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The Smell of Sex 11


The Smell of Sex Ch.10
(c) 2001 Couture

(FF, panty, humil, Fd etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

Chapter XI

"Come on baby girl, time for you to become my slave.
Git that tongue in my ass, bitch!" demanded Latanya.

Laura stuck out her pink tongue and honed in on the
cruel girl's rosette. She had given up and thought
about what it would be like to be Latanya's slave.
However, before she could stick her tongue in
Latanya's ass, the muscular black girl fell to the
floor. Laura looked up with amazement, it was
Monique! Her savior had arrived!

Then Monique turned her attention to Tamara, who was
desperately trying to look inconspicuous. "Now what
should I do with you?" she asked the naked black girl.

Tamara looked around the room for something to cover
herself with or at least something she could use for
defense. However, she saw nothing but the dildo
sticking obscenely out of Laura's ass. She thought it
would probably infuriate Monique even more if she
tried to grab the dildo, so she did the only thing she
could . . . she begged. "She made me do it Monique,
please don't hurt me..."

Monique started kicking Tamara's bare ass and slapping
her tits, while the short black girl collected what
few scraps of clothing she could and tried to get her
lover out the door.

"Get out bitches!" Monique shouted. <Slap!>

"Get out right now, before I call the cops!" <Whack!>

<Slap!> "If you fuck with my girl again, you will rue
the day you bitches was born." Monique said, as she
slammed the door on the pair of naked girls.

Then Monique glanced down in sympathy at the gooey
face of her once proud roommate. "There there Laura
... I'm so sorry ... I should have never told them
about you," Monique said as she petted Laura's damp
blonde hair.

"Tank yew...Tank yew Monik. I lub u sho mush," Laura
slobbered on her roommate's feet.

"Come on girl, that's enough of that. Get on up off
the floor!" Monique told the groveling girl.

"I cand. Brig Brack in my ash." Laura moved her hands
back and tried to pull out the big dildo that was
sticking obscenely out of her ass. However, the
mammoth piece of rubber appeared to be firmly stuck.

Monique was astounded by the size of the dildo that
was embedded in the skinny white girl's ass. She
could feel her juices begin to flow as she traced the
veins on the large rubber phallus with an index
finger. 'God! I bet that is going to be one hot
video!' Monique thought, glancing up at the red light
of the camera.

"Who's this bald white bitch with the gag Laurie? Was
she the one that called me or was she on it with the
other two? If you want, I'll toss her ass into the
hall bound and gagged?" Monique said, looking down
smugly at the Goth girl trapped underneath Laura.

"No she dice, she tied to heph me." Laura wondered
what Monique meant. Who had called Monique? Had Beth
somehow called her roommate before she came in the

"I can't understand the words coming out of your mouth
Laura. Just shut up and let me help you get that
monster out of your ass. You should be ashamed of
yourself for getting into such a fix!" Monique derided
Laura, in hopes the blonde girl wouldn't try to shift
responsibility for tonight's actions on the person who
had ultimately caused this to happen . . .herself.

Monique helped Laura waddle on her knees until her
torso was lying on the bed. "Just wait there for just
a second baby, while I take the gag and handcuffs off
your little bald friend."

Then the athletic black girl undid the buckle holding
the gag in the Beth's mouth and took off her cuffs.
"Come on baldie, get yourself together, cuz it's time
for you to go. Laura's in good hands now, you can
talk to her at school tomorrow."

Beth dressed quickly because there was something about
Monique that scared her a little bit. She glanced
down at her Princess, who was bent over the bed with a
large dildo sticking out of her ass. Suddenly, she
felt a little braver and leaned over and kissed Laura
fully on the mouth. "I'll see you tomorrow baby," she
said before she got up and left. She looked back with
longing and waved as Monique closed the door.

Monique walked back over to Laura and sat down on the
bed beside the kneeling girl. She gave a few
experimental tugs of the dildo, but each time she
pulled Laura's sphincter bulged outward and was soon
followed by her groaning rommie. "Well little Laura,
it looks like you got yourself in quite a fix. You
want me to keep trying to get the donkey dick out of
your ass or do you want to go to the hospital?"

"No No Hospithal!" Laura blushed, shaking her head.
There was no way she was going to let anyone else see
her like this. Just going into the hall in the state
she was would make her the laughing stock of the

"Well I'll give it a try then Laura, but I'm not going
to promise it won't hurt," Monique said as she
inspected the large phallus.

"Ok Laurie, I'm going to coat the dildo and your ass
with KY again. Then I'm going to have to work it
around until I can get the moisture back inside your
little brownie."

