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Archived Sex Stories

The Sauna 2


As soon as I saw Katy out of the parlour, I decided to go home to get ready
for the evening that lay ahead. I turned round and I walked back into the
changing room of the sauna. I would have been the first to admit that I'd
been professionally 'pampered' for the last hour, beyond my wildest dreams.
Better still, there was the promise of much more to come that evening!! As
I walked back into the changing room of the parlour, I thought I should go
and get Nina out of the sauna, so we could start cleaning the sauna and the
rest of the parlour. However, as I looked into the sauna itself, I saw
Nina sitting on the top ledge of the sauna. As soon as she saw me, she
beckoned me back into the sauna. "Well, what did you think of that?!", she
asked as I closed the sauna door behind me. There was only one word to
describe what I had experienced that afternoon. "Amazing!", I replied.
"As good as that!", replied Nina, with a laugh. Nina had put her towel
back round her waist while I had been seeing Katy to the door of the beauty
parlour. This meant I was still able to see Nina's beautifully pert boobs,
which moved up and down every time she breathed. "Do you want to start
clearing up this mess, so I can go home and get washed and changed?", I
asked Nina. "No; give it another few minutes", she said, "why don't you
put your towel back on, and then come back in here and keep me company?!",
asked Nina. I could hardly have rejected such an invitation from a
stunningly beautiful young woman like Nina. "All right", I replied. I
began to get excited as I went back out to the changing room, where I had
left my towel, and began to strip off, ready to go back into the sauna. I
walked back into the sauna to find Nina had taken off her towel again. "I
didn't think there was much point in keeping my towel on! Why don't you do
the same - after all, we've already seen each other naked today!".
Beginning to smile, I untied the towel I'd only just put back on. "Good
point", I said, as I threw my towel casually onto the lower ledge of the
sauna. Nina's eyes went straight towards my cock, which, for some reason,
had started getting hard again. "I was beginning to wonder when you were
going to show some interest!!", Nina said, with a laugh. "Yeah", I began,
"so was I!!". After a short pause, I went over to the lower ledge and sat
down. "So", Nina began, "I suppose you're looking forward to tonight!".
"Yeah", I answered, "I don't know why!!". As I finished what I was saying,
Nina got down from where she was sitting, and sat down straddling my knees
facing me. I immediately felt the urge to lean forward and kiss Nina. It
ended up being a very deep, passionate kiss. As we broke from the kiss, I
began kissing the rest of Nina's gorgeous body. After kissing all over
Nina's cute face, I worked my way down her neck, and on towards her sexy
boobs. "You're a fast worker!", commented Nina, as I continued to kiss
down her gorgeous torso. Before I reached her now soaking pouting pussy lips, she got up from where she was sitting, and got herself back up onto
the upper ledge of the sauna. She then opened her legs wider than I'd ever
seen before. "This is what you want, isn't it?!", Nina questioned,
pointing to the entrance of her damp love tunnel. "Well ...", I said, as I
got up from where I was sat, and went over to stand in front of this
magnificent beauty. As I stood looking deep into Nina's eyes, I could feel
my love muscle becoming larger and harder than I'd ever experienced in my
entire life. I wondered if I would lose my virginity to the gorgeous babe
in front of me, or wait until later on to lose it to one of my best
friends, Katy. "Have you ever been shaved?", I asked out of curiosity.
Nina looked at me, with a strained expression. Finally, after a few
seconds, she answered my question. "No, but I don't have any razors or
foam with me!". "That's all right", I began, "I have both out in my
jacket. I'll just go and get them now", I told Nina. As soon as I walked
out of the door of the sauna and shut it behind me, the best day of my life
was about to get a lot better. I couldn't believe my luck at being in a
sauna with a beautiful, naked young woman, not much older than I was, who
was willing the be shaved. I grabbed the razor and shaving foam, as well
as a pair of scissors I'd brought with me. When I opened the door, I saw
Nina had moved herself down onto the longer, lower ledge of the sauna. It
allowed her to stretch her wonderful long legs as far as they'd go. "I
thought this would make it easier for you to shave me", commented Nina, as
she looked up at me in great anticipation. I placed the scissors, razor
and shaving foam on the ledge beside Nina. As I wanted to get to work as
quickly as I could, as I'd never shaved anyone else other than myself.
