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Archived Sex Stories

The Movie Date


This contains sexual words, themes, and actions. If
you are under 21, this is not meant for you. If you
don't like this sort of stuff, go away. If you DO
like this... keep reading at your own risk.
This is a short scenario I concocted for a friend.

The movie Date by Pami ( (M/F, exhb,
You run your hand up my leg, along the silky dark
stockings that I put on just to see what your reaction
would be. We were going to a movie, and I had put on
a dark skirt that came to just above my knees, and a
purple silk blouse. It was a casual outfit, but
something slightly above the usual leggings and knit
top that you were used to seeing me in. The lights
had dimmed and we lost ourselves in the storyline of
the movie, not speaking, but enjoying each other's
company nonetheless. Sometimes you don't have to talk
to communicate, after all.

We held hands, just enjoying the escape of the dark
theatre. About halfway through the movie, however,
you lost interest in the actors, and you started
wondering what I was wearing underneath my outer
layers. I felt your hand move to my knee, and I let
it remain there, curious to see if you were going to
do anything else. Just as I thought that was it, your
hand slowly caressed the inside of my knee, inching
higher. You pushed the skirt up just a bit, and
rested your hand on my inner thigh now, almost
absently rubbing the softness there. I glanced over
at you and you looked at me and smiled. A somewhat
wolfish grin, I thought, but I couldn't see if the
naughty gleam was in your eye. I smirked to myself,
and wondered what your reaction would be if you
stroked a bit higher.

You eventually did, but it felt like it took you
forever to move your hand any further. You lightly
pinched my thigh as you felt the band from my
stockings, and the garter that was attached to it. I
smirked again, glad that I had worn the real
stockings, rather than pantyhose.

I shifted in my seat, slightly parting my legs so you
could feel the heat emanating from that spot within me
that was now dripping. I wanted to see how far you
would go, and now it was almost like I was daring you
to rub me higher. You snapped the garter against my
skin, and then looked into my face as I smiled at you.
We sat there, staring at each other in the near
darkness, and then you very deliberately crept your
fingers the final few inches to the juncture of my

We both gasped as you touched my heat... me from the
electric shock of your touch, and you at the
realization that I had not worn any panties. My eyes
flickered shut and I swallowed hard as your fingers
spread my lips wider and were fully engulfed by my
wetness. You licked your lips, (a dry throat,
perhaps?) ahemmed a couple of times, and found my
clit, already engorged. As you lightly took it
between your thumb and forefinger and started stroking
it, you watched as my hips moved back and forth,
trying to maximize the sensations.

We were both grateful that the theater was half empty
and no one was really seated near us, as you could
smell the aroma of my arousal waft up from under my
skirt. I wriggled around and around, half-
disbelieving that this was happening, and half excited
beyond belief.

My breathing quickened, and you could hear very small
moans coming out of my mouth. You knew what an effort
it was for me to be quiet...after all, there was more
than one occasion that I had to close the windows in
the bedroom in a vain effort to keep my neighbors from
hearing my cries of ecstasy.

My moans grew slightly louder and my movements more
agitated, and you knew that I was about to climax.
You leaned closer to me, and just as I peaked, you
kissed me long and deep, swallowing my cries of
passion. Our tongues duelled and you just flicked
back and forth over my nub, extending the orgasm for
at least a full minute.

Finally, my hips stopped moving, and you withdrew your
fingers from between my legs. I whispered a thank you
into your mouth as the unending kiss finally ended.
Then, as I laid my head on your shoulder, I whispered
into your ear that as soon as we got home, you were
going to pay for making me lose control like that in a
public place. I punctuated my statement with a lick
on your neck and a firm squeeze on your hardness.

You just smiled at the screen in general, and wondered
what I had in mind.


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