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The Mesmerist


Disclaimer: No one under 18 should be reading this as it contains adult

Author's Note: I originally wrote this story 2 to 3 years ago and
because I've brought back the main characters in a new release called
"Tales From the Club: The Mesmerist's Tale", I thought I'd do a thorough

Revised July 26, 2001

"The Mesmerist" by JR Parz


Brandon Darke closed the book with a sigh. 'Wow', he thought with
amazement. If a fraction of what the book said was true, he was in for
quite an experience. He reached inside his shirt and pulled out the gold
pendent... for the zillionth time he studied the design. According to the
book, the wearer of the pendent possessed incredible powers... he was
about to find out.

Brandon smiled as he reflected on how close he was to passing up this
discovery. His father, someone he hadn't talked to in years, passed away.
He only knew this because of the Executor of the will notified him to tell
him so. Strangely enough, his father left him the Darke Estate.
"Liquidate everything." Had been his response... then two weeks later a
huge chest arrived. At first he was angry that the Executor had sent him a
chest filled with her father's personal belongings, and was ready to 'dump'
the entire contents into the trash... but then curiosity got the better of
him... good thing.

Brandon was sixteen when he first became interested in hypnotism...
something in which his father deplored. He never could understand why his
father was so against the practice and it eventually led to the
deterioration of their own relationship. He remembered how angry he became
the day he announced his ambition to become a professional hypnotist.

Although he tinkered around a bit... he never really understood the
magnitude of what hypnotism could do until he hypnotized his first subject
at a college party. The lovely brunette proved amazingly susceptible and
in seconds he had her fully entranced. Quickly, she became the focus of
the party when he had her jumping up and down with imaginary 'pom poms' and
reciting cheerleading routines. He couldn't get over the rush of power...
not to mention arousal, he felt from knowing that the girl was acting this
way because of what he had done. After he brought the girl out of the
trance she admitted to remembering everything she was doing and although
she wouldn't have normally performed like that in front of the partygoers,
she couldn't resist the compulsion.

There was another time where he hypnotized a blind date... and before
bringing her out of her trance he planted a post-hypnotic suggestion deep
inside of her. Later on that evening, when he was back at his dorm, he
heard a light tapping at his door. There she stood... his buxom blonde date from earlier, looking ever so lovely and confused. He remembered
inviting her in but no sooner had she sat down she sprang up and out of the
chair. She stammered that she had to leave and practically flew out of the
room. She ended up avoiding him for the remainder of the semester.

Brandon never took his power for granted and although he never had the
pleasure of meeting his grandfather, he somehow felt like he knew him.
According to the research he performed, his grandfather had quite a
reputation. Not only as an incredibly respected hypnotist, but as a
womanizer, too. Quite literally, he could make any girl his willing
girlfriend and was reputed to have a harem of beauties at his beckon call.
At the time he thought the girls were simply attracted to his profession,
never realizing the extent of it.

Much to his pleasure, the chest was not the belongings of his father...
but that of his grandfather. The book and pendant were buried at the
bottom. He figured that his father must have inherited it when his
grandfather passed away.

It was now, after reading the book, that he realized everything he knew
about hypnotism and mind control was child's play. He needed a subject and
immediately thought about his very beautiful assistant, Theresa Cassidy.

Theresa would be an excellent test subject because he'd never been able
to put her under before and she wasn't at all impressed with the whole
scene in general. In fact, the only reason she played the role of his
assistant was for the money. Brandon hated the fact that Theresa pretended
her trances and now that he possessed the 'power', this was about to

Theresa was in her third year at the State University... she didn't
come from a lot of money. Some girls actually stripped to make money...
she used her intelligence and beauty to land a job as his assistant. He
remembered her laughing at him the day he offered her a career with him...
she had made it quite clear that her first priority was her studies... and
that the second she graduated, she was leaving.

Theresa possessed a model's body with a nice small set of tits that
looked rather nice on her slim frame. Her biggest hang-up was the fact
that she had to wear sexy outfits during the act and she'd often complain
that they were too skimpy and demeaning.

Brandon also reflected on another girl... the girl before Theresa
became his assistant. She also looked spectacular in the sexy outfits...
her name was Linda Norris. She had left his act to go marry a pro football
player. It had broken his heart when she left him... he wondered what she
might be doing these days.


The next afternoon, he called Theresa so they could get together. The
mere thought of having this gorgeous creature under his power worked on him
like an aphrodisiac. "Hi Theresa... How are you?"

"Look Brandon... I'm tired and busy... what is it?"

"I'll get to the point... I have some work for you."

"Look... I have an English exam at the end of the week so I don't have
the time." She sighed in her usual sarcasm.

