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The Picnic Lunch


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't like this
type of story, or if it violates your community
standards, go away. IF, however, you like broadening
your sensual horizons... read on....

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The Picnic Lunch by Pami (
She glanced over at him. His blond hair seemed almost
white in the sunlight. His blue eyes twinkled at her...
"Patience has never been your strong suit, my dear," he
said, smiling at her.

"I know, but isn't that one of my many
charms...usually?" she joked back at him.

They were walking in the park. It was a gorgeous
summer day in July, not too hot, and not even too
humid. Just right for relaxing in the sun or the shade
of one of the many leafy trees that bordered the paths.
She was clad in a sleeveless romper that was covered in
a crazy floral pattern. She looked like a petunia
patch had exploded on her, he had told her when he
picked her up. Her long golden brown hair was loose,
just as she knew he preferred it. He was wearing just
a plain blue t-shirt and khaki shorts. Although she
thought he looked good in anything he wore, he had on
those damn flip-flop sandals that she simply couldn't
stand. He was definitely the looker of the two,
although she had, on occasion, turned a head or two.

"Please, please, please..." she begged, looking at him
with a teasing glint in her eyes. Her eyes were one of
the most expressive things about her...he had told her
once that he could see right through her when he looked
into them. When she was upset, her eyes looked
drenched with tears, even when they were dry. When she
was angry, they were as cold as any ice chip you had
ever seen. When she was happy, they danced and
sparkled, like they were doing right now.

He laughed, "Why? Give me one good reason..."

"I'll be your best friend," she quickly replied, in the
singsong voice of a child.

She grabbed his hand and they stopped walking. She
looked serious all of a sudden, and said, "I'll ALWAYS
be your know that, right?"

He marvelled at her mood could someone go
from happy to sad to giddy to serious, all in the span
of ten minutes. "Women, - he thought to himself,
"can't live with them, can't hit 'em with a car."
Outwardly, however, he looked at her and told her that
he knew they would always share a unique connection.

She smiled back at him, and pulled him by the hand.
They had been standing near the edge of a wooded glade.
She dragged him about ten feet into the woods, just
behind a clump of large bushes. Anyone walking by
could see their heads, but that was about it. She ran
her hand down his chest, and nestled it on top of his
cock. "Ahh..." she thought, "THIS is what I'm in the
mood for!"

"WHAT are you doing, you evil wench?!" he practically
shouted at her, although he certainly didn't try to
remove her hand, which had started to curl around his

She looked up at him and reminded him, "Well, YOU were
supposed to bring me lunch...and I AM hungry." She
smirked at him, and her hand felt him jump underneath
her touch. "Wouldn't you like to feed me?"

"Here?!! Now?!!" he couldn't believe her. He had
always known how horny she could get at the most
inopportune moments, but he certainly didn't want to
get caught with his pants down in the middle of the
city park at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Of course, as
he said it, he felt his cock twitch and start to

""she answered back, and with that
she unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the
ground. She caressed his prick with her hand as they
both looked down at it growing in her grasp. "I am so
glad you don't wear underwear" she told him, "and you
do have SUCH a pretty cock." She looked up at him with
that statement and could see his pupils dilating to
cover the blue of his eyes.

"Ahhh...oooohhh..." he moaned as her talented fingers
ran up and down the length of his dick. He felt the
telltale twitching of it growing harder and thicker for
her, and damn, it felt good!

He glanced around the area, and saw a young couple
walking down the path in their general direction,
pushing a baby carriage ahead of them.
"Stop...stop..." he growled at her, trying to dislodge
her hand and gesturing towards the approaching family.

She smiled mischievously at him, and suddenly dropped
to her knees, engulfing the head of his cock into her
mouth. "OH MY GOD!" he exclaimed rather loudly, as
the couple looked over at him in curiosity. He
wondered what they thought of the strange man in the
bushes making the crazy sounds. Then he stopped
caring, as she flicked her tongue over that sensitive
spot at the base of the head of his cock, and he
grabbed her hair in his growing passion.

