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The Sauna 3


As I closed the front door of my flat to start the long, winding walk to
the pub, I was still attempting to take in what had happened that afternoon
in the beauty parlour with Katy and Nina. I was also trying to ignore the
fact that within a matter of a few hours, the three of us would be going
back for a late night sauna. As soon as I arrived at the venue where we
had arranged to meet for the evening's drinks, I saw the two women whose
company I'd enjoyed that afternoon. When I eventually made it through the
crowd of people between me and the two stunning young women at the table, I
was welcomed by a radiant, and refreshed looking Katy. She got up from
where she was sitting and gave me a gigantic hug. As we began to pull away
from each other, she moved back towards me and gave me a light kiss on the
lips. As I began to focus more closely on Nina sitting at the table, Katy
asked me what I wanted to drink. "I don't think they serve what I want to
drink!!", I replied, cheekily. As Katy whispered into my ear that I could
have some of her pussy juice later on, I took a longer look at the woman
I'd lost my long-lived virginity to only hours before. She was sitting,
drinking and looking up at me, seeming to be quite content. Katy walked
over to the bar and ordered me a pint of beer - she obviously knew what I
wanted to drink. As I took my seat at the table, I looked up towards the
bar just in time to glimpse Katy giving me a wink and licking her lips.
"Hi", I heard a female voice saying. As I turned round, I was greeted by
Nina's beautiful outstretched hand, which I proceeded to give a light kiss.
"You're looking well", I commented, after a longer look at what she was
wearing. "You know", noted the young woman, "we didn't really get to hear
much about you two this afternoon, did we?!". "Mmmmm, I wonder why?!", I
questioned, just as Katy returned to the table with tray of drinks for the
her and Nina, as well as my pint of beer. Within a couple of minutes, Katy
and I were telling Nina about all the mischief we used to get up to when we
were younger. After a few more minutes of chatting between the three of
us, we decided it was time to finish our drinks and head off to the final
destination for the evening - "The Sauna & Beauty Clinic". As we were
leaving, I got chatting to Nina, who asked me what I'd like to happen in
the sauna. My only request was that we have loads of sex!! During the
short walk round to the clinic, I pulled Katy away from Nina as I was
interested in finding out what she was feeling and thinking at that precise
moment. "Nothing much, but I'll let you into a secret", offered Katy,
whispering into my right ear, "neither of us are wearing any underwear!!".
As soon as she'd finished the sentence, my eyes lit up - almost as much as
they'd lit up earlier in the sauna!! Katy saw my enthusiasm, and gave me a
light kiss on the cheek, and told me there was "more where that came from".
Immediately, I pulled Katy's arm, turned to face her, and gave her one of
the longest and most passionate kisses of the day. As we eventually pulled
away from the passionate embrace, I knew it was going to be a hell of a
night. During our brief stroll towards the sauna, the three of us got back
together and talked about what we'd all been doing recently. As we
finished climbing the stairs of the building and got in the door of the
clinic, Nina grabbed Katy and they started kissing passionately. I noticed
that there was a light coming from under the door that led to the sauna.
They looked as though they were getting really getting into what they were
doing, so I decided I'd have to be the one who'd have to go and investigate
- after all, we were supposed to be the only three in the building. "Maybe
Nina accidentally forgot to switch off the light before she left earlier",
I thought as I approached the door, with a little apprehension. I was
surprised, when I opened the door to the sauna's changing room, and caught
a glimpse of some women's clothes - frilly knickers and matching bra, along
with a short black skirt and crop top. I decided I should go over to the
door of the sauna itself, to see if there was anyone enjoying a quick sauna
at the expense of the clinic. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by
the sight of a beautiful young naked woman, lying on her side, looking
extremely happy and covered in sweat. As soon as she noticed me standing
there, she beckoned me into the hot, steamy sauna. "Who are you, and what
are you doing here at this time of night??", I asked inquisitively. "I
hope that isn't the way to talk to all the gorgeously sexy naked young women you see!!", the mystery woman replied. "No, it's not", I said,
starting to get a little embarrassed. "Why? How many naked women do you
think I've seen in my life?". "I don't know, but quite a few if what I've
been told is true", she commented, looking flirtingly into my eyes. "Who
have you been talking to??", I asked, as I wiped the perspiration from my
forehead. "D'ya know a woman called Nina?", the naked beauty asked.
Before I could answer her question, I heard the door behind me open. "Of
course he knows me", said the voice. I immediately recognised it to be
Nina, and turned round to make sure I was right. I got a pleasant surprise
when I turned round and saw not only Nina completely naked, but Katy was
also with her in the same state of undress. I noticed that Katy had with
her left arm wrapped firmly round Nina's waist. The young woman, whose
identity was still a mystery to me, slowly swivelled her body round so she
sat upright on the upper ledge. The next thing I knew was that both Nina
and Katy brushed past me, and sat down either side of the mystery woman.
