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Archived Sex Stories

The Pleasure


!!!!Warning this story contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of eighteen or offended by such material please close this
file now!!!!

Any comments welcome

The Pleasures of Sex (By Blueboy)

1) My earliest experiences.

Being the youngest of two boys I had little experience of girls, at the
age of seven I hid in a cupboard at my grandmothers house and watched my
cousin Sandra bathe, she was two years older than me, as she undressed to
get in the bath I could not take my eyes off of her slender body. Her legs
were slim and the lips of her pussy were deep pink and swollen, I watched
silently from my hiding place, as she dried herself she concentrated so
much on her pussy, that she was obviously enjoying the sensation.

Shortly after watching Sandra I remember sitting in the playground with
a girl who's name escapes me, she offered to show me her private parts, I
watched as she pulled up her skirt and pulled the crotch of her navy blue
knickers to one side allowing me a clear view of her smooth slit.

At the age of nine I had my first sexual encounter, earlier that day we
had been for swimming lessons, these were held at another school the pool
was small and the changing rooms were cubicles with curtains on either side
of the pool. As always I got changed quickly and watched though the edge
of the curtain to see if I could catch a glimpse of any of the girls in the
cubicles opposite. Anne was getting changed with her curtain open three or
four inches, I watched eagerly as she slowly and deliberately removed her
underwear, she saw me looking at her, instead of closing the curtain she
raised her arms above her head and slowly turned around, giving me an
excellent view of the whole of her beautiful young body. I became hard and
pre cum flowed from my member leaving a damp patch on my trunks.

Time to get in the pool I carried my towel in front of me hoping to hide
my erection, clearly from the smirk on Anne's face as I' put down the towel
and entered the pool I failed. I had never been so happy to get into the
icy cold water. During the lesson Anne and her friend Angela were giggling
and laughing, and I am sure my face was beetroot in colour. On several
occasions as I passed Anne she had brushed her hand against my groin
leaving me with a bulge that was so obvious that I had to stand facing the
side of the pool to hide my embarrassment.

Later I sat in the classroom next to Anne a girl who had a reputation
for laying naked in her shed with older boys for a small fee, all I could
think about was her soft beautiful body. Anne was nine years old, a pretty
girl, her father was Indian and her mother was white her skin was a
beautiful tan colour. I had a hard-on straining against my shorts that was
painful. I had always been shy around girls I plucked up my courage.

"I really enjoyed looking at you earlier, I want to see your body again"
I said.

"What will I get in return?" She asked.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Show me that now," she said looking at the lump in my shorts.

"Someone might see," I protested.

"Please yourself "she said.

"OK" I replied, I looked around no one appeared to be looking I pulled
my cock out of the leg of my shorts, and leaned back on my chair to allow
her a clear view. She went to touch me and I quickly pushed my cock back
up into my shorts, She giggled softly.

"I will meet you after school in the playground, near the girls toilets"
she said.

Jesus I was so excited I had no idea what to expect, my heart was
beating so fast that I thought it was going to burst. The rest of the day
went slowly, but eventually it was time to go home, my heart began racing
for a second time.

I rushed around to the playground and waited as instructed, after some
time every one had gone and I thought SHIT! She is not coming. I was
ready to go home I had waited for what seemed like hours in fact it had
only been a few minutes. Then Anne came out of the main entrance and my
heart skipped a beat, my excitement turned to horror as I saw she was not
alone. Anne had two friends with her Angela and Mary they were giggling as
Anne pointed across and said something to them. The fear of being
ridiculed by the girls almost had me running for my life but the chance of
a sexual encounter with Anne seemed worth the possible embarrassment. When
they got closer

"I hope you don't mind if my friends come with us," Anne said.

I was so taken back I could not reply. The entrance to the girls toilets were just out of sight of the main building and the girls went
straight in, Anne called out

"Are you coming"?

I followed them in my heart beating so fast that I felt dizzy, I
remember thinking about just running home, but managed to fight the urge.
All three girls went into one of the cubicles Anne beckoned me to join
them. I walked in and Mary shut the door

"Come on then show me again properly," Anne said.

" What with all of you in here? If I show, you all have to do the same
" I protested.

They eventually agreed and I hesitantly started to undo my shorts, I had
just undone the waistband and started to undo the buttons when Anne took
hold of my hands and moved them away. Anne pulled my shorts down and
slowly slipped her hand inside my underpants gently stroking my penis, I
shuddered as my cock exploded, and I came all over her hand. She withdrew
her hand and showed her friends the sticky cum.

"Jesus that was quick!" said Anne.

As she first to smelt and then tasted the liquid, Angela and Mary both
looked on in disbelief as Anne continuedto lick the cum of off her hand,
she offered her hand to Mary first and insisted that she tasted it too,
Mary reluctantly touched the cum with the tip of her tongue, she pulled a
face and I thought she was going to throw up. Then it was Angela's turn
she too hesitated before tasting the sticky fluid, she reacted totally
differently Angela looked at me licking her lips with a wry smile on her
face, Anne licked her hand clean.

"Stand on the toilet seat" ordered Anne.

I did and she pulled my underpants down to my ankles, I was limp and
extremely sticky, the three girls stood in front looking at my limp dick,
this left me feeling insecure. However I did not stay limp for long as the
blood gorged back into my member it stood to attention once more, Anne took
some tissue and started to clean me up, all this time I was fighting
against the need to shoot my load over her again. When she had cleaned me
up she gently stroked my scrotum and slid her fingers along my throbbing
cock, she stepped back.

"Your turn Angela" said Anne.

Angela hesitated but Anne took her by the hand and guided her to my
cock, Angela stroked and slid her hand up and down my cock, I could no
longer hold back I shot my load all down the arm of her sweater, she pulled
back quickly and grabbed some tissue to clean her sleeve.

"Go on Mary" said Anne.

"NO!!!" Mary said.

After some persuasion she gently took the wet end between her finger and
thumb and pulled back the foreskin. I was shaking like a leaf and I
thought I was going to come again, with the foreskin pulled back Anne took
a tissue and wiped me clean. I quickly pulled up my pants and shorts and
stepped off of the seat.

"My turn you've all seen me now I want to see you" I said.

"Sit down" Anne said.

