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Archived Sex Stories

The Sergeants Wifet



By Francine

Chapter 1

The two women had not before met, but as travelers will, they had struck
up a conversation while finding themselves in adjoining seats on the long
flight to Honolulu. They discovered they had a bit in common; both going
to have a bit of time with their husbands who were returning to Hawaii on
leave, for a bit of rest and relaxation after duty tours in the Far East.

Wanda, the younger, was a young mother, having left her four year old daughter in the care of her family while she would be away for a few days
with her husband.

“First time I’ve left her”, Wanda observed with a mother’s concern, “But
she’ll be in good hands - my mom will take good care of her until I get

“I know”, the older woman seated next to her replied. “I’ve been on the
other side of it- I was just in Kansas staying with my own daughter’s two
sons - and they can be a handful!”

“I’m really looking forward to this,” Wanda went on, “my first time in
Hawaii. Jim’s been away ten months. It’s going to be great to see him -
sort of like a honeymoon - in a hotel for three days, just the two of us.
Louise - you said that was your name? Has your man been away long?”

“A year. But I was able to be with him in Japan a few months ago. I
had to fly home to attend to some family business. I’m not sure he will be
there when I get to Hawaii, but he has a hotel arranged and I can stay
until he arrives. He thought he might be delayed.”

“Sounds like you’re used to this. Has your man been in service long?
My Jim is just completing his enlistment, but he’s signing up again. Gee,
it’s going to be good to see him! I am really excited --- and ready!”

She blushed a bit at what she had just said. Louise gave her a quick
smile, and laughed just a bit. “Don’t be embarrassed - I know what you
mean! I’m not that old, though I have a few years on you. You said your
husband was an army sergeant? He may find the military a good career.”

“He may, but it would take some getting used to - all these long
separations. I’m not sure I could take it. It’s OK when he’s somewhere
that I can be, too.”

“Yes, it can be difficult”, Louise went on, “but it can be a good life.
I’ve had it for almost thirty years. I married Alan just after he got his
commission. We have been all over the country and, in fact, all over the
world. The hardest part for me is never having a place to call a permanent

“Would you want your husband to enlist again, when the time comes?”

“Wanda, in my case, he doesn’t exactly enlist. This is his career.
He’ll be in it until he retires.”

“He must love it. My guy is in communications - you know, radar and
radio and such. He likes it, too. But I think he could use his experience
in civilian life, too. What does your man do?”

“Most recently, they called him a base commander. He’s getting a new
assignment. We don’t discuss it.”

Wanda’s eyes widened. “Gee. I understand - I know there are security
issues. Your man you said had a commission. By now he must be up in rank
- is he a colonel or something like that?”

“Actually, Wanda, he wears two stars. He’s a major general. Once he
lost one fixing his jacket for the cleaners, and I kidded him that he’d
been demoted! But I think your mind is on other things right now. You’re
looking for a romantic time, aren’t you? I’ll tell you a secret that’s not
classified.” She leaned over and whispered to Wanda, “So am I. When you’ve
been apart a long time, it’s normal. I’m hoping to invent ways to give my
man a romantic surprise, too- but in my case, I don’t really know just when
he’ll show up!”

The two women exchanged a bit of laughter over their shared thoughts.

Soon, the airplane was descending for its arrival. Wanda turned to
Louise. “It won’t be long for me now. Sorry you will still have to wait
for your guy, but mine should be there. Guess I’d better get ready.
Excuse me, I’d best run to the lavatory!”

“Too late, Wanda. The seat belt sign is on“, Louise pointed out.

“Oh. Well, I guess I can wait - if it isn’t too long. We’ll be on the
ground soon.”

Their flight was soon on the ground and they deplaned. “Is your man meeting you?” Louise asked.

“No”, Wanda answered. “He said he couldn’t - said to take the bus to
the hotel, and he’d see me there. We’re going to the same place - can we
go together?”

“Of course. I’ve done this before. I’ll show you where to get the

Just as they entered the baggage claim area, an announcement was made.
“Louise Hawthorn, please contact the airline baggage office!”

“Oh, that’s me. Look for your bag while I see what they want. I should
be back quickly!”

Wanda saw her one suitcase and picked it up while Louise was away. She
waited. In a few minutes Louise was back.

“Bad news, for me at least,” she began. “My suitcase didn’t make the
last connection. They found it at the wrong airport and called ahead to
tell me. They were very apologetic, and I gave them the hotel information.
They’ll have my bag sent to the hotel when it arrives. Well,” she shrugged
with a smile, “At least I don’t have to carry it! I see you have yours, so
let’s go!”

They found the bus. Louise gave the proper directions, and they were on
their way.

“Anxious?” she asked Wanda, as they rode.

“You bet. Well, not just to see Jim, but I really need a bathroom
break. I should have gone on the airplane, before the light came on!”

“You’ll be there soon. When you see Jim, other things won’t seem
important!” She laughed again.

“Right now, it’s pretty important! Oh, well.”

They dismounted at their hotel and moved to Reception.

