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Archived Sex Stories

The Origin of Hootersville by JR Parz


Disclaimer: The usual - Under 18, scram.

The Origin of Hootersville, USA by JR Parz

On a quiet fall evening in Northern California, a car speeds its way
through the backwoods towards Hootersville, USA. The occupants of the car
are 'high schoolers', who had just seen the movie, "Pretty Cool".

"I'm telling you... I wouldn't be surprised if the government is
already experimenting with that mind control shit." Ray stated with

"The movie is fiction... make believe... why can't you accept it as
such." Jessica responded with a touch of frustration.

In the movie, 'Pretty Cool', a high school kid attempts to steal answers
for the upcoming 'finals' using the school's computer. As timing goes,
there's also an electrical storm on this night and it hits the power
grid... this results in a top-secret download straight to the kid's brain
and presto, he can now control minds... not to mention their libidos.
Given the movie is targeted to the teen audience, the mind controller uses
his power to 'bed' a bevy of 'hotties'.

"Come on Ray... mind control is fiction... you just wish it was real."
Wendy added with a giggle.

"It's real all right!" Ray exclaimed... and then directed his attention
towards Jessica. "...And just imagine all the good it could do."

Jessica was pissed and turned to Bart for support... but all Bart was
doing was trying to hold in his laughter. She got heated and snapped.
"Well... aren't you going to say something?"

"Actually, Ray has something there." Bart finally commented, breaking
his silence.

"And what exactly would that be?" Jessica asked, ready to explode.

"It would eliminate foreplay for one thing... cut down on arguments...
and just think about how intense you could make someone orgasm." He smirked
with a sidelong glance.

Just as Jessica was about to 'lay' into him, there was a sound of
roaring thunder... followed by a tremendous crash!

Quickly, Bart brought the car to a screeching stop and they piled out to
see what it was. Jessica tried using her cell phone but couldn't pick up a
signal. Wendy did the same... no luck.

"It had to go down over there." Ray pointed off to the left.

"We'll use old Mill Road!" Bart finally stated and they quickly hopped
back into the car.

"It has to be a plane." Ray stated out loud.

"Whatever it is... it's big." Bart responded.

"Maybe we should go for help." Wendy suggested.

"The other day you were complaining about how boring life is around here
and now that something exciting has happened, you want to turn back." Ray

"She's got a point, Ray...and if we had the time we would... but
someone may need our help right away."

Jessica turned to Wendy to reassure her. "Chances are we weren't the
only ones that saw the crash... I'm sure help is on the way."

Wendy smiled in response but Jessica could see that she was nervous.
She turned to Ray thinking that he should be a little more comforting
towards his girlfriend, but he seemed oblivious. He could be such an
asshole at times and couldn't for the life of her figure out what Wendy saw
in him.

"Holy shit!" Bart exclaimed gesturing up ahead.

Jessica turned to look and what she saw floored her. "Th...this
isn't... this can't be!" She stuttered.

"Damn fucking straight it is!" Ray replied with excitement... adding "A
U Fucking O!"

Jessica gazed at the aircraft in disbelief... her initial thought was
that it looked more like a flying saucer ought to look like rather than an
actual flying saucer. It was huge and sphere shaped... hell, it was even
gray! Could it have been anymore cliché? "Let's get out of here...
something isn't right." She mumbled.

"Leave? We just got here!" Ray responded, getting out of the car.

"Jess... stay here with Wendy... I don't want either one of you
getting out of the car." Bart stated, and then joined his friend.

"What if it blows-up?" Wendy asked from the backseat.

Jessica turned to her and could see how frightened she was. "Look
Wendy, there's no fire or smoke... there's no way it's going to blow." She

Wendy nodded her head but didn't look totally convinced.

"Stay in the car... I need to tell Bart something." Jessica mumbled as
she opened the door.

She quickly got out of the car and headed to where Bart and Ray were
standing... the closer she got the more unreal the saucer looked. She
tapped Bart on the shoulder, which made him jump.

"God Jess! Don't ever sneak up on me like that!" He cried.

If they weren't standing in front of a UFO, she would have been
laughing, but instead she whispered. "We should leave."

"I think we should check it out further." Ray replied... obviously
overhearing her.

Jessica grabbed Bart's hand and tried pulling him back. "Come on
Bart... let's get out of here."

