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Archived Sex Stories

The Pool man


The following story is total fiction the author does not endorse nor does
he use force in the act of sex. If you are under the consenting age please
do not read the following story. Delete it immediately and go tell your
parents you have been a bad little boy or girl.

The Pool man
Finally, the last day of this shit. I have been slaving for my
Uncle-Tom, Bow-and-scraping, Yessah-saying, Uncle down here in Florida Long
enough. My parole release came in the Mail last night. I picked up my Bus
ticket back to my homeys this morning. I used to make more in one night
dealing Crack in the Hood than I do in a month at this slave labor bullshit
pool job. They got lucky and busted me on bullshit charges of possession
with intent to distribute. What I really needed is to have me some sweet
girlies like a like to. I couldn't risk it down here in Rich ass Honky
land. The only reason I am not already gone is this last house. I am
going to do what I have wanted to do for most of the 10 months I have been
here. Bullshit supervised Parole more like tote and carry slavery I say.

Tyrone swings the gate open and steps into the backyard of a well
groomed ranch style house. Laying on a chaise lounge, on her stomach is
Gail Lake, wife of the owner of this fine house. Mrs. Lake is wearing
sunglasses. A black bikini at least one size to small on the top with a
thong bottom, and hi heel slippers. She is reading a magazine and a low
table with a glass of wine, and her suntan lotion are close at hand.
Tyrone wishes she was flipped over so he could see her sun bronzed tits straining to escape her tiny triangle top.

"Hello Missus Lake." Drawls Tyrone as he saunters past the young wife.

"Hi Tyrone. Nice day isn't it." Replies Mrs. Lake.

" Yass um." Answers the young heavily built black man as he turns the
corner headed for the pool shed.

Gail Lake feels a little uncomfortable dressed like this with Tyrone in
the yard. She realizes what a shameful tease she has become and poor
Tyrone is just a boy of 18. He may be over 6' 2" and weigh more than 200
lbs. But he is still just past his childhood. The only reason she agreed
to this silly game at all is it gives her husband Dean such a rush of
sexual energy. She knew Dean watches her tease through his office window.
She can't really see him from here, the way the sun glares on the tinted
glass, but she knows he is sitting just a mere 10 feet away fantasizing
about all kinds of terrible things. She even remembers his hinting about
her getting poor Tyrone to oil her back. Even to let him untie her top.
Well that is a little too far for her to take this game.

Dean Lake sat at his desk running through a porn site on the Internet.
It specialized in erotic stories about slut wives and interracial sex. His
sex life with Gail had gone through the roof since that young buck started
doing their pool almost 10 months ago. old man Tandy said something about
his nephew being a wayward boy and needed to learn to work and take care of
himself. All Dean knew was when he caught Tyrone gawking at Gail in the
backyard he had the biggest hardest woody he had had in years. Since that
day he had arranged it so Gail would be home and sunbathing or swimming
when Tyrone stopped by to do the pool. He even talked Gail into doing a
little harmless flirting and into wearing suits she would never wear in
public. Gail was hesitant at first but the passion with which they made
love after Tyrone left convinced her. She had even confronted him about
his fantasies. Dean admitted to watching them through his office window
and to fantasizing about her having sex with other men. Especially Buff
powerful black men. Of course Gail was shocked and refused to speak to him
the rest of the day. That night she asked him to tell her a fantasy while
they made love. Dean was on edge now wondering if his sweet young wife was
actually going to let another man touch her. He left enough hints for her
to pick up on. He watched in his window as Tyrone passed and dropped his
pants to his knees in anticipation. man he sure hoped Gail would get this
black stud to massage her back. He might even get carried away and rub her
ass. Dean's hand strayed to his aching member.

