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The Newness Ch01tl


The Newness of It All

By: James Bellamy

The morning sunlight of a bright spring day streamed in the window
bathing her lovely body in warmth. She lay diagonally across the
king size bed, fresh from her shower. He couldn't recall a more
beautiful sight as he laid the single freshly picked rose on her
pillow. Her white panties shown in the bright light caressed her
mound, tented across from her hipbones to a delicious fullness of
her tummy. She dozed -- her bra still in her hand ready to
enclose the nipples that looked so inviting. His tongue ran
across his lips as he contemplated the scene.

His robe fell open, prodded by his erect cock. Dropping it from
his shoulders, he sat on the bed and gently parted her legs so
that he could lie on his stomach between her legs, his face close
by her pantied mound. Leaning on his elbows he continued his
admiring gaze past the patch of hair faintly visible through the
panties, over the slight bulge of her tummy and over her breasts
to see her face turned to the side in silent slumber. He could
hear her breathing, faintly. He paused a moment, drinking in the
clear, clean scent of her freshly bathed body. Savoring the
moment, he lightly kissed the apex of her body and left his lips
there a moment as her scent filled his nostrils bringing back the
thrill of the weekend they had shared.

It had been a little awkward at first. The newness of this tryst
alone. The unfamiliarity with each other. After all, apart from
the E-mail correspondence, they had only met the one time, in
Chicago, and then they were not alone.....What if she can't stand
me, he remembered thinking.... ... or, what if I can't stand being
with her for this long? There was a risk, of course, but the
fears had been unfounded. In fact after the initial discomfort,
the rest had been like two fine old friends reunited, linked by
common likes and interests. Even the sex had come easily and
softly, and very warm in the end.

He nuzzled her slit with the tip of his nose, pressing the nylon
between her lips, and now teasing her clit with the gentlest
touch. Looking up, he saw the smile play across her lips. Her
nipples hardening, were prominent now striding above the pretty
hills that were her breasts. They too, looked freshly scrubbed in
the way that is unique to girls. He felt his prick get harder and
struggle to get free from the weight holding it captive.

"MMnnnh", she moaned and moved against him, raising her knees
slightly, so that his mouth was over the little plain between her
legs that surrounded the entry leading to the very center of her.
He could feel its warmth against his lips. "That's nice. " He
continued his caress and his hands followed the line of her hips
and circled her breasts, just touching her nipples. "So
very...... so nice. You have made this whole thing so easy and
comfortable. Thank you for that."

"It was you, really, you know" he replied.

She looked down at him and smiled. "OK, maybe both. But, you
know, it has been remarkable. Could have been a disaster.
Easily. You know? Why am I here with a guy dumb enough to take
such a risk? Especially one who makes eyes at me from such a
strange position. What are you doing down there? ....NO, it's
OK, just stay there for now! I was just asking, can't a girl ask?

Her smile spread broadly across a pretty face and her eyes joined
in. It was the smile born of deep friendship and trust. Strange
that it was here shared by relative strangers. But then, some
people know each other for years and are still strangers.

She had come off the plane last Friday after a quiet flight from
Minneapolis and greeted him with a cautious smile. Their kiss on
the cheek was brief and a little stiff. Then carrying her bags he
had made small talk as they walked the short distance to the car
and drove the five miles home here among the trees clad hills of
western Michigan. He waited a little anxiously while she changed
clothes and then, at length, reappeared. As he remembered, she
was pretty, and had a slightly quizzical look that changed quickly
to a smile, as if she were testing you.

Dinner was pleasant, the wine very good, the waiter attentive,
perhaps even slightly flirtatious. Their knees touched from time
to time beneath the crisp white tablecloth. She seemed to enjoy
herself. As she talked about home and her interests, he noticed
that the dress allowed him a little hint of her breasts and as she
turned to speak to the waiter, a little lace of her white bra in
beautiful contrast to the tan thrust of her breast. Dinner was a
success. They were loosening up. She linked her arm in his as
they left.

"It's here to the right. Just a short walk. Is that all right?
Yes, it was and the spring breeze caught her light dress swirled
around her legs as they made their way to the concert.

