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The Newness Chapter 2tl


The Newness of It All -- Part 2

By James Bellamy

Characters are fictional and not based on any person living or
dead. story is intended for the amusement of adults only.

Part 2

Jill stared out the window as the plane taxied away from the
terminal. She felt the good warm feeling like she had in the
evening at the ski lodge after a leisurely day on the mountain.
It was the same pure, confident, relaxed feeling of well being.
Now, she thought, how will we be with each other after this, will
we be uncomfortable in the knowledge that we have each been with
someone else for the first time? What if one of us becomes
jealous or if one enjoyed the experience more than the other did?
A lot of questions to settle when she landed back home.
"I couldn't have enjoyed it more," she said aloud, startling
herself a little. What a surprise that is, considering my
original negative thoughts, she thought. She closed her eyes and
thought back over the past few days. The warmth returned between
her legs and she knew her panties were feeling the dampness of her
rekindled excitement.
The experience of spending a weekend with a stranger and his
unfamiliar body and unfamiliar cock had turned her on more than
expected, she had to admit. In fact it had made her just plain
horny and in a steady state of sexual arousal.
It had been Gareth's idea, certainly not hers -- much too wild to
be hers. They had met Jane and her husband Tom in Chicago, both
being on a weekend package at a hotel. The weekend had been even
better than usual since they found the couple so appealing and so
On the last evening, after dinner and a lot of good wine, an
impromptu late night swim had really sealed it. Jill had taken
their dare and slipped loose from her dress and reached to unhook
her bra. In the dark, the two men eagerly encouraged her and
soon, Jane had joined her in stripping for them. Her bra joined
the pile and then the gossamer-like pantyhose were stripped a
little clumsily down her legs to float in a delicate mound soon
crushed by the arrival of her lacy white panties. She sat on the
pool's edge and slipped slowly into the water. The chilly water
slipped up her thighs and just kissed her pussy. She paused,
feeling her clit react to the cold water.
Then as the water stiffened her nipples, she said, "OK, Tommy
let's see if you are really the Italian Stallion you claim to be!
Or are you two chickening out on us?"

Then, after a brief swim, it was the surprising intimacy of
standing nude together and talking about mutual interests. There
in the dark, their intimacy seemed to hang in the air between them
drawing them closer and closer. It seemed like something tangible
connecting their bodies. It surprised her.
Later, Gareth had brought up the subject of switching partners for
a date very tentatively and at first, she brushed it off as a
joke. When he mentioned it a second time, she thought back to
this moment of intimacy and found the idea appealing. What would
it be like to have a total stranger as a sexual partner after the
familiarity and sameness of these past years with Gareth?
The plan was for her to head for Minneapolis and Tom while Jane
flew to Grand Rapids and Gareth. As her quiet interest grew over
time to a certain excitement, she had proposed to complete the
fantasy by meeting in a bar and being "picked up" by Tom.
And so it was that she took a taxi alone to a nice bar with lots
of loud music and singles groping each other. The kind of place
that Gareth hated and Jill had missed over the years of their

"Would you like to dance?" a tall blond Adonis type smiled down at
her. I'm old enough to be at least his big sister, she thought
as she accepted.

He was not much of a dancer and he was mostly interested in
finding ways of brushing against her tits with whatever part of
his body he thought might work. Still, his overeager attention
was a bit of a turn-on and she soon joined in the play, bumping
against him to help the process. His hand at last cupped her
breast at the end of a contrived move he spun her into. Things
haven't changed much in spite of the new generation, she

Tom appeared and came to her rescue with a possessive kiss on the
cheek. They were soon dancing and shouting over the din. Their
drinking and dancing were full of fun and steadily more intense
caresses and ultimately, full "body massages" on the dance floor.
By midnight they were sitting head to head trying to make
themselves heard over the music and laughing at any subject
brought up. She had worn a pair of silky culottes which
encouraged him to slide one hand up one leg and then the other to
join at her apex. Her pussy was responding with a special heat
and his hands had enjoyed this silk highway between her thighs.

Clasping his hands between her legs and tugging at the "y" of her
garment, he murmured sexily: "I think that I have you trapped,
hadn't you better come quietly, now?"

"My place or yours?" she laughed. "I thought you'd never ask."

"What a car, --- what is it, a Porsche?" she asked as the
luxurious leather seat hugged her trim hips firmly.

His hand was on her nyloned thigh and it trailed upward.

"Whatever you say, my dear!" he chuckled lecherously.

