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The Policeman An Urban Legend


The Policeman: an Urban Legend
by Stormbringer
Officer Joe Stevenson was a happy man. He sat sipping his post-dinner
coffee across the table from his beautiful eighteen year old daughter.
She was still dressed in her prep school skirt as she absent mindedly
twirled a strand of blonde hair that had fallen loose from the bun on
her head. She was intently studying her school work oblivious to
everything else. He was proud of her, she was a good, decent girl, not a
straight A student, but close.
He glanced over at his wife, Mary doing the dishes. She was a loving,
supportive, and compassionate woman who devoted her free time to various
community and church activities. Even after twenty years of marriage, he
still got a stiffy watching her ass shake while she scrubbed the dishes.
Why, if his daughter wasn't here, he'd throw his wife over the table and
fuck the shit out of her right this moment. She was still a knock-out at
forty and they had an active and satisfyng sex life. Yeah, life is good,
he thought. He had a wonderful, sexual wife and a decent daughter with a
bright future.
He was ten years older then his wife and set to retire in five years.
They planned to do a lot of traveling then, as their daughter would
probably still be away at college. The only thing he was unhappy about
was working the 8-4 night shift with his new partner. Jackson. His
partner was a handsome well-built black man, with an arrogant, cocky
attitude and Joe thought he might even be a little corrupt, not to
mention the fact that he smoked. Jackson was always bragging about his
sexual exploits and his favorite story was how he made some married woman blow into his 10" black breathalizer to get out of a DUI. He said
that after five minutes she was begging him to fuck her with his giant
black cock and he did just that. He wished Jackson was exagerating, but
he had seen his partner's dick in the shower and knew he wasn't lying.
Stevenson glanced at his watch, he was supposed to drop his daughter off
at the library and his wife had a church meeting to attend, so they were
both coming with him.

"Ok family, lets get a move on it."

His wife and daughter both ran to gather up their things and joined him
in the car. Joe drove his daughter to the library first and she said
she'd walk home as her mom was going to be at church late. Joe wasn't
worried as they lived in a very nice neighborhood and it was only a few
blocks. His daughter kissed him and his wife on their cheeks and headed
into the library, grabbing her bag along the way.

Their next stop was the police station. Jackson was waiting for him in
the parking lot. Joe and his wife got out of the car and Joe introduced
his wife to his new partner. He saw Jackson run his eyes up and down
Mary's body and he felt that his partner held onto her hand a little too
long to be polite. Mary seemed a little flustered by the big black man openly staring at her, and she quickly kissed her husband goodbye as she
got into the car and drove off. Jackson's eyes never left her until she
was gone.

"Man, that sure is one hot wife, you got there partner," Jackson said as
they began walking into the station.

"Thanks," Joe grunted.

"What's she doing with an old guy like you?" the black man said

"Fuck you Jackson."

"You know buddy, partners are supposed to share everything." Jackson
said. "Why don't you let me introduce your wife to some black cock, so
she can have some good sex for a change."

"Fuck you Jackson," he replied again. "Now shut the fuck up."

"Just kidding partner," Jackson said.

He wasn't though. Jackson vowed that if he ever got the chance, he'd
fuck Mary Stevenson until she begged to be his cock-slut and that would
bring old Joe "fucking" Stevenson down a notch or two. The two gathered
their gear in silence and within a few minutes were on patrol.

What a long fucking night, thought Jackson. They'd only been patroling
for two hours but it felt like forever as Joe wasn't saying much. I must
have really pissed him off tonight talking about his wife. His cock
stiffened a little as he thought about Mary's hot body. He hadn't gotten
any pussy in three days and was horny as hell.

They were driving along the edge of the dismal swamp and Jackson
motioned for his partner to drive through the boat launch area. Teens
would hang out there from time to time, making out or drinking beer.

They cut their lights to sneak up on anyone and were plunged into an
almost complete darkness expect for a little light from the moon . They
saw the moon light reflecting off a solitary pickup truck parked in the
far corner and they headed that way.

