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Archived Sex Stories

The Smell of Sex 19


The Smell of Sex Ch.18
(c) 2002 Couture

(FF, panty, humil, Fd etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by
sexually explicit stories and situations.


At that moment, the door opened again. Terry looked up
hopefully, expecting to see Laura back with their clothes.
Instead, she was greeted by a large group of girls armed
with water guns, who rudely ended the lovemaking with
blasts of icy-cold water. Screaming, the two naked girls
grabbed the bed sheet, and rushed out the door, to the
jeers and laughing of the crowded halls of the Honor's

Terry and Dawn finally made it to her car, but too late,
she realized the key was upstairs in the dorm. The crowd
of water pistol armed girls soon followed,cheering and
spraying water. By now, the water-soaked sheet displayed
more than it hid of the two girls wrapped inside. With the
cheering crowd drawing more onlookers by the second, the
two hapless girls did the only thing they could: They fled
crying on foot.

The journey back to their sorority was hell. Their dainty
pampered feet were unused to walking to the rough pavement
and gravel and the wet sheet drew the heat from their
bodies, making their teeth chatter and forcing them to
huddle closely for warmth.

At every dorm and greek house, onlookers pointed and
laughed at them. The onlookers shouting out, "Lezzie
sluts!" as they passed. Little did the girls know that
written in magic marker on the inside of the sheets were
those very words. Not visible when dry, but very much so
when wet.

Things didn't get any better when the reached the sanctuary
of the sorority house. On the eave of the house, the
letter T had been Z'd out with red spray paint. It was now
the LEZ house.

In the front yard, several girls appeared to be packing
their belongings in cars with tears flowing from their

When Terry and Dawn showed up on the front lawn, one of the
girls pointed at them. "There they are!" she screamed.

Instead of being greeting with console and comfort, Terry
was greeted by profanities and worse.

"Look everyone, the sluts are back!" one of the girls

"Please, you don't understand. We were set up-" Terry

"Sluts-Bitches. You've ruined it for us all! Nobody is
staying. The sluts-the Lez sluts! The phone has been
ringing off the hook and it's all because of you. Get out
of here you dyke bitches!" one of the sorority girls
demanded, throwing a notebook and hitting Terry in the
head, while Dawn hid behind.

"Terry, I'm scared. Let's just go," whispered Dawn.

'Where to?' Terry thought, then pleaded her case with the
sisters again. "Please, at least let us get our clothes."

Her answer was a clod of dirt in the face, while another
hit her stomach. The two girls turned as one and fled the
house, with clods of dirt and grass pelting them from

They ran across the street and Terry noticed a girl sitting
in a convertible BMW, calmly singing to herself, unaware of
the proceedings. Terry knocked on the window, praying that
the girl wouldn't flee from the two strange girls covered
in only mud and a sheet.

The window slid down, "What can I do for you girls?" asked
Monique, arching an eyebrow.

"Please help us," begged Terry. "Hurry, those girls are
after us," added Dawn, bouncing nervously up and down.

"Who, those sorority bitches?" inquired the dark-skinned

"Yes-yes-yes!" pleaded Dawn, as she took a more active
role. She had played along with Terry and look where it
got her . . . covered in a sheet and chased by an angry

"Well, get in. I hate sorority bitches," the driver said,
as she unlocked the door.

The two girls went to open the door, but the lock snapped
back down again. "The muddy sheet stays, I just got this
car," warned the dark goddess.

"Bu-but-we're-n-naked," pleaded Terry.

Dawn slipped out from behind Terry and the driver unlocked
the door again. The naked girl quickly got into the car
and said, "You can keep your sheet Terry, I'm going."

"Bu-bu-" Terry started, but her head dropped, along with
the sheet. She meekly slid into the car, sharing the
cramped seat with her sorority sister.

The black girl sped off, flipping the chasing girls the
bird as she left. "Hello, you pretty things, my name is

"I'm Dawn," the closest girl replied.

"My name is . . . T-Ter-I'm Tina," Terry said, thinking it
best to use a fake name.

"What's wrong with your little friend Dawn? Is she so dim,
she doesn't even know her own name?" Monique inquired,
rubbing her hand on the girl's bare thigh. "What is your
pretty friend's name Dawn?"

"It-It's-" Terry sputtered.

"Did I ask you? No! I asked Dawn!" Monique shouted at the
cringing naked girl. "Now, tell me Dawn," Monique's voice
dripped syrupy sweetness, as cooed to the younger girl.
"What is your girl's name?"