She raised his hand to her breast and he slipped between the
buttons to touch the smoothness of her breast staining to escape
her bra. His fingers traced the border of her bra cup and then
delicately insinuated itself under the fabric and made its way to
her nipple. She felt his nail slide over the rougher skin near
the now rigid nipple. Her hand reached across the console and
touched his bulging cock tentatively.

They turned to kiss passionately at a traffic light and her touch
turned more aggressive as she stoked along the length of his cock
and squeezed its head. She pulled it from side to side against
the resistance of the fabric of his trousers. His tongue felt
exciting in its roughness as it dueled gently with hers. She was
reminded of the incredible excitement and roaring heat generated
in those earlier years when she had her first French kisses and
couldn't get enough of it.

An impatient horn behind them interrupted his attempts to unbutton
her blouse. He continued as he sped away from the light. She
helped by loosing the buttons from her neck to her waist, allowing
the flickering of the passing street lights to strobe the
whiteness of the lace bra into a fantasy for him. Now his hand
turned to cup her breasts and she felt the heat all the way
through her body to the moistness of her pussy.

His hand was now under her bra fully cupping her breasts. It was
a nice feeling, having her bra pressing his hand so firmly to her
breast. His fingers parted to gently squeeze her nipple, adding
to the warm pleasure now saturating her body as she snuggled lower
into the seat.

"Careful" he murmured, "don't do too good a job." She released
her grip on his cock.

" Sorry," she whispered, "I do intend to save you for later."

Her tongue traced the curves of his ear as she slipped her bra
strap off her shoulder to give him access to her tit. The breeze
through the open window kissed her nipple and she felt the tingle
through her body as his hand lifted her breast and surrounded it
in his large hand.

"Beautiful," he said, sneaking a look at her now kneeling sideways
in the seat to face him.

She slipped her blouse off and unhooked her bra, letting it drop
reluctantly from her ample, round breasts, their weight pulling
the roundness into a beautifully perfect curve. She sensed that
he was speeding up slightly to get her home. Good idea, she

They walked from the car to the house, pausing several times to
kiss in the cool night air. He knelt before her and his tongue on
her nipples increased the effect of the night air. She moved her
leg between his and felt the pleasure of his firm muscles against
the twin layers of nylon of her culottes and her pantyhose. She
nuzzled against his cock as it rose to challenge the hardness of
his thigh. The pleasure of the silkiness against his hardness was
intense. She recalled the tantalizing pleasure when she
graduated from cotton panties of the little girl to the silky
nylons of the young lady. It really was a big thrill at the time.
Breaking away to avoid cumming, she tugged him toward the door.

The brazenness of her nudity thrilled her and the night air
chilled her so that the warmth of his embrace just inside the door
built her desire and excitement. He lifted her lightly to a
standing position on a small love seat in the entry. He kissed
and fondled her breasts and then circled her nipples with his
tongue as his hands cupped her ass and pulled her mound tightly
against his chest. She moved against him in slow little circles,
as his kisses and tongue outlined the curve at the base of her
tits. They were feeling full and stretched by this attention.

Slowly, his hands slipped her culottes down her thighs to reveal
her pantyhose and the pretty white panties held plastered against
her tummy. As her pussy mound came into view he bent to kiss it
and his hands raced over the nylon of her thighs. As his hand
found the center of her and toyed with the moistness of her lips,
she sighed loudly and gripped his head, pulling it between her
breasts as she clamped her thighs on his hand. Her knees felt
weak with the pleasure rising in her body.

He lifted her legs to a grip around his waist and began carrying
her toward the stairs. Clinging to his head, her lips tore at his
ears and necks, nibbling and licking every curve and crevice. Her
pussy nestled against his hard, hard cock and bumped against it as
they made their way up the stairs. At the very top, he paused and
put her down on the top stair, burying his head between the nylon
pillars of her thighs and lingering in the wetness and the mingled
scent of her cunt and her perfume. She pulled his head firmly
against her lips and spread her legs wide to enjoy the sensation
of him eagerly pressing his face against the nylon and into her
dripping, waiting, hungering pussy.

Jill reached between them and helped him with his battle by
stabbing her fingernail through the resisting nylon of her
pantyhose. You traitor, she muttered to her finger.