Joe stopped the car about a hundred feet away so that whoever was in the
pickup wouldn't hear the engines. Not that those two could hear
anything, he thought, as he and Jackson got out of the car. The truck
was bouncing up and down from the intense fucking going on in back.
Joe stayed with the car, close to the radio and Jackson crept up to
investigate. Jackson drew his billy club and peered in the back. He
watched the two teens fuck for a few minutes before beating the sides of
the truck with his club and yelling at the top of his lungs.

Joe laughed as he heard the two kids screaming in fear. He watched
Jackson haul the boy out while ordering the girl to stay in back. The
boy was naked from the waist down and it looked like all he had on was a
shirt but, Joe couldn't tell in the darkness.

Jackson leaned the boy across the side of the truck and patted him down
around his shirt, before handcuffing him. Jackson sat the boy on the
back of the pick up and looked down at the girl. He turned his
flashlight on and shined it on her body. She was heavily made up and
looked to be in her early twenties though she was probably much younger.
She had long blonde hair that framed her face prettily and had the
nicest tits he had ever seen. They were big, firm and perfectly shaped.
She had almost no aureola's but her nipples were big and long, about as
long as that little boys cock she had just been fucking, he thought with
a grin. She had managed to pull on a pair of lacy white see thru
panties. The panties revealed that she was a natural blonde. Jackson had
never fucked a girl with blonde pubes before and figured she'd have to
be his first.

Jackson pulled the girl out of the truck and made her assume the

"Bitch, I didn't give you permission to put them pantes on," he barked
at her. "I'm gonna have to frisk you now."

Jackson heard her sobbing as he ran his hands down her naked sides. She
gasped as he reached around and pinched her nipples. He ran his hands
down over her lean, flat stomach and felt her suck it in as he ran his
hand down her panty covered crotch. He ran his hands down the outsides
of her legs and then up the insides of her thighs.

"Sorry, but I gotta check you for drugs, it's the law."

Jackson pulled down her panties and shined his light at her wet pussy.
"Wait I think I see something," he said and pushed one of his long black
fingers in her to the joint. She gasped and he pushed it in to the
knucklte. He pushed a second finger into her and was rewarded by a soft
moan escaping her lips. Both his fingers were bigger then her boyfreinds
little prick and he moved them in and out of her pretending to feel
around for drugs. Her tight young pussy was clamping down on his fingers
and he was panting at the thought of getting his cock in her. She
whimpered a little when he pulled out and he stood back up and pushed
his crotch against her ass.

Joe wated to know what his partner was doing and turned the patrol car's
spotlght on them. The girls head was down and her hands were tightly
holding onto the truck. Joe was in awe at the sight of her big breasts and that firm young ass arched upward as Jackson pressed his crotch into
her like he was fucking her. For some reason he found himself becoming
aroused at the sight of the big black cop in uniform pushing his crotch
against such a well bilt naked white girl.

"Do you feel how big that black cock is?"

The girl nodded and Jackson grinned to himself. He noticed that
Stevenson had blinked the search light at him to get his attention,
before turning it off completely. Disgusted, he let the girl get in the
back of the truck with her boyfriend and did a quick search of the front
of the pick up. He chuckled with glee when his search turned up a roach
clip with a half smoked joint and an open bottle of cheap wine. He
grabbed the boy and hauled him back to the police car.

"What the hell do you think you were doing back there," Joe asked?

"Just checking her for drugs partner," responded Jackson as he pushed
the boy in the back seat.

Joe was getting ready to call the station when Jackson stopped him with
a wink.

"Lets see some I.D. boy."

The teenager handed over his drivers licence and Jackson read the name
Ryan Anderson on it.

"Ryan, I have you on possesion, underage consumption, open container,
indecent exposure and a lot of other charges that can have you spending
some time in prison," said the big black cop.

He watched the scared boy's little penis shrink back into his scrotum
from his fear.

"Is any of the booze or drugs your girlfriends," Jackson asked?

" Sir,"

"You know boy, I don't feel like doing all the paperwork to send you to
jail tonight," said Jackson and he saw the boys eyes light up with hope.
"So I'll tell you what. If you let me fuck that hot young girlfriend of
yours, I'll let you go with a warning."

