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Archived Sex Stories

The School Science Project



By Francine

The three walked away from the school exchanging expressions of disgust
and dismay. There was Mary Hesson, 14; Suzanne (Suzy) Mergold, 15; and
Karen Hearns, 14, all fellow students having just departed their Science

“Ugh!” exclaimed Suzy. “Serves us right, I guess, for waiting so long
to choose - we should have picked some decent subject earlier!”

“Yeah”, Mary suggested, “like muscle structure, so we could get some
hunk to be our subject?”

“Or”, Karen chimed in, “at least something like brain function, so we
could get into psychological testing, or something like that, but--”

“The Human Urinary System” Suzy and Mary answered in chorus. “What can
we do with that? Analyze stuff out of toilets? How could we have drawn
such a disgusting subject!”

They moaned a bit about their plight.

“Well”, Suzy observed, ever the practical one, “Now we have to make the
best of it. We had our choice of any aspect of the human body, but none of
us picked a subject until today. All the good subjects were picked by
others, some of them weeks ago. It should teach us to get our science
projects picked earlier!”

“Tell me about it - for next year!” Mary noted, not happy at where they

“Now”, Suzy went on, “We have two weeks to do a comprehensive study of
some aspect of the human urinary system, complete with research,
experiments, and a display of our results. And, we have to find subjects
to study!”

“Who is going to offer to be a subject for something like that?” Karen
wondered. “It sure isn’t a very romantic thing to ask someone about!”

“You mean”, Suzy observed, “Like, lady, would you mind telling us how
often you peed yesterday, and how much?”

“And what color it was?” Mary added, laughing.

“We have to come up with something. It was the only subject left on the

“Because, absolutely no one else wanted it!”

The three shared in their collective misery as they plodded their way
homeward. Two weeks to prepare a project and report on “The Human Urinary
System”, or some aspect of it. That evening, Karen was the phone to Mary.

“Say, I had a thought. You know Mrs. Harris, who used to be the
Librarian? She knew me real well, and now she has a different job, but she
lives just a few blocks from here. She’s good at helping students with
projects, and, well, right now we could use some suggestions. She lives
alone, and she’s real nice and all, so how about we see if she can give us
some pointers?”

“Anything to get us started, Karen. I need a good grade, and this one
is just going to be a real mess. You want to ask her?” Mary seemed

A short time later, Karen was at the door of Mrs. Harris’s home.

“Why, Karen! I haven’t seen you in months! How are you doing these

“Well, great, Mrs. Harris, but I really need to ask a favor.”

“OK. You know I am no longer working at the school, but tell me what
you want.”

They conversed a bit, and Karen explained the project that the three
girls had been assigned.

Mrs. Harris, a lady of thirty something, threw back her head and
laughed at the predicament the girls were in.

“Sorry, Mrs. Harris - I didn’t mean to be funny. It’s just that we
need some suggestions on what we could do. We don’t mind doing the work -
we just haven’t a clue as to what kind of a project might fit that

“I know”, Mrs. Harris responded, smiling broadly. “it’s not a subject
with much appeal, and you probably found it a little embarrassing to even
talk bout. Really, I do understand. Yes, I will try to help you - I know
how rough it is to do deal with an assignment like that.”

They talked a bit, exploring the possibilities. Mrs. Harris tried to
put Karen at ease, recognizing the subject was rather sensitive. They
shared a few jokes, even a bit of bathroom humor. Eventually possibilities
began to emerge.

“So, Karen, it might be easiest to focus on functions you could more
easily measure and analyze. Suppose you studied how long it took for
liquids to pass through the body and be extracted by the kidneys, and how
fast it would be excreted. You could then study how much your subject
could hold before discharging it, and what the rate of excretion might be.
With a good subject and a few hours, you could develop some tables, and
analyze the data. I think you could make an interesting exhibit. Why
don’t you bring your two friends over tomorrow evening, and I will try to
help all of you organize it?”

“Well, thanks a lot, Mrs. Harris, but - where will we find a subject?
That’s not going to be easy!”

“Have you anyone in mind?” Mrs. Harris inquired.

