had thought
that they didn't. Especially her. They had discussed
some incredibly private things before. He had seen
the pictures! And she BLUSHED! He smiled, and said
he was going to get a cup of coffee.

She felt it. She felt the heat in her cheeks. Damn,
was she actually blushing?! With HIM?! He was just
her type, she thought. Those deep brown eyes, that
olive, almost tanned skin, those shoulders! And he
had smiled at her like he liked what he saw.

He came back to the table, with a steaming cup of
coffee. "Cute place", he remarked casually, as he sat
down opposite her at the tiny table.

"I hate to sound trite," she started, "but it's really
nice to meet you. And am I really blushing?" She
stopped suddenly, embarrassed that the statement came
out of her lips. And she blushed harder, if possible.
She thought she must look like a tomato now!

He chuckled. "Not trite at all. I have been looking
forward to this for a long time. Yes, you are
blushing. And it is very charming. I think I am
yours already!"

"Ar, Ar." she replied back at him, sticking her tongue

"Ar", he added.

And they both looked at each other and suddenly they
were comfortable. Laughter rang out across the quiet


Much later, they were seated at the restaurant next
door, finishing up a terrific lunch. The conversation
hadn't lagged at all. And both were secretly
relieved. After all, meeting someone for the first
time was always a harrowing experience. The jokes and
quick rejoinders had flowed, and indeed, the other
diners had looked at the couple enjoying themselves so
much and a few had been jealous of the obvious

Finally, the meal was obviously over, and a pregnant
silence dropped over the table. "Can I give you ride
home?" he asked.

"Well, ok, but no funny business, buster," she
answered with an exaggerated tone, ruining the line
with a giggle at the end.

"Scout's honor" he told her, solemnly holding up his
hand in the boy scout salute. And one eye lazily
dropped down in a wink. "I just want to see the place
with The One and Only You calls home. You know, kind
of a psychological glimpse into the inner workings of
your psyche."

"Damn", she responded, "I KNEW I should have vacuumed.
Did I ever mention that I HATE to do dishes?" she told
him with a mock frown.

"I promise not to look at the kitchen, ok?"

"Well, ok. But only because it is about 90 degrees
out and I don't want to walk home."


They pulled up in front of a brick building. An old
Victorian home.

"Here it is. My humble abode," she told him as they
walked up the stairs to the second floor apartment
that she called home. "But you have to close your
eyes, because you promised not to look at the kitchen
and that is where we go into the apartment."

"Uh oh, you mean I have to TRUST you to guide me
through?" he grinned at her, with a mock scared
expression on his face.

"Yes, you awful man, now just shut those eyes," she
countered swiftly.

"Aye, aye, ma'am." He closed his eyes and heard the
door open. She grabbed his hands and he felt a twitch
in his nether regions. Not now, he groaned. This was
not the time for THAT part of his anatomy to wake up.

She pulled him gently forward about six steps. "Come
on, I'll be gentle....THIS time," she throatily
giggled at him.


"Ok, now turn right," and she pulled him forward about
five steps. He heard a rustling behind him, and she
told him he could open his eyes now.

He looked around. He was in a dining room. And he
could see the living room. He looked behind him and
there was a curtain blocking his view. "The kitchen?"
he asked, pointing his thumb at the curtain.

"Yes, sir," she rejoined, "And remember, you

He walked forward. It was charming, eclectic. There
was wood furniture. A grey recliner. A patterned
HUGE sofa. A butcher's block table in the dining
room. Sheer white curtains with a green leaf pattern
on them. They matched the carpet on the floor in the
living room. There was a fireplace. A fake one. But
still cute. And two large diplomas on the mantle.
Pictures everywhere. And the candles! A faint floral
scent lingered in the air. It was a perfect
bachelorette pad, he thought. He could just glimpse
the two bedrooms off the living room. He wondered
what they looked like, and then mentally berated
himself for wondering.

"Well?" she asked expectantly.


"Nice?! That's IT?"

" I like the candles. And what is the

"Ummm...I forgot to take out the garbage?" she asked.

"No, silly smells GOOD," he smiled at her.

"Oh. Well, I like flowers. And candles. The scented
ones. And probably some of the lotions that I use. I
have a real shower gel and lotion fetish, see?
Smell..." and she put her arm up to his nose.

He inhaled deeply, and sure enough a faint smell of a
potent flower was on her delicate arm.

"I don't know...let me smell more", he wickedly
grinned, as he turned he arm around and pulled the
inside of her wrist to his nose. "Mmmmm..." he hummed
as he quickly kissed the vein he could see pulsing
below her skin.

"Smells terrific", he told her, as he abruptly
released her arm.

