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The Smell of Sex 14


The Smell of Sex Ch.14
(c) 2001 Couture

(FF, panty, humil, Fd etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended
by sexually explicit stories and situations.

While taking a shower, Monique had her new pet bathe
her and then the two girls returned back to the dorm
room. The dark girl had Laura style her hair and then
set her clothes out on the bed. "Ok Laura, I want you
to help dress me now -- but you can only use your

At first Laura didn't understand the point of this at
all. However, as soon as she picked up the panties
with her mouth and knelt down on her hands and knees
and tried to get them under Monique's feet; she
understood the point all to well. It was impossible to
be naked and in such a position, without feeling
completely subservient and humbled by the person you
were trying to dress.

Laura struggled to comply, and her roommate was no help
at all. Laura suspected that Monique was actually
going out of her way to make things difficult,
especially, when she made her adjust her panties until
they were *just right*. But, with perseverance and the
knowledge that punishment was in order if she failed,
except for the clasp on the bra, Laura was able to
dress the girl without the use of her hands.

"You've done such a good job following instructions
this morning my pet. I'm very proud of you." Monique
complemented the blonde as Laura nudged the shoe on
with her nose.

"Well Bubbles, it's time for me to help get you ready!"
Monique said, as she pulled out a bag from underneath
her bed. "Surprise! I bought you a new outfit!" she
grinned, opening the bag, to give Laura a peek at the
clothing within.

"Come on pet, I'll dress *you* this time. Close your
eyes; I want this to be a big surprise!"

Her roommate seemed so genuinely happy, Laura swallowed
her pride and closed her eyes, allowing Monique to
dress her.

She stood silently, regretting her decision, as she
felt Monique tugging so hard to the zipper of the too
tight skirt. The shirt she had put on was just as
tight, followed by two of the highest platform shoes,
Laura had ever worn, and a choker of some sort. Then
Monique began to apply fingernail polish, makeup, and
styled her hair, which made Laura tremble inside with
glowing gratitude.

"Okay my pet, open your eyes!"

Laura's eyes widened in fear, as she thought, 'Dear
God! She can't expect me to wear. . . Is that me?'

The horrified girl looked herself over in the mirror
again. Hot pink platform shoes, followed by a hot pink
vinyl miniskirt. '*Vinyl*, I've never worn anything so
terribly cheap and plastic in my entire life!' Laura
shuddered, cringing from the feel of the *fabric* if
you could call it that. Next, was a tiny T-shirt that
accentuated Laura's small breasts. But, it wasn't so
much the shirt that disturbed Laura, as what was on it.
It was a Power Puff girl's T-shirt, complete with the
blonde Power Puff girl named Bubbles on it. Finally,
she had matching pink toenails, fingernails, lipstick,
and choker. Capping it off, her hair was pulled into
two pigtails, which fanned out into little spikes. 'I
look like a ridiculous bimbo!' she thought. Bubbles,
the bimbo!'

Meanwhile, Monique had come up behind the distraught
girl, reached her arms around Laura's waist and was
playing with the hem of her miniskirt.

"Please..." Laura whined, watching intently as
Monique's hand drifted under her skirt and began
playing with her sex. "Ahhhh...Please Monique, don't
make me wear-ummmmm" a protests turned into a moan, as
her roommate pushed her cum covered finger into her

Laura's eyes glazed over, as Monique began to whisper
in her ear, "Such a *sexy* slut. Laurie, look in the
mirror at my beautiful pet. Isn't she beautiful baby?"
Monique removed her finger from Laura's mouth and drove
it back into her cunt.

"Ahhhh...yes..."Laura moaned.

"And doesn't my pretty pet want to make her Mistress
happy?" Monique said, as she tugged on Laura's little

"Mmmmm...yes" Laura's thoughts of embarrassment
disappeared, all her concentration was now required to
remain standing, while Monique's fingers worked their
magic on her pussy.

Monique withdrew her slick ebony fingers from Laura's
sex and placed them in front of the blonde's mouth
again. Laura inhaled her musky fragrance and then
licked the juices with her tongue before sucking the
last of the tasty treat from the each finger.

"Good, I'm glad you like it to! Get your book bag
*Bubbles* and let's go!" Monique said, playfully
spanking Laura's ass.

Laura was dazed and befuddled, but she picked up her
bag and left for class. 'I must not look *that* bad if
Monique liked it so much,' she rationalized.

However, on the way to class; it appeared that everyone
was staring at her. 'Maybe I *really* look as sexy as
Monique said,' she thought.

"Hey Bubbles, I've got MoJo GoGo in my pants! You want
to play with him!" A male student snickered at her.