She pointed at the seat. I did as I was told, she moved to the front of
me, she reached up under her skirt and pulled her knickers to her knees, I
got so hard instantly that I had to adjust myself to relieve the strain of
my cock against my shorts. She slowly began to raise her skirt the silky
brown flesh at the top of her thighs, and then the lips of her slit with a
few downy hairs around the top. I slowly reached out my hand and placed it
against her and rubbed gently back and forth. She opened her legs and
moved my hand right between her legs with the thumb sticking up so that it
rubbed against her clitoris. As I rubbed gently back and forth Anne took
my hand and increased the amount of pressure after a moment or two she
began to shake violently and I felt my hand become slightly wet. I pulled
it away and looked at the love juices in my palm.

"Lick it, lick it all off now!!" Anne said.

I was not happy and did not really want to taste the fluid on my hand
but I was more afraid of the events taking place coming to an end, I
touched the tip of my tongue on my hand, to my surprise it tasted good, I
eagerly licked off the juices, finally wiping my hand on my shirt.

"Now you Mary" Anne said.

"No way, I am not going to do that" Mary Said.

"I will tell every one that you are a slag if you do not show him!" Anne

Mary was almost crying, she pulled her knickers down and raised her
skirt by now she was crying softly, I reached out and touched her, but as
soon as I did she pulled away and pulled up her underwear.

"Now you Angela" said Anne.

She hesitated but she pulled her knickers down to just above the knee
and raised her skirt.

"Kiss here there!!" said Anne.

"No!" I replied.

"Do it, do it now or we will tell every body what you did" Anne said.

"Please don't tell I'll do it," I said.

"Kiss it then lick it all over!!" Anne said.

I leant forward and kissed Angela gently on the soft downy hairs above
her opening.

"Lick it all over!!!" Anne commanded.

I licked Angela's pussy once or twice before she pulled away and
replaced her clothing. Suddenly the door to the playground banged open.

"Quick run" Anne shouted.

It was the caretaker we all ran out.

"I know who you are, what are you doing in here smoking?" he shouted
after us.

We ran out of the gate and without a word the girls ran home. I got
home about an hour late I told my mother we had been playing football after
school. That night as I lay in my bed I could not stop thinking about the
events of that day, I played with myself all night long, remembering the
sights, smells & tastes in that cubicle I must have cum at least five more
times before I fell asleep. The next morning I woke late, my brother who
was two years older than me had been sent to wake me because I had
overslept, he did this by pulling the covers off the bed I woke with a real
boner and he looked at me grinning I sat up and covered my erection with a
blanket. I wonder what today has install I thought, I was hoping for a
repeat performance, alas! I was to be disappointed.

2) Big brother
My experiences with Anne, Mary & Angela were the subject of my fantasies
for many months to come, and I would lay in my bed jacking off almost every
night. My brother Chris slept in the top bunk and would often shout at me,
he obviously knew what I was doing, and sometimes late at night I would
wake to feel the beds swaying as he was pulling himself off in the top
bunk, I had never felt excited by this and learnt to wank from the wrist so
as not to be obvious. However now and again when I was wanking Chris would
lean down and pull the blankets off me.

"You dirty little bastard!!" he would say.

He would continue to look at me until I was completely covered then he
would roll back onto his bunk. On the night of my tenth birthday, we had
gone to bed late and I fell asleep, I woke feeling a strange sensation as
if some one was stroking my cock. It was pitch black and I could not see
anything it was darker than usual. As I put my hand down to my cock I
realised that somebody was in fact playing with me. Suddenly my brother pulled away a blanket that he had hanging down from his bunk and punched me
in the face, I started to cry.

"Shut the fuck up you little shit!" he said.

I did, I realised that he had hung a blanket from the top bunk and had
been playing with my cock, he said do as you are told or you will get

"What!" I said.

"Just shut up and lay down," he said.

I did as I was told and he placed a pillow over my face so that I could
not see what he was doing. As I lay there he once again started to play
with me slowly and gently rubbing my cock back and forth until I came, when
I came he was wiping the end, I did not like the idea of doing this with a
boy but it felt really good especially when he cleaned me off after I had
come. I lay still for what seemed like ages and he made me cum again, I
moved my head so that I could just see under the pillow what he was doing,
when he had made me cum for the second time I could not believe my eyes, he
took my cock into his mouth and was sucking the sperm from my cock pulling
the foreskin back and licking every last drop of cum from my cock, finally
he pulled the pillow off my face.

"If you tell any one about this you are dead!!" He said.

"I promise not to tell anyone" I replied.

He got into his bed we both went to sleep.

"You had better do what I tell you or I will batter you". Chris said
the next night when we went to bed.

The incident of the night before had not been entirely unpleasant but I
was concerned about what he had in mind. When we were getting ready for
bed he locked the door.

"Get undressed," he said.

I did as I was told he took my cock in his hand.

"I know you like this you fucker" he said.

He stroked my cock until it was hard, at which point he knelt down on
the floor in front of me and started to suck and lick my cock, my boner
disappeared completely into his mouth. He sucked on my cock and played
with my balls until I came as I came he sucked harder.

"You know you like that, if you ever tell anybody what we do I will kill
you!" he said after he had finished.

"I promise I won't say anything," I said.

"Stay there" he snapped.

I did, he stepped back and removed his clothes his cock was standing to
attention, it was quite a bit bigger than mine and the top was covered in
curly pubic hairs.

"Sit on your bed" he ordered.

I did as I was told, he took both my hands and moved them up to his
cock, I started to play with him and stroke his balls.

"Now open your mouth!!" he said.

"No I don't want to!!" I said.

"Do it or else" he replied.

I did as I was told; he put the end of his dick into my mouth.

"Suck it like a lollipop and pull the skin back" he said.

I began to do this and at first I was nearly sick choking.

"Do it!!" he said.

I carried on I held his prick so that he could not get more than the end
in my mouth, he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth, I tasted the
pre cum in my mouth, and although I did not want to do this, the taste was
not that bad. He fucked my mouth for ages sometimes forcing his prick so
far in that it hit the back of my throat making me gag. Then he came in my
mouth it tasted salty and I started to spit it out.

"Drink it, swallow it all!!!" he said.

I did and he withdrew, then he changed he became quite gentle, he said
that if I did as I was told then he would not hurt me anymore, as I got
into my bed he got in beside me and we lay next to each other talking.

"Did you like anything we did?" he asked.

"I don't know" I replied.

"But it feels good though?" he asked.

"Its ok I suppose, but boys are supposed to do it with girls, not other
boys" I replied.