Monique covered the dildo and the little pucker of
Laura's ass ring with the lubricant. Then she
proceeded to push in and twist the slightly curved
monster cock, eliciting a loud groan from the
submissive blonde.

"There ... there ... pervie it will be alright. Just
try to relax," Monique coaxed, as she massaged her
jelly covered hands over the blonde's trembling body.
The pain grew more bearable as Laura began to respond
to her roommate's touch. "That's my girl, spread
those legs for Monique now."

Laura spread her legs wide, while holding her ass
cheeks open with her hands. It felt like the monster
dildo was moving her organs as Monique twisted it

"So big. SO FUCKING BIG!" Laura moaned.

Monique had finally got a couple of inches of play in
the large black cock. She put another large dollop of
lubricant on Laura's ass and the dildo then continued
working it around in the small girl.

Laura was astonished. She could feel a little
tingling deep in her ass that had begun to her cunt as
Monique worked the dildo inside of her. Laura pushed
up on her elbows and arched her back, as she spread
her legs wider.

"That's a girl, just relax," coaxed Monique, as she
watched in amazement as her dorm-mate humped the huge
black cock she held. 'How can such a big cock, fit in
such a little ass?' she wondered.

Laura could feel the warm feeling spreading over her
body as at last she was going to cum after hours of
being teased. 'Oh God! I can't believe I'm going to
cum like this! Monique was only trying to help me and
her I am . . . acting like a pervert . . . a sub,'
Laura thought. Her roommate had been trying to ease
the massive dildo out of her ass, but Laura needed it
inside her in order to achieve her climax. She
tightened her ass around the monstrous phallus,
reveling in the feel of each ridge as it passed out
her sphincter. Then she felt the bulbous head hit
against her tight grommet and stop. "Ugh . . ." Laura
felt a wave of warm pleasure begin to build up in her
hot cunt. She lurched against the plastic cock again
and again, each time her enlarged ring bulged outward
from the pressure. "Ugh . . . ugh . . .ugh," she
grunted. Suddenly, the water welled, her damn broke
and liquid pleasure rained down from her sex. 'Not
here, not like this!' Laura was humiliated, as she
disgraced herself in front of her roommate. 'She must
think I'm a total slut.'

She tried to stop herself. She tried to control her
body, but it was too late. "Oh...Oh...I'm cumming.
I'm CUMMING!" She cried as she felt the large dildo
come out of her ass with a plop.

Monique listened to the white girl wail and stared in
lurid fascination as her roommate's sphincter opened
and closed form each spasm of her orgasm. Then, the
poor girl fell unconscious and she flopped down on the
floor, her ass gaping obscenely. 'Well Laura may have
been a bitch, but I guess this has gone too far.'
Monique thought. She was feeling a little guilty for
the abuse her roommate went through tonight and
wondered if the poor slut's ass had been damaged by
that bitch Latanya.

'Well, there is only one thing to do now,' Monique
said to herself. She bent down and removed the black
device from under Laura's bed. Then she recorded a
new message while the poor blonde was unconscious.

"Laura, you will no longer have the urge to smell
panties. You will not have a panty fetish. You will
be as you were, before you heard this tape."

Then Monique placed the device on the desk located at
the head of Laura's bed. The red light on the black
box glowed brightly.

"Ooooowwwwww . . . what happened?" Laura groaned, as
she came to. Her tender ass throbbed and she could
feel foreign cold from the room inside her body. She
went to touch her aching brownie with her index finger
and her worst fears were realized. There was no
resistance. The finger went right inside Laura's open
hole. 'Oh God! I can't close my ass!' However, when
Laura clenched her ass muscles, she was able to close
her sphincter around her finger. 'Whew, that was
close,' she thought. Then, she looked around and saw
that Monique was lying in bed wearing a long t-shirt.
She had a book in her hands, but peered at Laura with
a superior look in her eye. She made no effort to
hide her stare while Laura tested the muscles in her
puckered rosebud.

Laura blushed then quickly removed her finger. She
thought of how Monique had saved her from those two
evil girls and her heart brimmed with thankfulness.
She kneeled down on the floor at Monique's feet and
looked up at her roommate, from underneath her wet
matted hair, with tears of adoration in her eyes.

"Monique, I want to thank you for what you did for me
tonight. You are so good to me and I have mistreated
you the whole time I've known you. Can you ever
forgive me? Can you forgive me for being such a
bitch?" she pleaded.