Her veins felt like fire had rushed through them. The
chemistry between them was pretty potent stuff, she
thought. She felt her nipples harden and the spot
between her legs pulsed suddenly.

"Ah, ah," she wagged her finger at him as casually as
she could. "You funny stuff. You know,
you toy with my affections this way and watch out,
mister," as she put her fists on her hips.

He looked at her. Her long hair was wavy, falling
about halfway down her back. Her brown eyes seemed to
have suddenly gotten darker and more...melty. Her
hands on her hips only served to accentuate her
curves. The large breasts curved down to her waist,
and then out into generous hips. And her dress was
short enough to show him that she had shapely legs
too. God, she was wonderful, he thought. No, not
every man's ideal, but then, he wasn't every man.

"Can I get you something to drink?" she asked, in her
best remote hostess voice.

"A glass of water?" he answered, past the dryness in
his throat. And he watched her disappear behind the

He walked into the living room and seated himself on
the couch, and idly flipped through the latest issue
of Cosmopolitan, which was sitting on her coffee
table, next to a couple of sewing pattern books and a
photo album.

She came back into the room, with two glasses of water
full of ice cubes. She sat next to him, folding a leg
underneath her and handed him one of the glasses,
taking a nice long sip out of hers.

"You know, this has been a lot of fun," she told him.

"I know."

"I was really nervous," she grinned, "but talking with
you is like talking on the computer. It

"I know. I am glad that we met. Even if I have seen
pictures, it isn't the same as seeing you in person,"
he told her.

He put the magazine down and put the glass next to it.
"Can we put on some music?" he asked her, glancing at
the stereo across the room.

"Oh. Sure," she replied. She walked over to the cd's
scattered on the table. "Any requests?"

"You choose. I am sure I'll like whatever you want."
He watched as she bent over the table, wondering if
she knew that he had thought about her in that very
position many times, but she was never clothed, and he
was behind her, listening to her cries of ecstasy. At
least in his fantasies. His cock jumped again.

The strains of the band Chicago floated across the
room. "Good?" she asked.

"Perfect," he answered. He got up as she came back
across the room.

"Going somewhere?" she asked, with a somewhat faintly
disappointed tone in her voice.

He laughed. "Heck no, just going to ask you dance."
He pulled her into his arms. He slightly shuddered as
her body came into contact with his.

"Oh." she said with a note of surprise, but she
matched her steps to his. Her pulse raced as she felt
her breasts press up against his chest. She hoped
that he couldn't hear her heart pound. After all, she
thought, she DID tell him no fooling around.

They danced around the small room for a while, and she
looked up at him. "Damn, he has nice eyes", she
thought. "I am such a sucker for eyes."

He drew a deep a breath as he looked down, gazing into
her eyes, hoping that she couldn't feel his hardness
against her. Or did he WANT her to feel it? He was
unsure. What should happen now? It would be easy to
say goodbye and walk out. No harm done. Just a great
meeting between two simpatico computer friends. Or,
he could push it. He wanted her. Badly. But not at
the risk of making her unhappy. She DID make him
promise not to try anything. And he didn't want to
ruin it. He knew that trite phrase about eyes
speaking, and he swore hers were telling him to kiss
her. He breathed deeply again, and felt her breasts
swell against him as she breathed deeply too.

"I am glad that we did this", he told her.

"Me too."

"And aren't you proud of me? I haven't tried
anything," he pressed.

"Yes," she replied, and his optimism plummeted.

"But..." she started.

"What?" he blurted.

"Well, I think...."


"Ummm. Well. This," she stuttered, as she reached up
and pulled his head down.

She kissed him. Lightly at first. And when he
returned her kiss, her mouth opened and she lightly
bit his lip.

He groaned and pulled her against him more firmly.
His tongue ventured into her mouth and dueled with
hers. They kissed. Deeply. Wetly. Her nipples grew
so hard they hurt. She wanted him to touch her there,
and she pulled his hand up to her breasts and placed
it on her. "Feel that?" she asked, knowing that he
could easily feel the engorged tip through the thin
fabric of her dress. He pinched it lightly and she
moaned into his mouth. God, he felt good.

He couldn't believe her. She made him so hot. Her
nipple was huge. It must be as big as his thumbnail,
and he hadn't even really paid homage to it yet. He
felt like fire and ice water were alternating running
through his veins. And his cock was so hard he was
afraid he would come in his pants. He knew what she
liked. They had discussed sex before. He pulled away
from her mouth and licked his way down her neck to the
base of it. He licked and sucked there, and she
ignited in his hands. "She wasn't kidding", he
thought, "this really DOES set her off". He released
her tit and reached around behind her. He slowly
unzipped her dress and it fell, puddling at her feet.
He pulled back and looked at her.