“No -not really. It was be easy if we could do it on each other - well,
not really easy, because it would be terribly embarrassing, but we can’t.
The rules say the subject cannot be someone in the class. We have to find
someone else to be our subject. How are we ever going to find someone who
will let us study her like you are talking about?”

“Why, Karen, do you say ‘her’? Must it be a girl?”

“Well, no, but can you imagine a guy letting us study him? We’ll be
lucky if we can find a girl for something like this!”

“Let me see what I can do, Karen. Meanwhile, bring your friends over

The following evening, a Thursday, the three girls came to Mrs.
Harris’s house in the early evening. Mrs. Harris was cleaning up from
dinner. Mary noted she was putting away things from a table that had been
set for two.

“Did you have company tonight? We’re not interrupting anything for you,
are we?” she asked.

“No, not at all. Maybe you didn’t know - right now I have my nephew
Bobby staying with me. He’s thirteen, and he just went out. He has been
here a few weeks, and he’s going to stay with me another couple of months
while his parents are away overseas. He’s in school every day, but he
doesn’t go to your school, so you may not have met him. Anyway, let’s talk
about your project!”

They discussed the details of the project, much as had been reviewed
with Karen the day before. Eventually they agreed on what they would do,
which amounted to a study of how fluids passed through the urinary system,
how rapidly the action took place, and how the human bladder filled, noting
the points at which it had to be emptied and how much it could hold. All
of this would be quantified with experiments and measurements.

They came back to their original question.

“But who can be our subject?” Suzy asked insistently. “The project’s no
good without a subject! Where will be ever find one?”

“Perhaps”, Mrs. Harris replied, rather thoughtfully, “I can help you.
But you must understand, subjects have to be anonymous in studies. You
must agree to keep the name of your subject confidential, so that no
embarrassment will occur for that person. You do agree, don’t you?”

They are indicated agreement.

Suzy quickly inquired, ”Will you be our subject?”

Mrs. Harris smiled, shaking her head. “No. I think it would not be
appropriate to use a subject so much older than you. It is much better to
have someone near your own age. Don’t you agree?”

“Well, I suppose so”, Mary answered, pondering the possibilities, “But
who could we get?”

“If you agree, I think I might get my nephew Bobby to help you. He’s
thirteen, and since he is in a different school, he might not mind being
studied by you. I have always tried to encourage him to volunteer for good
causes, and this is one. You just must agree to respect his privacy. I
wouldn’t want him to have to go somewhere where others might make fun of
him. But, now, would you mind having a boy as a subject?”

The three girls looked at each other. Traces of smiles appeared on
their faces.

“No, I guess not” Mary answered.

“OK with me,” Suzy replied.

“I won’t object”, Karen chimed in.

“All right”, Mrs. Harris concluded, “I’ll ask Bobby to be your subject.
Now, as I think about it, you could do your experiment here, if you like,
Saturday afternoon. Bobby has soccer practice in the morning, but he gets
home about noon. You could use my back room for your study. I will be
here part of the time, so I will get you started, but I will need to be
gone at times, so you can do your study and take all afternoon if you want.
You should be able to do enough experiments to make a good project report.”

They left, agreeing to come to the house at 12:30 on Saturday to do the

Later that evening, Mrs. Harris greeting Bobby as he came in.

“Bobby, I have an assignment for you. Three of my young friends need
your help, and I thought you might offer to assist them on Saturday
afternoon, after you get in from soccer.”

“Saturday? Well, Aunt Evelyn, I guess I could, maybe. What do they
need me to do?”

“Bobby, these are three girls from the school where I used to work.
They are very nice, and just a bit older than you are. They are working on
a school science project. And they need someone to help them with it. It
told them I thought you would do it.”

“Science project? I’m not much on science projects. What do I have to
do, and how long will it take?”

“I think you should be available all Saturday afternoon for them. They
will tell you what you need to do, because you are to be subject for their
study. “

“Subject? Am I supposed to be some kind of crazy monster? They are
going to study me?”

“Yes, Bobby, but they’ll do it right here in the back room. You won’t
need to go anywhere. They just want you to do some things while they take
some measurements and record your reactions. It’s nothing you will find

“They’re all girls, huh? No boys coming?”

