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The Room

The Room (ma, fffFm, trans (m-to-f), mc, inc, nc, bd, be, gr)

This is an adult story, a fiction, written for adults. It contains
depictions of graphic nonconsensual sexual acts and mind control. If these
things offend you, or you are under the age of 18 years, then you are
hereby requested to stop reading now.

This is my first attempt at a story of any type let alone an erotic tale so please be kind. Comments, questions, and suggestions can be sent to:

home page: http://www.asstr.org/~barfiner/

© 2002 Barfiner

All rights reserved.

Do not repost without permission of the author: barfiner13@yahoo.com

--- Chapters -- Introduction: Day 13 Chapter One: The family Chapter
Two: The House Chapter Three: What The F@#%$? Chapter Four: The Second Day
Chapter Five: The Third Day Chapter Six: The Fourth Day

The Room

by barfiner

Introduction: Day 13

I am worried about mother. She has been masturbating nonstop for over
an hour and it is only 7:00pm. She only has two more orgasms to go before
she meets her daily quota but at the rate she is going, she could have
another seven or eight before lights out at 11:00pm. As the oldest female
she has the biggest self pleasuring orgasm quota of 16 per day plus one
from each of us and another five from the machine. That means she has to
orgasm a total of 25 times a day and multiples donít count. This sounds
like a lot to me but she doesnít seem to have any trouble meeting her
quota. Iím worried that Iíll have to go over and remind her, again, that
she can stop once she orgasms two more times.

I still have three more orgasms to go before lights out so Iíll need to
get started soon if I want some time to myself before going to sleep. Mom,
the twins, and Chrisy have all eaten me to completion once today so all I
have left are three self pleasuring orgasms and with four hours before
lights out, it will be no problem to reach my quota of 18 orgasms per day.

Jenni and Tammi, my older identical twin sisters, are eating each other
in a 69 and I start watching them as it usually helps to get me into the
mode to masturbate. Chrisy my little ?brother? is also watching them
while he masturbates but she is looking a little desperate. I check the
counter over his bed and see she has two more cums to go before lights out.
As a boy she only has to cum five times a day, but she has the hardest time
meeting his quota of all of us. The females, as a group, only have to make
him cum once a day and we have been getting smarter about doing it early in
the day when she is better rested. Today we got him right as he was waking
up so weíre off the hook if she doesnít make his quota by lights out. Once
it was 10:55pm and we had been working on Chrisy for over an hour and she
was still one cum short of his quota. With only 2 minutes to go before
lights out, we finally got him off which was good because otherwise we ALL
would have had to sit in the Chair the next day.

Iíll try to write some more in my diary tomorrow but that is all for to


Experiments proceeding as predicted. No special circumstances to report
for day 24.

Chapter One: The family
I guess you can say things started when dad left mom. For a while
things were fine. Dad would come by and visit us every weekend and the
kids at least still felt we had a complete family. I was 13 at the time
and Chris the youngest was 12 so it wasnít as traumatic as if it had
happened when we were younger. Jenni and Tammi actually had the hardest
time as they took after dad the most and he would spoil them rotten. When
dad left they were the only ones that cried themselves to sleep at night.

As I said things were going okay and dad would visit every weekend but
after one year, to the day, I came home from school and mother was sitting
on the couch holding my twin sisters and everyone was crying. Dad had
died. There was a traffic accident the night before and the police had just
called to let my mother know. I cried for the first time since dad left us
and when Chris came home we had a regular tear fest.

The rest of dadís dieing I only kind of remember. There was a wake, a
funeral, all my uncles, aunts and cousins came to visit. I got a week off
from school and when I went back, I had to visit the school counselor twice
a week for the first month.

Things were getting back to normal, but then I discover why dad had left
mom and things started to get bad very fast. It seems my mother has a
gambling problem. We live in Las Vegas so there are just too many
temptations for someone with this type of problem. My mom and dad actually
met in a casino and since dad worked in the gaming industry he was able to
get mom some help and more importantly make sure none of the Vegas casinos
would let her gamble. This worked for almost 15 years but my mom won a
free ticket to Atlantic City and didnít tell dad but instead said she was
going to visit a sick friend for a week. I guess she drained one of the
joint checking accounts before dad found out and that is why dad divorced

With dad dead it seems no one in the Vegas casinos cared any more what
my mother did and she was soon in debt. One day the movers came and mom announced we were moving. All the kids were surprised as mom had not said
anything about moving and we had to spend the whole day packing our stuff.
Mom explained we needed to move so she could start her new job. As you can
imagine this kind of freaked us out and no one was very happy. We all
argued with mom about this being crazy but something about her look, a
measure of sternness mixed with fear told us this wasnít an argument we
could win.

I latter found out mom had taken a job that included the whole family.
It seems the same company that had given her the Atlantic City free airline
ticket wanted to help her out after finding out dad had died, or something
like that. Anyway, the job involved all us living in a new house and
testing out various products and having our reactions recorded. It sounded
weird, even a little creepy, but when mom explained that we were broke and
it was choice between all of us getting 9 to 5 summer jobs or doing the
product testing in the new house, everyone agreed moving was the better

Chapter Two: The House

We arrived at the house and except for being very remote is was just
about perfect. There was plenty of space, actually almost twice as much as
we would really need. It was getting late and the movers said they were
going to a motel to sleep and they would come back in the morning to
finish. We all thought this was a great idea as no one wanted to unpack and
getting some sleep sounded wonderful to everyone.