Dawn thought about covering for Terry momentarily, but she
had already given her real name, so why should she cover
for her friend. Besides, Monique seemed to like her much
more than Terry, and it was nice to be treated superiorly.

"Her name is Terry. Terry Pinehurst."

"She must not be very bright, if she doesn't even know her
name," Monique chided, as she pulled Dawn's thigh slightly
open. "Eww, those girls wet you pretty good. You've got
to dry yourselves before you ruin my leather. Hmmm . . .
I've got just the thing. Dawn, be a dear sweetie, and pull
my panties out from under my skirt for me."

Monique watched, as Dawn tried to reach over and under the
skirt, but the girl had no leverage. "You are probably
going to need both hands sweetie," Monique encouraged.

The little rich girl knelt on the floor board and reached
under the Monique's ebony bottom and tried once again to no
avail. She lifted her hands up so that Monique was off the
seat, but then she didn't have a hand free to remove the
silken garment.

Monique smiled at her difficulty and said, "Maybe we should
let your dim little friend give it a try."

Dawn saw a danger in losing her place as the smarter of the
two girls. She leaned forward and grabbed the edge of
Monique panties between her teeth and slipped them down
Monique's ebony hips.

"There, that's my girl," Monique cooed.

Dawn basked in the glow of praise, as she removed the
panties out from under the Monique's heels and sat back
down, then proceeded to wipe the water from her face and
chest. The panties smelled strongly of sex, but she was so
glad for the safety and comfort, she didn't care.

"Now get all of that wet stuff out of there," Monique said,
motioning to Dawn's crotch.

Dawn blushed and dipped the silken garment into the folds
of her sex to absorb the copious flow of nectar.

"Such a smart girl, make sure you get it all now."

Her blush spread down her chest, but she obediently placed
her leg over top of Terry's and daintily wiped the fluids
that glimmered in the reflection of the car stereo.

"Dawn!" Terry gasped in amazement at her friend stooping to
this level for this black girl.

"Do hers next Dawn. I don't trust your dim witted friend
to do it properly and these seats are far too expensive for

"No, no," Terry muttered, as she struggled against her
friend, but it was too late; the panties were already
pressed into her sex. Her struggles only served to help
Dawn do her duty. "Please," Terry whimpered. "I just want
to go home. Please just let me call my daddy."

"Dawn, use something to shut your stupid friend up, okay
sweetie? I don't want someone that dumb talking to me . .
. it might rub off. So have her talk to you and then you
can talk to me. Okay?"

Dawn looked at her friend, then back down to the soiled
panties, and smiled. Soon Terry found to her utter
degradation, the panties were forced into her mouth. She
struggled against her former friend, trying to spit the
offensive things out, until Dawn whispered a warning, "If
you spit them out, I will tell her who you really are."

'You wouldn't!' Terry thought in horror. The President of
Lamda Alpha Theta complied and immediately stopped her
struggles. She couldn't believe that her friend had turned
traitor so easily. She wanted to shout and to scream at
Monique that Dawn was the stupid one, anyone could obey.

"Your dim-witted friend wants to call mommy and daddy,
Dawn. Is that what you want? Do you want to tell daddy
that about all those girls that were after you for who
knows what? What about the T.V. channel I saw you girls on
tonight? Do you want to tell him about that too?" Monique
was rubbing higher on Dawn's thighs, while the poor girl
contemplated. Tears welled in the girl's large pitiful
eyes, as she imagined disappointing her parents. "N-no,"
she sobbed.

"Good. Such a smart girl." Monique rubbed her fingers
through the girl's damp hair. "Now, it just so happens my
last roommate left, and I have an empty bed at my dorm. Of
course, you will have to take over her chores and assorted
duties, but that shouldn't be hard for a smart girl like
you. After watching you two go at it tonight, I imagine
you two wouldn't mind sharing the other bed."

Terry was still not convinced and shaking her head. But by
careful use of her hands and muffled words, she was able to
get Dawn to understand her question.

"Terry doesn't want to stay. She's ashamed and wants to go

"Well, the world full of lesbians. As a matter of fact, my
last roommate was one until I cured her. Maybe I could do
the same for you? Tell you what, why don't you stay with
me tonight and then decide tomorrow. Anyway, where else
are you going to sleep; on the street?" Monique explained.
"Besides, we are already here."