Tyrone didn't miss that little bitches show. He most days would have
stopped and talked some just to stare at her. He was nobody's dummy.
Tyrone was sure old rich ass honky money bags was sitting at that big plate
glass window watching his cunt wife tease him. Tyrone rounded the corner
but instead of the pool shed he made a beeline to the back door. Once
inside it was easy to see the layout of the house. From the service porch,
to the family room, to that nice big oak door. He was sure that oak door
led to what's his name's home office. Tyrone swung the door open quickly
and silently. Asshole honky was there alright. Sitting there with his
dick in his hand looking at pictures on his computer. Pictures of sweet
little white bitches doing big black cocks.

The young black man approached fast. One powerful blow and the home
owner lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. Tyrone picked him up and
stuffed him back in his chair. He made quick work of binding him securely
to the chair. The man's arms were behind him over the back and his legs
were tied off to the base of the rolling swivel chair. The black man stuffed a rag in his mouth and then ran several loops of tape around his
head to secure it in place. He slip knotted a piece of rope around his
neck and pushed the chair over in front of the window blocking it up on the
back legs with the desk behind it. If the captured man struggled too much
or fell over he would be strangled for sure.

Dean Lake slowly came to. He was aware of an inability to move and was
having trouble breathing. Panic hit. He struggled and things started to
go black. He could feel something tighten around his neck. Dean forced
himself to relax and calm down. As he leaned back the pressure eased and
he was able to breath almost normally. He looked about and realized he was
still in his office but now he was directly in front of his office window.
He was securely tied to the chair and unable to move at all. His pants
were bunched up around his bound ankles and his dick now dangled flaccid
between his legs. He felt a terrible pain on the back of his head and
slight wetness on his collar. Ohh god someone had hit him and he was
bleeding. He focused in front of him on his beautiful wife still sunning
in her bikini only feet away from him. Just then Tyrone came into view.
He sat down beside Gail and they were talking as if nothing had happened.
It dawned on Dean just then that Tyrone had done this to him so he could
have Gail. He began to struggle and started to black out again. He tried
to scream a warning to Gail and only a muffled mmmmpppfffff escaped his
gagged lips. Dean realized this huge hulking black man could do anything
to his wife and he could do nothing to stop him. In his shame he realized
his cock had started to engorge and he could do nothing about that either.

Gail Lake looked up from her magazine as Tyrone approached. She smiled
and willed the butterflies in her tummy to stop. She was glad her auburn
hair was piled atop her head in a loose bun. Her back was exposed to the
sun and it felt good. She did work hard to keep her thirty year old body
in good shape and did like the attention the young man paid to her. She
was well aware that the taughtness she felt in her nipples and sweet
itching she felt in her pussy was from the shear naughtiness of this silly
game of Dean's. Gail couldn't help but wonder about the old tail about
Black men's cocks and forced herself not to stair at Tyrone's cutoff jeans.
This was by far the most revealing outfit anyone except Dean had ever seen
her in. When it first came from the online catalogue company she was sure
Dean had bought the wrong size. Gail had to trim her pubic hair down to a
tiny strip so it wouldn't show and spend weeks in the tanning bed so she
wouldn't have tan lines that showed. The tiny triangles in front barely
came to the top of her nipples and plenty of her cleavage showed between
the cups. It took awhile to get used to wearing a thong. She felt
absolutely nude in it. The tiny strap rubbed her pussy lips and tingly
little asshole just enough to make her aware that she had something on.
Gail blushed as she envisioned Tyrone's eyes slowly traveling down her slim
back to her almost naked ass cheeks.

"You look kinda hot there Missus lake." Said Tyrone as he sat down
beside Gail. "You are gonna burn all that perty white skin if you ain't

"I am alright Tyrone. I have sun-block on." Replied Gail with a nervous
smile over her shoulder. Gail was having mixed feelings about this.
Tyrone had never gotten this close to her in the ten months he had been
doing the pool.

"Well I think you need some more on your back about know Missus." Said
Tyrone as he reached across her body to get her suntan lotion.

"Did Dean put you up to this Tyrone?" asked Gail as he squirted a shot
of the cold lotion on her back. "Well he probably did the silly goat." She
answered herself with a sound of exasperation creeping into her voice.