There was some food already in the kitchen and mom was able to cook up
some spaghetti and meatballs for all of us. Not exactly my favorite, but
it would do and all I really wanted was to take a shower and go to bed.
Mom said as soon as we finished eating we could go to sleep but while we
where eating we could all sign the contract that would make the deal
official and most important ensure us a roof over our heads for the next
six months.

mom gave us the contract to sign and everyone found where they were
suppose to sign. It was almost 20 pages and written in that small print
that no one but lawyers ever reads. After everyone signed, mom said we had
to do just one more thing and then it was off to bed. Everyone had to wear
a black collar. It was very thin and except for a clasp in the back and a
crystal in the front there were no other features. mom said as long as we
were in the house we had to wear the collar but could take it off when we
went outside. mom explained the collars measured our temperature, blood
pressure and many other things to judge our true reactions to the products
we were testing. Chris thought the collar was gay and wouldnít put it on.
Mom said it was probably okay for tonight and she would talk to him later.

We were all very tired and everyone wanted to go to bed. mom said there
was a room in the basement that had a couple of air mattresses we could
sleep on until our furniture arrived the next day. We all took off our
shoes and started walking down the carpeted stairs, Chris was the last one
and as soon as he entered the basement an alarm went off. It was really
loud and mom had to shout at Chris to put his collar on to stop the alarm.
As soon as Chris put it on, the alarm went silent. If I hadnít been so
tired I would have realized the collars were also being used to keep track
of us as we moved around the house.

The air mattresses were already blown up for us and there were even
pillows and blankets. I donít think any of us took more than two seconds
to fall asleep once our heads hit the pillows. If only we had known this
would be our last day of freedomÖ

Chapter Three: What The F@#%$?

When I woke the next day it took me a while to realize something was
wrong. I was no longer sleeping on an air mattress but a double size bed
against the wall. mom and Chris were also sleeping on a double size bed
but Jenni and Tammi were sleeping on a really large bed in the middle of
the room. Their bed was as big as two king size mattress.

I was the first to wake up but Chris was starting to stir. As I got up
I noticed a clock and saw it was 7:01am. As I turned around looking for
the door, Chris started asking what had happened and this woke everyone
else up. I still hadnít found the door but then I noticed an outline in
the wall that looked like were the door should be. I went over and tried
to see if there was a way to get out but I didnít see how to make the door
open. By this time everyone was awake and wanting to know what happened.
Mom kept saying it was going to be alright and she was sure someone would
come by to help us get out of the room.

There were no windows in the room but the ceiling had plenty of lights
and everything was painted white so it is quite bright. I looked for the
light switch but I couldnít find one. The only other thing in the room was
a dividing wall between where the beds were and a bathroom with a glass
shower stall. We all took turns looking at the bathroom and shower and
something we all noticed was there was only one toothbrush attached to the
wall by a short metal cable. There were dispensers built into the wall
that would give out toothpaste, soap and shampoo. It was all pretty weird
but then I realized nothing in the room could be moved. Even the beds were
bolted to the floor and the pillows and blankets from last night were gone.
Only an hour had passed and there really wasnít anything else to look
at. Mom, the twins and I sat on the big bed in the middle of the room while
Chris kept trying to get the door open. We just sat around chit chatting
and no one was really worried but after 4 hours we started to get really
hungry. After another four hours we were starving and the first signs of
panic started to appear. We moved on Friday and we all started to worry
what if no one comes until Monday? Finally Chris shouted, ďI want some
food!Ē and the first really strange thing happened.

On the wall a hidden panel opened and a tray slid out with writing on a
piece of paper. Chris walked over and read the note out loud, ďCost of
food is one piece of clothing.Ē Jenni laughs and said the people running
the house must be perverts if they think we are going to pay for our food
with our clothes. Chris gets a bright smile on his face and starts to take
off his collar as he plans on paying for the food with his collar as he
never wanted it anyway.

As soon as Chris touches the collar we all got a powerful electric
shock. The pain was really bad and Chris actually fell down and the rest of
us slumped on the bed almost unconscious. It was all too much at this
point and for the first time we started to freak out. All the girls were
crying and even Chris was tearing up. At the time I didnít realize it but
that was our first lesson and we all learned it very well. No one has ever
again tried to take off their collar.

After we had recovered from the shock everyone was scared. No one even
yelled or shouted because we were afraid we might get shocked again. After
a while mom suggested Chris give up a sock so we could eat. Chris walked
over to the tray and placed one of his socks on the tray. Immediate the
panel closed and a few seconds later the panel reopened with food on the
tray. It was all fruits and vegetables and Chris immediately bit into an
apple he was so hungry. The rest of us got up to get some of the food but
when Tammi touched the food she got another electric shock. It was clear
only Chris would be aloud to eat this food. I looked around for cameras as
someone must be watching us but I didnít see anything.

We all decided to give up a sock so we could eat. One by one we said,
ďI want some food!Ē and the panel would open with the same instructions as
before. We were all so hungry we didnít talk much while eating but after
we finished, we all started asking mom what was going on. mom said she had
no idea and that hopefully everything would be explained on Monday when
people she had signed the contract with showed up.

I went to get a drink of water from the bathroom sink and to use the
toilet. With everything that had happened I was a little scared some new
awful thing might happen but everything worked as it should and there were
no surprises. I even used our single toothbrush to brush my teeth.

We all sat around talking about how weird this all was and Chris starts
boasting we should sue the owners when we finally get out. mom thinks this
is a good idea and we take turns talking about what we would do with the
millions we can start spending as soon as we get out and sue the bastards
that got us into this mess.

At exactly 10:55pm we hear the clock go ding and a message is displayed
above the clock saying lights out in 5 minutes. Although the bed in the
middle was big enough for everyone, Chris didnít want to sleep with the
ďgirlsĒ so he went to his own bed. At exactly 11:00pm the lights dimmed
but did not go out and mom and I got a weak electric shock. Jenni, Tammi
and Chris werenít shocked but then about a minute later mom and I go
shocked again only stronger. I got up and went to my own bed and a minute
later mom got shocked hard enough to make her scream. I said she had to
sleep in her own bed or she would keep getting shocked and mom quickly
moved to her own bed. As soon as she lay down the lights went completely
out and it was pitch black. So ended our second night in the room.


