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The Sleeping Fan


The Sleeping Fan {John Jabbin} {MF sleep}
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The Sleeping Fan
by John Jabbin
She was asleep, just like she said she would be. She
lay there, beautiful in repose, her skin dark and
sultry against the white sheets. Everything was just
as we had discussed, just as we had planned. It was
the fulfillment of both our fantasies.

My name is John Jabbin and I write erotic stories. Her
name is Jennifer and she said she was one of my
biggest fans.

She had written me after I posted, "The Pharmacist."
It had touched on her darkest desires.

"I dream of being asleep and some man comes and
molests my body," she wrote. "He doesn't hurt me
though. He doesn't put a mark on my body, but he does
incredibly nasty things to me."

There on her bedstead were the pills she had written
that she took to help her sleep. A sleeping pill and a
very effective one with an interesting little side
effect of associated memory loss. I checked her
pupils; they were dilated and fixed.

I touched her face gently, stroked her high cheekbones
with my thumb. So soft. So lovely.

From my duffel bag I pulled out the hand scanner. I
walked around the room, checking for electronic
recording devices. I used top of the line equipment.
There was nothing here. Everything checked out.

Pulling the covers from her body, I saw that she had
complied with my demands to the letter. She wore the
black lace teddy, just as I suggested. The leg was cut
high and it made her legs look longer, sleeker. She
would have looked good in rags. She looked absolutely
fantastic in the teddy!

Jennifer had e-mailed me pictures, glamour shots and
publicity stills. She was a local entertainer in her
city, singing at nightclubs around town.

"Normally I like to be in control," she wrote.
"Usually I'm the sexual aggressor."

That's what made the kink all the more exciting for
her. To surrender her control for just a time to a
complete stranger, it was a dangerous, some would say
stupid, thing to do. But isn't that the thrill of
eroticism sometimes? Doing something completely crazy
and kinky and getting away with it?

I sat next to her slumbering body and stroked the lace
that covered her belly. She was a beautiful woman.
Long wavy dark hair, lovely brown eyes when they were
open and small delicate ears. But her most attractive
facial feature was her mouth.

Jennifer had full lips. They dominated the lower half
of her attractive face and drew the eye. Just looking
at them now made my own lips twitch, eager to take
her, eager to dominate that lovely mouth with my own
and make it mine.

"Would you like me to write you a story just for you?"
I had written her.

She had responded excitedly, telling me some of her
fantasies and sending more pictures. Those beautiful
eyes stared back at me as I wrote her story. She told
me that she wanted to recapture her youth, that life
had begun to become too pedestrian, too predictable. I
wrote about a younger singer, just starting out. The
fresh bloom of her youth was plucked by a rather nasty

My hand went lower, caressing the lines of her jaw and
down over her regally slim neck. It was the kind of
neck men wanted to suck on, to nuzzle against, as they
inhaled her scent.

My fingers traced the v-neck of the teddy, sliding my
thick finger under the far side, fondling the soft
flesh of her upper chest. My fair skin against her
olive complexion thrilled me. I had to see more.

I jammed a chair underneath the knob of her locked
bedroom door. Then I drew off my dark shirt, gloves
and cap. I slipped off my sneakers without unlacing
them and pulled down the black jeans, leaving me naked
as I crawled into bed with her.

She was so small compared to me. She was barely five
and a half feet tall and I was over six. But it was in
weight that I dwarfed her. She was slim, with the
womanly figure of an entertainer. I had at least a
hundred pounds on her and most all of that was bone
and muscle.

I lay my head on her stomach and listen to her heart's
steady, slow beat. I heard her shallow breathing. So
peaceful! So beautiful!

She had loved my story when I sent it to her. She
praised it, saying how thrilling it was to see a story
written about her. Even the parts where the bartender
had been a little rough with her body had thrilled
her. It was a way for her to safely lose control. She
could imagine herself being taken, being used for a
man's satisfaction with no thought of her own.

I raised up again and took her firm calves in both of
my hands. Slowly and sensuously, I spread her legs
until I could clearly see the black snaps of the
teddy. After I had stretched them wide enough, I slid
my rough hands over the soft flesh of the insides of
her legs. Then I went a little higher, all the way to
her prominent hipbones.

"Do you trim your pubic hair?" I had written and asked
her. "Describe the appearance of your pussy to me.
Write to me and tell me what I would see."