“Afternoon, ladies. If you will just sign in--”

Wanda interrupted. “I don’t think I need to register. My husband
should already be here - James Admore - Sergeant James Admore?”

The clerk checked. “Why, yes, he’s here. He should be in the room,
too. Shall I call him?”

“No”, Wanda eagerly responded. “I’d like to surprise him. I just have
this little suitcase - I’ll carry it. Where’s the lift?”

The clerk pointed it out. She waved farewell to Louise and ran off in
haste, her suitcase in her hand.

“Ah, young love!” The clerk spoke knowingly to Louise. “Two people are
in for a romantic moment! Let’s see, haven’t I seen you before? Of course
- you’re Louise Hawthorne, aren’t you?”

“I am indeed. I don’t think the general will be here yet.”

“No, ma’am, he isn’t. But we have your room ready - top floor. You
could almost call it the honeymoon suite. Shall I send up your bag?”

“I can save you the trouble. There was a bit of a mishandling, and the
airline will deliver it here when it comes. You can send it up then.. But
right now I think I will just go up by myself - I won’t be in as big a
hurry as she was - my romantic moment is yet to come!”

Louise headed for her room.

Nine floors up, Wanda arrived at the room she sought. She hesitated
just a second, then knocked on the door.

In seconds, it opened. She found herself grasped in a familiar grip,
embraced by her awaiting spouse. After only a few words of greeting, her
took her suitcase. He placed at in a corner, behind a clothes rack.

“You won’t have much need for this”, he told her.

“But, Jim, all my clothes are in it. I will need to unpack”.

“Clothes, my dear bride, are something you won’t need for the next three
days. I’ve seen enough of your clothes - now, I want to see just you! For
the next couple of days, you don’t need to wear a stitch!” For emphasis, he
started to unbutton her blouse.

She offered no resistance. She even helped, kicking off her shoes.
“Jim, before this goes too far, I need to use the bathroom- “

He seemed not to hear her. He was busy removing her clothes.

“Jim - did you hear me? I need just a minute - I’ve got to pee!”

As she stepped out of her pants and underwear, he was unfastening his
own shirt. He stopped long enough to scoop up her clothes and pile them on
the rack.

She started to move toward the bathroom, unfastening her bra as she
went. He pulled her back.

“That can wait. We have important things to do!”

“Jim - I need to pee! Awful bad- I have to!”

“When did you last pee?”

“Oh, it was hours ago- just before I got on the flight. I need to-”

He smothered her mouth with his kiss. “When did we last make love?” he
asked her.

“It’s been months -- “

“So, peeing can wait. We’ve waited longer for this!”

She gave up, her raging hormones defeating the insistent call from her
distended bladder. Both of them were now unclothed, and he moved her
toward the waiting bed. Before she could recline herself on it, she felt
his hands grasping her breasts, his lips on hers. In a moment one hand
reached down to her groin, exploring, pressing.

Just as her hand found his rigid penis, she felt him press on her belly.
She winced a bit, jerking slightly. “Watch it - I really am full down
there! The pressure’s hard to take-”

She said no more. In seconds his body was on hers, his organ
penetrating her, loosing long restrained passion. She received him
eagerly, moving herself in response. At first the discomfort of her
swollen bladder was accentuated by the added pressure upon it; in reaction
she squeezed her sphincters tighter, grasping his moving erection in the
process. Then the hurt suddenly diminished, replaced by a familiar but
long postponed sensation. Now it no longer hurt, and she was hardly aware
of it. For a minute or two their bodies moved together in an accelerating
rhythm, then culminating in a series of spasms and moans as jointly they
reached their climactic moment.

Breathing heavily, they lay together in an exhausted embrace, silent.
Gradually she became aware of the physical need in her lower belly, as her
bladder insisted on relief. She squirmed a bit, then moved to leave the
bed. “Jim, I do have to pee- I’ve got to get up; I’ll be back in a

She extracted herself from his embrace, and put her feet on the floor.
She walked to the bathroom, where she found the toilet and seated herself.

Her stream had barely started when she saw Jim standing in front of her.
He had arisen and followed her, she perceived.

“Always liked to watch you pee!” he commented, looking down at the
stream pouring from her.

“As you can see, I really needed to --”

“Did being so full give you that grip I felt? We’ve got to do this

She looked at him, watching her urination. His erection had returned,
and his penis was extending stiffly in front of him. He was having the
fastest recovery she had ever observed.

“Wanda, stop it! Now. I want you again- it’s been so long!”

He grasped her by the nipples, pulling her off the toilet.

“Jim - not yet- I’m not finished!” she protested, a bit weakly, as she
squeezed her muscles to stop her stream. Though relieved a little, her
bladder still felt very full.

“Let me finish?” she implored him, not really expecting him to agree.
She managed to shut off her stream, her bladder protesting strongly.

He again laid her on the bed, his lips again at her nipples, but only
for a moment. Quickly he entered her, one hand managing to tug at her
erect nipple. His motions became frantic. Once more she felt the feeling
of an overly full bladder disappear, somehow submerged in a crescendo of
other sensations. Soon she exploded into her second orgasm within a few
minutes, while he continued to move vigorously within her. He was a bit
behind her this time, but then he reached his own summit of release, and
his activity abruptly stopped.