All subjects have been placed in the room and basic reward punishment
conditioning has begun. All subjects are being given a mild dose of
methaqualone (a.k.a. quaaludes) to suppress anxiety over their enforced
imprisonment. Dosage will be progressively lowered and stopped all
together after three days.

Subject #1 Ė Carol, biological mother, age 35, starting breast size 33A
Subject #2 - Jenni, age 16, starting breast size 27A Subject #3 Ė Tammi,
age 16, starting breast size 27A Subject #4 Ė Diane, age 15, starting
breast size 29C Subject #5 Ė Chris, age 13, starting breast size 25AAA,
starting penis length 2.5Ē

The breast enlargement test drug #673 has been started on subject #1 at
110cc and subject #4 at 50cc. All female subjects have been started on fem
sexual activity enhancer test drug #733 at 50cc except for subject #1 which
is receiving a double dose of 100cc. Subject #5 is the only male in the
group and there is some debate on what level of female hormones to use at
the beginning as there is a concern it may dampen sexual activity. A
decision has been made to use a full dosage of female hormones with a
double dosage of male-to-female transgender sexual activity enhancer test
drug #134. Due to subject #5's young age there is some concern a double
dosage of the sexual activity enhancer may be too much and round the clock
monitoring will be required.

Chapter Four: The Second Day

Once again I was the first to wake up and I realized it was the lights
coming on at exactly 7:00am that was waking me up. Although the whole
thing still seemed pretty weird at least I knew how to get fed and the
first thing I did was walk over to the food panel and said ďI want some
food!Ē The panel opened with the note on the tray. I picked up the note
but didnít bother to read it and put my other sock on the tray. Nothing
happened. I read the note and it said, ďCost of food is two pieces of
clothing.Ē I hadnít thought about what I would give up when it came time to
choose either my t-shirt or my pants as I didnít think Iíd need to worry
about that until Monday and by then someone would have found us. Now I had
to decide and fortunately I was wearing a rather large t-shirt for the move
and it would come down over my panties so I wouldnít be that exposed. I
added my pants to the tray and once again the panel closed, reopened with a
plate of fruits and cereal. Having only eaten once yesterday, I was very
hungry so I ate rather quickly. To be honest there really wasnít enough
food on the tray to fill me up but I needed to lose some weight so I
thought at least I would get something good out of this crazy situation.

Now it was time for everyone else to do the same and I found myself
wondering what mom and the twins would decide to give up. The twins had
short blouses on so they wouldnít cover up their panties if they gave up
their pants, but of course Chris would see their bras if they gave up their
blouses. mom had on a t-shirt but it was shorter than mine and would
barely cover her panties if she gave up her pants. Of course Chris had no
problem as he could give up his other sock and t-shirt and all he would
have shown was his hairless chest. The twins decided to give up a sock and
their blouses for the food. It was funny but I kept on watching them as
they got undressed and when I glanced at mom she was watching them too. Of
course Chris was blatantly staring and I could even see he had an erection
in his pants. Next it was momís turn and she decided to give a sock and
her pants. Once again I watched and noticed that Jenni and Tammi were also
looking at mom between taking bites of their food. Chris actually had his
mouth open and I even think he briefly touched himself on purpose when mom bent over to place the clothes on the tray and he got a good look at her

Now it was Chrisís turn but when he placed his t-shirt and sock on the
tray nothing happened. He picked up the note and got a really worried look
on his face. mom asked to see it but Chris didnít want to show it to
anyone. Finally mom insisted Chris show her the note. It said, ďCost of
food is three pieces of clothing.Ē mom looked at Chris and noticed he had
an erection and assumed Chris didnít want to walk around in his underwear
all day in front of his sisters and mom with an erection. mom said it
would be alright and that we are all family and that besides it would all
be over tomorrow. Chris shook his head and said so no, he wasnít hungry
and he would just wait until tomorrow.

The rest of the day we just sat and chit chatted with each other. For
some reason everyone one wanted to be on Jenniís and Tammiís bed, the big
one in the middle. I found myself looking at Tammi and Jenni and what
athletic bodies they had. Even Chris was pleasant to look at, even though
he was skinny for his age but he was the only boy in the room. mom was the
funniest to sneak a glance at because her t-shirt was to short and it was
always riding up to where you could see her panties. I noticed we were all
sneaking glance at each other but Chris was becoming visibly flushed.
Finally he decided to take a shower and went over to the bathroom. We
heard the shower start and continued chatting away. For some reason Jenni
and Tammi wanted to talk about boys and it was funny because mom was right
there with us but that didnít seem to matter.

Chris was taking a really long time in the shower and I started to think
a shower might be a good thing for me too. My chest was really itchy and I
didnít want to rub it in front of everyone else since there was no place to
go in the room to get some privacy besides the bathroom. I walked over to
the bathroom and as there was no real door just a dividing wall and I
stepped into the entrance to tell Chris to hurry up. What I hadnít noticed
before was the way the mirrors were set up allowed you to see right into
the glass stall of the shower. They must have used some sort of special
glass as there was no fogging and I could see clearly into the shower
stall. Chris was masturbating. I knew boys his age did it all the time and
I had heard him many times at home when he thought everyone was asleep. He
arm was going a mile a minute and just as I was turning to go he exploded.
I actually saw his cum shoot onto the wall of the shower. Immediately
Chris fell on the ground just like he had been shocked again. I watched
him get up to make sure he was okay.

