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The Smell of Sex 17


The Smell of Sex Ch.17
(c) 2001 Couture

(FF, panty, humil, Fd etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.


The car window rolled down and Dr. Adams looked out
curiously at the squatting girl. "What's wrong
sweetie?" she asked.

Laura's face flushed with redness as tears welled up
in her eyes. She looked down at her ruined skirt and
the puddle that had formed underneath her. "I wet
myself," she whispered.

"Well, just get in the car, and we'll dry you like
before," Dr. Adams said.

"No," Laura slumped, her forehead resting on the door,
"I *really* wet myself."

"Oh dear, I thought you were a big girl. Well, the
skirt is ruined now. You might as well take it off and
dry yourself with it before you get in my car. Of
course, you could walk home. Your skirt would probably
dry by the time you got back to your dorm," Dr. Adams
told the squatting girl.

'I can't walk home like this!' Laura screamed in her
mind. The young blonde had no other choice, so she
quickly slipped the wet skirt off and used it to wipe
up the excess liquid on her legs and crotch, before
getting into the car.

"Don't bring that filthy thing in to my car," Dr.
Adams said, pointing at Laura's soiled skirt. "Just
leave it on the ground."

Laura hesitated then dropped the skirt to the asphalt,
before Dr. Adams sped away. "Oh God, what will happen
if one of the sorority girls finds my skirt," Laura
gasped with horror.

"If you are so worried about it, when you get back to
your dorm, just walk back here with a plastic bag and
pick it up, while everyone is asleep," Dr. Adams told
the fretful girl.

Laura heard a car horn and glanced at the car that had
pulled up next to them. The Explorer was full of
college age boys, staring and pointing at Laura.
'What are they looking at,' she wondered, as she
looked down. She squealed then clutched both hands
over her bare sex.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Dr. Adams asked innocently.

"They are staring at my-my . . . pussy!" Laura gasped.

"You can't blame them dear, it is such a pretty pussy,
they can't help but stare," Dr. Adams said, as she
downshifted and left the Ford in the dust. "You
should be proud of your plump little plum anyway.
But, if you are still shy about it, take off your
jacket and put it over your lap," the older woman
chided the girl. "Sometimes I wonder what you think
about with that blonde little head of yours."

Laura leaned forward and began to take off her coat.
"Ugh!" she grunted, as she felt her sex penetrated.
She looked down between her legs to discover the
source of her violation. It was Dr. Adams hand!

"Ugh - What - ugh - are - ugh - you - ah doing - ugh -
ma'am?" the young blonde gasped out between groans, as
her sex was penetrated with her every word.

"I'm just keeping you covered, in case someone else
drives by before you get your coat off," explained the
older woman.

Laura laid her coat over her lap, while Dr. Adams
continued to work her fingers into the squirming
blonde's sex. Laura didn't bother to point out that
her sex was now covered and it was okay for Dr. Adams
to remove her hand. It was times like this that Laura
got very confused about things. For instance, in some
ways she considered Dr. Adams as a maternal influence,
yet at other times she was a moody dominant lover. As
usual, her confusion was made insignificant by the
primitive urges of her betraying body.

A body that responded to the stimulation of her
swollen folds by moaning and squirming in the leather
seat, as her professor brought her dangerously close
to orgasm.

"Who does this pretty little plum belong to sweetie?"
Dr. Adams asked, withdrawing her fingers from Laura's
sex and teasing her moist little nether lips.

Laura shifted uneasily in her seat, as she tried to
press her pussy into Dr. Adams' teasing fingers. "I-I
do-don't know, Momma Patricia," she stuttered.

"Well, the way you are pressing against my hand, it
appears you want to give it to me," Dr. Adams said
condescendingly. "Is that what you want Laura, to
give me your pussy?"

"Ugh - yes," whispered Laura, bowing her head in

Dr. Adams's lips broke into a crocodile's grin. "I'm
sorry dear, what was that you said."

"I want to give it to you . . . my pussy . . . I wa-
need it, ma'am," Laura begged.

Dr. Adams withdrew her hand from underneath the coat
and lifter her finger to Laura's lips, while the
blonde groaned in frustration. Laura knew what was
expected and began to lick the pungent juices for the
proffered finger, wincing a little as she tasted not
only the wonderful flavor of pussy, but the slightly
tangy remnants from her accident.

"But, why would I want your pretty pussy, when I
already have one of my own, little girl?" Dr. Adams
asked Laura, while the beautiful blonde dutifully
licked the finger clean.