"Jackson, what the f...," Joe said.

"Shut up Joe," Jackson barked back at his partner.

Jackson looked back at the wimpy little teenager. He looked crestfallen
again. "Well," growled the big black man threateningly.

"I..I can't do that sir," stuttered the boy.

"Well why the fuck not"

"Cause I love her, sir"

Jackson laughed at that and opened the car door. "Well we'll just have
to see if she loves you enough to keep you out of prison. She is over
eighteen right?"

Jackson left the car when the boy nodded yes. Joe ran out of the car to
catch his partner.

"Jackson you can't do this, It's wrong."

"Joe," he replied. "I'm going to get me some pussy tonight and unless
you want to take me home to your wife, I'm gonna fuck this girl."
Jackson watched his parter step back in shock. "Don't worry, I'm not
gonna make her do anything she don't consent to and you can even get a
crack at her if you want, though she won't even notice your fucking her
after I get done with her."

Jackson left his partner standing there with his mouth open and headed
for the kids pick-up.

Stevenson cursed to himself and got back in the squad car. He looked
back at the dejected looking teenager in the back seat. He was still
naked from the waist down and wore a black tee shirt with some crazy
band he had never heard of printed on it. He had a peirced nose and a
tatoo on one arm. Just the kind of punk kid I hate, thought officer Joe
Stevenson. How'd this loser ever score a babe with a body like that?
Still, he was kind of noble in a way, sticking up for his girlfriend
like that.

Jackson peeked into the back of the truck and saw the girl, still naked,
sitting with her arms around her knees and rocking back and forth as she

"What's your name girl"


"Well Jenny, it's like this. I found drugs and alcohol in the truck and
your boyfriend back there says that they belong to you." he paused to
let his words sink in. The girl looked horrified and started crying in
fear for herself and at her lovers betrayal. "I'm going to have to
arrest you and call your parents...."

The mention of her parents had her begging him to let her go. Jackson
saw her eyes light up when he said he'd let her off with a warning and
then her look of disbelief when he told what she'd have to do for it.
Jenny just nodded her head reluctantly and he climbed into the back with
her. Jackson stepped over the air matress in the back and removed his
shirt as he leaned back against the cab.

"Come take my pants off, bitch and I'll show you what a real mans cock
looks like."

Jenny was confused. She didn't want to cheat on her boyfriend, but being
naked before this good looking black giant had her turned on. He was so
strong and dominant and she found herself wanting to obey him. She had
wanted to see his dick ever since she had felt it through his uniform
when he frisked her. It had felt so much larger then her boyfriends and
so powerful.

Jenny crawled over to the cop and looked up his muscular chest at the
black face grinning down at her lustfully, his white teeth shining in
the moonlight. She reached out a trembling hand and unbuckeled his belt.
She saw his large cock shifting under his trousers and licked her lips
in fear and anticipation. Jenny unbuttoned his trousers and slowly
pulled the zipper down. The weight of the equipment on his belt caused
his pants to fall to the floor of the truck leaving him clad only in a
pair of white briefs. The bulge in his underwear was simply
unbelievable. It was completely beyond the teenage girls comprehension,
that a penis could be that big. Ryan's dick was the only one she had
ever seen and he had told her how lucky she was for it was considered
well above average at five inches. She couldn't wait any longer and
grabbing the waist band of his briefs, she pulled them down.

She gasped in fear at the black monster that revealed itself to her. It
had been coiled up like a snake and when she freed it from it's prison
the big head had leaped at her like it was getting ready to strike. The
giant cock hung down half hard before her pointing right at her lips.
The fat head was throbbing with desire for her and she flushed with
pride at the thought of causing him to react this way. It was so
beautiful, so big, and hard, she thought as it continued to grow before
her eyes.. The cop's black cock was at least twice as big as Ryan's and
three times as thick. The tip was lighter in color then the rest and was
about half the size of her fist.

She tentatively reached out to touch it and felt it leap beneath her
fingers. Jenny put her hand under his black cock amazed at it's weight .

