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The Seduction of LJ


Disclaimer: Due to the sexual content in this story, you must be at least
eighteen years old in order to read it. Thank you.

Author's Note: I dedicate this story to Laura Jean, a fan of my "Cassandra -
Vampiress" story and co-writer of my "Serena - Teen Witch, Meets A Vampire"

This is a "jdw" proof read...
"A Vampire's Seduction of Laura Jean" by JR Parz

Laura Jean Anderson turned the key, trying again to restart her car. "Damn"
she mumbled. The engine wouldn't turn over...and if she tried it again, she'd
chance draining the battery. Laura sat there trying to figure out what she
should do... What she really felt like doing was crying, but she didn't.
Laura estimated that she'd been traveling this road for fifteen minutes...
This would mean that she had about ten to twelve more miles before reaching
the next town. "Damn" she proclaimed loudly. Why did she take the shortcut?
Laura figured her only choice was to hike it out of here and go get help.
Laura reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a flashlight. It was
just after 6:00 p.m. and it was already pitch black out. When Laura went to
flick the switch, there was...nothing. "Damn! Can't anything go right for
me?" Laura said out loud. She fiddled around with it for a bit more until
frustration got the better part of her, and proceeded to smash the flashlight
down hard against the dashboard. Laura felt the tears well up.

Laura stepped out of her car. Well, at least the weather was on her side. In
fact, it was pretty nice out...for January. Good thing, too, because she had
only worn a light jacket. Laura considered just waiting by the car until
someone happened along, but when she really thought about it, she didn't
remember seeing a single car since taking this route. Laura looked up ahead
and saw where thick woods flanked both sides of the road...this only made it
darker. No streetlights made it worse. Actually, the only light she had use
of was the full moon over head. 'That's all I need' she thought to her mind started going through horror flicks she had seen with
the same setting.

While Laura walked, her mind wandered... Anything to take her mind off her
predicament. Laura led a hectic life and very rarely had the opportunity to
thing like this. In addition to attending college courses three nights a
week, Laura put in a forty-hour work week. Nine more credits and Laura would
have her nursing degree. Soon, she'd be able to start enjoying herself. No
more $12.00/hour, hello twice as much! No more studying and spending half her
nights inside a classroom, and hello to... well...she smiled. One of the
first things Laura would buy when she finally had money would be a new car.

Laura stood about 5'6", wore her brown hair short, almost pageboy style.
Laura felt she looked better with longer hair, but because of her schedule,
she lacked the time to deal with it. Laura considered herself cute...while
her friends gave her more credit, and added sexy. One of Laura's finer
attributes hung proudly from her chest...her big beautiful boobs. Like
everything though, it wasn't easy for Laura, and to maintain her curvaceous
figure she had to constantly diet and jog nearly ten miles a week, every week.
With this thought, Laura started to jog.
Laura found the jog easy, and thanked her lucky stars that she was in the
shape that she was in. The one area, though, that did start to feel
uncomfortable was her breasts. With every step she took, her tits would
bounce up and down, and she wished that she was wearing her sports bra.

It was about the two mile mark when Laura spotted a turn off. Was this a
smaller road that led to no where or a driveway to a house? Laura took the
turn off and followed it up a hill. Sitting on top of the hill was a huge
mansion-like house. From what she saw, no automobiles and it was hard to tell
whether there were lights on inside the house.

Laura used the door's huge wooden knocker to knock. Within seconds, the door
slowly opened...and a young woman appeared. She held a lit candle in her
hand. The young woman smiled and said; "Let me trouble, right?"

The smile was contagious, and Laura smiled back. "Yes, I'm sorry to bother
you...but my car broke down a couple miles back...and I was hoping to use your

The woman opened the door wider for Laura and said; "Come in, please. I'll
let the mast...uh...Mr. Darke know that you're here."

Laura was so relieved to find help that she didn't notice the slip...or at
least the woman's words wouldn't sink in until later. When Laura walked
through the foyer, she was startled by the sheer size of the house. A huge
wrap-around staircase, spectacular large chandelier...everything! It was all
so incredible that she felt like she had just stepped back in time. Laura was
led to the other side of the house, and while they walked, Laura's attention
was now drawn to the young woman leading her. She wore a long flowing red robe and her long, thick honey blonde hair fell all around her shoulders. She
was very pretty...and the more she gazed at the younger woman, the more she
found her attractive. When they reached their destination, Laura gasped...a
fireplace, two old fashion chairs, a white shaggy rug and phone!
"Where's the phone?"

