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The Satyr


This document contains Adult Material. If it is illegal where you live to
view adult material, leave now! If you find Adult material offensive, you
may also leave now. If you have not left, then it is assumed you are
either not illegal And/or not offended. So sit back and hopefully enjoy.

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The Satyr - copywrite Satyricon <>

It is cool in the glade of the forest where Irish lies bathing. The
heat of the midday Mediterranean sun has receded, and the warm evening glow
shines on the waters of the pond, and on the sleek damp skin of Irish. She
shivers at the breeze. Goosebumps on flesh.

She feels safe here.

The small villa, her husband's by right, but which she has made her
home, stands across the water. Cocooned in the forest greenery, she can't
imagine how life could be better, or how anything could make it worse. Her
husband will be back soon from collecting firewood.

How do I know all this? I have been watching. Its been many, many
years since the villa has been fully occupied. It dates back, as I do, to
Roman times. Even prior to this, a Grecian house stood here, but that was
burnt in the wars. Not that you would know about them.

My name is Satyricon. That is not the name I was born with, but it is a
name I have earnt. I am the last of the Satyrs. Half-man, half-beast, we
would roam the forest of old, serving our lord Dionysus. I recall the
feasts of old, food, fun, frolics: ferral, canine, ursine, lupine, coupled,
tripled together. The grandest orgies the world ever saw.

We were built, you see, for pleasure. And I have been alone so long
now...I wonder whether I truly remember the heights we reached....but I

I'm looking now at what will be, for the satyric race, the saviour.
Dionysus visited me in a dream, and told me to return to this place, for
there I would find....the mother. Yes people, the gods have decreed our
return. Adam and Eve, Pandora and Epimetheus, Satyricon and Irish.

I watch her now, as I have watched these months passed. She splashes
water against her small, perfect breasts, and her nipples stiffen in
response. Her dark hair is damp so it appears black. Below her midriff,
she has her legs crossed demurely, hiding the pleasures within. She's
caressing her breasts! Cupping them, massaging and tweaking her nipples -
I feel myself grow hard. Great Zeus it has been so long!

I am half feline, panther-like. Not a simple melding, top half human
bottom half cat, my body consists of randomly placed features of the two.
Sharp teeth, human head, human hands, a panthers legs. And my manhood - a
cathood would be more accurate. It is hard now, nine inches long and dark,
its needles a product of a perfect evolution. Its head shines nearly as
much as the black fur which covers my feline legs. My human hand strokes
my fur and wraps around my cock. On impulse I throw my head back, and let
out a half-human growl of pleasure, until...

"Who's there!?"

Damnation! She has heard. She's wary now, and picks up her clothes,
pulling them on over her damp body, glances around the glade.

"I heard you, now come out where I can see you!" The uncertainty in her
voice belies the strength of her words, "Please come out.... darling if
that's you, this isn't funny...."

Her eyes dart around, looking for her husband through the leaves. How
wrong she is. Suddenly, I become very aware of my nakedness, of my
erection. There's only one thing for it really....

I step out from my hiding place, and her head whirls to catch my motion.

"Who are you, what are you do-" She breaks off as her eyes take in the
rest of my body. They grow wide as her fear expands. She jerks into
action suddenly, trying to race around the pond to the villa. But I'm
half-cat: she can't outrun me.

And so I'm holding her by the shoulders before she even realises it.
For two seconds our eyes meet, before she tries to break my grasp. She's
too weak to escape though, and she knows it. I speak to her in my deep
throated voice. "Stay still girl. Stay still and quiet." She struggles
one more time, and then gives up. Her body shakes in my arms.

Sobbing she asks, "W-w-what are you...w-w-what....please let me

"Be quiet!" I growl, "Silence!"

She tries to restrain her sobs, barely succeeding. She looks so
vunerable, so afraid. The smell of the salt in her tears reaches my
nostrils, and against my will, my sex begins to rise again. Bending my
head to her face, I lick the tears from her cheek. Calmer now, but still
sobbing, she looks questioningly into my eyes. Unable to resist, I gently
kiss her forehead.

"Who are you?" she softly asks.

Passion breaks my voice as I answer, "I am Satyricon." I renew my
kissing with fervour, spurred on by the salt of her tears. She struggles
slightly, and asks with more force:

"But what are you?"

