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The Nursery Room


Copyright (C) 2000, H. Grant. ALL Rights Reserved

Comments: WARNING!!! This story contains graphic depictions of child
abuse and scat related activity with toddlers. If you object to such
shocking content, DO NOT proceed to read this story!

story Codes: F/b/g+/toddlers/diapers/ws/scat

story Intro: Mrs. Tyner is a busty 33 year old blonde who is caught in
a frustrating marriage with her religious husband. Faced with a
non-existant sex life at home, she begins to seek her sexual satisfaction
elsewhere in the role of a trustworthy babysitter at their local church.
This wicked tale of perverse sexual desire unfolds as we examine a day in
the life of Mrs. Tyner - a woman held captive to certain fetish needs and

The Nursery Room

by H. Grant

Every Sunday was a special day for Mrs. Tyner. She was the babysitter
in the local Baptist church nursery room for infants ages one to three
years old. She worked during morning worship and also during afternoon
fellowship. To say that Mrs. Tyner loved her work was an understatement.
She got off on it all the time. The 33 year old wife of no children was
starved for sexual stimulation and she found the perfect niche in her
nursery room assignment. Her husband Jack was sterile and could not bare
children. He also had problems getting it up of late due to stress at the
office. The young couple had been going to the local Baptist church for
nearly ten years. It was during this time that Mrs. Tyner earned the
trust and respect of the community and minister. Within seven years, she
was asked to replace the retired caregiver in the downstairs nursery room.

Even if Jack had a healthy sex drive, it would have been nearly
impossible to bring Mrs. Tyner off to orgasm. Her sexual desires and
needs were so special and complicated that no grown man could ever satisfy
her. She married Jack for other reasons such as money, social status, and
security. Underneath this marital facade was a woman stooped in
depression. She had an enormous sexual addiction to toddlers and to make
matters worse, she fantasized about urine and scat activity with minors of
that age bracket. Over the past year, Mrs. Tyner had grown to accept her
addiction and even embrace it. She stopped reading the bible and as a
result, began to feel less guilty and much better about herself. During
this period of time she had begun to rebel against society's norms. She
hated the law and the very government that created such laws. She couldn't
understand why sex with children was so bad as long as it wasn't violent or
abusive. In her mind, children only grew up feeling guilty or ashamed
about sexual activity only if they were taught that it was shameful or

With this belief in mind, Mrs. Tyner went about her nursery care
business in a gaurded - yet liberal manner. She loved changing diapers and
would often masturbate under her skirt while doing so. She adored little
girls with poopy pampers and would often take great pleasure in smearing it
around their cute little bottoms and watching their pretty white faces turn
pink with embarrassment and pleasure. The little boys were fun too. Not a
moment when by when she didn't enjoy their cute little pee pee's - all
stiff and throbbing during each changing session. The toddlers were very
fond of Mrs. Tyner and her magic fingers. It got to the point where they
would wet themselves whenever they could in order to feel her magic touch.
Little Bobby loved it when she changed him. He made it a point to hold in
his BM until he reached the nursery. Once there, he would beg to sit on
her lap. Mrs. Tyner adored him. She would rock him back and forth with
one hand stroking his golden locks of hair and the other under his pamper.
It was bliss when she felt the warm bulge develope in his diaper as the
mush spread around his baby ass cheeks. She would lay him down on the
changing table and pay extra special attention to his little pee pee. It
grew stiff with each stroke of baby powder while she lifted his cute little
legs and wiped his smelly bottom. The young woman would look down and
smile while she changed him making special comments about what a "dirty
boy" he had been and watching him blush and coo with each stroke.

Then there was little Missy. She was only 18 months old. She had just
mastered walking and enjoyed playing with the little jack-in-the-box in the
corner of the nursery. Her distincitve way of indicating she had made
potty was by jumping up and down and grabbing her crotch. She seemed to
have developed a fondness for Tiffany - who was also 18 months old.
Tiffany almost never had accidents and was very embarrassed whenever she
did. She hated being changed and would often kick and struggle while Mrs.
Tyner held her down and opened her diaper. She had the cutest little wee
wee this side of Texas and it looked very pink and puffy. Mrs. Tyner
would often resort to strapping her down while she played with her cunny.