Brandon thought that this girl really needed an attitude adjustment and
soon. "Well, there's a new routine I'd like to incorporate into the act...
so why don't you take a break and come up to the club. It should only take
an hour or so."

"Like I said... I really need to study and I'm way too tired to go out

"The show is less than a week and I'd really like to start rehearsing
today. Um... I'll pay you a full days pay for two hours work."

"Well... I guess I'd be a fool to refuse this opportunity."

"Thanks Theresa... An hour... two tops... that's all I'll need. I'll
meet you at 6:00 p.m."


Brandon was on the stage pacing off steps when he saw Theresa arrive.
As usual, without her even trying, she was dressed incredibly sexy...
tight blue jeans and a red blouse... tied off below her perky breasts,
exposing her midriff. Her long auburn hair was tied back into a ponytail
and like usual; she wore very little make-up.

Brandon didn't waste any time and immediately bore into her mind... he
could feel the pendant's power activate via the warm vibrations against his
chest. Within seconds he saw a sudden look of confusion from her and then
felt the lock on her mind. "Theresa. I decided I don't want to rehearse
the new act here... I'd much rather we rehearse back at my place. I'd
like you to take a ride with me over to my house."

He watched as Theresa struggled to resist the suggestion... but she was
having difficulty and weakening by the second. In looking at her eyes she
didn't appear to be in a trance but he knew that she was his for the

"I...I really have to study tonight." She stammered.

He knew she'd never respond like this normally, always having flatly
refused him in the past. Under no circumstances whatsoever would she have
anything other than a professional relationship with him. He 'pushed'
again and could feel her succumb. "Now Theresa... You know you'd really
much rather prefer going to my place than studying."


Theresa felt very strange... as if her mind was working in slow motion.
She knew she should have been shocked and appalled at what Brandon was
suggesting but the idea was so appealing. Why did she feel this sudden
compulsion to agree with him? Why was it so hard to resist him? Then when
he followed it up and sounded even more convincing, she suddenly felt her
resolve dissolve and it became much easier to agree with him. "I... I
guess it would be all right... I won't stay too long... I'm tired and
need to study."

Brandon smiled at her and extended his arms... and just like that she
took it! 'What's going on?' she wondered, as she walked arm and arm with
him... She saw the bartender look at her in shock... he was a good friend
and he knew that she was acting strange. Part of her wanted to ask for
help but instead she smiled at him as they passed.

Then it 'hit' her and she stopped dead in her tracks. Brandon smiled at
her with a knowing grin. 'Did he somehow hypnotize me?!?' She wondered.
" me...didn't you?" She managed to ask.

"Theresa... why ever would you say that? Surely you can't be isn't possible... remember? You told me this yourself.
Now, lets continue on to my car."

'That was it' she thought with conviction. 'I've been hypnotized...
but when? How? How come she couldn't stop herself from walking with
him... Why did she want to go to his house?

She climbed into the passenger's side of his car while he walked around
to the driver's side. She thought for a second that she should run... but
something kept her seated.

"Tell me, Theresa... Do you find me attractive?" Brandon asked when he
slid in behind the wheel.

She didn't want to answer...having a feeling where it was headed, but as
much as she tried to keep her mouth shut, she felt even a greater need to
tell him the truth. "Well...I...I think you're good looking for an older man... I don't really feel attracted to you but I guess if I were older or
you were younger then I might be..."

Brandon laughed. "'re looking at me all wrong... and I'm
only thirty-three... that isn't old. In fact, you really feel it's the
perfect age for a lover, don't you? Males around your age are little boys and you'd much rather prefer a man my age. When you look at me you think
to yourself how nice I am and how you can trust me... but more importantly
you find yourself attracted to me. You imagine how it would feel to make
love to me and find yourself feeling aroused as a result. In fact, you
wish that I would make love to you all of the time and the mere thought of
me inside of you makes you 'wet'."

Theresa sat there in stunned silence. Every word he said suddenly made
sense to her and became very much a part of her. 'How was he able to do
this?' She wondered for a split second before suddenly envisioning him
naked... this only heightened her 'need' that much more. What she'd give
this very moment to have his lips kissing her breasts... kissing her
sex... she blushed as her arousal climbed. She tried holding onto the fact
that she was feeling this way because he had somehow hypnotized her but
knowing that he had done this was not helping... and the feelings
continued to wash over her. She wanted him like she'd never wanted anybody
before in her life... and wanted him... now.

When they arrived at his place she sat submissively in her seat.
Brandon came around to open her door and offered his hand. When their
hands touched, she jumped... as a jolt of pleasure shot through her. She
felt weak and docile as he led the way to his house... all the while
smiling, knowingly.