Monique parked the car and then opened the door. "Don't you
girls go anywhere now; I have to get something out of the
trunk." When she returned, she was twirling another pair
of panties on her finger. "Dawn, tell your little friend,
she can take those panties out of her mouth and put them

Terry didn't need to be told. She quickly spat out the
offending garment and slipped the wet slimy panties up her

"Your little girlfriend sure isn't very bright is she?"
Monique asked. "Everyone in the dorm will know exactly
*who* it is running around half naked when she goes up."
Monique tossed the other pair of panties to Dawn. "Be a
dear and show your little friend how to keep people from
knowing who you are."

Dawn stared at the black Lycra panties Monique had jogged
in earlier. She could smell the scent of her exertion and
sex easily. She gulped, then squeezed her thighs tightly
together, as she raised the panties up and put them over
her head.

"Okay tell your dummy, it's her turn."

"I'm not a dummy, she's the dummy. Just look at her-
ridiculous," Terry mumbled under her breath. However, she
didn't want to be left alone and wanted to at least be Dawn
who seemed to be getting most of Monique's attention.
Although part of her secretly wished that Monique would
treat her like a person, instead of something that belonged
to Dawn.

"Put them on right. Here, let me help you, dummy." Dawn
slapped Terry's hands away and pulled the panties down her
legs. Terry didn't relish the idea of wearing the sodden
panties on her head, but she had caught a whiff of the pair
that Dawn wore. She was thankful she didn't have to wear

"Good girl Dawn. Now, you girls follow me . . . not too
closely now. Dawn, have your little friend follow behind
you and hold onto your hips so she doesn't get lost."

Monique led and Dawn followed with Terry in tow.
Surprisingly, even with the titters and the finger pointing
from some of the girls, Dawn found herself walking proudly
as she sought to set a good example for her little tag
along. While poor Terry couldn't understand wasn't shaking
with humiliation as she was. The first few mean comments
had caused her to start crying. Thankfully, the panties
hid the utter mortification visible on her face. However,
she couldn't cover her body, due to having to keep her
hands on Dawn's hips. She did the only thing she could
think of and clutched Dawn tightly, hiding her privates in
Dawn's back and bottom. Although, walking up the stairs
proved especially troublesome, because her face kept
getting pressed into Dawn's thighs and bottom as she sought
to keep up.

Thankfully, they arrived shortly at Monique's dorm room.

"Dawn, wait here at the door. Hands down and turn around
and make sure your girlfriend does the same."

Dawn obeyed the dark-skinned girl and pulled Terry's arm
down from her breasts. "You better, do as she says,
Terry," Dawn ordered.

Dawn was relieved when Terry reluctantly obeyed. She felt
Monique putting something around her neck. "Such a smart
girl," cooed Monique. "Put this on your girl and then come
inside." The dark girl handed Dawn what appeared to be
some sort of collar with a gold tag hanging from it. She
buckled the collar around Terry's neck and then took a look
at the tag. Engraved in black letters was written Bottom.
Curious, Dawn showed her tag to Terry. "What does mine
say?" she asked.

Terry was now shaking with fear and humiliation. She had
been collared like a dog and Dawn didn't care about
anything but what was written on her collar. 'What a
stupid girl,' she thought, but dared not say. "It says
Top. Please Dawn, this girl is sick. Let's go," she
pleaded. She was even more dumbfounded by the look of
satisfaction that spread across the Dawn's face. 'An idiot,
a complete and utter imbecile,' she thought. "I'll just
keep my mouth shut and by this time tomorrow, I'll be on a
plane to daddy."

"Monique, can we have some clothes now?" Terry asked
Monique, as she took the panties off of her head.

Monique ignored the request and instead turned to Dawn.
"You can take the panties off your head now Top. That's my
smart girl. Now, what did I tell you about your stupid
girl talking to me?" Monique said, her angry eyes glaring
at Dawn.

"You said that she wasn't supposed to."

"That's right." Monique reached out and grabbed Terry,
striking out like a snake catches its prey. Soon the
helpless girl was face-down on the mattress, squealing in
terror. "Reach in that bag Top, you will find something to
quiet your girl."

The contents of the bag frightened Dawn, but amidst the
dildo and assorted cuff and clamps she saw what appeared to
be some sort of gag. She tried to pass it to Monique, but
the black girl refused.

"She's your responsibility, Top."

Dawn was timid at first, but when Terry tried to bite her,
she quickly grew more daring and soon had the girl gagged
most thoroughly.

"Do you think she will take it off?" Dawn asked Monique.

"She's your girl. What do you think?"

