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The Playmate


The Playmate

The funeral service ended and the people slowly moved out of the cemetery
after first coming over and shaking their hands. Then one by one they had gone
home. Erika and her father were among the last to leave. They shared a car and
sat in silence as her father drove them home.

Both father and daughter felt the need to reach out to each other. To comfort
each other over the loss of a wife for one and a mother for the other. Erika
and had grown closer to her mother although she used to be closer with her
father and the loss was devastating. Her mother had stuck by Erika through
thick and thin although neither of her parents had been happy about her
decisions in life. But her father had been more affected by the decision.

Living in a small town, he had had to suffer so much taunts from friends and
acquaintances over Erika’s actions.

It had happened more than five years earlier. Erika had just moved to LA in
search of better things and better prospects in life. This was right after her
graduation from college. Things were hard for her when she first arrived in
LA. She was a fresh grad so her prospects weren’t great at landing a high
paying job. She worked part time as a waitress in a bar. It was hardly enough
to pay the rent.

One day she saw an ad looking for models. She was a fresh face in town and a
fresh body to add. After one look at her, she was given a chance for a photo
shoot. The only catch was that she had to do it without her clothes on.
Reluctantly she agreed and the rest is history.

She became the centrefold of the month of March for a girlie magazine. Erika
was certainly no prude. She knows she’s beautiful. Her physical assets were
one of her attractions apart from her pleasant disposition. All through high
school and college, she had had a share of boyfriends. And most would agree
that she was quite a girl when it comes to sex. Most would probably still
nurse a hard-on when they think of her. She had had a few marriage proposals
after college, but she felt she was too young to settle down and raise a
family. Moreover, she had never quite seen herself as a homemaker. She truly
believed she was destined for greater things in life.

The furore she created in her small hometown after she appeared nude in the
magazine was just too much for her father. He was puritanical to say the least
and had taken it rather badly. And the last thing his business needed was his
daughter’s nude pictures splashed all over town. He had gone out and
practically bought up all the magazines he could lay his hands on. But he
couldn’t stop the town folks from talking about it. Her fame had spread far
and wide just as much as her legs had spread far and wide. It was a few years
before he could get over it, although people have stopped talking long ago.
After all, by the month of April, there was already a new centrefold of the
month and Erika was history as far as the town folks were concerned.

But not to her father. It was just a few months ago that he was able to get
over the shock of looking at the naked pictures of his only daughter. His
precious little girl. His only child. But much as he would like to deny it, he
couldn’t help feeling excited by the pictures.

His wife had been critically ill. At 56, he may not be in the prime of his
life where sex is concerned. But he couldn’t deny that he needed it just as
much as the next man. But Eli was faithful to his wife right to the end. He
could have gone out and got himself a fresh piece of ass if he had wanted to.
But he chose to remain faithful to the last. Moreover, since it is a small
town, people were bound to talk. People have a way of finding out no matter
how careful one is.

So the only thing that’s left is to satisfy himself the way he had done when
he was a teenager growing up. He had to admit that in the beginning he felt
rather foolish having to jack off and reduce to keep his sexual urges in
control. And the first time he did it was by looking at pictures of Erika. For
a few moments, she ceased being his daughter, Just another woman. Just another
slut to fulfil his sexual fantasy. Ever since then he had felt less and less
guilty jacking off while looking at Erika’s pictures. It was to be his only
way of releasing his sexual tensions. To have that object of his fantasy
sitting in the car beside him now proved a little hard for Eli.

He parked the car at the porch and they went into the house without talking.
She went up to her room to change out of her back dress and put on a jeans and

Soon after Eli went back out and got into his car and drove off. He just
remembered that he had to get something at the drugstore.

By the time Erika came down he had left. She wondered in the smallest of her
hearts whether she would ever be forgiven by her father. She didn’t regret her
actions. Life had improved for her after doing the spread for the magazine.
Offers had come in by the dozens including to act in a porn movie. But she had
turned them down. But it had opened the doors to other opportunities as well.
And she had gone on to better things including becoming a moderately
successful actress in a soap opera. It wasn’t the lead role but she was
important enough for the network to dish out $20,000 an episode. So far from
it. She had no regrets. What she needed more from her father was his
understanding. In fact she had also just finished shooting a movie. Again it
wasn’t the lead role but her agent had advised her that it was a wise career
move. Getting into the movies.

It was when she walked into her father’s library that she discovered she had
probably been forgiven by her father. She found the girlie magazine which had
her pictures. And from the look of things, he had been going to the centrefold
page quite a number of times. She could detect the unmistakable smudge of
semen on the centrefold picture. Well, well, well, she thought. You dirty old

But she couldn’t blame him. Most people had like that particular picture. She
was on all fours. Her legs were spread wide and showed all her glory. Her
smiling face, framed by her shoulder-length blonde hair, so full of innocence
looking directly into the camera. She wondered how many times her father had
got off on the picture. He must have imagined himself taking her in that
position or putting it in her mouth or cumming all over her innocent face.