“No. Bobby, just three girls. They are quite nice, and I want you to
cooperate. It’s a school project, and it’s not going to be used for
anything else. They just need to study you.”

“OK. I guess I can be a study subject. It’s better than having to
study myself. I hope they learn something!”

“Oh, they will, Bobby. But you have to cooperate!”

Bobby said little about it afterward. He played soccer on Saturday
mornings, but other than that he wasn’t much of an athlete. He was a
passably good student, not one to excel, and not one to stand out in a
crowd. He was not well known in the area, having come into the town only
recently, and had only a few school friends. He was a boy of average size,
not particularly impressive, and his relationships with girls had been very
limited, Mrs. Harris tried to put him at ease, assuring him the girls would treat him well, and would not try to tease him or ridicule him.

Saturday morning, Bobby was up and out for soccer practice early. The
three girls gathered at Karen’s home, and then began to walk to Mrs.
Harris’s house. They carried a bag with the supplies they thought they
needed, and a collection of notebooks.

Karen expressed the thoughts that were on all their minds. “I wonder
what it’s going to be like to study a boy’s urinary system - do you think
he’ll have to show it to us?”

“I hope!” Suzy answered, her eyes brightening. “But probably not.
Probably we’ll do the input part with him, and he’ll do the output in
another room or behind a screen and then let us check it after!”

“Do boys pee more than girls?” Mary asked.

“I guess we’re going to find out. If we fill him up with stuff to
drink, he’ll have to do a lot of peeing!” Karen was almost blushing at the

They arrived at Mrs. Harris’s home and knocked at the door. Mrs.
Harris answered and ushered them inside.

“Bobby isn’t here yet, but he should be home in a few minutes. Here,
I’ll show you what I have ready.”

They went into the back room. A large area was clear, with a bench
against a wall. A small table was near the bench. Mrs. Harris asked the
girls “Which of you can make tea? I think you can use tea to fill up Bobby
for the experiments. He likes it, and you make it on the stove in the
kitchen. One of the first things you will want to find out is how much tea
he can hold, then you can get him to keep drinking it while you see how
long it takes to go through him.”

They surveyed the arrangements, and prepared their measuring equipment
and other items for the experiment.

Shortly, Bobby came through the door. Mrs. Harris immediately called
him into the back room.

“Girls, this is Bobby. He has agreed to be the subject for your study
this afternoon. He should be a good one. I have told him a little about
what you need to do. Now, Bobby, this is Karen, and Mary, and Suzy. Now
why don’t you spend a few minutes getting to know each other - then, Bobby,
I think you need to get cleaned up before they start. “

Mrs. Harris had placed a few sandwiches and snack items on the table.
Bobby eagerly grabbed several, while the girls more gingerly took portions.
They exchanged a bit of casual conversation for a few minutes, then Mrs.
Harris dispatched Bobby to clean up.

“Bobby, you need to be cleaned up after soccer practice so you can be
around these girls. Now, go upstairs and take a shower - do a thorough
job. When you’re ready, you can come back down here and the girls will get
started with you. Now, go!”

Bobby grabbed a last bite, bid the girls farewell and went up the

While was upstairs, Suzy asked about the arrangements. “We can fill him
up here, and measure how much goes in him, but when it comes to letting it
out - will he go up to the bathroom? We need to do a lot of measuring!”

“Yes”, Mary added, “we were going to weigh him, you know, empty and
full, and it might be best if he didn’t have shoes on. I guess he knows he
needs to have pants he can, well, open easily, for - “, she hesitated,
blushing slightly, “he’s got to do a lot of peeing!”

“How are we going to judge when he’s full - I mean in his - his bladder?
I guess he’ll just have to tell us!” Suzy noted.

“Would be more objective if we did some feeling - I mean, if he’d let
us!” Karen was a little surprised at what she had said.

“I’ve thought about those things, and you’re right. You should be
objective, so you need to be able to see and feel as much as possible. I
told him not to wear shoes, but as I think about it, it would be just as
well if he didn’t wear anything. That way, you can do a thorough study and
not just rely on what he tells you. You do need to watch all of the
functions, including the output. OK, I’ll just tell him.”

