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Archived Sex Stories

The Smell of Sex 15


The Smell of Sex Ch.15
(c) 2001 Couture

(FF, panty, humil, Fd etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended
by sexually explicit stories and situations.

Laura sat through Dr. Adams's class as best she could,
however she was very uncomfortable. The soap had
continued to burn the delicate tissues of her sex,
while it itched from her thighs down to her feet. She
was desperate to wash the sticky mess off, but could do
nothing until the end of class. Worse, the short vinyl
skirt made it impossible for her to change position;
she had to sit rigidly with her legs crossed to avoid
flashing the class.

Finally, the class ended before Laura went crazy from
the burning soap. As Laura, got up and walked slightly
bow-legged to her teacher's desk, she could feel the
various fluids begin to run down her legs. While the
vinyl skirt didn't allow the combination of soap and
sex juice to bleed through, neither did it allow them
to evaporate. "Dr. Adams, I really need to go to the
bathroom-before our-ah session. . . it's an emergency,"
she begged.

"I'll have none of your whining Laura. You will
follow me to my office now!" Dr. Adams demanded.

'Why does she sound so mad at me?' Laura wondered, as
she followed her professor to her office.

"Take off those whorish clothes slut and assume the
position in your chair!" Dr. Adams ordered as she
locked the door behind them.

Laura began to remove her sticky clothes, wondering how
she was going to explain the pink liquid smeared all
over her body. 'Maybe I'll tell her my doctor
prescribed me an ointment for my condition ... yeah
that's the ticket," thought Laura as she placed her
legs over the arms of the chair. When she looked down
at her red-puffy sex, she was horrified to see that as
her nether lips opened, pink-foamy bubbles were
beginning to leak from her sex.

"Laura, bring both of your hands to your cunt!" Dr.
Adams looked on sternly as Laura brought her hands from
the back of the chair and shyly covered her pussy.

Laura knew that somehow, her relationship with her
teacher had changed. Before, her professor had seemed
helpful in a motherly sort of way, but now she seemed
to be cruel and domineering. Laura could only assume
that her attire and the messy state of her sex were the
reasons for this change in attitude.

"Now stick both of your index fingers into your nasty
twat ... that's my little slut ... now spread them!"

Laura blushed, feeling suddenly very hot in the office.
She spread her fingers, opening her pussy for
inspection. Her chest began to heave, as she watched
more of the foamy pink fluids gush from her pink hole.

Dr. Adams placed her foot on the arm of the chair,
staring down at the helpless girl, "I require an
explanation slut ... look at my eyes, not my panties,"
Dr. Adams said, as she placed her hand under Laura's
chin, raising her head up. "I think you will find it
quite impossible to lie to me now." With that, the
older woman reached her other hand down and inserted a
finger into the gap created between Laura's index
fingers, which were still holding open her cunt. "Now
tell me how you came to be dressed like a 5 year old
slut, and why are there pink bubbles coming out of your
cunt?" Dr. Adams removed her finger and showed Laura
the slimy pink coating covering her finger.

"Open" Dr. Adams mouthed. Laura didn't have to hear
the words to know what she meant. She winced, as she
opened her mouth and allowed the older woman to stick
her finger in. Tears and black mascara ran down her
cheeks, while Dr. Adams worked the finger in and out
her lips, until she was satisfied Laura had cleaned off
all the vile tasting fluid. "Tell me!" She demanded.

Laura wanted to lie very badly, but it was impossible
to lie after being humiliated and dominated by this
powerful authority figure. "My r-roommate <sniff> made
me wear these s-s-slutty clothes ... I hate them.
<sniff> Then while I was having <ahhh> s-s-sex in the
<sniff> restroom, s-s-someone coated <sniff> me <ahm>
inside and out with liquid s-s-soap." Laura sobbed.
She sought compassion or at least sympathy in her
teacher's eyes, but unfortunately there was none.

Dr. Adams pressed her advantage while she had the poor
girl on the ropes. "And earlier this week, when you
had your wet pussy and no underwear?" she asked.

"I had sex in the bathroom right before I saw yooo-
ohhh," Laura bawled, her cries turning into a moan when
Dr. Adams plowed two fingers into the blonde's cunt.