Laura just blushed in humiliation and looked at the
ground in front of her feet, so that she didn't fall in
her too high platform shoes or have to look at the
condescending eyes staring at her. The journey to
school was like a gauntlet of humiliation for the poor
blonde. It appeared everyone she passed had something
to say about her attire.

"Hey look! It's a power puss girl!"

"Don't make her mad or she will hit you with her bimbo

"Able to fit into clothes four sizes too small in a
single bound!"

Worse, during her class, her teacher had slipped up and
called her Bubbles, which had everyone rolling in their
seats. Tears welled in Laura's eyes, and she got up
and ran out into the hall, before they threatened to

"Laurie! Is that you?!?"

'God! Who can humiliate me further?' thought Laura as
she wiped the tears from her eyes. However, much to
her delight it was Goddess Goth, although, she really
didn't look like a Goth anymore. "Beth?" she asked.

"Ha ha! We look so different; we almost didn't
recognize each another!" Beth laughed, hugging the
crying girl. Then she stepped away and spun around.
She had on a pair of purple platforms, a pink skirt,
some sort of purple bodice and a faux leopard skin

Nothing matched.

"What do you think Laura? I was kind of getting tired
of the Goth look anyway and decided to go for more of
an Ani DeFranco punk look."

"You look beautiful," Laura breathed. This time to her
surprise; it was Beth who blushed.

"What about my head?" Beth asked, suddenly serious.

Laura looked at Beth's shaved head and her mind drifted
back to the prior night. She remembered Beth kissing
her, then getting down on her knees so Latanya would
shave her hair, instead of Laura's. Tears came to the
pretty blonde's eyes, as her heart glowed with warmth.
"It's gorgeous. I think you are the most beautiful
girl in the school." Laura said in awe.

"Come on, your turn now! Let me see this new look of
yours!" Beth asked. She watched as Laura reluctantly
spun around for her, practically preening as she did
so. "Mmmm, Laura, you look like such a cutie, I could
just eat you up. Matter of fact, I think I will."
With that, Beth hugged Laura tightly and the kiss they
shared quickly turned passionate.

Laura was feeling a little uncomfortable standing there
in the hall, with Beth playfully nibbling at her lips.
The blonde tried to keep her mouth tightly closed. She
knew that if she got caught kissing another girl, she
could kiss her chances of getting into the sorority
good-bye. Then the blonde could feel a hand move up
her skirt and begin to caress her bare ass. 'Oh God!
Someone will surely come around the corner and catch
us!' Laura thought. She wiggled her ass as she
struggled to keep her bottom out of this presumptuous
girl's reach. Suddenly, she felt Beth's fingers probing
at her little brownie, before sneaking inside. When she
opened up her mouth to squeal in protest, it was
quickly filled by her friend's long probing tongue.
Laura's resistance faded and she hung limply in Beth's
arms as her passion mounted.

"Does my sweet little Princess want to go to the
bathroom?" Beth asked, while gently fucking Laura's ass
with her thumb, and adding a finger to her cunt.

"Yes, <ugh> please," Laura answered breathlessly.

"Then, let's go baby. You lead the way." Beth said,
keeping her fingers buried deep inside of Laura, she
kept behind the poor blonde and steered her toward the
women's restroom.

Laura tried to walk as best she could, but found it
difficult enough teetering on her platform shoes, much
less with a thumb up her ass and a finger in her cunt.
Worse, Beth was pulling the blondes ass out and guiding
it from side to side in an exaggerated fashion with her
every step.

Luckily for Laura, they arrived to the restroom stall
without being seen. 'This is getting to be a habit,'
Laura thought.

Next, Beth had Laura stand on top of the toilet and
then Beth did an amazing thing. She pulled up Laura's
skirt, and blew her warm breath on the blonde's sex,
lightly caressing it with her tongue.

Laura was dumbfounded. After all she had been through
these last few days and as many girls as she had
pleased with her tongue, she had never had the joy of
being satisfied orally. "Oh please, Goddess..." she

"What does my slut want?" teased the bald girl.

"Please lick my cunt Mistress. Lick my juicy quim."

Beth began to suck and nibble at Laura's exposed sex,
until the poor blonde could no longer stand up on the
toilet seat. "Sit down slut; I want to see your naked
body!" Beth ordered, taking off Laura's clothes as she
sat down. As Beth turned around to hang the shirt up
on the door hook, she felt Laura raise her skirt over
her hips, then press her face between her ass cheeks.

"Ahh...damn! Lick my ass baby! Beth gasped as she
felt the blondes tongue penetrate her little rosebud.
The feeling of having Laura's tongue probe her nether
hole, filled Beth with confidence. " nasty
bitch, you. Your tongue was made for my ass."