I leaned forward between Jennifer's thighs and nuzzled
the crotch of the teddy. Applying pressure with my
nose until I could feel the snaps press into my skin,
I inhaled her deeply. She smelled freshly bathed, with
just the hint of the pineapple body wash I had
commanded her to use. It was a bow to her Hawaiian
heritage. I wanted to smell it on her, to taste it on
her flesh.

Straining forward, I used my tongue to rope the folds
of the teddy into my mouth and, taking it between my
teeth, pulled gently back until the snaps came undone.
Impatient, I pulled the flap of lacy cloth away and
looked at my beloved. Beautiful!

"I keep my pussy hair trimmed in a bikini cut, high on
the sides," she had written back. "My pussy lips are
prominent and full, just like you said the lips of my
mouth are. They are a dark, dusky gray and just
telling you about them makes me wet."

I speared the folds of her cunt with my tongue,
sliding it in deeply in first thrust. I tasted the
freshness of her, but there was also the hint of her
arousal as she had lain down to fall asleep. As my
tongue dragged back up towards her clit, I wondered if
she had been wet by the time the drug had taken hold
of her. One of the side effects of the medication was
dry mouth. I wondered if it also dried her vaginal
juices. In any case, I had come prepared.

I licked her sweet cuntal folds. I sucked her labia
into my mouth and grasp her thick lips between my
teeth, biting down ever so gently. She never would
have let me do that if she had been awake, never would
have trusted her most precious flesh between the teeth
of a stranger. But here I was, sucking the lips and
gnawing tenderly on her beautiful gash.

Reluctantly rising, I stretched over her and cupped
her full breast in my hands. They were as large and as
soft as I had dreamed. In her photos, she had seemed
full without looking overly-busty. I was pleased that
the realities held true to the vision of her in my

"Tell me the color of your nipples," had been the
first intimate question I had asked her. "In my story
I said they were chocolate brown. Did I get it right?"

Raising her limp arms one by one, I drew down the top
of her teddy to her waist. She had told me the truth.
They were a deep rich brown just as she had confirmed.
What she couldn't tell me was how delicious they
looked, how much they made my mouth water.

I leaned over her more and took each nipple in my
mouth in turn and circled the nub with my tongue. I
kneaded each tit in my hand in turn, milking the soft
firm flesh as I sucked.

"Do you exercise much to keep in shape?" I had asked.
She had responded that, now that she was getting
older, she had to work to fight the normal tendency of
a woman to develop thicker thighs and buttocks as they
age. But she grew bored with exercise. Sweets and ice
cream sang seductively to her. She worried about her
weight, worried about getting old in a career that
demanded youth.

I rolled up the teddy high on her waist and lay my
head now on her naked belly. It was flat, but softly
feminine. I licked her stomach in broad strokes. I
delved my tongue deep into her navel. I tongue-fucked
her belly-button like no woman had ever allowed me to
do before.

She was completely mine for the taking, for the

"This man that rapes you," I had inquired, "do you
want him to cum in you? When he fucks you, and you
know he'll have to fuck a gorgeous woman like you, do
you want his hot cum inside your cunt?"

My cock was throbbing. I ached for her. I lavished her
cunt with my tongue, making her slick with my saliva.
Then I raised up, hooked her knees and drew her legs
up to her chest, exposing her pussy fully to me. I
eased forward until the head of my cock was against
her vagina.

When I pushed in, I glided into her warmth. I went
slowly because I'm a big man. She seemed so small and
frail beneath me. As my cock entered her, she looked
so helpless, so vulnerable. A shiver ran through my
spine and I had to stop halfway and breathe deeply to
keep from cuming. I panted, taking every ounce of
self-control I had to not jam myself into her.

"What's your biggest turn-off," I had written.

"Weasels, little wimpy men that think they're hot
shit. In my fantasies, I want to be taken by a real
man, a big man."

Using her legs as levers, I began to slowly hump into
her, pulling her back against me on the down stroke.
After I got all the way in, I let her limp legs fall
to the side and lay heavy against her. I tilted her
head with my hands and kissed her slack mouth as I
tenderly fucked her cunt.

Those lips, those fascinating lips bobbed slightly as
I pumped into her. I pulled her lower lip into my
mouth and sucked it separately. I pulled back on it
gently; not enough to hurt my beautiful, sleeping
girl, but just enough to stretch it as I strained my
cock into her depths.