"So I trusted you and you lied to me, didn't you?" The
older woman removed her fingers and placed them once
again in front of Laura's mouth.

"Yes ma'am...ack" Laura replied as the two fingers were
shoved into her mouth. She hated the taste of the soap,
it tasted harsh and it stung her mouth. The flavor
threatened to make her gag, but she tried to overcome
her revulsion and please her angry professor.

"Why would you do that to someone who was trying to
help you slut?" Dr. Adams asked as she withdrew her
fingers from Laura's mouth and placed them at the
entrance of her little brownie.

"I was ughhh-" Lara groaned as fingers penetrated and
explored her tight passage. ". . . embarrassed and
scared." Then the fingers reversed and popped out of
her tight ass.

"Well slut, how will I ever be able to trust you again?
Maybe the next time you are embarrassed or scared, you
will betray me again." Dr. Adams brought the fingers
that had been in Laura's ass up to the poor girl's

Laura, could smell the perfume of the soap mixed with
the earthy aroma of her ass on her professor's fingers.
She hesitated answering the question for fear of what
was going to happen. "I promise, Dr. Adams, I will
never betray you aga-urkkk!" the blonde grimaced as the
disgusting fingers were shoved in her mouth. Laura had
no choice but to clean the fingers. She hated what she
was doing, but her pussy began to drip in response to
her treatment.

"I expect you to prove it little girl, I can't very
well trust you anymore," Dr. Adams got up leaving Laura
spread and vulnerable and sat down behind her desk.
"In order for me to trust you again, you must be
totally obedient. You must prove that you will undergo
embarrassment or discomfort, but still remain true to

"But, Dr. Adams, I have to go to a sorority meeting at
4:00 or I will not get accepted. It means everything
to my mother, and I can't go there like this...please
I'll do anything, but I must get to the sorority. It
is the only reason my mom wanted me to go to this
college," Laura begged.

"Well Laura, I'm not an unreasonable person, so I think
if you obey me without question, we can get you changed
and to your sorority meeting on time. First, I want
you to masturbate while you sit there, but don't cum
you nasty slut."

Laura began to masturbate herself, trying to remain as
calm as possible, while she stroked her clit and fucked
her pussy. She purposefully avoided the hard leering
eyes of her teacher.

"Get into it girl, I know a slut like you can perform
better than that." Dr. Adams commanded the blushing
girl, who sped up her movements. "Switch hands bitch,
lick those nasty juices off your fingers!" She
watched smiling as Laura followed her instructions.
"Come on girl, don't *think*, just *fuck*. Don't hold
anything back!"

The petite blonde began drilling her middle finger into
her cunt. The sound of her palm wetly smacking the
lips of her cunt could be heard throughout the office.
She looked lustfully at her professor while she licked
the juices off her fingers, which thankfully didn't
taste like soap anymore. She began to moan as an
orgasm approached.

"Stop! Get that hand off right now!" Dr. Adams ordered
Laura, who reluctantly obeyed.

Dr. Adams waited until Laura's breathing slowed.
"Again," she ordered.

Laura spread her legs widely in the chair, as she
furiously worked three fingers in her sex, in hopes of
achieving a climax before being ordered to stop.

"Switch," said Dr. Adams, with her eyes full of lust.
She watched with delight as Laura followed her commands
instinctively. Soon, the young college girl was
covered in a thin sheen of sweat, as her beautiful lean
body squirmed in the chair. "Stop," she commanded and
Laura obeyed instantly. However, though her hand had
been removed, it seemed as though the bald quim had a
mind of its own, as it thrust helplessly in the air in
search of fingers.

"Please . . ." Laura begged.

"Please, what?" asked Dr. Adams, arching an eyebrow.
"Just look at you, young lady. Lying there naked and
displaying yourself in such a manner." Dr. Adams waved
her hands at the powerful women displayed on her walls.
"Surrounded by all these powerful women, and what do
you have to say?"

Laura looked around the room at the pictures. It
appeared that all the eyes were leering at her, and at
her wet and gaping quim. Laura tried to close her
legs, to escape the glares, but her body would not be

"Please ma'am, I need it." Laura blushed and looked
down at her sex. "I need to cum."

