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The Picture


>>> Adults Only <<<

If you are under 18 or if reading erotica is illegal in your locality please exit from this screen NOW.

That said, this story may be printed by individual users of ASSTR by my permission so long as those printed pages are for the personal use of an adult and minors will not have access to the story. This story may be posted to free websites with my permission or to the free section(s) of pay websites with my permission.

Disclaimer: This is just a story! I like murder mysteries yet I've never killed anyone and I also like Tom Clancys' work even though I've never nuked Denver, crashed a 747 into the United States Capitol, sunk a chinese missile submarine, or tried to wipe out the entire human race with biological weapons. I'm trying to say that I would NEVER do any of the things portrayed in this story nor did I write this story to compel or inspire someone else to do such a thing.

I also love to hear from my readers so feel free to write to me with comments, compliments, suggestions, or criticisms - it's all welcomed.

MF nc impreg

The picture - Copyright 2001 by Patrick Flanagan

When I first met her online she told me that her name was Adrienne, but
then as time wore on and we got to know each other she told me that her
name was really Julie. I read the erotic stories she would post online and
I became one of her greatest fans. Her stories always seemed to revolve
around rape fantasies that had the heroine submitting to her erstwhile
lover in each of the ribald vignettes. Julie and I shared a lengthy
correspondence in which stories were shared and even co-authored. The
results of the co-authored stories became some of the most popular stories on the Web due to their disturbingly androgynous perspective. I considered
Julie to be a good friend, although a strange friend who was just the
anonymous author of some friendly notes on my email. I guess what turned a
corner for me was when she sent me The Picture.

I can't put my finger on exactly what it was that sent me over the edge.
Perhaps it was just the combination of the depth of our relationship and
then the hauntingly beautiful picture she sent to me. In The picture she
revealed herself to be not a supermodel, but a woman of a deeply textured
and complex beauty, unlike any I had seen before or since. Her short dark
hair framed a delicate face of the most alabaster skin jeweled with the
most expressive and sapphire-blue eyes. Like the Mona Lisa, Julie also had
a unique and captivating expression that conveyed a certain naivete while,
paradoxically, also betraying a worldliness that betrayed a hungry

It was only three days later when my obsession for the woman behind The
Picture yielded an address. Frantically, I called in to work and took a
leave for the next week for a family emergency. Then I packed up the car
and left. I drove thirty-four hours before I finally found her house in a
far-off town. I rented a room at a nice motel and cleaned up before
pursuing my quarry. I had thought about just knocking on her door and
introducing myself, but that would be sort of an anticlimax to our
relationship that had produced so much mayhem in our literary
collaborations. No, it had to be this way or not at all. Small towns are
so much fun. After introducing myself around town as Julies' estranged
brother-in-law I had found out from the helpful folks that Julie lived
alone, had never married in her twenty-eight years, her parents had died
and left her the old Victorian house she lived in, and she taught English
at the local high school. Good enough.

spring break had conveniently started and I decided that a Friday night
was as good a time as any to get acquainted with my obsession. I decided
to use one of my tried and true tricks and came to her door just after
eight with a bouquet of roses. I rang the bell and she promptly answered.

"Hi...Roses? Who would send me roses?"

"I don't know ma'am, I'm just the delivery boy. They do smell great

I handed the roses to her and she buried her face in them and inhaled a
deep draught of their intoxicating scent. Their highly intoxicating scent.
The ether I had sprayed the roses with had an immediate effect and I found
myself scrambling to catch her before she fell to the floor.

The next hour was equally intoxicating to me as I carried her off to her
bedroom and prepared for the evening. I had brought along a few toys which
I now put to good use.

My efforts had me rather tired so I sat back and admired my handiwork:
Julie was now securely tied to her own bed, dressed in a flimsy dressing
gown I had found in her closet (dressing her in it is another whole
story!), and neatly blindfolded and gagged. She was all dressed up and I
was ready to go!

Her body writhed against the restraints as she came out of the fog of
the ether. I brazenly walked over and sat next to her on the bed and ran
my fingers through her hair, which had an almost immediate calming effect
on her.

"It's okay, sweetheart. Nothing's going to happen to you that you
haven't wanted for a long time anyway."

She screamed into the gag.

I have to admit that I was having some second thoughts about this. Did
I really want to introduce myself this way? She didn't seem to be enjoying
this in quite the way I thought she would. Maybe I should go. I could
call the fire department from a phone booth and they could come get her


Maybe later.

She screamed again when I brushed her face with my hand.

"Julie, it'll be okay. I'm going to make love to you the way we always
wrote about."

I had thought that knowing it was me would calm her down. It only made
her crazy. She screamed and I could see the tears coming out from under
the blindfold. Why wasn't she into this? After all we had shared I really
thought that I knew her better that this.

This must just be part of her game, acting like this.

Julie bucked and screamed and tore at the restraints when I pulled back
the gown to reveal her naked glory. As I looked down on her lovely body I
played out all the fantasies I had dreamt about this very moment, yet now
that the moment was here all I wanted to do was make love to her.

Her muffled cries and protests fell silent when she heard my belt buckle
come undone. The metal rang as my pants fell to the hardwood floor and I
could see the gooseflesh rise across her body as the note faded.

My eager cock throbbed at the thought of my coming conquest and I
decided to go ahead with my original plan. I knew Julie would just love it
when I got done.