Tyrone began working the oil into Gail's back. Gail laid her head down
and stretched her arms up over her head finding she enjoyed the strong firm
hands on her body. Tyrone didn't ask. He just grabbed a string end and
untied the top of Gail's suit. He let his hands run down the sides of the
pretty white woman's body to feel the soft bulge of the sides of her
breasts. He could feel her tense a bit but she soon relaxed and he knew
she wanted him. Gail opened one eye and glanced back at the large tinted
window. She thought to herself. "I hope you are enjoying yourself you
perverted bastard."

"You think that white boy husband is watching Missus lake?" Tyrone asked
as he worked oil deep into Gail's lower back.

"Tyrone you are being a good sport about this." Replied Gail. " You
know how men are. He has these thoughts. Sometimes I wonder. You can
call me Gail Tyrone. It is all right."

"What kinds a thoughts Gail? Does he got them ideas of you bein touched
by other guys? Sexy thoughts or nasty ones?" Smirked Tyrone as he started
working oil into Gail's thighs.

"Well you know sometimes nasty thoughts but they are just fantasies.
Tyrone be careful I don't think you should touch me there." Gail said
starting to get concerned as Tyrone began kneading oil into her supple

"Missy Gail if the sun can see it I needs to put oil on it now don't I.
Asides you don't be seein that whimpy husband runnin out here to stop me
now do you." Retorted Tyrone.

Gail Lake was getting concerned about her predicament. Her husband
definitely wasn't coming out here to resolve this situation. She had not
expected to get pushed this far at all. Gail had a very powerful black man touching her in very private places and she was basically powerless to do
anything about it. Tyrone's fingers were working deep between her
asscheeks even to the point of forcing her tiny thong aside at times. She
clenched her muscles tight to try to keep him out but it was useless. She
wondered if his fondling of the sides of her breasts had been inadvertent
or even accidental but she knew he was working her ass purposefully.
Suddenly she felt Tyrone's hand in her hair and she was forced to sit up by
his not to gentle tugging on her hair. She could do nothing but try to
clutch her top to her chest and react to his insistent forceful

"OOUUCHH!! Tyrone please stop it don't do this please." Gail lamented
to uncaring ears. Please oh please Dean don't let him do this she thought
in her terror.

"Now Missy white bitch tease you be good so I won't have to hurt you
none ok." Tyrone said in a soothing voice as he walked around in front of
Gail and released his hold on her hair. "Drop your hands down now girl let
me see what you is hidin."

Gail Lake slowly lowered her arms to her side still aware of the sharp
pain in her scalp. She was now sitting astride her chaise lounge with
Tyrone directly in front of her. Out of the corner of her eye she could
see a silhouette of a figure sitting at the window and wondered why Dean
hadn't rushed out to protect her. Her legs were splayed obscenely.
Luckily her top was just wet enough to stick to her breasts so she still
wasn't completely exposed to this leering Black man. "Tyrone if you stop
this now I am sure I can convince my husband not to press charges." Pleaded

Dean Lake could feel his arms go numb. The scene being played out in
front of him was much too intense for him to care. His breath was ragged
but adequate. Before him, mere feet away, his wife was being oiled up by
his attacker. Tyrone had untied her top and fondled the sides of his
wife's breasts right in front of him. He was now in the process of mauling
her tender ass. Gail didn't seem to be protesting. Was she enjoying this
wanton display? Suddenly Tyrone stood and snatched her by the hair. She
sat up quickly clutching her top to her chest. Tyrone walked in front of
her and stood with his hands on his hips smiling. Gail slowly lowered her
arms of her own free choice. What a cheap slut she is going to let that
big nigger see her tits. Dean was filled with rage and humiliation. That
couldn't explain the very obvious erection now pointing strait up from his

Tyrone could see fear and betrayal in her eyes. He knew she would do
what he said when she lowered her arms. He was looking forward to teaching
this white tease a lesson she wouldn't soon forget. He wondered if her
wimpy husband thought she was doing this because she wanted to. Little
missy white whore looked so damn hot sitting in front of him. Her tiny
little bottoms were wedged into her pussy by the chair between her legs and
even with it untied her nipples were plain to see outlined in her damp
black bikini top.

