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The Secret


"The Secret"

My best friend Lorenzo decided to visit me at work one day. Lorenzo and
I were really close. We were so close that people sometimes thought we
were a couple. We'd been friends for almost four years and we told each
other everything.

Well, almost everything. I had one secret that I hadn't told Lorenzo
yet. I'd been in love with him almost the whole time we'd been friends. I
was so afraid of ruining our friendship, I never said anything.

Today was a new day though. I felt so confident today. I finally felt
the courage to tell my secret love the truth about how I felt about him.
We were graduating high school soon and I might never see him again; I had
to tell him while I had the chance.

Lorenzo didn't usually visit me at work because I work at a daycare, and
he didn't like all the noise.

He showed up right after the kids ate lunch which was naptime. So, all
the kids were sleeping.

I asked him to help me clean up, and then brought him into the office to
talk. We went in there and sat on the couch.

RENZO: What's up Erika?
ME: There's been something I've been wanting to
tell you for a long time, and I feel I'm
finally ready to tell you
RENZO: Okay, go ahead, I'm listening. What did
you do this time? (smiles)
ME:Come on, Renzo, I'm trying to be serious here.
RENZO: Well, thats a first. Okay, shoot, I'll shut up now.
ME: Now there's a first. Okay, you're the best
friend I've ever had, and I hope what I'm
going to tell you doesn't damage our great
friendship in anyway, cause that would kill
me. But I have to get this out before it
drives me insane.
RENZO: ERIKA!! Say it, before you drive ME insane.
ME: Okay, okay, sorry, I'm just nervous and....
ME: Sorry. Renzo, you are more than a great
friend to me, you are the person I've been in
love with for almost four years. (pause)
Do you hate me?

He didn't say anything. He just looked completely shocked at first, and
then smiled. Then, he leaned over and pinned me down on the couch. Then
he kissed me. I instantly put my arms around him. I'd been waiting for
this moment for so long.

As he kept kissing me, I took off his shirt.

RENZO: What about the kids or other employees?
ME: The kids are asleep and I'm the only one
working today. Its Saturday, so i don't have
that many kids.
RENZO: What if one of the kids wakes up?
ME: I'll hear them, quit worrying.

Before he could say anything else, I pulled him back onto me, and we
started kissing again. We started undressing each other, and I rolled him
over so I was on top.

When we were both completely naked, I started moving my body down his,
kssing him as I moved. Soon, I reached his cock and slipped it into my
mouth. I slowly started licking and sucking it up and down. I could feel
him running his fingers through my hair.

Then he stopped me long enough to change positions. We were now
positioned so he could chew and suck on my pussy as I worked on his cock.

This felt wonderful. I kept licking and sucking on his dick. I started
moaning lightly. I could fell Renzo's tongue exploring every inch of my

I could feel Renzo start to tense. Then I felt his warm cum spill into
my mouth. As he came, he pulled himself away from me and moaned loudly.

As soon as I had every drop of cum in my mouth, he buried his head into
my wet pussy again. He chewed, licked and sucked it. Then he moved up to
my clit and started licking it up and down quickly. He really seemed to
like using his tongue. I moved myself into a sitting position so I could
massage his head and run my fingers through his hair. I was moaning a lot.

When I started to feel my orgasm, Renzo buried himself further into my
dripping pussy. He licked faster and faster. He didn't stop until he
sucked my pussy almost dry.

Then he kissed his way up my body. When he got to my mouth, he stopped
and kissed me. I reached down and took his penis in my hand and guided it
inside of me.

Once he was inside of me, he started to move himself in and out slowly.
He kept kissing me and looking into my eyes.

After a while I rolled over and sat him up so I could get on top and
ride him. I started at a slow pace just like he did me. He put his head
back and moaned. Then he started caressing and kissing my breasts. I was
moaning his name and holding him.

He lifted me off of him and stood up. He turned me around and entered
me from behind. In this position he sped up a little bit. He had his arms
around my waist and put one hand on my breast and the other on my hip. He
started caressing my breasts.

Just as I felt him tense and start to cum, I felt my own orgasm. We
were both moaning loudly. We started screaming each other's name and
holding each other tightly. It was the best orgasm I'd ever had.

After we were both done, we started getting dressed. Then he took me
into his arms and said, "I feel the same way about you."

He smiled and I kissed him. We were a couple from then on. I had never
been so happy. It was a dream come true.

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