"I'm sorry Miss..."

"Oh, my name is Laura Laura Anderson."

"Hi Laura. My name is Jillian...ah...why don't you go sit down by the fire
and warm up. I'm sure that Mr. Darke will be able to help you. I'll go put
up some tea and notify him of your arrival."

Laura didn't want to come off as ungrateful, so she sat there patiently
waiting for this Mr. Darke person. Laura again scanned the room and she
didn't see any phone. She also wondered about Jillian. She apparently wasn't
Mr. Darke's wife...was she? Laura guessed her age to be in the early
twenties...was she actually a servant? Strange finding a pretty girl out here
in the middle of no where.

"Well...what do we have here...but a beautiful woman in distress. Hi Laura."

Laura almost jumped as the deep voice penetrated the silence. Laura stood up
to shake Mr. Darke's hand, and the first thing that *hit* her was his looks...
'God, he is so gorgeous.' thought Laura. The man looked about 6'2", maybe
6'3". His dark hair was long, but very stylish, and he looked early
thirties...maybe. He was dressed in a suit and had a sleek look about him.
Laura found her voice stammer as she responded "Hi Mr. Darke.
is Laura and...ah...I'm real sorry to disturb you, but I've run into..."

"Yes Laura, Jillian told me that your automobile failed you... I'm glad you
found us."

"Yes. it possible to get some help?" Laura replied, staring at the
man. Laura knew that she was staring, but she couldn't help it. It was as if
the sight of him mesmerized her. When Mr. Darke extended his hand out to
Laura for a handshake, Laura gasped at the unexpected current she felt at the
man's touch. Laura felt arousal flow throughout all her pleasure centers,
filling her breasts, hardening her nipples, and spreading down to her lower
region. Laura found her breathing was more difficult and when the man bent
down to kiss the back of her hands, the contact sent another current of
electricity into her...this time straight to her groin. Laura wasn't sure,
but she thought she heard herself moan as her state of arousal made her wet
and wanting. "Please, call me Damon" he said, while she stood there blushing.
How was it possible for someone to affect her like this? Laura couldn't
understand the intensity of it and when the young woman, Jillian, interrupted
the moment by reappearing with a tray of tea, she felt relieved, yet
angry...not comprehending either emotion. Damon gestured to the chair and
Laura, knowing she would collapse if she couldn't sit, gladly accepted.

"I've taken the liberty to send out a messenger for some help, but in the
meantime, I think you should relax, warm up by the fire place here and have
some tea." he said.

Laura, still mesmerized by the man sitting across from her, nodded her head
and turned to watch Jillian pour her a cup. Laura never drank tea, but far be
it of her to refuse this man's hospitality. The taste was sweet, almost
honey-like in flavor. "Good." she murmured.

"I'm glad you like's an old family recipe."

Laura nodded her head and smiled, and then glanced at the fire beside her.
"Thank you for everything Mr. Darke...I...I'm very much in your debt..." Laura
turned back to look at Mr. Darke, who merely smiled. His eyes seemed so
penetrating, so hypnotic, so inviting.

"Tell me about yourself. I want to know everything."

At first, Laura attempted to skim through her busy life, but the more she
talked, the easier she found it to tell Damon everything about herself. Her
upbringing, her troubled youth, her struggle to be accepted ...everything.
Laura was only mildly surprised when she told Damon about her love life...and
her previous boyfriends. She told him about the pain and sorrow she felt when
her longest and most intimate relationship with Tim ended. How she was seeing
Carl on the rebound, but wishing he were Tim. As Laura talked, she felt as if
a great burden was being lifted...and then she cried. For how long, she
didn't know. In fact, she wasn't even sure when she stopped, but suddenly it
was very quiet. Laura looked down and saw that her clothes were in a pile by
her feet. How did they get there? As shocking as it should have been to her,
she found herself only mildly confused about being completely naked. Laura
looked over at Damon, and he, too, was completely naked. When did they take
off their clothes? Then it hit her! A feeling of sexual desire so incredibly
intense, so very overwhelming, it flooded every sense of her being...licked at
every crevice of her body...and the only thought in her pretty head right now
was standing hugely erect between Damon's legs. Laura licked her lips in
anticipation. A voice inside her head instructed her to act on her desire,
and Laura quickly got down on her knees. She crawled over between Damon's
legs...reached in with her pretty mouth open wide...and took him.