"Yo pussy husband aint goin to tell nobody bitch. You know it." Spat
out Tyrone. "Now be a good little white girl and take off that top so I
can see them pretty white tits you been tryin to show me for so long."

Gail shivered and thought about jumping up and running but she knew she
would never make it. Not knowing what else to do she reached up and untied
the strings behind her neck. She carefully peeled the top away from her
body and blushed with shame as the black man before her saw what only her
husband had seen before. She was aware that her nipples were puffy and
hard. So hard they ached. She didn't know if it was the faint cool breeze
or her total fear of this beast who had her in his control. Either way,
there was nothing she could do about it. Gail's stomach began to flutter
from total shock and fear. My god he is unbuttoning his cutoffs. Gail was
unable to pry her eyes from the unfolding site before her.

Tyrone was amazed at how easy it was to control this little slut bitch.
All he did was ask her and she had stripped off her top for him. Her Lilly
white tits framed in bronze from hours in the sun. Her cherry red nipples
rock hard little pebbles. He could even see her belly quaver from
excitement. She was whimpering but he was sure it was caused by her desire
for his Black dick. He slowly unbuttoned his pants right in front of her
and pushed then down. Her eyes grew wide when his half hard tool popped
into her sight. Tyrone knew her sissy boy husband couldn't match him. He
had seen his puny little white dick.

Dean Lake's breathing was getting ragged again as he strained to see the
apparent seduction of his, Till know, pure wife right before his eyes. The
little slut had actually taken her top all the way off by herself. Now she
was sitting there with her hands in her lap watching his attacker
practically wave his big black cock in her face. He could obviously see
how hard her nipples were. Dean's erection was hard and purple at the head
and starting to drool pre-cum from it's tip. He knew that if he could
touch his prick, it would erupt like a Roman candle. He was ashamed of how
intensely horny this wanton display of his wife was making him.

Gail tried hard not to cry or whine. She was sure that it would just
get her hurt. Her only hope was that her husband would realize how much
this scared and hurt her and rush out and stop this silly game. She had
never seen a man's penis this close before. Not even her husband's. The
few times she had relented and allowed him to put it in her mouth she had
kept her eyes tightly shut. Now there was an enormous black cock only
inches from her face. She kept her hands pressed firmly in her lap in
hopes it would protect her now splayed open pussy from this monster's view.
"Please Tyrone this has gone far enough. Just let me go and I promise
nothing will be said about it to anyone." Gail pleaded looking up into
Tyrone's eyes.

Tyrone took one step closer and answered back. "Who you gonna tell
anyway bitch? That sissy boy man of yours? I bet he has a harder dick
than I do right now. If he hasn't already popped off in his puny little
hand." Tyrone started rubbing his hardening cock over Gail's upturned face.
"Tell you what if you take real good care of my baby here, I will let you
off easy. Come on now girl grab ahold of a real man's tool and feel what
you been missin."

Gail felt the rubbery head slide over her dry lips. She kept still
praying it was all a bad dream. She was paralized with fear. Would he
hurt her or Dean? He might even kill them. Gail thought if I take care of
him maybe he won't force me to have sex with him. Maybe he is like Dean
and an orgasm will sate his desire and he will leave. She felt like a
prostitute as her hand wrapped around the ever hardening manhood still
coursing over her fear numbed lips.

Dean was beyond belief. He sat perfectly still mesmerized by the show
being performed in his own backyard. His wife, topless and sexually
excited, was slowly stroking a black man's cock as it rubbed over her lips
and cheeks. He couldn't believe it. He had to beg her to put his dick in
her mouth sometimes for months and then she would only perform oral sex for
a short time and in total darkness. Here the slut was, ready to suck a
black cock in broad daylight right in front of him. Dean's cock erupted in
orgasm. Showering cumm all over himself. He even got some in his own
face. He sat there in his own spunky mess amazed that this could happen
without any physical contact. His cock remained hard as his semen slowly
trickled down off of his chin and chest.

