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The Punishment


Summary: Raven's not very good at formulating punishments. So it's fun for all.
Keywords: MF
Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Title: The Punishment

The Punishment

(MF cons)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

June 2000

Note From Chrys:

I first wrote this when I was very, very angry at someone, but it just
didn't work. It's not really a torture of any sort, but more of a
reward. It's very odd, I know.

I'm a complex person.

<3 Chrys

The Story:

Furious, I checked my email one last time.

"That's it," I muttered under my breath. "He can NEVER apologize.
Everything is ALWAYS my fault. Always ..."

I quickly shut down my computer and stormed out of the house, grabbing
my coat and keys on the way out.

I started up my little blue Honda and pulled out of the driveway. A
week and a half ago, Devon and I had a little misunderstanding. Hating
to be wrong, I was embarrassed to talk about it, so with a hug and not
so much as a goodbye, I left for home. I emailed him later that night,
asking him to forgive me, but it had been three more emails and a week
and a half later, and Devon hadn't even so much acknowledged that I was
even alive.

"This is *not* how you're supposed to treat your girlfriend," I mumbled
under my breath, stomping on the accelerator.

He hadn't even called. What was up with him?

The more I thought about it, the more irritated I got. I could not
believe the nerve of Devon. He had never acted this way before. What
was it? Was he selfish? Could he just not stand to give in and admit we
were both wrong? Does he have a fear of a commitment? WHAT?

Not knowing what I was going to do, but sure that he would be
home--Wednesdays were his "relax away from civilization days"--I fumed.

I could stomp in there, throw open the door and demand to know what was
going on. I could ring the doorbell and get down on my knees and beg.

I snorted out loud. I was too upset for that. I can't believe he
wouldn't respond to *any* of my emails, *any* of my phone messages,
*anything* pleading him to just tell me what was going on.

Suddenly it occurred to me ... It *was* I who started the fight.

"Stupid boy," I said out loud. "I apologized already."

His words came back to me.

" ... You always apologize, but it's haphazard. I don't think you
really mean it. Why do you do this to me? Don't you love me? ..."

I nearly stopped the car.

"You're right, Devon ..." I mumbled under my breath, almost saddened by
my stupidity. I always apologized, but then I just blew it off.

Immediately repentant, I decided I would need more than a simple "I'm
sorry" this time.

I thought for a moment.


I pulled into his driveway and was pleased to see his car there. I ran
up the steps and rang the doorbell. I stood there, gathering my
thoughts, as I heard his footsteps come to the door.

I heard them pause, and I wondered for a moment if he was going to open
the door. But he reluctantly turned the handle and faced me.

"Raven," he said, his face completely blank.

"Devon," I said, putting my hand against the door as I breathed in
deeply in and out. "Why ... WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU WRITTEN BACK?"

He looked at me for a minute. "It's Wednesday."

I stepped inside and pushed his chest with both hands. "You're damn
right it is. That's how I knew you'd be home."

I didn't give him a chance to respond. He was just standing there with
a dumb look on his face. I slammed the door shut and started advancing
on him. "Why the hell haven't you written me? What did that mean? I've
apologized. I've APOLOGIZED. Yet you refuse to even acknowledge that I

"Raven, I just don't want to--"

"SHUT UP," I said. "I don't want to hear you talk."

"You really need to calm--" Devon started.

"Calm down?? CALM DOWN?? I'll tell you what, Devon. We'll go back to
last week, where I was calm for ten days, waiting for a word. A sign.
Something that showed me that you were alive. But you know what? I got
nothing. You didn't write me. You didn't call me. You ignored every
type of contact I tried to make with you. You refuse to talk about the
other night. You REFUSE. What am I supposed to think? What am I
supposed to do?"

As I was ranting, I began to pace about his house. I went from room to
room, touching things and moving things from a counter to a different
counter. I knew that made him nervous--it's one of his pet peeves. He
followed me around, not saying much, simply picking things up and
putting them back in their spots. I finally stomped into the kitchen.

"DAMNIT, DEVON. We have a fight, and you won't even acknowledge that I
exist. But we've been dating for a year and a half! But one time, you
don't get your way, and you turn into a crybaby."

