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The Process of Inspiration Part Deux


The Process of Inspiration - Part Deux {Redman} {MF
(c) November 2000

It was early Monday morning and I was standing by the
return slot at Marj's favorite video store. There's a
tape stuck in the slot. It wasn't mine, thank God, but
it prevented me from returning mine. Actually, from
returning Marj's, which is a lot worse. She loves to
watch foreign language films over the weekend as she
lies on the couch, finger fucking herself to the speech
patterns of French or Italian. French is her favorite,
though a sexy Italian gal is fine by me. That's why
Marj doesn't like me to watch foreign films with her.
My comments throw off the rhythm of her fingers.

Anyways, I was standing by the return slot at the store
with Marj's videos in my hand when this young woman
pulls up in a candy red VW Beetle. The new style, not
the old. The moment she stepped out, that's how I
thought of her. A New Style girl . . . definitely.

At first I thought she looked a little too masculine
for my taste, but the closer she got the better I
liked. Short blonde hair, a sharp nose, a tight
sleeveless candy red knit top that perfectly matched
her car and a short brown leather skirt. I wasn't sure
about the shoes. My quick glances never got that far.
Nice tits, I thought, as I turned my attention back to
the slot. The return slot, that is.

"Don't tell me you fucked up the slot?" I heard the
surprisingly high voice behind me.

Hmm. Odd comment for a stranger. I raised up, turned
around and she was standing awkwardly close. Awkward
only for me, apparently. She didn't seem to mind
staring into my wide chest. In fact, if anything, she
leaned almost imperceptibly closer.

What the hell, two can play her game.

"Actually, the slot was fucked before I got here. I'm
standing here with videos in hand trying to decide what
to do. Have any ideas?"

Her head tilted slightly to bring her eyes up to mine.
Hers seemed to sparkle with playfulness. I quickly
revised my opinion. Nothing masculine at all.
Troublingly feminine in such close proximity.

"I always have ideas," she whispered in a huskier
voice. "Perhaps you should let me take a look."

I was curious, so I stepped aside. As she took a step
forward she deliberately brushed her naked shoulder
against my arm. She was looking right at my arm at the
time, consciously aiming the shoulder for a glancing
blow. Another odd choice, I thought. I've been involved
with enough glancing blows to know they can be
dangerous encounters.

Looking slightly backward over that same shoulder, this
blonde leaned forward with her hands up on the wall
above the slot. Her legs were spread and she held the
pose for just a moment. I'd seen it before, a million
times in movies. Ready to be frisked. Vulnerable.
Defenseless. Incredible sexy.

But it was only a moment. Maybe I imagined it. Maybe
she was just leaning against the wall for support.

She slowly squatted down until the slot was eye level
and began to jiggle with the video that was stuck
there. Just like I had done before she pulled up. Only
she looked a hell of a lot more interesting doing it
than I had.

To begin with, that leather skirt rode up and her legs
were still slightly spread. Hmm, I wondered if spread
legs was a permanent condition with her. If so, she
must have a lot of admirers. I could only imagine the
perspective from the wall, looking up the skirt as she
squatted down. I wondered what kind of panties she
wore, or if she did at all. No pantyhose at least, less
to get in the way.

The other thing I wondered, in the brief moment while
she was fiddling with the slot, was why it was that a
woman's head at waist level is so damn stimulating to a
man. Well, besides the blatantly obvious desire to
thrust our groin at their faces. There's just something
about a kneeling or a stooping woman that jolts me;
it's a face-to-groin thing. Of course, there's nothing
wrong with face-to-face, face-to-feet, face-to-back,
face-to-ass . . . At this point I was ready to put her
face or mine anywhere this girl would let me.

That's a bit faster than I normally let my libido idle,
but I couldn't help but think that Marj would just eat
this young girl up. Marj loves to banter with women
that are overtly sexual. It's a birds-of-a-feather
connection that she enjoys immensely.

Speaking of which, this bird looks up at me, still from
that stimulating perspective, and the first thing that
she notices is my wedding ring on my left hand, the
hand that's practically brushing against her nose. I
see her frown, looking at the ring, obviously

"Looks like your slot is permanently stuck. Too bad for
both of us," she pouted.