On this particular Sunday, Tiffany was absent. But little Bobby, Missy,
Sara, and Jane were all present. They were taking turns playing on the
little sliding board and looking at each others diapers. Each of them
instinctively knew when the other had made an accident. They would hold
their noses and shy away from the perpretrator in shame and disgust though
they all enjoyed being changed as long as it was in private.

Mrs. Tyner observed little Missy from her rocking chair at the far end
of the room. The cule little redhead was too young to climb on the sliding
board. Instead, she sat on her rump in the middle of the nursery room
floor and played with some tiny blocks. She was wearing a small dress with
daisies on it that covered most of her tiny body. Her pamper was
completely hidden from view - though this didn't bother Mrs. Tyner. She
knew exactly what kind of receptacle that Missy was wearing. Her parents had a pengent for buying plain white disposable diapers the kind that had
no designs on them.

"Ga.....gooo." she mumbled to herself as she played with the tiny

Little Bobby slid down the sliding board and landed on his rear-end. He
looked up at Mrs. Tyner and smiled - clasping his hands together as if he
had just mastered the art of thinkng. Mrs. Tyner smiled at the cute
little boy. She could imagine his little penis throbbing with pleasure at
the thought of being changed by her. She loved the sort of control she had
over little Bobby. He was indeed longing to feel her soft fingers caress
his peter. He had been waiting all week. His mother had never made him
feel the way Mrs. Tyner did. Mrs. Tyner made him feel special in his pee pee! She made him feel all warm and tingly down there. He continued
staring at the lovely babysitter from across the room - a few drops of
piddle leaking into his pamper. It wasn't enough to get noticed though -
so he continued playing.

Jane and Sara were tired of the sliding board. They waddled over to the
playpen and pointed to the dollies that were inside.

"Uh.....uhh??? Jane whimpered as Mrs. Tyner approached the playpen.

"Do you want to play with dolly hmm?" asked Mrs. Tyner in a friendly
upbeat voice.

The lovely blonde babysitter reached down and picked up a few of the
dolls and placed them on the floor. Sara continued moaning. She wanted
the teddy bear inside the pen. Mrs. Tyner reached in and picked up the
teddy bear for Sara - placing it on the floor with the rest of the dolls.
Jane had become engrossed with one of the dolls and Mrs. Tyner took the
opportunity to kneel down and place her nose against the back of her
pamper. No sign of any accident. Jane had been changed earlier in the
morning and smelled quite fresh. Sara, on the other hand, hadn't been
changed since the previous night and was feeling the urge to pee. Mrs.
Tyner went over to little Missy and scooped her up. It was feeding time
for her. She filled a baby bottle with milk and sat down with Missy on her
lap. The little redhead started sucking on it tenderly as the milk entered
her stomach. Her parents had left specific instructions not to give her
too much so Mrs. Tyner complied with their wishes. She just sat there
lovingly stroking Missy's red locks of hair while she fed her a small
portion of milk.

Mrs. Tyner had longed for a child of her own. She had pleaded with
Jack to adopt one but he had rejected the idea strongly because he did not
want a child unless it was his own. He did have a point. Most babies that
were up for adoption had one kind of problem or another these days. They
were almost always black and had histories of drug problems due to their
mother's addiction. Then there were the cripples which the Tyner's shyed
away from. Jack had argued (and rightfully so) that a crippled child meant
lots of expensive health care and medical bills something the couple could
not afford despite their status within the community. Mrs. Tyner felt
sorry for those types of children, but she was not ready to shoulder the
responsibility even if Jack had relented and allowed her to do so.

The busty blonde stared down at Missy lovingly. She was quite a dish
for someone in her early thirties. She had beautiful D-Cup breasts that
bulged outward like massive mounds trying to break loose from her blouse
and skirt. Her hair was long and narrow spilling down almost to her
backside. She almost always drew stares from the other men in the church
congregation. Mrs. Tyner despised everyone of them bitter that they hid
behind a facade of worship when in real life they were just as horny and
sinful as the average human being.

Sara and Jane were now fussing over the teddy bear on the other side of
the room. The two toddlers were pulling it back and forth between each
other. Sara finally relented and began to wet her diaper. Short squirts
of urine splashed inside her pamper coating it yellow and making a damp
bulge. Feeling the discomfort of her piddle, she began to whimper softly -
alerting Mrs. Tyner to her predicament.

"What's the matter Sara dear....did you have an accident?" she asked
matter of factly still stroking Missy's hair.