Soon the pleasure grew too much and Beth could no
longer stand. She straddled the toilet, facing the
wall instead of the door. Her ass pointed back, not
quite at the edge of the seat, almost as if she were
sitting on a motorbike. "Get down there slut and
finish becoming my bitch!" she ordered. Beth
originally had planned on giving her lover a cum first
before claiming her as a slave, but if Beth had learned
nothing last night, she learned she needed to do a
better job staying in control of Laura, if she wanted
to keep her.

Laura was eager to please her new friend, although she
didn't look forward to getting down on her hands and
knees on the dirty tile floor. 'Please God, don't let
me get caught like this,' she prayed, as she got down
on all fours. Her ass pressed against the door of the
stall and her legs stuck out from underneath it. She
rested hands on the toilet lid and proceeded to rim
Beth's ass again.

"Oh my sweet Laura, work that tongue in there as far as
you can stick it, my beautiful slut!" Beth moaned.

Laura licked her friend's ass enthusiastically. She
would have done anything at this point to avoid getting
caught and just wanted Beth to try to keep it quiet.

"Mmmmppphhh!" Laura moaned in shock. She was horrified
when she felt someone's hand massaging her cunt! 'Oh
God, someone's in here!' she thought. However, her
body began to betray her as she spread her legs and
pushed her ass underneath the door. The hand played
with her pussy, poking, prodding, and pulling it, until
Laura was dizzy with pleasure. Then to her
disappointment it withdrew.

Laura groaned with need, while she kept servicing
Beth's asshole. Her body grew weak with desire and she
rested her chin in the gap in the toilet seat, as she
explored Beth's tight nether channel. Then, to her
surprise, she felt the fingers return. Only this time
they felt cold and slimy. She looked underneath the
door and she could see a cup on the floor beside her
legs. When the hand withdrew from her sex, she watched
in amazement as it dipped into the cup and came out
coated with a gooey pink liquid. 'Handsoap!' Laura
thought with surprise.

She felt the fingers press into both her ass and her
cunt this time. Laura began to hump back against the
fingers as they were repeatedly fucked into her tight
channels. However, just as she was getting into the
rhythm, the hand was withdrawn and dipped into the cup
again. This was repeated several times, while Laura
continued to rim Beth, who was oblivious to the other
goings on.

To Laura's dismay, she began to feel a burning coming
from her ass and pussy. The soap was beginning to
sting and when she looked down she saw that foam was
gushing from her pussy, running down her thighs into a
puddle on the floor. Yet, even through the painful
burning, the desire in her cunt was too strong for her
to withdraw. Instead, she spread her legs wider to
give the probing fingers free roam.

"Oh God Princess - Oh Fuck - I-I'm cumming Laura!
Stroke it - stroke my clit!" Beth ass clenched around
Laura's tongue as she began to cum.

Laura could now feel the strange hands roaming her
lower body, coating her thoroughly with the liquid
soap. Then, as Beth finished coming down from her
orgasm, the hands vanished as mysteriously as they

"What the fuck happened to you?" exclaimed Beth in
surprise, when she saw the foamy pink mess puddle
between Laura's thighs.

"I don't know, but I'm so horny...." Laura whined, as
she pumped two fingers in her foamy quim. Then Laura
heard the tinkle of someone peeing in the restroom.
"Oh no! Someone else snuck in!' she whispered, and
both the girls looked at each other in alarm.

Then she heard an older sounding voice say, "Whoever
that is over there, wait just a second for me to get
out of here and then we are going to get to the bottom
of whatever deviant activities you are doing on the
college campus."

Laura was in a panic. She yearned for an orgasm, yet
she didn't dare stay around to find out what would
happen when the lady got out of the stall. She turned
around and grabbed her shirt, but in her haste it fell
down onto the soapy mess on the floor. She picked the
wet shirt off the floor and put it on. Then she
unrolled a wad of toilet paper and wiped off as much of
the liquid soap running down her legs as possible,
before both of the girls cleared out of the restroom.

'Only a few minutes to find another restroom and wipe
the rest of this soap off, before Dr. Adams's class'
Laura thought, as the soap continued to burn her
delicate tissues. Though the vinyl skirt kept the
fluids from bleeding through; neither did it let them
evaporate. Laura felt the wet secretions of her sex
and the sticky soap as it ran down her thighs. 'Please
- please, don't let anyone see this,' she prayed.

However, just as she turned in the hall to go to the
other bathroom, instead of Dr. Adams's class, she felt
a hand on her hip. "I'm glad you could make it on time
today" said Dr. Adams. "My-my-my, you look younger and
younger every time I see you." The older woman said, as
she guided a very reluctant Laura into her class.

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