Exhausted and drained of energy, they fell apart. Again, she shortly
felt her body cry for urinary relief, but she chose to ignore it for a few
minutes, forcing a bit of martyrdom on her complaining bladder.

After perhaps half an hour, she rose quietly and headed for the
bathroom. Jim’s eyes followed her.

“Not this time”, she softly told him, then added, “I’ll invite you to
watch me pee later!” She blew him a kiss as she entered the bathroom. She
sat on the toilet again, this time allowing her bladder to empty. Then she
returned to the bed, where her spouse lay, naked and on his back. She
positioned herself next to him. After a minute, she took his hand and laid
it on her breast. Her hand slipped down, finding his now flaccid penis,
gripping it gently.

They were soon asleep.

Chapter 2

The first to awake was Jim, now feeling a need to relieve his own full
bladder. It was dark, but in the small hours of the morning. He arose,
went into the bathroom, and returned to stand beside their bed. He looked
down on his nude wife, lying on her side, sleeping soundly.

The bed paralleled a glass door, which could be opened onto a small
balcony. The balcony was surrounded by a low wall, and looked down into a
patio area nine floors below. Another wing of the hotel stood at a sharp
angle to their own wing, and looking up he could see the balconies of the
tenth floor rooms. At this hour all were dark. He opened the glass door
and stepped for a moment onto the balcony. The night air was warm,
comfortable. He stepped back to the bed.

In the dim light he could see Wanda’s left breast, the nipple now
relaxed and smooth. He touched it gently with his finger. He tickled it a
bit. She squirmed, very slightly. Gently, he grasped her and turned her
on her back. If the action awakened her, she showed no signs of it.

He put his lips to her nipple, licking it a bit. His fingers found her
other nipple. He pulled it, first gently, then with more force. Her eyes
did not open, but she moved slightly. He gave more tugs on both nipples.
Though there was no response from her eyes, her legs spread apart.

Feeling his own stiff erection, he mounted her, penetrating her quickly.
There was no response in her face. He began to move, slowly at first, then

Suddenly her face turned. Her eyes opened wide and she said, quietly,
“Are you sure you can do it again?”

“Have you had enough?” he asked her, slowing it just a bit.

“No way,” she replied quietly, almost sleepily, closing her eyes again.

Suddenly he felt a powerful squeeze as her muscles tightened in a grip
seizing his moving organ.

“Surprise you?” she asked, without opening her eyes.

He made no answer, but quickened his activity. Then he felt the quick
tensing of her body, followed by her gasping and quivering as she reached
her high and came down from it. He speeded his activity, bringing about
his own climax seconds later.

After a few minutes, she looked at the clock near their bed. The time
was 4:15. She glanced at him. He started to speak, a bit sleepily, now.

“Oh, I need to tell you - I’ll have to run an errand in the morning, but
I’ll be back before noon. You’ll be OK here in the room?”

“Sure. But leave the balcony door open. I like the air. I just might
sleep till noon!”

“OK with me. But even if you get up, no clothes for you! I like to see
my bride the way she is! If you want breakfast, you can use room service!”

“Yes - worry about that later.” She turned on her side, and was soon in
a deep sleep.

The next thing of which she was aware was the telephone ringing. As she
shook herself awake, she became aware of brilliant sunshine pouring into
the room. She looked up, seeing the glass door open, as she had requested,
with no curtain separating it from the bed. The sun was illuminating the
bed, and suddenly she was aware that she was lying on her back naked, her
legs splayed wide.

The telephone was insistent. She recalled that Jim would be gone in the
morning. She was alone. She reached the telephone.

A female voice on the other end inquired, “Good Morning! Is this

“Why, yes”, she answered in surprise. The voice sounded strangely
familiar, but she couldn’t place it. Then she got her answer. “This is
Louise - remember? From the flight?”

“Oh, yes. Sorry to be slow. I just woke up. Did your husband get in

“No. He’s supposed to arrive tonight. My suitcase didn’t arrive
either. I just wanted to mention a couple of things to you.”

“Yes. What about?”

“First, I am sure you had a very romantic night. But you really need to
pull the curtain before the sun comes up. I looked out of my balcony this
morning - I am just around the corner from you and one floor up, and you
were spread out in quite a display. Now when my man gets here, I want his
full attention, and, Wanda, I just couldn’t compete with a figure like
yours!” There was a bit of laughter in her voice.

Wanda, embarrassed, quickly answered her, “I’m sorry- I didn’t realize
anyone could see-”

Louise went on. “I know. You had lots of other things on your mind.
Anyway, I just thought I should tell you. The second thing is that since I
don’t have any of my baggage, I’ll have to pick up a few things. I don’t
have a robe, or clean underwear, or anything. I need to send out the
clothes I had on to be cleaned, in case I don’t get my luggage, and If I do
I won’t have anything to wear to go out shopping. There isn’t a place in
the hotel to buy anything, so I’ll need to find a shop outside. I just
wondered if you had anything you aren’t using right now, that I could
borrow just to go out for a bit and shop. You seemed to be near my size,
and if I could borrow something I’d return it later cleaned for you.”