I climbed up onto the tall bed (it was easily three feet off of the
floor) and knelt between her glorious legs. Her scent came to my nostrils
and drew my face nearer until I could resist no more. I plunged my toungue
deep into her musky crevice and was rewarded at first with her muffled
screams that soon gave way to what could best be described as frightened
moans of anticipation. Her body betrayed her true feelings to me when,
with my toungue, I felt her tender clit swell under the ministrations of my
mouth. Still, she was slow to respond and it took all of my skill and
patience to bring her body to her first climax of the evening. It was
almost as if I was watching a caterpillar emerge from its cocoon as my
protesting, crying, screaming Julie blossomed into the sexual creature that
I knew her to be. The onset of her climax silenced the last of her
complaints as I began to feverishly lick and nibble and tease her awakened
body. My hands drifted to luxuriate in the supple softness of her body.
Her nipples immediately came to attention at my touch and her moans
intensified as I combined my attention to her clit with a new attention to
her tender nipples. Her body was almost a musical instrument that I now
played to yield the lilting tones of pleasure. The crescendo became
obvious and I was enraptured at the result of my love for Julie as she
became helpless to the pleasure that came upon her glorious body! I knelt
back and admired my efforts: Julie lay helpless before me awash in the
throes of her passion and completely vulnerable to my own needs. Her pussy lay wantonly before me soaked with both of our juices as evidence of her

I kissed her left knee as she lay panting. She did not respond at all
so I kissed the right knee. I then began kissing my way up her body,
tounging her navel, licking her soft belly, tasting her breasts. Finally,
I nestled my face in her long, elegant neck and nuzzled her ear. She
turned her head away from me and I kissed the neck that was offered to me
with glee. Now I also allowed myself to relax and I settled myself down on
top of her, my cock resting against the moist warmth of her treasures.

The sensation of my cock against her pussy made Julie tense. I answered
her concern with a tentative grind of my groin into hers.

A negative, "Mmmm-mmmm!" issued from her as I made my second effort.

I could not wait any longer. Julies' wettened pussy offered very little
resistance as my turgid cock readily parted her lips and began to poke into
her velvety depths. She seemed almost sleepy as I began to make love to
her with just the first inch or so of my cock. Just a little deeper with
each following thrust I allowed myself. I had maybe two inches of my cock
embedded in her tender body when she began her protests anew.

I hadn't come this far to quit now and I plunged my cock all the way in
with one slow and deliberate thrust. Her entire being strained against my
invasion only to turn me on even more than before. I began to pump myself
crushingly deep into her body with each thrust over the agonized protests
Julie was screaming into the gag. I was determined to finally conquer my
new lover no matter what it took. Several times I fought back the urge to
pound her pussy until I would realize my release. Each time I held back
the urge, the urge became stronger the next time. I had to do this! I
eventually had to take a couple of brief breaks to allow myself to calm
down before returning to the unequalled paradise of Julies' warm, wonderful
body. Over the course of easily half an hour she became accustomed to my
cock and finally, FINALLY, she began to anticipate my thrusts with her own.
It was mere moments later that I felt her pussy clamp around my cock with
the incredible contractions of her second orgasm of the night. The cries
she was making now were not protests of any sort.

Being just a mere mortal man, I could hold back no longer. As Julies'
pleasure faded I began to satisfy my own carnal hunger. I took maybe six
or seven deep thrusts and then I drove myself as deep as I could, grinding
my body into hers, as my cock shot jets of my come into her perfect body. I
collapsed on top of her wasted body as my cock kept trying to pump more and
more of my seed into her vault. Julie quaked with tremors each time my
cock throbbed in her depths and, as I came out of my afterglow, I realized
that she was sobbing.

My heart couldn't bear the thought that I could be hurting her after all
that we had been through together! Surely, she knew that I loved her!

"Julie, it's okay, hold still and I'll untie you."

I undid the blindfold and saw her eyes stare up at me with consumate
fear. Hurriedly, I undid the harness that held the gag in place.

She drew a breath.

"Who are you? Why did you do this to me? I don't even know who you

I looked at her and all I saw was pain. Pain that I had caused.

"Julie..." What words could I say to heal the wound I had made? The
tears streamed from her face like a river.

"Why do you keep calling me Julie? I'm not Julie, I'm just watching her
house for her while she's in Florida."

* * *

Well, Annie (her real name as it turns out) was Julies' next door
neighbors' daughter. My little escapade almost cost me the next sixty
years of my life in prison, but I got lucky and Annie asked the judge to be
lenient on me during the sentencing. He asked Annie if a suspended
sentence would be okay with her and, surprisingly, she agreed. What made
the case in my defense was The Picture. Julie had sent me The picture of
Annie as a ploy to maintain her own anonymity on the Web, but she had no
idea that I would obsess over it. Julie and I got together for a few beers
after the trial and she told me that while she really regretted not being
at home when I came to visit that I just wasn't her type. I was too
emotional, it turns out. She prefers those guys who are tall, dark,
handsome, and burdened by some hidden angst. I guess angst looks good with
black leather and RayBans.

* * *

A year passed by and I had gotten my life back together. I started my
own computer repair business since my new record as a felony sex offender
all but ruled out a regular job anywhere else but a carwash. I did okay
and soon had my lawyers paid off and was established in a nice little
house. One quiet spring day I heard a car pull up in the driveway and I got
my "What-the-fuck-is-it-now?" look on my face as I went to answer the
inevitable doorbell. The local cops had made me their personal hobby since
they found out about my out of state conviction and I expected to see one
of the boys in blue when I opened the door.

It may as well have been President Kennedy at the door for the shock
value I got out of it.

"Hi, Rick." A familiar and smiling face greeted me acompanied by a
bassinette. "This is Jennifer, our daughter."


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