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Archived Sex Stories

The Sauna 1


Early one Saturday afternoon, after spending most of the morning in town, I
decided I should go and relax in a sauna for half an hour. I decided to
head straight for the "Sauna & Beauty Parlour", where I'd been a couple of
times previously. As I arrived, I was met, in the waiting room, by one of
my best friends, Katy. She asked me what I was doing there. I replied by
saying that I was exhausted after spending the morning in town and had come
in for a relaxing sauna. When I'd finished speaking, she told me that she
was there for her weekly facial, which usually took about thirty minutes.
After a short pause, one of the beauty consultants came in to the waiting
room and told Katy that her facial treatments were ready. The music being
played on the PA system within the premises was one of my favourite female
solo singers, Enya. I thought it added something 'special' to the
atmosphere. A couple of minutes later, I was told that the sauna was
ready. As I was getting undressed for the sauna, all the memories of my
friendship with Katy during the past few years came back to me. For some
unexplained reason, as soon as I got inside the sauna, I began thinking
about Katy's stunning good looks. As I sat on the lower seat of the sauna,
waiting for the heat to start 'hitting' my body, I began to hear what
sounded like Katy's voice. From what I could hear of the conversation, it
sounded as though Katy was talking to another slightly older woman about
the exams she'd just finished at school. Within a couple of minutes of the
talking beginning, Katy and a slightly older, taller woman walked into the
sauna. They were both wrapped, from head to toe, in gigantic white towels
similar to my own. "Hi", I said, still reeling from the shock. "Hi", they
both said in unison, as they went to sit down on the higher seat of the
sauna. "Sorry for barging in on your relaxation, Alan. I didn't think
you'd mind some female company", explained Katy. "That's all right; make
yourselves comfortable", I replied. Once they'd settled, Katy explained
her presence. "They ran out of stuff to put on my face during my facial,
so they offered me a free half an hour session in the sauna". "Oh, right",
I retorted. After a short pause, Katy went on, "Alan, I'd like you to meet
Nina. Nina, this is one of my best friends, Alan". I leaned over and
shook the hand of this beautiful young woman, who I was sure I had seen
several times in the past few weeks. "Excuse me Nina, but don't I know you
from somewhere?", I asked. "Yeah, I'd say so ... this is where I work!"
replied Nina with a smile. "Of course ... I should have realised", I
said. As Katy and I had known each other for quite a few years, we started
talking about some of the things we'd got up to in the past. She reminded
me of a few of the funnier incidents we'd both witnessed in the years gone
by. We went on to discuss what we had done recently. I told Katy about
what had happened during the celebrations for my 20th birthday. Then, the
three of us started telling some really funny jokes. After a while, I
asked Katy if she was going out with anyone. She said that she hadn't been
out with anyone in the past couple of months mainly because she'd wanted a
rest from the hassle of relationships, boys and all that sort of stuff. "I
think it's time I grabbed a quick shower", said Katy. "I'll leave you two
alone to get to know each other". Almost as soon as Katy had left the
sauna, Nina asked me how long I'd known Katy. I began to explain that we'd
known each other years ago, but had lost contact with each other because
I'd become "a bit of a recluse". She said she was intrigued to hear more
about the friendship, and asked me to continue. "There isn't really all
that much more to tell, to be honest with you", I told her. "From what
I've heard during the past few minutes, along with what Katy has told me in
the past, there is a lot of history between you and her", she replied.
"Yeah?", I said, before pausing briefly. "Exactly, what has Katy been
saying about me?" As the conversation continued between Nina and me, I felt
as though we were becoming friends really quickly. There seemed to be some
sort of 'bonding' between us, as though we'd known each other for years.