"Rubbish all boys practice with each other before they get girlfriends"
he said.

We lay next to each other all night and he played with my cock and made
me come several times, each time after I had come he would go under the
blanket and suck my cock dry. Although I was not a willing participant in
this game yet! I must admit that the feelings I had when he sucked my cock
were good, it certainly felt better than just jacking myself off. In fact
after a few days I began to look forward to my brother sucking my cock, and
was in fact disappointed when he went to sleep without bringing me off.

Some months later on a Saturday afternoon I returned home from the park,
mum and dad had gone shopping and I could hear noises upstairs, I crept
upstairs and looked into my parent's bedroom through the crack in the door.
On the bed my brother and his best friend Terry were naked on the bed,
lying opposite ways they were both sucking each other off at the same time.
I sat on the top of the stairs quietly and watched I was excited by this
and undid my flies and started to play with myself, Chris & Terry both came
at the same time and I could see the sperm dripping from Chris's mouth
Terry's cock was absolutely huge, about nine inches long and as thick as my
arm. Chris turned round kissing Terry on the lips. I watched them as they
lay there stroking each other until they were hard again, I could hardly
believe my ears.

"Come on then fuck me," Chris said.

They stood up and Chris knelt by the bed leaning over Terry spat on his
finger and rubbed it into Chris's arse, then he placed his prick firmly
against his arse and with one slow firm stroke shoved it all the way in.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard!!!" Chris said

Terry did he pulled his cock almost out and pushed it in again, each
time Chris would groan a little louder , I was still playing with myself
and I came just as they climaxed. I crept down to the bathroom cleaned
myself up and opened and slammed the back door as if I had just returned, I
went into the sitting room and turned on the TV, after a few minutes Terry
and Chris came down.

"Hi where have you been?" Terry said.

"The park" I replied.

"We have been listening to music upstairs we are going out now," said

"OK" I said.

That night I went to bed and was asleep before Chris came up, when he
came in he shut the door and got undressed, I woke to see him standing in
front of the mirror playing with him self.

"Do you want me to do that?" I asked.

"I thought you were asleep" he replied.

"I was but you woke me" I said.

"Will you suck me off" he asked.

"Only if you do me at the same time" I replied.

He smiled.

"I saw you and Terry earlier on mums bed, it looked like fun" I said.

I moved down the bed a little and Chris climbed in next to me with his
head near my cock, we stroked each other for a moment and then started to
greedily suck each other, I took much more of his cock into my mouth than
ever. Before long were both cum and I swallowed every bit of his cum, I
was really getting the taste for it.

"How much did you see earlier?" Chris asked.

"A lot, do you like it when Terry puts his cock up your arse?" I said.

"Yes" he said and grinned like a cat with the cream.

He turned around and lay next to me kissing me gently on the forehead.

"Do you want to try fucking?" Chris asked.

"You are not going to put anything up my arse!!!" I replied.

"No! You fucking idiot I want you to fuck me!" he said.

We lay next to each other for a while and Chris stroked my cock gently
just enough to get me hard, he wet his finger and rubbed it on his arse
then turned his back to me.

"Push your cock into my arse" he said.

I put the end of my cock against his hole, it felt hot he pushed back
against me, I felt the end of my hard cock enter him, soon it was all
inside him, it felt really good. While I fucked him he reached over and
pulled my hand over to his cock, as I pushed into him I would pull his
foreskin back, as I withdrew I would push it forward again. I don't know
how long it took us both to come, but we came together and relaxed
exhausted on the bed. We lay together till the morning, as we woke Chris
kissed me on the forehead.

"I luv you bruv" he said.

We continued to have sex with each other regularly until I was about
twelve, when we moved to a new house, we had our own rooms and we rarely
had sex after that.

3) Alison takes my cherry

Two doors away from our new house lived a friend from school Pete, we
hung around together all the time and I would be in his house, or he would
be in mine. Pete was the same age as me and he had a younger sister Alison
who was nearly eleven, when we were at Pete's house occasionally he would
grab his sister's small beasts from behind, or put his hand up her skirt, I
took little encouragement when asked to do the same one day, we were in the
garden shed.

"Alison wants you to play with her tits, but do it under her clothes"
Pete said.

I moved behind Alison and slid my hands under her Tee shirt and up to
her small firm breasts, jeeze they felt good, I was so hard. She felt me
against her rear and reached round and touched my cock through my jeans, I
had come in my pants and a small wet stain appeared on my jeans, Pete
laughed and I blushed and moved away. Alison came over and kissed me
reassuringly, it felt so good.

"I think she likes you" Pete said.

Over the next few weeks Alison came every here with us, we would often
go to the swimming pool, when we were there I would often brush my hand
against various parts of Alison's body and she would do the same to me.
Pete was due to go on a school trip to France for a week, and I was excited
at the thought of spending time alone with Alison. On the day he went I
walked past his house several times hoping to see Alison, but I did not see
her for a couple of days. I was in the park one afternoon and suddenly
there she was, wearing a short blue skirt and a small pink top, her nipples
were prominent I could hardly take my eyes away from them.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Nothing just going to the spinney to play on the rope swing, do you
want to come?" I replied

"OK!" said Alison.

We headed of into the spinney and as we got to a quiet spot I stopped
and turned towards Alison.

"I really think you are sexy," I blurted out.

I blushed she came across and kissed me tenderly, I could not help
myself as she kissed me I slid a hand under her top and cupped her small
beautifully formed breast in my hand. She responded by pulling down the
zip on my jeans and sliding her hand in, taking hold of my cock pulling it
out, I managed to hold off, I couldn't come immediately again that would be
to embarrassing. She stepped back and looked at my cock.

"I know a good place to go, where we won't be disturbed, come on" she

I put my cock away and followed her, in the middle of the spinney the
undergrowth was thick, a clearing with an old carpet on the ground where
the bushes overhung making it like a small cave was where we were going.
We crawled inside and Alison lay on the ground, she beckoned me to lie next
to her, and I did. We lay for some time kissing and talking and touching
each other, I knew what I wanted to say but did not have the nerve to say
it. Fortunately Alison had the same idea but she had no problem in asking.

"Do you want to get naked with me?" she asked.

"You bet!" I stuttered.