"Jess... this is too incredible to just leave." He argued, shaking his
hand loose.

"Ray, let's go." Wendy shouted from the car window.

"No! You just keep that pretty fanny of yours inside the car and wait."
Ray shouted back, walking closer to the saucer.

"Wait with her." Bart added, now totally ignoring her.

Just then there was a loud hissing noise and suddenly a man walked out
from a huge sliding door... at least it looked like a man. He was dressed
in a spandex looking outfit that could have passed for a 'Star Trek'
uniform. "Damn! Don't you just hate it when that happens!?!" He said with
a smile.

They all responded in stunned silence... not only did the man look
human... he spoke English! Then a plank shot out from the side of the
saucer as he proceeded towards them.

"So, tell me... What year is it?" He asked, smiling.

"Are you a human?" Jessica stammered... surprised she found her voice.

The man gave her a long leer, quickly sizing her up. "Very... and
might I add that I'm also very horny."

"What?" Jessica asked, not believing what she just heard.

"How about servicing me... I haven't had it in awhile."

Jessica eyes lit up in shock... then she stepped closer to Bart.

"What do you mean by insulting my girlfriend?" Bart asked in anger.

"Huh? What? Are you saying she's exclusive?" The man asked,
surprised... then he smiled again. "Oh yeah... now that you mention it,
I do remember something about this exclusivity shit in the history books...
What's today's date?"

"October 20th, 2001." Ray replied.

"Damn! Two hundred years off!" The man exclaimed.

"Are you saying that you're from the future?" Bart asked.

"Yep... from 4001" The man replied, grinning.

"Holy shit!" Ray exclaimed.

"So, where am I?" The man asked.

"Earth." Ray replied.

"Duh... I know that... what do you think I am - a moron? I meant,
where on earth?" he responded.

"Oh... Hootersville, USA." Ray replied.

"Hootersville?" The man asked... then he turned to Jessica and openly
gazed at her chest. "Not likely." He chuckled.

"You're a jerk." Jessica snapped, pissed at his sexist attitude.

"I have an idea... how about I do you guys in Hootersville a favor."

"What are you talking about?" Bart asked.

Then the man suddenly disappeared before their eyes and re-appeared a
fraction later behind them. Now he stood between them and the car.

"How did you do that!?!" Ray exclaimed, shocked.

The man ignored Ray and locked his gaze on Jessica. "I really do need
some servicing... are you sure you won't volunteer for a 'quickie'... I
promise I'll make it worth your while."

"Look, you rude pervert...." Jessica snapped... but before she could go
into a tirade he interrupted her by holding up his hand.

"Okay, so I'm a rude pervert... that doesn't change a thing. I still
need servicing and you and that sweet looking gal hiding behind me are
going to provide it to me."

"I'm going to ask you politely one last time not to insult my
girlfriend." Bart responded, raising his voice.

"We only stopped to see if someone needed help. We see that you
don't... so we'll be leaving." Jessica added.

"Not until I'm serviced." the man smiled.

"Just who in the hell do you think you are?" Jessica shouted.

"She sure is a feisty one, isn't she?" The man replied, directing his
comment towards Bart.

"We're out of here." Bart replied but before they could take a step, the
man pulled out a silvery gadget and pointed it at them.

"I bet you don't get a piece of ass unless she allows it... do you?"
The man asked, grinning. "What if I made it where she'd never refuse you
again? What if I made it where she begs you to fuck her... all of the

"Fuck you." Bart replied. "We're out of here."

"I said not until I get some servicing." The man re-emphasized and then
fired the gadget. All three of them instantly froze in place.

Jessica tried to move but couldn't... apparently nobody could.

"What happened... what did you do!?!" Ray screamed... able to talk but
unable to move.

"We didn't want trouble." Bart added.

The man then turned to Wendy, who was still inside the car... then he
glanced back at Ray. "I see the girl in the automobile belongs to you...
and from what I can tell you have a real affection for her, so the least I
could do is allow you to dictate a few things."

"Please... just leave us alone." Jessica stammered... more frightened
now than angry.

The man smiled at her and then pointed his gadget at the automobile.
Wendy must have thought that he was going to blow the car up because she
quickly jumped out, trying to get clear of the car, but instead he aimed at
Wendy and hit her with a beam of light! Wendy dropped down to her knees,
stunned... as her clothes began to disintegrate... within seconds she was
stark naked!