"Aren't you starting to get a bit hot with all those clothes on?", enquired
Katy. "D'ya want me to help you take them off?!". "Sure", I replied,
still a bit embarrassed at standing in a sauna looking at three gorgeous
naked women, "if you want to". As Katy got down from where she was
sitting, the memories of that afternoon's momentous events came flooding
back to me. Before she started stripping me of my clothes, Katy stood
face-to-face with me, leaned over, and gave me a deep French kiss, just as
deep as the pair of us had enjoyed earlier that day. As she pulled away, I
looked over her shoulder to see how Nina and the mystery woman would react
to seeing Katy kiss me. I was greeted, not as I had thought by smiling
faces, but instead I saw both of them engrossed in an equally deep French
kiss. Within seconds, Katy had started remove my clothing - not that there
was much to unclothe, as I'd intentionally not worn any underwear. As she
undid my belt and let my trousers fall to the floor of the sauna, she
grabbed hold of my now erect cock, and began to blow on it. If that wasn't
making me hornier than I'd ever been before, I could see that Nina and the
mystery woman weren't waiting for anyone. They were still snogging, and
had started playing with each other's pussies. Before I could do anything
else, Katy had started licking my cock, which had become even larger than
it had been that afternoon. As I began to close my eyes, she started
taking my erection into her mouth, and I knew from that moment, that I
hadn't died, but was in heaven. After about thirty seconds, I felt
someone's lips kissing me. As I got as enthusiastic about the snog as the
woman who was kissing me, I realised it was the only one of the three women
I hadn't kissed before - the still mystery babe. As she pulled away from
me and took a step back to where Nina was now standing, and was now
standing beside the mystery woman. "Alan, I don't think you two have been
properly introduced to each other", said Nina, referring to her snogging
partner. "No, I don't think we have", I replied. "Hi", said the young woman, holding out her right hand, "I'm Judy - Nina's older sister!". As
soon as the mystery woman had revealed her identity to me, I suddenly found
myself more turned on than ever before when I realised that the two were
enjoying an incestuous lesbian relationship. Within a matter of seconds, I
could feel I was about to have the first of many orgasms that night. As I
began to come onto Katy's torso, I began to wonder if the evening could get
any better. As my orgasm subsided and my member stopped shooting my come
onto her gorgeous tits, Katy rose from the kneeling position she'd adopted
during the blow job, and gave me a long, slow and deep French kiss -
presumably to show me her appreciation of the come I'd showered all over
her boobs. As Katy got back where she'd been sitting before she gave me an
awesomely satisfying blow job, Nina was the next to make a move, by getting
down from where she was sitting, stepped forward and said confidently, "I'm
next!". The mood of the sauna had become much more sensuous than it had
been that afternoon. It seemed as though there was something special about
it. Maybe it was the fact that I knew Nina had been snogging and
masturbating her older sister, Judy, minutes earlier. Before I knew what
was happening, Nina had laid herself down on the lower ledge of the sauna
and was beckoning me to lie on top of her. I thought I should perhaps look
over to the other two gorgeous babes to see what their reaction to Nina's
'invitation' would be. As soon as I caught a glimpse of what they were
doing, I knew they wouldn't be objecting to me getting on top of Nina.
Katy had got up onto the upper ledge and laid herself out, and Judy was
starting to lick all the come off her body. I guessed they weren't going
to be interested in what Nina and I did. Within a matter of seconds, I was
hovering over Nina's irresistible body, kissing her all over, before going
down to her pussy and giving her another mind-blowing "licking out". As
Nina began having her first incredible orgasm, I noticed Judy was hovering
over Katy's irresistible body - licking and kissing Katy's face and neck
for all she was worth. Just as I was about to look away, I noticed Judy
starting to move down Katy's body - probably to give her an incredible
licking out. I was getting more and more turned on by the minute as I
continued to sneak the occasional glance to what Judy and Katy were doing
to each other. After a few minutes, Katy and her new found lover got down
from where they'd positioned themselves on the upper ledge. After giving
Nina a quick kiss on the side of her face, they both proceeded to walk out
the door of the sauna. I got back to licking out Nina's love passage, as I
wondered what would be happening next that night. My hopes for the evening
had already been surpassed by what had happened up until that point, but
what else had the three women got up their sleeves. Not long after I'd
gone back to licking Nina's pussy, I began to feel a little bored of what I
was doing, and decided I'd start making my way back up her sumptuous body.
No sooner had I done so that I heard the door of the sauna opening and
closing in quick succession. I slowly lifted and turned my head round to
see whether both of the other young stunners had come back into the sauna,
or just one had made it. "You two enjoying yourselves, then?!", asked
Judy, as she stood less than a foot away from where Nina and I were lying,
still as naked as the day she was born. "Yeah", Nina and I duetted, with a
smile on both our faces. "Stupid question I suppose?!", Judy continued to
quiz. "Nina, can Katy and me go upstairs to see the new part of the
clinic, please?" "What new part of the clinic?", I asked, getting curious
as to what they were talking about. "Yeah, sure", began Nina, as I got up
from where the pair of us had been lying, "I was just about to suggest that
we all went up to see it myself". As the four of us walked through the
open door of the sauna, I wondered what exactly the clinic had just had
installed. It had obviously been something kept secret as I hadn't seen
anything new advertised in any of the clinic's recent brochures. To Be
Continued ...


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