After Damon Darke had shot his load deep down Laura's throat, he let her lick
him clean. Then he instructed her to turn around and present herself. Damon
waited until Laura's nicely rounded buttocks was thrust upward and presented
for his inspection. Damon looked down at his placid member and willed himself
hard again. Damon had just experienced the best blow job he'd ever received,
and given he'd had a variety of woman throughout these past several hundred
years, he looked at Laura in a new light. This woman's true nature was to
give. When one's nature was to give as much as Laura did, then they obviously
understood the meaning of true pleasure. What better way to demonstrate this
in the art of fellatio.

While Damon got down on his own knees and moved between Laura's legs, he used
his left hand to guide his hard cock inside Laura's vagina...while using his
right hand to finger her anus. Laura's pussy was drenched with wet heat and
the second his cock penetrated, she cried out in ecstasy! "Hard...please fuck
me HARD!" Laura screamed out again when Damon shoved his finger deep inside
her asshole. Damon's erection stretched out ten inches, and no mortal girl could withstand his size initially. Damon willed Laura's body to relax more
as he continued thrusting in and out of her. Laura moaned...and panted...and
screamed. In and out, in and out, in and out, until Laura came...and
came...and came. Damon fucked Laura until she passed out.

Damon looked down at the erotic scene in front of him. Laura, in all her
naked splendor, lay down on the floor, smiling...and sleeping. A pool of
their juices lay on the floor next to her. Laura was a very beautiful girl who deserved a beautiful life...and Damon decided right then and there that he
would take her. Normally, he would send a girl like this on her way. In the
countless number of girls he took in this manner, he had erased their
conscience minds of their time together...but would allow them to remember
their lustful time with him in their dreams. Yes, with Laura, it would be

Using a mental 'push', Damon called out to Jillian. Moments later, the blonde beauty walked inside the room, going down to her knees. "Yes Master?"

"Rise child." Damon responded, while waiting for Jillian to stand before him.
Jillian had been with him close to eighty years now. "Take Laura to the
bathing room. I want her bathed, oiled and massaged. She should wake in an
hour and when she does, bring her to the master bedroom for her initiation."

Jillian smiled. "May I provide her pleasure as I prepare her?" Damon smiled
back, knowing that it has been awhile since Jillian has indulged herself in
same sex love. It wasn't that long ago when the former actress wouldn't have
dreamed of same sex love, but that was then, when she was mortal, but when she
was initiated herself, and enslaved, she found a new hunger, and new
urges...and neither one of them couldn't be denied.

"You may caress her you may touch may kiss her, but do not drink
from her."

"Yes Master." Jillian said with a smile...then a sexy pout.

Before Laura even opened her eyes, she exploded with an orgasm...
"aahahhhhhh" she cried out, as waves of pleasure washed over her...making her
whole body shudder in ecstasy. Laura lay there basking in the pleasure,
trying to rationalize what had happened? The last thing she remembered was
talking with Damon...did they make love? Laura wasn't sure whether her mind
brought up images of what really happened or what she may have dreamed, but
her memory only added to the pleasure she felt... Laura had yet to open her
eyes, as she felt soft hands knead her naked flesh, and caress her curves
lovingly. Slowly, ever so slowly, Laura opened her eyes. 'Oh my...' she
thought to herself. Laura lay spread eagle, totally exposed on a huge table.
In between her spread legs kneeled the lovely blonde she remembered from
earlier. She, too, was naked...and licking her lips with a smile. Laura
struggled to remember, but her mind wouldn't allow her to. "Wh... what are
you doing?" Laura asked, feeling acute embarrassment start to mix with the
pleasure she still felt. Laura tried to close her legs but she found she
couldn't move.
"Hi Laura...I'm happy to see you're awake. What am I doing...well, I'm
pleasuring you...I hope."