Innuendo is fine. Direct communication, better.
"Actually, I was just thinking how much she'd love to
meet you. You're just our type!"

She seemed to consider for a second, still squatting.
But this girl didn't take long to make up her mind,
something I particularly like in a woman. When she
stood up, she maintained that in-your-face, close
proximity I was finding so invigorating.

"Hmm, a two-for-one? Like coupons at the grocery store;
buy one, get one free? It's something worth
considering. I'd have to try the one-for-one first
though. To see if I'm interested at all. Would that be
a problem for the two?"

God, I love directness in a woman! It's what attracted
me first to Marj. A woman that knows exactly what she
wants and doesn't make me beat around her bush.

"Not a problem. As long as I tell her all about it

"All about it? Everything?"

"Everything. Hell, I'll write her a story describing
everything in explicit detail. She really gets off on

"A writer? Ever publish anything?"

"Just erotic stories on the Internet. I've really just
started, but it's a blast so far."

"Hmm. I have an Internet connection back at my place.
Care to go there and show me your dirty stories?"

"Maybe after! First I'd like to go there and have you
inspire a new one. Maybe you've inspired one already,
you never know."

"Well now, if I'm to be immortalized in an erotic
story, we'll have to make it a good one. Won't we?" She
nodded to our cars. "You follow me?"

"Anywhere your leading, darlin'!"

True to form, her apartment was close by and we got
there quickly. She was on the third floor and I
followed her up the stairs with my nose practically up
her ass as we dashed for her door. As she fumbled with
her keys, I tried to memorize the grain of her leather
skirt as though it was a sacred text in Braille.

Once through the door, she seemed to leave her sexual
aggressiveness outside. She still stood very close to
me, close enough to rub my chest with that sharp,
sensuous nose. But, as I ran my hands and lips over
her, she seemed suddenly passive, wanting me to make
the next move, to take the initiative.

I knew what I wanted. Ever since I'd seen her lean
against that wall, her cute, tight ass begging to be
touched in her leather skirt.

So I took her hands in mine and put them high on the
door, over her head. She looked at me with a sexy leer,
knowing exactly what I wanted, what she herself had
inspired. Her legs spread as she leaned forward,
"assuming the position" once again. Before I went
behind her to take what I wanted, I couldn't resist a
rough, almost brutal kiss on her mouth, something she
returned with relish.

God, she had a sexy ass! If I didn't watch myself, this
could be over too quickly. But, now that I had her
where I wanted, I could afford to slow it down a notch
or two. Even so, I knew this girl liked to move fast. I
didn't want her losing interest.

I waited just long enough for the tension to rise. Then
kneeling, I ran my hands quickly up that short shirt
and grabbed both cheeks of her ass firmly. It startled
her, maybe even scared her a little; but within a blink
of a startled eye, she gave her butt a wiggle that
settled the contours of her flesh into my palms.

She did have on panties, but they didn't insolate my
hands from the heat that was radiating off her ass. It
felt like I had stuck my hands into a furnace. But such
a lovely furnace! She moaned as my fingers gripped her
cheeks and as I gathered her panties into my fists.
Though we both knew that she regretted doing so, she
brought her legs together so I could strip them off

In the process, the leather skirt had become rucked up,
allowing her entire ass to be exposed. She was leaning
forward dramatically, presenting all of her goodies for
my inspection. She was fit; her muscle groups stood out
in sharp contrast from each other. She was wet; her
vagina glistening like a hot lawn on a summer's day
after the sprinkler has been turned off. And she was
warm; I could feel the warmth rising off of her like I
was facing a heating lamp.

It didn't take me long to decide either. I'm not a shy
one. I pressed my entire face in immediately, bringing
sudden contact to my lingua and her labia, my nose to
her rose. She jumped and jerked, then groaned and
ground down on me. She pushed back from the wall and I
pushed forward into paradise.

It was glorious! The taste of fresh, elicit pussy. The
smell of clean, puckered anus. All of it seasoned and
flavored with the earthy aroma of leather.

She pressed back against me, digging my tongue deeper
in her cunt, stimulating her asshole on my muzzle and
grinding her clitoris against my chin. I lunged into
her rhythmically with my face, my whole body, fucking
against her as my hands continued to pry apart that
tight, luscious ass like it was a clamshell. I was
rooting for a pearl; I found an oyster. I was trying to
return a video; I had found a willing cunt.