Laura began kissing her way up Monique's dark thighs
up to her panties. 'Please accept me Monique. Please
let me make you feel good,' Laura thought to herself,
but her roommate didn't appear to be reciprocating her

Monique pushed Laura's head away from her crotch with
impatience. "Enough of that Laura, I stayed up to
tell you that I discovered a cure for your fetish
while I was in the library today. The black gadget on
your desk will play a message tonight that will
reverse whatever compulsions you have. So tomorrow
you will be back to your old self again. I can only
hope that you will not act like such a spoiled bitch

Laura's eyes brimmed with tears of gratitude. She
blinked in astonishment and they streamed down her
face. "Thank you Monique. I don't know what I can do
to repay you."

Laura lay down on her bed, wincing from the pain
coming from her ass. Then, as Monique went to turn
off the light Laura asked, "Monique, can I wear my
nightie to bed?" Knowing this could be her last night
of perverted decadence; Laura just couldn't resist the
feeling of completeness that the smell of sex brought
her, one last time, before boring normalcy returned.

"Laura, you have plenty of nighties, go ahead and get
one if you want it."

"Please Monique. My *nightie* like I wore last night,
it comforts me."

Monique rolled her panties down her legs and took them
off. 'Well the bitch ought to be real pleased with
these. I got soaking wet pulling that monster cock out
of her ass. Then, I couldn't resist an orgasm for old
times sake, while she was passed out.'

"Here you go pervie." Monique pulled her red panties
down over Laura's head, centering the wet crotch over
the blonde's perky nose. 'God, I'm going to miss
this,' she thought to herself; as she listened to
Laura inhale her pungent aroma. 'But, it is for
Laura's own good. I almost caused her to get taken
off by those two bitches tonight. I could never live
down the guilt if that had occurred.'

Monique turned off the light and returned to bed.

Laura shifted and turned in the bed, but try as she
might, she couldn't go to sleep. The panties over her
nose smelled of sex and her soaked cunny cried for

"Monique, you awake?" she whispered.

"Of course I am Laura, how can I sleep listening to
your bedsprings squeak? What's the problem now?"

"I need . . ." Laura hesitated. She knew what she
needed, but was ashamed to ask. It was one thing to
be forced to ask, it was quite another to volunteer.
But the fire in her loins loosened her tongue. "I
need to frig my sloppy wet c-c-cunt."

Monique couldn't believe it. It appeared Laura had
begun to accept her new role. The little slut even
begged to do things she had to be forced to just the
night before. "Well go ahead Laura, but you must go
to sleep tonight in order to be cured."

Monique listened to the bedsprings squeak while Laura
humped her hand. The sound of Laura's mewling and her
submissive behavior had served to arouse Monique's
libido to a fevered pitch. The black girl began to
stroke the lips of her sex, while her mind wondered
back to last night. Her mind had tuned out the sounds
of Laura's masturbation and she imagined the blond
girl on her knees, with her pert nose poking into the
crack of her panty-covered ass. Her fantasy was so
powerful, she could almost feel Laura's pert nose at
her back door now.

'Wait! That is Laura's nose!' Monique was shocked as
she felt Laura's cold nose sliding her long t-shirt up
to her back. 'God, I'm really going to miss this

Then the dark girl felt Laura's tender kisses on her
ass, so she moved closer to the edge of the bed to
give the white girl better access. She held her
breath, as she felt Laura's kisses move down her ass
crack and then her roommate's hot breath on her
puckered rosebud.

"Ahh. Laura, you shouldn't. You know things will
never be the same between us, if you (ahhh) do
that..." Monique warned. Then, she felt a light kiss
on her tightly clenched ass. 'Oh! God that little
slut's mouth is so soft.'

"Monique, thank you for saving me from those bad girls
tonight." <kiss>

"But they made me see what I am." <kiss>

"I love panties, pussies, and being treated like a


"I love *you* Monique, please let me in." Laura
lightly flicked her tongue over her roommate's

"I'm begging you Monique ... please ... let me be your
bitch." Laura insistently prodded Monique's tightly
clenched asshole with her tongue.

"I know I don't have much of a body, but I will do
anything for you. *Anything* Please? Let me prove

"Oh Goddamn that feels too good! Oh shit!" Monique
relaxed her ass and felt the blonde's silky tongue
snake into her nether region. The pleasure and passion
proved too much for Monique's rationality. Her mind
drifted back to last night . . . back to Mistress
mode. "That's it bitch! Eat my ass you white brown-
noser!" she commanded.

Laura was ecstatic. Her roommate had accepted her and
still wanted her.

"Get those hands off your smelly cunt and use them to
please your new owner bitch!" Monique demanded.

"Mmmmmpphhhh," Laura moaned in pleasure, while she ran
her tongue along the black girl's puckered ass.
Reluctantly, Laura removed her fingers from her own
moist pussy and began to slide them along Monique's
silken folds.