"Please don't hurt her!" Ray cried out.

The man ignored Ray's plea and continued to bombard her with the beam.

Wendy began to glow... and then morph right before their eyes! Less
than a minute later she stopped morphing and lay on the ground moaning.
She was still naked, but now looked incredibly different.

Slowly, Wendy got to her feet... prior, she had stood about 5'6" and
wore her strawberry blonde hair down to her shoulders, but now she looked
noticeably shorter and her hair reached her ass! Before she possessed
small perky 'apple-sized' breasts, but now she sported incredibly huge
breasts! She looked like a Playboy Centerfold!

"Oh my God... Wendy! Are you all right?" Ray cried in shock... still
unable to move.

"Yeah... but I feel... I feel sooooo strange... what happened to me?"
She whispered... then giggled. Her actions looked sexy... her voice
sounded sexy... everything about her oozed sensuality. Slowly, she
brought her hands up to cup her new breasts. "Oohhhhhhhhhh... there's so
sensitive." She giggled... then she looked around the ground. "Where are
my clothes?" Then giggled and asked. "How did my tits get sooooooooo big?"

Jessica saw the man turn towards her and she realized it was her turn...
she was going to be dealt the same treatment and before she could open her
mouth to protest, he shot her with the beam of light, forcing her down to
her knees.

The feelings flooding her body were incredible... and despite knowing
what she was about to turn into, she welcomed it as pleasure washed over
her like a tidal wave.

Jessica originally had short dark hair she wore in a French bob... she
was often told she looked a lot like that actress in the television series,
J.A.G. Now her hair was platinum blonde and fell like a curtain half way
down her back. Before she had possessed a slim athletic figure and a nice
pair of average sized breasts... now she sported a very voluptuous figure,
which included a pair of 'globes'! 'Double D' sized... if not bigger! To
top it off, just like Wendy, she stood no more than 5' tall.

Jessica had picked herself up off the ground and glanced over at Wendy,
who was now openly caressing her new boobs... from the feelings coursing
through her new body, she figured it was only a matter of time before she
joined her.

"Well boys, do you like their new look?" the man asked.

Both Ray and Bart couldn't stop staring.

"Change us back!" Jessica cried.

"Most certainly not... I need some servicing and in a few moments
you'll both be more than eager. Incidentally, don't blame me entirely for
your new appearance... blame your boyfriend." The man responded,

"What?" Jessica questioned and then turned to Bart. "Is this why I look
like this?" She gestured, cupping her new tits "You wanted me to be blonde with big tits?"

Bart blushed.

"Actually, the tits and height reduction are part of the standard
package... amongst a few other things. But everything else from hair
color, to length, to eye color and body figure are courtesies of your
boyfriend." The man interjected, smiling.

"Why didn't you just date Heather?!?" Jessica cried, glaring at Bart.

Bart continued to blush.

"This is crazy." Ray finally commented.

"I'm feeling really, really horny." Wendy whispered in her new sexy
voice... she wasn't looking at anyone as she said this and continued to
caress herself.

Ray still couldn't move so there wasn't much he could do.

"I... I need it real bad." Wendy groaned.

"You see, Ray... it doesn't have to be you... she'd do anybody at this
point. She's no longer exclusive... the same with Jessica... they'll
never discriminate towards sex again. They'll take it from anyone,
anywhere... regardless of gender." The man stated with a smile.

"You... you turned us into lesbians!?!" Jessica cried.

'Bi' would be a more accurate description... and this is also part of
the standard package. And just to let you know, our society abandoned
exclusiveness ages ago... anyway, you two are filled with an incredible
appetite for sex now. All of the time."

"Never!" Jessica snapped, defiantly.

Wendy's tits bounced up and down from her heavy breathing... she openly
masturbated now. "Oh goddddddddddddd." she moaned. "I neeeeeeeed...
God... please...."

"Wendy... come here and kneel before me." The man stated in a calm

Wendy suddenly stopped fingering herself and quickly got to her feet...
a mere second later she was on her knees before the man. Jessica could see
that she was looking up at him like he was some sort of God. She shuddered
to think that she'd be doing the same in a few seconds.