"You have the right to suck on my cock," said Jackson reaching out for

She felt his hands roughly grab her hair and pull her head forward.
Without hesitating she parted her lips to welcome his cock inside her
mouth. She let her instincts take over and soon became an animal slurping on his cock lovingly, kissing the sides, and trying to deep
throat him as much as possibile. She could kiss Ryan's pubic hairs with
his little penis buried completely in her mouth, but she couldn't even
take half this cop's big cock. He seemed to be enjoying it though, as
he was making little thrusting motions with his hips and grunting from
time to time.

Jackson was impressed by the girl's cock sucking ability. Her enthusiasm
readily made up for her lack of experience. He looked down at the
beautiful teenager. Her eyes were closed in concentration as her lips
rose rapidly up and down his black shaft. He could see her hand rapidly
moving between her legs as she desperately frigged herself.

Joe Stevenson could make out his partners large torso leaning agaist the
truck's cabin
with the girls blonde head moving between his legs. He felt his penis
move in his pants as he pictured the girl's hot young body and imagined
her sucking on Jacksons long black cock. Then for some reason he
pictured his wife naked before his partner and sucking on the ten inch
monster, he had seen half erect in the showers at the station. He was
disgusted at himself for thinking that but was surprised to see that his
penis was now completely erect at the thought of his wife being with
Jackson. Ryan was crying and moaning in the back seat at his girlfriends
betrayal, but he also seemed to be straining his eyes to see more.
Stevenson glanced down and was surprised to see the teenagers little
dick was hard also.

Jackson had yet to meet the white bitch who could resist submitting to
him completely after seeing his cock. He remembered Jenny's type from
high school twenty years ago. There was no doubt in his mind that she'd
break up with her boyfriend and start looking around for big black cocks
to fuck. She'd end up giving her pussy to some black punk on the
football team and would probably wind up pregnant by the time she was
twenty. Jackson knew, because he had been that punk football player
twenty years ago. He felt his balls start to ache and the semen flew up
through his cock and blew out the head.

"You have the right to swallow my black seed," he gasped as he came.

Jenny felt the head of the cop's giant cock swell up even bigger and she
tried to stop before he came as she wanted to feel him in her pussy, but
she was too late. His hot semen sprayed the back of her throat and
quickly filled her mouth. She enjoyed swallowing Ryan's cum but, never
seemed to get enough as he only came several drops. The black cock on
the other hand was cumming in gushers and quickly filled her belly and
spilled out the sides of her mouth. She released his cock and it
continued to squirt his jism on her nude body. She collapsed on the air
matress gasping for breath. When she looked up, she was delighted to see
that his cock was still fully erect.

Jenny laid back on the air mattress and spread her legs invitingly. The
cop looked like some kind of black god standing before her, with the
moonlight shining on his muscles and cock as he stepped out of his pants
and removed is shoes. Everything about him was big, powerful, and
dominant. Ryan had always left her wanting more and she knew that this
black giant would teach her all about having sex with a real man.

"I have the right to get fucked by a 10" black cock," she said causing
the cop to laugh.

The cop kneeled down between her spread legs and nestled his cock head
on her wet vaginal lips. He slowly pushed the fat head in and Jenny
moaned in pleasure. He had one of her knees in each arm and was rotating
his hips as he worked a little more of his penis into her with each
thrust . He was as deep as Ryans little prick ever got, but the width
was a new experience that felt incredible, and he was only halfway in.

"So goddammed tight," Jackson groaned and pushed in about seven inches.

The pleasure was fading and being replaced by an intense pain as her
pussy got stretched out by his cock. She found herself struggling to get
away from him, begging him to let her go and sighed in relief when he
pulled most of his cock out of her leaving only the head in. Then she
screamed as his cock slammed into her to the hilt, his balls slapping
her ass. It felt like she was losing her virginity all over again and
she realized that in a way she was getting fucked for the first time as
she graduated from little white boys to big black men.