Dawn got a pair of leather cuffs out of the bag and secured
Terry's arms behind her back. Defeated and betrayed by her
friend, Terry turned her tear-streaked face away, the air
whistling out of her nose as she tried to catch her breath.

Monique sat on the edge of the bed then reached down to
pick up a leather paddle. "Now, Top, you know what I'm
going to have to do to you for letting Bottom misbehave.
She is your responsibility after all," Monique said, her
fingers lightly stroking along the leather paddle. "Come
on up here girl." She patted her lap expentantly.

Dawn reluctantly lay across Monique's powerful thighs with
her plump bottom sticking invitingly in the air. Monique
brought the paddle down, causing the flesh of the lovely
rump to ripple erotically with the force of the blow. She
proceeded to methodically work the delectable ass over
until it turned from white, to pink, and finally a fiery
red. Dawn was reduced to a writhing and sobbing girl
kicking her legs out fetchingly on Monique's lap.

Monique put the paddle down and began to massage the
upturned cheeks of Dawn's bottom. She loved the feel of
the heat that emanated from the welted flesh. She reached
an index finger into the folds of the white girl's wet sex,
exploring her tight channel, until her sobs turned to
moans. "How are you holding up my pet?"

"I-I'm doing okay," Dawn gasped.

"Good," Monique said. Dawn sighed with relief and thought
the punishment was over, but the paddle once again began to
rain blows down on her reddened ass. Soon, the dark-haired
girl was crying hysterically.

"P-please, n-no m-more. I c-can't - take it," she begged.

"Call me Mistress Monique. Okay, my little Top," Monique
said, as she placed the paddle down and traced a rivulet of
moisture up Dawn's thigh, back to it's origin.

"Please stop Mistress Monique. It hurts too bad." The
pain that throbbed in Dawn's ass with every heart beat
outweighed the pleasure Monique was giving her. She knew
she would be lucky to be able to sit down when this was
over and it was all because of that bitch Terry. 'Her name
is Bottom now,' Dawn reminded herself. 'I wish it was her
*bottom* getting blistered.'

"You did very well Top, I'm very proud of you." Monique
helped Dawn back up on her shaky legs, then handed Dawn the
paddle. "It's up to you what you do with Bottom."

Terry tried to get up and run away, her face turning white
with fear. Watching Dawn get paddled had stirred up her
passion. She was fascinated, yet very glad it wasn't her
at the same time. She did her best to flee Dawn's grasp,
but bound and gagged as she was, in seconds she found
herself helplessly draped over her lap.

Terry looked around for Monique, wondering if she was going
to get paddled in front of an audience. To her horror, she
saw Monique turning on a video camera and pointing it at
her display. Suddenly, she felt a finger penetrate and
explore her cunt.

"Slut," Dawn accused. "You got off on seeing me punished,
didn't you?"

Terry kicked her legs violently and shook her head to and
fro. She tried to speak, to tell Dawn that they were being
filmed, but then the blows started.

The first took her breath away. The rest stung badly, each
one hurting worse than the one before. The first time she
had ever been spanked was by Laura earlier that night, but
this was entirely different. There could be no confusing
this with sexual play; this was punishment pure and simple.
Worse, it seemed her body didn't know the difference. She
could feel it betraying her by reacting to the leather

Dawn whipped her former idol, applying the paddle to every
inch of her perfect buns. She took the formerly snobbish
girl from struggling madly, to crying violently, to lying
defeated and gasping for breath on her lap. She had never
felt so horny in her life.

She stuck a finger in Terry pussy, just like Monique had
done to her. It pleased her to know that someone who
thought she was such hot stuff had gotten aroused by being
spanked. She looked up with surprise when she noticed that
Monique was filming the action. Dawn's mouth broke into a
very sinister grin. 'I'll be able to see this over and
over again.'

Knowing this made her much more daring than she was before.

"Are you going to obey me from now on Bottom?" she asked.

A muffled cry emitted from the helpless girl as she shook
her head weakly up and down.

"I can't understand you, Bottom. Squeeze my finger once
for no and twice for yes."

The cheeks of Terry's very read ass clenched twice and Dawn
felt a strong contraction and then a weaker one around her

"Only one squeeze, you must want some more. Now, where did
I put that paddle?"

Dawn looked down with glee, as she felt Terry's pussy clamp
down on her finger, release and the contract again and
again. "Changed your mind huh?" Dawn said, adding another
finger and fucking her with them, all the while quizzing
her with one question after another.

