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The Perfect Maid n

The Perfect Maid Servant
April 2001 Aphrodite
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The Perfect Maid-Servant
By Aphrodite
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I am the President of Archibald International. We are a multi-billion dollar company
dealing in foreign trading. My schedule is packed from sun up till sundown, either
spending long hours at the office or on long boring drawn out business trips.

This particular day was no different than any other. My 7am flight
home had been delayed do to a storm, and I didn't get another flight
until 10am. This meant all my afternoon appointments had to be
rescheduled for the evening and my evening appoints had to be
rescheduled as well and so on, a never ending cycle in my life. I had
just finished up the last meeting of the day and was looking forward
to a nice hot soak in my tub.

My husband was there to greet me when I entered the house. Oh what
a sight for sore eyes he was after being apart for so long. His arms
were so strong and yet tender in his hug, and his kisses sent shivers
down my spine, I didn't want this feeling to end. But I was exhausted
and although wanting him badly, I desperately needed to clean up and
go to bed. There would be plenty of time for loving in the morning.

"Darling, I know I just got back and you want to spend some time
together, but I have had a horrendous day. Would you be a peach and
have Kaitlin run me a bath?"

"Of course my dear. How selfish of me., You run along upstairs and
get settled. I will have her come get you when your bath is ready"

"I knew you would understand sweetie. We will spend time together
tomorrow, I promise!" With that, I turned and headed up the stairs to
our bedroom.

I had no sooner gotten my shoes off when Kaitlin appeared in the

"Mistress?" she said while staring down at her feet.

She reminded me of a small child having been caught doing
something wrong. For some reason this turned me on and I found
myself taking inventory of the goods that stood in front of me. She
had full wavy dark brown hair that came slightly past her shoulders.
She wasn't a very slender thing and had quite broad shoulders, but
that didn't seem to change the effect she was having on me. The tops
of her breasts protruded out the top of her uniform in perfect soft
sensuous mounds. I could feel my heartbeat speed up as I watched
them heave with her breathing.

"Mistress!" She said again, this time looking right at me.

"Oh yes, so sorry Kaitlin. I must have been off in another world for a
moment, is my bath ready?"

"Yes, mistress" she turned and headed toward the bathing room as I

"And did you remember to add my favorite bath salts to the water this

"Yes mistress" Once again staring at her feet.

"Very good then, I will need you to bath me this evening Kaitlin. I
don't think I have the strength to hold the sponge"

"Mistress?" She lifted her face to meet mine; her eyes open wide as
she waited for my answer.

"Is there a problem with this Kaitlin? You know the services I was
expecting when I hired you."

"Yes Mistress, but I didn't think that...." she broke off in mid
sentence again staring at the floor.

"Well Kaitlin, if you have a problem with it we can always re-asses
your employment here"

"Oh no, mistress it is fine. I am sorry!" Her obvious shame showed on
her face as she walked to my side and began to aid me in getting

I stood still, heart pounding hard with each button she undid on my
blouse. Occasionally her hand would brush up against my breast,
bringing them to full attention. I could feel my panties dampen as she
unzipped my skirt, and slowly slid it down my legs. This she noticed
immediately as she removed my nylons and panties, and she looked
up at me with fear stricken eyes. I wanted her with every ounce of my
being, but this was forbidden fruit. I was married and had to squash
these feelings and sensations she was giving me. Feelings and
sensations I had never before felt in my life.

Kaitlin walked over to the tub and tested the water temperature; I
couldn't help but notice that voluptuous bosom as it dangled when
she bent over the water. My mouth watered as she swung her torso to
turn the jets on.

The feeling of the jets on my body relaxed me, as I lay with my back
against the wall of the tub. Then I felt the sponge move across my
breasts and I couldn't help but let out a moan. Kaitlin stopped when
she heard it.

"Please don't stop Kaitlin that feels so good" I said in a silent yet
breathless voice.

"But Mistress?"

"Kaitlin, if you can't do this..."

"Oh no mistress I am sorry, I will continue" The fear in her voice was
no longer there. Instead it was replaced by a voice of anticipation for
she knew where this was leading, and found herself getting pleasantly
aroused as well.

Once again I felt the sponge moving across my breasts, around my
shoulders and neck. Oh this must be heaven I thought to myself. With
every movement of the sponge on my upper body I moaned in a low
pleasurable tone. As she moved lower, I could feel all the muscles in
my mid section tighten up with excitement, which made my moans
louder. I was void of all thought except for the enormous pleasure I
was feeling as the sponge moved lower. Slowly and meticulously
washing every crevice of my silky passage, until I felt spasm after
spasm for what seemed like an eternity.

I leaned up and taking her head into my hands pulled her to my lips
and our tongues met in an explosion of passion. My hand had found
it's way instinctively between her legs and..

"Oh what do we have here" I looked in her eyes, and saw only love
for me, but this could not go unpunished. "You are a very naughty,
naughty maid for hiding such things from your mistress. I fear I must
now punish you severely"

"Oh YES mistress, I do fear that I have been very naughty!" With
that we scurried as fast as we could to the bedroom, not even
bothering to stop and lock the door.

I laid down on the edge of the bed and spread my legs out so she
could see my portal of love.

"But mistress, what about my punishment?"

