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The Smell of Sex 10


The Smell of Sex Ch.10
by Couture

(FF, panty, humil, Fd etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2001 Couture

Chapter X

Laura's knees ached uncomfortably, as she knelt down
on the cold tile floor in her dorm. However, the pain
in her knees was nothing compared to the burning on
her bottom. The crop was unmerciful and
unpredictable, as its blows left a trail of welts in
its wake. Tamara, who Laura at first took for a kind
and lovely girl, was an unsympathetic and harsh task
mistress and applied the crop with great skill.

<Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap!>

Tamara had been whipped many times before, so she knew
just how to get the job done from first hand
experience. She angled the rapidly falling blows
upwards, just under the swell of the blonde girl's ass
in a staccato like fashion. Tamara smiled with
pleasure, as she watched the poor blonde humping her
hips inward in hopes of escaping the painful crop.

<Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap!>

When Laura was first given her task of making Latanya
cum. She knew she had her work cut out for her,
especially after the evil bitch sprayed that horrible
tasting anesthetic on her pussy. Laura knew her only
chance to make her cum, was to give the awful woman's
clit, everything she had. She sucked it, she slapped
her tongue across it, and gently nibbled the swollen
nub. Finally, it seemed Latanya had begun to respond
and grind her hips against Laura's face. The
distraught blonde heart leapt for joy when she felt
the black girl's reaction. Maybe, just maybe, they
wouldn't stick that huge dildo up her ass.

<Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap!>

However, to her dismay, Tamara kept striking just
under the lower swell of Laura's ass cheeks with the
leather crop. Soon, it became too much to bear and
Laura's hips fled the offending instrument of sadism.

Beth, who was still trapped underneath Laura,
anguished over what she could do to help her friend.
Her hands were still cuffed and she was gagged, which
made things difficult. However, the blonde's bare sex
glistened and beckoned her. She raised her head up
and began to rub her nose through to folds of Laura's
sex and press the ball gag against Laura's clit. She
did what she could to lessen her Princess's torment.

<Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap!>

Laura gasped with pleasure and forgot the crop for
just a moment, as she enjoyed the feelings of Beth's
exploring nose. The young blonde leaned forward and
drank the nectar leaking from the mouth of Latanya's

'Who would have thought that tonight would turn out to
be one of the best nights of my life? Just look at
that beautiful white slut work on my pussy. God! I
would never have imagined that I could turn someone so
pretty into my bitch.' Latanya thought, as she enjoyed
the servicing from Laura's soft tongue.
<Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap!>

"EEEaaaarrrrggggeeellmummph!" The blonde cried into
the black girl's hairy cunt.

'No, it wouldn't be long now, before she would beg to
have her ass fucked. They always did,' Latanya
thought as she stroked her victim's pretty blonde
hair. 'Good thing I didn't have to shave you, sweet

<Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap!>


"Peefllerreee . . . " Laura cried, as she tried to
pull her face from Latanya's pussy.

<Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap -- Thwap!>

'Here we are. It's all down hill from here, my small-
titted baby slut.' Latanya said to herself. She
didn't have to hear Laura, in order to know what the
uptight blonde wanted.

"Didn't yo momma teach your white ass not to talk with
your mouthful?" demanded Latanya as she released
Laura's head and allowed the white girl to speak.

"Huh...(gasp)eoowww...(sniff) prease...I'll rew it,"
She cried as she reached back and held her ass cheeks
open, after massaging away at the burning pain. Laura
hoped Latanya could understand her, because the
Prolong had numbed her tongue and lips, making it
difficult to speak.

<Thwap - Thwap - Thwap - Thwap -- Thwap!>

"Say it right bitch!" Tamara demanded, as she worked
the crop over Laura's newly exposed inner recesses.

"P-p-rease! (Oww) Miss Lathanya, P-p-prease! I'm
regging you (Gasp!) do dake my ass c-c-cherry!"

"That's my baby girl. That wasn't so bad now was it?"
Latanya said as she wiped the tears from Laura's eyes,
before pushing the young blonde's head deeply into her
cunt again. "I think you is gonna like this next part
much better."

Tamara opened a bottle of lube and then coated her
fingers with it and then began to smear the cold jelly
on Laura's ass.

