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The Smell of Sex 1


The Smell of Sex Ch. 1

by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually
explicit stories and situations.

(Fd, mast)

(c)2001 by Couture

I'm going to fix that little bitch! Monique thought to herself. She
sat at her desk soldering a circuit board. She was the perfect picture of
a beautiful athletic African goddess and she looked very pissed.

Monique had endured all the other insults Laura Leigh had heaped on her,
but when she watched Laura flirt with her boyfriend last night, that was
the last straw! It really pissed her off, because she knew that Laura
didn't even like black guys, she just did it to spite her.

So as the bitch happened to be her dorm mate, Monique was in the perfect
position to make the prim and proper Barbie-looking slut pay.

Monique snapped a cover on the device she was working on and then lay
down on her back and slid under Laura's bed to secure it with some
electrical tape.

She had waited patiently for the ice princess to fuck up so she could
use it against her, but Laura appeared invulnerable. 'Well maybe little
Laura just needs a nudge in the right direction.' Monique thought. She
wondered if her plan would work at all, as she finished disguising the
small black device beneath Laura's bed.

"Hee hee! If my plan does work, well Ms. Goody-two-shoes won't be
stealing any more boys from anyone else . . . ever again." She was so
excited, she didn't think she would be able to sleep a wink.

Later that night after Laura had gone to bed, but just before her eyes
started to close, a little red light came on underneath her bed. If a dog had been in the room with the two girls, it would have been able to hear.

"Laura Leigh, when you wake up, you will be fascinated by panties, plain
panties, sexy panties, any color, and any size. The thoughts of panties,
anyone's panties, or even hearing the word panty, will make your pussy DRIP
with pleasure! Your mind will be consumed by thoughts of panties and
pussies. When you wake up, you will have the irresistible urge to smell
panties, because the lingering smell of pussy and sexual musk on the
panties will turn you into a horny SLUT. This scent will make you desire
to masturbate your wet cunt. The stronger the aroma of pussy, the hornier
and wetter you will become. You will be hopeless to fight your desires to
sniff panties, especially when they belong to someone else."

"Laura Leigh, when you wake up you will be fascinated by panties....."

As the message was being repeated over and over, Laura's eyes wiggled
back and forth under her eyelids. The message was programmed into Laura's
brain during REM sleep for the rest of the night.

'Oh my god I'm being suffocated by a panty covered ass!' Laura thought
as she awoke with a start. Then she realized she must have been dreaming
and had only turned her face into her pillow in her sleep.

She was so hot at the thought of the panty-covered ass she had been
dreaming about. A wonderful buzz emanated from her wet pussy. Laura
looked over to be sure that the inferior black bitch Monique was not in the
room with her.

Then she reached her hand down and began to trace the swollen lips of
her pussy as she thought of PANTIES!

'God! I am so hot! She thought, as she began to stroke her pussy with
her middle finger.

"I wonder how hot I smell?" and with that she brought her finger to her
nose and inhaled deeply.

"Mmmmmmmmm! I bet I have the best smelling pussy in the world!"

"Ewwwww!!! What am I doing? I've always thought the musky smell of my
sex was disgusting!?!" Laura tore her hand from her face and jumped out of
bed to get ready for class.

She came back to her room from her morning shower and noticed a pair of
panties Monique had left on top of her dresser drawer.

"That slob, why do I always have to pick up after her?" she muttered to
herself as she picked up the panties to put them away.

With her fingers touching the silky garment, Laura had an overwhelming
desire to smell them. Deep down, she knew what she was contemplating was

"Well I need to sure they are clean" she rationalized, as she smelled
their clean fresh scent. Laura opened Monique's lingerie drawer to put the
garment in and it was filled with even more panties.

Laura rubbed the assorted panties gently. She was jealous of her
dorm-mate's assorted silken treasures.

'God I need a cum!' thought Laura as she felt a stab of pleasure deep in
her cunt.

'It can't be the panties . . . They don't turn me on like this. It
must be from my dream, but all I remember was a panty covered ass.'

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Monique's discarded panties and
shorts from her morning jog crumpled on the tile floor.