When I was in a good enough position to start, I picked up the scissors
from where I'd put them down. Within seconds, I was living out another of
my fantasies by trimming Nina's pubic hairs, which covered her already
dripping wet pussy lips. When I'd trimmed as much of Nina's hairy mound as
I could, I got up from where I was, and went over to grab the big wooden
spoon from the bucket of cold water. I made sure there was some water on
the spoon, before dribbling it over her newly trimmed love mound. Nina
quivered as I spread the cool water over her already moist pussy lips.
Soon, I was spreading some of the foam I'd brought with me over Nina's cunt ready for her first ever pubic shave. As soon as the foam completely
covered Nina's mound, I began the shave I'd always wanted to do. I started
really slowly and gently from the top of her love tunnel, and drew the
razor downwards. With the first stroke, I began to see the results - a
pair of very smooth, hairless pussy lips. I immediately ran my left hand
down the side of her cunt I'd started shaving to feel what it was like.
The skin was unbelievably smooth. I couldn't believe how hairless it had
turned out to be - even after just one stroke of the razor!! I just knew I
had to finish the job as soon as I could, so I could start showing Nina my
true appreciation of her soon-to-be bald love lips. After another few
strokes of the razor, there wasn't a pube left on her now completely
gorgeous and irresistible body. "Finished!", I proclaimed, as I put my
head between Nina's legs and licked all the way up her hairless slit.
Within a matter of seconds, I felt the need to kiss my way back up to
Nina's other cute and very sexy mouth. As I passed her amazing boobs, I
just had to taste both of them in my mouth. As I reached her mouth, I was
so worked up, I was ready to give her a mind-blowing snogging experience
that she wouldn't forget in a hurry. "That feels great!", exclaimed Nina,
as she lifted up the top half of her sexy body from the ledge of the sauna.
As she did so, I was forced to lean backwards to accommodate her great
looking body. She then leaned forward and give me one hell of a snog.
"What was that for?!", I asked, as if I didn't already know. So I was in
no doubt to the answer, she took my right hand and made me feel the bald
mound I'd just finished creating. As Nina moved my hand up and down her
pussy, we began snogging again. After a matter of a couple of minutes, it
was obvious she was about to have a gigantic orgasm. I couldn't believe I
was having such a big effect on her. Within seconds, she was coming, and I
felt the muscles of her pussy contracting as her love juice shot out of her
hairless, pleasure tunnel. Not long after her orgasm had finished, she
decided to lay back down into the position she'd been in while I'd been
shaving her. As I looked at her with her eyes closed, still recovering
from the enormity of probably one of the most powerful orgasms she'd ever
had in her life, I tried to come to terms with the fact that I was sitting,
naked, in a sauna, with a beautiful young women I'd ever laid eyes on - who
also happened to be completely nude. To my surprise, it was Nina who broke
the silence, with a question that I wasn't expecting to be asked. "Do you
mind if I shave your cock?", she asked, "I think it'd look really wicked
completely hairless, especially if we're going to get up to who knows what
later on!!" I replied by asking her what she knew about what was going to
happen "later on". "Nothing", answered Nina, opening her eyes a little.
"Why? What gave you that idea?" "You just said that my cock would look,
and I quote, 'really wicked completely hairless, especially if we're going
to get up to who knows what later on'. Is there anything you want to tell
me about what's going to happen this evening when we come back here", I
continued to question the beauty in front of me. "No", Nina argued, "how
would I know what was going to happen later on?" "I don't know", I
exclaimed, "it's just a feeling I get!" "Well ... are you going to get rid
of the feeling, and let me shave your gigantic cock?", enquired Nina. "If
you put it like that, how can I refuse such a great offer?!", I answered,
straight away. Within seconds, Nina was trimming my pubes, just as I'd
done to her only about ten or fifteen minutes previously. As soon as she'd
trimmed as low as she could, she began 'sprinkling' some of the cold water
over my red hot love muscle. As she did so, the temperature of the water
sent a shiver all the way through my body. "Now you know how I felt!",
said Nina, with a wicked smile. After a couple more sprinkles of water,
she lifted up the can of shaving foam I'd used earlier, and sprayed some of
it onto her hand. Soon, she'd covered my cock and my balls, ready for the
most erotic shave they'd would ever experienced. As she leaned over to
grab the razor, I felt myself getting an even bigger erection than I'd had
earlier on, when Katy had still been in the sauna. Was Nina going to be
the woman I was going to lose my long-lived virginity to after all? Nina
began by gently pulling the foreskin of my love muscle upwards, so she
could be sure she would shave as much of my pubes as possible. The first
stroke of the razor on my cock felt as erotic as getting the blow job
earlier from Katy. Finally, I knew what heaven felt like! As Nina
continued shaving my hard-on and scrotum, I began to think what mad things
might be happening later on when Nina, Katy and myself would be able to
come back into the parlour. Not long after Nina had begun the task, she
was finished, and ended up licking my cock up to the tip of the head, all
the way round. This meant she had to get up off the ledge of the sauna,
and turn to face away from me. It seemed like she was getting seriously
turned on by licking my newly shaved cock. The next thing I knew was that
she was putting her right leg over the top of my head. Just as I realised
what she was doing, she pushed her sleek pussy lips down towards my mouth.