Eli had been gone a long time. By the time he got back Erika was in the
backyard sunning herself. She was in the nude. He gasped when he saw her from
the kitchen window when he was getting himself a cold drink. She was lying
face down on a towel and he felt himself stirred as he gulped down his drink.

He went out to her.

“Is that you, daddy?” she asked without turning around.

“You shouldn’t be lying naked out here, precious. What’ll the neighbours say.”

Precious, it was a long time since she heard him calling her that. His
precious little girl.

“Don’t be a prude, daddy. That’s what the walls are for. To keep out all
prying eyes.”

He was quiet. She turned around to look at him. Her eyes, shaded by her dark
sunglasses dropped to the unmistakable bulge in his crotch as he stood there
uncomfortably, not seeming to know what to do. She looked up at his face.

“Would you mind putting some lotion on my back, daddy?” she said handing him
the bottle.

He took the bottle and sat down beside her. He put some oil on his hands and
rubbed it into her shoulders and back. Then he worked the oil into her legs
and thighs. He could feel his cock getting harder and had to shift it

“What’s the matter, daddy?” she asked when he stopped.

“Nothing precious,” he stammered.

He poured some oil and rubbed them on her naked bums. As his fingers worked
his eyes feasted on the crack dividing the two cheeks. He couldn’t deny the
urges any longer. He knows what they were doing were wrong but he couldn’t
help himself. He had denied himself the simple sexual pleasures for so long.
Ever since his wife first fell ill more than a year ago.

Eli let his fingers brush lightly along the crack, making his daughter purr
with pleasure. All of a sudden she turned around and presented her naked front
to her father and heard him gasp with lustful admiration.

“Can you do my front now, daddy?”

“Sure, precious,” he said.

He poured some oil on her trim tummy and worked them al over her body. When he
reached her breasts, he paused for a moment to put more oil on his hands. His
fingers trembled as he began rubbing the oil on her bulbous breasts.
He could feel them growing taut as her pink nipples crinkled and hardened. It
was obvious to him that he wasn’t the only one getting excited. Erika was also
feeling the stirrings of sexual excitement as she felt a familiar moistness
between her thighs.

He was careful not to touch her nipples although he could sense by her
movements she wanted him to. He was going to wait a little longer. After all
he had waited so long. And she would have to wait a little longer too. When he
was finished teasing her breasts, she felt herself losing her mind with
desire. For that was what he was doing, teasing her by not touching her
hardened nipples. My god, my father a tease, she thought.

“There you go, precious. We are all done,” he suddenly remarked. “Anything
else you want me to do, precious?”

“Yes, daddy,” she stammered, her voice full of excitement.

“What, precious?”

She suddenly sat up, grabbed his face and kissed him hard on the lips. When
they parted, she said, “That, daddy.”

“Oh,” he said. “Then I guess you had better lie down again.”

She did as she was told and he stood up to take off his clothes. He had to
release his cock from the confines of his shorts. It sprang gallantly up, a
full eight inches of hard meat in need of release and succor.

“My god, daddy, it’s beautiful,” she said, her eyes widening.

“You think so, precious?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“You think daddy’s precious little girl is going to like it?”

“Yes, my god, daddy.”

Eli lay down beside his daughter and cupped a naked breast.

“Suck my nipples, daddy,” she said.

He bent down and took a hardened nipple between his lips while his fingers
worked on her other nipple. He could hear her groan with excitement. Then he
sucked on her other nipple, feeling Erika shudder with excitement. When he put
his hand on her thing she parted them. He rose and got between her parted
thighs. He wanted to look at her. And he liked what he saw. The pink lips of
her pussy, fringed by sparse blonde hair. Then he bent down and kissed the
full lips, bringing a moan from Erika. With both thumbs he parted the lips and
his tongue found her clitoris. When he started licking it, she gyrated her
hips and push her loins into his face.

“Oh...daddy, that’s wonderful,” she assured him with a long moan.

He moved his fingers down and parted wide the entrance of her cunt as he ran
his tongue down and deep in the palpitating opening. She splayed her legs out
farther and pulled back her knees so that her bottom was turned up fully to
his face. He kept up his beautiful cunt licking until he was certain she was
going to cum.

Then he stopped and asked her to turn around and get on all fours. She turned
around and got on her hands and knees. She guessed that’s the way that he
liked. The way she had posed in the picture. She turned around and smiled at
him the way she had smiled into the camera.

“Like this, daddy?”

“Oh...god, honey. My precious.”

