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The Reluctant Starlet


Copyright 1996 James Dawson. ALL rights reserved!

Comments: WARNING! This story contains strong themes of coercion and
forced sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction and sexual
fantasy for ADULTS only!

story Codes: M+F/coercion/exploitation/groping/spanking

The Reluctant Starlet

by James Dawson

He could tell she was nervous as soon as she walked into the room. Some
were more so than others, but this one was really nervous. Her eyes were
big and she was obviously intimidated by the elegant surroundings as she
stepped forward tentatively. Her gaze followed the heavy red velvet
curtains and large paintings of foreboding looking aristocratic faces.
She'd never seen luxury like this before. She was perfect.

Jack could tell she had never seen much. She looked to be about 5' 7 or
5' 8, just slightly on the meaty side, but still slim in the middle. Her
hips looked full and most importantly, she had a large bust. She’d
said in her letter that she was 38DD, and Jack was relieved to see she
seemed to be telling the truth. She was wearing a powder blue wrap-around
dress that looked like something you would have seen in an American disco
in the seventies. It had a tie attached to one of the sides which went
around her body again and tied at the side, creating a modest slit up one
thigh. Her hair was thick and a bit frizzy and appeared to have been
bleached blonde. It was also about shoulder length. He smiled to himself.
Along with her white tights and white high heels, she looked like she just
stepped out of an old "American Bandstand" show.

Her face was angelic, and like the rest of her it was slightly round.
She had nice high cheekbones and a petite, narrow nose. Her mouth was
round and the tip of a pink tongue darted nervously over full lips which
were painted bright red. Giant crystal blue eyes stared apprehensively out
from underneath long, thick lashes. She stood nervously holding her purse
in front of her. Jack walked towards her and introduced himself. She
shyly reached her hand up to take his. He noticed the red polish on her
nails was worn and chipped. He could tell she didn't have much money. He
walked her into the room and offered her a seat at one end of the plush red couch that was in the center of of the elegant foyer.

Jack had been in Moscow for two weeks before he’d actually started
seeing women. He had put several casting ads in local papers requesting
photos and resumes and, as usual, it had taken him a while to sort out the
potential winners from the multitude of losers. Casting for a film brought
them in every city, but here in Moscow there were more than most. He had
taken a suite at one of the most opulent hotels in the city, and it was
from here that he was doing his final casting. The suite had three
impressive rooms, a bedroom and bathroom in addition, and like the foyer
where they were currently sitting, all were done in Georgian style which
made Jack feel as though he should be wearing a white powdered wig. He
knew how impressive it was, especially with all of the video and
photography gear set up at the far end of the long room. And that was

Natasha Zvegintzov was clearly impressed - as he knew she would be.
Though she had nothing but a crude snapshot to send in, Jack had seen her
potential right away. Her face had that sad, almost pained look of
innocence that he - and more importantly his clients - were always looking
for. Her big blue "Bambi" eyes appeared as though they were always on the
verge of tears. Combined with her full rose bud mouth and buxom figure,
she was perfect. He could already count the money. He wondered how old she was. She was certainly nowhere near twenty-one as she said she was.
Instead she looked more like seventeen or eighteen. But it didn't matter
to him. If things went as planned, they'd both be far away soon and it
wouldn't matter.

He began by making initial small talk with her, and found her English
was not bad. More importantly, she seemed to understand him. She sat
primly with her knees drawn together and the toes of her white high-heeled
shoes pointing slightly toward each other like a schoolgirl while he asked
her several questions about her experience in film to which she honestly,
but very nervously, replied that she had none. Her every word seemed
tentative, and her voice was so soft and quiet, that several times he had
to ask her to repeat herself. She’d acted in school, she said, but
that was about it. Jack shook his head slightly at this and watched as her
hands grip her handbag nervously, hoping that this had not blown her
chance. He let her twist for a moment. He wanted to see how badly she
wanted to be in films and get out of Moscow. He could almost see her
nervous little heart pounding underneath her dress. She was perfect.

He began to explain the film to her. It was going to be a thriller
about a young Russian woman who, while on holiday abroad, meets an American
spy and gets mixed up in international espionage. It was going to be a
James Bond type film, he said, and would be shot on location in Mexico.
Though her part would be a major role, it didn't matter too much about her
English as they were specifically looking for new fresh face with a strong
Russian accent for this part. If she "got it," he told her, she would also
have a language coach on the set. He told her that she looked exactly like
just what they wanted. Did she feel up to it? Did she feel she could act
and take direction? She nodded enthusiastically without hesitation. He
watched as her eyes widened with excitement. Had she ever been to Mexico,
he asked. She gently shook her head "no." Did she have a passport? Yes,
that she did have. Good...

"Great." He said. "Now we need you to read the script in front of the
video camera so that we can see how you look and sound on film. Can you do

She looked towards the three video cameras set up at the other end of
the room. They all pointed to a single stool at the end of the room. Jack
could see the anxiety.

"Yes." she said softly.

"The most important thing for a new actress' first audition tape is
showing that she can take direction." He said.

She looked back apprehensively towards the stool set up in front of the
video cameras with the lights shining down on it. Then she looked back at
him and nodded yes. He could see her nerves playing havoc with her. As he
leaned forward, she instinctively looked down at the floor.

"You really are very close to what we're seeking." He smiled. "Maybe a
new star is going to be born."

She smiled back at him nervously. He could see the mix of hope...and

"To show my good faith, that we are really serious," He continued, "We
like to make it worth our people's while coming."

He pulled out a wad of money.

"We usually write a check to those whom he feel most strongly about, but
with currency hassles, would it be okay to just give you cash." She stared
at the money. She didn't have much, he could tell. He peeled off the
equivalent of $500. He told her that it was standard procedure and tossed
it on the table. She looked at it, unsure whether to pick it up. She

Jack got up from the couch and walked over to the desk. He picked up a
script and walked back towards her. Now could she read a bit for him? She
looked nervously at it as he handed it to her.

"Let's have you to come over here so we can tape it." He said -
motioning across the room.

She took a deep breath and got to her feet. She walked across to the
area where everything was set up. She turned around and seated herself on
the stool. She looked nervously at the lights and camera lens staring at
her as he turned the cameras on.

"Now don't be nervous." He said with a smile.

She tried to give him a smile back.

"Good...a nice smile." Said Jack. "Now open it to page fifteen."

She opened the script and thumbed her way to the page.

"Now just read the part of Sasha. Don't worry about the other parts.
Just pause a second between each of your lines. We'll add another actor
later to make a complete test."

He adjusted one of the three the cameras pointing at her. Smiling to
himself, he zoomed in on her big breasts as she started to read her lines.
She had a terrible time and became instantly flustered. She looked up at
him piteously.

"It's okay." He said with a warm smile.

He walked over to her.

"Remember, we want a Russian speaker here. To be quite honest, your
looks are really important here. You seem like the right girl for this.
So just relax."