Sara felt very uncomforable. She was already developing diaper rash due
to the lack of ointment applied to her vaginal area by her mommy. Mrs.
Tyner finished feeding Missy and placed her on the floor. The little red head tried to walk but wound up crawling away on all fours. Mrs. Tyner
approached Sara and picked her up - holding her bottom against her nose.
The scent of fresh toddler pee entered her nostrils and she became
instantly wet and horny between her legs. It was time to change Sara's

Mrs. Tyner carried the sweet little brunnett over to the changing table
and lay her down. The cute little girl began to play with her fingers
while Mrs. Tyner tugged at the tapes and unfastened her diaper. A lovely
little puddle of 'wee wee' greeted her as the young woman smiled down at
the baby girl. She looked so cute and adorable with her legs in the air
and her tiny little pisser in plain view - ready to be played with. The
loving babysitter placed her thumb and forefinger against the toddler's
pink fleshy folds and began tickle her. Sara began to coo as she felt Mrs.
Tyner's fingers play with her pee pee. A slight tingly sensation went
through her tiny body as the babysitter spread her folds and gently
messaged her baby clitty. Mrs. Tyner felt the moisture in Sara's twat and
became increasingly horny. She strapped little Sara down and touched her
cunny with one hand and reached under her skirt with the other. The young blonde began to masturbate as she continued touching the soft moist flesh
of Sara's trickle. She leaned over the changing table and smelled Sara's
pee pee puddle. Within seconds the babysitter reached a raging climax as
she stroked her pussy feverishly. Sara had no clue what was going on. She
just stared at the ceiling while Mrs. Tyner played with her little pissy
hole. A little bit of drool escaped her mouth as she felt the warm
sensation of her infant climax while Mrs. Tyner brought her to orgasm.
Sara's cheeks turned bright pink and she smiled up at her loving
babysitter. Mrs. Tyner finshed wiping her down and rubbed fresh ointment
on her sensitive area. Then she threw the old wet diaper in the pale and
replaced it with a new one. Sara gurgled with delight as her pee pee was
now swollen with pleasure. She whimpered when she was released from the
changing table.

Little Bobby had watched Sara being changed. He had climbed up to the
top of the miniature sliding board so that he could get a view of her
exposed tinkle. His litte penis had grown hard as he dimly realized what
was going on. He wondered why Sara didn't have a little thingy like his.
His curious mind wanted to know what the difference was but was too
immature to figure it out.

After releasing Sara, Mrs. Tyner walked over to Jane and picked her up.
Carrying her to the rocking chair, she placed the tiny blonde on her lap.
She looked like such a little darling in her pink diaper all cute and
puffy. It was a shame that she had already been changed prior to coming in
the nursery. Jane had the sweetest smelling BM's around. She didn't poo
that often, but when she did it was always a huge mess - very cruddy and
very sticky. Today Jane was on her best behavior save for her little
squabble with Sara. She hadn't gone in her diaper and had remained
relatively quiet. The little blonde had given up on trying to climb on the
sliding board deferring to Bobby. She didn't like Bobby at all. He was
always pooing himself and stinking up the room. But alas, Jane had her
moments with accidents as well. For some reason, she enjoyed being changed
by Mrs. Tyner - although she didn't like it when Bobby looked at her while
she was doing it. Today she was missing Tiffany. She got along quite well
the other blonde toddler and was always competing with Missy for her
attention. Mrs. Tyner pressed the bottle of milk to her baby lips and
pressed. The little blonde's lips soon gave way and the tiny nipple sank
into her sweet little mouth. She began sucking on the bottle while Mrs.
Tyner fiddled with her diaper - squeezing and probing it in all the right
places making her feel good between her sweet little legs. Jane felt no
urge to make potty, but this didn't stop her from trying. She squeezed her
anal muscles trying to make a poo but could not. Little Jane desperately
wanted to feel Mrs. Tyner's fingers inside her diaper. She began to grind
her crotch against the babysitter's probing hands - trying to get some sort
of pleasant sensation out of the experience.

Mrs. Tyner smiled to herself. Little Jane was trying to dry fuck her
fingers. The busty blonde babysitter knew exactly what the little girl was
after. She began to rub Jane's diaper harder with her hand - pressing her
fingers deeper into the elastic material.

"You want me to touch your pee pee don't you Jane." said the babysitter
in a soothing tone of voice.

Baby Jane continued slurping on her bottle while Mrs. Tyner unfastened
the pink tape on one side of her diaper - allowing access to her inner wee
wee hole.