Thankfully, he had stopped with his cock buried in her to let her get
used to his size. The pain was being replaced by a sense of fullness. It
didn't feel good, but then it didn't hurt her any more either and Jenny
felt her pussy acting weird. Her juices were pouring all around his cock
lubricating it completely and her vaginal muscles were spasming around
his dick, trying to rub against the black invader alternately trying to
push it out and pull it in. She started writhing around his massive cock
wanting him to move it.

"Pleease fuuck mee," she stuttered out then moaned as he started to

Jackson slowly began pulling out his cock so that only the head was left
in, then he rammed it back in. He began fucking her with its entire
length like that and soon she was raising her hips to meet his thrusts,
grunting every time he buried it in her.

Jenny had never in her life imagined sex could be this good. Her body
was tingeling and she was throwing her head from side to side as the
preasure built up within her. She felt the cop drop her legs and then he
laid down on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his back and leaned
up to kiss him. She was overcome by emotions as she was engulfed by his
body. She felt safe, protected within his arms, and also she felt
owned,and she liked the feeling of being subservient to a dominant male.

She was passionately kissing her new master, when she felt her pussy blow up like a balloon around his cock as it sprayed her juices out of
her vagina soaking his balls and the air matress. Their lips were still
locked and Jenny saw him staring at her intently when her eyes opened
with shock as the waves of pleasure from her first orgasm reached her
brain, overwhelming her senses.

Jackson saw the look of surprise on the white girls face when she came.
She quit kissing him and screamed as her eyes rolled up in her head and
she collapsed on the matress. Jackson wasn't anywhere close to finishing
and just kept pounding her hard as she fainted. She had been out for
about fifteen minutes when he noticed her start writhing beneath him
moaning softly.

Jenny had been dreaming of the black football players at Ryan's school
when she awoke to the cops relentless fucking. He was losing is rhythym
and his cock seemed to swell up even bigger. A series of orgasms erupted
from her like firecrackers going off as his semen sprayed the insides of
her pussy. The orgasms just kept growing in strength as his hot cum filled her pussy and she fainted again.

Jackson pulled his still squirting cock ot of her pussy and covered her
belly in his semen. He had given her a good cum bath tonight, her face
and breasts were covered in dried sperm from the blow job and now her
crotch and stomach were soaked with his black seed.

Joe had been mesmorized as the pickup truck just kept rocking up and
down for the last half hour. He could here the sounds of their fucking
echo across the parking lot and through the swamp. Joe pictured in his
mind Jackson's body crushing the girl beneath him as he jack hammered
the gigantic prick into her. He hadn't gotten a good look at the girls face and he found himself picturing his wifes face on the girls body.
What the hell was wrong with him, he asked himself? Joe decided that
tonight he would fantasize, but from now on he wouldn't let his partner
come anywhere near his wife. Ryan had cried himself to sleep in the back
and Joe noticed his stiff little prick twitching as he dreamed about who
knows what. Joe was about to take his own stiff dick out of his pants to
relieve some of the preasure, when he noticed Jackson staggering toward
him in the moonlight.

Jackson was still naked, his long penis hanging down halfway to his
knees. His body was covered in sweat and he glistened in the moonlight.

"All done," Joe asked?

"Two holes down, one to go," he replied reaching into the car to grab
his cigarettes off the dash. "I just need a few minutes to recharge,
then you can get a crack at her when I'm done fucking her ass."

He watched his partner finish the cigarette and then head back to the
pick up truck. He briefly pictured his wifes ass stuffed with black cock
and angrily suppressed the image.

Jackson kept tugging on his cock to get it hard again as he walked back
to the unsuspecting girl. He hadn't had a work out like this in about
three weeks and he felt invigorated in the night air. He climbed back
into the truck and rolled Jenny over onto her stomach, pulling her hips
up. He kneeled behind her and pushed his cock back into her pussy to
lubricate it again and he heard her moan in her sleep as he wiggled it
around. Jackson removed his cock and held the head against her tiny

It resisted opening for him at first, but he pushed harder and it
yeilded to his power. Jenny's eyes flew open and she screamed as he
pushed it in about halfway.

"Stop," she cried. "Take it out, please it hurts."