She was wearing a purple lace bra, that barely
contained her full breasts, and matching lace panties.
They were high cut, showing off the delicate line
where her legs joined at her most sensitive place. He
reached both hands out and grabbed her tits. He
squeezed them firmly, and she moaned. He pulled the
cups down, exposing her nipples to his eyes. "Oh God,
they are glorious", he thought. Dark pink nipples,
the tips of which were as big as a nickel, and her
areolas had to be the size of half dollars.

She stood there quietly, shifting from side to side in
an effort to stop herself from crying out for him to
take her. Ravish her. Make her orgasm over and over
for him. Fuck her. She wanted him so badly. She
felt slightly humiliated by his inventory of her body,
and she hoped that he liked what he saw.

Suddenly both of his hands shot across the space
separating them and latched onto her nipples. He
pinched them slightly. Twisted them. Watching her
face as he did. She looked like she was about to
explode, he thought, and he wanted to watch. He
pulled her, by her nipples over to the couch and sat
down, with her in front of him. His mouth opened, and
he engulfed her left tit with it. He sucked and
nibbled and drank in the taste of her. He listened to
her moans and felt her hands run through his hair and
hold him close to her. His hands reached around and
cupped her bottom. Rotating the flesh around and
around. His fingers were close to her heat. He could
feel it pouring from her pussy. He moved his mouth to
the other nipple and delicately took it between his
teeth and flicked his tongue back and forth over it.

She was concentrating on the feelings in her tits, and
was stunned when she felt his long fingers slide up
between her legs. His hands pushed her legs slightly
apart and she felt the cool air against her hot
wetness. And she knew she was wet. She could feel
the juices flowing out of her. Soaking her panties.
He bit harder on her nipple. And one hand pulled the
gusset of her panties aside and the other hand flicked
back and forth across her nether lips.

She was sooo wet and hot, he could feel. And when he
pulled her panties aside and saw her shaved pussy, he
really thought he was going to come without her even
touching him. He ran his fingers across the smooth
lips of her cunt. Spreading her juices over her
entire vulva. And she spread her legs a little
further for him. His fingers pulled her lips apart
and he caressed her inner lips. He found her hard
clit at the top and he flicked it. She jumped and
moaned loudly. He pulled back and found her hole.
And thrust his middle finger inside her.

She thought she was going to die, it felt so good.
His finger slid inside her heat and she felt her
muscles grip him. "Please," she muttered.

"What?" he asked, looking up at her flushed face.

"Please," she repeated.

"Please, what?" he persisted.

"Please. Please, fuck me with your fingers."

"Since you asked so nicely..." he smiled up at her as
his index finger joined his middle finger and he slid
them back and forth. He felt her spasm lightly around
his fingers and marveled at the amazing heat engulfing
his entire hand. Her juices were flowing freely down
her thighs by now.

Her moans grew louder and he knew she was close to
coming already. Coming for him. But he didn't want
her to come just yet. He wanted this to be an
incredibly unforgettable experience for both of them.
He pulled his fingers out of her, and he asked her to
take him to the bedroom. She pulled his fingers to
her mouth and cleaned her juices off of them, and then
she tugged on them.

She led him around the corner and into the eggshell
white bedroom. The bed was the dominant piece of
furniture. A queen-size bed with emerald satin sheets
and about 12 pillows on it. On the table next to the
bed stood about seven candles. He marveled anew at
her sensuality. She was an amazing woman, he thought.

She pushed him gently down on the bed and removed her
panties finally, showing him that bald pussy that made
his mouth water. She started undressing him. She
removed his shirt, and as she unbuttoned the front of
it, she took the time to briefly kiss and suck each of
his nipples. She unbuckled his belt and opened his
pants. He raised his ass briefly as she pulled his
pants and shorts off in one motion.

His cock jumped up and slapped his belly. Her mouth
watered. She wanted a taste of THAT, she knew. She
pushed him further back against the pillows and
crawled up between his legs. She leaned over his
prick and looked up at him with her almost-black eyes,
and told him, "I HAVE to suck you, you know. Is that

She didn't wait for an answer, but swooped her mouth
down and engulfed the head of his cock in one gulp.
He groaned loudly. Her mouth was almost as hot as her
pussy. And she sucked. Lightly. Flicking the head
with her agile tongue. "Mmmmmm..." she murmured.