Monique gasped with pleasure and pushed her ass back
against Laura's questing fingers and tongue. "That's
right pervie, from now on, my satisfaction comes

Laura drove her tongue into her roommate's ass. At
first, she had been scared, because she knew her life
would never be the same, yet her cunt had gotten all
tingly at the thought of being controlled by her
roommate. 'I hope she knows just how much I love her
after this,' Laura thought as she pointed her tongue
straight out and then moved her head back several
inches, before driving her face repeatedly in the
black girl's ass.

"That's it you lezzie bitch, fuck my ass with your
face!" Monique's large breasts and ass shook while she
rocked back and forth in time with Laura's thrusting

"Oh yeah ... work those fingers on your mistress's
clit baby! Faster! Faster! Faster you bitch!"
Monique cried, as Laura drove her to orgasm.

"Ugh! Ugh! UGH! Oh FUCK! I-I I-m cumming! I- I I-m
cumming! OH! Oh! oh..."

Monique lay still for a few minutes enjoying the after
effects of her orgasm, while Laura continued to
lovingly worship her ass. Then, Monique sat upright
on the bed and spread her legs wide. She picked up
the discarded panties that Laura had worn as her
nightie and wiped up the spent juices that covered her
matted sex and that had run between the cheeks of her

"So does my little ass-kisser want to cum? Hmmm?"
Monique asked.

"Y-y-yes Monique," Laura stuttered. "I need to cum.

"If you want one, then say, yes Mistress, your ass-
kisser needs to cum."

Laura hesitated. Monique was taking this much further
than she had originally imagined. She had known that
Monique would want to use her for sex, but she never
thought Monique would desire such absolute submission.
But, while her mind rebelled against the humiliating
treatment, her cunt cried out for more.

"Y-Yes M-mistress, your ah-ass-kisser needs to *CUM*!"
Laura was practically squirming with her desire to

"Good girl. Fetch me Latanya's goodie bag."

Laura brought the bag full of sex toys back to her
roommate, wondering what her Mistress was up to.
Monique pulled a vibrator out of the bag and turned it
on. Then, she proceeded to rub it up and down Laura's
body while she talked.

"Laura, we are going to play a new game tonight. A
new game that I'm sure we will get to play a lot in
the future. This game is called the *orgasm* game and
it always has different rules."

"The way that we ... I mean you are going to play, is
I'm going to put this vibrator in your sloppy white
cunt like so," Monique said, as she pushed the
vibrator all the way into the blonde girl's tight
pussy, while Laura's knees threatened to give.

"Mmmmmm" Laura moaned.

"Can't have you makin all that noise pervie. Open up
that sweet little mouth my slutty little girl."

Laura's pink lips parted and Monique forced the
panties that she had just cleaned her sex with in the
white girl's mouth.

"Now, you will definitely think of me when you cum,
want you?" Monique asked. When Laura blushed and
nodded. She looked so pretty . . . even for a girl
that Monique impulsively leaned over to kiss Laura's
pouting lips, while the pretty girl inclined her head
to accept the kiss. At the last moment Monique pulled
back and sneered, "Whew, I almost forgot where you had
those lips, my little ass-kisser. From now on,
whenever you kiss me, it will be my ass."

Laura's cheeks burned to a deeper shade of crimson and
she felt humiliated as her kiss was rebuffed. She had
hoped that Monique would be affectionate with her, but
she could understand why the girl didn't want to kiss
her. After all, she was a pervert . . . an ass-

Monique smiled as she enjoyed Laura's obvious
embarrassment, then she walked Laura to the entrance
to their room. "Here's how you are going to play the
orgasm game tonight. Now Laura, you have a choice.
You can either let me take the humming little friend
out of your cunt and go to bed without an orgasm *or*
you can go to the shower, just as you are, until your
new best friend gives you an orgasm. If you choose
what's behind door number two, the only other rule you
must agree to is that you can't touch that hot little
cunt of yours. That includes pushing Mr. Friendly
back in your cunt, if he starts to fall out."

"Now, I'm going to open the door and count to three.
If you haven't left by three, then the game is over.
Now, here's some body wash and a loofah, so you won't
be too obvious."

"One," Monique started to count.

Laura was panicking. 'What if someone sees me naked?
What if the vibrator falls out of my pussy in front of
someone? What if someone is in the shower?' her
rational mind wondered.


'God! I need to cum. My pussy is gushing down my legs
and my nipples are so hard they hurt!' her passion

'I can't believe I'm doing this.' Laura thought.

. . . and she took the first step out into the
brightly lit hall.

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