Laura couldn't see anything except for the matted-
haired cunt in front of her, but she was much relieved
when she felt a cool liquid being rubbed on her
burning ass cheeks. 'God! That feels wonderful,' she
thought. Then, she felt the thick jelly being rubbed
over ever inch of her ass flesh and then between her
cheeks. Laura obediently spread the cheeks of her
bottom, so that Tamara could rub the soothing jelly on
the more difficult to reach areas.
Laura didn't have long to wait. Soon, Tamara's smooth
fingers pressed a handful of KY against Laura's little
brownie and then traced smaller and smaller circles to
the center.

'Oh God, here it goes!' Laura thought, as she felt a
finger at the mouth of her tight opening. Nothing had
ever penetrated her there before and Laura dreaded how
it would feel. Everything she had heard before led
her to believe that not only was it painful, but it
was sinful as well.

The finger pressed against the tight grommet, the
wiggled in. "Ugh," Laura groaned, as she was
penetrated. It felt unnatural for something to be
going in a hole that, till now, everything had always
gone out of. "That's strange," Laura thought, as the
finger was withdrawn and then re-inserted, pushing
more of the lubricant inside, "it feels kinda nice.'

"MMMMMMMmmmm . . ." the white girl moaned loudly into
Latanya's pussy, as her innermost recesses were
explored by Tamara's questing digit.

"See baby girl, I knew you would take to ass fuckin'.
I knows you can't see back there so I'se tell you
what's going on."

"Right now, Tamara's lubin up that tiny dildo dat's
strapped to her puss, while she's lookin at your
little ol' brownie just beggin to be fucked."

Laura felt something large pressing against her tight
sphincter. The frightened blonde lurched forward into
Latanya's pussy, as she tried to flee from the large

"Feel that baby girl? That be the head of the dildo
pushin at your tight ass. Now you was the one a
beggin for the dildo a minute ago, so you better mind
and stop your squirmin," Latanya demanded.

Laura held still for fear of getting whipped by the
crop again, as Tamara gripped her by the hips and
pulled her back until the dildo was snuggled between
the cheeks of her bottom.

"Spread those legs for me now, sweat meat," Latanya
told the trembling blonde.

Laura reluctantly spread her legs widely, leaving
herself defenseless before Tamara.

"Now, be a good girl and arch your back for me and it
won't hurt so bad," encouraged Latanya.

Laura burned with humiliation as she arched her back
and rolled her ass up. She knew that if anyone came
into the room to rescue her, they would see her in
such a sluttish position and assume she *wanted* it.
That she was begging to have her ass fucked by these
two strangers.

"That's my baby girl. Just relax that virgie brownie
as much as you can. If you try to fight it, it's
gonna hurt chore ass somethin' awful!"

The dildo pressed threateningly against Laura's
tightly clenched pucker, as Laura tried to relax her
clenched muscles.

"Give it to the little bitch now!" Latanya shouted,
causing Laura to tighten in fear.

'Wait, give me just a moment!' Laura tried to say, but
it was muffled by Latanya's pussy.

'Ow Ow Ow, fuck that hurts' Laura thought, as she felt
the head of the dildo batter past her inner defenses,
stabbing into her guts.

"Come on, relax girlie. Give that body to Latanya.
Just repeat after me girlie, Latanya owns my body, I
give up anything she wants."

Laura felt the dildo sliding deeper and deeper into
her virginal ass. "Huuuuueeewwwww." She groaned into
Latanya's cunt as unyielding plastic deflowered her
nether cherry. 'Nobody owns me! I'm my own person!'
Laura thought. She was unable to stop the violation
and plunder of her body, but she wasn't going to give
up her mind.

"See, that wasn't so bad. Was it baby girl? Now
*FUCK* her ass with it Tamara."

"Waith! Prease waith! Leth me ged used do id. Jush a
(Huuueeewww-gasp) s-s-shecond" Laura tried to whine
with her numb tongue, as the dildo was withdrawn
completely from her ass.

"Repeat what I tole you baby girl and look at my eyes
when you say it," Latanya ordered the defeated girl.

Laura resisted the black girl, as best as she was
able. 'No! You can't make me say it!' Laura's mind
rebelled. Then, suddenly she felt the dildo stab into
her to the hilt without any warning.