Karen and Suzy stared at each other as Mrs. Harris went upstairs, their
eyes wide with amazement. Mary mouthed the words, “not wear anything!”.
Then, aloud, but softly, she said to the others, “We’re going to do our
study on a naked boy! A real naked boy!”

Upstairs, Mrs. Harris called to Bobby in the bathroom. “Bobby - can
you hear me?”

“Yes, Aunt Evelyn, I can hear!”, came the response over the noise of the

“Bobby, we’ve decided that it would be best for the study the girls are
doing, if you didn’t dress after your shower. It will make things easier.
So, after you’re through, just dry yourself off and comedown as you are!”

“Come down like I am - without getting dressed?”

“That’s right, Bobby. Don’t get dressed.”

“You mean don’t get dressed at all?”

“That’s right, Bobby. Not even a towel. It will be better!”

“But- Aunt Evelyn - if I don’t get dressed- but - they’re girls!” Bobby

“Look, Bobby, they’re girls, and they’re nice girls. They won’t hurt you. They’re not going to do nasty things to you. They just need to study
you for a school project. It’s for science, and it won’t hurt you. It’s
just in the house - they’re not going to take you outside. Now just do it
- really, it’s easier than getting dressed!”

“Do I have to?” Bobby seemed resigned.

“Yes, I am afraid you do. Don’t be afraid of them - they going to be
nice to you, and they need your help. Now come down as soon as you can!”

“Yes, ma’am. I guess.” Bobby’s voice lacked enthusiasm.

Mrs. Harris came down to the room where the girls were waiting. “He’ll
be down shortly. I told him not to dress in anything. Do try to not
embarrass him too much. He’s never been in front of girls without any
clothes on.”

The girls waited for what seemed an eternity. The shower stopped
running, and they waited. Eventually they heard an upstairs door open, and
then heard soft steps of bare feet approaching the stairs. Bobby was
coming downstairs.

“Come, girls, try to put him at ease”, Mrs. Harris asked, as she
motioned for the girls to come to the room at the stair entrance.

Karen was first. She stared up, to see Bobby, slowly descending,
hanging onto the banister with one hand, attempting to shield his pubic
area with the other. He was naked. Absolutely naked.

For a moment there was silence. All three girls just stared. Bobby’s
hair was wet and clinging from the shower, but rest of him was dry. His
body was nearly hairless, except for a few pubic hairs. He tried to hold
his hand to shield his genitals, but it was difficult.

His aunt stopped the effort. “No need to try to cover yourself, Bobby,
the girls need to see you anyway. Really, they won’t hurt you!”

Bobby dropped his hand. Six female eyes focused on one spot.

His penis stood out, stiffly erect, pointing not just out, but even
slightly upward. It was rigid, standing out like an arrow pointing a
direction. Beneath it, the front of his scrotum was exposed, hanging in
full view. The girls missed not a single detail.

Bobby was mortified with embarrassment. He couldn’t look at the girls.
His eyes, a bit misty, glanced downward. His sense of exposure was

It was Karen who broke the silence. “How - how does he keep it inside
his pants?” she asked, a bit too bluntly. “I mean, his - his thing is so

Mrs. Harris tried to ease the tension. “It’s just that he’s a bit
excited by you looking at him. It isn’t always that way. It’ll be all
right as soon as he manages to relax a bit.”

Bobby looked at his aunt. “What is it they want me to do?” he asked,
rather sheepishly.

Mrs. Harris brought Bobby into the back room with the girls. She
explained to Bobby how the experiment would work. “Really, Bobby, all you
have to do is drink tea. The girls will make it and keep you supplied.
Mary will keep track of how much you drink. They will ask you questions,
and you just answer them. They will need to look at you, and maybe touch
you in certain places. Now, to start with, your bladder is empty, isn’t
it? I mean, you did urinate upstairs when you had your shower?”

Bobby, troubled at discussing his body functions with the girls,
stumbled with the answer.

“Yes, I guess - I mean, I did pee up there, so I guess it’s empty!”