Tyrone stood there luxuriating in the feeling of total power. The sight
of his hardening cock slowly stroking over this sweet white bitch's face
was a tremendous turn on. He gently stroked her hair and urged her on. On
every pass he could feel her lower lip fall. He reached back and guided
her head forward impaling her mouth with his cock. Her hand dropped to his
thigh in an effort to defend herself from this violation. Tyrone only
smiled and firmly grasped her soft auburn hair. He began a slow relentless
pace. With every stroke he penetrated deeper. He paused only slightly
when she gagged but continued his relentless attack. Soon his saliva
slickened cock was sliding in almost to his balls and all the way out to
the tip. He loved the feeling of her nose being buried in his pubic hair.
The pressure she exerted to try to keep him out only heightened his desire
to fuck her face.

"Come on suck my big black prick you stupid white bitch." Tyrone hissed
out. "You know you want it. I bet your hubby is lovin this bitch. You
think he likes the show poor little missy?"

Gail was past panic. She had fallen into basic survival mode. With
every thrust it became impossible to breath. The feeling of helplessness
was all encompassing. Her eyes were watering and she had to fight off her
gag reflex. Every time he pulled her head forward the head of his cock
sank further down her throat cutting off her air supply. She pushed as
hard as she could on him but it didn't even slow him down. She could here
him. Gail was aware he was talking but unable to understand what he said.
The worst part for her was she could feel her pussy starting to lubricate.
It was the same feeling she got when Dean got to rough. The feelings
disgusted her and she had always made dean stop. Gail was fully aware she
would be unable to stop Tyrone and that was part of what was eliciting this
unwanted sexual response.

Tyrone new he was close. He could feel his toes start to curl in his
deck shoes. He sped up his assault on Gail's mouth. When he was right on
the edge of orgasm he withdrew his cock, tilted her head back using her
hair as leverage and let his seed fly. It felt like gallons as he stood
there grunting on this middle class suburban deck. Poor helpless Gail's
face and mouth were showered in cum. Tyrone took a second to bask in the
feeling. The desire was already beginning to build deep in his balls
again. His cock began to twitch and Tyrone knew what he would do. He
recognized the best part was his second time would take much, much longer.
Tyrone dropped his hold on Gail's hair and stepped around her. He sat on
the chaise lounge behind her to reach through her arms and grasp her
hardened nipples. Gail's back arched in response as he rolled and pinched
her tiny cherry red nipples. Tyrone released one nipple and reached to his
back pocket pulling out yet another length of the white cotton line he had
used on Dean. He slipped it around her throat and put in the same
slip-knot he had used on her husband. Then tenderly kissing her neck he
slid a hand down her arm till he reached her wrist. He twisted it quickly
up behind her back and at the same time grabbed the other wrist. In a
twinkle, Gail found herself laying face down on her chaise lounge with her
wrists crossed between her shoulder blades. Tyrone tied off the young wife's hands in a way that kept her back arched or she would tighten the
noose around her neck. The smiling black man stood and grabbed the
helpless young wife by the hair.

Gail felt Tyrone stand behind her. Her elbows screamed at her of the
pain of being folded that far up behind her back. If she pulled her arms
or straightened her back the rope that Tyrone had put around her neck
tightened and cutoff her air supply. Her breathing was strained and ragged
and she knew that if she wasn't careful she would die. Gail felt fingers
tangle in her hair and before she could even attempt to see what was to
happen she found herself on her feet and being guided none to gently to the
back door. Tyrone continued his taunting and Gail tried her best not to
cry or fall. Walking in her silly hi heeled slippers was hard under normal
circumstances but bound and being led by her hair was downright dangerous.
Gail found herself with her cheek against her husband's office door. Her
tormentor putting pressure on her wrists so she couldn't escape. The Oak
of the door was cool and smooth to the touch. Gail felt even more
vulnerable with her sore, Hard nipples pressed into the door. The blackman
pressed his erection into her ass cheeks as he reached around her and put
his free hand into her bikini bottoms. Gail felt the powerfully built
blackman put his feet between hers and force her legs far apart. Her head
snapped back as his large fingers penetrated her pussy.