Tom eagerly tore at the fabric and she felt the beginning of the
rush that the tearing apart of her pantyhose always brought. The
release from the pressure and the brief rush of air onto the
exposed flesh were exhilarating. He was still having trouble
expanding the advantage of the hole she had opened to him. Jill
helped more and at last her moist and hot pussy lips were exposed
to his gentle assault. Only her panties held him back. She
slipped the crotch aside and watched the effect on him of the
sight of her moist pinkness. Her long tender canyon topped with
the red cherry that was her now rampant clitoris. It stood out
awaiting the attention of his clever tongue.

Tom seemed eager to tame this little tiger peeking from between
the pretty lips between Jill's thighs. She had trimmed the patch
of hair to be just an accent to the mound whose curve he found so
beautiful and appealing. Gently, his tongue set about its task of
parting her lips. He licked along first one side and then the
other and then circled her clit as she spread her lips with her
fingers to let her clit stand up for Tom's tongue to pleasure.
She watched as he, so very gently, paid homage to her beauty with
lips and tongue.

"I love the scent of you and your perfume," he smiled up at her.
Her moistness had thoroughly encompassed most of his face and he
glistened in the dim light as he licked his lips to taste her
juices. He lifted her again and carried her down the hall to a
large bed. After lighting a candle, he returned to his place
between her open thighs. Jill watched as he slipped out of his
shirt, revealing the smooth muscular torso she sensed but could
not see though the darkness beside the pool in Chicago. He paused
at the belt, looking into her eyes. Then he slowly unzipped his
pants almost like a strip tease. The bulge of his bright colored
briefs emerged through the fly of his pants, propelled firmly by
his sizable cock, now fully erect. He unbuttoned the top of his
pants and slowly dropped them to the floor and removed his shoes
without bending over.

He released his cock by slipping the briefs down just enough for
the smooth headed shaft to protrude straight out from his body.
Jill thought it might be a little longer than Gareth's, but not
more than an inch or two. The shiny head shown like a granite
knob and she found that very exciting and attractive. She stared
at its pure beauty in the same way he had gazed rapt at the curve
of her breasts and at the cleavage between her legs.

She lay waiting for him. Her body felt that anticipation and
warmth unique to the eager moments that provide a scintillating
prelude to making love.

"Hurry," she urged, a little tensely.

He did not move to remove neither her pantyhose nor her panties,
but knelt between her legs and resumed briefly the tasting of her
moistening cunt. His tongue slipped deeply into her tunnel,
placing the tip of his nose directly on her tense clit.

She sighed lustily. "Ohh, please Tommy, please fuck me soon."
She wanted that big cock inside her now!

He moved up to kiss her breasts and cup them in his two hands. As
he reached for the two luscious tits, his cock lay against the wet
crotch of her panties and he rubbed it along her slit. "Mnnh, the
nylon of your panties feels so good on my cock, I can't believe
how lovely and soft your pussy feels," he nearly shouted in his

And then, suddenly, his cock slipped past the leg of her panties
and was buried half way into her searing cunt. Again, he lunged
as she raised her head to see it disappear between the pouting
grasp of her eager cunt lips. The pubic hair at the base of his
cock found it's place against hers and he collapsed onto her,
blocking her delightful view. But she was beyond that now. Her
legs wrapped around his waist and she pulled herself up onto his
cock. She felt now how wide it was. It was stretching her in a
new and pleasureful way.

As she urged him on, he pistoned in and out of her. Pulling back
so the marble tip of it teased her clit before plunging deeply and
happily into the snug, hot, tight, complex passage that was her
cunt. She gripped his cock with the muscles of her cunt, hanging
on to it as if it were a tree to be climbed. She wanted it to
feel like she was using her pussy to suck the goodness out of him.
Suddenly, she was cumming, her orgasm a good, long, lingering,
trembling, thing centered on this hot cock invading her pussy with
the focused heat of the hottest part of his body.

"Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cummmmming. cum now Tommy, cum now for me.
Cum in me, baby. Shoot up deep inside me."

Even as all her satisfied muscles relaxed, she tried to climb
higher on his cock to milk his pleasure out of him. Moments
later, she felt the tensing of his body as it made a few last
eager plunges into her. His love juice surged hot and wet into
her cunt, mixing with her own juices. A few more pounding thrusts
and then he collapsed in vulnerable weakness against her. They
lay in the comforting, moist warmth of their first sex as his
softening penis slipped gently from the welcome harbor of Jill's
cunt. She took the last bit of pleasure squeezing it between her
The plane droned on through the gathering dusk, the sun setting
behind her like the glowing embers of a well-remembered campfire.

And that was only the start of the adventure, she mused. An
adventure well started and a maid now thoroughly confused.
To be continued in part 3.

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