Grinning, Dr. Adams stood up and walked over to Laura
holding two cups. When she arrived at Laura's chair,
she and threw her leg over the spread girl. This
placed her straddling the arms of the chair, tightly
against the young blonde, whose face was directly in
her cleavage. Laura could feel something tickling her
stomach and was surprised to see it was the lightly
colored hairy bush of her teacher. It was puzzling to
Laura, why the professor's pubes were a lighter color
than her hair, when usually it was the other way

Dr. Adams caught Laura staring at her sex. "I want to
feel those pouty lying lips on my pussy slut. Scoot
down and get to work," she commanded.

Blushing again, but this time from sexual stimulation,
Laura wiggled down until her head rested on the bottom
of the chair, with her face pressed against the older
woman's sex. She buried her nose in her teacher's
matted bush, inhaling the heady smell of arousal.
Laura began to lick and suck the thick labia as she had
been taught earlier.

"Go ahead and play with your cunt, but don't cum until
I say so." Dr. Adams ordered the young blonde. The
older woman enjoyed the feel of Laura's tongue as it
brought her to the edge of climax. Usually, it took
extraordinary amounts of time to reach orgasm, but
having Laura completely under her control seemed to be
just the stimulation she needed. Knowing what she was
about to do increased her arousal many-fold.

Dr. Adams brought one of the small cups just above her
sex and began to slowly pour the clear liquid onto her
pussy and into Laura's mouth.

Laura was alarmed at first, but when she smelled and
tasted the sweet nectar, she began sucking at her
professor's cunt in earnest. 'Oh God! It's pussy
juice ... she must have collected it with her breast
pump,' thought Laura as she lapped up the juices,
inhaling the aroma.

Dr. Adams poured the rest of the cup into Laura's face
and smeared it in with her hand. Then she began to
feel the warm waves of her orgasm building up in the
walls of her sex. 'The trap is sprung,' Dr. Adams
thought as she brought the other cup just above her
pussy. "You may cum now slut!" she said, as poured out
the contents of the cup.

Laura had been hovering on the brink of an orgasm
herself, began to stroke her swollen clit, letting
herself go as the pleasure broke in waves throughout
her body. She sucked at her teacher's cunt with
abandon, feeling a thick liquid pouring into her mouth.
'Ugh...what? What the hell?' Laura thought in horror as
more of the foul tasting stuff flowed into her mouth
and down her throat. 'Oh God! Oh no! It's soap ...
it's liquid soap .. she's the one from the restroom!'

With this realization, Laura surrendered to this
dominant woman. Gagging, she cleaned Dr. Adams's sex
of the liquid soap, tears running down her eyes from

"That's my good girl," Dr. Adams said as she patted
Laura's head, while the poor girl dutifully lapped at
the bubbly lather that remained in the dark matted
pubes of her teacher. "I may just be able to forgive
you yet my pet."

Afterwards, Dr. Adams slipped her panties back on and
spoke down to the young blonde, laying naked and
haphazard in the chair, "Get up girl. Proper girls sit
up straight and keep their legs closed. Besides you
are going to be late for your sorority meeting," she
chided the young girl.

'Oh God! All I have is this stupid pink outfit and now
I reek of sex! I will never be able to get to the dorm
and change and then be able to make it to the meeting
on time,' thought the distraught girl. The confused
blonde hurriedly put her clothes back on, as tears
poured down her cheeks. 'I'm late and going to get
kicked out of the sorority and mom will probably pull
me out of school now. Oh God, everything is ruined . .
. I've ruined everything,' the dejected girl thought.

"Why are you crying Laura?" asked her professor
innocently. Her brow furrowed as she stroked Laura's
blonde hair.

"Look at me!" she sobbed, "I can't go to the s-s-
sorority like t-this -- <sniff>! Those p-p-preppy
bitches will kick me out on my ass, if I d-d-do! Then
my <sob> fucking mom will stop paying for college and
I-I-I don't know what will . . . " she couldn't even
finish, as she broke down and fell to the floor.