"Like I said... You aren't going no where until I get some
servicing...and I'll be getting it from the both of you." He stated,
returning his gaze on her.

Jessica hadn't even noticed that her hand had crept down to her pussy...
and was right now about to enter herself.

"You've turned them into sex crazed animals." Bart whispered in stunned

"Actually, their IQ took on your preferences... As you can see,
Jessica's mind is very much intact... obviously you found her intellect a
'turn on'... this should prove interesting in your new relationship."

"Wha...what do you mean?" Bart replied.

"In a few moments... Jessica will be on her knees beside Wendy... but
unlike Wendy, who's mentally oblivious during this highly aroused state,
Jessica is fully aware of everything. She knows damn well that what has
happened to her is artificially induced but she isn't able to do anything
about it. You see, when Wendy goes into 'heat' her IQ is reduced...
making it a lot easier for her to deal with her new hunger... but when
Jessica goes into heat, she's very much herself... this is due to your
preferences. She'll simply undergo one embarrassing moment after
another... each more humiliating than the previous. Despite how much she
tries to resist, her body will always overrule her mind."

"You fuck!" Jessica screamed at the man. How dare... ungggghhhhhh...
you do this to me!" She panted, while she finger-fucked herself.

"Behave yourself... or I won't let you service me."

Jessica felt a sudden fear at the prospect of not being able to orally
pleasure this man... and blushed when she realized how she reacted.

"Come over here and kneel next to your friend." The man added in a
'matter of fact' tone.

The overwhelming desire to please this man took on new meaning and she
quickly complied... now, on her knees before him, she found herself
lusting after what was hardening between his legs.

"Wendy is submissive all of the time... Jessica will only be submissive
when she's commanded to do something or reprimanded." The man stated with a

"Wait... I never wanted her to be submissive." Bart argued.

"You secretly wished she'd be more submissive during arguments... now
you have your wish."

"Why are you doing all this?" Bart asked.

"Well... I could tell you something like... I do this because I can...
but lets face it... that's been played to death. So, I'll be honest
instead... The author of this story has always felt that every beautiful
girl should be rendered submissive and constantly horny... he also insists
that these girls possess an overwhelming compulsion to please. In
addition, he likes for them to understand everything that is happening to
them as it is happening but because of their highly aroused state they
can't help themselves... and finally, he has a thing for female - female
and loves it when one or both of them were originally heterosexual."

"You're kidding... right?" Bart asked.

"Nope... but then you never know with this author... why in the hell
would he write these stories if he didn't really feel this way to at least
a small degree?"

"Hey... I hate to interrupt this discussion but would you mind getting
back to this story?"

"Oh... ah... anyway, the four of you are carriers now... and this
means you'll have the ability to transform every girl into a large titted

"How?" Ray asked.

"Well... you and Bart will find yourselves with a perpetual hard-on for
every girl you see... and with that new pheromone I've added to your
natural scent... once a girl gets a whiff of you she won't be able to

"This is just like the movie we saw!" Ray exclaimed.

"And don't worry about getting them pregnant... the only ones you can
get pregnant are your girlfriends." The man added, ignoring Ray.

"So, every girl in Hootersville will become a bimbo." Bart sighed.

"Yes... with big tits. This way the town of Hootersville will be
packed with girls with big hooters!" The man laughed.

"How can our girlfriends be carriers, too?" Ray asked.

"Your girlfriends also possess that special pheromone... and it won't
matter that their female targets are heterosexual, and once they've had a
taste of them, their transformation will begin."

"Are you telling me that every girl Jessica and Wendy fuck will be
turned into lesbians?!?" Bart asked in alarm.

"Hell no... bisexual." The man grinned in response.

Jessica understood everything the man was saying but didn't care. Her
main focus, just like Wendy's, was on the hard cock before her. She knew
that her 'need' was artificially induced but the desire she felt to start
licking and sucking obsessed her.

"One last thing... every girl that the four of you transform will not
only take on the physical characteristics you prefer... but the mental
ones as well. In addition, they'll be mentally linked to whoever turns
them... which means they'll be totally subservient to your every desire...
and although they'll gladly fuck anyone and everyone, given their highly
aroused state, you'll choose which guy or girl they sleep with. And now,
Jessica and Wendy have a service to perform."