“Why, sure, Louise. I have a whole suitcase of things I’m not using.
I’m sure I can find you something. Do you want to come down, now? Jim’s
out, and won’t be back for a while!”

“You’re a dear. I’ll see you in a few minutes!”

Wanda arose. She started for her suitcase, then remembered Jim’s
request of her. No clothes. She wanted to do nothing to disturb their
romantic interlude. Then she decided it would be all right to retrieve a
comb and a bit of grooming equipment from her suitcase, if she left her
clothes packed. She did this, then retreated to the bathroom to wash up a

There was knock on the door. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around
her body. Going to the door, she called out, “Louise?”

A voice replied. “Yes, it’s me.”

Wanda opened the door. Louise entered. The older lady was wearing
exactly what she had worn on the airplane the day before.

Louise noticed the towel in which Wanda was wrapped. “Did I catch you
at a bad time? I can wait,” she offered.

“No. Not at all. I was just getting cleaned up. Sorry about your
suitcase. Let’s see if we can find something to lend you temporarily. You
need to borrow anything else? Like some hairspray, or tampons, or

Louise answered with an amused grin. “No, not really. I had hairspray
in my handbag, and tampons, well, I am past the age where I need to worry
about things like that! Anyway, thanks for the offer. Look, don’t lend me
anything you want to wear in the next day or so!”

“Oh, no problem. I won’t be needing clothes--” she stopped herself,
embarrassed at what she had just said. She blushed a little, then went on.
“I’ll show you what I have - should be something you can use for a few

They explored several items in Wanda’s suitcase. They agreed one simple
sundress of Wanda’s would be a fairly decent fit. Wanda wondered about
it’s suitability, though. “Do you think it’s too, well, bare, for a
general’s wife?”

“No problem, Wanda. The general isn’t here, and neither are any of the
troops just now. Anyway, I’m not as prudish as you may think. This will
do fine, and I’ll return it, all cleaned, tomorrow or the day after. You
sure you won’t need it?”

“No, Louise. Truth is, Jim doesn’t want me to wear anything for couple
of days. I was embarrassed to say it, but it sort of slipped out. I think
we’ll be living on room service, and that’s why I’m just using the towel
right now. But, thanks for tipping me off about the window - I’ll see that
the curtain is closed, next time! It’s awful about your baggage! Are you
going to have to buy a lot of stuff?”

“I’ll need a few things, but I won’t be extravagant. Just something to
wear around the hotel and maybe out to dinner. Alan’s supposed to be here
late night, probably just before midnight. I’m sure we won’t go anywhere
this evening, and maybe by tomorrow my suitcase will have arrived. For
tonight- I did have a sexy nightie in my lost suitcase, but I don’t think I
could replace that one!”

“That’s one item I couldn’t help you with. I didn’t even pack a
nightgown in my own bag. I kind of expected that I wouldn’t have any need
for one. All right, you understand - I was hoping I wouldn’t have any need
for one.”

Louise flashed an understanding smile. “Yes, I understand. Your guy
must have been quite eager to see you when you arrived. I thought you
would have an exciting time.”

“Was he ever excited! Of course, I was too - he was so eager he
wouldn’t even let me pee first! You know I was needing to on the flight,
and I was holding it until I got to this room- but, well, he had other
things on his mind. And, really, so did I! Later, he wanted to watch me
pee and that so fired him up he still wouldn’t let me finish! Oh, why am I
telling you this! You’ll have your romantic moment tonight, probably!”

“Wanda, talking to you is giving me a bit of inspiration. Maybe I don’t
need a sexy nightie either. I might just decide to see how I do without
one! You’ve given me some other things to think about, too. Thanks!” She
nodded her head for emphasis.

Wanda gave her a knowing wink. They walked to the door, and Louise was
on her way.

Looking at the clock, Wanda noted it was past eleven in the morning.
She hadn’t had breakfast, and now she was feeling a bit hungry.

She called room service, asking if she could still get breakfast in her
room. Assured that she could, she ordered a tray sent to the room.

She was just finishing it up an hour later, when Jim opened the door.
Anticipating his arrival, she had hung up the towel, and sat eating her
food fully unclad.

He greeted her warmly, asked if she had been all right, and noted she
had ordered food. They talked for a bit. Soon, she commented that he was
now dressed whereas she was not. “Let’s be fair, Jim. I get to look,

He took the hint, and began to remove and hang up his clothes.

When he had finished, they sat down. They talked, viewed the tv a bit,
both of them unclothed now. In time she arose and headed for the bathroom.
He grabbed her arm.

“Hey - not so fast, there. Where are you going?”

“To pee, you idiot. I had four cups of coffee and all that juice while
I was waiting. Now I need to let some out!”

