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The Quest for the Holy Grail


This story contains sexual words, actions, and themes.
If you are under 21,this is not for you... go away. If
this is not normal where you come from, go away. If
you don't like this sort of stuff, go away.

If, on the other hand, you are legal, and this type of
story is 'normal' for you, and you LIKE it... keep on

Any and all emails would be appreciated. :)

The Quest for the Holy Grail. . . Not - by Pami
( - another Fantasy Train
Adventure (
After my romp with King Edward, I pretty much relaxed
for a while. Took a nice shower. Allowed an adoring
fan to give me a massage. Slept for about 12 hours
straight. Persuaded Louie to make me a wonderful
steak dinner. I even asked nicely and he cleaned up
my dress for me. I was kind of annoyed with Shon for
not mentioning that I should bring a change of
clothes. Maybe he just wanted all of us to be one big
nudist colony. And then I visited. I got to meet
(and 'enjoy') some of the other writers that I had
read so much about. I don't care if you don't use
yourself as a character... your stories tell an awful
lot about you. I stayed away from Homer. I really
didn't want to have a bouncing baby nine months from
now. Although that would bring up an interesting
point. If someone DID get pregnant on this joyride
through time, how would they explain the conception to
the kid if it ever asked. "Well, honey, your dad and
I met up somewhere between the Holy Crusades and the
Russian Revolution." Yeah, ok... not too many issues
for therapy with THAT concept.

Anyway, after talking and hearing about everyone
else's adventures, I developed an urge for another
one. Not a sexual escapade. A real true adventure.
Kind of like an Indiana Jones movie. So I sought out
the leprechaun and asked if he could drop me off
somewhere and then come back and pick me up in a bit.
I mean, I didn't want to deprive anyone else of an
opportunity to visit a special time period, but if I
could squeeze a freebie in... well, I AM the teeniest
bit selfish. Shh... don't tell anyone.

Louie agreed, but told me that I had to make up my
mind really quickly. I asked him to set me down in
the ancient middle east. Around King Solomon's time.
I wanted to quest for the item I had read about in a
couple of ancient manuscripts. The Queen of Sheba's
Ivory Dildo. It was alleged made of pure white ivory
and was an accurate replica of King Solomon's most
outstanding feature. He had given it to her as an
engagement gift, but reality intruded, and they
realized that they couldn't be together forever, due
to politics, but he had wanted her to have it to
remember him by. Pretty romantic, huh? And I wanted
to see it.

The little green man gave me a weird look as I
explained the story to him, and he shook his head and
swerved the train suddenly. I lost my footing, and
can you believe I slipped and actually fell OUT of the

I landed with a thud (AGAIN!) in a pile of sand. The
sun blazed down at me, and I looked around. There was
a small caravan of camels coming towards me, and I
rose to my feet and started waving my arms. It was
hot as hades and I wished that I had clothing less
bulky than my by-now wrinkled linen dress. I felt the
sweat trickle down the side of my face as the camels
drew abreast of me.

"Well, what have we here?" I heard a gravelly voice
say. Thank goodness for that magical button, because
I could tell that he was speaking some language that I
would NEVER have understood. I looked at the speaker
and was taken aback to see a pair of ice-blue eyes set
in what appeared to be darkly tanned and weather
beaten skin. I couldn't see much, because he had
flowing draperies on, that looked remarkably like what
we think of modern day Arabs wearing.

Anyway, I was a tiny bit scared, since I was facing
what looked to be an entourage of about 10 or 15 men
with pack camels beside them. Still, I drew a deep
breath, and smiled cheerily. Smiles are a universal
language, right? "Excuse me, sir, but I was looking
for the palace of the Queen of Sheba. Would you be
able to help me?"

Now I realize that asking this in the middle of the
desert seemed pretty inane, but really... there I was,
stuck in some ancient time, in an unknown location.
For all I knew, Louie had swerved the train by
accident and I just fell out in some other era than
the one I had asked for.