The conversation then moved away from talking about my friendship with
Katy, to talk about what I was doing at the moment and where I would be
going on holiday. As the conversation seemed to be coming to a conclusion,
Katy came back into the sauna, after having her "quick shower". As she sat
back down, she explained that she'd been so hot from the amount of walking
she'd done in the past few days that she had spent longer than normal in
the shower. As soon as she finished her explanation, an eerie silence
seemed to descend on the sauna for some unexplained reason. Just then,
Nina begun talking. "I'm starting to get quite hot sitting up here". She
went on to make an rather unexpected request. "Would either of you mind if
I moved my towel down to my waist?" "No, go ahead", said Katy, almost
without hesitation. "Alan?", inquired Nina. "No ... not at all", I
stammered. As soon as I'd finished my sentence, Nina got down from where
she was sitting, and proceeded to pull her towel away from her body. She
then re-tied the towel round her waist and sat down again. I almost had
heart failure when I saw the beauty of her magnificent tits. Needless to
say, she was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen in my life, and
her breasts were sexy as hell. Almost as soon as I realised what had just
happened, my cock began to grow faster and bigger than ever grown before. I
was eager to touch Nina's breasts ... even if it was the last thing I ever
did. "You know", piped Katy, after a short silence, "I think you're right
- it is getting quite hot in here". She continued, "I might just lower my
towel to my waist as well, if that's alright by you two". "Fine by me,
Katy", said Nina, without delay. "Is that alright by you, Alan?", asked
Katy. "What ... ", I said a little dazed. "Oh yeah; no problem, go
ahead", I replied. I watched as one of the most beautiful teenagers I
knew, untied her towel from just above her breasts, then lowered it until
it was round her waist. As with Nina, she finished the 'procedure' by
re-tying the towel around her hips. By now, I was getting really
'worked-up' by sitting within a very small distance of two topless beauties
in a sauna. I decided that I should pinch myself in the side, just to make
sure I wasn't dreaming. Luckily for me, I wasn't! In order to attempt to
confirm the fact that I wasn't dreaming, I chose to go and have a cold
shower, as I was beginning to 'burn up' with the heat and the excitement.
As I closed the door of the sauna behind me, I breathed a heavy sigh. I
stood under the cool spray of the shower, and I tried to get my heartbeat
down to a reasonable level. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to want to slow
down at all. Within less than a minute, it was obvious my heart wasn't
going to slow down for anyone this afternoon. With this in mind, I decided
to go back to the heat of the sauna and the beauty of the two semi-nude
young women. Not long after my return to the sauna, Nina started talking
again. "You know, this heat is getting beyond a joke for me. I think I'll
go and take a quick shower, if that's alright by you two", she said.
"That's okay by me, Nina", stated Katy. "Not a problem with me either", I
said. Soon after Nina had gone out the door for a 'quick' shower, Katy
started asking me questions. "Well ... what do you think of her, Alan?",
asked Katy, anxiously. I couldn't help but to let out a slight laugh at
the question I'd just been asked. Of course, I thought Nina was one of the
most beautiful young women I'd ever seen in my life, but I didn't know what
to say to Katy. "She seems alright", I said. "Do you think she's sexy?",
asked Katy. "No comment", I said laughing. "Does that mean you fancy
her?", Katy continued to quiz. "Aye, I'd say so", I retorted rather
calmly, with a smile. As Nina walked back into the sauna, she noticed that
both Katy and I were smiling. "What's wrong?", she asked. "Oh, nothing
much", replied Katy, "We were just talking about you behind your back!".
"I hope you weren't saying anything bad", said Nina. "Well ... ", I said
slowly. All three of us burst into spontaneous laughter. As soon as we'd
settled down and Nina had taken her seat beside Katy, it was Nina who broke
the tense silence. "This heat is becoming really unbearable. If it's
alright by the pair of you, I think I'll take this blasted towel right
off". I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Were my ears playing
really cruel tricks on me, or had Nina just said that she wanted to take
her towel off?! I decided that my ears weren't playing tricks on me, and
that I should allow Nina to do whatever she wanted! As neither Katy or I
objected, Nina proceeded to get down from where she was sitting, and
removed her towel from around her waist. As soon as she did, I thought I
was going to have a major heart attack. As it turned out, I had vastly
underestimated the beauty of her body. It was a beauty like nothing I'd
ever seen before in my entire life. I continued to watch her as she folded
her towel, placed it neatly where she had been sitting and sat down on it.