She seemed to be slightly comforted and tried to settle down. She
started over. It was a little better this time. He let her read for a few
minutes and every time she ran into problems or words she didn't
understand, he helped her through them.

"That's great." He said finally. "That gives us plenty to work with."

He walked towards her and reached for the script. He noticed a dejected
look on her innocent little face as she handed it back to him. He took it
and casually tossed it on the floor and them took hold of the video camera and tripod and moved them back about ten feet. She stayed on the stool
with her hands folded in her lap - not sure what to do next.

"That really was great." He said. "I really feel good about it."

She looked up at him with a weak smile. He took a couple of steps
foreword and tilted his head to one side as he looked at her. He walked
back to the camera.

"Now since we don't have any pictures of you," He said, "I'll need to
get some full length shots."

He moved behind the camera and looked down into the eyepiece.

"Stand up, please."

Natasha paused for a second. Then she got up off the stool and stood
still nervously.

"Go ahead and move the stool away." He commanded.

She picked it up and set it down about six feet to the left, then she
went back to her spot.

"Okay now. Why don't you turn yourself slowly around."

Her big blue eyes suddenly seemed fraught with nerves. Her little pink
tongue peeked out from between her red lips.

"It's okay. Just slowly spin yourself around so I can get a good view
of you from all sides."

With her hands clasped tightly in front of her, Natasha slowly began to
turn herself around.

"Hold it a second." Said Jack as she had her back to the camera.

He wanted to get a nice long panning shot from her shoes and up the back
of her legs. Then up her back. He slowly moved the camera up and then
back down again.

"Okay continue."

She resumed her motion - slowly turning until she was once again facing
the camera. Her eyes went down to the floor. She was visibly filled with
anxiety at the direction this was going.

"That's great." He said.

He watched her for a moment fidgeting with her hands.

"Now..." He continued as he walked towards her.

She looked up at him for a second, and then looked back down.

"We will be filming on the beach in Mexico quite a bit, so you will be
required to wear a bikini."

He saw her squeeze her hands together.

"So naturally we'll need to see what you'd look like."

Though she was still looking at the floor, he saw her face turn red with

"So why don't you slip off your dress please."

She didn't move for a second. Her face seemed to burn. She raised a
hand to cover her mouth.

"Anything wrong?" Asked Jack.

She was the perfect picture of innocence.

"Ah...ah...." She stammered - not sure what to say.

"We just need to see that's all. It's standard."

He looked at her for a moment. She suddenly looked on the verge of
tears and stared back down at the floor.

"We also need to know that you can follow directions." He said - his
voice slightly more serious.

The big blue eyes looked up at him - suddenly alarmed. Just as quickly
they looked back down.

"Yes...okay." She said softly.

Slowly, she moved her hand down away from her mouth to her side -
letting it fall to the knot that held her dress together.

"That's a girl." He said.

He stepped back to watch as her hands began to fidget with the knot.
They seemed stiff and she seemed to have trouble. He watched her for a

"Here..." He said walking towards her. "Let me help you."

She didn't look up at him as he walked up to her. He reached out and
took her hands - which went limp in his - and he pulled them away from the
knot. She passively let him move both her arms around behind her. He
could see her big breasts heaving with her nervous breathing. He tried to
control his own as he began to work on the knot. Just as he got it loose
and began to unravel it, she suddenly burst into tears. She pulled both
hands up to cover her face and began to cry into them.

"I....I...I'm sorry." She said from behind her hands.

His chest pounded as he pulled the two ties apart. The slack made her
dress open a bit. He could see her white slip underneath.

"That's okay." He said softly.

He held the two ties but did not move. She let out a sob.

"I've just....I've never...I mean..." She said between sobs.

She looked back up at him with her big blue eyes and then pulled her
left elbow away so as not to interfere with his progress.

"That's all right." He repeated.

He reached up and stroked her hair. She was so innocent.

"This line of business is not for everyone." He said.

She pulled her hands down, and looked up at him. Two tears were running
down her cheeks. More were welled up.

"No." She said. "I'm sorry...I'll be okay."

"Are you sure?" He asked knowing full well the answer.


"Okay." He replied - still holding the two ties.

"Now put your hands down."

She closed her eyes and slowly lowered her arms. They hung loosely at
her sides. His eyes traveled across her angelic face, down her smooth
neck, to the top of her chest and the hint of cleavage at the top of her
dress. He slowly began pulling the two halves of her dress apart. He felt
her breath quicken as he exposed her slip underneath. It was white, and
ran down below the tops of her thighs. He could see the tops of her big
breasts - which looked full and firm. He pulled it all the way open and
let the two sides hang open uselessly. Her chest heaved as he stared at
her for a second. Then he walked around behind her so that the cameras
would get an unobstructed view. He could smell her freshly washed hair as
he reached around from behind and took hold of the the two sides of her
dress and drew them back over her shoulders. Slowly he slid the material
down her arms and off.

She didn't move.

He drew back away from her and walked over to a nearby chair and draped
her dress over it. He looked back over at her. Standing in her slip with
a bra and panties underneath, she made a perfect picture of submissive
femininity. He walked back to the same place and stood right behind her.
His own heart was pounding in his chest. He gently placed his hands on her

"The slip will need to come off too." He said almost in a whisper.

He slid his fingers under the shoulder straps of her slip and lifted
them up. He pulled them over her shoulders and she stood still as he
lowered the material down over her big breasts and pushed it down over her
hips - which were covered by her white tights.

He let the slip drop. It fell into a little pile at her feet. He
walked around in front of her to drink in the sight. She looked at him -
her big, blue tear filled eyes conveyed her agony. She slowly,
instinctively, moved her left hand in front of the space between her legs.
Her right arm came up across her breasts - making them bulge up high on her
chest. She was truly magnificent. Though her bra was thick and not fancy,
he could tell they housed wonderful breasts. While she was not a skinny
girl by any means, her stomach was smooth and lean. He walked back up and
stood to her right side.

"Please lower your arms, Natasha." He said. "They need to see your

She blinked her eyes closed, and fresh tears popped out and rolled down
her cheeks. It was the word "THEY" that got her. She had no idea who
would be watching this. She slowly lowered her arms and let them hang at
her sides.

"Why don't you hold them behind you." He said.

She looked at him for a second, and then back down at the floor. She
slowly pulled her hands back behind her. Her big tits stuck out rudely in
front of her.

"I'm sorry..." she repeated.

"I just..." she bowed her head. "I...I've never done anything like this

"That's okay." Said Jack. "You're doing just fine. I know it's hard."

She let out a little sniffle.

"You're cooperating and taking direction nicely." He added. "And that's

Once again, he scanned her ripe body. He fought the urge to reach out
and rip the rest of her clothes off and throw her down to the floor. He
took a deep breath.

"Now there's just one thing." He said.

She looked up at him. She bit down on her full red lower lip.

"To be fair..." He continued, "White adds on a lot of weight on video."

Her big eyes blinked. She looked down at herself and then back up at

"I really think we ought to have those tights off as well."

She just blinked again and slowly lowered her head.