The combination of the texture of her lip in my mouth
and the warmth of her pussy took me over the edge. The
pressure that had been building within me suddenly and
forcefully gave way and I was spraying her cunt full
of my cum. My back ached with the pressure of it, my
balls ached as they pumped their seed into her, and my
urethra ached with the burning sensation of my semen
blasting into her.

I lay on her limply for just a moment, covering her
small body with my large frame. She was so beautiful.
Such a lovely face. Such a wonderful body.

I pulled out of her cum-slickened cunt and propped up
her hips with a pillow. I wanted my sperm to stay in
her, to coat her insides with my essence.

"When the bartender in the story raped Jennifer's
mouth, how did it make you feel to read that?" I had
asked her.

"It made my lips tingle," she had responded. "My teeth
hurt thinking of how he pumped into her. But most of
all, it made me hot. I loved it, John. I wanted it to
be my mouth."

I leaned her lovely face to the side. My cock was only
a little sticky. It was mostly all my sperm. Her
vagina had never gotten very moist. Even so, I wiped
it up and down her beautiful lips. She had worn
lipstick just like I asked. I had tasted it before
when I kissed her. Now I smeared it on my cock before
I gently levered her jaw and slipped my dick into her

It was an uncomfortable angle. It would have been for
both of us, but Jennifer was past caring. Even so, the
visual image was enough for me. It was the sight of
her mouth accepting me briefly into its warmth that
turned me on. I didn't press in deep. I didn't bruise
her throat with the fierce thrust I really desired.
This was not just my fantasy. It was ours.

"What can I do with you?" I had wanted to know. "How
far can I go?"

"Don't ask, just do whatever you need to," she had
written back quickly. "The back door with be unlocked.
Come at eight A.M. My husband leaves at seven."

I had turned her over and propped up her bottom with
more pillows. Her backside was as beautiful as
everything else. Her ass was still firm, her puckered
hole still tight. I leaned down and kissed it, briefly
dipping my tongue into her for a quick taste. She
tasted just a bit bitter. She tasted wonderful.

I generously lubed up her anus and my cock. Then,
pulling her toward me, I violated her final lovely

Her sphincter was tight, but I used my thumbs on
either side to spread her gently. I eased in, gliding
on a lubricated downhill slope into her innermost
depths. In one gentle thrust that seemed to take
forever, I buried my cock into Jennifer's ass.

Oh god, this was heaven! Possessing a woman's cunt and
mouth is wonderful. Taking a sleeping woman's ass is
much better still. It is taking complete control. It
is the ultimate in domination. This is what she didn't
want me to tell her about. This is what we both wanted

I was gentle with her, easing in and out tenderly. I
was stretching her, no doubt. Her bottom would be sore
when she woke, but it would be a tender soreness. It
would be the one sensation that let her know how long
I lingered. It would be my greatest gift for one of my
biggest fans.

As the lube heated up, I pumped into her more firmly.
Her taut ass cheeks bounced as I came against them. I
had set a rhythm. Uncontrollably, I now increased it.

Pulling her hips back, I thrust deeper, harder. She
was so slick, so hot. Her ass burned me, swallowed my
cock deep into her. The sight was glorious, the
sensations, overwhelming. Unchecked by anything but my
lust, I bore down into her. I fucked her with abandon
for a brief flurry of strokes. Thrusting into her hot,
tight hole, I strained and strained and strained...

And came! hard, pulsing streams of cum! Thick,
throbbing cock of climax! Sweet, fucking-her-buttery-
ass orgasm!

When I could think again, I eased gently out of her. I
retrieved a towel from her bathroom and cleaned us
both. I smeared a soothing salve on her red, angry
pucker. I gave her bottom one last pat, one last kiss.

Then I checked her breathing and her pupils after I
had dressed. She still slept gently, peacefully. I
hoped her dreams had been pleasant though I've heard
that under medication most people don't dream.

I left her a computer-generated note.

"Dearest Jen,

"You're everything I've hoped for in a fan, luv. We
must do this again soon. Until then, I wish you'd wear
these black silk panties that I've brought you. I'd
like to think of your pretty ass and cunt snug in
something that I've bought you. Sweet dreams, my
beauty asleep. You'll be in mine from now on.

"Warmest Regards,



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