"My dear girl, I told you not to worry, didn't I?"
asked Dr. Adams, as she bent down and comforted the
hysterical girl. "I'm not like all those people, who
will discard you if they see the *real you*. Don't you
worry your pretty little head about *anything* my pet,
Momma Patricia will take care of everything. Now be a
good girl and go to the restroom. Then, take off those
nasty clothes, wash that soap off you, and wait for
momma," Dr. Adams said, as she wiped away Laura's

Laura sobs softened and she stood up. She wiped away
the tears and snot with her hand, "T-Thank you Dr.
Adams," she said, before walking to the restroom to
wait for her teacher.

'My, my, my . . . things are coming along perfectly,'
Dr. Adams thought, as she picked up a duffle bag and
followed the young girl.

In the restroom Laura stood naked in front of the sink,
washing the soap off her body, when the door began to
open. 'I hope Dr. Adams has a plan,' Laura thought
expecting her teacher to come through the door, but
instead it was another student. The shocked brunette
stared in shock at Laura's nudity, while Laura tried to
conceal her charms. 'She thinks I'm a sex freak,'
Laura blushed, as the girl turned around and hurried
from the restroom, afraid to be alone with the naked
girl. 'Maybe, I am one.'

The door opened again and Laura's hands flew to her
breasts. However, this time it was Dr. Adams.
Relieved, Laura resumed cleaning herself, while her
professor locked the door and walked over to Laura.

"Here, let me help," Dr. Adams said. She picked up
Laura's discarded shirt and began to wipe the pink soap
from Laura's legs and bottom. Laura got lost in the
her sexual daze and began to spend a little more time
than necessary washing the sticky soap from her pussy.

"Don't dilly-dally Laura, try to concentrate!" lectured
Dr. Adams.

"That's all there is time for anyway. We have to get
you dressed now," the older woman said, as she reached
into her bag and pulled out an egg shaped plastic and
metal device.

"Laura, I want you to put this in your leaky little
twat," Patricia said, handing over the device.

Laura's brow wrinkled with worry as she examined the
device. "What is it?" she asked.

"Laura, what did I say about obeying and trust," Dr.
Adams said.

Laura was all out of ideas, to extricate herself from
this predicament. She placed her foot up on the sink,
wincing when she saw how large and swollen her juicy
quim looked. She blushed a brilliant shade of scarlet,
when she saw her teacher had noticed it too. As Laura
began to insert the device, a moan escaped her lips.
'This is kind of like those balls this morning,'
thought Laura, as the egg slid home. 'But where's the
string?' she wondered.

"Good girl, I will use that so you won't be so aroused
at your sorority meeting." Dr. Adams opened the
garment bag, while Laura looked on with suspense. Her
anxiety level increased as the older woman, slowly took
her time in unwrapping the outfit. 'God, I'll be
ruined forever if it is another slutty outfit. Please,
please, let it be something *normal*.'

To her surprise, Patricia pulled out an elegant shiny
silk shimmering green business suit. Tears of joy
welled in Laura's eyes. She hugged the older woman
tightly, not caring that her body was still nude.

"Now, thank mummy for the gift," Dr. Adams said, as she
gave Laura a chaste peck on the lips.

Of course, Laura owned many outfits that were much
nicer than this one. However, after wearing the skimpy
sluttish clothes she had been attired in the last few
days, the green suit Dr. Adams had given her was like
manna from heaven. Laura looked up at the older woman
in a new light. Yes, Dr. Adams was like her god
mother, "Thank you for the clothes Dr.- I mean ma'am,"
Laura replied with gratitude.

"Now, give mummy a kiss," Dr. Adams said.

Laura felt so ashamed of herself for lying to the
professor, especially after everything the woman had
done to help her. Laura, leaned forward to return the
peck on the lip, but suddenly her cunt seemed to come
alive with pleasure! Laura had no idea that Dr. Adams
was already using the egg-shaped device to her

"Ahhhh!" Laura cried, opening her hungry mouth, as
Patricia explored the recesses of her gums and palate
with her tongue. Laura held on tightly, grinding
herself on the older woman's thigh.

"Laura! I know you are thankful, but please try to
control yourself!" chided her teacher, as she pulled
away from the young girl's eager mouth.