Within a matter of seconds Alison had pulled her skirt and top off and
lay down wearing only short white socks and briefs, her dark pubic hair
clearly visible through her panties, I quickly responded and stripped to my
underpants, my cock was sticking straight out pulling my pants away from my
stomach. I lay next to her,

"Those too" she said.

She slid her fingers into the waistband and pulled my pants off, I was
completely naked she took hold of my cock pulled back the foreskin and
kissed the end before lying back down.

"You too" I said.

As I took hold of her panties she arched her back to make them easy to
remove, I bashfully leant over and kissed her pubic mound. We lay next to
each other and she slipped her hand around my dick and very slowly began to
stroke back and forth, I leant across and took her breast into my mouth
flicking my tongue back "God that's so messy" she said.

"So lick it clean" I replied.

She looked at me for a second obviously considering the options.

"Only if you do!" she replied.

"OK!" I said.

She had obviously done this before she climbed over me and placed one
knee on each side of my head, so that her pussy was directly over my face
she rested on one hand and took my already recovering penis in her hand
then her mouth. I reached up and cupped her firm smooth round cheeks in my
hands raising my head and licking deep into her slit. I slowly ran my
tongue from her clit to her anus, getting as deep as I could, I soon
realised that whenever I licked her in certain places she would react, I
began to concentrate on her clit and anus. Soon we were both writhing in
ecstasy for a second time. She collapsed on top of me and I struggled to
breath but shit I did not care I was in heaven.

We lay together for some time just kissing, cuddling and touching each
other, but we knew that we had to go home, neither of us wanted to go but
eventually we dressed and headed home. My brother was playing football the
next day and mum and dad would be at work, so we arranged for her to come
around to watch a video or something, I prayed that it would be SOMETHING.
That must have been the longest night of my life, I did not sleep at all, I
lay in my bed and pulled myself off all night, I used my T shirt to wipe
myself and by morning it was soaked, I got up and got in the shower, mum
and dad had gone to work. While I was in the shower my brother came in, he
was naked and obviously aroused.

"Can I join you, I found this in your room and I think you could do with
some relief" he said.

He had my T shirt in his hand smelling the sperm, I hesitated but knew
from experience that he would not take no for an answer, he got in the
shower and we soaped each other all over, concentrating on each others
cocks & balls, it felt good but not as good as being with Alison, I could
not believe that I could come gain but soon I came in his hand. The soap
and water seemed to make everything feel so good and I ended up fucking him
from behind whilst soaping his balls and cock, I had come so much the night
before that I could not come for a long time, I had never managed to last
this long before eventually I shot my load into his arse, we washed up and
had breakfast.

"God! What's with you, you fucked me so hard and so long what's going
on?" Chris said.

"Alison I hope!!!" I replied.

"Well good luck, if she makes you that good, I may have to come and see
you again tonight" Chris said.

Chris left and I waited for Alison to come around, it was only about an
hour but it seemed like days, eventually she arrived I took her into the
kitchen and we got a drink. Then we went in and sat on the couch .

"Have you ever been with a girl before me?" she asked.

"Not really only once when I was nine" I replied.

I told her about my early experience with Anne and her friends.

"Well you certainly took to eating pussy like a pro, I mess around with
Pete sometimes but he won't do that he thinks its yucky" she said.

"I love the taste of your pussy, I could eat you all day" I replied.

We were soon kissing and fondling each other, we were almost naked on
the couch when I remembered how good it had felt with Chris in the shower
an hour or so earlier.

"I was about to have a shower will you come in with me?" I asked.

She looked a little puzzled but agreed, we went out to the bathroom got
naked and got into the shower. We were soon soaping each other all over; I
slipped a soapy finger all the way into her pussy.

"Steady on there's no rush," she said.

I slowly and deliberately explored every part of her pussy she had a
large clitoris I began to rub it between my thumb and forefinger soon she
was squirming with pleasure, I was so hard I thought my cock would explode.
We dried each other off and I suggested going upstairs to my parent's
bedroom, I took her by the hand and led her upstairs, we lay on top of the
bed for a while just talking.

"Are you a virgin," she asked.

I blushed a little.

"Yes" I said.

I had never fucked a girl so I was a virgin.

"Well maybe we should fix that for you" she said.

Soon she was kneeling above me with her pussy over the top of my cock,
my heart stopped I heard a noise outside the door, I glanced across and
could just see my brother outside watching us through the crack in the
door, I knew he was playing with himself, fortunately Alison had her back
to the door and did not know he was there. I wondered whether I should wet
her hole to lubricate it but when she touched the tip of my cock I could
feel how wet she already was. Slowly she lowered herself onto my member
bit by bit it disappeared into her beautiful young love hole, it was
wonderful I could see my cock disappearing inside her.

She leant forward and kissed me I slowly started to pump my cock in and
out, at the same time I lifted her slightly and bent my neck so that I
could suck her breasts. I was glad that I had pulled myself off all night
and that I had fucked Chris in the shower earlier, this felt so good that I
never wanted it to end. I could see Chris's shadow outside the door,
knowing that he was watching and playing with himself, made it even more
exciting. We fucked for ages, Alison came several times before I could
manage, it was not just self-control I don't think I had another drop of
sperm left in me. Eventually I could feel myself about to explode and when
Alison came for the last time I shot my load deep inside her slender young body.

She collapsed on top of me and we lay there my cock soft but still
inside her, eventually she raised up and my limp sore member slipped from
her love hole. At this point I saw Chris's shadow as he crept down the
stairs, Alison rolled over and lay next to me on the bed, I kissed her.

"Jesus that was so fucking good you are beautiful" I said.

She smiled. We went down stairs to get dressed, we had barely finished
dressing when Chris slammed the back door pretending to come in. We sat
down and tried to look innocent.

"Well if you are not coming swimming I will see you later" Alison said
as she left.

Chris and I spent the rest of the day talking about what had happened,
he told me, that he had really enjoyed watching us but that he did not like
doing it with girls himself. Chris as you have probably already realised
is most definitely gay. Me well I prefer girls but when I am horny I will
settle for anything that's available, I just love having sex, I love the

4) A friend in the shower

Over the next few months, I continued to have sex with Alison when ever
possible, I was confused by my sexuality, I loved girls and would prefer to
have sex with a girl than a boy, but one boy in my class Ben was quite
feminine, and when we showered after games I would often watch while he
showered, wishing that I could do all the things to him that I had done
with Chris in the past. But I was afraid that he would laugh , or tell our
friends that I was gay, so I never pursued this, once or twice in the
changing rooms or shower I brushed my hand against him but he either had
not noticed, or he was ignoring me. I was finding myself dreaming about
making love to Ben, he had ginger hair and his skin was so white, his penis
was enormous about four inches long when soft and I found myself imagining
how large he would be with an erection.