Laura didn't know what to do. Nor, did she understand
this need within herself to submit to this woman. 'Is
this what a sub is?' Laura wondered. 'Please, just
tell me what to do and I'll do it. I just don't
understand what you want.' Well, Laura did know that
Dr. Adams seemed to like it when she acted like she
was a child and her professor was her mother. She
found herself trying to please this complex woman.

"Because, I need for you to have it mummy. My pussy
gets all wet and leakie; and makes me a naughty girl.
If it was your pussy, you could make sure I'm a good
little girl," Laura said in her best little girl
voice. 'God, did I just say that?' thought Laura, as
she blushed with realization of what she had asked.
Her moist sex practically thrummed with anticipation.

"I don't know sweetie, maybe you need to show it to
mummy again, so I can see if I really want it."

Laura reluctantly removed the coat from her lap,
exposing body once again.

"I can't see it very well like that dear," chided her
teacher. "All I see is your skinny little legs."

'Oh God, I can't believe I'm doing this on the
freeway," Laura thought, as she spread her legs
widely, not daring to look out the window of the car.

Now Laura's plump sex was displayed openly for her
teacher. Her pink swollen lips and her engorged clit
stood out prominently from her moist denuded sex,
advertising the obvious state of her arousal.

"The outside is very pretty Laurie, so sluttish, yet
pure, but you are hiding the best parts inside."

Laura's fingers found her lips and spread her cunt
lewdly for her teacher's leering stare.

"Put your feet on the dash sweetie, so I can get a
better look at your little honey-pot," cooed the older

Laura knew that anyone looking at the car would see
her spread legs on the dash and know what she was
doing, even if they couldn't see what she was doing;
which practically every one could, due to the size of
the small car. The young blonde exposed herself to
her teacher's leering gaze and anyone who passed her,
as she spread her feet on the dash of the car. 'I
look like a slut - a sub slut,' she thought.

"Ohhh . . . it is pretty and you've already gotten it
wet for me you naughty girl." Dr. Adams took her
panties out of her coat pocket and draped them over
Laura's pussy and drew the silky fabric over her sex,
teasing the girl. "Do you know what it means if I own
your sluttish cunt little girl?" Dr. Adams warned.

Laura bit her lip and shook her head. Her state of
arousal prevented her from speaking.

The older woman teased Laura's sex with the silken
panties, making the poor blonde tremble with lust.
"It means I could keep you aroused like this for days
or I could see how many orgasms you could have. Maybe
I would like it better if it were pierced or if it had
my name tattooed on it. Hmmm . . . what if I decided
it was too tight and I wanted to make it wider?" Dr.
Adams warned. "Are you still sure you want to give me
your pussy?"

In truth, Laura just wanted to cum. She had never
been this aroused before and she was sure it would be
glorious when the moment finally arrived. Tattoos,
piercing, stretching - she had never thought about
these things before, but when she pictured Dr. Adams's
name tattooed on her sex, the very thought almost made
her cum on the spot. "Yes mummy," she moaned, "I want
to give my cunt to you!"

Using only the silky panties, Dr. Adams was teaching
Laura how to submit. Slowly but surely, when Laura
would spread her nether lips, Dr. Adams would stroke
her with the silken undergarment. Little by little,
fingers stretched delicate folds, until the girl was
whimpering as her pussy twitched between her fingers.

'Oh yes, my sub slut, you are not even going to
recognize yourself after today,' Dr. Adams thought, as
she squeezed her thighs tightly together. Soon they
arrived at their destination and the professor had to
make a quick right-hand turn to lose the SUV pacing
their car and staring at wanton display of Laura's
denuded pussy.

Dr. Adams pulled into a parking space at the mall and
looked over at the gorgeous girl next to her. Laura's
eyes were dilated and staring off in space, while her
fingers slowly opened and closed the lips of her
pussy. Each time the lips would close, her juices
would gush forth and a small moan would escape from
deep within the blonde's throat. The professor tried
to summon every bit of anger and strength she could
muster to resist the urge to worship the beautiful
bare sex of her student. However, she had to have a
little taste, because it had been far too long. She
leaned over and kissed the blonde's plump plum,
sucking the copious nectar that dripped from her sex,
before tearing herself away from it and gazing into
Laura's eyes. "That pussy is mine, all mine," Dr.
Adam's said. "Do you understand me my naughty slut?"

"Yes, Mi-mummy," Laura answered, desperate to be
kissed down below again.