“Not yet. Do you know how you felt last night, when you had a full tank
down there? You were squeezing so hard to keep from leaking, and I got the
full benefit of it. Think I’m going to pass up another chance, so quick?”

“Jim, you really can’t be ready so quick. Anyway, I know how I felt.
Is it what you really want?”

“You doubt I can be ready?”

Wanda looked at her husband’s face, then reached over and squeezed his
penis with her hand. “You aren’t yet,” she observed.

“Race you!” he challenged. “I brought some bottles of soda. I’ll be
ready before you can get a liter of soda through your kidneys!”

She gave him a skeptical look. Then she went to the bag he had brought
in, retrieved a liter of soda. She looked at it, then at him. “Before I
can get this through my kidneys, you’ll be hard as a rock. Right?”

“That sounds like a challenge worth accepting”, she observed, unscrewing
the cap and putting the bottle to her lips.

It took her half an hour to empty the bottle. They sat watching a tv program, as she finished. “Now all I need is some processing time. How
are you doing?”

“I’ll be ready. Tell me when you can’t hold it any longer!”

She felt she was close to that now, but she wanted to please him.
Fifteen minutes later she was getting extremely uncomfortable with her more
than full bladder.

“Jim, I really feel like I’m about to burst. It’s starting to hurt -
maybe I shouldn’t wait for the rest of that soda to filter through. Let me
up; I’ll just pee a little bit and then we can--”

“Oh, no, Wanda. You promised me!” He pressed his hand on her full

“Stand up and let me feel you!” She complied, as he palpated her lower

“You’re not letting out a drop of that! Not until you do your wifely

“Are you ready for your performance?” She asked, groping his shaft, now
hard and erect.

In answer, he led her to the bed. As they sat on the edge, she told
him, “Not with you on top, this time - not while I’m this full. Too much
pressure. I’ll do it with a full bladder for you, but you have to let me
be on top!”

She nudged him to lie down, and immediately she was on top of him. At
once she felt both her breasts in the firm grip of his hands. She
positioned herself over his erect member, and slowly lowered herself onto
it. Slowly they started to move, this time with Wanda providing most of
the action.

She need not have feared his readiness. It was over far too soon for
both of them. She collapsed onto him, breathing deeply. He held her

After a few minutes, she asked him politely, “Can I pee now? You can
even watch! That is- if you can muster the energy!”

Weakly, he followed her into the bathroom, leaning over her as she used
the toilet. He stroked her breasts gently as she urinated profusely. This
time his erection did not return. They slowly, almost feebly, slipped back
to the bed, their hands clasping.

“I think”, she noted, “I am finally beginning to wear you out.” Nothing
further was said. Soon both were fast asleep.

The extent of their exhaustion was evident when they awoke. It was
dark. The clock read a bit after eight o’clock that evening.

“I smell food”, Jim commented, sniffing an aroma drifting in through the
balcony door. “I’m starving. Want something to eat?”

“Yeah, I could handle food, too,” she responded, hardly moving. They
consulted the room service menu, and ordered two dinners.

They were eating in the room a while later when the telephone rang.
Wanda picked it up. She recognized Louise on the other end.

“Wanda, am I interrupting anything?” Wanda observed that only dinner was
in process.

“I just wanted to tell you, I just sent your sundress to be cleaned. It
will be returned to your room tomorrow. Thanks so much for the use of it.”

“Quite all right. Glad to help. Did you get your suitcase yet?”

“No, they don’t think it will arrive until tomorrow. But I did find a
shop, and I got some clothes I can use for dinner and around the hotel. My
husband is now supposed to be here about eleven.”

“Great”, Wanda responded. “Did you find something nice to wear when you
first see him?”

“Oh, yes. I’ve provided for that. You, and perhaps your husband,
inspired it. I’m almost ready now.”

“How’s that? I wish I could see it - but I know it’ll be appreciated?”

There was silence on the other end. Then there was a hesitant comment.
“Wanda, if you want to see it - can you step out on your balcony and look
up? You’ll see me on my balcony on the tenth floor. But just you - you’ll
have to leave your man inside. It’s OK for you to wear your towel on the

“OK - just give me a minute.”

“Who was that?” Jim asked her.

“Lady I met on the plane. She’s staying here, too. Poor soul, she lost
her luggage and hasn’t got it back yet. Giving her a rough time. Look, I
need to step on the balcony for a moment to see something. Can I wear my
towel? You don’t need to go.”

“I suppose. But just for a few minutes. I don’t want to lose any of
our time together. I’ll stay with my dinner. I’m not dressed for outdoor
activity, anyway.”

“Thanks. I won’t be long. Don’t eat my dinner!”

She wrapped the towel around herself and stepped onto the balcony. She
looked up. After scanning the area, she saw Louise at a balcony on the
floor above, in the wing that angled against theirs.

Immediately she saw how Louise could have seen her in bed that morning.
Louise’s balcony was perfectly positioned to look down at hers.