Devon came around the kitchen counter and was staring at me, stonily.
"You simply don't get it, do you, Raven? You--"

"NO! There is a side of me you've never seen, and GODDAMN IT, YOU'RE
GOING TO SEE IT." I swept everything off the island in the middle of
the kitchen, sending magazines and a couple plastic bowls crashing into
the next room.

"Raven!" Devon said, startled for the first time.

"NO!" I screamed, throwing open the fridge door. I began to pull things
out, tossing them left and right. Apples, juice boxes, carrots ...

Devon strode across the room to stop me. He grabbed my left arm and
spun me around. "Raven, I think you need to--"

"DEVON. You don't know what I need to do." I wrenched my arm out of his
grip, and stood up tall to face him. "What I need is for you to BACK UP

I placed the palms of my hands on his chest and pushed him across the
kitchen roughly. He backed into the island, completely surprised at
this display of strength. I shoved him and stepped back abruptly, my
eyes narrowed into slits. "Now you are going to DO what I TELL YOU to

Devon was bigger than me and could easily overpower me. I saw the gears
in his head whirring, wondering if he should just kick me out or call
the police. "Raven, I really think you should just leave."

"No, I will NOT fucking LEAVE," I spat the last word in his face, then
grabbed his face with both hands and began to kiss him roughly.

Kiss was hardly the word for it. "Suck face" would probably have been
more appropriate.

Surprised, his lips parted to let my probing tongue seek entrance. I
began to suck on his lower lip, then pushed my tongue in and out of his
mouth. A few seconds into the kiss, he began to respond with the same
time of intensity. I pulled away roughly, and stepped back.

"You have been acting TERRIBLY, and that was the punishment for not
even saying goodbye when I left."

I grabbed him roughly again, and our passionate kiss resumed. My hands
raked through his hair as I pushed my whole body against his and ground
him into the island. Rubbing my body vigorously against his, I wriggled
my breasts against his chest and felt his tongue reach into the back of
my mouth.

I tore my lips away, but he wouldn't let me go. Pulling me against him,
he licked up my neck and started sucking on my ear.

"Devon, goddamn it, get naked right now."

We broke apart and pulled our clothes off as fast as we could go. I
ripped my t-shirt up and over my head and then dropped my shorts to the
floor. I watched Devon unbutton his shirt and throw it to the side. He
pulled his own shorts down and paused to watch as I unhooked the clasp
of my bra. I let my breasts free as I flung the bra across the kitchen,
and tore down my panties. Devon hungrily looked at me and resumed
pulled off his boxers. I could see him beginning to sport an erection

He lunged for me, but I darted away, breasts bouncing, and shouting,

He stopped, threw his arms up and said, "What?"

"Get on the fucking island. Lay down."

"What?" he asked.


He hopped up there and sat for a moment. I looked at him resolutely,
until he sighed, swung his feet up over the ledge, and laid down. He
kept his knees slightly bent and I looked at his erection for a moment,
before I turned to the fridge.

Devon sat up.

"LAY THE FUCK DOWN," I ordered, not even turning from rooting in the
fridge. "Close your eyes, too."

I found what I was looking for.

I turned around and saw him, for once, dutifully with his eyes closed.

"Devon, you've been a very naughty boy. This is phase two of your
punishment. Apparently you need to be taught a thing or two about
email, which is the lesson we will have after your punishment is over.
Keep your eyes closed."

When I was sure that he wasn't peeking, I pulled the bottle of
chocolate syrup from the fridge and shut the door.

I opened the bottle, then put my left hand over his eyes. With my right
hand, I began to pour it across his stomach, swirling it in patterns.
He jumped when the cool syrup hit his skin. "Keep your eyes closed!" I
commanded. "Don't open them until I say you can."

I put the bottle next to his head. I jumped up on the counter,
straddling his legs, sitting below his erection. I started at the
bottom of his abdomen and worked my way up. I licked the syrup off his
hips, sucking and licking, and he grasped my head. I let my breasts
brush against his cock every once in awhile as my tongue swirled around
his stomach and up his chest as he squirmed underneath, moaning and
rolling back and forth.

I knew he was looking at me, and I stopped what I was doing when I was
almost done and looked up. He was staring into my eyes. It was a look
of either complete surprise or pleasure or a mixture of both.