Dean sat helpless and watched as the powerfully built pool man shoved
his young wife down on her face. He knew from his own experience, that the
rope Tyrone had just secured around Gail's neck was painful and deadly if
not respected. He struggled again against his own ropes as the cruel pool
man pulled his wife to her feet by her hair. He was sorry ohh so sorry hr
had let this happen. As the couple disappeared from his sight he couldn't
help from wondering what the pool man would do next. As all the terrible
thoughts rushed through his head and all the consequences played out in his
mind Dean's cock grew stiff and hard.

Tyrone was young. His cock recovered quickly. He felt powerful,
invinceable. His young prick nestled in the crack of his victums ass. Her
pussy was starting to lubricate from his fingers. "Little missy yo pussy is full of juice. Don't worry I wont disappoint you. Ole Tyrone will fuck
that pretty white cunt good for you." Tyrone said in a laughing voice. He
grasped her bikini bottoms in his hand and pulled up sharply. Gail winced
with pain as her suit was forced between her cunt lips and deep in the
crack of her ass. Tyrone pulled so hard he lifted the petite white woman
off the ground. The Black stud stuck his tongue in her ear as he humped
her ass crack from behind. He reached in his pocket and flicked out his
knife. As he continued to hold Gail to the door on her tiptoes he
carefully slid the blade over her cheek then down the curve of her breast until it popped over her nipple on down to her hip. Gail was whimpering in
fear and begging him not to hurt her. A quick cut at her hip then the
other and Tyrone held her soaked and tattered thong in his hand. He put
his knife away in his pocket and said " Bitch you talk to much I am gonna
shut you up." He stuffed the bikini bottom into Gail's mouth and kicked her
heels as far apart as he could. With one hand on her hip and the other in
the middle of her back to hold her face and tits to the rough oak door
Tyrone took his black dick and slammed it into Gail's dripping pussy.

Gail shivered with fear as she saw the glint of steal from the corner of
her eye. She knew with her arms tightly bound that if her attacker decided
to cut her she could do nothing to stop him. Through her sobs she begged
Tyrone not to hurt her. The fear in her heart just intensified the feeling
of the sharp steel blade as it traced a course down her body. Tyrone's
grip on her bottoms held her to her tiptoes. The terrified young wife felt
the sharpened end pop past her aching soar nipples that were rubbed raw
from her contact with the heavy oak door. The tension on her vagina and
anus were relieved when her bottoms were cut from her body. Tears welled
in her eyes as she heard the black man tell her she made to much noise.
The bikini bottoms wet with her own juices were stuffed between her teeth.
As she fought the urge to spit out her soiled bottoms she felt her legs
being kicked even further apart. Gail was slammed into the door causing
her to almost black out. She came around quickly as she felt her tender
pussy being invaded by a huge penis. Gail could do nothing as her powerful
assailant held her face and chest to the door and rammed his cock in and
out of her cunt. Gail instinctively rocked her hips forword to ease the
pressure of the huge cock that was attempting to split her in half.

Dean sat ever so still trying to catch what was being said and done just
on the other side of the office door. He was still firmly bound to his
chair and dare not move too much or he would strangle himself. His cock
was rock hard and his own cum was still slowly dripping down from his chin
and face. He knew that fucking big nigger was plowing his wife in the next
room and the thought of it was almost more than he could stand. As his
dick twitched with excitement the door suddenly burst open.