"It will look much better...just like a swimsuit." He said.

"Oh...okay..." she whispered, "if you think...." Her voice trailed off.

"Yeah. It will look much better." he said.

He walked back up to her and bent down on one knee. He found himself
face to face with her crotch. He could see the outline of her panties beneath the tights.

"Now..." He said, "Let's slip your shoes off."

He took hold of her left foot and lifted it up. Natasha reached down
with one hand and steadied herself on his shoulder. He slipped off one,
and then the other. Then he set them down to the side. Still down on a
knee, he straightened up. She dutifully returned her hands behind her
back. He reached up and slid his fingers into the waistband of her tights.
He eased the elastic away from her skin and began to lower it. He pulled
the material down - careful not to pull on her panties as well. He could
see the slight indentation in the skin above her waist where the elastic
had been. He pulled them down over her hips and started down her thighs.
He noticed that her skin had slight goosebumps. He got them down to her
knees and then used both hands to push them down each calf. Again she
reached down to steady herself on him as he pulled them off of her feet.

"Let's put your shoes back on." He said.

He lifted her feet and replaced her white high heels and then stood back
up and stepped back. His eyes ran up and down her body - now clad only in
her bra and panties. It was fabulous. Her tits were huge and jutting,
while her stomach and waist were slender. She was perfect.

He went back to the video camera. Once again, he had her slowly turn
herself around - showing him all sides of her lush body. He waited for his
first glimpse of her ass.

He was not disappointed.

As she turned around, he saw full, round, yet pert cheeks. They stood
out beautifully. Once she had turned all the way around again, he had her
lean forward and put a hand on her knee - causing her cleavage to heave
forward. He had her pose in several different "cheesecake" positions (as
he told her she would be in if she was modeling swimwear). She did her
best to cover her acute embarrassment.

"Okay." He said still looking at her. "I think we can kill two birds
with one stone."

She looked at him quizzically and he explained the term.

"I'm a little worried..." He continued, "About how the white is going to
look on camera. And since you don't have any other video, I've got an
outfit in the other room - one that's going to be used in the film anyway
so we already have it in your size..."

She looked at him blankly, waiting.

"It's a pretty lingerie why don't you go into the bedroom
and put it on and we'll get some good video of you." He smiled at her.
"It's quite sexy...but then sexy never hurt an actress now did it."

She looked down at the floor again and fidgeted with her hands.

"Oh...okay..." she replied softly.

"Great. Let me show you where...

Jack's eyes almost bugged out of his head when she walked out. She was
even more incredible than he had imagined. His prick literally lunged in
his pants. He could see her tits through the lingerie....they were
unbelievable. If he didn't know better he'd have thought they were fake.

"You look great." He said.

Natasha's face was bright red and she slowly pulled her hand up to cover
her breasts under his heated gaze. She stood still awkwardly waiting.

"Let's go over here." He said motioning to a cabinet against the wall in
front of an ornate screen divider.

The cabinet had a mirror built onto the top with a white lace cover on
it. It seemed to match the lingerie.

"Here...why don't you sit up on the edge."

Natasha moved over to the cabinet and turned around to face him. Jack
tried not to stare...but couldn't help it.

"You look really sexy." He said with a weak smile.

She knew what she looked like and her eyes welled up. Jack focused the
video camera and then reached for a standard one which was sitting in

"Let me get some stills too..." He said.

He moved around her and took several shots. He then found a chair and
pulled it up to the side of the cabinet.

"Here...have a seat here..."

She lifted herself off of the edge of the cabinet and moved over to the
chair - lowering herself into it as though her clothes were made of paper
and she was afraid of ripping them. Jack got several more shots and then
walked back up to her. He looked down at her lovely face, and his eyes
traveled down her neck to her full cleavage. He stared at her big tits.
She looked away so as not to acknowledge his stare.

"You know, producers are always worried about things going wrong." he

She didn't move. She stared at the ground.

"And...well..." He continued. "As you may have heard, there has been a
lot of problems with breast implants recently..."

He watched her chest as her breathing suddenly sped up. Her tits seemed
to be straining against the lace of her top.

"...and, well, so girls with large chests are always a little

He could see her face going bright red with embarrassment.

", we need to show them that..."

He put his hand on her shoulder.

"...I know it's hard, but we just need to show them that you haven't had
any surgery or anything."

His heart pounded as he watched her chest rise.

"Please..." she said finally - still staring down. "I haven't..."

"I know." He replied - barely able to contain himself.

The hand touching the skin of her shoulder seemed almost to be creating
an electric current.

"They just need to see that there are no scars..."

His other hand reached up for the other shoulder. Her arms came up
defensively and then stopped short. She slowly pulled them together -
hugging herself just below her bust. A sudden knocking on the door made
them both jump. Jack turned slowly and walked to the door and opened it.

"Ah, it's room service." He said. "Come in."

Natasha looked up and her stomach lurched. She recognized the hotel
employee who had come into the room. He was not one of the regular room
service crew, though he too was dressed in a fine red tunic with gold
epaulets. He was much older and rougher looking than the rest of the men in the hotel. She had seen him carrying bags on the street. Or, to be
more accurate, he had seen her. And his leering stare had made her shiver.
Her arms flew up to cover herself.

The man's eyes nearly exploded when he saw Natasha sitting there. He
carried a tray, and almost dropped it as he was frozen in his steps. She
looked away in total embarrassment - debating on running from the room.

"Right over there." Said Jack pointing to the coffee table.

He wondered if the guy would make it without losing it.

The hotel employee managed to set the tray down on the coffee table in
front of the couch. There was a small coffee pot, cups and a selection of

"Photographer?" He asked with a heavy accent clearly looking to find a
reason to stay.

He looked back over at the stricken girl.

"Very pretty." He said.

"Yes she is." Said Jack turning to look also.

The two men both stared for a moment.

"She's going to be a famous actress." Said Jack with a smile.

"Actress?" The man replied with a smile.

His face was now flushed. He looked back at her.

"Yes...very pretty."

"Yes she is indeed." Said Jack.

He turned and faced the man.

"Well, thank you."

He looked back at Jack and realized it was time to go. His face showed
his disappointment. He took one last look and then turned towards the

"I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of her." Said Jack as the man reached the door.

The porter looked back and managed a weak smile and left.

Jack walked back to the table and poured out a cup of coffee.

"Coffee?" He asked her.

She shook her head no.

He took a sip of his and then walked back up to her. She remained
sitting with her arms over herself defensively. The terrible tension of a
few minutes before returned with a vengeance.

"Where were we?" He asked with a smile.

It was a retorical question of course.

Natasha didn't respond. She just sat covering herself like a boxer
against the ropes.

"Come on now...." He said gently. "Take your arms down."

" this really necessary?" Her blue eyes stared up at him
- pleading with him not to strip her.

"Yes." he replied softly. "I'm afraid it is...we also need to know that
you are going to be able to follow instructions."