"Now you just keep still like a good girl while Mrs. Tyner takes care
of your little tinkle hmm?" said the babysitter as her fingers crept inside
Jane's pamper.

The digits found their way to Jane's special spot and began to explore
the pink fleshy folds. Jane bit down on the nipple as she felt her tiny
crotch swell up with toddler pleasure. All of a sudden without warning -
she began to pee. Her constant attempts to squeeze her anal muscles had
brought about the sudden surge or urine in her tiny bladder. Mrs. Tyner
felt the tiny drops of piddle on her fingers as she played with Jane's
sweet cunny. Just then Missy crawled over to the rocking chair and pulled
on her arm.

"poo poo!" she said as she stared up at the busy babysitter.

"My goodness you two are just a handfull aren't you?" said Mrs. Tyner
as she got up from the chair and placed Jane on the floor next to Missy.

The young woman picked up a white blanket and lay it on the floor of the
nursery. Then she went over to the changing table and picked up two more
diapers and lots of baby wipes. Walking back over to the little girls she
scooped them up and carried them over to the blanket - laying them down on
their backs right next to each other.

Jane turned her little blonde head to the side and looked at Missy. The
little redhead stared back at her while Mrs. Tyner unfastened her diaper.
Within moments Jane detected the awful smell of Missy's dirty pamper as
Mrs. Tyner opened it completely - revealing a very large brown mess!

"poo!" Missy said again as she stared at Jane blushing with

Jane lay still while Mrs. Tyner opened her pink diaper - revealing her
pissy accident. Jane tried to cross her legs but Mrs. Tyner held them
open. She had one hand on Jane and the other on Missy while she inspected
their soiled bottoms.

Meanwhile Bobby and Sara had come over to watch the spectacle. Missy
seemed acutely aware of their probing eyes and continued blushing with
embarrassment. Her filthy hiney was all brown and mushy and completely
visible to the other young toddlers. Little Bobby watched with glee as
Mrs. Tyner held her tiny legs in the air - exposing her smelly poo poo
mess! He admired the soft fleshy curves of her soiled butt and his little
penis began to grow stiff as he watched the diaper changing process unfold
right before his eyes. Mrs. Tyner saw the two of them watching but she
didn't seem to mind. Sara was staring at Jane's bottom getting a perfect
view of her pee soaked vagina. The little blonde tart was still trying to
close her legs in an effort to hide her shameful activity. Mrs. Tyner
forced them open firmly and the little girl began to whimper softly. Mrs.
Tyner was focusing most of her attention on Missy. Her bottom was covered
with BM and she smelled so sweet - just like dirty Candy! Bobby and Sara
watched as Mrs. Tyner scooped some of Missy's poo poo up in her fingers
and placed them against her nose - inhaling the foul aroma of her dirty
accident. Jane looked over at Missy again as she lay with her legs in the
air. Both toddlers were lying flat on their backs with their tiny bottoms
in plain view of the other children. - their little poo poo holes winking
at them so sweetly and innocently. Little Sara held her nose in disgust as
she detected the filthy smell of Missy's dirty pamper.

"Peeeeeuuuuu.......we've made quite a big mess haven't we Missy dear?"
said Mrs. Tyner in a sweet voice.

She gathered some baby wipes from the little pink box and began to wipe
the creamy brown mud off of Missy's smelly tushy. Jane continued to lie
still next to her as her little pee pee puddle began to dry in the open
air. She stared over at Missy's dirty crotch while Mrs. Tyner applied more
fresh wet wipes. Up and down she stroked her bottom - gathering up all the
traces of smelly crap and dishing it off into the dirty diaper. When this
process was completed she sprinkled fresh baby powder on Missy's butt and
began to spread it around - making sure to get inside all the little cracks
and crevices the comprised Missy's most intimate and special place. Little
Bobby gathered up the courage to kneel down by the blanket and stare at
Missy's dirty diaper. It was now filled with soiled baby wipes and Missy's
shameful brown poopy mess. Sara began to giggle as she watched little
Missy struggle vainly to cover herself up. Mrs. Tyner finished coating
her bum with baby powder and fastened a new diaper on her. Then she turned
her attention to baby Jane. The little girl was staring up at the ceiling
- her cute little bottom jutting outward like a tiny little heart. Mrs.
Tyner leaned forward and gave her wet vagina a deep luxurious kiss - slowly
darting her tongue outward and swiping it against her pee stained cunny.
Little Jane cooed with pleasure as she felt the damp moisture of Mrs.
Tyner's horny tongue against her baby crotch. Missy lay next to her -
fully changed with her smelly diaper at the base of the blanket. The other
children observed Mrs. Tyner's actions as she lovingly licked the child's
pee soaked bottom - caressing her inner folds with expert precision.
Little Jane squirmed and wiggled as she felt her baby clitty unfold like a
beautiful little flower. Soon the toddler began to relax as she felt a
warm sensation take over her whole body. She was experiencing a massive
orgasm at the hands of Mrs. Tyner!