Louise spotted Wanda. She had what looked like a towel wrapped around
her, also. She held up a finger to indicate Wanda should wait a moment.
Louise stepped back into her room, then turned off her balcony light.
There was a chair on Louise’s balcony, and the area was lit but dimly.
Louise came back, stooping, almost crawling, behind the balcony wall, only
her head visible above it. Wanda looked, fascinated at what sort of
romantic attire the general’s wife had concocted for their reunion. Louise
looked carefully in all directions. Satisfied there were no viewers except
Wanda, Louise suddenly sprang atop the chair, standing there facing Wanda,
her arms outstretched in a victory gesture, her legs slightly spread. She
held the pose for only a second.

Wanda was dumbfounded as she looked up at Louise.

The general’s wife was absolutely naked. Her graying hair was
exquisitely coiffed, her breasts sagged a bit, but still protruded
prominently, and her dark pubic hair was clearly visible. She held the
pose for only a second or two, then quickly dropped from the chair and out
of sight.

Wanda went back in her room, to Jim and her dinner. In a minute, the
telephone rang again.

“It’s Louise here. Did you like my dress? Do you think he’ll like it?
I never did anything like this before, but, after what you said this
morning, I’m getting up my nerve!”

“Louise, if he doesn’t like it, you’ve got a real problem! Good luck!”

The phone clicked off.

“Your lady friend again? What have you too got going?”

“She just wanted me to look at the dress she’s wearing tonight. We had
talked about it earlier. I can see her on the balcony across the way.
That’s why I went outside!”

“Oh - fashion advice you’re giving her?”

“You might say so. Anyway, I think she did the right thing. At least
it’s what I think I would have chosen.”

Jim seemed a bit bored with it. Female fashions were not his thing, and
he acknowledged it. “But,” Wanda told him, “You would have liked this

“Did you say she’s an army wife?”

“I didn’t, but she is. Her husband’s coming in from somewhere.
Supposed to be here at eleven tonight. She wanted to look right for his

“If he’s like me, he won’t care what she’s wearing. He’ll just be glad
to see her. Now, even if you asked, I couldn’t remember what you wearing
when you came in last night.”

“That’s because you took it off me so fast you didn’t even see what it

“My point. He won’t care either. Bet on it!”

“In this case, Jim, I think he will be quite impressed. Her name was
Hawthorne. Louise Hawthorne. Said her man had been in the service thirty
years. That tells you about how old she is.”

“Hawthorne? Say, when I was downstairs this morning there was a guy
talking to the desk clerk - said he was an aide to a General Hawthorne.
Surprising - I didn’t think there’d be that many Hawthorne’s around.”

“That’s her husband. General Hawthorne. She said he’s a two-star
general.” Wanda was casual.

Jim jumped with a startled expression. “She’s a general’s wife? You
mean my wife is giving fashion advice to the wife of a two star general?
Good gosh, what did you say? You didn’t say anything about me, did you?”

His expression was one of alarm.

“Cool it, Jim. It was just girl talk. She just picked up some ideas
from me. It wasn’t even intentional. You’re not involved - I said very
little about you!”

Jim sank back into disturbed thought, his mind pondering the possible
ramifications of his wife’s choice of friends.

They finished their dinner, Wanda was somewhat distressed over Jim’s
reaction to her admitted conversations with Louise. She got up from the
makeshift table.

“I gotta pee. Want to watch?”

His expression changed to a smile. He followed her into the bathroom
and watched her start to relieve herself. “Can’t do it without some
attention here”, she told him, patting a breast.

He took the hint, and grasped a nipple and held it as she emptied her

Chapter 3

It was now close to eleven P.M. Downstairs, several men in military
uniforms had arrived at the reception desk.

A graying officer with stars on his jacket headed for the elevator,
accompanied by an aide carrying a briefcase. Behind him a bellman carried
two pieces of luggage. “Tenth floor” the aide commented to the bellman.

They left the elevator and proceeded to a room. The aide knocked on the

A feminine voice answered from inside. “Yes. Who is it?”

“General Hawthorne is here, Ma’am. May we come in?”

“Yes, use your key. The latch is off. I’m not quite ready to come to
the door!”

The bellman opened the door, and set the luggage on a rack. Lights were
on, but there was no occupant to be seen. The aide turned to the senior
officer. “Anything else, General? I’m sure you’re looking forward to time
with your wife.”

“She must be getting herself ready. Oh, well, you know how long it
takes women. I don’t think I need anything else. I’ll give you a call in
the morning, Carl.”

The junior officer made a gesture of a salute and withdrew, following
the bellman.

Alan Hawthorne called out.

“Louise! Where in blazes are you? I was going to introduce you to my
new aide!”

“I was getting ready for you”, Louise called from the bedroom of the
suite. “I don’t think you would have wanted me to meet him just yet.”

“Why the heck not?” The General was tired and a bit impatient.

“This is why”, Louise answered, walking boldly into the room

The general just stared. His wife was wearing a superbly done hairdo,
setting off her graying locks. She had on just a touch of make-up, just a
hint of eye shadow, and absolutely nothing else.