I went back and sat on the bed and mother said if I donít want to take a
shower sheíll go next. Chris came out of the bathroom soaking wet and took
a long look at the panel were the food came out but eventually just sat
down on his bed as mom headed for the shower. I went over to talk to Chris
and told him he didnít have to be embarrassed about wearing underwear in
front of his sisters and that he should just give up the clothes so he
could eat. Chris still didnít want to so I took a deep breath and said he
could have my t-shirt so he could eat. We walked over together and I took
off my t-shirt and placed it on the tray along with Chrisís sock and
t-shirt. Nothing happened for a few seconds and then we both got a mild
shock. We both quickly took our clothes back. It seems trying to help
each other in this way was considered cheating.

Of course Chris and the twins got a peak at my chest. Of all the
females in my family I have the largest chest, even bigger than moms. As I
put my t-shirt back on I noticed Chris had an erection again. I donít know
that much about boys but he had just cum no more than ten minutes ago and I
thought it took more time than that to recharge his batteries so to speak.
Chris went back to his bed and laid down his back. This only made his
erection even more obvious to everyone.

My chest was really starting to itch and I wanted to take my turn in the
shower so I could scratch it. mom was still in the shower so once again I
went over to the bathroom entrance to ask how much longer she would be. As
we are both girls, I wasnít as concerned about taking a quick peak. Once
again I could see into the shower stall and mom was washing her breast. Of
course this was a normal thing one does when taking a shower but for some
reason I just stood there and watched. mom kept washing her breast and I
just kept looking. The more I looked the more it made me think about the
itchiness in my own breast.

Finally I turned around and went to sit on my own bed and waited for mom to finish her shower. As I sat down on the edge of the bed I noticed Tammi
and Jenni giving me an odd look. That is when I realized they had seen me
go the bathroom entrance twice and just stare without saying a word. They
must have thought I was a real pervert to be spying on my own mother and
brother in the bathroom. Then I noticed they were both looking between my
legs and for the first time I noticed my t-shirt had ridden up and the
front of my panties were showing. The front of my panties were wet. I was
so embarrassed I crossed my legs and immediately rolled over on my side so
the twins couldnít see the wet spot.

mom finally came out of the shower and unlike Chris she was completely
dry. It seems she has found a way to turn on a hot air blower that dries
you off while in the shower stall. It was finally my turn and I raced over
to the bathroom because I was still embarrassed about the twins seeing the
wet spot on my panties.

I finally got into the shower and immediately start washing/scratching
my breast. For some reason they were really itchy and being able to openly
touch them made me feel better but didnít really help the itching. To be
honest I was also getting horny. If I hadnít seen Chris get shocked when
he orgasmed in the shower I probably would have masturbated myself.

Of course when you are taking the shower it doesnít seem to take nearly
as much time as when someone else is using it. I guess I had been in there
a while and realized no matter how much I washed my breast they were going
to go right on itching. When I turned around in the shower I saw my twin
sisters in the bathroom entrance looking right at me. They must have seen
my washing my breast for quite a while. We locked eyes for a minute and
then they both turned and walked away. I found the button mom talked about
and got the hot air blower going. I even used it dry out the wet spot on
my panties. Finally I was ready and walked out to my bed. Jenni and Tammi
were watching me and I once again sat down on the edge of my bed. I double
checked my t-shirt hadnít ridden up on me again but of cross it had and
unbelievably the wet spot was back. I had only walked fifteen feet from
the bathroom to the bed and I had already soaked my panties again.

mom was sitting next to Chris and I think she was trying to get him to
give up his clothes so he could eat. As her t-shirt was even shorter than
mine she had given up trying to hide her panties under it. I looked
between her legs and mom also had a wet spot on her panties.

I glanced back at the twins and they were looking at mom too. The twins
were sitting next to each other and I noticed Jenni was lightly rubbing
Tammiís arm. Once when I was twelve I had caught Jenni and Tammi kissing.
They said it was jut practice for when they would have boyfriends and they
made me promise to never tell anyone. I never saw them do anything like
that again but now it looked like Jenni and Tammi were touching each others
arms as they watched mom talk to Chris.

I couldnít take it any more. I was hungry but no way was I going to ask
for more food as I would probably have to spend the rest of the day naked
and who knew when they would come for us on Monday. Also for the first
time I began to wonder what if no one came for us. I mean how could all of
this have just been a mistake?

Finally it was 10:55pm and the clock went ding. No message this time,
but we all knew we had to be in our beds by 11:00pm or we would get a
shock. Five minutes later the lights went out and it was pitch black. It
took me a while to go to sleep but finally after 30 minutes or so I drifted

Sometime later that night I woke up. The clock said 2:00am so it was
still hours before we had to get up. I heard some heavy breathing coming
from Chrisís bed and I knew he was masturbating. In our old house Chrisís
room was next to mine and sometimes I would put my ear on the wall and
listen when he was playing with himself. His breathing sounded just like
it did then and I knew he would cum soon. After another minute he came and
I noticed a flash of light from his bed. For an instant the crystal on his
collar had lit up. Chris yelled and mom immediately asked if he was okay.
As she tried to get out bed to go over time him, I saw another flash and
momís crystal was lit. mom immediately yelled out and got back into her
bed. It seemed whenever the collar shocked you the crystal would light up.
We never noticed it during the day, but in the darkness it was very easy to

We all tried to get back to sleep but an hour latter I started hearing
noises from my motherís side of the room. They were kind of like Chrisís
heavy breathing but she was trying to hard to be quite. I looked but
couldnít see anything. About five minutes later there was flash and mother let out a yell. Of course I knew she had been masturbating and had just
orgasmed. It seemed the collarís were going to shock us whenever we
orgasmed or did something we werenít suppose to. As it turned out I was
only half right about when the collar would give us a shock.

We all asked if she was okay and she lied and said she was just having a
bad dream. An hour latter I finally started to fall asleep but just as I
was drifting off I thought I heard kissing sounds coming from the middle of
the room.