“Good”, Mrs. Harris continued. Now, let each of the girls feel your
bladder, so they know how it feels when it’s empty. Go ahead, girls!”

Karen stepped up to Bobby. She smiled at him, then, gently and
gingerly, tried to place her hand on his abdomen. His penis was obviously
in the way. With it projecting out stiffly at her, pointing a bit up, she
tried to place her hand carefully to avoid touching it, but she failed, and
her hand grazed his erect organ.

“Oops. Sorry. Didn’t mean to do that. Hope I didn’t hurt you!” Bobby
stood still as Karen pressed his abdominal wall, feeling it firm but

“Didn’t hurt. Never mind it,” Bobby answered politely.

Mrs. Harris noticed. “Karen, I’m sure you didn’t hurt him. Go ahead
and touch his penis, but be very gentle, and just feel it for a second or
two. You can’t avoid touching it all the time, and it won’t hurt him to
get accustomed to your touch.”

Karen needed no second invitation. She very cautiously placed her
fingers on the erect shaft, feeling it and then giving it a quick and very
gentle squeeze. “Oh, it’s so hard!” she exclaimed to the others.

“Can I, too, Bobby?” Suzy asked, not of Mrs. Harris, but directly of
Bobby. He nodded, almost unnoticeably. She touched his penis very quickly
and gently, then pressed on his abdomen.

Finally it was Mary’s turn. “We’ll have to see him pee, won’t we? Is
this the hole where it comes out?” she asked, her finger touching the tip
of his organ, then squeezing the tip slightly to make the urinary orifice
open. Then she felt his bladder, and stepped back.

Bobby remained standing, his erection as stiff as ever.

After some further discussion, they seated Bobby on the bench while a
pot of tea was brought in. A cup was poured, and Bobby was instructed to
drink it.

There was some light hearted discussion over the flavoring of the tea,
but the cup was repeatedly filled, and Bobby dutifully emptied each cup.

“How’s your stomach, Bobby? Are you getting full?”

“No - not yet. I’ve only had eight cups so far!” Bobby answered, a bit
pleased with himself.

The process went on for awhile. Mrs. Harris, meanwhile, announced she
would have to leave to attend to some errands, and she would be back later.
“The girls will take good care of you, Bobby. Everybody be OK!”

A glance at Bobby’s penis showed his erection had softened a bit. “He’s
getting more accustomed to them”, Mrs. Harris thought to herself.

After a time, Bobby signaled a stop. “I’m getting pretty full. Better
stop for awhile. How much have I drunk?” he asked Mary, keeping the

“3.3 liters so far. 3.3 liters in, nothing out so far.” Mary reported.

Suzy asked him, “Bobby, do you feel like you need to pee, yet?”

Bobby shook his head. “I guess I probably could, but I don’t really
need to just now!”

Suzy put her hand forward to feel his abdomen. She pressed slightly.

“Hey, if you’re going to do that, I will need to pee!” Bobby exclaimed.

“Mary! Karen! You can feel it! You really can feel his bladder!” Suzy
exclaimed. They took turns. Suzy observed that as they did so, his
erection came back to full stiffness.

After a few minutes, they asked Bobby if he could take more tea. He
thought he could, so they gave him another cup. A bit later, Bobby
announced, “I guess I do need to pee. I can feel it now!”

“What do we do now?” asked Mary.

“We get him to pee, and we measure it!” Suzy answered.

They had a large graduated pitcher for the measurement. Bobby was asked
to stand.

The girls looked at each other.

“Does he point it, or do we?” Karen asked.

“I think we should do it, so we can watch better!” Mary replied.

Bobby stood in silence. Never had he had anyone hold his punishable he
urinated, but, then, never had he urinated in front of girls, either.

“Can we?” Mary asked him. Bobby just shrugged.

Mary held the pitcher in front of his penis. With it so stiff, however,
it wouldn’t point down into the pitcher. Someone suggested Bobby needed to
bend a bit. With him bending over, they got his penis aimed into the

“Let go, Bobby!” Mary instructed him.

It was hard. He wasn’t used to an audience, especially girls. It was
even more difficult with a stiff erection, but as they waited, the erection
softened just a bit.