"Laurie, do you remember when I said that I understood
your problem with your leakie pussy and that it was
nothing to be ashamed of?"

Laura gasped at the thought of Dr. Adams applying the
breast pump to collect her sweet secretions. "Yes,
mummy," she gasped, as her pussy grew even wetter.

"Well Laurie, mummy has her own -- well, here let me
show you." Dr. Adams undid the buttons on her blouse
and Laura looked on jealously at the older woman's
large full breasts. Then noticed something strange,
the cups of the strangely made bra had stains on the
nipple area. Patricia opened the cups so that the
nipple was exposed and Laura looked on with awe as
fluid dribbled from the large swollen nipples.

Tears filled the older woman's eyes, as she reached
over and stroked Laura's beautiful blonde locks.
"Baby, mummy's other little girl died during
childbirth. I've kept my milk going with the pump in
case I was able to get my own girl. But, when I fixed
the pump so that I could help you, mummy has been
hurting and full." Patricia pinched her nipple,
wincing as milk flowed down her breast.

Laura looked at the older woman in a new light. Not
only was Dr. Adam's a beautiful and powerful woman,
but she was someone who she could understand. Her
eyes welled with tears, when she realized how much she
loved Dr. Adams. She just had to think of a way to
help ease her discomfort.

Laura leaned over and looked up hopefully at Dr.
Adams, her mouth open like a little baby bird.
"Mummy?" she said optimistically, in her best little
girl voice.

"Oh sweetie-pie," Dr. Adams sighed, pulling Laura
tightly to her breasts. "I love you baby, if only
*you* could have been my little girl."

The young blonde took the nipple in her mouth and
nursed contentedly from the breast. Dr. Adams stroked
Laura's hair and back, as she began to lightly sing to
girl. "Hush little baby don't say a word momma's
gonna buy you a mocking bird." By the time she had
repeated the lullaby, there in the deserted portion of
the parking deck, her breasts were no longer so heavy
and she had had a small orgasm from the stimulation
from her breasts alone.

"Come on sweetie, mommy needs to buy you another

Laura woke up from dazed bliss with Patricia's nipple
being pulled from her mouth. Soon her door opened and
she was being led out by her hand. Laura felt like
there was something wrong, something that she forgot,
as she walked with Patricia to the entrance of the
mall. Then she felt the cool air on her sex and
suddenly it hit her. "I'm not dressed!" she
exclaimed, pulling her green silk suit jacket down to
cover the cheeks of her ass.

"Don't worry dear, we'll hurry in and no one will even
see you. Besides, you've probably worn less at the
beach," Patricia soothed.

'At least, I had a bikini on at the beach!' Laura
thought. She held on tightly to Dr. Adams's hand.
She remembered when she was growing up, how ashamed
she was to have to walk with her mother, but now she
clung tightly and thankfully out of fear. "Please,
mummy, let's go to the first store we get to," Laura

"Sure sweetie, anything you say." Patricia took Laura
to the closest store. However, as they entered Laura
saw a familiar face. It was Erika, a girl she went to
high school with. "Not here Dr. Adams; anywhere but
here," the young girl said, struggling against the
teacher's firm grip.

However, the struggles only served to raise her skirt
up higher and Laura was forced to cease struggling and
to go along. "Remember to call me mummy or I will
have to spank my little girl," admonished the older

Laura was now fully terrified. She was going to have
to endure this trial or risk further embarrassment
from someone who knew her from her former life.
Laura's hope of getting something and quickly leaving
was soon dashed as Dr. Adams walked right up to her
old classmate. "I would like to buy some new outfits
for my little girl. You will have to forgive the
state she is in, but she had a little accident today."

"Laura?" Erika asked incredulously, choking back a

"Hi, Erika." Laura mumbled, blushing with humiliation.

"Come on sweetie, let's get you to the dressing room."
Dr. Adams led Laura to the dressing room and closing
the door behind, she proceeded to strip her of all her

"Erika, could you come here a minute dear," Dr. Adams
yelled out into the store. Erika was there almost
immediately. She had stayed just out of sight, so she
wouldn't miss out on any other surprises from Laura.

The door was opened and Laura struggled to hide her
bare sex and her small breasts from Erika and any
other store patrons.

Dr. Adams handed Erika the clothes Laura had been
wearing. "Be a dear and throw those away for me,
Erika . . . and Erika, would you mind terribly if I
left you in charge of picking out some nice outfits
for my Laura. I'm looking for something that you
young girls wear, yet I don't want her to get too full
of herself. You know, something fun and playful that
screams: look at me, I watch MTV."