I love a vocal woman and this one was grunting and
cussing like a sailor. Even worse, like Marj. She only
seemed to falter when she moved one hand to more
directly rub her clitoris. I reacted to give her
assistance. As soon as she felt my hand brush hers
away, she leaned back hard against the wall. When I
grabbed her clitoris between the joints of two of my
curled fingers, I shook it vigorously; strumming her
clit like the strings of a flamenco guitar.

A scream ripped from her throat and her cum flowed in
spurts from her cunt, flooding my mouth and my face
with her hot, sticky musk. She was practically on her
toes and I ran my free hand up and down one rigid leg,
feeling the tension in it, the beautiful rigor of

My tongue strained into her shuddering cunt for so
long, I felt she was going to burst. She was tense and
stiff, like an arrow I was shooting straight into the
vast, empty sky.

Then, she went suddenly limp. Somehow she remained on
her feet, a compliment to her physical conditioning,
considering how hard she had cum. I knew she wouldn't
be standing long though, and I desperately wanted to
fuck her standing up.

I rose quickly and pinned her against the door,
pressing her whole body to the wood. I grabbed the back
of her wrists in my hands and spread our arms wide,
crucifying her and holding her up against the wall.
Bending my knees, I was able to bring the head of my
hard throbbing cock into contact with her slick open

I couldn't get in deep though. Each time I humped
against her, each time she thudded into the door, it
was just a taste, just an appetizer to whet the hunger
in my cock. Pressing her against the door like this,
her lovely ass was more a hindrance to penetration than
a help. Even so, I wanted her to feel it. I wanted her
to get a sense of what it might be like if she let me
fuck her ass like this. But that would be pushing too
far, too fast.

My cock, having had a nibble of her cunt, demanded a
bigger bite. So I withdrew and eased her limp body to
the floor, dragging her further into the room than we
had reached so far. When I had her further in, I
finished stripping my clothes quickly and settled in
between her thighs.

With one hand on her hips for steering and one hand
near her ear to hold my weight up, I looked her in her
eyes as I guided my cock into her cunt. I love to look
into a woman's eyes the first time I fuck her deeply.
There's something about seeing her eyes go wide as I
sink in that is just thrilling. By the time I hit
bottom, her cum-induced exhaustion was beginning to
fade quickly. There's nothing like a full cunt to bring
a girl back to her senses.

So, I fucked her. At first it was all me, but gradually
she fucked me back. Eventually we were fucking each
other and it was fucking great!

Her cunt was hot and slick like melted butter, like
hot-melted-running-down-my-lips-and-chin butter. She
licked the remains of her cum off my face and when I
turned my head to bear down into her, she fucked my ear
with her tongue to the steady drumming of my pelvis. As
much as I loved it in the ear, I wanted to rape her
mouth with my tongue. But it isn't rape if she's
willing and there was nothing about this woman that
wasn't willing. She was a blank slate on which I wrote
my desires. Everything I wanted, she gave. Everything I
needed, she offered. A free, unrestrained, unfettered

I had just enough synapses still firing to know I
didn't want to cum inside her. Unintended pregnancy
aside, there needed to be something left to share for
the future, some mysteries left to explore. Besides, I
really wanted to see my cum against her skin; wanted to
bath her in it and rub it all over her body, marking
her with my scent for life.

So I pulled out of her at the last second. She
squealed, like a brat denied a toy, then latched onto
my cock with both hands. She pumped it as I came,
directing my cum over us both, baptizing us in our
unholy union. She aimed globs towards her face, her
blouse, that skirt, even onto me. Everywhere but on her
belly as I had originally intended. Even so, as she did
it I liked her artistry more than my original idea. I
could always cum on her belly later. She seemed to love
* * * * *

So that's why I was late coming home from the video
store, Marj. And this is what I've been writing all
day. Best of all, after reading my favorite story about
you, she told me she could speak a little French. I'm
not sure how well, but as she was whispering in my ear
as I fucked her the second time, I think I see why you
enjoy it so much. Your gonna love this one, honey.
Truly inspiring!

Oh, by the way, we owe another day on your video
rentals. You'll get your money's worth on double coupon


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