Blue Eyes laughed, and the other men seemed to take
his cue and they chuckled as well. I smiled, not
knowing what to do.

"Well, Lady, we are on our way to her lands right now.
Would you like to join us?" he asked.

"I surely would. How kind of you, my lord," I
addressed him. I figured calling him my lord was
safe. I think that was a sign of respect all through

"Unfortunately, though, we don't seem to have an extra
camel, so you will have to ride with me. Is that
acceptable?" he continued.

I weighed the options, looked around at the sands that
surrounded me on all sides, felt the sun blazing down
on my head and knew I had little choice. "I have
never ridden on a camel, but I will try."

The man alighted from his camel, and I looked
dubiously up at the animal. I had heard all of the
stories about camels spitting and being ornery, and
this one looked like it hated me already.

I heard the man laugh again, and he assured me that
there was nothing to fear. I sighed, and looked at
him. He looked familiar somehow, but maybe that was
just because I have always been a sucker for blue
eyes. I notice them everywhere. I can't help it. He
pulled on the reins and the camel knelt forward. I
saw a small saddle and I went to climb up, but he
stopped me. "No Lady. I get on first, and THEN you
get on."

I looked down at the long skirt I was wearing and knew
that despite its fullness, I was going to have to hike
it up. I hoped that showing leg wasn't against the
law here. My knowledge of ancient history could
definitely use some brushing up, I made a mental note.

I sighed again, and decided that I should introduce
myself. "My name is," and then I stopped. One thing
I DID know was that Pami was not a name that existed
in ancient times. Nor was Kathryn, my alter ego with
King Edward. I thought and then I came up with the
only feminine name that popped into my head. "My name
is Theadora." Ok, ok. So I was presumptuous. She
was an empress of the Roman Empire. Or was it the
Ottoman Empire. Oh well. It didn't matter, that was
the name I gave him.

He climbed up onto the saddle and extended a hand down
to me. "Well, Theadora, my name is... Alexander. Now,
would you please..." and he gestured to the spot in
front of him on the camel.

I was really going to have to sit on his lap. Oh
God. I know I write some erotic stories and all, but
I really am not that forward in general. I was
reminded that I still had no undergarments on. I
sighed yet again, and then climbed up.

I gingerly planted my butt down on the saddlehorn, and
I tried to be ladylike about it, but there isn't too
much you can do when you are straddling what was
almost the neck of one big-ass ugly beast. My legs
were spread pretty wide, and my skirt was just a bit
above my legs. Thank God I shaved when I was
showering on the train! At least my delicately fair
(alright...PASTY!) white legs were smooth.

"Is that a roll of quarters, or are you just happy to
see me," I muttered under my breath as my co-passenger
pulled me snugly back against him. I could feel a
definite bulge underneath my bottom, and I wasn't
quite sure whether I should try to lean forward,
therefore pressing my vulva on the saddlehorn, or lean
back, and feel this guy's cock along my ass. At least
he was clean, and that was a definite plus. I didn't
think that cleanliness was next to godliness back
then, but apparently this man was ahead of his time.
In fact, he smelled really good. Almost like a fine
cologne, but that was impossible. Well, whatever it
was, I inhaled deeply and enjoyed the aroma.

There was a guttural yell from the man, and off we
went. And I realized that it didn't matter which way
I leaned, the rolling of the animal ensured that all
of my sensitive parts were being bumped and prodded in
what was a most delicious manner. So I decided to go
with the flow, so to speak, and just enjoy the ride.
I closed my eyes against the bright sun and fantasized
about the dildo I was going to find. It was one of
the rarest treasures of the ancient world, and I will
admit, references to it in any books were sketchy, but
I thought it was well worth the time to see if I could
gaze upon it myself.