'Hmmm. Maybe I ought to clean those up for the slob as well. I can't
wait to move in the sorority next year with girls of class and breeding,'
Laura thought as she bent to pick up the wrinkled items from the floor.
However, instead of picking them up as she had planned, Laura found herself
down on her hands and knees. 'What am I doing, oh god, this is so

'Just one little sniff,'she thought as she explored the recesses of the
shorts with her nose until she honed on the sweat soaked crotch of the
soiled panties lying within by sense of smell. She inhaled her roommate's
scent deeply, enjoying the scent of Monique's exertions and the aroma of
her sexual musk.

"Oh God! These panties are positively delicious," Laura gasped. As she
supported her upper body with her forehead, Laura undid the towel covering
her still wet body. She ran her hands over her smooth young curves,
tweaked her nipples between finger and thumb which sent erotic pains
straight to her clit.

Over and over Laura's brain repeated, 'This is WRONG...This is WRONG.
Oh God! I can't be doing this.'

But her body was burning from the sensations of lust, so desperate for
release from her pent-up frustrations. It felt so RIGHT as she stuck one
finger, then two up her already soaked sex. Her sight and smell totally
overwhelmed, as her senses were immersed in Monique's soiled panties. Her
face planted firmly in crumpled shorts, back arched gracefully, toned
thighs spread wide, and her young tightly rounded ass high in the air. She
reached underneath her body and tormented her swollen clit.

"Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh fuck my pussy." The blonde cried as she drove one
finger and then two deeply in her cunt from behind.

"Oh Oh ohhhhh -- eeeeoooooowwwwww!!!" Her cries echoed off the
cinder-block walls as she came. Several students passing underneath the
girl's dorm looked toward the commotion and wondered enviously which young co-ed was getting her brains fucked out.

"Ahhh...Cumming?!!" Laura, who had never actually climaxed before in her
young frustrated life, humped her fingers against the hard tile floor as
she felt pleasure flow like a tidal-wave throughout her body.

Oh! Oh! Fuck I'm cumming!! I'm fucking CUMMING!!"

The small girl stuck out her tongue and tasted her dormmate's essence,
as she had a mind-blowing orgasm and her consciousness faded to black.

The blonde laying unmoving, nose buried in her roommate's shorts, as she
laid face-down on the floor. Her juices ran down her finger, which was
still buried deeply in her gaping cunt and collected on the tile floor.
Had Laura known, she would be quite shocked to learn that a video camera was recording her actions.

For the second time this morning Laura awoke from a dream, of smelling a
panty-covered pussy. This time however, she awoke to find her face
smothered by a real pair of panties.

Laura groaned, "I can't believe what I just did. I've become some sort
of a sick demented pervert." She cringed inwardly, as she thought of her

She glanced at the clock. "Oh shit! I am going to be late for class,"
she shouted still bewildered by her perverse actions.

She stood quickly and washed her hands and face in the dorm lavatory.
There was no time to take another shower, so she placed her right foot on
top of the sink, then pushed her hips forward until she was able to bring
her cunt directly over the sink. When Laura turned the water on and
splashed it over her pussy, she felt a thrill of pleasure as the cool water
hit her swollen sex and hardened her small nipples.

As Laura looked in the mirror, she was stunned by the image of the
blonde slut that greeted her there. This person with her face and chest
flushed pink, small breasts capped by hard swollen nipples, clit pushed out
like a small cock, and her inner recesses peeking out from parted lips,
couldn't be her.

The image in the mirror traced her fingers through the folds of her
aroused sex as her head tilted back in pleasure. The person in the mirror
was a wanton slut, it couldn't be Laura. It just couldn't. Tears dropped
from Laura's eyes as she dried herself.

Then she took the towel and carefully wiped up the evidence of her
morning activities from the tile floor of the dorm. As she dressed, she
subconsciously put on the panties she had sniffed earlier, followed by a
bra, pink mini-skirt, white stretch shirt, and pink pumps. Laura grabbed
her book bag, left the dorm, and began walking to her first class. On the
way, she brought her hand to her nose and inhaled the lingering musk from
her morning activities.

"Mmmm! I smell good and royally fucked!"

Little did she know how truly fucked she was.

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