"How nice that Mozart is a passion of yours, too! She said. We
have so many interests in common, haven't we?"

As the concert progressed, she turned slightly toward him making
contact with her nyloned knee. His hand found hers and lay there
in her lap. The heat of her firm thigh was enough to distract him
from the music and focus his mind on how very attractive this new
friend was. "How will this evening turn out," he mused. She re-
crossed her legs and let his knuckles lie there enjoying the way
her skirt and slip slid against each other as they traversed the
smooth sheen of her stockings.

At home again, they toured the house ending in the little bar for
a brandy.

Is that a hot tub out there she asked, I love hot tubs, don't

Their knees were touching as they faced each other on the high

" Shall we?" he offered.

"Didn't bring a suit." She said, a little mockingly.

"Perhaps no one will notice" he teased, turning the single light
off and standing up.

She loosened his tie. He unbuttoned her dress all the way down
and it fell open revealing the lacy white bra and a half lip
below. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband and it slipped to
the floor. Stepping out of the ring at her feet, she stood before
him her panties and a garter belt complementing the bra that
cradled breasts that were just right for her shape.

He knelt in front of her to unsnap her garters and slip her nylons
off first one leg and then the other, as she placed her hand on
his head for balance. His hand caressed the nylons down her
thighs, past the back of her knees, down her shapely calves and
then struggled a little to slip them off her feet. She had
unsnapped her bra and dropped it at her feet. She smiled down at
him in the darkness. He stood up awkwardly and touched her
breasts. Then tentatively touched both nipples with the palm of
his hands.
Her nipples were very special. In sort of a pouty way they stood
out and dominated her breasts by being so beautifully shaped.

Stepping into the steaming water, he held a hand to steady her as
she entered.

"Don't you want to take these off," he offered.

"I'll just leave them on, if that's OK."

"Sure, sure, whatever is comfortable"

The steam and warmth engulfed them and they sipped brandy

The underwater lights illuminated their bodies under the water and
they laughed that the flimsy panties didn't give much modesty.
The little patch of hair showed through the silky fabric,
accentuating the vee at the top of her thighs.

He couldn't keep his eyes off the contrast of her tan lines where
a bikini top at shielded at least some of her breasts. She was
trying not to stare at his cock standing so erect under the water.

"Wow, this is hot. She stood up to cool off a little. He
touched her thigh as though to steady her and then put his hands
on her hips, caressing the wet nylon and just suggesting a pull
toward him.

"I guess this is a little silly, wearing these, I mean. They
don't hide much, do they?"

"No, but they do look nice, anyway." He slowly slipped the little
garment down her legs and placed it on the side of the tub.

Now he guided her to the seat next to him. As the air jets came
on his hand found her bottom and moved her semi buoyant body so
that the air bubbles were coming fast against his hand and between
her legs. Cradling her there he spread his legs wide, putting one
on the seat and other straight out so that her vulnerable pussy
would have the full effect of the jet streaming against it.

"Ohh," she gasped slightly. Oh, wow, what are you doing, lone
ranger?" She spread her legs now and turned to straddle him so
that the stream of bubbles was vibrating there where their bodies
met. His cock strained against her and she felt between them to
place it comfortably in her slit. She settled so that it was
against the length of her slit. Her fingers touched the tip
protruding past her clit. In this position, they continued their
conversation with pleasure.

In time, Jane said, " You know this is delightful, but somehow I
never think it works all that well under water, do you?

They went up the stairs, stopping at the landing for a kiss. His
tongue met hers. She pressed against his hardness. His hands
found the roundness of her ass, and then moved down between the
cheeks. He felt the tip of his prick as she moved to invite it
between her legs. She turned to go up the stairs and his hands
lifted and fondled the cheeks of her ass, following their
undulation up the stairs.