She let out a little sound and then slowly lowered her arms - exposing
her big tits under the thin lingerie to the man standing over her as well
as the video camera.

"Now...just fold your arms underneath them..."

She slowly complied, framing her magnificent tits with her arms. He
gently slid his fingers underneath the spaghetti-thin shoulderstraps and
lifted them away from her skin.

"It's okay." He said - almost choking with tension himself as he lifted
the straps up away from her skin and pulled them over her shoulders.

"We have to's standard procedure."

He pulled the straps all the way down setting her big tits free. He
felt air rush into his lungs as he gazed down at them. His head become
light as he stared at their magnificence. Her nipples were big and pink
and centered perfectly on the balloon sized breasts. He looked back up at
her and saw tears had again welled up in her eyes. He quickly reached for
his camera and began shooting. She looked down at the floor, and a single
tear rolled out and fell down her nose.

He made sure to get a close up.

"Okay...." He said.

"Now go ahead and pull your arms out of the straps...and let's have you
turn and face this way." he continued as he moved to her right.

Natasha slowly pulled her arms out of the straps...and tried to pull the
garment up to cover her breasts.

"No." Said Jack. "Take it back down."

She looked up at him through teary eyes. Things were starting to get
out of her control and she was getting scared. Jack noticed her fear and
stepped up to her and kneeled down.

"Natasha...I know this is really hard stuff to do when it's your first
time." He smiled. "But you have to think about this...we're talking about
a multi-million-dollar film here."

She blinked a few times as he spoke, but was listening.

"Now if you were the producers..." He continued. "you want to know that
you are hiring people...hiring them for lots of money...that you can work
with and who take direction without hassle."

She stared at him and then looked down at the floor.

"Now taking your clothes off in front of the camera is never easy, and
we don't have any sex scenes in the film....that's not what we're looking
for..." He said. "but we do need to see what your body looks like...and we
need to know you can take difficult direction without complaining."

She closed her eyes and then nodded gently.

"When you're a big star," He continued. "you'll look back at this and

She looked up at him and managed a weak smile as he stood back up and
retook his position.

"Now...take the top down..."

She slowly pushed the material down - once again exposing her
magnificent breasts.

"See?" Said Jack barely above a whisper. "It's not so hard."

She didn't respond, but her blushes grew deeper as she saw him raise his
camera again. He snapped several shots.

" put your right foot up on the cabinet."

Her eyes conveyed the shame and humiliation she was suffering. She
hesitated, considering the lewd position that would put her in....but then
slowly complied - raising her leg.

Suddenly Jack just stopped and walked back up to her.

"Natasha," He said, "You know I just don't think this is going to work."
Her eyes widened as she looked up at him.

"Quite frankly, I'm tired of fighting with you here. You obviously
don't want to be here."

"Please..." she said suddenly. "I...I'm sorry...I just..."

Her hands came up to cover her breasts.

"Yeah, whatever," He replied curtly. "Just go ahead and put your things
back on."

He turned and walked back to the to the other room and sat down on the
couch and picked up his coffee. As awkward as she had been feeling, the
sudden loss of this prospect panicked Natasha.

"Please..." she repeated.

She stood up and followed him. She saw him on the couch and approached
him. He had picked up the phone.

"Please...I'll do what you want..." she said.

"This is Jack." He said into the phone. "Reschedule those other two
girls will you...yeah...this afternoon...let's say at 1:00 and at 3:30."

He put the phone down and then looked up at her. She stood piteously
before him holding her top up over her stark contrast to how
revealing the lingerie was.

"Look, no hard feelings all right?" He said to her. "But I just can't
be wasting time...I just don't see this working."

"I know..." she said. "I'm sorry...I won't waste any more time..."

Her voice sounded desperate. "I promise."

"Look, there are thousands of girls in this country who would love this
part...let alone the money!" He said leaning forward and staring up at her.
"And half of them would fuck a goddamn horse on video to get this part."

She visibly flinched at his crude remark. "Now I'm sorry, but we need
people who do what they're told when they're told...PERIOD!"

"I WILL," she said. "I WILL..."

She suddenly looked down at the floor and wrung her hands in front of
her. Her sudden desperation surprised both of them.

"I...I'll do anything you say..." she said softly.

He stared at her for a moment and then leaned back on the couch. His
eyes went up and down her body as she stood before him. She looked down at
the floor again and took his silent cue. She reached up and pulled her top
down - once again baring her big breasts. Then she lowered her arms and
stood like a sacrificial lamb.

"P...please give me another chance..."

Jack fought to control himself.

"Well, I'll tell you what." He said. "I'm going to see two other
actresses this afternoon."

He looked her in the eye.

"Why don't you keep that outfit on...and put your dress on over it.
Then you can come back here at 8:00 tonight. If I haven't cast the part,
we can see if you're serious about showing that you are are going to be

Her lower lip began to tremble and she looked as though she might burst
into tears.

"I'm not promising anything." He continued "But you think about it.
That's the best I'll do."

He then turned and picked up the phone again. Natasha slowly turned and
left the room.

If Natasha had looked nervous the first time she'd entered the elegant
suite, this time she was twice so. She walked in slowly, as though she
were making her way through a forest and not sure which way to go. She
looked wonderful and had obviously redone her make-up.

"Well," Said Jack with a smile as he greeted her. "You're back."

She smiled nervously.


Her face showed sudden surprise at seeing another man in the room. He
was much older and very over-weight and did not seem to fit the beautiful
surroundings. He looked seedy, like her landlord. Jack introduced him as
Bud Carlisle. He was, Jack told her, a top notch camera man and valuable
part of the production team. She gave him a nervous smile. Bud smiled
back and then moved into the other room.

"Well, no formal decision has been made yet." Said Jack.

Her eyes closed briefly in visible relief. She opened them again and
studied him earnestly.

"Are you sure you're willing to do the hard work it takes to make a

"Yes." she said.

Jack tilted his head slightly and looked at her.

"Well you are a pretty girl." He said. "And if you're determined to put
up with the long hours and difficult shooting situations...and learn to
take could have a career for yourself."

He smiled at her again.

"If you get the part, we'll be shooting in Mexico for at least two
months - maybe longer." He said taking a more formal tone. "Are you sure
you're available?"

She nodded yes enthusiastically.

"I say 'longer'," He continued, "because sometimes delays are
inevitable. We will also need to get you a full wardrobe..."

He smiled.

"Which, of course, you will get to keep."

He saw her eyes light up even brighter.

"Great." He said. "There are also a couple of formalities as far as
travel goes."

He paused.

"You will, of course, have to submit to a physical examination."

Her big eyes stared at him.

"It's for insurance reasons." He continued. "But don't worry. We have
our own people." He smiled.

She just blinked at him. He could tell she was trying not to react

"Do you have any questions?"

She gently shook her head.

"Great." He said. "Now there is just one thing left."

Natasha looked up at him and then took a step foreword.

"I'll do whatever you ask..." she said softly.

She looked down for a second and then closed her eyes. She leaned her
face forward slightly and opened her rosebud mouth slightly in an
invitation for him to kiss her. She was surrendering herself totally.