By this stage, my penis was increasing in size like never before. This
afternoon's 'activities' had already surpassed all of my wildest dreams or
fantasies. The atmosphere in the sauna was fast becoming increasingly
tense and sexual. For a change, I decided to be the one to break the
unbearable silence, "Nina, what are the other staff in here like to work
with?". "Oh, not too bad; once you get to know them, you know", she
replied. As she finished the sentence, I noticed Katy getting down from
the upper 'ledge'. I quickly asked her what she was doing. "I agree with
Nina - it's getting very warm sitting up here; I'm taking off my towel,
just as she did a couple of minutes ago", she replied. Were my ears trying
to deceive me again, or did one of my best female friends just say that she
wanted to take off her towel? I again decided to presume they weren't
playing tricks on me, and waited for the 'outcome'. Katy continued to what
Nina had done only minutes earlier by folding up her towel, placing it on
the ledge, and then sitting back down as before, only inches away from
Nina. As Katy sat back up on the ledge, I got my first sight of two of the
most beautiful young women I'd ever set eyes on in my life. I just
couldn't comprehend the fact that I was within a couple of feet of two
totally naked females. After a complete silence, which lasted for what
seemed to be a lifetime, Katy started talking. "Aren't you starting to
feel the heat, Alan?". "Yeah, aren't you feeling a little left out, being
the only one still wearing a towel? Why don't you take it off - it's very
liberating, you know!", said Nina. Quite unexpectedly, I was slightly
hotter than a few minutes ago, but I didn't think it was completely due to
the heat of the sauna! Anyway, maybe they wanted to see what my reaction
was to their magnificent bodies! Almost as soon as I took off my towel,
they seemed to be aghast at what they saw in front of them. Katy was the
one to break the silence. "Well, I must admit ... that's the biggest love
muscle I've ever seen in my life!" confessed Katy. "Yeah, where did you
get it from?!", exclaimed Nina, still in shock, "it's far bigger than I'd
expected it to be!" "Well ... ", I said, a little embarrassed, "it's a
long story". "Would you mind if Katy and I got down from here and sat
beside you, while you tell us this 'long story'? - the heat up here is
getting beyond a joke", enquired Nina. "Yeah, fine by me ... if that's
what you both really want", I replied. As both of them got down from the
ledge of the sauna, I caught sight of their wonderful luscious boobs moving
- this was quickly turning into a dream come true. As they went to sit
down, one of them on either side of me, I began to thank my lucky stars
that I was male. Almost as soon as the two young women sat down beside me,
I chose, for some inexplicable reason, to sit up straight, not quite
knowing where to look. Once I'd settled myself into a comfortable sitting
position, I began to tell the story of my life. I hadn't got too far in
the story when I felt a pair of lips on my left cheek. As the lips moved
away from my cheek, I turned to see which of the two women had unexpectedly
kissed me. It had been my friend Katy who'd kissed me. This wasn't much
of a surprise as we both kissed each other on cheeks quite regularly.
However, from the look in her eyes, this wasn't just another 'normal' kiss
on the cheek. The next thing I knew was Nina had grabbed my chin and was
gently pulling my face towards hers. I thought she might want to copy what
Katy had just done. As soon as I was facing Nina, it was obvious that she
wanted to kiss something slightly more interesting. As her lips touched
mine, I knew this afternoon was going to get more exciting by the minute.
Just as I was beginning to get the hang of what I was doing, I felt a pair
of lips kissing my neck and then proceeding down onto my left shoulder. I
pulled away from Nina's lips, to find out what was going on. As I did, it
was obvious what direction Katy's lips were heading. "I've wanted
something like this to happen for as long as I've known you, Katy", I said
with a racing heart rate and a cock which seemed that if it got much
bigger, it would burst at any moment. As I completed what I was saying,
Katy stopped kissing my torso, looked up and said, "I really wanna to suck
you!". As she finished speaking, she started licking her lips. Within
seconds, Katy had started to kiss my torso again, while Nina began to kiss
all over my face and neck. After another few seconds had passed, I quickly
glanced down to where I thought Katy would be. She was just starting to
kiss and lick my cock, which by now was approaching nineteen or twenty
centimetres in size. During the prelude to my first ever blow job, I began
kissing Nina. As soon as I felt the head of my love muscle being engulfed
by Katy's sensuous mouth, I took a deep, heavy breath and wondered how this
afternoon's 'events' were going to finish. As the blow job continued, I
began to wonder how long Katy and Nina had been planning this incident and
whether or not they'd done something like this before. After a few
minutes, I began to feel as though I was close to orgasm. I closed my
eyes, put both my hands on top of Katy's head and told her over and over
again to "Keep on going". I began to take very short breaths, and then I
started coming in her beautiful mouth. She immediately realised that I was
having an orgasm and the liquid that had just shot into her mouth was my
spunk. Within seconds of my 'experience' finishing, I told Katy that she
was one of the most gorgeous girls that I knew. As I continued to recover,
I opened my eyes only to see one of the most erotic sights I'd ever had the
pleasure of bearing witness to - Katy and Nina were leaning over me to kiss
each other. I decided to continue the sexual atmosphere that had taken
over the sauna, using my hands to explore the bodies of these two extremely
sensuous females. I began by moving my left hand between Nina's recently
shaven legs and then onto the inside of her silky thighs. I also decided
to kiss her beautiful, irresistible face. I went on to gently kiss her
neck and left shoulder. As my hand continued moving upwards I started
feeling some hair. I soon realised I had reached her cunt, and started
massaging it for a couple of minutes. Soon, I began getting a little bored
of massaging Nina's alluring pussy, and noticed that both the women had
broken from their lip-lock. "Katy?" I asked. "What is it, gorgeous?"