One day our last lesson was games, Ben and I were told to put the
equipment away and by the time we got to the changing rooms every one else
had gone except for Mr Harris.

"Right you two get a shower, I have a staff meeting I will come back and
lock up later," he said.

He then left. We both got undressed and went into the showers, I could
not take my eyes off of Ben he was beautiful he saw me watching and smiled,
I could see that Ben was beginning to get excited by my attentions his cock
was growing larger he was not hard, but it was already about seven inches
long. He came over and took hold of my cock, I did not react at first, and
he looked at me.

"Is this what you want I have seen you watching me, I know that you do
this with your brother" said Ben.

What I could not believe my ears.

"Chris told you?" I asked.

"I have been going with Chris for about a year now" Ben said.

I did not know what to say.

"If we do this you must never tell Chris," he said.

I greed then Ben kissed me gently, I took his now rock hard penis in my
hand, we started to bring each other off, fully hard Ben was about ten
inches long, I knelt on the floor and took his circumcised cock into my
mouth, he was so big that my mouth hurt as I opened it wide to accept his
giant tool. He came and there was so much sperm that I thought I would
drown, however I managed to swallow almost every drop, I looked up and Ben
smiled down and said now its my turn.

I stood up and Ben knelt before me took my entire length into his mouth,
and began soaping my balls and anus, suddenly I felt his finger enter my
anus, at first it hurt a little but he was gentle and knew just where to
touch, he reached a point inside that gave me such an orgasm I literally
fell on the floor next to him when he had finished, Ben kissed me gently
and we got dressed and walked home. That was the only time we were alone
in school, and after that day neither of us ever mentioned it again.

On several occasions after this Ben would come to our house when our
parents were out, he would go upstairs with Chris, his bedroom door was
always closed but I watched regularly through the keyhole as they lay naked
on the bed, Ben would fuck Chris he would lift Chris's legs onto his
shoulders and I could see in great detail the huge cock going in and out of
my brothers arse, slow long strokes, his dick glistened as it withdrew and
the squelching noises were amazing. I told Ben one day that I had been
watching him fucking my brother and how excited I had become, we arranged
that on Friday I would go to the youth club as usual, my parents would be
going out and that I would return early to catch them making love on the
floor in front of the fire. My parents went out and dropped me at the
youth club at seven.

Instead of going inside I walked back home, I walked in and as arranged
Chris and Ben were naked on the floor, Chris shouted at me but Ben kissed

"Don't worry I have an idea" said Ben.

Ben smiled.

"Why don't you join us?" he said.

I did not need asking twice, I quickly got naked and joined them on the
floor Ben took control of the situation. He told me to lie on the floor on
my back, then he positioned Chris above my head his cock in my mouth and
Chris sucking me at the same time as he fucked my mouth, I watched as Ben
licked Chris's anus before placing his huge member against his hole, I
watched as he slowly inserted the whole length, the sight of this and the
noises were amazing. As Ben fucked he was causing Chris's cock deep into
my throat, all this time Chris was sucking my cock, he had my foreskin
pulled right back and the sensitivity made the whole experience absolutely
amazing. We all came at the same time and they both collapsed on top of me
I could not breath I pushed them off and gasped for air.

"Fuck that was so good!!" said Chris

We all laughed after a while we had all recovered, and ended up in what
Ben described jokingly as a fairy ring, we lay in a circle on the floor my
mouth around Chris's cock, Chris was sucking Ben and he was eagerly sucking me, as before he wet a finger and inserted it deep into my arse. Shit that
felt good but there was no way I could take his monster cock, we all came
and sat around talking for a while.

"I think it is about time someone fucked your brother" Ben said to

"No, no I can't do that, I don't want to!" I said.

But they both smiled and I knew that I was going to get fucked.

"Ok then which one of us is going to fuck you, choose now or we both
fuck you?" Chris said.

I could not believe this was happening, but Chris was only half as wide
and four inches shorter than Ben.

"You do it then Chris but don't hurt me!" I said.

Ben laughed Chris went to the bathroom and returned with some cream. I
knew that this was going to happen and decided to try and enjoy it. Ben
lay on his back and I knelt across him placing my dick in his mouth, God
that was extreme I thought, before the night had finished this arrangement
was repeated twice more with me fucking both Ben & Chris. We all ended up
completely exhausted, and we dressed.

"Maybe next time I will fuck little brother," Ben said.

"Like fuck you will!" I said.

Everybody laughed, Ben left and I watched tv with Chris we talked about
our experiences that night, I never did tell my brother about my time in
the shower with Ben or that the night had been prearranged. That was the
last time I had sex with my brother, however some time later I did end up
in the shower with Ben again , but there was no way I would let him fuck me
that was the last time I had sex with Ben, I was afraid that he would end
up forcing his huge cock into me and I thought NO WAY.

5) Back to the beginning

It was a lovely day and as usual I had left school grounds to go to the
girls school down the road, I regularly went to the park and met the girls at lunchtime. As I arrived I saw several girls I knew Elaine, Tracy, Jill,
Amanda & Mary, Mary was one of the first girls to ever see my prick, she
was the same girl from junior school who had been with Anne and Angela, we
had never spoken about that day since.

Elaine was passing out the cigarettes and I asked her for one.

"No only give him one if he lets us all wank him off," Mary said.

"He's not like that Mary" Elaine said.

And gave me a cigarette, to my horror Mary recounted our experience's
four years previous, I blushed and every body giggled, once again I wanted
to run away, but maybe this might lead to an opportunity so I stayed and
joked about the whole thing.

"Maybe we should all wank the dirty little fucker of then!!! What about
it?" Elaine asked.

"If you want" I said.

The girls all giggled, Jill and Amanda were obviously unsure, but they
came with us to a quiet spot in the bushes anyway. When we arrived we all
sat on the ground.

"Come on then don't be shy" Mary said.

I lay back resting my head on my hands.

"Help yourself if you want to" I said.