Jack had to fight in impulse to crush her mouth with his.

"Good." He replied instead. "Here's what we're going to do."

She opened her eyes and blushed at his rebuff. She felt embarrassed and
it showed.

"I want you to show us that you can do what you're told." He continued.
"We're going to pick up where we left off this morning. I want you to take
your dress off and pull your lingerie down so that we can see your

She closed her eyes for a second and then nodded.

"And then I want you to take everything off...I want you to pose
completely naked for some sexy pictures."

Natasha's head lowered slightly as the weight of his words sank in.

"Do you understand?" He said. "I've got two other pretty girls ready to
do whatever is asked of them. So it's up to you."

He looked down at her and his mind drifted for a second as to what she
was going to look like naked.

"Y..yes..." she said without moving.

"Yes what?" He asked commandingly.

"Yes...I...I will do it..."

"Good." He said. "So I guess let's pick up where we left off."

He turned and walked right back into the main room to the spot where she
had been sitting before - on the chair next to the cabinet. She followed
him into the room and her eyes darted to Bud for a second and then back to
Jack. Bud walked around behind the cameras and began set them up. Jack
picked up his camera and looked back at her.

" front of the chair."

She moved to the chair and turned to face the room.

Suddenly her shock was quadrupled. There, sitting in a chair facing
here was the hotel employee from earlier. He was sitting very comfortably
with a drink in his hand. He leered at her...obviously knowing what was

"You remember Gregor?" Asked Jack. "He was so disappointed earlier..."

Natasha rushed a hand to her mouth as she thought she might be sick.
Her eyes darted from Jack to Gregor to the video cameras she was now facing
- which were now trained on her. Jack could tell she was on the verge of
tears. His eyes scanned her ripe body. She was so vulnerable standing
there. The big blue eyes stared at him - waiting.

"It's certainly not easy being under the lights and cameras is it?" Said
Jack leaning his still camera against his shoulder as he spoke.

Natasha didn't know what to say, or even if she should say anything.
She looked down at the floor in front of her.

"We need to help you get over your shyness Natasha..." Said Jack. "You
need to learn to feel comfortable and natural."

She stared at the floor. Her heart was pounding.

"So, to help you as an an exercise in getting over your
shyness and getting comfortable in front of the camera and a crew..." He
continued. "let's have you take EVERYTHING front of Gregor."

The big blue eyes shot up in alarm. They searched him in the vain hope
that her ears had heard wrong. She could hardly believe how horrible his
words were.

A few seconds past, and the atmosphere thickened as the three men stared
at her. Natasha stood dumbstruck and her face flushed again as her eyes
welled up. She folded her hands in front of her in obvious despair. She
didn't move for a second.

The room became so tense it was like the air had been sucked out of it.

"Don't worry, no one will ever see this." Jack continued. "It's
just....for us."

Her little pink tongue popped out and ran itself unconsciously over her
suddenly dry lips. Gregor pulled a handkerchief out of his tunic pocket
and wiped it across his suddenly sweating brow. His eyes stared at her and
his face was bright red.

Natasha looked over at hotel man, then darted her eyes back to Jack.
They pleaded with him not to make her take her clothes off in front of the
leering older man. There was a moment of thick silence. All three men stared at her.

"Come on Natasha." Said Jack.

She closed her eyes for a second and then reached up and undid the tie
of her dress and slowly pulled it open to show the lingerie. Once again
she found herself posing in it - only this time with an audience.

Jack stepped forward and held his hand out for the dress. She slid it
down off of her shoulders and handed it to him. He simply draped it over
his shoulder and raised his camera and took several shots. Then he looked
back at her.

She knew what he expected. She tried to avoid looking at Gregor and
reached up and took the lingerie straps from her shoulders and pulled them
down her arms. Her eyes welled up with tears of shame as she then pushed
the garment down - exposing her big tits. Her teary eyes darted from man to man as her face flushed red.

"Good." Said Jack snapping away. "Put your hands on top of them and
push them together..."

She slowly raised her hands and pushed her big nude tits together. Jack
kept the camera moving - recording the obscene pose.

"Great..." He said. "Now put your hands up behind your head..."

She slowly reached up - making her breasts rise up on her chest.

"Hummm...." He mused looking at the crudely displayed girl.

He walked up to her.

"Hold still." He said.

He reached out and gently pinched her big nipples making them tighten up
and stand out.

" elbows back...really stick them out..."

She leaned back farther as he pointed his camera down at her incredible,
heaving breasts. He walked around getting multiple angles. He looked over
at Bud to make sure he was getting it all on video. The cameraman's face
was red with lust, but he gave Jack a wink to let him know all was going to

"Okay." He said to the humiliated girl. "You're doing really well."

She responded by looking down at the floor. Two big tears rolled out of
her eyes.

"I'm sorry..." she said softly.

She reached up with her forefinger and gently brushed them away. She
looked up at Jack with more welling up.

For a moment Jack's heart stood still. He thought she might give up.
But she didn't move to cover herself. Instead, he could see her visibly
steeling herself. She wasn't going anywhere. He let her compose herself.

"Okay..." He said. "Now turn around and give us the back view."

She slowly turned around - putting her ripe ass on display like a piece
of meat in a butcher shop. It peeked out from under her lingerie. She
looked back over her shoulder with tear stained eyes.

Bud took one of the video cameras off of the tripod and began to walk
around her as well. The staring eyes made her blush return with a
vengeance. But she didn't move. She let the two cameramen move around and
record her luscious body...and her shame...forever.

"I need some more film." Said Jack after a few moments.

He looked up at the humiliated girl standing with her lingerie crudely
pulled down to give three old men a lewd show.

"You're doing much better." He said. "I think this is working."

She mustered a little smile that faded instantly.

"Gregor..." Said Jack. "Why don't you pour us a round of drinks while I

His voice jarred the old man out of his lusty stupor and he quickly got
up and went to the coffee table where there was a tray of vodka and several
glasses. He looked back over at Natasha.

"Why don't you go ahead and slip that lingerie off." He said.

He saw her gulp at his request.

"And the panties too." He continued. "Let's just have you in the
stockings and shoes."

Natasha slowly reached down to the tops of her stockings which were
attached to the bodysuit.

"Wait." Said Jack. "Let's get some more film...and let's let Gregor get
finished with the drinks...I know he won't want to miss the show."

Natasha dutifully stood and waited as Gregor the hotel porter filled the
glasses and brought one to Bud and then handed one to Jack. Standing there
with her big breasts exposed she was even redder and more miserable than
before. Gregor leered at the helpless girl - his eyes almost burning her
as he walked back to his seat.

"Okay." Said Jack. "Go ahead...take off the lingerie."

Her face turned bright red again, but she reached down to unfasten her

"Come on...turn around..." Said Jack coolly. "Give us a nice show..."