replied Katy "Does this mean we're friends again?!" I asked, with a laugh.
"Well ...", replied Katy hesitantly, but jokingly, "Maybe!" Soon after, I
told Katy that I really liked her a lot and wanted to go out with her on a
few dates to get to know her better. She told me she liked me as well and
suggested that we should go out and do something tonight. I said that we
could go to a local pub for a couple of drinks and then for a walk to get a
breath of fresh air. A short pause followed, before Nina made an
interesting suggestion. "We could always come back here afterwards and do
something, if you wanted". As soon as she finished what she had just said,
Katy and I looked at her in total bewilderment. "Would we be allowed?", I
asked, after a few seconds had passed. "Yeah, I don't think there'll be
any problems", explained Nina. "All the people who own businesses in this
building will have gone by that time, so we shouldn't have any problems",
she continued. "That'd be really cool, wouldn't it Alan", stated Katy
almost straight away. "Yeah, possibly even better than this afternoon has
been", I agreed. All of us agreed that the past hour or so had been the
best time of our lives. Katy then looked at her watch, looked up at me and
told me that she would have to go and get changed as she was due back home
shortly. I told her to phone her parents and tell them she wouldn't be
back for tea this evening. I went on to suggest that she should also bluff
to them by asking if it was alright for her to stay over at one of her
friend's houses' for the night. She explained to me that she had promised
her parents she'd be back for tea that evening and she must keep the
promise or get grounded for the rest of the summer holidays. "Well ...
I'd better get this place tidied" said Nina, "Do you either of you want to
help me?" she asked. "Aye, all right; I'll help if you want. But give me
five minutes to get Katy out here and on her way home" I replied. "That's
fine by me ... I'll just wait here for you", said Nina. As soon as Nina
had finished speaking, Katy leaned over towards her and gave her a second
kiss. This immediately gave me another erection. As they parted, I
grabbed Katy's hand and helped her up from her seat, walked hand-in-hand
out of the sauna. We proceeded to sit down on one of the big leather sofas
in the waiting room of the sauna ready for her to start putting her clothes
back on. I started clothing her by putting her plain white G-Strings on
her. I then started putting on her Joe Bloggs T-shirt, but before I pulled
it down over her sexy boobs, I gently kissed each nipple a couple of times.
When I'd finished putting on her T-shirt, I pulled her jeans up her long,
luscious legs. Before I did anything else, I opened up the jeans, and
pulled her G-strings down. Under my breath I said, "Goodbye. See you
later, sexy lips!". I finished by putting her shoes back onto her feet.
As soon as I did so, I rushed to get myself dressed in time to be able to
walk Katy down the steps of the "Sauna and Beauty Parlour", and out onto
the street. As we began to descend the stairs, I grabbed hold of Katy's
left hand and asked her to try and get hold of a Polaroid camera with some
film in it so that we would have a permanent record of what happened this
evening! As we parted company, she confirmed the time we'd meet this
evening. With that, we both admitted that we were deeply in love with each
other, and she walked slowly and calmly up the street towards her house.

To Be Continued ...


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