Laura tried to grab Patricia's hand, so that she
wouldn't be left alone with Erika, yet the older woman
was already leaving the dressing room.

"And if she gives you any trouble, just give her a
little spank on the bottom to keep her in line," Dr.
Adams said as she left.

"Don't worry Miss, I'll take good care of Laura,"
Erika said sweetly, then glancing at Laura with a
terrifying grin.

Laura was afraid to look, but eventually she met
Erika's shining blue eyes. The red-haired girl
grinned wickedly, "Do you remember the hell you
bitches put me through in high school Laura?"

Laura nodded her head. She was very afraid indeed
right now. "I'm sorr-" she began.

"Oh, I bet you are . . . now!" interrupted Erika,
before she turned and left a very naked and scared
Laura, waiting in the little room, while she discarded
of her clothes. When she returned she told Laura,
"Come on Laura, let's go pick out some clothes for
you." Then, she opened up the door to the dressing

"Wait!" cried Laura, covering her breasts and sex with
her hands. "You don't expect me to go out her like
this, do you?" The hapless blonde looked out into the
store. Luckily, it was empty. However, she could see
a lot of activity in the mall at the entrance.

"How else are we going to find something in your size
that you like?" asked Erika. "Don't make me spank
your bottom. That could attract a lot of attention,
which you probably don't want . . . in your state."
The sales girl looked Laura up and down, making the
poor girl feel even more vulnerable. "Better hurry
before we get some customers."

Laura ran out with the young girl to the first
clothing rack in the store. Unfortunately for Laura,
it was just silk scarves.

Then the unthinkable happened. "Oh no Laura, here
comes someone. Get down - quickly," hissed Erika.

Laura obeyed without hesitation, quickly dropping to
her knees. "Back up into the rack, I'll hide you,"
whispered the Erika.

The scared blonde, was comforted by the fact that as
dark as it was no one would be able to see her. As
her eyes became accustomed to the darkness, she gasped
when she realized where she was. Most of her body was
hidden beneath Erika's skirt and her face was pressed
tightly against the crotch of her panties.

"Shh, be quite Laura," Erika whispered.

However, Laura had other things on her mind. She
tried to resist, but light spicy scent from the young
girl's panties beaconed. Soon, Laura found her nose
buried within the satin covered folds of the sales
girl's sex. In the back of her mind, she knew she
shouldn't be doing what she was doing and that Erika
would tell everyone she used to know that Laura was
now some kind of kinky lesbian, but Laura couldn't
help herself. Her she opened her mouth and breathed
her hot breath through the weave of the heavenly
scented satin.

"Oh God Laura, *what* are you doing?" whispered Erika.

In answer, Laura's tongue swabbed up and down her
former classmate's panties. When she didn't meet any
resistance, she pulled the panties to the side and
drove her tongue between the wet swollen lips.

"Oh, lick it you queer little cunt licker. Ugh, wait
till I tell everyone about this. Ah, right there -oh-
fuck! Harder slut!"

Erika came wetly, soaking Laura's face with her

"Oh no Laura, someone is coming over here right now.
Stay down and follow me quickly."

Laura crawled as fast as she could and followed the
sales girl.

"Stand up and don't move a muscle," warned Erika, as
she opened a door. Then she lifted Laura up and took
her inside. Laura's stomach sank to her feet when she
realized where she was. It was the worst place she
could imagine; she was in the front store window of
the store. Anyone walking by would be able to see her
very naked body.

Laura's hands moved to cover her body, as she felt
herself begin to hyperventilate. "Stop Laura or
you'll give yourself away! Hold perfectly still and
everything will be alright." Laura obeyed
unconsciously and Erika rubbed her back comfortingly.
Laura was amazed that the people walking by weren't
clamoring for her arrest. "See silly, they think you
are a mannequin," explained the sales girl and she was
right; with no pubic hair and a waifish model's body,
Laura could easily pass for a mannequin. The only
thing that gave her away was the blossoming petals of
her sex that glistened with arousal. This was soon
taken care of when Erika wrapped the very thin silk
scarf around Laura's hips. If any of the mall patrons
walking by had looked carefully through the fabric of
the scarf, they would have been very surprised to see
a very life-like pussy on the very beautiful
mannequin. As it was, most people just glanced up at
Laura as they walked by and Laura did her best to not
move a muscle.