She looked at him for a second as though he had slapped her. But she
turned herself three quarters sideways - swinging her gorgeous bottom to
their view and then leaned forward again and unfastened the straps on her
stockings. She slowly undid them on all sides and reached up and slid her
thumbs into the top of the teddy bunched up around her tummy. She slowly
pushed it down over her hips - careful not to take the G-string panties with it.

Slowly the garment came down over her thighs and she slid it down her
legs and stepped out of it.

"Just drop it." Said Jack.

She opened her hand and let it fall to the ground. She was still
standing at the three quarter angle. She stood back up straight letting
them feast their eyes on her virtual nudeness.

Jack's mind raced as he stared at the incredible girl. She stood on
display - waiting for his next instruction. He thought ahead to what they
were going to do with her and felt positively dizzy for a second.

"Turn around and face us again." He said finally.

She slowly turned back towards them - standing awkwardly for a moment.

"You know what's next." He said.

Her face flushed again and she slowly reached up and slid her thumbs
into the waistband of her G-string.

"That's the panties..."

She pushed the small piece of fabric down her thighs and legs and
stepped out of them. Her triangle of pussy hair came into their view.
Jack motioned to the pile the rest of the outfit was in on the floor and
she let go of the G-string - letting it drop. She now stood before them
virtually naked in nothing but the stockings and shoes. She had to fight
the urge to cover her pussy with her hands as she stood totally exposed
before them. She bowed her head in total shame as they all just stared at
her nakedness.

"Don't move for a moment." Said Jack.

He stepped into the other room for a moment and returned holding a light
piece of material the same color as the lingerie now in a pile on the

"I forgot about this." He said as he walked up to the humiliated girl.

She stared at the floor and he reached around behind her and laid the
scarf around her neck - letting the two ends hang down just above her
breasts. He looked down at the jutting mounds and reached his hand up -
laying it over her right breast. She stood perfectly still as he felt the
weight in his hand as though it were on a scale in a market.

"These are real...aren't they Natasha?" He asked.

He reached up for the other one and began to knead them rudely. He
turned slightly to make sure Bud could get a clear shot.

"Aren't they?" He repeated.

"Y...yes..." she uttered through her humiliation.

Jack released her and stepped back again.

"Why don't you do some nice poses." He said. "Grab hold of the ends of
the scarf."

She followed his instructions as he led her through a variety of
cheesecake positions - fighting the urge to break down completely under the
weight of her shame as the reality of posing completely nude swept over

"Your being very cooperative Natasha." Said Jack finally. "We can see
that you can follow directions."

The girl stood motionless - fighting back more tears and the desperate
need to cover herself.

"Now the real key to being a great actress..." He continued. "Is

Two big tear filled blue eyes looked up from beneath the blonde mane.

"We have to know that you can be disciplined."

Feeling even more vulnerable, Natasha slowly raised her free arm up to
cover her big breasts. They bulged upward above her fore-arm. Her knees
turned inwards toward each other as her body seemed to sag under the weight
of her embarrassment.

"Gregor..." Said Jack. "Would you be willing to help us here?"

The hotel man looked at the girl for a moment and then back to Jack.
His face was bright red with beads of sweat across the forehead.

"I think a good old fashioned over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking is in
order here."


A gasp flew from Natasha as the hand covering her breasts flew to her
mouth. Her eyes widened with shock. Gregory's eyes looked as though they
might actually pop out of his head. Clearly unable to speak, he just
nodded affirmatively.

"PL...PL...Please..." said Natasha - no longer able to maintain her

This was too much.

"Please." she repeated as she suddenly burst into tears.

She bent forward slightly to try to minimize her ample, naked charms.
She replaced her arm across her chest.

"Discipline." Said Jack. "We've got to have discipline!"

The girl couldn't move. She stood halfway crouched in a desperate
attempt to maintain her modesty. Jack just stared at her watching as the
situation sank in. She slowly lowered her arms in surrender.

From his place behind the video camera, Bud Carlisle could also take it
no longer. He had been all but forgotten about - even by the "actress" as
he had been moving silently from camera to camera to get the best shots of
the proceedings. But as he ran the lens up and down the girl's lush body
and then zoomed in on her beautiful face with tears streaming down, the
tension simply became too much. Standing behind the lights he could not be
seen by the others. Now desperate for relief, he positioned the camera and
then stepped back from it and reached down and unzipped his trousers. His
stiff prick sprang out and he slowly began to stroke it.

"That's better." Jack continued. "Now, turn around..."

She closed her eyes as she sank to a new depth of humiliation as she
slowly turned around so that her back was to the men.

"Come on...bend us the target..."

She silently complied and leaned over - putting her naked ass on

"What do you think Gregor?" Asked Jack after they had all admired it for
a moment. "Do you think you can administer that?"

The older man was speechless. He could only nod his red face in the

"Okay Natasha." Said Jack.

She slowly stood back up and turned to face them. She was bright red and was now openly crying with shame.

"Pl...please..." she whispered looking up at Jack her eyes streaming
with tears.

"Let's just get it over with." He replied.

He stepped forward and walked the naked girl over to Gregory's right
side and then let go - stepping back again.

"Now go ahead and lay over his legs." He said.

She stood for a moment before she moved. Then slowly she lowered her
arms and leaned forward - laying her nude body over the crusty hotel man's
lap. She put her hands down on the floor in front of her. She reached one
hand back up to cover her crying face. She sobbed into it - choking on the
shame. Bud almost shot his wad and stopped stroking his prick. It bobbed
in front of him - screaming out for him to finish, but he wanted to wait.

Gregor looked down at Natasha's naked body and her splendid bottom. He
could hardly believe his eyes. The three men were suddenly still as they
gazed down at her exposed pussy. It was a beautiful, almost hairless
peach. The sensation of her weight on his legs helped bring Gregor back to
reality. He reached his right hand up and gently placed it on her right
bottom cheek. He heard a gasp come out of her as he made light contact.
Her skin felt slightly cool to the touch. He had to fight for breath as he
gently ran his hand over the cheek and began to fondle it. He squeezed it
- feeling the firmness. He watched the two moons clinch together. He
brought his left hand up and covered her left cheek with it. He could hear
her whimpering with shame as he stroked and squeezed.

He couldn't resist, and slightly pulled the cheeks apart. Natasha cried
out in humiliation and tried to reach back to cover her shame, but he
easily pushed her hand away. The hotel man looked down into the valley of
her ass at her tight pink anus. He watched as it clenched shut under his
invading gaze. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks and he dug his fingers
into the taut flesh. He could feel the blood pounding in his head.

After a moment of groping, Gregor looked up at Jack - expecting a "get
on with it look." However Jack just smiled - obviously enjoying the
spectacle. Gregor took his cue and ran his hands over her naked bottom -
up and down, greedily covering ever inch. The hotel man leaned back and
looked down to his left and saw her hanging tits. He reached down and
cupped the nearest one - causing another anguished cry from the girl. His
prick surged as he felt the weight in his hand. He squeezed it and rolled
the nipple in his fingers. His heart pounded and he could hardly breath.