"I am a satyr." I barely stop my caress to answer, and I can see she is
begining to be affected. Her breathing is becoming shallow as she says:

" can't be!" Three quick breaths, then, "What is it you want,
what do you want with me?"

My kissing stops as I contemplate her words; she doesn't try to break
free. My reply to her question is brutally direct, a glance down, and I
tear open the shirt which clings to her damp breasts. Fear lights her
eyes, but only for an instant. It is quickly replaced by something far
more enticing.

Irish looks up and down my body. She bites her bottom lip and lets out
a sigh:

"You're not human. Are you?"

"Far from it."

We pause for a moment in time, and I become intensely aware of the sound
of nature around us. The breeze, birdsong, insects buzzing. In the warmth
of this sudden daydream, Irish stands on tiptoe, and softly kisses my lips:
"Then take what you want." she says.

I need no further incentive, and roughly push her to the forest carpet.
I kneel in the grass, and grab at her denim shorts. Pulling, I take them
and her panties in one movement, revealing the prize underneath. I purr
and pull her to me again. I start kissing her neck, but quickly move to
her breasts. I suck and tease her diamond hard nipples till they shine on
her petite chest. Meanwhile, Irish's hand has moved down between her legs
and is fiercely massaging her cunt. I nip her breasts with my feline

"Oh God yes! Bite harder!"

Foolish girl! Doesn't she know what my teeth can do? Still, she did
ask. I bite down until I'm nearly breaking the skin.

"Please! It hurts....don't stop...please..."

As if I'd stop! Pressing my teeth, I break through the skin, and Irish
lets out a yelp. A rivlet of blood makes a lightning strike sign in
gleaming red on her white, white skin. My tongue laps it up greedily. I
drink of her blood while my own fills my already engorged penis. So much
have I given up to my animal side, I barely hear when she says:

"Now! I need you inside me! Please!"

Not giving me chance of reply, she grabs my cock and rams it toward her
own sopping cunt. I feel myself sucked in as her muscles clench around my
nine inches. Within seconds, we are thrusting in unison. My hands slip
beneath her and begin to explore her arsehole. Damp with sweat, her hole yields easily to my fingers. Irish moans and holds me tighter. Then I
recall a trick from the old days.

Taking a hand from her body, I reach between my legs and pull my tail up
to her ass. Carefully, I slide it, thicker than my cock, and covered in
fur, I slide it into her hole. Irish gasps as it goes in, but doesn't
interrupt her thrusting. As for myself, I can feel my cum building up
inside me, and I shudder as my movements quicken accordingly.

Pleasure surges through us as one, as we both move toward orgasm. Her
nails dig into my back, and my tongue moves in her mouth, her arse grips my
tail, and her cunt grips my cock, her scent invades my nostrils, my taste
attacks her lips, fur rubs on skin, blood runs on ground, and growls fight
against moans, movement complements movement, and we move faster and
faster, and deeper and deeper, quicker, fiercer, the heart rates increased,
bleeding breeding beating cumming...


With fire between us, we burn in pleasure, and two screams, one human
one feline, echo through the forest in a mindless cacophanus medley of


And the echoes of the screams die away, replaced by breathing.


We have been lying here for some time, saying nothing, letting the sky
turn red with sunset. My seed is in her now, and soon a new line of Satyrs
will be born. The thought comforts me, as does Irish's hands needling my
fur, massaging my -She sits up suddenly as she hears the whistling, "My
husband!" She tries to pull herself from me quickly, but yelps in pain as
the needles of my cock, still inside her, dig into her cunt walls. For the
first time for an hour, fear enters her eyes, "Let me go! You've had what
you want!"

And she's right, I have had what I want. But I want more.

And so does she. I see it in her eyes.

She struggles again. I hold her and make her look at my face.

"You can go on one condition."

She nods.

"You cannot tell anyone about me. No one....And..."


"I must see you again."

She laughs softly, like a hundred silver bells.

"Ofcourse you will see me again! I've never... I never thought
something like you was possible!"

And of course, I smile back, and laugh under my breath. She, a modern
human, has no idea of what is possible. The things I will show her, the
places we could go!

Softly I release her and she slides off me. I stand up with her, and
kiss her. Wordlessly, I place my forefinger on her lips - silence. We
look into each others eyes for 10, 20 seconds.

And then, with the speed of a cat.... I'm gone.


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