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The Photo Session


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't like this
sort of thing, go away. If, on the other hand,
you DO like it, and you ARE 21... keep on reading.

A short and hopefully sweet story. I was TRYING to
write a story for the ASSM FLASH celebration. 500
words is VERY VERY VERY short! This one is just under
700. Sigh...

Anyway, if you like it, email me, ok? Or if you know
how to write a story that is under 500 words...
HELP!!! LOL Oh, yeah... more of my stories are
available at courtesy of Rey's
site and Rui Jorge's expertise. :)
The Photo Session by Pami ( (F-solo)
Annie smiled for the camera as she watched the red eye
blink more quickly. She heard the whirl of the shutter
and the picture was snapped. She leapt off the bed
and grabbed the camera, looking a picture of herself
decked out in a semi-transparent leopard print
lingerie set. Her rosy nipples were obviously erect
and the size of them was apparent through the fragile
material. She shifted as she looked and felt the
moisture between her legs as her lips slid against
each other.

Annie set the self-timer again, and pressed the

She quickly positioned herself on the bed, legs spread
wide, and snatched up the flesh-colored dildo she was
using for a prop. She swiftly slid about four inches
into her wet trench. Her lips parted and she reveled
in the sensations in her slit as she heard the camera
record her visible response to the toy.

Annie was surprising herself. The thought of
displaying naughty photos of herself on the internet
was turning her into a camera-slut. She was normally
conservative and almost uptight. Maybe it was the
anonymity of it all. What were the chances that
anyone she actually KNEW would find the pics?! And
she told herself that she would cut her face out of
all of the pictures too.

Annie slipped into her next outfit. The red leather
teddy with the cutout bra cups let her heavy tits
show. She attached the garters to the beige-colored
stockings and she laughed. Maybe she would send one
of these pictures to her ex-boyfriend. The only man
who had ever seen her wearing the lingerie in the
flesh, so to speak. THAT would show him... he would
regret stepping out of her life.

She set the timer again, and this time posed on all
fours, facing the all-seeing eye of the camera lens.
Her breasts hung down, creating a cleavage that her
former lovers had begged to slide their throbbing
cocks through. She tossed her long golden hair back
and puckered up in a kiss just as the picture was

Annie got up and down several more times, each time
changing her position so she could see which pose was
most flattering. Occasionally, she would use the
dildo and slide it up her hot pussy, or suggestively
lick at it for the camera. After five or six more
pictures, the camera was full and she sat to look at
them through the digital screen. Some pictures were
amazingly sexy, she thought, and some not so much, but
as she looked at them, Annie felt the wetness in her
pussy was increasing. She was easily aroused, and she
had worked herself up taking these pictures.

She turned the camera off, and grabbed the dildo that
she had used for her photo-session. She lay back on
the pillows on the bed and spread her legs wide.
Annie pulled on one of her nipples as she teased her
slit with the rubbery phallus. She moaned, enjoying
the slipperiness of her pussy against the toy.

Finally, Annie couldn't take her own teasing anymore,
and she thrust all eight inches of the dildo deep into
her snatch. "Ahhhh!" Her exclamation was the only
sound in the silence of the apartment.

She fucked herself with the toy, imagining the men on
the web who might, just MIGHT jerk themselves off to
pictures of her pleasuring herself. She fantasized
that some nameless man was there right then, ramming
his cock into her, telling her how her pictures had
aroused him to such a frenzy that he HAD to have her.
The guy was replaced by another man, and then another,
and Annie still moaned and groaned as she teased her
clit with her other hand.

Finally, as she imagined her ex-lover plowing into her
as he confessed that her pictures had made him jerk
off over and over again, she climaxed hard, her cries
of passion echoing in the quiet of her bedroom.

Annie panted and breathed deeply as she came down from
her sexual high. She smiled. The digital camera was
DEFINITELY a good purchase.
- Pami (


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