Finally he noticed Jack nodding to him, and he drew his attention back
to her pert bottom. He gave it one last stroke and then reached up.


Natasha cried out at the contact. Her back arched and her feet flew up
off of the floor.


She cried out again - instinctively reaching her hand back to try to
protect herself. Gregor grabbed her arm with his left hand and pulled it
up behind her back - once again exposing her nude ass. He ran his right
hand over her bottom again.


Natasha yelled out in pain at the onslaught.


She squirmed on the hotel man's lap and tried desperately to roll
herself over to get away but Gregor held her fast. He reached up and began
to rub her burning ass cheeks - moving his hands in a circular motion. She
felt his erection against her stomach and moaned in shame under his coarse


She cried out and began to kick. Gregor gripped her body and felt his
temples pound. A grunt of pure lust shot out of his mouth like a canon
shot as he watched her ass jiggle and turn bright red under him. His prick
raged beneath her.


From his place behind the camera, Bud Carlisle could take it no longer.
The sight of the writhing girl overwhelmed him and he gritted his teeth as
he shot a wad of semen into the air.


Natasha's ass burned and she screamed out. Gregor stopped and once
again began to rub her bottom cheeks. Natasha cried while the hotel man continued to fondle her. He looked up again at Jack - who this time smiled
at him to stop. Gregor looked back down at the fabulous body draped over
his knees. He laid his hand on her ass and felt the burning heat.

Once again he gently pulled the cheeks apart and stared down at her pink
anus. Overcome by pure lust, he suddenly lunged forward and stuck his
tongue into the crevice. He ran it up and down over her asshole - feeling
the fine hairs. Holding her tightly, and now completely overcome with
animal lust, he suddenly began to wedge his tongue inside. Natasha cried
out in agony and revulsion as her anus spread open against the invasion -
allowing his tongue inside. Her dark brown hole instinctively tightened up
against the intruder - creating a tight grip that made the hotel man shutter. With his tongue in her tight ass, the motion of her squirming
body against his prick suddenly caused him to cum in his pants. His grip
around the girl's waist tightened as he jerked his head back up and growled
as the semen shot out onto his leg. He rocked his lap against Natasha's
body and gave several thrusts.

Finally spent, he relaxed his grip - allowing the girl to roll off of
his lap and onto the floor. She rolled herself defensively into the fetal
position and sobbed into her hands. Gregor leaned his face up and wheezed
for air. He reached his hand up to his chest and felt his pounding heart.

For a few moments there was no sound except for the crying girl and the
old man fighting for breath. Bud quietly pulled one of the video cameras
off of the tripod and walked to his left. He squatted down for a good
angle on the curled up girl. He zoomed in on her back and ran the lens
down to her exposed ass. It was bright red. With her legs drawn up to her
chest, her ass was parted giving the camera a view of her pussy. For a
moment she was too traumatized to move.

"Come on." Said Jack reaching down to the sniffling girl.

He took her hand to help her up to her feet. She stared up at him for a
moment and then slowly reached out her hand and allowed him to pull her up.
No sooner was she standing then Jack rotated her around so that her burning
ass was facing the men.

"Bend forward...let's see..."

She slowly bent forward, showing off her naked and abused bottom.

"Farther." Said Jack. "Put your hands on your knees."

Natasha's mind was spinning and she did as instructed - revealing her
pussy to the men. She was no longer able to really take in the horror of
what was happening. The men admired Gregor's handywork. Jack smiled and
walked over to thank the hotel man for his help. Gregor's face dropped
when he realized he was being invited to leave. With reluctance, Gregor
got up from the couch feeling the uncomfortable wet spot in his trousers.
Jack walked him back to the table and picked up the tray he had brought in
and handed it to him. The older man looked back at the girl still holding
her reddened ass out for inspection and drank in his last moment with her.
Jack showed him to the door.

Bud replaced the camera in the tripod and gave Jack a sly smile. He
shook his head - acknowledging the incredible scene that had just
transpired. It was all now on video. They both knew what the sales
potential was. The cameraman looked at the girl and then winked at Jack as
he too went out - leaving the two of them alone. Jack closed the door
behind them.

Natasha moved and was now sitting on the chair where it had all started.
She sat holding her arms in front of her and was gently weeping into her

"I'm sorry." He said softly. "But we had to do that."

Natasha didn't respond. Instead she cried softly.

"It's all over now." He said in a reassuring tone. "Now it's just the
two of us." He said.

His eyes traveled down her delicately perched nude body. She slowly
raised her hands to cover herself.

"C...can I get d..dressed...please?" she asked softly hardly moving.

Her face was now wet with tears.

"Not just yet." He said smiling to himself.

His evil mind suddenly raced ahead to the thought of this distraught
girl in Mexico without her passport and without a penny. Her succulent
nude body would be totally at the mercy of his associates. He suddenly
envisioned her standing in this exact position - sobbing - as she had to
stand up on top of a bar in front of a group of drunk Mexicans, and once
again take her clothes off.

"Stand up." He said shrugging the fantasy vision off.

She hesitated for a second and then looked at him from above her hand.
Her big blue eyes registered her fear.

"Come on stand up!" He repeated.

Slowly she got to her feet. Jack reached up from his sitting position
and gently turned her hips so that her reddened ass came into view before
him. He stared at it for a second. He marveled at it's youthful
perfection. He reached out and put his hand on her left cheek. She gasped
at the contact as he rubbed it gently in a circular motion. He could feel
the burning flesh as he covered her ass.

"Does that feel better?" He asked.

"Y...yesss..." she finally answered - her voice faltering under the
shame of this contact.

"Good." He replied.

He expanded his motion to include the tops of her thighs. He touched
about halfway down the inside of her left thigh. She flinched as he slowly
moved his hand up her leg.

"Spread your feet apart." He said - making his intention to touch more
than her bottom clear.

Natasha reluctantly complied - stepping her right foot out and opening
the gap between her legs. The musky smell of her sex greeted Jack's
nostrils. He moved his hand down to the inside of her left knee and slowly
made a trail up the inside of her leg. She whimpered at the sensation. He
moved his hand in a circular motion inching his way up her leg and ending
only inches from her pussy lips. He ran his finger with agonizing slowness
along the crease where the inside of her thigh met her crotch. He moved
his hand back out and once again covered her burning bottom. He rubbed it
again - soothing her pain.

"Lean forward." He said softly.

Natasha clamped her eyes shut. The thought of bending over right in
front of his face made her stomach lurch.

But she slowly leaned over.

Jack watched as her bottom opened up and her sex came into his plain
view. He moved his fingers down into the valley between her legs and
slowly ran his forefinger along her puffy slit. The action caused her to
gasp as he moved it back and forth gently. Her entire body tingled against
her will as her cuntal lips became unstuck and even flared out to
accommodate his finger - which made its way to the opening of her pussy.
He slid his finger into her heated hole and poked upward into it - giving
her one knuckle, then two, and finally his entire finger - rotating it and
rubbing the suddenly erect tip of her clit.