Before I knew what was happening, she'd lifted her love lips from my face,
stopped licking and sucking my love muscle, turned round towards me to look
me in the eyes, and said, "Enjoy yourself!!". "Don't worry, I will!!", I
replied, with a smile. As we both started licking each other, I felt a
warm glow of relaxation flowing through my body. I could only think it was
due to the events of the past few minutes!! It wasn't long before both of
us began to orgasm, as we were still excited about what'd happened earlier
before Katy had left the sauna. Not long after both our orgasms had
passed, Nina got up from where she was lying, turned herself round and got
back on top of me. As we lay there kissing, we looked deeply into each
other's eyes, but it was Nina who decided to break the silence. "We'd
better get up and start cleaning this place before we go for this evening",
she said, looking longingly into my eyes, not really wanting to move.
"Yeah, I couldn't agree more", I replied rather casually. Before long,
we'd started to kiss more and more passionately. It didn't take me long to
realise that Nina really wanted me, right there and then. Soon, Nina get
up from lying on top of me, and walked out the door, telling me to stay
where I was". I wondered what she had gone out of the sauna to get.
Seconds later, I realised if I was right, and she did want me there and
then, we were missing something vital - a condom. As the door opened, I
was greeted by such an amazing sight, I nearly came as soon as I laid eyes
on the stunning young woman I was soon to be making love to. Before Nina
could say or do anything, I continued the conversation from where we'd left
it, just seconds ago. "What's that you've got there?", I asked, even
though I knew fine rightly what is was Nina was holding in her hand. "Do
you want me to get it out and show you?", Nina enquired. "Yeah - you could
take the condom out of the wrapper as well, if you want!", I said, with a
laugh. Nina immediately realised my joke, and asked me, if I'd like to
take the condom out of it's wrapper. "Yeah, sure; give it here", I
replied. She handed it over to me, and then proceeded to straddle about
halfway up my thighs. It was obvious how quickly Nina wanted to get
started. Unfortunately, I'd just recently cut my fingernails and within
seconds, it was evident that I wasn't going to be able to get into the
condom wrapper. So, I immediately handed it to the young beautiful woman,
who was currently straddling my thighs. Nina didn't have any of the
problems with the wrapper that I'd had with it. It was my new found lover
who decided she was going to roll the condom down onto my cock. "Am I not
good enough for you?!", I asked with a smile, as soon as I noticed the
condom she'd chosen was 'ribbed'. Soon, we were kissing again, as
passionately as we'd been before. As we did so, I felt Nina's well-toned
legs moving further up my muscular thighs. The moment in time had finally
arrived - I was about to lose my virginity to one of the most gorgeous
young women I'd ever met in my entire life. With Nina's first 'down
thrust', I realised just how hard my cock actually was - completely erect,
and there was no hint of it going soft. It wasn't that long before Nina
and I were kissing all over each other's faces, while we were having the
most erotic sex session I'd ever witnessed. After just a matter of a few
minutes, Nina's breathing began to get a little heavy and short. It was
obvious that she was to be the first to reach orgasm. This turned me on
even more, and began kissing further down her truly amazing body, this time
paying extra special attention to her magnificent tits. As her orgasm
peaked, she leant backwards. As I helped her to lift herself back to where
she'd begun, I felt my cock becoming more sensitive. I knew my orgasm was
on it's way. In the heat of the moment, as the sensations of my orgasm
passed through my body, I told Nina I loved her more than she'd ever know.