'Oh no, she wouldn't,' Laura thought to herself, as
she felt a fingertip tracing the curve of her ass.
Erika stood just out of sight, and used her free hand
to explore underneath Laura's make-shift skirt with
impunity. She was delighted to find that Laura was
leaking her sweet nectar down her thighs; she only
hoped the little bitch was enjoying this as much as
she was. Soon, she slid a finger into the velvet
channel of Laura's sex, finding particular
satisfaction in the long drawn out "Nooooaaaahhh. . .
" escaping from Laura's slightly parted lips.

"Oh yes, Laura. Now, poor little helpless Laura gets
to find out how I felt all through high school. You
have no idea how much I'm going to enjoy this."

The finger in Laura's pussy sped up its thrusting and
soon another joined the first. Laura looked out at
the crowded mall and wondered if anyone suspected what
was going on before their very eyes. 'Those eyes . .
.' thought Laura. 'Those eyes are holding me captive
more effectively than a pair of cuffs ever could.'
The helpless blonde slowly almost imperceptibly thrust
her ass back, so that Erika could have better access
to her sex.

"Naughty girl!" scolded Erika, as she probed at
Laura's ass with a moistened thumb. "Is my little
exhibitionist going to cum in front of all these
people?" She laughed when she felt Laura's pussy and
ass clench in response. "Oh yes, you are going to cum
aren't you? You are going to cum for the high school

Laura knew that Erika was right. She was trying to
quell the wall of pleasure that threatened to burst
forth from the dam of iron will Laura erected, however
those eyes. 'All those eyes looking at me; staring at
me being fingered - fingered and fucked right before
their very eyes. Oh fuck! I'm going to cum in front
of all these people!' Laura's delirious mind thought
as she was driven to climax by the insidious fingers
working in her sex and rear passage.

This orgasm was unlike any Laura had felt before.
With her body unable to consummate the pleasure by
responding, she felt one climax burst after another as
Erika played her taunt body like a violin. Erika
listened to the high-pitched whine coming from Laura
to gauge the blonde's response and took her to an ever
ascending wave of pleasure. The small orgasms were
taking their toll on Laura and the poor girl felt like
she did when she shinnied up a pole as a little girl.
It was pleasurable, but becoming increasingly

Laura peered out at the people walking to and fro in
the mall and her eyes settled on Dr. Adams, sitting on
a bench. Looking closer she saw the older woman lick
her lips and then wink at her. 'Oh God! She's seen
me!' Laura realized. With this realization, Laura
surrendered to the orgasm and started thrusting her
hips in time with Erika's probing fingers.

Luckily Erika pulled Laura's squirming body out of the
window, before anyone could surmise what was going on.
"Come on Laura, let's go back to the stockroom,"
whispered Erika, as she took Laura's hand and pulled
her toward the back of the store.

Laura pulled the sales girl to her and kissed her
deeply. "Please, fuck me! Fuck me now. Oh God, I'm
begging you," Laura pleaded, while she humped the leg
of her former classmate.

Erika obliged, working her fingers in Laura's sex and
smothering her cries with her mouth, until the blonde
hung limply in her arms.

Erika lowered Laura to the ground and said simply,
"Slut." Working quickly she dressed the compliant
girl before any customers went into the store. Dr.
Adams appeared just as she put the finishing touches
on the outfit. They were very personal touches
indeed, because Erika couldn't find a miniskirt that
screamed slut loudly enough. She took a pair of
scissors and placed two slits up the sides to create
her own.

"Oh dear!" Dr. Adams gasped, when she saw Laura
sitting on the floor in a black miniskirt that looked
more like a loin cloth. Her freshly fucked cunt was
on display to anyone who walked by. Her top consisted
of a shiny metallic half-halter that left her back
uncovered and drew attention to her hard nipples. It
was made to show off a woman's breasts, but where on a
better endowed woman, it would show hints of her
swell, on Laura it would show off everything she had
with the slightest movement. Then there were the
silver platform shoes that screamed tramp, due to
their impossible height. A pair of large hoop
earrings completed the look; Laura was a slut.

When Erika saw Dr. Adams reaction, she thought maybe
she had pushed things too far and wondered if she
might get fired for doing this to a customer. "I can
get something a little more conservative if you would
like ma'am."

"No, no, not at all. If this is what you kids are
wearing nowadays, then I want Laura dressed like this
as well." Dr. Adams paid for the clothes then walked
back to where Laura was still sitting in a state of
post-coital bliss. "Come on sweetie, let's go," she
said, while she helped Laura stand."

"I think it best if you walk a few paces behind me
dear," Patricia told Laura.

To be continued. . .

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