Natasha silently opened her mouth in shame as he began to pump his
finger in and out of her now well-oiled twat. She couldn't help her body's
response. The contrast between being so totally humiliated, spanked, and
now fingered so lewdly, jumbled together in her mind taking her farther and
farther from reality and letting the physical sensation take over. Her big
breasts swayed in front of her with the motion as Jack's finger shamelessly
worked in and out of her 'pee pee'. Jack leaned to his left and watched
her titties bounce. He moved his free hand up to grasp one of the swelling
mounds. The feel of her stiff nippled tit made his prick surge in his
pants as he kneaded it in his fingers. He pulled his finger out of her and
stood up. He reached down for her shoulders and gently turned her around
to face him. She bit her lip as she stared down at the floor in shame.

Jack reached for her chin and raised it up to face him. He leaned
forward and put his lips on hers.

She did not react.

He gently pushed his tongue into her mouth.

She did not respond, but passively let it open her jaws and explore.
His tongue swirled boldly around the inside of her mouth.

Jack pulled away and looked down at the smooth skin and delicate
features of her youthful face. Tears were coming out from her closed eyes.
Natasha turned her head slightly to one side. Jack stared down at her
awesome breasts. Her big pink nipples stuck out rudely from the center of
each mound. He reached up and cupped them - feeling their weight. He
leaned forward and put his mouth on her left nipple. He swirled his tongue
around it.

Natasha let out a moan.

He moved his right hand down from her breast and ran it down her smooth
stomach to the hair above her pussy.

"Spread your feet apart." He said - his voice thick.

Natasha slowly stepped her left foot outward once again allowing him
access to her most private place. Jack moved his hand down running his
fingers along the lips of her cunny. He ran them back and forth over it
finding it now fully wet. The sensation of her wetness made lust run
through him like adrenaline. He reached up for her shoulders and pushed
her down to the floor. He quickly kicked off his shoes, unbuckled his
trousers, and stepped out of them. Then he took off his underwear.

He looked at the stunning nude girl lying before him - waiting for him
to do whatever he wanted. He would go easy this first time, he thought to
himself. And he was glad that Bud had loaded in fresh video tapes and
turned the camera on before he left.

Natasha shut her eyes tightly and bit down on her lip as Jack kneeled
down over her and reached for her big breasts. He squeezed and rolled the
giant mounds - sinking his fingers into the springy flesh - making it
throb. He plucked at her nipples - stretching the rubbery stems up from her
tits and then letting them snap back. She could feel the tingling
sensation run through her whole body as he reached down with both hands and
scooped her tit flesh with both hands crushing them together. He lowered
his face to her left breast and covered her tormented nipple with his wet
mouth. It encompassed the tip of her tingling breast as he began to suck
noisily - stroking her nipple with his abrasive tongue like an animal.
Jack sucked hard - drawing her chubby nipple deep into his mouth. Then he
reached down again to press his fingers against her stiff clit making her
whole body suddenly churn with lust.

A moan involuntarily escaped her rosebud lips.

Jack pulled away from her breasts and reached down with both hands.
Gently he pulled her legs apart as he moved in to fill the gap. The tip of
his aching prick grazed her moist furrow - making them both twitch and
gasp. He grabbed his prick and guided the florid, swollen tip into contact
with her wet and welcoming pussy. He ran the head up and down the dripping
slit - making her cry out softly. And then, with one smooth motion, he
slid his love rocket right into her sliding it all the way to the hilt.

Natasha moaned again in a mix of lust and shame. She'd known this was
likely to happen, but now the reality was so much worse - and so much
better. She suddenly felt like a wanton slut, a whore, and the thought
mortified her. She brought a hand up to cover her face in shame. She had
no choice but to endure as the snug hole between her legs gripped
pulsatingly as Jack's plunging prick began to piston in and out of her with
increasing frenzy.

Jack reached up again and grabbed her titties. He mashed the big fleshy
mounds in his hands and squeezed and pinched and rolled the turgid nipples
in his fingers as he pounded in and out of her. His balls began to puff up
and become knarled as he felt his load suddenly build up. He slowed down
to try to stop its progress. His body refused to respond and his hips
regained speed as his cock drove itself back in and out in frenzied
passion. His prick took on a mind of its own as it became determined to
deliver its hot load. He felt his spunk build like lava from deep down
inside him. It rumbled and rattled his frame as it built speed and

"AARRRRGGGHHHHH..." He cried as his head fell back on his shoulders and
the pressure of his load of man-cream pushed against the base of his loins.
He yanked his prick out of Natasha's pussy with a wet slurping sound
that caused her to cry out as well. He gripped his dick and gave it
several tight strokes like cocking a Remington shotgun, sending a long line
of his cum spurting out.

He leaned forward and aimed his load so that it came down on her breasts and neck.

A second burst of goop flung out - shooting all the way into her blonde hair. She turned her face away from the disgusting spectacle of his
climax. She was shocked by his action and felt sick as she felt his hot
spunk land on her body. She raised her hands to try to prevent any more
from hitting her, but was too late. The last of his cum dribbled out as
Jack milked his prick - making his whole body shutter.

Natasha covered her face with her hands and felt tears come. Submitting
to sex was one thing, but the shameful and sickening act that had just
transpired, heaped on the humiliations of having to take her clothes off in
front of strangers, and take a bare-bottomed spanking, caught up to her.
She felt like the cheapest whore in Moscow.

'How had she sunk so low?' she asked herself as she began to cry into
her hands.

The sound of Jack's voice brought her back to grim reality. She opened
her eyes to find him standing over her with a video camera in his hand
pointing down at her.

"Rub it in." He commanded - squinting into the eyepiece.

She just stared blankly at him.

"Come on...rub that spunk in...rub it over your tits!"

Her eyes widened as his words sank in.

"DO IT!" He said forcefully. "Unless you want me to bring Gregor back
to do it..."

The threat made her start. That would be unthinkable. She moved her
hand down and touched the sudden stickiness of his semen which had dribbled
into a small pool on her stomach. She wanted to vomit as she began to
spread the spunk across her skin like lotion. She rubbed it up over her
big breasts leaving shiny trails where her fingers had been.

"Good...good." Said Jack. "Now, lick your fingers..."

She felt her stomach lurch, but she slowly pushed her hand to her mouth
and licked her two middle fingers. She could taste the remnants of his
salty load, and she again had to fight to keep from being ill. Jack got
some nice close-ups and then lowered the camera - turning it off.

"Very nice." He said with a smile. "Why don't you go get cleaned up."

She reached her arms across herself to try to cover herself as she sat
up. She gathered her clothing and made her way to the bathroom. She
turned on the shower and then sat on the toilet and began to cry.

Jack popped the tape out of the video camera. Then he did likewise to
all the other cameras. He bundled the tapes together with a rubber band
and taped a note to the bundle.

"Natasha Zvegintzov #1" He wrote as he laughed quietly to himself.

She had no idea that her very first movie had just been made!

The End

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