"DEVON," I said, firmly. "I said to keep your eyes shut. Now, do you
know what I have to do for that?"

I licked the last bit of chocolate off his shoulder, let my right
breast brush past his penis one more time as he twisted underneath me,
and grabbed the chocolate bottle.

"Watch," I said, staring into those steel blue eyes. His chest still
had chocolate on it in little sticky tongue-pools, and his arms had
dropped to his sides. He looked completely overwhelmed and just stared
at me, bewildered.

I put a knee on either side of his legs and tipped the bottle of
Hershey's syrup upside down. I let it ooze out of the bottle, holding
it over his cock, waiting for it to driiiiip ...

It hit his cock and he lifted his hips into the air, moaning. "That is
so ... weird ... feeling ..." he moaned, staring at what I was doing. I
put the bottle down and looked at his manhood, covered in chocolate. I
gripped it with both hands and rubbed it for a moment, and he
frantically pushed against me. Nonchalantly, I leaned back, looking at
my chocolate covered hands.

I slowly licked the chocolate from each other my fingers, and Devon
looked on, completely enthralled. His eyes were wide and before long,
he moaned, "Oh, Raven, please ... touch me again ..."

I finished licking the chocolate off, and got down on all fours.
Smiling, I began to lick the chocolate off his engorged penis, as he
rocked his hips up to meet my lips. I licked the head, then traveled
down the shaft, then rolled my tongue over his balls, licking, licking,
licking the dripping chocolate. Finally, I began to swallow it and
sucked it into my mouth, sucking, sucking, sucking, and finally, I
stopped going after the chocolate.

My tongue swirled over his cock and he ran his hands through my long,
black hair. My movements became more intense, I sucked with more fury
than ever, and his hips bucked and he moaned, "Raveeeeen ..." as he
came. He emptied himself into my mouth and I swallowed quickly.

I sat back on my heels and he collapsed backwards on the counter.

"God, that was good," he said.

"Good?" I asked. "That was good, but that's not all."

"What?" he said.

I stood up. "Look at me," I said, bending my knees outwards and gliding
a finger over my pussy. "I'm sopping wet. Look what you DO to me."

Devon grinned. "I can help you do something about that ..." he said,
sitting up.

"That's your final punishment. For misuse of the telephone ..." I
laughed. I sounded ridiculous. Then I got serious. "Lay back down."

Devon obediently laid down. I perched myself on his stomach and leaned
down to kiss him. We started kissing once again, our mouths gliding
over one another. sucking and licking each other's mouths, I waited
until I was sure he had an erection again, then I let go.

I sat up and move backwards.

I stared down his erect cock for a moment, then rolled my eyes back
into my head and impaled myself.

He slid into my body in one smooth movement. I felt him filling me up,
going deeper and deeper as I slid down onto him. "Ohh, God, Devon ..."
The feeling just got more intense, then finally I had reached the end
of my vaginal wall. I began to rock, pulling him in and out.

"Oh, Devon ..." my pleasure rose. I rocked back and forth, my eyes
closed, head thrown back, just feeling his thick member inside me. It
slid back and forth, rubbing over the best spots.

I felt his hand creep up and I did nothing to stop him. He began to
finger my clit, pushing all the right spots. He massaged it with two
fingers, moving back and forth, back and forth, matching our rhythm.

Our ecstasy rose, and I could feel his hips pushing up against me as he
grunted. "Raven, fuck, that's good," he moaned, helping keep up the

"Oh, God," I moaned. "I'm coming ..." I moaned, moving closer to

He began to squeeze my clit and a tingly feeling shot through my whole
body. I rocked faster and faster and suddenly, the sharp sting of
orgasm hit me full force.

"FUCK, DEVON, GOD, YEEEES," I moaned, slamming myself down onto his
cock and gripping the hand that was pleasuring my clit. "Yeeeees," I
felt his body shudder into mine as he moaned my name and emptied
himself into me.

It died away and I pulled myself off of his now flaccid member.

"God, that was good, Raven," Devon said.

"Yeah, you remember that, the next time you want to act up," I said. "I
might not be so lenient on you ... next time ..."


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