I thought this is going to be a blow out as none of the girls took up
the offer. Eventually Tracy leaned across and undid my trousers, then
Elaine helped her pull them down to my ankles Mary unbuttoned my shirt,
Jill and Amanda were still sitting at the back just watching. Elaine and
Mary started to play with my balls and cock and Tracy whispered into my
ear, she wanted me to put my hand up her skirt and play with her, I obliged
her pulling her knickers to one side and inserting a finger deep into her
pussy, I was about to come and as I did Jill and Amanda watched and moved
closer Mary took a tissue and wiped me as I continued to finger fuck Tracy.
Elaine and Mary had brought me off and encouraged Jill and Amanda to do
the same, eventually the moved closer and started to investigate my penis,
they were obviously inexperienced and this excited me. By this time I had
managed to get a hand under Elaine's skirt and was finger fucking her at
the same time, when I die I hope heaven is like this I thought to myself.
Jill and Amanda were playing with my cock I had a finger inside Tracy and
Elaine and Mary sat watching.

"Mary get your knickers of and come and sit on my face," I said.

Mary refused the offer but Tracy volunteered to take her place, she
stood up and removed her dark green panties then stood above my head. I
had a perfect view of her young pussy, as she knelt down her skirt covered
my face and I could smell her sweet love juices, I eagerly licked at her
hole lapping up her juices . Meanwhile Mary had moved round to my right
and guided my hand up her skirt to her hole, I now had a girl on each hand
one sitting on my face and two playing by now quite expertly with my cock.
It was all to much I shot my load and felt it land on my stomach, then I
heard Tracy say go on do it I could not see anything Tracy stood up and the
others laughed as her juices were running down my cheeks, I sat up and got
dressed and Tracy put her knickers back on. We sat and talked for a while
and I asked if it was Jill or Amanda that had sucked me off, they all just
laughed, no one was going to tell me. I suggested that if I brought
However Mary would often come and see me, when she wanted her pussy eating,
and I obliged eagerly, but I never managed to fuck her, I would eat her
while she wanked me off, this became a weekly occurrence every week for
about a year, she would kiss me on the cheek afterwards.

"See you next week!" she would say.

6) married life & the in laws

I grew up left school and met Suzy; we married on my eighteenth
birthday, and moved into her sister's house with her sister and her
husband. Her sister Tina was a real tomboy but quite sexy. When we were
making love her sister would often come into the room and stand and watch
us Suzy never seemed to mind and I actually found it a great turn on.
However after six months of wedded bliss our sex life became a bit stale
and boring, but I had a plan. One evening we were playing cards with Tina
and Bob when I suggested that it could be more interesting if we raised the
stakes, I suggested strip poker to my amazement no one objected , the game
went well Bob and I were completely naked and Suzy and Tina were down to
there bra and panties. However this was not to be, the farthest my plans
got this night, were sitting in a chair with our own partners wanking us
off, in a race to see who could come first, needless to say I won that

Over the next few months I managed to get the girls to play again but
despite getting them both naked they would not go any further. One day
Becky the youngest sister of the family came round, I was alone in the
house she had brought a new dress and went into the bathroom to try it on,
I also went into the bathroom to try it on. To my surprise when I walked
in on Becky she did not complain too much, as she stood in her bra and
pants I kissed her on the lips and she responded eagerly. I took had her
upstairs in the bedroom and got her naked on the bed, Becky was a pretty
girl but still had a few extra pounds of puppy fat, I undressed and joined
her on the bed. I ate her young pussy greedily before pulling her on top
of me and sitting her down on my cock, to my surprise I met with resistance
and realised that she was in fact a virgin. I felt her hymen break and saw
a trickle of blood run down my cock, she cried a little but after I stayed
still for a while she began to rock back and forth on my cock. We made
love for about an hour but One morning Bob had left for work early and Tina
came into the room while we were making love, I reached over and pulled her
onto the bed, she had just gotten out of the bath and obviously had nothing
on under When I had come and the girls climbed of I couldn't believe my
eyes, they said they would give me a show I Shortly after this event we got
our own place and moved out, I never got the three sisters into bed, well
not at the same time anyway.

7) Three in a bed

After sharing house with the in laws it was nice to have our own place,
we settled in and we made love in every room in the house in every possible
position, we even made love in the garden while the teenage boy next door
watched us from behind the curtain. I found it more and more difficult to
think up new ideas to excite me, and one day I suggested that my wife might
like to try a threesome with another guy. She was not at all sure but
after a couple of weeks I managed to persuade her, but who would I ask, a
couple of days later Tina's husband Bob turned up to borrow a drill, I got
Suzy alone in the kitchen and suggested that we tried it with Bob first
after all she had seen him naked many times and I knew he fancied her.
After some argument she finally agreed, I told her to go and have shower
and put her silk robe on with no underwear then come down, I would keep Bob
talking, she went for a shower and we had a coffee and played darts. I won
three games and then Suzy came down, her robe was light blue silk and left
little or nothing to the imagination, her nipples and pubic hair were
clearly visible through the sheer fabric.

Bob could not keep his eyes off Suzy she certainly was sexy, but now I
had to ask him if he wanted to join us in a threesome, we decided to play
one more game, I suggested that he needed an incentive.

"If you beat me I will let you fuck Suzy" I said.

He played so badly that I couldn't even let him win, I could see how
frustrated he was, and took my chance I sat on the couch at one end moving
Suzy into the middle, I then started to tease him I opened Suzy's robe and
began fondling and sucking her breast, I could see him getting aroused.

"If you had won I would have let you suck the other one shame" I said to

"What do you think should I let him fuck you?" I asked Suzy.

She was obviously aroused and wanted to do this.

"I think you are being rotten to Bob," she said.

"I guess that means she wants you Bob, carry on" I said.

I opened her robe completely.

"Suck that other tit for her then Bob" I said.

He did but immediately his hand shot between her legs and straight to
her love hole. We sat on the couch and we both explored Suzy's body; she
was hot and raring to go.

"Come on let's go upstairs?" she said.

We followed her upstairs and got undressed, Suzy lay in the middle of
the bed and Bob and I got on either side. I suggested that she should fuck
bob first while I watched and she agreed, Bob was on top of her and inside
before I could blink, I found it such a turn on to just watch another man fucking my wife. I remembered Ben and thought god I would love to see him
fuck her with his enormous cock, but for now Bob was doing the honours.
After about five minutes Bob came and rolled off, they lay there and he
leant across and began kissing her, I lifted Suzy's leg and took her from
the side while Bob fondled her breasts and kissed her. Every now and then
he reached for her clit and rubbed it, rubbing my dick at the same time I
don't think he actually realised he was rubbing me as well.