"Awwwwwggggguuuuuudddd!" cried Laura, before adding
quickly, "Lathanya owns my borry, I gib up anyshing
she wwwwwhhhheeee-oonntttsssss!!!!" A moan escaped
Laura's lips as the dildo withdrawn until it was
outside of Laura's anus once again. Before Laura
could prepare herself for the inevitable penetration,
the dildo was battered past her tensed muscles and it
was driven completely back into her ass again.

The dildo resumed its course in one fluid motion and
Laura begged internally for a pause. However, she
knew the only way to get Tamara to stop was by making
Latanya cum. Laura stuck her tongue deep in the black
girl's cunt with renewed vigor, in order to achieve
her goal. However, she realized suddenly that she
couldn't even feel her tongue anymore, due to all the
Prolong Latanya had sprayed in her cunt. It was then
that the blonde knew how fucked she was. Because, no
matter what she did, the humbled blonde wouldn't be
able to get the vicious black girl off by licking her

'She's going to make sure I lick her ass,' Laura cried
silently, as the dildo was withdrawn once again. The
hapless blonde tried her best to relax her sphincter
as she felt the bulbous head being withdrawn. 'I've
got to relax . . . I've got to give it up to her . . .
' However, the feeling of the cold air shocked Laura's
insides, causing her to clamp down again.

"Say it again Bitch!" Latanya commanded.

"Lalanya thowns my bahdy, I give uhp anythin she
wwwwwhhhheeee-oonntttsssss!!!! UGH -- FUUCK!" Laura
spoke with her numb tongue as best she could.

"Get that girlie licker back to work or we goin ta
break out Big Black right now!" Latanya warned.

Laura sucked hard on the black bitch's pussy, while
she felt the dildo get withdrawn from her ass again.

'Here we go again. Relax . . . give it up to her . .
.' Laura told herself. This time she was prepared for
the cold sting of the air as it touched her insides
and was able to remain dilated. However, she had
never felt so exposed in her life, as she did sitting
there with her asshole agape, waiting for the dildo to
be plunged back in the depths of her ass again.

"She's doin it Latanya! She's givin' up that ass now.
Your knew cunt lapper is just beggin for it!" Tamara
said proudly, as she stared at the gaping red mouth of
the formerly tight asshole. It gaped widely, not even
daring to wink at her slyly in disobedience.
This humiliated Laura even more, knowing that Tamara
had noticed the dilated condition of her bottom.
Worse, the short black girl had assumed that this
meant Laura wanted to be fucked in the ass and that
she was some sort of slut, because of it.

"That's my baby girl, you know I own that ass now you
don't you?" Lantanya asked the blushing blonde.

Laura didn't say anything, but deep down she knew the
answer. She would take whatever Tamara had to dish
out and she wouldn't dare say or do anything about it.

"Go ahead Tamara, give her a good fuckin now. You
better keep lappin bitch if you knows what's good for
you!" Latanya commanded.

The dildo was plunged deeply and then completely
withdrawn time and time again in Laura's virginal ass.
Laura could barely move her tongue, due to the
Prolong. So, she just let it hang out of her mouth
and moved her head around, in order to lick the
vicious sadist's cunt. 'I give her my mouth. I give
her my ass..." the quivering girl repeated her mantra.

Then, a strange thing started to happen . . . the
dildo actually started to feel good. A familiar
tingle began to spread throughout Laura's body.

'Oh God! Don't let me cum. Not like this!' Laura
begged silently.

However, it was to no avail, as the warmth spread to
Laura's loins, the blonde pushed back against the
dildo. Laura's ass slapped noisily against Tamara's
thick muscular thighs, while the two girls met one
another stroke for stroke.

"She's fuckin it now Latanya, listen to her ass fuck
it. Come on bitch! get to it!" The short black girl
smacked Laura ass while stood motionless. This forced
Laura to lean forward withdrawing the dildo from her
ass and then pushing back, as the poor girl tried
desperately to take herself over the edge.

Laura realized she was no longer being fucked in the
ass, but fucking herself. Her mind rebelled at the
thought, yet was helpless as her body sought to
satisfy its craving for release.


Laura's ass had loosened to accommodate the width of
the dildo and a curious thing had happened. With each
down stroke, the excess air was forced out of Laura's
ass, resulting in a loose fart.


This horrified and humiliated Laura to no end, knowing
that here she was, *a proper girl*, making such
disgusting noises while she impaled herself on a
dildo. But, she was unable to stop herself. It was
too late for that.

