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Archived Sex Stories

The Rape


I was late that night. I finished work late and went to the
for an evening appointment. When I returned to the work car
park it was
empty, eerie and silent. As I walked to my solitary car my
echoed. Or was that the sound of someone elses steps? I
looked around
nervously. The echoing stopped. I reached my car and opened
to door.

Suddenly I was grabbed round the waist so violently that it
knocked all the
breath out of me. My keys were snatched, and I felt myself
being shoved
into the back seat of my car.
'Scream and we kill you' snarled a voice in my ear , but I
was winded and
frozen with fear. I couldn't have screamed.

One man had pushed me into the car, another had taken the
keys and was in
the drivers seat. My head was pushed down against the car
seat and the car
screeched and drove at speed away. I had no idea where we
were going. We
drove only a short way, and stopped. It was dark.

I was shaking and crying. My voice came at last.

'Please don't hurt me' I thought I was going to die.

'You will be alright if you do exactly what we want' came a
voice form the
front seat. It was someohw familiar, but I couldn't place it.
The guy next
to me gave a threatening chuckle.

The driver left his seat and came round to the hatch back
door. He opened
it and pulled down the seats so the back of the car was a
flat surface.
They pulled me struggling over the surface.One held my arms
and lay over
me, the other removed my tights and panties. I sobbed and
wriggled but
couldn't move.

With one holding me down they eventually pulled off my top
and bra. I was
naked and terrifyingly vulnerable. I trembled and wept.The
men worked
quickly, they seemd to have planned it all.

They teid my hands with my bra and attatched it to the car
between the
front two seats, then they pulled me across the flattened
seats so I lay
out stretched , my hands tied together above my head and my
legs hanging
out of the cars hatch back door. Then they tied my legs with
my torn
tights, spreading me out with one leg tied to each bumper. My
legs we
spread out wide and the wind blew into my unprotected pussy lips.

Having tied me , they stood back and stared at me. Light from
a street lamp
lit up my naked helpless body. I didn't know where we were
but it was
absolutely deserted except for us.

They didn't gawp for long.

'Right , Megan, ready for a good fuck?'

That voice again! How did he know my name?

They were climbing back in the car with me. One sat astride
me right
accross my neck, he was unzipping his flies clumsily and
crushing my neck
and chest as he bounced about.

Soon he presented me with a his hard tool, shining white in
the street
light, he told me to suck it and I did. I had no hands to
control the
entry and he thrust it into my throat making me gag again and
again. At the
same time I could feel the hands of the other guy probing my
pussy deeply
with his hand.
Thankfully, the guy moved from my mouth and I could breathe
again. He moved
down a little and pressed my little breasts around his prick.
He squeezed
them painfully, rubbing his prick against them. He moved down
between my legs and foound my slit. He put his prick head
agaisnt it and
shoved it in hard. I cried out. He fucked hard and fast, my
legs were
twisted painfully in there spreadeagled and tied position. He
pulled out
finally and moved up me again, aiming at my face he released
his sperm at
me. It shot through the air and hit my eyes and hair, I felt
it running
down my face.

For a moment they were talking. Then they came again and
untied my legs ,
they twisted me round so my hands were still tied but I was
downwards. They they tied my legs apart again.

I knew what was coming.

'Noo please' I begged, but they ignored my pleading and

I yelped as rough fingers shoved into my tight hole. I braced
myself for
the worst. A strange scratchy pressure descended on my
buttocks. I felt my
asshole being probed by something warm and wet. One of them
was eating my
hole out. My cheeks were pulled apart wide and tight, and I
felt the five
oclock shadow sctratching as he licked.

Inevitably, it stopped and I felt the impossibly huge ball of
a head of a
penis pushing heavily against the tight hole. It pushed and
painfully , but could not gain access.

'Please stop! It won't go! ' I pleaded, but the shoving was
ramming and ranmming with short bursts but very hard.
Eventually it moved
in about half and inch, my sphincter muslces contracted. I
felt sharp pain
and thought I was about to rip open. Grunting the force on
top of me
continued to ram and finally it yielded, his hard stick
forced open my
tight hole and thrust deep inside . I screamed and begged,
but he pounded
me deep in my hole. It felt like a sledgehammer against my

With a burst of profanity behind me a felt the thick invader
pulsing as it
shot its load, and finally mercifully, it softened and ceased
to stab me.

I had moved beyond tears, surely they were going to kill me
now. The men withdrew a while. I heard them releiving themselves- at least
that wasn't
on me. They came back and untied me. Then they disappeared.

Eventually, stiffly, I began to move. I turned myself into a
positioned and stayed that way. I had no idea of time but the
light of dawn
came finally. Slowly and painfully, I found most of my
clothes and dressed
my stiff , bruised body. The key was in the ignition. I could
go......where? to the police?
I imagined the scenario if I presented myself. What would
Questions? Examinations. I needed to think about it.

I drove home to shower.


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