“I can’t - I’m trying, but, with all of you watching, I’m trying--”
Bobby told them.

Finally a small stream started. Mary held the pitcher, Karen guided his
penis, and Suzy watched. They all seemed awe stricken as the stream,
almost clear, came out from the end of his penis into the pitcher. They
watched as the stream grew in strength and size.

“It works” Mary exclaimed. “So this is how boys really do it! I never
saw before!”

Finally the stream ended. Mary took the pitcher, and noted the measure.
“It’s about - well, almost exactly 420 cc. Gee, we’ve got our first tea
through Bobby!”

“You’re doing OK, Bobby. Now let’s get some more tea in you!” Karen was

Mary was noting the quantities in and out, and the time. Bobby watched
her, taking more cups of tea as the girls refilled the cups, and then the
pot itself.

“Tell us when you have more pee, Bobby!” Suzy asked.

“No, he has to tell us when he needs to pee, Suzy. Let’s be scientific
about this. We don’t want him to let any out until he needs to. We want
to find out how much his bladder holds.” Mary was trying to be logical.

It was not long. In less than twenty minutes, Bobby said, “I have to
pee again. You holding the pitcher?”

His erection had softened a bit, now, as he became a bit more
comfortable with the girls. This time his stream came more quickly and
more forcefully. Mary checked the quantity. “Only 390 this time. Maybe
he didn’t really have to go!”

Suzy looked at Bobby, “Maybe you should try to hold it longer.”

They kept up the ritual for over an hour. The tea was going through
Bobby rapidly, and he was urinating every fifteen or twenty minutes. Mary
kept a careful tabulation so they could develop the statistics later.

About this time, Mrs. Harris came home and looked in the back room.

“How is the project going?” she asked them. They gave her a quick

One item, though, bothered Suzy. “Mrs. Harris, how do we figure the
capacity of Bobby’s bladder? He’s been letting the stuff out several times
an hour, but the most he has ever let out was just under 500 cc. Is that
what his capacity is?”

Mrs. Harris thought a moment. “He’s been urinating when he feels he
needs to?”

“Sure. What else?” Suzy noted.

“Well”, Mrs. Harris observed, “if you let him empty his bladder
whenever he feels the need, he won’t ever get to his real capacity. Have
you been feeling his bladder?”

“Yes,” Mary answered. “We can feel it inside him when he says he needs
to pee.

“Did it ever get really hard and big?” Mrs. Harris asked.

“I guess not,” Suzy replied.

“Girls, if you want to find out his real capacity, you can’t do it if he
empties when he feels he has a need. You need to ask him not to urinate
and just hold it until his bladder really fills up. Didn’t you ever have
to hold your own bladder past the time you wanted to empty it?”

“Sure”, Karen noted. “Lots of times.”

“Then, you have to get Bobby to do the same. Ask him not to empty
himself and just hold it. His bladder will enlarge, and you will be able
find out how it really can hold. Try it!”

“Well, Bobby, you heard her. Now can you just hold it as long as you

Bobby shrugged. He continued to gulp down the tea. Mrs. Harris left
on another errand, promising to be back a bit later.

Half an hour later, Bobby announced, “I’m feeling pretty full. Can I
let it out soon?”

“No, Bobby, not yet”, Suzy said firmly. “We need to study your real
capacity this time. Let me have a feel!”

She pressed his abdominal wall. “Hey, girls, feel this. It’s getting
bigger. You can feel it much better now!”

Bobby was showing obvious discomfort, but the girls gleefully pressed
him to feel his bladder as it filled. They encouraged him to gulp down
more tea, though his stomach was already filled with the liquid.

Only a few minutes later, Bobby was squirming in his seat. “Can I do It
soon? It’s starting to hurt!”

“Bobby, just wait a bit. This is important to our study. Just hold it
awhile longer!”

Now the girls could feel Bobby’s bladder easily, hard and large. They
were obviously enjoying it.

“Don’t leak, Bobby. Can I help you hold it? Would it help if I
squeezed on your --” Suzy hesitated, shying from the word ’penis’, “--on
your tube?”