“Good Gosh!” the general opined, at a loss for words. Never before in
thirty years of marriage had Louise greeted him like this.

“Happy anniversary, Alan!” said, as she swept him into her arms, her
naked breasts pressing against his military jacket.

“You’re miscalculating, Louise, it isn’t our anniversary!”

She bent him with her kiss, then broke it long enough to note, “No - not
exactly, but it’s as close to the thirtieth as we’re likely to have
together. I’ve missed too many anniversaries when you were called off to a
war or police action or something. This is going to be our time! Now -
you haven’t understood the uniform of the day!” She started undoing his

“Uniform? I’ve got the right one - what are you doing?”

“Alan, this time I have the right one! You’re not going to need this
stuff right now!”

Her fingers flew, undoing every piece of his uniform. Confounded by her
actions, he stood still and let her do it. He even undid his shoes to help
her. Then, when he was stark naked, she stepped back for a bit, and
surveyed her work.

“Now, that looks like the guy I married! Sometimes it’s hard to
recognize him under all the stars and ribbons.”

“Are you making fun of me, Louise?”

She planted another big kiss on his lips. She took his two hands and
placed one on each of her breasts.

“Yes, I want it to be fun. Do you remember what these are for? There
are things I had fun with, too--” With his hands holding her breasts, she
reached down and gently gripped his penis.

“I remember fun, Louise - I even remember the night we were married.”

She shut him up with another kiss. She started to move toward the

“Wait a moment”, he told her, “first I need a latrine break!”

“Not yet, my dear! I’ve waited too long for this. Now it’s your turn
to wait a bit.”

“Louise, I need to--”

She placed a finger to his lips.

“You may be a general out there, but you’re not wearing your stars in
here. This one is my treat, and my rules!”

“Louise, have you been drinking?” he asked her, puzzled at her behavior.

“No, my darling general, but I have been learning. I should have done
this before!”

She pressed him toward the waiting bed, freshly turned down and
inviting. She nudged him to its center, lying on his back. To his utter
amazement, she climbed atop him, straddling him. She leaned forward, her
hands on the nipples of her slightly sagging breasts.

“They may not stay up so well any more, but they do stretch - if you
remember how to do it!” she instructed him. He tugged at her nipples.

She positioned his erect member at the entrance of her genitals, and
lowered herself, taking him into her. Suddenly she bounced on him
slightly, her weight landing on his belly and full bladder. He grimaced a

“Like it?” she asked. “I can recall sometimes when you didn’t let me
pee! I think I’m enjoying this!”

“I just - I mean I’m a little full down there”, he commented to her.

“Yes. Isn’t it nice? Gives a good feeling, doesn’t it? Or would you
like me to get off?”

Suddenly his mood changed. He gave her nipples a vigorous tug, smiled
up at her, and uttered one word.


She laughed, and bent down to plant another kiss on his lips. She
removed his hand from one breast, and learned further, placing her erect
nipple near his lips. He grasped it and held it in his mouth.

Her motion immediately speeded up. He started to move a bit in synch
with her, but she told him to stop. “Let me do it - this one’s my treat.
You can do it later!”

Faster she rode him. She felt her own orgasm explode within her, though
she kept up her motion through it. Seconds later he gasped as his own
release occurred. Her body fell on him. They lay in a heap.

It was nearly an hour later when she slid off of him. “Time for our
latrine break, Alan. You needed one, remember?”

“Our latrine break?” he asked, a bit sleepily.

“Yes. Ours. You get the relief and I steer. For now.”

She led him into the bathroom. He stood before the toilet. Before he
could grasp his member with his hand, she had it in her grip and brushed
his hand aside.

“I’m steering, remember? It was my treat!”

Resigned, he tried to release his bladder. After a few moments, he
succeeded, and his stream poured out. She held him, guiding the stream, as
his bladder emptied. She looked up at him. “You know, Alan, I can
remember only one other time you let me do this!”

“I’m not letting you do it now. You just took over!”

“Tsk, tsk. Imagine a general being bossed around by his poor little
wife. Would you rather I didn’t?”

“Louise, I don’t know what inspired you tonight! You’ve never acted
like this before!”

His stream came to an end. She exchanged positions with him, and placed
herself on the toilet.

“Do you want to hold this time?” she asked.

“Hold what? I didn’t think your equipment needed steering!” She replied
by taking his hand and placing it on her nipple. He pulled it as she

They fell into bed. It was after one o’clock. He fell asleep.

Suddenly he was awakened. Though hours later, it was still dark. His
wife was wide awake, stroking his penis, bringing it to a hard erection.

“Your treat this time!” was all she said.

Renewed, he mounted her. After their earlier experience, they were a
bit slower this time, but in time release came for both of them. Again
they fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 4

Morning came. Jim turned to his sleeping wife, not sure whether to
arouse her for another encounter. He noted the time - after ten. He rose,
and ordered breakfast. While awaiting its arrival, he nudged his sleeping
wife. “Time for getting up!” he told her. “Need to pee before breakfast?”