She could feel her 'wetness' as she entered his house... and followed
him straight to his living room.

"Strip out of your clothes and lie down on the couch." He commanded.

She smiled at being told to strip... Brandon was going to fuck her.
Instead of feeling frightened, this only sent her more waves of pleasure.
She didn't care 'where' he fucked long as it was soon. She took
off her red blouse and let it drop to the floor... her red bra followed,
releasing her perky tits. She blushed when she saw Brandon staring at
them... but her embarrassment was mingled with 'need'. She looked down at
herself and smiled... she'd always been proud of her tits, knowing they
were very shapely. So what they were small. Her friends had often told
her that she didn't need to wear a bra with tits like hers but support was
never the issue... appearance was... and she would never be caught dead
without a bra on, however, she wondered now if she really needed one. She
cupped them and played with her nipples... they were already as hard as
spikes. She presented them and Brandon smiled, then nodded his head to
indicate her jeans. She beamed back at him and proceeded to work her tight
jeans off... finally followed by her red panties. She blushed when her
panties stuck to her wet slit inside her crotch.


Brandon gazed down at his lovely assistant with lust... she looked so
incredibly erotic lying there on the couch. "Theresa, you're beautiful...
absolutely stunning."

She looked up at him and smiled... but remained quiet and bashful.

He decided that he first needed to give her an attitude adjustment.
"Theresa... How do you feel about being my assistant? Tell me the truth."

"I...please don't be upset with me...but...but I really don't like it.
If I didn't need to pay back my student loan than I...I wouldn't be working
for you." She admitted, looking upset that she was being forced to disclose
the truth.

"Why don't you like working as my assistant?"

"You're a sexist and those outfits demean me." Theresa whispered.

"Theresa... The next time you wear one of those outfits you won't feel
like it's demeaning. In fact you won't feel uncomfortable at all...
instead, you'll feel a sexual charge from wearing those outfits... the
very thought alone will feel downright sexy to you... and you'll feel
horny whenever you wear them. You'll love the fact that everyone can see
your body... You'll love the fact that these outfits tease the hell out of
the audience... You'll love the fact that their stares make you 'wet' with
arousal... You'll feel pleasure in showing off your gorgeous body and want
so desperately to touch yourself during the act. Of course you won't,
though, regardless how desperately you want to touch that
throbbing pussy of yours, you won't be allowed."

Brandon could see that everything he was saying was 'sinking' in... he
also saw that she was getting increasingly aroused from what he was telling
her. He decided to be nice and willed her hands to take liberties... He
watched in amazement as she started to caress her breasts and pinch her
nipples... her right hand made it's way down between her legs and entered
herself... he could smell her arousal and he basked in the aroma. His own
erection poked angrily against his pants. Nope... if he couldn't cum just
yet, she wouldn't be allowed to either, so he willed her to build up to an
incredible crescendo of desire while holding off her orgasm.

"Theresa... As the week progresses, your studies will no longer
interest you... When you try to study for the English exam, you'll find it
impossible to concentrate given how horny you feel. You'll feel that
instead of studying, you'd much rather play with yourself. Masturbation
will become your new obsession and college will fade from your life.
You'll feel the desire to drop out and become my full time assistant.
You'll want to be the best assistant you possibly can be and this means
being with me, always. You'll also find your attraction for me grow
stronger and stronger. When you aren't in my presence, you'll miss me...
when you're masturbating, you'll be fantasizing about me."

Brandon watched Theresa continue to rub her clit and stroke her pussy...
but despite how hard she did this she still couldn't cum.

"Theresa... You will also feel a pleasant and sexy docility when you
are in my presence. You'll be subservient to all my wishes and feel a
great desire to please me in every way. Your body will tremble at my
touch...and your desire to feel me inside you will become your greatest
'need'. You'll call me Brandon when we are out in public but privately,
you'll call me sir."

Brandon quickly slid off his pants and briefs. His erection stood
proudly up at 'attention'. He quickly stripped off his shirt and moved
between Theresa's legs... she cried out in anticipation and spread her
legs... and when he finally entered her, she cried out in passion. She
wrapped her hands around his shoulders and pulled him closer... he wrapped
his hands around her ass cheeks to do the same... he moaned with pleasure
with every thrust and she cried "YES...YES...YES." on every stroke. When
he finally shot a thick load of cum deep inside her pussy she exploded with
her own.


Theresa woke up...feeling more incredible than she'd ever felt before in
her life. Her glazed eyes and smile confirmed her satiation and she looked
down to see that she was still naked... spread eagle... on the couch.
Was she still hypnotized? She wondered... and her overwhelming desire to
be with Brandon convinced her she was.

