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The Night


The Night

I couldn't understand what was happening. I was aware of misty grays
and black. The comforting smells of my own pillow reassured me but I
sensed something was different. I couldn't understand why my nipples were
cold. I tried to lift my arm to cover them but it wouldn't move. Why was
my other arm beneath and behind me? What course unfamiliar feeling was
coursing over my breasts forcing my cotton nightie lower. Why was there
that funny itchy feeling I loved so much emanating from my pussy. I tried
again to lift my arm from behind me to wipe the sleep from my eyes but it
wouldn't move. I felt only a burning tightness from my crossed wrists
behind my back. I tried to turn my head to see what was going on so late
at night in my bedroom. I couldn't I large caloused hand pushed it back
into the pillow. I felt my leg being elevated and wrapped with a large
powerful leg. I was helpless. I could feel body contact all done the back
of my body. It was a large powerful hairy masculine body. I could smell
the aromas of sex. His pungent musk mixed with my delicate arousal. I
could smell stale smoke and Beer. From his hot breath and could feel his
course beard scratch my soft skin. I tried again to look around to
identify my nemesis. My head was again restrained. The large powerful
unseen hand clamped my throat and pulled my back into an arch. I realized
his other hand wasn't idle. My vaginal lips were being caressed. Fondled
ever so slowly, and gently, by what felt like satin. I knew instantly that
it was my panties. They were drenched in my own sensual excretions. The
hand trailed the panties slowly over my now quivering tummy to my breasts.
The warm moist satin felt excruciating against my now turgid nipples. They
continued up till they were held beneath my nose. My own musk was evident
to my senses. I instinctively knew what this unknown person wanted of me.
My lips went slack. Soft and pliable from total surrender. Her forced the
panties past my teeth. Balled in my mouth, I couldn't complain even if I
wished to. Suddenly I felt pressure at the opening of my pussy. I felt
fear for a fleeting instant but it disappeared as my intruder's cock
slammed home. He grunted and held me tight. I rocked through an intense
spasm of orgasm. He waited as I adjusted to his size. I felt marvelously
full. Slowly he began to thrust in and out. His pace was strong and
insistent. My back was in a full arch. His strong hand still holding my
throat and fingers still maintaining my know thoroughly chewed panties in
my mouth. I felt a second orgasm building. I wished to deny him the
knowledge that he owned my body. I didn't want him to know how much I
desired the fullness ramming in and out of my body. My clutching pussy gave me away. My curling toes shouted along with my straining sinews my
need for completion and release. He quickened his pace. His attack on my
cunt was almost brutal in it's force. As I fell over the cliff and sank
into wave upon wave of immeasurable pleasure. I could vaguely here his
guttural tones of pleasure. My pussy was much wetter and warmer with his
release. He came to a stop. I collapsed into a heap of flesh totally
sated. As his breathing became regular his now softening cock slipped from
my pussy. Even that, caused after shocks of pleasure. He rolled me on my
stomach and unbound my wrists. I turned to face him and gave him a long
full kiss.

I said. "Honey I am going to send you to bachelor parties more often."

He chuckled and replied. "You didn't mind being woke up? With a
cherubian smile on his lips. I slapped him playfully and headed for the
bathroom as he dozed off.


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