He was in heaven. She alternated her methods. She
would lick just the head lightly, and then swallow
almost all of him and suddenly she was like a vacuum
cleaner, sucking as hard as anything he had ever felt.
She cupped his balls and then would pull her mouth off
his cock altogether and lick them all over. He was
counting the alphabet, doing multiplication tables,
thinking of current events...everything he could think
of to prolong the pleasure. Finally, though she
looked up at him. "I want you to come in my
mouth....please...." she told him. And she bent back
down and thrust her tongue out. She placed the head
of his cock on it and as she looked in his eyes, she
slid her open mouth onto him. He watched himself
disappear in her wet mouth and couldn't stand it
anymore. He let out a yell and started pulsing the
come into her throat. She swallowed it down as he
watched. God, she was amazing, he thought.

He sank back onto the pillows as every muscle in his
body relaxed. She crawled up to him and kissed him.
He wasn't sure about it, but he was sure there was
something not quite right about enjoying the wet kiss
she gave him right after swallowing his jizz. He
didn't really care. The kiss was hot and he loved the
feel of her tits against his bare chest.

After a few minutes he rolled her over on her back and
told her to lie there. He scooted down and spread her
legs wider. He gazed at her red pussy. He could feel
the blazing heat pouring out of it, and he could
practically see the juices dripping out. He placed
her legs over his shoulders and dove in. He licked
her juices off her lips, enjoying the tangy taste of
her. "Delicious", he thought. His fingers firmly
pulled her lips apart and he saw her clit pulsing
madly at the top of her cunt. He flicked his tongue
over it, and she leapt like a fish. He flicked again,
and she did the same thing. He latched his whole
mouth on it and started sucking it. She let out a
long moan and bucked up to his face.

He worked a finger into her hole. She twisted,
forcing the finger deeper. He kept up his maddening
sucking on her clit. Another finger joined the first.
And she felt the first waves of her approaching
orgasm. She started begging him to make her come.
And just as she was on the edge, he pulled his mouth
off of her and his fingers out. She was stunned.
Until she looked down and saw his face, wet with her
juices, between her thighs, looking up at her.

"Watch me", he commanded. And she did. His tongue
came out of his mouth and he straightened it and
hardened it and then bent his head and thrust it deep
inside her burning cunt. In and out, he fucked her
pussy with his tongue. And she watched. And
suddenly, she was there. She cried out, and her cunt
muscles tightened around his tongue. She pulsed over
and over, around him. He licked her until her back
straightened again and she relaxed on the bed.

He crawled up on top of her and kissed her, much as
she had done to him, and she tasted herself. They lay
like that for a while. It was comfortable on top of
her this way, he thought. And she thought that she
liked the weight of him on her.

Finally, though, each became aware that his cock was
still hard...pulsing against her pussy. She shifted
slightly, and the head pushed right up against her
slit. "I want you in me", she told him.

"Your request is my command", he answered her, and he
slid into her still hot cunt.

"Ahhhh..." they moaned in unison. And looked into
each other's eyes and laughed.

He thrust back and forth, getting a nice rhythm going,
and she thrust her hips up at him to take him deeper
inside her. Her juices flowed ever faster, coating
him as they fucked. He grunted each time he hit
bottom and she made little noises of her own. As they
picked up speed, she encouraged him.

He pulled out of her and told her, "Over. I want you
on your hands and knees."

She did as he requested. She felt his cock slide up
and down her slit, rubbing from her clit to her
asshole. "Oh God....fuck me....fuck me....fuck me..."
she chanted.

He couldn't take it anymore and rammed his cock inside
her cunt. He grabbed her hips and thrust hard and
deep into her. "Take it", he told her. "You love my
cock inside you, don't you?"

"Oh yes...more...please...more..." she moaned back at

He reached under her and grabbed her tits, using them
like handles to pull her back onto him. He pinched
the nipples as he did, and every time he pinched, he
swore he could feel her pussy muscles clench around

She reached down and cupped his balls. They were so
full, and she couldn't wait to feel him explode inside
her burning pussy. She massaged them and she felt
them tighten. She was getting closer to her own
climax and she wanted to come with him. She pushed
back onto him.

Finally, she felt him thrust even faster and she knew
it was time. She was about to come and she cried out,
"Oh God, I am coming on your cock! Come with
me....come inside me..." And he thrust into her one
last time and held it.

Her cunt muscles clenched in orgasm around him and
milked the sperm from his prick. He shot four, five,
six times into her hot grasping pussy, and she felt
every pulse against her clit as she came on him.

She collapsed on the bed, his cock still inside her,
and he lay on her back. He whispered into her ear how
amazing it was. And how incredible she was. And how
she made him come harder than he thought possible.

And she thought that her first foray into meeting
someone from the Internet was certainly something


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