I slipped out of Suzy's love hole and moistened her anus with spit, I
turned her on her side and took her up the arse, I rolled over pulling her
on top of me and pulled her legs apart, inviting bob to fill her cunt as
well, he kneeled over her and entered her dripping love hole, as he did so
I could feel his cock rubbing against mine deep inside my wife. As we
fucked both holes at the same time Suzy had orgasm after orgasm, I could
not believe that another guy fucking my wife would excite me this much. We
continued to fuck Suzy in every conceivable manner, her mouth her arse and
her love hole, at one point she took the end of both cocks into her mouth,
she looked like a hamster. Before long we were all exhausted and we
dressed, Bob took the drill and left.

"Don't ever let Tina know about this she would kill me" he said.

If only he knew, that night I made love to Suzy several times and we
talked about our session with Bob, she had obviously enjoyed herself and
when asked she told me about other friends and relatives that she would
like to repeat the experiment with. I then asked

"Who would you most like to join us if you could only have one of them?"
I asked.

"Darren, my nephew" she replied.

Darren was sixteen and very much a mummies boy, I had often wondered if
he was gay, I promised her to do I asked questions about every detail and
we had sensational sex why she told me more about her sex session with Bob.
This was the biggest turn on I had ever experienced and I soon set about
introducing other men to fuck my wife. When I went out I would generally
try and bring a likely candidate back, next was my best mate Rodney we
played snooker every Thursday so I suggested picking up a curry and taking
it back to mine. Rodney was one of the people Suzy had mentioned, so I
told her to be ready when we came back. When we returned Suzy was sitting
on the couch wearing nothing but a towel, Rodney was obviously embarrassed
as he sat and tried to hide his hard-on. After we finished eating Suzy
went to the kitchen to make coffee, and I took the opportunity to
proposition Rodney.

"Can I ask you something?" I said.

"What?" he said.

"We occasionally have threesomes with other guys or girls would you be
interested" I asked.

He grinned.

"Is the pope a catholic?" he asked.

I took that as a yes, Suzy returned from the kitchen.

"Do you want to fuck Rodney darling?" I asked.

Her eyes lit up I could see that she wanted to very much.

"Well get rid of that towel then and sit here" I said.

She dropped the towel and sat next to me on the couch Rodney came across
and sat beside her. We sat either side and kissed and fondled her for
quite a while, she had removed both of our cocks from our trousers and sat
with one in each hand, we decided it was time to go up to bed. I went for
a shower and left them to get acquainted alone, I could her them fucking
and when I returned he was still inside her. I sat there and watched for a
minute before getting in bed next to them.

After they had both climaxed and rested for a while I suggested that we
should take her from both sides, I longed to fuck her tight arse while she
was fucked from the front. I sat on the edge of the bed and she lowered
her arse onto my cock we lay back while Rodney knelt on the floor and
fucked her from the front, she was making so much noise I thought the
neighbours were going to complain. Rodney became a regular visitor every
Thursday after snooker, and we always potted the pink and brown.

Several other friends were invited in to our bed on different occasions,
including my brother Chris who was gay but he was quite happy to fuck her
from the back while I filled her pussy. She never let me forget about my
promise to try and get Darren for her and some months later I had my
chance, Darren had just finished school and I had offered him a couple of
weeks work labouring for me, during the day I had spoken with Darren about
different girls and how fit they were. I could see that he was excited by
such talk, he was shy and I was quite sure that he was still a virgin.

"What do you think to Tina and Becky?" I asked him.

"They are OK!" he said.

I could not find the right time to ask him to fuck his aunty but decided
on another plan. That Wednesday we were due on site in Peterborough by six
a.m. so I suggested that Darren should stay in our spare room, to save me
picking him up early, he agreed and the trap was set. Tuesday night after
work Darren came back with me and we walked in, surprise, surprise Suzy was
just changing her top as we walked in, Darren got an eyeful and went
straight of to the bathroom, I am sure he had to relieve himself. I
suggested that Darren had a shower first and he went into the bathroom, I
sent Suzy to get in the shower with him, I waited outside and listened.

"No! What about your husband" Darren said.

I opened the door.

"Darren don't worry about me, she will show you what to do ENJOY!" I

I went and sat on the bed and listened to the noise from the bathroom.
Suzy had waited so long for this and it sounded like she was fucking his
brains out, after about twenty minutes they came out and I smiled at

"Was that good?" I asked.

He smiled I went to shower and Suzy took Darren into our room to
continue his education. I knew that at sixteen I could go again and again
so I was not surprised to see them still at it when I came out, I sat in
the chair and just watched, Darren was a fit sixteen year old with a great
body, he had a beautiful cock and I was almost envious of the attention
that Suzy was getting from him. I sat and watched as they fucked, sucked and groped each other to exhaustion. Darren had been a virgin and had had
his first lesson in love from an older woman while her husband watched.

We all dressed and went down stairs it was already nine and they had
been at it for three and a half hours non-stop. I sat in front of the tv with Darren while Suzy prepared dinner, as we watched tv we spoke.

"Don't you mind your wife fucking other people? " Darren asked.

"I love to watch and we have threesomes when ever we get the chance" I

I also explained that Darren was the person that Suzy had chosen as the
person she most wanted to fuck. He "Well I am going to bed," Darren said.

Suzy looked disappointed.

"Don't you want to come in with us tonight and fuck Suzy some more?" I

He blushed and shook his head but soon agreed with a little
encouragement from Suzy. We all went off to bed , Suzy in the middle and
Darren on the other side, I suggested a two up and took Suzy from the rear
I entered and rolled over and spread her legs, Darren soon got the idea and
got on top I don't know if he realised that it was me grabbing his arse,
but if he did he didn't seem to care. I could feel his ample young cock
inside my wife rubbing against mine through the narrow barrier of skin that
separated us. He was ready to go often but not for long, he soon shot his
lot and pulled out, Suzy lifted herself off me and started working on
Darren to get him hard again she was insatiable, I went into the other room
to sleep and left them fucking knowing full well that Suzy would give me
all the details tomorrow. I woke at five a.m. and yes you guessed they
were still fucking like rabbits, I watched Suzy as she sat astride his
cock, That night I dropped Darren home and went back to get all the gory
details from last night, I got home and Suzy was still in bed she had
stayed there all day. I showered and climbed in next to her, she was eager
to tell me all the details Darren had managed to get it up a total of
twenty seven times, and she was sore.