On the ride back into town Jessica was quiet... embarrassed... and
getting hornier by the second. It didn't help that Wendy was right now
giving Ray a blowjob in the backseat. She also blushed because she and
Wendy were never given their clothes back and buck-naked!

She still couldn't get over how sexually satisfying everything had
been... She recalled how she and Wendy finger fucking each other while
they sucked the guy's cock... then the man squirted globs of cum all over
their faces and ordered them to lick each other off. This eventually led
to their lovemaking... and if it hadn't been for Bart and Ray they'd still
be at it! It had been her first lesbian experience and it made her blush
to admit she loved it. She wished it was her in the back seat with Wendy
and not Ray.

"Are you all right?" Bart asked, breaking her train of thought. He
reached over and placed his hand on her naked thigh... the act was meant
to affectionate but instead her body flushed with heated arousal.

"I'm naked, have huge tits and crave sex... how would I not be all
right?" She asked trying to sound sarcastic, but then she giggled and
blushed, realizing that regardless how hard she tried, she'd never be able
to convey how angry she was.

"You'll be all right... I promise." Bart replied... and started to
move his hand away.

The second his hand left her thigh, her 'need' increased, prompting her
to grab his hand and move it down between her legs. Her groin 'throbbed',
eliciting a groan.

"I'll pull over so we can make love... would you like that?" Bart
responded... smiling at her.

Jessica practically squealed in delight... she didn't care that Ray and
Wendy were in the back seat... she only cared that Bart was going to fuck


"What a night" Bart sighed. He had dropped Ray and Wendy off at Ray's
house... but before he dropped Jessica off, he pulled down a dirt road and
fucked her yet again. This particular 'fuck' was supposed to get them
through the night but he seriously doubted it would 'work'.

As he made his way to his bedroom, he couldn't help think of the new
Jess... he loved her new look... from her huge tits to her long blonde hair to her petite size and her new baby blues. He chucked at the thought
that she wouldn't even know about the change in her eyes until she looked
in the mirror.

As he was about to pass his sister's bedroom, he saw her light on from
underneath her door. This surprised him because she had an early soccer
game tomorrow and she usually made it a point to be in bed early... a
sudden image of him screwing her stirred him down below.

Over the summer, Haley had developed into a 'hottie'... this after
being pretty much a tomboy her whole life. It didn't take her long before
she started dating the Captain of the boys' soccer team... and based on
how lovey-dovey they'd become, he doubted she was 'cherry'.

"Hey!" Haley cried while suddenly emerging from her bedroom.

Bart didn't have time to react... and took the full brunt of her body
bumping into him... relishing the feel of her breasts flattening up
against his chest.

"Sorry." he mumbled, grinning.

He watched as she quickly ran down the hall to the bathroom, loving the
way she looked in her 'teddy'.

He walked to his room in a daze... suddenly seeing an image of her with
much bigger tits and giggling. His erection throbbed.


Haley was pissed... the last thing she expected to see was her brother in the hallway. What the hell was he doing getting home this late? She
stood before the mirror and gazed at herself... even in her disheveled
appearance she looked 'hot'. She felt a tingling in her breasts,
remembering the feel of her brother's hard, lean, body and blushed. Then
she giggled... his chest wasn't the only part of him that had been 'hard'.
He also smelled nice and she wondered if he was wearing after-shave.
Slowly, she caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples... surprised at
how horny she was starting to feel.

Haley sat down and peed... and when she went to clean herself, she
nearly jumped. Her touch suddenly ignited an incredible desire to fuck...
and instead of her boyfriend coming to mind, her brother did! Her fingers
began to move inside her pussy while she imagined Bart... naked and hard.

She pleasured herself for ten minutes and came twice before she
frustratingly pulled out her fingers. It wasn't enough! She 'wanted'
more! Quickly, she cleaned herself up and went straight to her brother's
room and knocked on his door.

"Wait a second." She heard him say through the door. His voice sounded
strong and masculine... and when he opened it up she nearly swooned. Her
eyes were drawn down to his briefs where she saw he was 'hard'.

"Why were you out so late?" She asked, blushing. It was a weak excuse
to see him but she couldn't help it. He looked so damn 'hot' she couldn't
take her eyes off of him... and that smell... something about the way he

"Go back to bed, Haley... I'll talk to you tomorrow."