The ghetto lifestyle had taught Tyrone many things. One was that he
loved the feeling of power. His approaching orgasm would have been enough
for most men. Even most rapists. Tyrone wanted more. He loved watching
his pussy slickened dick slide in and out of this bitch tease white woman.
He loved how she moved to accommodate him. Hell the bitch probably liked
it and would probably crave big black cock for the rest of her life. Right
now blowing his load was not enough for him. As he approached the point of
no return he reached down and turned the doorknob. The door flew open and
he stood there with a pretty white bitch impaled to the hilt on his cock
looking at her pathetic whiteboy pussy husband. His own cum splattered all
over him and a purple blue meat stick pointing to the sky out of his lap.
Tyrone wondered what his bitch thought of her husband now.

Gail's discomfort was easing as the horrible pounding caused her pussy to stretch and her pelvic tilt gave Tyrone better access and caused less
pain. She was ashamed that her pussy was so wet and lubricated. She could
even feel the stirrings of her own passion welling in the pit of her
stomach. She didn't want to feel that way but her body just did. In an
instant the support of the door fell away from her. Tyrone kept her from
falling by holding her hair. Gail opened her eyes and then her mouth fell
open in shock. The bikini bottoms fell to the floor and yet she could say
nothing. There sat her husband. She could tell he was bound. She at some
level was aware that he to was in danger but what hit her almost like a
blow was the sight of his penis. She had never seen it so hard and ready.
It was obvious he had already cum at least once. The evidence was still
dripping down his chest.

Tyrone spoke first. "Hey white boy you want somma dis?" he sneered.
"She has da tightest pussy I have ever fucked." He continued. " Dis little
white girl of yours can really suck cock too. Hell you musta saw
considerin you still got your own stuff all over you." Tyrone slowly
waddled over to Dean's chair. He held Gail still stuffed full of his cock.
The bitch was quietly crying. When he was close enough he said " Come on
whore show your puny little husband how you suck cock."

Dean suffered through the attackers humiliating diatribe. He could do
nothing else. He also watched his beautiful wife with complete attention.
Her breasts dangled and jiggled as the pair crossed the room. Her face was
puffy and her eyes wide in amazement. He was sure she was crying because
of his obvious discomfort and knew she would do anything to protect him.
What he wondered was Why were her inner thighs so wet with her own juices?
Was she actually enjoying getting stuffed full of black dick? Was she
actually getting off on being forced by this black bastard? He did know
that she had deep full earth shattering orgasms when he played his rough
sex games with her. They stopped right in front of his chair. His wife was bent at the waist and with her hands secured to her neck she was forced
to look him in the eyes with her beautiful hair brushing his lap. Tyrone
placed his hand on her back and slowly started to slide his dick in and out
of her cunt. The sweet innocent woman rocked back and forth on every
stroke and as she did so Dean's cock slapped her gently right in the face.
It was only natural for her to open her mouth and let it slide down her
throat. My god the look of his cock buried to the hilt in his wife's face
was totally erotic to Dean. With every stroke Gail looked at him and let a
little more of his cock slide down her throat.

Gail felt the rock hard cock of her husband slip past her rubbery lips.
She looked him in the eyes for some sign of compassion and saw only man completely consumed in passion. She wished she could cry but the insistent
pressure from behind forced her to concentrate on just breathing. Dean's
dick slid all the way down her throat and she could feel her asshole
husband actually hump up form his chair into her face. Things were getting
hard to understand. Why were her knees beginning to quake? What was this
all encompassing feeling of pleasure she was experiencing? She spasmed
through the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. She had trouble
focusing her mind on what was actually happening. For just an instant she
wished it would never stop and hoped it would all at once. Then she felt
stillness and an emptiness as Tyrone pulled out of her pussy.