I had been so excited by Suzy taking Darren's cherry that I set out to
procure as many teenagers as possible to fuck my wife, I started drinking
in a different pub where many of the lads were under eighteen. After a few
weeks I had worked out which lads were likely to agree and invited them
back for a few beers and to watch the football one Sunday afternoon, Gerry
and Stephen were sixteen, Mark a friends son was only fifteen, John was
seventeen, and Paul was only Fourteen. I knew there could be problems if
any one found out but decided that it was worth the risk. We returned to
the house and had a few cans whilst watching football, I told Suzy of my
plan to have her gang banged by these lads.

"No way!!!!" She said.

But she took little persuading I set a video camera up discretely in the
bedroom, and went down stairs while Suzy changed into a bathrobe. I sat
watching the football with the lads when bet walked in wearing her shortest
robe, which barely covered her arse, several of the lads wolf whistled, and
I knew I was onto a winner. The football finished.

"Right lads I have a problem who wants to help me sort it out?" I asked.

"What's that?" asked John.

"Well my wife wants you all to fuck her but I don't think you have the
bottle" I said.

They all went quiet.

"Right who's first then? You can all fuck her on your own then we all
fuck her together" I said.

No one answered.

"Right youngest first I guess that's you Paul" I said.

Suzy dropped her robe to the floor and walked over to Paul, she took him
by the hand and led him upstairs about five minutes later Paul came down
wearing only his Boxers the others cheered and Paul grinned.

"Mark your next" I said.

He stood up and went upstairs.

"Go on my son" every body cheered.

Ten minutes later Mark returned grinning like a Cheshire cat wearing
only his briefs.

"Gerry your turn " I said.

Again a cheer rang out as he headed for the bedroom, he returned shortly
and Stephen set of for the bedroom without being prompted. Gerry Mark &
Paul sat in one corner comparing experiences and John sat next to me
awaiting his turn, Stephen was gone for almost twenty minutes I went up to
see if there was a problem, I looked into the room and saw Suzy standing
astride the Biggest cock I had ever seen, it was at least 12 inches long
she was pulling almost right off before sliding down it again it was so big
that I could see it moving against the inside of her flat stomach, it must
have been pushing her heart almost out of her mouth , I went down.

"He won't be long!" I said. (Forgive the pun)

Eventually after another ten minutes he returned wearing boxers his
foreskin literally hanging out of the leg of his boxers.

"John your turn if Stephen hasn't ripped her in half" I said.

Stephen blushed and John went off to the bedroom, ten minutes later John
returned wearing only his briefs.

"She has just gone for a shower she will be down soon." John said.

When Suzy came down she had a towel wrapped around her, she had just
fucked five young studs and made no secret of the fact that she wanted
more. Paul and Mark both had to go shortly, so I suggested that they would
each have another chance to fuck Suzy before leaving. Stephen and John
took the towel off and laid Suzy on the floor on it, pinning her down by
the arms Gerry and I took hold of her ankles, I told Paul to fuck her pussy while Mark fucked her mouth. They removed they're shorts and inserted
there young tools into the appropriate holes, Suzy leaned her head right
back allowing Marks young boyish cock to penetrate deep into her throat.
Within minutes they had finished.

"Right last chance swap ends if you can manage it again" I said.

That was a silly question to ask fourteen and fifteen year old boys,
they were both still hard Mark fucked her pussy while Paul fucked her
mouth, they both came again and we all cheered. As the boys fetched there
clothes from the bedroom and got dressed I suggested that Suzy took the
other three up to the bedroom, I showed the boys out, they had both fucked
Suzy and I was sure that they would be back for more.

Suzy had gone upstairs with Stephen, John and Gerry I could hear that
they were having fun I followed them up, and arrived in the bedroom to see
Stephen on top of Suzy thrusting his massive member in and out with long
even strokes. John and Gerry knelt either side of Suzy's head watching
Stephen perform and fondling "Leave some for the rest of us Stephen" I

He smiled and withdrew his cock it was at least twelve inches long and
as thick as Suzy's forearm. In fact they were almost identical in size.
Stephen stood up and went into the bathroom his juices were still flowing
from Suzy's pussy. Suzy wiped herself off and smiled.

"Who's next then?" she asked.

"We all are darling" I replied.

I had removed my clothes and sat back in the chair.

"Come here and sit your arse on this!" I said.

Suzy knew exactly what to do and John and Gerry watched in amazement as
she sat on my cock and it disappeared into her arse.

"Right you two, one in each hole" I said.

John and Gerry came over John knelt in front I felt his cock rub against
mine when he drove it into Suzy's pussy, Gerry positioned himself to the
side and holding Suzy's head on both sides he pushed his seven inches all
the way down Suzy's throat. She gagged and struggled for breath he
withdrew and she began to rock her head back and forth whilst stroking the
remainder of his tool with her left hand. Stephen returned from the
bathroom and sat on the bed watching. When Gerry shot his load he moved
away and sat next to Stephen, John and I were not long behind we came at
the same time filling Suzy with our juices, Stephen and John had already
started to get dressed and Gerry followed suit.

"We've got to go it's late," Stephen said.

Suzy lifted herself off of my cock and kissed all of them as they left.

"Thanks boys that was great but next time bring some friends?" she said

At least I think she was joking, When we were alone I rewound the tape
in the video, I had used a four hour tape on long play and had the whole
nights activities on film apart from Paul and Mark fucking Suzy in the
lounge and I missed none of that. We cuddled up and began to watch the
video Suzy rubbed my cock very gently barely touching me moving all the way
from my anus to the tip of my foreskin, occasionally pinching the tip of my
foreskin hard. As I watched Paul, Mark, Gerry, Stephen and John take turns
fucking Suzy I realised that I had created an animal who enjoyed sex just
as much as me.

Over the next month the two youngest boys Paul and Mark returned four or
five times while I was out, I guess they were on the way home from school,
Suzy explained in graphic detail every thing she did to the boys while I
fucked her, after a while they stopped calling, we often watched the video of Stephen fucking Suzy as we made love, she had really enjoyed the
experience but she had suffered for days afterwards, but we both got
excited watching and had fantastic sex.

More to come!!!!


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