All subjects have now had two doses of their daily drug regiment and
mild changes to behavior are becoming apparent. Subject #5 masturbated to
completion twice but as both times were not in public view the subject was
punished with a mild shock. Subject #1 also masturbated to completion
outside of public view and was also punished. Both of these subjects will
have their shock levels increased for the next violation on non public

Subjects #1 and #4 have noticed an itch caused by the breast enlargement
drug. This is a known side effect and considered harmless although some
have suggested the constant itching may increase the effect of the sexual
activity enhancer drug. As subject #1 is receiving more than a double dose
of breast enhancement and a double dose of sexual activity enhancer there
is some concern the subject may become overloaded. Constant monitoring is
now required for subjects #1 & #5.

Subjects #5 is wearing a stolen pair of subject #4ís panties. Subject
#5 is extremely worried about having this discovered and is refusing to
give up his clothes to eat because it would expose him wearing his sisterís
panties. It has been decided this subject must be forced to expose his
wearing of panties no later than tomorrow afternoon if he continues to
insist on not eating.

Subjects #2, #3, and #4 are on normal dosages of the sexual activity
enhancer drug and while there has been an increase in the level of sexual
arousal none have attempted to masturbate yet. It was noted that subjects
#2 and #3 spent over an hour kissing at night. In the near future this
behavior will only be allowed in public view but for now it will be

The interaction between the subjects #2 and #3 was unexpected as no
previous same sex sexual activity had been observed in these subjects prior
to confinement in the room. Acquisition has been notified and hopefully
more thorough pre-acquisition monitoring will be the result in the future.

Subject #1 Ė Carol, breast size no change, 1 orgasm/day Subject #2 Ė
Jenni, breast size no change Subject #3 Ė Tammi, breast size no change
Subject #4 Ė Diane, breast size no change C Subject #5 Ė Chris, breast size
no change, penis size no change, 2 orgasms/day

Chapter Five: The Third Day

As usual, I was woken up at 7:00am by the lights. I was really hungry
and was about to go over and ask for food when I remember I would probably
have to give up my t-shirt and bra to eat. Since mom thought someone would
come save us today, I decided I could wait but I was worried about Chris.
He had not eaten in over 40 hours and I was worried he might go a little
crazy. Everyone was up by now and while we all took a long look at the
food panel no one decided to eat.

My chest was really itchy and I wanted to take a shower right away but
mom was ahead of me and got to the bathroom first. I couldnít help looking
at her panties when she rushed by and she had a huge wet spot on the front
of her panties. It was so big you could even see it from the back. I
looked down at myself and I wasnít much better. I have never felt so wet
on waking up and was really feeling horny but there was no place I could go
and besides Iíd get a shock as soon as I orgasmed. I glanced over at the
twins and noticed they both had small wet spots on the front of their
jeans. I never knew it was possible to get so wet it could soak through
your jeans. Obviously something in the room was making everyone very horny
but no one was going to talk about it so we all kind of sat on our beds
sneaking glances at each other.

Chris came over to my bed and wanted to talk. He told me he was very
hungry and that if no one came to save us by this afternoon he would give
up some cloths so he could eat. I told him again it was okay if he walk
around in his underwear and reminded him all us girls we would be down to
panties the next time we asked for food. As soon as I said the word
ďpantiesĒ Chris started to cry and started blubbering about how sorry he
was. It didnít make any sense and I just assumed he was cracking up from
not eating.

While we were talking the twins had walked over to the entrance of the
bathroom and were just standing there looking in. I know they were
watching mom taking a shower but I didnít say anything as I had been doing
that myself. They were standing together really close and though I wasnít
sure, I think they rubbing up against each other.

Chris was still crying and I finally decided he needed to go back to his
own bed. I helped him up and walked him over to his own bed and sat him
down. Chris still had an erection and I actually brushed up against it
when I helped him to the bed. Chris shivered but that was all. I know
boys are usually hornier than girls at his age, but if he was hornier than
I was, he must be having some serious problems.

Mean while the twins were still watching mom and just then I heard mom scream. I wasnít sure but it seemed probable that mom had masturbated to
orgasm in the shower and had just gotten shocked. It must have been more
powerful than last night as she had to have screamed very loud to be heard
over the shower. As soon as mom screamed Jenni and Tammi went into the
bathroom asking if mom was okay. The twins came right back out and I
noticed the wet spots on their jeans had grown twice as large.

We were all hungry but were still trying to cheer ourselves up that
someone would come for us today. mom came out of the bathroom about ten
minutes later and joined us saying that it was only a matter of time before
someone found us today.

With all us girls sitting together I noticed for the first time we
smelled of sex. I guess the smell had been there for some time but it had
grown only gradually and I never noticed until we all sat together. mom had only been out of the shower for ten minutes and I noticed her wet spot
was already back. By now we all knew we were much hornier than usual but
still no one said anything about it.

By 1:00pm the itch in my chest had gotten intolerable and I decided to
take a shower and hope I could resist the urge to masturbate and thereby
not get shocked. I went into the bathroom and quickly got undressed. My
panties were soaked and I took them into the shower to try and wash them as
just drying them out wouldnít do. As soon as the water hit my chest I felt
so much better. Of course I started to rub my breast and once again it
felt really really good but the itching remained. A couple of times I
touched my nipples and they were rock hard. I knew that if I didnít stop I
would wind up masturbating but of course I couldnít resist. Within another
minute my fingers were between my legs and rubbing away. It felt so good
that I forgot I would get a shock if I orgamsed. I was getting close and I
remembered the last time I had took a shower I had caught the twins looking
at me. I turned around and there they both were standing in the entrance
looking right at me. I froze and we locked eyes but finally I couldnít
help myself and continued frigging myself. Having someone watch me while I
masturbated was something totally new and it took me a little while to get
close again but soon I was over the top and experiencing the best orgasm of
my life. A real knee trembler as it literally brought me to my knees.
After a few seconds I looked up and the twins were still watching me. They
had the funniest look on their faces, a combination of embarrassment and

Once I turned around and started to the air blower to dry off the twins
left and I finished up without any more voyeuristic visitors. As I
finished up I realized I hadnít been shocked. I wasnít sure why this was
as everyone else I had seen masturbate had been shocked as soon as they
orgasmed. I was happy to know though that I could finally get some relieve
from this near constant horniness.