I reached my hand under the pillow and produced a leather paddle
about 4 inches long. I kept it there so it was handy in the event that
my husband ever got out of line, which he often did!

"Quiet you insubordinate bitch!" I said, as I lifted her panties in the
back and with all my strength brought the paddle down on her firm
backside, leaving a very nice red welt in it's wake. Her scream was
like ecstasy to my ears, as I found my hands on her shoulders pushing
her down to her knees. With a firm yet gentle motion, I guided her
face to my open and waiting cunt. The pulsating sensation grew
stronger as she immediately went to work, flicking my clit with her
tongue. My legs were twitching and my pelvis pounding into the
sheets with every contact she made. I wanted more, I wanted to be
engulfed and devoured by these sensations. I clasped both my nipples
with my fingersand tugged as hard as I could, not feeling any pain,
just waves of pleasure. Then just at the peak of a very strong and
intense orgasm, she rammed two fingers into my pulsating cave
bringing on a totally new wave of spasms with every thrust, until I
could take no more.


"Yes Kaitlin?" My words came out in shallow gasps, as I tried to
catch my breath.

"I don't wish to sound ungrateful mistress, but umm, do you think
umm well, umm."

"Out with it bitch, what are you trying to say"

"Well mistress, I have been doing all the work here for quite
sometime, and well all I have gotten in return is well horny and well I
was wondering ...?."

"Oh, so my naughty little maid would like some pleasure of her own -
would she! It isn't good enough that she sees her mistress enjoy
herself for a change. Well then ..." Once again I reached for the
paddle and held it up in front of her face.

"Oh mistress I am so sorry, I didn't mean..errrrr... I didn't want
to imply... please, please no mistress I will be good, I promise!" Her
eyes were lit up like a Christmas tree as she stared at the paddle in my
hands. I knew that she wanted it, and I wanted her to have it.

"Come here Kaitlin!" I demanded in as stern a voice as I could
muster up.

"Yes Mistress" Knowing what was coming next she lifted her skirt
and lowered her black satin with white lace ruffled panties just past
her tightly clenched ass, and bent over at the waist in front of me.
Lowering the paddle hard with every other word, I scolded her for
being so selfish.

"How selfish" *smack* "can you" *smack* "be?" *smack*!

"I work" *smack* "hard and" *smack* "long hours" *smack* "to be
able" smack* "to pay you" *smack* "your wages" *smack* "and this
is" *smack* "the gratitude I get" *SMACK*!!

Seeing that she had tears in here eyes at this point I stopped.

"I hope you have learned your lesson!"

"Oh yes mistress, never again will I ask for anything. I truly am
sorry!" she was still bent over holding herself up with her hands
pressed tightly into her knees, and crying uncontrollably.

A sudden feeling of guilt rushed over me. How could I have done this
to her after all the pleasure she had brought me? I gently reached up
and rubbed the reddened area with my hand while lightly kissing
each cheek. I noticed her sobs turn to into low-pitched groans, and I
knew I could not stop; nor did I want to. The feeling of her soft silky
skin against my lips once again brought me waves of desire. I raised
my other hand and began to knead both sides with equal vigor, still
kissing in places my hands did not occupy. Suddenly an urge
consumed me and I traced the crack of her now relaxed bottom with
my tongue. I had never done anything like this before but it seemed so
right. With both hands firmly grasping each cheek I pulled them to
the sides, and continued my probing till my tongue found what it had
been searching for. Softly I licked her anal opening, probing every
inch of it's outside parameter.

"Oh mistress" she gasped in astonishment

"I take it you like, you dirty little thing you" I grinned from ear to ear
then continued with my venture.

"Oh yes mistress Oh yes!"

"I am glad you like, would you like more?" I asked, hoping she would
say yes. I so wanted to fuck that tightly ass of hers.

"Oh yes mistress, give me more. I need more!"

Reaching to the nightstand I retrieved my vibrator and some
lubricant, all the while kissing and licking everything and anything I
could as to not disturb the moment. Then taking my lubed fingers I
gently inserted one in and out, only to be followed by a second
moments later. Her breathing was now fast and furious as I increased
the speed of my thrust. Without any break in motion I managed to
replace my fingers with the vibrator, summoning a groan loud enough
to wake the dead.

"Quiet dear we don't want my husband to hear us"

"I am sorry mistress, It just feels so good, I could not help myself" she
said as she matched each of my thrusts with one of her own, making
it difficult to hold onto the vibrator.

"I need help mistress" she gasped, and I knew just what to do.
Removing the vibrator I had her turn to face me. And within
moments I had her panties pulled to the side and her rock hard cock
in my mouth. It only took moments to get our rhythm, as her up
thrusts matched my down. As the pace increased, I felt her hand on
the back of my head guiding me to match her rhythm. Just as I sensed
the onset of her climax I pulled away.

"I want you to fuck me Kaitlin, please! I pleaded

"Yes mistress" was all it took, as she positioned me on the bed and
mounted me from behind.

It only took moments before we both hit our climax together, and we
collapsed side by side on the bed. Tired and satisfied beyond anything
I thought possible, I turned to face my husband.

"Darling you are the best maid a wife could ask for, I love you!"

"I could never have asked for a better wife, and I love you too!"
Then we both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.
The End

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