Alexander's right hand held the reins to the camel,
but his left was wrapped around my waist. As I lost
myself in my daydream, I felt my passions beginning to
rise. The constant jolting against my clit wasn't
enough to hurt, but was just enough pressure to make
my juices start flowing. I have always been rather
easily aroused, but I used to think it was a good
thing. Now I was cursing it. I snapped out my
reverie and noticed that Alexander's left hand was now
just underneath my bosom. I watched as his large hand
slowly inched its way toward my left breast. He was
murmuring to himself under his breath, and I couldn't
quite make out what he was saying.

All of a sudden, the camel stumbled on the down slope
of a sand dune, and Alex's hand made its leap from rib
cage to firmly over my tit. I jumped in my place, and
opened my mouth to reprimand him, but then his long
fingers found my erect nipple and he plucked at it.
Instead of the rebuke I intended, a small moan came
out of my mouth. Damn, it felt good. So I let him
keep playing with it. I know, I know... I should've
just jumped off the camel and demanded to be left
there, but let's be real. I was alone, in a desert,
Heaven (and Louie) only knew exactly where, and this
man had something intangible about him that was
turning me on. It wasn't like I was ever going to see
him again, anyway. And so we rode on.

My head fell back on Alex's shoulder, and I looked at
his blue eyes. They twinkled at me as he continued to
toy with me, and I smiled in return. I wiggled on his
lap, and was rewarded to feel the penis underneath my
bottom grow. It had already been semi-erect, but as I
squirmed and Alex tweaked, it grew to what felt like a
glorious length and thickness. My pussy was dripping.
I chuckled, thinking that John and Maria would laugh
like hell when they saw ANOTHER huge wet spot on my

"What is so amusing, Thea?" that wonderful voice

"You wouldn't understand, Alex. You wouldn't
understand," I replied with a smirk on my face.

I wondered what the other men in the caravan were
thinking, and if they could see what their leader was
doing to me. They probably wouldn't have cared
anyway. Women were chattel back then, and I was
fortunate that this man hadn't simply bound and gagged
me and hauled me off to some harem or something.

"By the way, you have lovely nipples," Alex commented
idly, almost as if he were commenting upon the

I felt a shudder run up my spine as he switched his
hand to my right breast and proceeded to toy with that
one. I didn't know how much more I could take. My
clit was throbbing with every step the camel took, and
my nipples were so hard I thought they were going to
burst right through the thin green cloth of my gown.

"Oh," I exclaimed as Alex shifted behind me, and
lifted me slightly, pulling my gown up so that when I
reseated myself, I could feel his naked cock along the
crack of my equally naked ass.

"Do you like that, Thea? Can you feel me against you?
I can feel your juices on my cock. Your pussy is so
hot." Alex whispered in my ear, continuing on as my
breath quickened. He had found my weakness. Well, one
of them, anyway. I love to hear a man talk dirty to
me. I can't help it. It's a turn on. This guy knew
all the right buttons to push.

"Tell me what you want, Thea. Tell me..." and
Alex handed me the reins of the camel and his right
hand plunged between my legs and cupped my sex. He
massaged and kneaded me and I just couldn't think
straight. It was a good thing we were in the middle
of the caravan and the camel was just following the
one in front, because we would've been in big trouble
if I had actually been required to think. The big
head was definitely NOT the one in control!

As Alex pulled my right nipple out from my breast,
stretching it, he thrust a finger inside my pussy.
"Oohhh," I moaned. He swirled the finger around and
then withdrew it, and we both looked at in the sun,
shining with wetness. He held it up to my mouth, and
I know... I know... this is really nasty... I licked
it clean. It just seemed the right thing to do at the
time. You all have been there... I KNOW it!

"Please... Please, Alex," I moaned.

"What...What, Thea?" he mimicked me, but I felt the
pulsing of his cock, and I knew he was as turned on as
I was.

I raised my bottom up just a bit, reached underneath,
and positioned his manhood at the right angle. "Fuck
me," I breathed at the same moment that I slid down on
his pillar of flesh.