The lovely blonde babysitter finished lapping away at Jane's twat -
cleaning all the yellow piddle off her hairless trickle. Then she applied
the necessary ointment to prevent diaper rash and placed a brand new diaper
on her tiny bottom. Lifting her off the blanket, she gave Jane an
affectionate kiss and released her to go and play with the other children.
Little Bobby was still very horny and he couldn't take his eyes off of
Missy's dirty diaper. He felt dismayed as Mrs. Tyner scooped up the messy
recepticle and folded it shut - throwing it in the diaper pale.

Bobby's pee pee was still very stiff and he started to grab the crotch
of his pamper. Mrs. Tyner observed this and took her turn with him -
sitting the baby boy in her lap and caressing his penis through the fabric
of his diaper. Soon it was nap time and Mrs. Tyner gathered all the
children and placed them in their respective cribs. It was nearing 12:00
noon and the church congregation would soon be letting out. Next would be
another hour of fellowship for the grownups before pickup time.

Mrs. Tyner relaxed as she watched the toddlers fall asleep. They had
all been warn out from frolicking around in the nursery - exerting most of
their energy on the sliding board or running around aimlessly throughout
the room.

The hour passed by uneventfully. Most of the children had been properly
fed and diapered and were ready for pick up when their parents arrived.
None of them suspected Mrs. Tyner's physical abuse of their children. All
of the toddlers had smiles on their faces when they were picked up - even
little Bobby who had missed out on a diaper changing session that day.
However his little stint on the rocking chair with Mrs. Tyner was more
than enough to satisfy him. Mrs. Tyner bid the parents farewell and
gathered her things. She definately enjoyed her work in the nursery room
and was looking forward to the following Sunday. She had missed the
presence of little Tiffany and was anxious to get a glimpse of her little
pee pee next week.

Mrs. Tyner left the church with her husband and went home. Jack was
busy talking about his lively conversation with the Baptist Minister during
fellowship service. She wasn't even listening. Mrs. Tyner had learned
years ago the art of pretending to be interested without even hearing what
was being said to her. She was tired of her married life to Jack. She
wanted a man that she could confide her inner most secrets with. Jack was
definately not the type that would accept her liberal views with children
especially sexual activity with minors. He was so involved with his
religion that he couldn't even see that the marriage was dissolving. He
didn't even seem in the least bit worried about their non-existant sex
life. Mrs. Tyner rolled around all these issues in her head - pondering
the prospect of divorce and a new life with somebody else.

Once home, Mrs. Tyner locked herself the guest bedroom claiming that
she wanted to be alone. Jack went outside to mow the lawn - never
suspecting her real intentions. Mrs. Tyner collapsed on the soft bed and
lifted her skirt. Slowly she peeled down her pantyhose and stuck a finger
in her twat. She was envisioning baby Tiffany and her puffy little pisser.
She imagined the tiny toddler struggling while she held her firmly to the
changing table and unfastened her diaper. Inside the soft white pamper lay
a messy pile of BM - all gushy and stinky! She imagined leaning over the
changing table and smelling the little girl's dirty hiney - all brown with
icky mush. Mrs. Tyner became instantly aroused as she saw her self takng
the messy poop in her hands and spreading it all over the toddler's body.
Then she imagined taking the dirty diaper and placing it inside her
pantyhose - feeling the warm soft poo against her slippery wet cunt. The
thought of such filthy perverseness was enough to drive Mrs. Tyner over
the edge. Within seconds a huge orgasm engulfed her pretty blonde cunt. A
large gush of pussy goo leaked out of her twat and drenched a small portion
of the bed sheets. Alas - thought Mrs. Tyner to herself. This was the
stuff dreams were made of!


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