The reality of everything was starting to sink in, and Laura again tried to
move, but still found herself unable. "Why...why can't move?"
Laura asked.

"Don't worry about that... Just relax and enjoy, Laura. I promise you all
your questions will be answered soon."

Laura watched as Jillian's hands caressed her breasts, feeling more and more
pleasure from her ministrations. Jillian then brought her mouth down between
her legs again, and used her tongue. "Mmmmmmm....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Laura
moaned. Laura's hips thrust up, trying to make it easier for her female
lover, while at the same time, not believing her body could reacting this way
to another female. Since there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it,
Laura took the advice of Jillian, and basked in the pleasure.

After Laura came a few more times, Jillian restarted massaging her and then
had her get up. Laura was surprised she could move, but quickly found she
could only move as directed. Jillian led her to a huge bedroom where she was
instructed to lay down on the bed. Jillian explained "I bathed you earlier,
pleasured you, and just finished massaging you with some of Damon's special
oil...and now you are ready for your initiation. The next time I see you,
you'll understand everything a lot better...and how important we'll be to one
another." Laura was confused. "Wh...what do you mean? What initiation and
why am I like this? Why have you taken advantage of me like this?"

Jillian continued smiling. "Soon my new lover, soon everything will make
sense to you. Damon will be in momentarily."

Laura watched Jillian, who remained naked the entire time, leave the room.
What was this initiation?

When Damon entered his bedroom, he was very pleased with Laura's condition.
Naked, openly exposed, and physically prepared for her initiation. Now for
the mental preparation.

"Hi Laura... You are simply breath-taking... You epitomize erotica this very
moment, and because of your unselfish desire to please, I want to please you
with my gift...something I've only bestowed upon a few girls throughout the
ages. Eternal life."

"I...I...don't understand...why...why am I naked like this...why am I like

"For your initiation, Laura..." Damon smiled at Laura, and then 'pushed'
remembrance of the time they shared together into her mind.

Laura's eyes widened with memory of how she performed orally on him, and then
how she invited him to take her from behind. He watched Laura's breathing
quicken with the memory, and could smell her arousal. "Why?" Laura murmured.

Damon explained; "You have given so much of yourself. Always overcoming the
odds, and deep down, you understand what it is that makes life pleasurable. I
want you to have all the time in the world to give and take with this
philosophy. I want you to bask in the pleasure."

"I...I don't understand."

Damon walked closer...looking down at Laura. "I'm a vampire, Laura. I've
chosen to gift you with immortality. You will become a vampiress...and my

" Jillian."


Laura couldn't believe this was happening. Was she still sleeping and this
was merely a dream? they really exist? 'Maybe they just
drugged me and wanted her to think that they were vampires?' Laura couldn't
deny that the whole idea of it all was so incredibly erotic. As Laura tried
to rationalize everything, she was only mildly shocked that she didn't feel
the least bit angry at everything that has happened. Laura thought about
Jillian... How Jillian acted like servant...then it dawned on her what a
concubine meant. " want to make me your slave?"

"No. I will not turn you into my slave...I will turn you into a vampiress.
After your transformation is complete, your own natural urge to serve others
will compel you to become my concubine. I will merely allow you to serve me."

Laura couldn't believe this was happening. Again, she tried to move, but
couldn't. "Are...are you going to drink my blood?"

"Yes Laura... I'll drink from you, and you from me. Your movies on vampires
have been correct as far as that aspect."

Laura watched Damon strip nude...not remembering his actual stripping the last
time they made love. She couldn't help but respond to his physical attributes
and wondered how she was able to take him inside her...she blushed. "Are
you...are you going me?"

"No Laura...I'm going to initiate you. With every thrust, I will drink from you...and
then you will drink from me. You will experience pleasure like you never experienced
before. You will remember your initiation with vivid detail."

By the time Damon was naked, Laura's arousal had peaked again. When Damon
joined her on the bed, positioning his erect member between her legs, she
gazed at the size of him. Did that really fit into me the last time? Her
mind again, flashed back to his thrusts into her, and she again blushed with
arousal. Her last words before she felt Damon's cock penetrate her soul were;
"Don't I have a choice?" and when he filled her like no male had ever filled
her before, she heard him reply; "No..."

The End.


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