"Ha Ha Ha! Listen at baby girl go!" Latanya laughed
at Laura's plight. "As funny as that is Tamara, I
think it's time for *Big Black*"

Laura licked Latanya's pussy, while keeping her back
arched and ass high in the air. The dildo was
withdrawn and Laura pushed back in search for it . . .
or anything to fill the new emptiness inside her.

'Latanya owns my body, Latanya owns my ass' she
repeated keeping her spincter dilated as Tamara
squirted more lube in her ass. Then she felt
something large, *very large* at the mouth of her ass.

'It's too big. It's too big!' Laura thought in

"Ok baby girl, this next part is goin ta be rough, but
you can do it. Jest relax yourself completely baby,
givin it up to me, like you did befoe," Latanya
encouraged, while she ground her pussy against Laura's

"Only difference is, this is gonna ain't
gonna loosen up enough for *Big Black*, cause you gots
a tiny white ass. It jes' ain't big enough for *Big

Laura felt the head of the dildo being forced into her
gaping ass. 'Oh FUCK! Must give it up to Latanya.
Latanya owns my ass...Lantanya owns my ASS OWW!' It
felt as if her sphincter was a tight rubber band on
the verge of breaking as the large round head of the
dildo was forced in.

'Ahhhhhh' she moaned as her ass narrowed, when the
head slipped home into her ass.

Then it kept going far far far...oh damn too far in
her body. Her sphincter widened as she went further
down the shaft of the dildo. 'Oh FUCK! OH FUCK! I
can't take it...I can't take it!' she thought. It was
impossible. It felt as if the massive phallus was
buried in her stomach. The enormous width even made
it difficult to breath. She tried to relax. She
tried to surrender to the unyielding mammoth.
However, it was of no use, her resistance had fallen
before the onslaught of the colossal *Big Black*.

"Prease Lathana, I weat your ash, I wo anyring," Laura
begged, helplessly crying.

"Ew own meh! I rour bish. Ret me eath your ash
Missah! Prease leth me bree lour BISH!" Laura sobbed,
as tears streamed down her face. "Jess no mo' Brig

'Here's where it all comes down. Got's me a brand new
bitch!' thought Latanya. The black girl glanced
underneath Laura at the hairless Goth, who was crying
as she stared up helplessly at the immense mass of
plastic dick, sticking out of her lover's ass. The
Goth was going to be tougher to break in, but Latanya
had already seen the pale girl's weakness. She would
go anywhere or do anything to protect her *Princess*.
All Latanya had to do was keep them together.

"Okay baby girl, we won't FUCK you no more with *Big
Black*, but it stays rat there till I cum bitch."

Latanya turned around, getting down on her hands and
knees. Then, she pushed her bubble butt in the small
white girl's face. "Come on baby, worship my sexy

Laura kissed and licked the muscular black ass
reverently. There was no hesitation, as she planted
wet kisses on Latanya's puckered brownie.

"Come on sweet meat, let me feel your tongue bitch!"
Latanya ordered.

Laura stuck out her numb tongue and licked the sweat
licked the salty tasting sweat from the black girl's
pungent ass.

"Oh yeah...that's my baby ass licker!" Latanya cooed,
as she reached back and spread the cheeks of her ass

"Now tell me you are my slave and you belong to me
heart and soul! Then stick that tongue up my ass as
far as you can get it bitch!"

"I lore shlave, I berong du u hard and shole," Laura
replied with her eyes full of awe. The massive
phallus stretching her ass, served as a brutal
reminder of what happens if she disobeyed.

"Mmmmpppphhhh.....mmmmpppphhh!!!!" cried Beth, as she
violently tried to shake free below Laura.

"Don't worry Baldie, you gone git your chance next!"
Tamara said as she lowered her pussy to Beth's mouth,
which was held open by the ball gag.

Just then the door open and Monique eyes widened in
shock due to the carnal sight in front of her. She
was unnoticed by everyone except Tamara and Monique's
look changed from shock to anger, as her eyes narrowed
and settled on Latanya, who was on all fours, pushing
her ass into Laura's face.

"You fucking *bitch*!" she shouted.

The shout startled Latanya out of her sexual daze, as
she reveled in the feel of Laura's soft tongue as it
sought to enter her ass. She looked up, just in time
to see Monique's fist as it swung in a wild arch,
directly at her chin.

. . . to be continued.

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