He didn’t know which was more exciting, her wide open cunt or the crevice
between the soft white moons. He lunged at her open pussy, kissing it and
plunging his snake-like tongue into her again. She groaned and thrust herself
back at him. He kneaded her ass cheeks hungrily, crawling over her naked
behind. He then spread them gently apart and his tongue searched for the
puckered opening. Then he cupped his mouth to his daughter’s ass and sucked.

“Oh...god, daddy. That’s so goooooddd.....!” she said, her body suddenly
tensing. “Oh...god, I’m cumming, daddy.”

Eli touch her cunt again, stroking her and bringing her closer to her orgasm.
For a brief moment she seemed paralysed, followed by a sudden spurt of
wetness. His mouth came lower to her vagina again and slowly he lapped up her
cum juices.

“Like that, precious?” he asked.

“Yes, daddy,” she replied as her breathing slowly returned to normal. “Now let
me do you daddy.”

“Yes, my precious honey,” he groaned with excitement.

He turned to face him and bent down to greet his jutting cock. She took it in
her hand and warmly kiss the top, before tracing a tantalising path down the
full length to the base, then wetly up to the tip again. Then she took the
head between her soft glistening red lips and into the moistness of her mouth.
Erika could feel her father’s spongy stiffness rub along the full length of
her tongue and imbed itself almost in her throat.

She knew she shouldn’t spend too much time sucking him. She didn’t want him to
cum in her mouth just yet. She had to feel her father inside her. After giving
the crown of his cock a last kiss she released him.

“Now, fuck me daddy,” she begged.

“Yes, precious,” he replied.

Again she got on all fours the way she knew he wanted and looked back lovingly
at her father. He got between her, wild with desire now. Then slowly Eli
guided his swollen cock forward, using the thick rubbery head to part the soft
curling pubic hair and fleshy palpitating flanges of her cunt. She got down on
her elbows as she felt its soft electrical contact against the parted, ragged
edges of her wet cunt. It was too much to take easily and Erika winced when
the first pressure against the tight elastic opening of her pussy became more
than she had expected.

Eli thrust into her, stretching wide the soft opening until he was buried in
her stomach and only half of his cock was outside her half-filled vaginal
hole. He pushed harder then, sliding into her like a greased pole before
starting and unrelenting fucking motion into Erika’s cunt. She began to meet
his thrusts and undulated her voluptuous torso to goad him on. The sinews of
her muscles flexed lightly under her skin and the cords of her belly tensed
rhythmically as she received each thrilling thrust.
“Yes...daddy, fuck me, fuck me,” Erika cried as Eli rammed into her faster,
prodded to fresh bursts of abandoned enthusiasm by the encouragement she
mouthed so obscenely. He fucked in and out of her as if hypnotised,
insinuating the rigidity of his whole length back and forth in his daughter’s
widespread cunt, sensing it grow wetter and softer with each fuck he gave her.
Erika’s nakedly grinding ass began a desperate motion, rotating around in a
wide circle and fucking back at the same time. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut
as her fingers gripped the towel beneath her.

“How do you like it precious?” he growled.

“Ooooh! Ooohhh!,” she wailed, unable to answer or even make her mind work

He gazed down and was so excited by the lewd sight that he ground his pelvis
into Erika’s squirming flesh as she continued to moan, a sound somewhere
between agony and heavenly bliss. He watched his thick cock pull all the way
out to her flaming wet cunt lips on the backstroke and push them back in again
as he fucked smoothly into her on the instroke.

“Oh god, daddy! Fuck me! fuck me! More! More! It’s so good!” she whined.

Eli’s loins were aching beyond all endurance with the burning need to empty
his sperm into Erika, who was thoroughly out of her mind with passion. Great
torrents of heat were building in his balls and he sensed that she was also
close to orgasm.

“Oh, god. Daddy! I’m cumming.....arghhh.....!” she cried out in her orgasmic

Her cum juice flowed out wetly around her daddy’s still pumping cock. Dazzling
flashes of light filled her head as she continued to grunt out her climax, her
vaginal juices still seeping out.

Suddenly Eli reached his top, the long awaited pinnacle of his long insatiable
needs and he began to squirt his hot sticky cum into the utmost depths of her
hungrily clasping cunt. Her mind flashed on and off in unthinking sensuality
as the strong scorching spurts surged against her womb, filling her to
overflowing. She clenched her muscles and milked thirstily at the wildly
spewing cock until he fell limply on top of her back and they both sprawled on
her towel.
“Oh god, I love you precious.”

“I love you too, daddy,” she said turning her head to give him a kiss on the

After a while, she said, “Do you forgive me now, daddy?”

“Yes, precious. I forgive you. You know you’re the most important person in my
life. And I love you so much.”

“Thank you, daddy,” she said.

She smiled and closed her eyes, feeling herself drift into a tired slumber
with the reassuring feel of his weight and the warm evening sun on her back.
At that moment she was happier than she had ever been in her life. And she
knew that their lives and relationship were now destined to change forever.


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