“You can try, but I can’t hold it much longer. It really, really hurts
now. How much longer do I have to wait?”

Suzy gently gripped his penis, squeezing it tightly this time. She
sensed his erection returning. Bobby groaned in his discomfort, his
overfilled bladder creating deeper distress with every passing minute.
Suzy’s grip did not loosen. Mary sat with her notebook and the pitcher,
ready to measure his output.

“I’ve got to stand - just can’t sit”, Bobby told them. He rose to his
feet, Suzy’s grip on his erect penis never faltering.

“I think he’ll do better this time!” Mary observed.

At length Bobby announced, almost tearfully, “I can’t hold it any longer
- I’ve got to let go!”

Suzy released her grip.

His penis, erect from the stimulation, pointed straight out. Suddenly
his stream erupted and shot forcefully across the room, spattering the
floor far away from him.

“Catch it, Mary!” Suzy called. Mary moved swiftly, getting her pitcher
in position to catch the arcing stream. “I’ll get most of it! We didn’t
loose much!” she observed.

Gleefully, they cheered Bobby as he projected his urine stream like a
garden hose. It was quite a show to them, and it went on and on, Suzy
holding his organ to guide the stream, Bobby standing erect, his hands
hanging at his sides, fists clenching and unclenching as he sought to
relieve the immense tension.

Finally the stream slowed and stopped. Almost in awe, Mary took the
reading. “Look- he let out over a thousand, and we didn’t even catch it

Bobby sat down, a bit relaxed now.

Suzy looked at him. “Shall we try again? Maybe you can do better!”

“Would you want to do it?” Bobby asked her.

“No - but I probably could. Anyway, you’re the subject. And, anyway,
thanks, Bobby. You made a good try!”

Karen was not so ready to stop the test. “I think we should get him to
try holding again. One test isn’t really scientific. Let’s have him hold
again, as long as he can, and see if he can hold more.”

“Maybe his bladder will stretch a little next time”, Mary added.

Bobby was not enthused. “Do it again? Well, OK, but just one more
time! It hurt pretty bad just before I let go. Don’t think I could hold
much more!”

Mary busied herself mopping up the stray spots from Bobby’s last relief.
Then she headed for the door. “I’m going upstairs to the bathroom - after
watching him I have to go myself!”

They went on with his supply of tea. It was only a few minutes before
Bobby again announced a need to urinate. He knew he had to wait. All
three watched him, smiling, encouraging him to drink more tea, cheering him
on as he grew more and more uncomfortable.

Before long he was shifting around, squirming. His erection had
softened considerably. He was sweating, telling them how much discomfort
he was enduring. They stood near him, watching.

“Look how little it is now!” Karen exclaimed, noting his penis had lost
most of its erection. “Can I hold it, and help him keep it in?”

“Go ahead”, Suzy admonished, without asking Bobby.

Karen grasped his now flaccid penis, squeezing hard. She felt it swell
up in her hand. Bobby gritted his teeth, muttering to them, “Not too hard
- boy, it hurts.”

Suzy told him to keep holding. “Bobby, if you can hold just fifteen
more minutes, that’ll be a lot longer than you did the last time. See if
you can do it!”

“Wish you had to do it”, Bobby retorted. “I’m trying”.

Bobby began showing signs of the strain and his increasing discomfort.
His legs were opening and closing, his arms were constantly shifting, and
he was sweating.

“You don’t know how this hurts!” he said through clenched teeth.

Suzy was monitoring the watch. “Bobby, only five minutes more - see if
you can hold just five more minutes!” Bobby nodded in silent, if troubled,

“Feel this!” Mary called, her hand pressing on his bladder. “It’s
bigger and harder than we ever had it!”

“Don’t push!” Bobby answered, almost tearfully.

They counted down minutes, hoping to get him to hold to the targeted
time. They were down to one, when Bobby almost cried out, “I’ve got to let
go - just can’t hold any more!”

Mary had the pitcher ready. The expected stream shot out in a great
arc, but between Karen holding his penis and Mary with the pitcher, they
caught most of it. The girls watched in awe as his bladder emptied
powerfully into the pitcher.