'What did I do? Why is he treating me so mean?' she panicked. "I... I
need to talk to you." She pleaded.

At first Bart didn't say a word and seemed to be fighting something
internally. Then he sighed and opened the door wider. "Come in then."

Haley walked into his bedroom... looking at his bed. She wished her
and Bart were fucking this very moment and suddenly Bart had come up from
behind her and cupped her breasts. She leaned her head back and groaned,
wiggling her ass against his hard cock while he played with her boobs.

"There's no point in delaying this any longer." He whispered into her
ear... She didn't know what he was talking about... nor did she care.

Bart stripped off her 'teddy', panties, and then stretched her out on
his bed. She gasped when she saw his erection spring free from his
briefs... then he positioned himself between her legs and entered her.

"Unngghhhhhhhh." Haley cried out as Bart plummeted into her. All that
mattered now was having him deep inside her. She thrashed, and cried, and
moaned as she experienced one orgasm after another.

Later on, nestled close against his hard naked body, she reflected...
never had she felt so 'right' as she did now... never had she felt so weak
and docile... never had she felt so female. Only for a moment did she
consider it was her brother.


Jessica couldn't take her eyes off the bathroom mirror... this was
absolutely incredible. She looked like a teenage Pamela Anderson with even
bigger tits! She also noticed her new eye color... now instead of emerald
green, they were baby blue... she cursed Bart for his preferences...
while at the same time wishing he was with her.

Then she found her thoughts straying towards her younger sister, who
shared a bedroom with her. How would she explain her new appearance? Then
she blushed at another thought... what if sleeping inside the same room
was too much for her? What if her sister started to breathe in her scent?
Her sister was 16 and most definitely a virgin. If she didn't 'turn' her,
then Wendy, Bart or Ray eventually would. Could she seduce her own sister and live with herself?


Wendy smiled as she drifted off to sleep... her pussy had been given a
thorough workout... and now she curled up close to Ray's hard lean body
feeling safe, secure and ever so 'wet'.


Ray slowly slid out of bed making sure not to wake Wendy... she had
been an incredible lay and he couldn't get over her transformation. He
loved her sexy new look... her new giggle... her new submissive side...
he loved everything about the new her.

He went downstairs to the kitchen for something to eat and was surprised
to find his younger sister sitting at the table.

"Well, well, well..." she flippantly greeted. "Are you two finally done
for the night?"

"Sorry." Ray responded, blushing. Her sister and him didn't get along
too well.

"Wendy is certainly loud, isn't she... it is Wendy up there with you,
isn't it?"

"Yes." he blushed.

"She fucking woke me up!" His sister exclaimed.

"Like I said... I'm sorry." He again stated... then walked past her to
see what was in the refrigerator. After grabbing some left over pizza he
turned back to take a seat across from her. It was then that he noticed
the sudden change in her...

"You all right?" He asked.

"I... yeah... you smell... nice." She stammered, breathing heavily
through her nose.

Ray's eyes lit up... he had totally forgotten about how his new scent
would play on her... and suddenly saw an image of them fucking.

"What smell?" he replied, deciding to play this out.

"Your... smell." She mumbled, confused.

He could tell she was getting excited. "Oh... that smell... do you
like it?" He asked with a grin.

His sister nodded her head 'yes'.

Ray finished the slice of pizza while he watched his sister fidget.
Then he got up to pretend he was leaving. "Look, I'm going back to bed...
good night."

"No!" She cried out, grabbing his arm. She looked desperate.

Ray tried hiding his smile... thinking that this was "pretty cool".
Slowly, he used the back of his hand and caressed her cheek. She flinched
but didn't move away.

"Wha... what are you doing?" she asked, looking confused, scared, and
horny all at once.

"I'm getting ready to escort my little sister up stairs and fuck her...
that's what I'm doing." He replied, grinning.

Her eyes lit up... but only for a moment. She didn't resist when he
took her hand... she didn't resist when he led her upstairs. "You ever
fuck another girl before?" he asked, almost like it was the most natural
question in the world.

He saw her blush before she nodded 'yes'.

"Good... then you won't mind if Wendy joins in, will you?" He replied.

She blushed again and nodded her head 'no'.