The only ones who hadnít taken a shower were Jenni and Tammi. Like most
identical twins Jenni and Tammi did a lot of things together and were
always seen hanging out at the mall, football games, and other school
events. When Jenni and Tammi got up and said they needed to take a shower
no one thought it odd they walked into the bathroom together. By now the
wet spots in their jeans were so big you could even see it from the back.

mom and Chris were both looking a little flush. Momís wet spot was
getting really huge and I couldnít remember the last time I had seen Chris
without an erection sticking up in his pants. Both went to their beds and
simply lied down and stared at the ceiling with worried looks on their
faces. I made a big deal of saying I wanted to brush my teeth and walked
over to the bathroom and around the dividing wall.

The twins were in the shower, together. They were just washing and
unlike me and mom they didnít spend 99% of their time washing their breast.
Jenni turned around and saw me. We locked eyes but she smiled after just a
second and tapped Tammiís shoulder and pointed towards me. I smiled back
and waved to them both. I made a silly attempt to start brushing my teeth
but I knew and the twins knew I was there to watch them. Tammi leaned over
and whispered something in Jenniís ear and then they both turned their
backs to me. I kept watching and noticed the familiar movements of their
arms as they started to frig themselves. I didnít take long before both
were making loud moans and I knew they had both orgasmed almost at the same
time. Neither appeared to have been shocked and I started to wonder what
it was that caused mother and Chris to be shocked.

Of course watching the twins masturbate had caused my wet spot to return
but by this point I didnít care and no else seemed to either. Momís
panties were so wet they looked like they would start dripping if she got
off the bed. I sat down on the twinís bed in the middle and started
thinking hard about when the collars would and would not shock us. When
Jenni and Tammi came out they sat down with me and for the first time we
started whispering about what was really happening. Jenni suggested that
the collars would only shock you if someone wasnít watching you when you
orgasmed. I pointed out that Chris was shocked when he came and I had been
watching and Tammi said the same thing happened to mom as both Jenni and
Tammi had been watching when she orgasmed in the shower. I finally had a
brain fart and figured out the difference was the person orgasming had to
know they were being watched. It seemed the collar wouldnít shock us if we
were willing to publicly masturbate and orgasm. That is why I didnít get
shocked when Jenni and Tammi watched me and they hadnít gotten shocked when
I watched them. As soon as I explained it to the twins, Tammi laughed and
said Jenni was right when she said the people running this house were

I thought about telling mom and Chris but just then Chris got up and
said he had to eat. By this time no one even pretended that someone was
going to find us and we all watched Chris go over to the food panel and
say, ďI want some food!Ē Immediately the panel opened and out popped the
tray with the instruction note. Chris picked up the note and after reading
it started to cry. I went over to see what the note said and after a
little hesitation he gave it to me to read. The note said, ďThe cost of
food is a sock, t-shirt, pants. ALL OTHER ITEMS ARE TO REMAIN ON.Ē I
thought the last part was a little weird cause what was the big deal about
Chris having to keep his underwear on?

Chrisís hands started to tremble as he removed his clothes and by the
time he got to his pants he was shaking like a leaf. As Chris unbuttoned
his jeans and stared to lower his pants we all found out what had caused
him to be so nervous about showing us his underwear. He wasnít wearing
boyís underwear but instead was wearing panties. As I looked closer I
realized they were a pair of MY cotton panties. Chrisís erection was
nearly poking a hole in the panties and with him starting to cry even
louder I suddenly felt very sorry for him and gave him a hug. As I reached
over, Chrisís erection rubbed up against my leg through his panties. I
guess he was extremely excited as he came right then. I felt him breathing
hard and shaking and realized what had happened. I hugged him tight and
said it was alright. I also noticed he hadnít been shocked which further
proved my theory that only private orgasms would get you shocked by the

Finally Chris calmed down and I brought him over to the big bed in the
middle of the room. I told Jenni and Tammi we need to tell the others what
we knew about why the collar would shock you. The twins agreed and we I
called mother over to the bed. She was a little reluctant to come over and
as expected her panties actually dripped as she walked over to the bed. I
explained that something in the room was making everyone very horny. Jenni
then said something really mean about how you could tell that all us
ďgirlsĒ had wet spots on our panties and even mommyís newest daughter Chrisy had a big wet spot. Of course Chris was completely embarrassed
because he really did have a wet spot on his panties just like the rest of
us girls.

I told Jenni to shut up and after taking a deep breath I explained that
since everyone was being made horny we were expected to masturbate but that
if we orgasmed without making sure someone was watching we would get
shocked. mom looked up at the last part and gave me the strangest look of
hope mixed with total fear. I think she was afraid of what she would do
next but finally had some hope she could quench the fire between her legs
that had been driving her crazy.

What happened next was really strange. I thought mom would understand
she needed to masturbate with someone watching but instead she got up and
went to the food panel and said, ďI want some food!Ē The panel opened and
out popped the tray and instruction note. mom picked up the note, read it
quickly and then hurriedly stripped off all her clothes and put them on the
tray. Watching my mom naked actually started making me even hornier and I
noticed Chris had his erection back. But what happened next really started
to get me excited. mom gripped a big cucumber from the food tray and
started walking to her bed. She laid down on the bed and unbelievably she
started fucking herself with the cucumber while all her children were
watching her. It was unbelievable and I donít think I had ever been
hornier in my life as I watch my mom pushing the cucumber in and out of her
pussy. It only took a few seconds before she was orgasming and letting out
a load moan. She paused for a second as if afraid she would be shocked and
when nothing happened she smiled and started pumping the cucumber again
although a little slower this time.