"Aahhhh," he groaned as he sank in me all the way to
the balls.

"Aahhh," I groaned as I felt him stretch my channel.
"Oh God... you are in me so deep," I managed to say in
between steps of the camel. Every motion seemed to
drive him deeper. I flexed my interior muscles and
was rewarded by his moan.

We rode like that for long minutes. I have no idea how
long, but it seemed like we fucked for hours. The
scenery never changed, and the camel just kept
plodding along. Neither of us wanted to hurry this
along... it felt too damn good to want it to end.
Every once in a while, Alex's mouth would bite at my
neck through his scarf. And every once in a while, I
would reach between my legs and just hold my hand
where he penetrated me. It was an incredible feeling
to actually touch his hardness as it slid out of me,
covered in juices, and then feel it thrust deeply
inside again.

Finally, I couldn't take anymore. The constant
teasing of my inner nerve endings, along with the
rubbing of my clit was too much. "Oh God, Alex." I
panted. "Oh God. I am going to come. I am... I
really am."

Alex's hand left my tits and plunged down to my
womanhood. At the same time that he pulled my clit
between his thumb and forefinger, he said to me "Then
come, Thea... COME!" And I did. I shuddered and
moaned, and pretty much screamed as an intense orgasm
washed over me.

I guess the convulsions in my pussy were too much for
him, because Alex thrust extra hard into me, and
yelled too. "I'm coming.... Ahhhh... Pami!"

I froze. What the HELL?! As his words sank in, I
turned and pulled the draperies away from around his
face. It was one of my fellow writers from the train.
"JOHN?!" I blurted. "John A.? What the HELL are you
doing here? And why didn't you tell me it was you?"
I was seriously annoyed. I mean this guy had just
given me some incredible pleasure, but I felt like he
had done it under false pretenses. I thought I was
with some ancient Bedouin warrior, and here it was, my
buddy John.

He smiled at me. "Well, I wanted to go on an old
fashioned quest for an ancient artifact, but I didn't
want to interrupt anyone else's fantasy, and that
leprechaun told me this was quick and easy." He
paused. "It sure has been fun!" he leered at me as he
patted my tits.

I was still irked with John, but that damn leprechaun
was going to pay when I got through with him.

"C'mon Pami.... forgive me? Please? I'll be your
best friend?" John asked in a wheedling tone.

I half rose, feeling his softening cock slip out of
me, and then plopped my butt back down on top of him.
He squealed a bit, but I knew I hadn't really hurt
him. "Well, John.... I guess I'll let it go THIS
time. Since you... performed so well, that is," I
smirked. "However," I continued, cutting John off as
he started to say something, "However, there is a
price. I need you to help me with my quest. I could
use a spare set of hands. And eyes. And the rest of
you isn't bad either," I winked.

"Oh, come on, Pami," John protested, "I have already
FINISHED my adventure, and to be honest, I really just
want to get back on the train and into a nice cool
shower. This desert sun is killing me."

"Wait, John, I think you might enjoy this," I told

He sighed deeply. "Alright. You win. What can I help
you find?"

"Louie promised me I could search for... King
Solomon's Ivory Dildo," I pronounced in what I hoped
was a dramatic tone.

John laughed. And laughed. And laughed. In fact, by
the time he was able to speak again, there were tears
rolling down his cheek.

"What the hell is so funny?" I asked crossly.

"Ah, Lady... ask and ye shall receive." John stopped
the camel we were riding on, and kind of just tossed
me down to the sands. He jumped down after me, and
strode to the pack camel that was directly in front of
us. He withdrew a small dark bag, and tossed it to me.
"Just something I picked up in King Solomon's

I opened the drawstring of the bag, reached in and
pulled out...a piece of worn ivory shaped like a
rather large phallus. I looked up at John. "Is
this..." I stopped at the sight of his nod.

"Yes, Pami. The legendary Ivory Dildo. Beat you to
it, I suppose."

That damn leprechaun.


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