She licked up and down the shaft of his cock,
marvelling again at how beautiful it was. So many dicks
that she had seen were ugly...not that she had seen
THAT many, of course, but she was far from being a
virgin. And she shuddered as she remembered what this
one felt like inside of her. He had a way of thrusting
it into her, rubbing against her special spot inside
with every stroke, making her crazy with passion.

She took the head into her mouth again, and used her
hand to stroke his shaft. He knew what she was
doing...she wanted a taste of his pre-cum. "She is so
fucking amazing," he thought. He had met women who
loved the taste of his semen before, but this one
really got into it. She worked his prick like a she knew exactly what to do to
turn him on.

As if on cue, she gulped and drove her mouth further
down his shaft.
She couldn't deep throat him just yet, but she kept
trying. She could get all but the last inch into her
mouth. She held him there, flicking her tongue around
him in the manner she knew he loved. She was getting
better, she thought to herself. Oh....ahhh...there's a
taste, she thought, as a small moan escaped her. She
glanced up at him and saw those intense eyes looking
down at her. Those eyes that could be so icy were hot
with passion. He wasn't going to try to stop her now,
she thought.

"Did you get a taste?" he inquired in his low passion-
filled voice.

She stopped sucking him briefly, and stood up. She
kept holding his cock with her right hand, and with her
left she reached around his neck and drew his head down
to hers. She kissed him deeply, and she felt his tongue
snake into her mouth. She smiled as she ended the
kiss. "Does that answer your question?" she
breathily responded.

"Get back down there and suck my cock," he told her
with a smile on his face.

"As my lord commands," she teasingly retorted, as she
dropped to her knees again. She took both of her hands
and ran them across his ass, cupping a cheek in each
hand. She could feel the light downy hairs caressing
her palms....and she loved it.

He gulped as he felt her fingers run up and down the
crack of his ass. He liked the feeling, it made him
hornier, if possible, but always made him feel slightly
vulnerable. He knew that she was aware of this, and
that was why she did it. He remembered her telling him
one time that one of the reasons she loved giving head
so much was that she was in complete control of the
man. She liked to know that she was the one giving the
pleasure, instead of him taking it. It was a small
difference, she had told him, but one that meant quite
a bit to her.

" feels so GOOD..." he groaned
in a low tone. She heard him and grinned to herself.
She could feel his balls tightening just a bit. She
sucked harder, letting the saliva coat him freely,
making her mouth wet as her pussy got when they were
making love. "That's right", he said, "Suck
me...suck me...ohh...." He thrust his prick back and
forth into her mouth faster and faster.

He looked around, at the trees, the sky, the grass.
The colors seemed sharper than usual. The scents of
the woods...the damp, the floral all
smelled stronger than normal. He thought about
everything he could except the way she was going down
on him. He wanted to prolong it if he could, but then
she combined the suction of her mouth with the
butterfly flick of her tongue, and he knew he was
fighting a losing battle.

She grinned as his precum flowed faster now, mixing
with her saliva so much that she swallowed it down.
She adored the taste of it. "What a sick girl I am,"
she thought. "And he loves me this way," she
added as an afterthought.

"Ohhh....Ahhh....NOW!" he yelled, as the sperm shot out
of the end of his cock into her waiting mouth.

She didn't miss a beat, continuing to suck gently as
she felt spurt after spurt of him empty in her mouth.
She held it there, until the spasm stopped. She then
gently took his hand and placed it on her throat. He
glanced down at her and groaned again as he watched,
and felt, her swallow his load of semen down.

She then leaned forward on took his softening prick
back into her mouth and cleansed him. She sucked
gently on him, because she knew how sensitive he got
after his climax. His whole body jerked as her tongue
bathed him. "God, does she know how to finish a blow
job," he thought admiringly.

He finally pushed her away because he couldn't stand it
anymore. She stood up and looked him in the eye. "Now
THAT'S the best picnic lunch I've ever had," she
smirked at him. "Can we do it again soon?"


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