This was driving me crazy watching my mom masturbate like this and I was
soon frigging myself while watching her and she was watching us. Jenni and
Tammi were not far behind and both of them soon had their pants off and
hands inside their panties. I noticed Chris was watching us and mom when
he tried to stick his hand inside his panties. He seemed to get shocked as
soon as his hand tried to get under his panties but so long as he just
rubbed on the outside he was okay. It seemed the collar wanted Chris to
always keep his panties in place at all times.

It wasnít long before I was orgasming and Jenni and the Tammi were only
a few seconds behind me. But just like mom none of us stopped and we kept
right on going. Chris let out a moan and his wet spot got a little bigger
as even more cum was now inside his panties.

This went on for some time and I think I must have orgasmed another four
times before I finally started to slow down. Jenni and Tammi also started
to slow and after one more us girls stopped. It looked like Chris had cum once more but now he was just slowly stroking himself through his panties and wasnít trying to bring himself off again. mom was still going strong
and the cucumber was beginning to look a little worn. I couldnít really
keep track but she must have orgasmed seven or eight times already judging
by the number of moans I had heard.

Watching that cucumber made me think about food and I realized I was
still hungry. I went over to the food tray and being careful not to touch
any of the food I picked up momís tray and brought it over to her. mom gave me a very silly smile when I placed the tray next to her and she said,
ďThank you honey.Ē but never stopped masturbating. When she glanced at the
food she spotted a banana and got another silly smile. The cucumber was
looking a little worn by now and mom reached over for the banana.
Obviously she intended to replace the cucumber with the banana.

I went back to the twinís bed and watched mom continue to masturbate.
Watching her switch to the banana made me horny again and I started
touching myself. Jenni and Tammi had already started and were the first to
orgasm again but I wasnít far behind. Chris had also speeded up and was
trying for what I think was his fourth cum of the day. After my seventh
orgasm that day (or was it eight?) I finally felt like I could think again.
Mom was still masturbating away with banana but she was slowing down.
Jenni and Tammi had almost stopped and Jenni suggested we get something to
eat. Chris was still rubbing his penis through his panties pretty fast.
Watching Jenni and Tammi walk over to the food panel I was reminded I
hadnít eaten yet today either. Jenni and Tammi both went through the drill
of asking for food and just like mom they had to give up all their
remaining clothing. I too had to give up of the rest of my clothes for the
food and I wonder what the price of food would be tomorrow as now everyone
was naked except for the panties Chris was still wearing.

Jenni, Tammi and I talked while we ate about what was happening. Jenni
said obviously we were being given some sort of drug to make us horny as
there was no way mom would be masturbating like that in front of her own
children. I pointed out only Chris and mom were still masturbating and
that we seemed to be able to get back to normal after we had orgasmed a few
times. Tammi said obviously some pervert was getting their kicks out of
watching us touch ourselves but like me she hadnít been able to spot any

It was getting late and the clock dinged at exactly 10:55pm and everyone
knew they had to get into their own beds. mom was still masturbating but
the banana had long ago turned to mush. She was just using her hands now
and I think she must have had at least 18 orgasms today from the number of
moans I had heard. Chris had finally had his fourth cum of the day and had
stop, but his erection was still poking out of his now extremely messy

At 11:00pm the light went out but I could still hear mom masturbating.
About five minutes latter there was tiny flash from her collar and I knew
she had been shocked for orgasming in the dark when no one could see her.
She finally went silent for which I was grateful because her making all
those sounds might have made me horny enough to start touching myself
again. I drifted off to sleep but like last night I heard kissing sounds
coming from the middle of the room.


All subjects have now had three doses of their daily drug regiment and
dramatic changes to behavior are now apparent. Subject #1 has reached her
breaking point and has lost all self control and now openly masturbates in
front of her children. Double dosing the authority figure in a group with
the sexual activity enhancer drug is a proven method for quickly breaking
down the groupís natural cultural reluctance to masturbate in public. This
time was no exception as all subjects readily began to openly masturbate as
soon as they witnessed their mother openly masturbating.

Subject #1 orgasmed 21 times today but five were multiples and would not
have counted towards her quota if the daily orgasm quota requirement was in
effect. We expect partial orgasm quota requirements to be in effect within
the next few days with full quotas enforced before the end of the week.

Subjects #2 and #3 continue to exhibit same sex tendencies and this will
make the next stage of their training much easier for them. Both subjects
had to be shocked because while they were kissing after lights out they
began to masturbate and achieved orgasm at 11:44pm.

Subject #5ís wearing of panties was exposed to the test group today.
Subject #4 seems to want to comfort the boy but subject #2 seems more
interested in humiliating him. Both interactions will be encouraged as the
back and forth should keep subject #5 off balance and more likely to accept
large changes in behavior. Subject #5 was also called ďChrisyĒ and it was
decided the name change to a girls name will be enforced on all subjects
starting tomorrow. This will be difficult as names within a close group
are hardwired and breaking the connections will undoubtedly require several
rounds of conditioning.

Subject #4 seems to have retained the best mental abilities and is
usually the first to figure out what the desired goal of the conditioning.
Although a lowering of IQ is a known side effect of the sexual activity
enhancer drug there is considerable debate as to the actual mechanism.
Some believe the drug simply lowers all brain functions while others
believe the additional sexual activity pushes out other high mental
activities leaving less processing power for normal thinking.
Unfortunately no one has been able to design an experiment that would prove
or disprove either hypothesis.

Subjects #1 and #4 experienced their first measurable breast enlargements. End target sizes have not been set for either subject but
typically DD or E are the smallest cup sizes after starting the breast enlargement drug regime. No physical changes have been observed in subject
#5 but some changes are expected within the week.