"By the way... I didn't know you were licking pussy... Is it anyone I

VIII. The Next Morning

"Oh my God!" Haley cried, looking at herself in the mirror. Overnight
she had grown huge breasts!

"Hi sis." Her brother chuckled from his bed. "You were great last

"Is this what I get for fucking my brother?!?" She asked in general,
still cupping her new attributes... then she giggled... and then wondered
why she giggled.

"Yes... but it isn't like you had a choice in the matter."

"How did you do this?" She asked, rejoining him in bed. Their closeness
started to affect her and she wondered if they had time to fuck before her
soccer game. Her hand dropped down to her pussy and started to play with

"My sperm carries an ingredient that transforms females into big
breasted bimbos."

"What the..." she started to say but he raised his hand to silence her.

"Go take a shower and clean that gorgeous new body of yours. Then get
ready for your soccer game... Good thing your uniform was big on you to
start with, otherwise you might have had a problem getting it to fit.
We'll talk more after your game."

Haley took her fingers out of her wet pussy and quickly complied. She
blushed at how 'hot' and dominating her brother was and beamed at the
thought that he called her new body 'gorgeous'.

While she showered she wondered how she'd explain her new tits to her
teammates... not only tits, but she was noticeably shorter and her hair
was blonde! Then she giggled, realizing that they'd never believe her.


Bart loved the new bounce in his sister's new tits... and he loved how
she was powerless to resist anything he commanded. She still looked like
herself, except that she was shorter, blonde, and had huge boobs. She'd
been insatiable... but now he'd have to decide whether he'd give her to
Nick or to someone else... now that she was totally subjugated to him, he
could give her to anyone he wanted.


Jennifer groaned with pleasure as she licked her sister's soft petals...
she loved the taste of her and greedily sucked her clit. She was well
aware that something had happened to her last night... something strange
and scary at first, but now all good. Her breasts were HUGE and soooooo
incredibly sensitive... Jessica made her cum from merely sucking on them!

"Jenn, I'm going to cum again." Her older sister giggled between
grunts... then she thrust up her pussy and soaked her face.

Later on when they cuddled... she had time to reflect.


She'd been sleeping when she first smelled it... never had something
smelled so sensual. Then she was embarrassed when she realized she was

'Why'? She wondered as she tossed and turned on her bed. Then blushed
again when she realized where the smell was coming from.

Slowly, she got up and made her way over to Jessica... that was when
she saw her long blonde hair. Was she wearing a wig? Jessica suddenly
stirred forcing a quick retreat back into bed!

She lay motionless for awhile... hoping she hadn't been caught... then
she wondered again why Jessica was wearing a wig. Not noticing, her hand
slipped down underneath her panties and she began to leisurely masturbate.
She blushed even 'redder' when she realized it was Jessica she was
masturbating too.

Never had she thought about another girl in this way... never mind her
sister! She wondered why she would suddenly have lesbian feelings towards
her... especially since she'd previously been disgusted with the thought
of two girls together intimately... it wasn't disgust she felt now.

"Jennifer... are you all right." Jessica asked.

Jennifer stopped masturbating... had she been busted!?!

"Yeah... I'm just a little restless... I don't know why." She lied.
Slowly, she took her sticky fingers out of her pussy and let them rest on
her thigh.

"Are you scared?" Jessica asked.

"I... I don't know." She responded... was she?

"Come sleep with me... we'll cuddle." Jessica stated.

Any other time she would have jumped at the opportunity... they had
often cuddled together. They were unique sisters in the fact that they got
along so great and openly loved one another. Now, however, she was worried
that her sister would be able to tell that she'd been masturbating.
"That's all right."

"Don't be silly... come sleep with me... now."

Her words elicited a delicious tingling deep inside her... and an
overwhelming compulsion to obey. The next thing she knew she was slipping
out of her bed and into Jessica's... and that was when she felt them and
found that Jessica was naked! Jessica's tits were HUGE and she tried
pulling back but her sister hugged her tighter, squeezing her body hard
against her... while at the same time, palming her very 'wet' mound.

"I love you." She whispered into her ear... and proceeded to kiss every
inch of her... every crevice... every hole. She cried, whimpered, and
then came, and came, and came.

It was some time during the night when she felt a strange sensation in
her breasts... and when she cupped them, she could feel them growing...
and growing... and growing!