As the pair of us began to calm down after our orgasms, we realised what
we'd just done, and simply couldn't contain our lust for each other. Nina
and I felt compelled to start snogging one another again. When we broke
from the kiss of a lifetime, Nina asked me a question. "Did you enjoy
that??!!", she said, with a look of immense contentment on her glowing
face. In order to give her an accurate answer to the question she'd just
asked, I felt obliged to stick my lips on hers, and start snogging her
again. As we broke from our passionate embrace, I replied to her previous
question by asking, "Does that answer your question?!". Within seconds,
Nina was kissing me all over my face. I was slightly taken aback by her
apparent endless energy. Soon enough though, she was pulling away from me,
and began to get up off me, and made her way towards the door of the sauna.
Before she opened the door, she turned round, put out her hand, and asked
if I wanted help getting off the ledge. I replied that I didn't, and that
I'd follow her out in a couple of minutes. "Need some time to recover from
that 'session', do you?!", Nina replied, with a devilishly wicked smile.
As she opened the door and walked out, I replied, "Yeah, you wish!!". As
she turned to leave the sauna, I got a glimpse of her beautifully naked
ass. It turned me on so much, I could have had another orgasm, at that very
moment. As I sat there, trying to recover from the mad sex session I'd
just had the pleasure of being involved with one of the most beautiful
women I knew in the world. I decided, after about a minute of relaxation,
it was time to make a move for the shower. I realised Nina would probably
still be in there, so it'd be a great surprise if I were to join her. As I
pulled back the shower curtain, I saw something that turned me on even more
than seeing a beautiful, naked young woman. In front of my eyes, I saw
Nina doing quite the opposite to trying cooling down - she was frigging
herself to orgasm. As soon as Nina realised I was watching her, she
invited me into the shower to join her. I replied by telling her "I'll
just watch, if you don't mind". She must have been wondering how much
excitement I was getting out of watching her masturbate in front of me.
She didn't have to wait long, as I found myself unable to stand there any
longer, and stepped into the shower to copy what she was doing. Within
about a minute of me joining Nina in the shower, we were at the peak of
orgasm. Nina thanked me for my help before leaving me behind in the shower
to go and get changed, before having to tidy the rest of the clinic. I
didn't stay much longer in the shower - just long enough to rinse my hair
and start recovering from the afternoon's events. When I stepped out of
the shower, I felt as good as I'd ever felt before in my life. I walked
over to where I'd left all my clothes, before I'd got back into the sauna
with Nina. My red silk boxer shorts were nowhere to be seen. In their
place I found a matching black bra and knickers. I assumed they belonged
to Nina, and that she'd taken my boxers, to remind her of the afternoon's
events. Before I was able to start re-dressing myself, Nina walked in
through the door to the waiting room, and unbuttoned her plain white
uniform, revealing my boxer shorts. "Looking for these, are you?!", she
asked, with a wry smile. "Why?", I asked, holding up her knickers and
matching bra, "You looking for these?!". We both burst out laughing at
what we'd just asked each other. As she approached, it was obvious we were
going to be snogging each other within seconds. It turned into such an
amazing kiss, I wondered if it would ever end. Sadly, we broke from each
other's lips, and quickly decided I should keep Nina's underwear as a
momento, and she should keep my boxer shorts for the same reason. While we
were getting dressed, we talked about the afternoon's events. Both of us
agreed that it was certainly something we wouldn't be able to forget in a
hurry. As soon as we were both dressed, we moved back into the waiting
room of the salon, where the afternoon's events had begun. I started
looking round the room to see where I should begin tidying. Nina noticed I
was looking round the room, and asked me what it was I'd lost. "Nothing",
I replied, "I'm wondering what we could start tidying". "Don't be silly",
said Nina, "you should go home, and get yourself prepared for the night
ahead!!". "You sure?", I asked, as she approached me. "Sure, I'm sure. I
wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it", she explained. "Okay.
Thanks", I said, as I walked towards the door of the salon. I noticed out
of the corner of my eye that Nina was following me to the door - maybe I
was about to get a goodbye kiss!! Just as I was opening the salon door,
Nina asked me a question. "Don't I get a goodbye kiss?!". "How did you
know I was about to ask that question?!", I asked, with a laugh. Unlike
all our previous kisses, this one was just a light peck on the lips. With
that, I said my final goodbyes, and told her I'd see her later on in the
pub. Nina replied by confirming the arrangements we'd made just before
Katy had left. As I slowly walked down the stairs towards the street, the
events of the past couple of hours suddenly started to sink in. I couldn't
believe my luck - and there was the promise of more, later on tonight.
Could I get much more lucky? To Be Continued ...


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