Did Brandon really turn her into some sort of sex 'pet'? She thought,
trying to remember some of what he said to her. Strangely, his words
didn't upset her... but in fact, pleased her.

Slowly, she got up from the couch and saw her clothes on the floor.
Should she get dressed? She wasn't sure... so she sat back down on the
couch and thought about it. Should she go look for him? No. Just stay
right where she was, she thought to herself.

Moments later Brandon entered the room... and Theresa felt her whole
body suddenly come alive! His very presence 'hit' her so hard that she
gasped... and wanted to fuck. Then she realized he was dressed and felt

"It appears I've forgotten one set of instructions before I pat your
lovely fanny and send you back to your place."

Theresa felt pleasure at his words of endearment, but disappointment at
being sent away.

"You cannot tell anyone or communicate in any way, shape or form that
you're under my power."

Theresa hadn't thought about telling anyone, but as the words took she couldn't.

"How about putting that lovely mouth of yours to use before you leave."

Theresa giggled and quickly dropped down to her knees... quickly
unzipped his fly, freeing his erection... and then used her tongue to lick
his 'head' before taking him inside her mouth. Her nostrils breathed in
his scent while she worked him in and out of her mouth.

"Given you're naked, you may pleasure yourself as you pleasure me." He

Theresa quickly slipped her right hand down to her very 'wet' slit while
continuing to suck him ardently.

"Swallow every drop, Theresa... Every drop."

When he 'came', she did... every drop.


Theresa soaked in her bathtub dazing. She felt slightly confused and a
little embarrassed, but both emotions took a back seat to her new desires.
She wished over and over again that Brandon would call... she desperately
wanted to see him again. Was it only yesterday that she had been in
control of her life? She thought she should feel repulsed at the thought
of everything he had done to her, but she didn't. Instead, she felt
intense pleasure and an overwhelming desire to do it all over again. Every
time she closed her eyes she could see herself being ravished by him...
and she'd get so horny from the image. Oh what she'd give to be climbing
aboard his shaft right now which prompted her hand down to her pussy again... something that she did quite frequently now. She remembered how
Brandon gave her a hard long kiss and squeezed her ass cheeks before
sending her home. She gasped, nearly 'coming'... and when he whispered
into her ear that she could cum... she then exploded with another orgasm.

Intellectually, she knew that everything she felt was artificially
induced... and she also realized it went far beyond simple hypnosis. He
had changed the way she felt about everything and there wasn't a thing she
could do to deny the feelings... and nor did she want to. Every time she
tried studying she felt an urge to masturbate... which would ultimately
affect her studies... simply, they weren't important to her anymore.
Brandon was important to her now... just Brandon... and if he hadn't told
her to wait for his call, she'd be on the phone right now begging him to
let her see him. She felt she should feel disturbed to know that she had
no control over her body but her craving to be with him overruled every
other emotion. She leaned back in the tub and continued to play with
herself. God... was she ever 'wet'...and it had nothing to do with the
water inside the tub. She giggled and again, masturbated.

VIII. (Two weeks later)

Brandon grinned like a Cheshire cat as he gazed at the picture in his
hand.... He located her... Linda Norris... She lived in Sacramento and
went by the name of Linda Blake... Sacramento was only a plane ride away.
His source had told him that she was not only married, but had a
daughter... hmmm... now that may present a problem. In any event he
wanted to see her and pondered how to go about it.

He then looked at Theresa, who kneeled down beside him by his feet. Of
course, that was what she was now... a slave. Unless she was having her
period she wasn't allowed to wear a single piece of clothing... and there
was no way he'd ever tire of her naked beauty.

He had her move in with him just a few days ago... Hmmm... A thought
just occurred to him... Linda and Theresa together... He wondered...

"Tell me Theresa...have you ever made love to another girl before?"

"No Sir." She whispered.

"Have you ever fantasized about it?"

"No Sir." She whispered again.

"Well, now the thought of making love to another woman suddenly makes
you feel very horny... so be a good girl and start fantasizing about it."

Brandon watched Theresa eyes glaze over as she complied with his
wishes... he smiled when her hand crept down to her newly shaved pussy.
He took another look at Linda's picture... then handed it to Theresa.
"Here, take this picture... here's what your new fantasy babe looks like.
Isn't she pretty?"

"Yesssssss." Theresa groaned looking at the picture... her fingers
worked in and out of herself harder... then she gasped and screamed with
an orgasm.

Brandon smiled... 'A few simple words... that's all it took... a few
simple words.

The End... unless.

All comments, praise or criticisms are welcome...and you can reach me at

Remember to read "Tales From the Club: The Mesmerist's Tale" for another
erotic adventure starring Brandon and Theresa!


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