man this horny white bitch is going off on my dick. Tyrone loved the
feeling of Gail getting all wobbly and twitchy. As he slid his dick in and
out of her cunt. As she orgasmed her cunt constricted on his dick and he
again came very close to shooting her full of sperm. He looked over her
shoulder at her husband watch his own dick slide in and out of the little
slut's mouth. He could see the man's nostrils flare, and the color on the
tips of his ears darken. He knew that if Dean wasn't tied down his hands
would be wrapped in his wife's hair making her slide on and off of his
cock. Tyrone abruptly stepped back snatching his dick out of Gail's pulsing
snatch. He reached her hair and straightened her upright, popping dean's
dick out of her mouth with a loud pop. Tyron walked her forward and placed
her in the man's lap. Her still spread pussy slipped over his cock like a
loose fitting glove. The couple sat facing each other eye to eye both
securely bound. Tyrone hissed in Gail's ear. " I know what you be wanting
bitch. A big man to do your cute tight white ass." Tyron held her firmly
by her hair straining her scalp and placed his wet dick at the obscenely
spread as crack of the poor tortured woman. He grunted as he shoved his
cock up her ass in one violent stroke. He could feel the shape of her
husband's puny dick through the membrane separating her pussy from her ass.

Dean didn't have to see it. He could feel it. His wife's body was
racked with spasms as she orgasmed. Her mouth restricted on his cock and
she sucked hard. His vision began to blur as he pressed back into her hot
mouth. In a blink of an eye her mouth was gone. As he became aware of his
surroundings all he could see was his wife'' belly button. Her legs were
splayed wide over his. She quickly sat down and his cock slipped into the
hottest wettest cunt he had ever felt. It slipped in with one stroke. He
focused one his wife's face. She still had a white rope biting into her
neck and all he could see of her arms were her elbows lewdly pointing
straight out. Dean became aware of Tyrone speaking to Gail and was unable
to understand or comprehend what the black pool man was saying. The
instant look of fear and the movement he felt from Gail confirmed to him
that whatever it was it wasn't wanted. In an instant Gail arched back and
groaned as he felt tyrone's cock slip into place. For a second Dean though
Tyron ehad slipped into his wife's pussy with him. He realized at the
moment that the black man was doing what he had only dreamed of. He was
fucking Gail in the ass. Gail collapsed on his shoulder and went limp. The
felling of her pussy being stretched tight on his cock and another cock
rubbing him with only a thin wall between them was to much for Dean he
started pumping gallons of cum into his violated wife's pussy.

Gail felt almost cheated. Her husband's cock was nothing like the horse dick Tyrone stuffed into her tender pussy. She looked at her husband in
total disgust. The asshole was on the verge of cumming. Didn't he
understand that she couldn't help what happened to her. She didn't want to
have an orgasm she was forced to. Tyrone began to talk dirty to her again
and then moved away. At the last instant she became aware that he intended
to sodomize her by force. She let out a squeal and tried to squirm away but
she was trapped she looked at her husband and wished him even tried to will
him to do something to stop this evil act. It was too late. The giant
organ still slimy from her own excitement slipped quickly in her rectum.
My god let me die. The pain of having two cocks wedged into her was
unbearable. Her husband was still pumping her with all the movement he
could manage and Tyrone was sliding his monster in and out of her ass at a
unbelievable pace. Gail felt her sissy husband roll through an orgasm and
she collapsed in shame on his shoulder. Then Tyrone let go a sight and she
could feel hot wet cum deep in her bowels. She had no control she too
racked her body with intense spasms of pleasure. It was over.

Tyrone buttoned his pants as he stood behind the bound wife. He flicked
his dangerous blade from his pocket and let it come to rest on Gail's neck.
He toyed with the idea of cutting her and letting her die right there in
this upscale honkie's lap. Rape is one thing Murder. Especially a white
couple by a brother is something completely different. He gloried in the
startled look of fear in the couple's faces for an instant and then slipped
the blade under the rope holding Gail's wrists to her throat. Tyrone
strolled out of the house and down the block secure in the knowledge that
he would soon be back on his home turf.

The lake's struggled to release themselves from the last of there ropes.
When completely free first they hugged then pulled away. Should they call
the cops? If they did he probably would never be caught and they would
have to tell the whole embarrassing story for nothing. They decided to
consider it and went to sooth there sore joints and scrapes and bruises.
They were glad that he at least left them alive. As Gail slipped out of
the shower she couldn't help but wonder who Dean would hire to clean the

The end or is it?


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