Subject #1 Ė Carol, breast size increased 2%, 16 orgasms/day Subject #2
Ė Jenni, breast size no change, 8 orgasms/day Subject #3 Ė Tammi, breast size no change, 8 orgasms/day Subject #4 Ė Diane, breast size increased 1%,
8 orgasms/day Subject #5 Ė Chrisy, breast size no change, penis size no
change, 4 orgasms/day

Chapter Six: The Fourth Day

As I woke up at 7:00am, the first thing I wanted to do was masturbate. I
looked over at Jenni and Tammi but they were still groggy and not fully
awake. Chris was also groggy so I looked over at mother. She was staring
right at me and was already rapidly frigging herself. I give a sigh and
started my own masturbation. I orgasmed quickly because of a good nights
sleep. mom was still going a mile a minute and I think she was ready to
have her second orgasm just as I was finishing my first.

Jenni and Tammi have decided to be mean to Chris and told him he had to
come over to their bed or they wouldnít watch him. Chris was still
embarrassed about getting caught wearing my panties but he still couldnít
take them off without getting shocked. Once Chris got on the bed Jenni and
Tammi started making fun of him and kept asking if him how much he liked
wearing girlsí panties. Chris was almost crying but that didnít stop him
from rubbing his little penis through the cotton fabric. I thought no way
are those panties going to last another day if Chris kept on rubbing.

I was hungry and mom seemed content to just masturbate on her bed while
she watched me. I smiled back at her and then got up to see if I could get
fed. As I didnít have any cloths left I knew the price for food would be
different today. The first thing I noticed was an exercise bike had been
added to the room. It looked pretty standard and even had a tv screen you
could watch as you pedaled. As I went to ask for food I was pretty sure I
knew what the price would be today. After saying the ďI want some food!Ē
trigger phrase out popped the tray with a note that read, ďCost of food is
forty five minutes of pedaling.Ē I had guessed right and went over to the
exercise bike.

Jenni and Tammi had just orgasmed and they were now looking at me as I
got onto the exercise bike. Chris and mom were still going strong and
Chris looked like he was getting close. As I got on the bicycle a display
lit up with a count down clock that read 45:00 and a speed indicator that
was currently flat. I started pedaling and as soon as the speed went above
a line on the display the clock started counting down and the tv came on.
The tv showed my mother masturbating with the cucumber. I stopped pedaling
and the timer turned red and started going backwards until it was back to
45:00. I started pedaling again and once up to speed the clock started
counting down. Watching my mom masturbate on the tv was getting me really
horny and I tried looking away from the TV. Once again the clock turned
red and started counting back up to 45:00. My chest was starting to itch
and I took my right hand off the handlebar to scratch it and the count down
clock turned red and started back to 45:00. It seemed I couldnít do
anything but pedal without touching myself and watch my mom masturbate on
TV if I wanted to get fed.

After ten minutes the twins came over to see what was on the TV. As
they also watched the video of mom masturbating I could tell they were
getting excited and their hands drifted down to start touching themselves.
That went on for about a minute while I explained the rules of riding the
bicycle to Jenni and Tammi. The twins realized that masturbating in front
of me wasnít helping me stay calm enough to keep pedaling so they decided
to take a shower, together of course. I watched them walk behind the
dividing wall and into the bathroom. I took a quick glance to make sure
mom and Chris were watching each other. Chris was on his knees on the bed
rubbing away like mad and mom was still frigging herself although much
slower than when she started in the morning. Both were staring at each
other so I donít think I needed to worry about them.

I still had 30 minutes to go and I was starting to build up a real
sweat. I am a little heavy for my height and age so to be honest I really
needed the exercise. Jenni and Tammi both had slim bodies and even mom was
slimmer than me which was pretty amazing considering she had given birth to
four kids.

With only 10 minutes to go, there was a really loud scream from the
bathroom. I didnít want to stop as Iíd have to start all over so I just
yelled if Jenni and Tammi were alright. They came out dripping wet and
walked over to me. They whispered they had both orgasmed at the same time
but they still got shocked even though they were both watching each other.
It was hard to think while pedaling and watching that damn cucumber go in
and out of momís pussy, but I suggested that as they both had a single bed
they needed someone from another bed to watch them if they didnít want to
get shocked. I said we could try it out as soon as I finished pedaling.

I only had five minutes of pedaling left and had to bear down to keep up
the speed. Finally it was over and the food panel opened up with our
standard breakfast of cereal and fruit. I took the tray over to my bed and
then went with Jenni and Tammi into the bathroom. Jenni and Tammi stepped
into the shower and immediately began frigging themselves. I was so horny
I also started touching myself too and within thirty seconds I had my
second orgasm of the day. Jenni and Tammi were slower and since I had
nothing else to do I just kept rubbing myself. After another minute or two
Jenni and Tammi orgasmed and while both went a little weak in the knees
neither appeared to have been shocked. This confirmed my suspension that
the twins were being treated as one person when it came to the rules of the

I was sweaty from having to ride the exercise bike for 45 minutes and
wanted to take a shower. I asked Jenni and Tammi to stay and watch as I
knew I would probably need to masturbate as soon the water hit my breast.
My breast where really itchy and seemed to have swelled up a little bit in
the last day or two.

I was right about making sure I was being watched because as soon the
water started hitting my breast, my right hand was between my legs. I used
me left hand to rub my breast and this went on for about five minutes.
Jenni and Tammi started masturbating as well and we all pretty much
orgasmed together. I was finally able to finish up washing my entire body
and stepped out of the shower.

Jenni said my breast looked red and I should stop rubbing them all the
time. Normally Iíd say Jenni was just jealous as my cup size was a C while
Jenniís and Tammiís were only an A. But they really did look red and were
much more sensitive than before. They actually seemed a little bigger but
that just seemed silly.

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