His stream went on and on. Almost clear, the liquid rose higher and
higher in the pitcher. Finally it stopped. Mary took the measure.

“Just over nine hundred forty. Hey, that’s not as much as held the last

“Well I’m not trying again”, said Bobby.

“Maybe he’s just stretched out”, Suzy observed.

“Anyway, he was a good sport. Thanks, Bobby”, Karen addressed him, her
fingers still lightly holding his penis.

“You can let go now”, Bobby advised her.

They continued for a time to feed him more tea. Mary tallied up her
notes. “How much do we need? He’s urinated twelve times, and we’ve given
him over seven liters of tea. “

“I think”, Suzy offered, “that we’ve given him enough. When he empties
out what’s in him now, that should be enough for a good project We can
figure out how fast his kidneys work, how much his stomach could hold, his
bladder capacity - even how far he can shoot his water.” She laughed a bit
at the last observation.

“He made a pretty good garden hose - anyway, I couldn’t do it!” Suzy

“Do I get to study a girl next time?” Bobby asked, only half in jest.

“Not for this project, Bobby. You’ll have to come up with your own.
But if you do, maybe we’ll help you with it!”

Shortly, Mrs. Harris was back. “How are you coming, girls?” she asked.

“We’re getting to the end of it, Mrs. Harris”, Suzy replied.

“Has Bobby been cooperating?” she inquired.

“Bobby has been wonderful. And - you should know - he really tried, and
sometimes it was hard for him when we make him hold it. But we’re almost
finished, now. Thanks for the use of Bobby; and, Bobby, thanks for helping
us!” Karen was expressing the thoughts for all the girls.

They had stopped giving Bobby tea almost an hour before, but it was
still working through him. Soon after Mrs. Harris returned, they allowed
Bobby one more urination which they measured. Mrs. Harris watched with

“Wasn’t so hard, was it, Bobby?” she asked him.

“Good thing it’s over”, he answered. “Was pretty rough for a while.
Can I get dressed, now?”

Mrs. Harris looked at the girls. They seemed to agree. She nodded at
Bobby. “OK. You can go upstairs to your room.”

He headed for the stairs. Karen started to follow him. “I’ll go up,
too. I need abathroom stop for myself before we go!”

“It’s all right, Karen. Bobby can show you where it is!”

Karen accompanied Bobby as he walked up the stairs. She noted his
erection had subsided, but he still stuck out a bit.

“I hope you didn’t mind us looking at you and touching you, and all
that, Bobby. Really, you were an OK guy!”

“I guess I was getting used to it. It sure felt funny coming down to
you girls, me with nothing on, and all of you dressed! I never had a girl watch me do those things before!”

“You mean like peeing?”

“Yeah. Never did it in front of a girl.”

“You have now, Bobby!”

“Yeah”, Bobby replied. “Maybe next time it’ll be the girl doing it!
Anyway - bathroom’s on the left!”

The bathroom was across a hall from Bobby‘s room. Karen headed into the
bathroom. Bobby went into his room and started looking around for clothes.

A minute or so later, he heard Karen call.

“Bobby! Could you come to the door. please?”

Bobby came back to bathroom door, holding a clean shirt in front of him.

The door was open. Karen was seated on the toilet, facing the open
door, her jeans and underpants down almost to her ankles, her legs spread
at the knees. Bobby stared at the sight.

In almost a whisper, Karen asked, “Ever see a girl pee?’

“No - not yet” Bobby stammered softly, a bit in awe.

“You have now!” Karen said in her soft whisper. Immediately a stream
poured from her crotch. Bobby stood staring. He moved a step into the

About a minute later, the stream ended. Karen looked at Bobby. She
reached over an snatched off a piece of toilet paper. She held it out to

“Girls need to be wiped”, she said. “You start at the top and wipe
down. I’d be grateful!”

He took the paper and reached to her crotch. Clumsily he tried to wipe
her. She just sat, not moving a muscle.

“Thanks”, she said.

Then, as she pulled up her clothes, she added. “We owed you that!”

Quickly she ran down the stairs. Bobby started to return to his room.
If Karen had looked back, she would have seen his penis standing stiffly
erect again.




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