"You have the right to have my cock shoved in your ass," he said

The pain in her pussy was nohing compared to the pain in her ass and she
was biting her knuckles as tears rolled down her face.

"Please, take it out," she begged around her clenched fist.

"If you choose to waive that right, I'm going to fuck your ass anyway."
he said as he pushed all 10" inside her.

She had never felt a pain this intense and he wasn't letting her get
used to him this time. After about ten minutes the pain subsided some,
and she had time to think. She remembered worshipping his cock with her
mouth and felt a strange sense of pride at being able to take his entire
length up her ass. The pain faded a little more and she remembered the
feeling of her orgasms as he fucked her pussy. She moaned with pleasure
at the memory, Letting him fuck her ass was a small price to pay in
exchange for all the orgasms he had given her. There was only a little
pain as she thought about Ryan's worthless little dick. She wanted to
experence more of what this black cop had to offer and the only way she
could be sure he'd keep fucking her was to give him whatever he wanted.
She moaned in pleasure and began pushing her ass backwards to match his

"Oh god, fuck my ass," she cried. "Don't ever stop fucking me."

Jackson grinned, pushed her head back down into the mat and he began
fucking her harder.

"I love your black cock," she screamed loudly. cock" echoed across the lake and Joe couldn't stand it anymore.
He had been ready to go rescue the girl when she screamed but, now she
appeared to be loving it. He just had to see this. He grabbed his
flashlight and approached the truck.
Joe peered in on the couple. Jackson was holding her head down so that
her ass was thrust into the air as he pistoned his cock in and out of
her. He turned on his light and shined it on her ass. Joe saw his
partner turn and smile at him when he noticed the light come on. Joe
ignored Jackson and just stared at that monster black dick burying
itself in the blondes perfect ass. Without thinking he dropped his pants
and began stroking his own averaged sized penis.
He had almost stopped Jackson from taking advantage of this girl and was
glad he han't as this was the most erotic sight he'd ever seen.
He hadn't gotten far jerking off, when he heard Jackson bellow and he
saw semen squirt out of her ass as his partner came for a third time.
Joe was in awe as Jackson slowly pulled his cock out of her ass hole. It
just seemed to keep coming and coming until finally he pulled it out
entirely. Joe saw another glob of sperm fly from the tip of his
partner's cock and splatter on her ass. The girls knees had gone all
wobbly and she collapsed on her stomach, with Jackson falling on top of
her. Jackson rested for a minute and then grabbed his clothes.

"Your turn partner,"said the black man
"I..I don't think so," replied Joe.

"Just do it, you know you want to," said Jackson as he pointed at Joe's
erect penis. "Besides she won't even remember anything about your dick."

Joe watched his partner returning to the squad car laughing as he held
his uniform to his chest. Joe looked over at the girl and shined his
light on her ass again. His cock jerked as he looked at her. Her ass
hole was red rimmed and gaping wide open. Jackson's semen was trickling
out of her ass and her pussy. Joe thought of how big and firm her
breasts had looked as Jackson frisked her nude body outside the truck.
He gave in to temptation and stepped out of his pants.

Joe tenatively reached out a finger and slowly ran it down the crack of
her ass. When he reached her rectum he slowly pushed his finger inside
to the knuckle feeling how full of Jackson's sperm it was. He pulled his
finger out and ran it down to her pussy. He buried first one then two
fingers inside her vagina feeling how hot and wet she was. She stirred a
little as he fingered her. He had never cheated on his wife and growing
impatient for his first fresh pussy in twenty years he kneeled behind
her and rolled her over to her back. He positioned his cock at her pussy and ran his light up her body noticing how covered it was in dried
semen. When he shined his light in her face she was looking at him in

"Oh my god," he cried. "Jenny."

"D.Daddy" she stammered.
Author's Note: This urban legend has been around for many years. I've
never heard it as an interracial story, but the basic plot is always the
same. Cop's partner sleeps with girl and cop discovers it's his
daughter. Variations are known to exist, one of which is the man who
orders a prostitute, only to find out it's his daughter.


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