He led the way to the bedroom at the top of the stairs. Kneeling
in front of her near the bed, he kissed his way down from her
lips, taking each nipple in its turn into his mouth, circling each
with his tongue. His tongue traced the valley between her breasts
and then into the little indentation of her navel, making her
giggle. Then his kisses led him lower until at last he found the
patch of hair marking the way to her pussy. Lingering, he brushed
his lips across it several times, his hands trailing along her
buttocks and then her thighs. With his hands caressing the place
behind her knees, his tongue dipped into the very beginning of her
slit. She trembled slightly and sat down on the bed, grasping his
head to pull it forward.
She lay back on the bed and parted her legs. He parted her lips
with his thumbs, noting that she had trimmed the hair from between
her legs. The smooth lips of her pussy seemed to melt under the
touch of his tongue as he moved along each one. She was very wet

"You taste wonderful, and your scent is so delightful with your
perfume." He whispered hoarsely.

" Ohhhh, that is sooooo nice," she whispered back. His finger
slipped into her.

"Ohhh," ....... a sharp intake of her breath as his finger, bathed
in the wet warmth of her cunt, found the spot just behind her
clit. He rubbed her clit between his thumb on the outside and the
finger massaging it's base from the inside of her cunt. "ohhh, my

His tongue circled her clit and again and again trailed down the
folds protecting her cunt until finally, he just ringed her anus
with the tip of his tongue. She grasped his head, held it a
moment and then urged him up onto the bed with her. Her hand
found his cock. It felt so good having her little hand circle it
and begin fondling it slowly back and forth.

"I've never felt one like this, she said. I mean you're not
circumcised, are you?" Does it hurt when I do this?" She slipped
the foreskin back and forth.

"Not if you are reasonably considerate, it doesn't"

"And if I let you put this big thing inside of me" she teased,
will you be sure not to hurt it?"

" I think if you allow such a thing, it will be very careful not
to hurt anything!"

"But first I want to taste it. And see what it feels like with my

She swung around to look at his cock and then her lips brushed it
tentatively. Slowly she pulled back the foreskin and kissed the
head of his cock. "Mmm you taste good too," Her legs were
spread wide for him to enjoy again. His tongue entered deep into
her pussy. Her mouth was hot around his cock and he felt somehow
very open to her and to her heat.

They turned to embrace and their tongues met and explored each
other. They tasted the mingled flavor of each other on their
lips. He bent to suck her breasts and to caress them and press
the nipples into his mouth.

And then, rather naturally, he parted her legs again and moved
over her. He felt the delight of her bush touch the underside of
his cock and kissed her deeply as her hand just touched his cock
and barely guided him into the waiting lips of her pussy. He
pulled back his foreskin and slipped the bared head of his
engorged cock along the wetness between her legs, paused at the
entrance and slipped slowly into her. He paused a moment to savor
the tightness and the heat of her body now registering on the
sensitive skin of his cock head. She moved her hips in a circular
movement, then moved to take more of him inside. He plunged in to
the full extent of his cock and felt the great warm wetness of her
surround him. Their pubic mounds were now tight against each
other, her wetness forming a smooth lubricated surface of
pleasure. They moved together slightly awkwardly at first. The
unfamiliarity of their bodies and the eagerness of their thrusting
combined to work against them at first.

"Oh, Gareth, give it to me, more, more; give me more of your
cock" Now they moved more smoothly together and he was slamming
himself into her, deep and hard. Her pussy was squeezing his cock
as her hips returned the rapid movement of his cock deep inside
her cunt."

She felt the hot spurt of his sperm before she came and she urged
his thrusting again and again as he seemed to fill her insides
with his juices. He remained semi hard and she felt him
continue thrusting a little less strongly and her hips eagerly
snapped up and down and she felt her orgasm shake around his full
but wilting cock.

They lay together, his hand cupping her mound and her hand holding
his cock and balls until they fell asleep.

The rest of the weekend had been full of fondling, fucking and
pleasant easy conversation. A nice mixture, they decided.

As time grew short, she pondered the next few hours. " Do you
suppose they had this much fun? She asked. Do you suppose they
were able to get together as we have."

"I don't know" he said thoughtfully. "Jill would have had to get
really comfortable to let her inhibitions down this much." They
certainly enjoyed each other's company enough to agree with trying

"I hope the performance of "Cats" was good at least. She said and
offered her lips one last time.
End of Chapter One


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