Embarrassed, Laura pulled away from her professor and
turned a brilliant shade of scarlet. "I'm sorry - I-I
don't know what got into me," she replied.

"Okay, well let's get you dressed now." Dr. Adams said.
Much to Laura's surprise, the older woman actually
dressed her as if she were a young child. The young
blonde was ashamed that her teacher treated her like a
little girl who couldn't even dress herself. However,
a tiny part of her reveled in the pampering.

"Oh dear, that hair is absolutely dreadful!" Dr. Adams
took out the bands holding Laura's pigtails in and
using a brush and some spray from her pocket book,
returned the blonde's hair to a professional style.
"Not much time left to finish your face," the older
woman reached under her skirt and pulled off her
panties and used them to wipe off Laura's running

Laura knew she should be upset from having her face
cleaned with a pair of soiled panties, but she was so
thankful for the help and not to mention the wonderful
smell, she said nothing. She actually wished there was
a way to bury her nose in them, without being noticed.

"These are useless dry Laurie, stick out that sweet
tongue for me," said Dr. Adams.

'Oh God, she can't expect me to . . .' thought Laura,
but she stuck her tongue out and the old woman swabbed
the panties on Laura's tongue. Laura inhaled the sweet
sticky musk that lingered in the air, while her
professor continued to clean her face. Laura's tongue
darted back in her mouth and she savored the flavor of
her teacher.

Finally, the professor applied makeup to Laura's face
then turned the blonde toward the mirror, to let her

Laura was stunned. She looked at the image in shocked
awe. Even by her old standards, she looked absolutely
gorgeous. Sure, the skirt was a little short and the
heels a tiny bit high, but they served to show off her
stunning legs beautifully. She still felt a naked and
defenseless without panties and a bra. However,
panties would look bad anyway, due to the thin material
of the thin silk skirt that hugged her every curve.
Besides, the jacket hid the sharp pointy nubs of her
hard nipples.

"Thank you Dr. Adams. Thank you, so much. I don't
know how I can ever repay you." Laura said gratefully.

"Just call me mummy when we are not in class, dearie,"
Dr. Adams said, as she smoothed the fabric of Laura's
silk suit. "Besides, just seeing your pretty face
light up is thanks enough for me. My sweet girl, you
are like the daughter I could never have and I want my
little girl to be a big hit at Lambda Epsilon Alpha
tonight, just as much as she does!" beamed Dr. Adams,
as she leaned down to give Laura a kiss on the lips.

'I don't remember telling her the sorority name,' Laura
wondered. However, as soon as Dr. Adams's lips touched
hers, Laura felt a throb of pleasure shoot through her
sex and then radiated throughout her uterus, dissolving
away all her suspicions.

Dr. Adams pulled back and stared at the object of her
desire. Laura stood in a daze, her lips puckered and
trembling, with her brow furrowed from pleasure.
"Dear, if you hold your face like that, you will get
wrinkles," Dr. Adams chided the sweet girl, bringing
her out of her daze. "Why are you wrinkling your face
up so?" she asked innocently, even as she secretly
fingered the remote control in her pocket.

Thinking fast and still not able to get out of her
habit of lying, Laura replied, "I was -ahh- just
worried about the meeting at the sorority today." She
couldn't bring herself to say that every time the older
woman touched her, she felt sparks of pleasure shoot
through her sex.

"Well, I know just the thing to give you the confidence
you need, sweetie." Dr. Adams removed a video recorder
from the duffle bag and pointed it at Laura. "As a
visualization exercise, just picture the president of
the sorority naked and you have total command of her.
See, there she is over there in that bathroom stall.
Tell her to do some humiliating things for me, for
positive reinforcement."

'This is really a good idea,' Laura thought, as she
imagined many of the humiliating things that happened
to her. "Come out of there bitch. No, don't stand - I
want you on your hands and knees where you belong."
Laura was really getting into the role now. She could
actually picture the stuck up sorority girl there in
the bathroom. "My-my-my, just look at you, crawl over
here . . ." Laura kept on in a even more lurid manner,
until Dr. Adams was satisfied she had enough material
on the tape for her ultimate revenge.

To be continued. . .

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copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless
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