She rubbed her eyes. “With you watching? My breakfast would get cold
while you worked off your excitement. Call me when it arrives!” She turned
over and closed her eyes again.

Breakfast did arrive. She slipped from the bed and sleepily moved to
the little table on which their trays had been placed. Before sitting
down, she faced him, extended her arms high over her head and engaged in a
luxurious stretch. His eyes took it all in.

She bent over and gently kissed him. Then, standing before him,
observed, “Still don’t want me to wear any clothes? Haven’t you seen
everything by now?”

“Do want me to get tired of it? I don’t remember you telling me to put
my clothes on, either!”

“I kind of like looking, too. I’ll admit it”, then she added, “But
right now I’ve got a full bladder I need to empty. You can watch, if
you’ll promise to let me eat my breakfast right after!”

She led him into the bathroom and as she had intended. Then, as she
expected, he returned her to the bed and began running his hands over her
body. “Need to get this one over quick, cause I’ll need to check
downstairs again in a half hour or so. But I’ll be back- give you a chance
to plan how you’re going to seduce me this afternoon!”

“Seduce you? I don’t think I could fight you off- even if I wanted to!”

True to his word, he left her a few minutes later, resting on the bed.
He dressed and went down to the lobby.

As he stood at the desk waiting for the clerk to check for an expected
message, he heard a spirited conversation between two officers standing
behind him.

“I told you he wasn’t planning to be with us today - he just said he’d
check with me this morning!”.

The other replied, impatiently, “I tried to get his room, but they’re
taking no calls. You’re his aide - can’t you get through? I don’t need to
see him - I just need to get an answer about the meeting tomorrow!”

“Take it easy, Jerry; his wife was waiting for him. Even a general’s
entitled to a bit of marital bliss. I’m going up there in a few minutes, I
think, and knock on the door. His wife’s suitcase got lost, and it’s just
arriving, now. I’ll try to go up with the bellman when he delivers it. In
fact, here he comes!”

“She’s been here two days without her baggage? If it was my wife, she’d
be furious. No clothes or anything, and a two day wait. I’ll bet the
general got a rough reception, Carl. She probably wasn’t in a good mood!”

A bellman approached the officer, carrying a suitcase bearing an
assortment of tags. “Sir”, he addressed the officer, “I hate to trouble
you, but you were going to go up to the tenth floor when I delivered this
bag- I just spoke to the lady up there - she said she really wasn’t in a
hurry, and she would call when she wanted it. I’m supposed to just hold it
until she calls!”

The one named Carl turned to his friend. “Guess that means you’ll have
to wait a bit. Right now she doesn’t seem to be interested in clothes.
She must not be too upset; but since she took that call, maybe I can get
through to the general. Let’s try again!”

Jim heard them as they wandered off to a house phone. Then, after
finishing his message checking, he returned upstairs to his own room.

Wanda cautiously opened the door for him. She was still dressed, as he
had wished, in nothing at all.

Once inside, he told Wanda he had heard the general’s aide talking
downstairs, and that the suitcase belonging to the general’s wife had just
arrived, but she seemed not to want it.

Wanda at first smiled, then burst out laughing.

Jim pointedly asked her, “What kind of fashion advice did you give her?
Apparently she’s been two days without a suitcase and now she doesn’t even
want it.”

Wanda stopped her laugh long enough to answer her husband.

“What am I wearing?” she asked him.

“Nothing, of course - I told you not to wear anything.”

“Louise is, I think, following my example - that’s what I thought she
would do! Maybe the general likes it!” she was displaying a broad smile.
Then she added, “I think I’ll call her!”

“No - no, you don’t. This isn’t military protocol - a sergeant doesn’t
make social calls to a two star general. You’ll get me in trouble!”

“Jim, you’re not calling. I can call a female friend - there’s nothing
wrong with it!” She was already dialing.

A gruff but sleepy male voice answered the phone. “Could I speak to
Louise?” Wanda asked sweetly.

In a moment Louise was on the line. “How did it go?” Wanda inquired.
“I hear you feel you aren’t anxious about your suitcase!”

“Wanda, you really inspired me- he can’t hear me right now, so I can
tell you. He got in on schedule, and his reaction when he saw me - well,
not just once last night but twice and again this morning, if you know what
I mean, and he’s a lot older than your Jim. Right now he’s just gone in
the shower. I haven’t had one yet, but I’ve been promised a bath - by one
of the best bath givers around, although he’s been two busy to do it for
along time. Oh, yes, the peeing thing worked wonderfully, too! Why would
I want clothes? We’re celebrating our anniversary!”

Wanda put down the phone. She turned to Jim.

“The general’s wife thinks she learned something from me. Right now, we
have a lot in common - especially taste in clothes. I think those two
officers downstairs will be waiting a while. The general is going to be
involved in a very special cleaning job.”

“A cleaning job?” Jim asked, incredulously.

“A cleaning job. His wife is going to be given a bath. He promised
her. Come to think of it, I could use a bath about now, too. I’m already
dressed for it. Now, surely, if a general can do it, a sergeant can, can’t

She pulled him toward the bathroom.



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