"Do you like them?" Her sister asked, giggling.

"They're so big!" Jennifer replied, cupping them. "I... I love them!"
She added, cooing and giggling while she played with them.

"Our new relationship must always be discreet..." Jessica informed her.

Jennifer eagerly nodded her head 'yes' knowing she'd do anything for her
older sister.


Now it was morning and Jessica lovingly allowed her to bring her
'off'... she tasted so incredibly delicious that she wished that they could
spend the rest of her life between her legs.

Epilogue (One Week Later)

"Man, look at the HOOTERS on that chick!?!" Ted exclaimed while
gesturing to the teenager standing in front of the convenience store. She
was dressed in skintight faded blue jeans and a bright red halter-top...
she couldn't have been more than 5' tall.

Tanya slapped Ted on the back of the head, eliciting a giggle from
Cheryl. Frank laughed, too.

The four of them got out of the car and headed towards the entrance of
the store. The girl was leaning on a rail, twirling her long strawberry
blonde hair.

"Hi." She greeted them, giggling.

"Hi... " Frank replied. He couldn't be rude and ignore her and he
found it impossible not to look at her tits. "My name's Frank and this is
my girlfriend, Cheryl... and that's Ted and Tanya."

"My name's Wendy." She replied, giggling again. "Do you live in

"Actually Cheryl and Tanya do... why do you ask?"

"Oh... my girlfriend and I are doing a survey for a school project."
Wendy answered... and giggled yet again.

Just then another girl called out from across the street. She looked
much like Wendy, petite, very well endowed and incredibly beautiful.

"Who's that?" Frank asked.

"That's Jessica, she's the girlfriend I mentioned." Wendy beamed.

"What's the survey about?" Cheryl asked.

"Oh... ah... I'd rather have Jessica explain it... she's much smarter
than I am."

'How much smarter can one bimbo be over another bimbo' Frank thought
with a chuckle... and when Cheryl elbowed him in the side, he knew he was

"Would you girls mind doing the survey?" Wendy asked.

"How long will it take?" Tanya asked.

"About 5 minutes." Wendy replied.

"All right... you guys go inside and do the shopping... Tanya and I
will take the survey." Cheryl responded. Ted grumbled about wanting to
stay and listen but Tanya glared at him...

"Come on Ted... lets leave the girls to themselves." Frank stated, and
then they entered the store.

After Frank picked up a few items, he glanced outside to see how the
girls were progressing... all four of them were giggling at something one
of them said. 'I guess deep down all girls are bimbos.' He thought to

When they exited the store, they saw Cheryl and Tanya following the
girls across the street.

"Hey, where you going?" Ted called out.

Neither Cheryl nor Tanya looked back...

"Where do you suppose they're going?" Ted asked, stunned.

"It looks like they're going to that motel over there." Frank pointed.

"No shit..." Ted replied.

The last thing they saw before their girlfriends disappear inside the
motel was one of the girl's cupping Tanya's ass, and the other girl cupping

"Did you see that!?!" Ted asked in shock.

"Yeah... but I don't believe it." Frank replied.


"I... I never felt this way before." Cheryl stammered... feeling more
aroused for this girl than she thought arousal could feel. Jessica had
already stripped and was unbuttoning her shirt.

Wendy and Tanya were already nude and on the bed kissing.

"I've... I've never done it with a girl before." Cheryl gasped as
Jessica slid her jeans down. Now all she had on was her black thong

"You'll cum more from my kiss than you've ever cum before... I
promise." Jessica replied, nuzzling her nose in her crotch.

Seconds later Cheryl found herself being lowered on the bed next to
Tanya... while Jessica descended down between her legs. The fact that she
was participating in a lesbian orgy with her best friend was amazing.

"I... I'm going to cum!" Tanya whimpered... thrashing around.

"Me too!" She exclaimed, panting, ready to explode.

They both screamed out in orgasm.

"Now our turn." Jessica announced, after they caught their breath.

They switched places.

Cheryl thought she should be nervous about going down on a girl for the
first time... but Jessica smelled so heavenly... and when she licked her,
she tasted delicious. She could hear Tanya lapping beside her.

Soon after, Cheryl started to feel a pleasant tingling inside her
breasts. She turned to Tanya and saw that hers were already growing.

The End.

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