"Are you going to talk to me instead of Mistress Monique?
Are you my good little girl? Is your pussy wet? Do you
love me? Are you my pretty Bottom? Do you want to cum?
Are you going to cum for the camera?"

Terry lost track of the questions. She lost track of most
everything except squeezing the fingers that were exploring
her aching pussy. Whatever the question was, the answer
was always the same - squeeze - pause - squeeze. Through
her sexual haze she became aware of giggling. She turned
back to see what they were laughing at and was mortified
that the fingers weren't inside her anymore. Instead,
Monique was filming her opening and closing her wet pussy
for no reason at all.

Then the sweating sorority girl felt a probing at her other
opening. 'No, not there!' she thought in horror. She
clamped down on her sphincter and struggled against the
dark-haired girl.

"Bad Bottom!" Dawn scolded. She picked up the paddle and
methodically spanked the reddened bottom, until the girl
hung limply on her lap. Inserting a finger in Terry's sex,
she asked, "Are you going to be my good girl now?" and was
pleased to feel the two squeezes.

Removing her wet digit, she put it against Terry's back
door and pushed it in. She noticed that the blonde's tight
ring involuntarily contracted around her finger. She
decided to have a little fun with this. She began to ask
questions again, moving her finger imperceptibly with each
question, to cause her former mentor to squeeze the
affirmative whether she wanted to or not.

"Do you like for me to play with your ass? Do you love me?
Are you going to be good? Are you my little queer girl?
Do you like being filmed?" Dawn teased her friend like
this until the poor girl could successfully resist
contracting her muscles in response.

"That's enough Top. I'm ready for my nightcap now."
Monique took off her clothes, and leaned back in her bed,
spreading her legs wide. It was obvious what she wanted.

Dawn put Bottom down on the floor and proceeded to kiss her
Mistresses pussy. She ran her tongue along the pink lips,
hoping that she was pleasing her Mistress.

Monique grabbed a handful of Dawn's dark hair and pulled
her tightly. "Eat me. Suck my pussy you lezzie slut."
She proceeded to hump widely against the white girl's face,
fucking her, while she tried to give her pleasure. "Ugh-
Ugh-Cumming-" she moaned and her hips thrust in time to her
contractions. "I want you to remember me tonight," she
said, as she cleaned the nectar ruining down her thighs
with Dawn's hair.

"You were wonderful, sweet little Top," Monique said, as
she stroked Dawn's cheek. "Tomorrow morning, I want to
wake up to one of you girls kissing the other hole, okay?"

Dawn blushed and nodded her head, as the lights were turned
off. The street lights coming through the window
illuminated the dorm-room enough for Dawn to help her bound
sorority sister into bed and snuggle in tightly behind her.

As Monique closed her eyes, she could here Dawn's whispers.
"Does that gag hurt baby? Will you promise not to make a
sound if I take it off? You won't make Mistress Monique
hurt me again, will you?"

Terry shook her head, and the gag was removed. She felt a
finger penetrate her sex, causing her to gasp.

"I love you Bottom." Dawn said, her finger working faster.
"Shh . . . bite the pillow. Does that feel good? Do you
love me? Are you going to leave me? I love you Bottom.
Do you love me? Shh . . . Feel how much I need you. Do
you love me?"

Monique heard the soft sounds of moaning and the springs of
the bed squeaking. She smiled and closed her eyes. When
she made that deal with the teacher, trading Laura for the
car, she thought it was a great deal at first. Then after
Laura's personal effects had been moved out, Monique
realized just how much the little thing had meant to her.
She called Dr. Adams to demand Laura back, but the woman
had refused, offering another sorority girl to take her

Monique could feel an empty spot in her heart for Laura,
but she could feel it quickly filling again as she thought
about Dawn. Terry would probably be leaving tomorrow, but
she was sure that Dawn was staying. She would make sure
that Dawn was staying.

The next morning Monique felt the wonderful feeling that
comes from having a soft pair of lips kissing your ass.
Nothing else quite says, today is yours, as a hesitant girl
doing her best to avoid that little back door, yet knowing
it is inevitable.

"You know what I want. Lick it. Lick my ass!" Monique
moaned, spreading her legs so the girl could have better
access. She looked back and gasped in shock. First,
because the girl didn't hesitate as she had expected. The
tongue plunged right past the tight grommet, exploring her
deeply. Second, it wasn't Dawn's curly hair she saw
attached to the head between her ass cheeks, but Terry's
long blonde locks.

'Dawn must have done some pretty heavy convincing last
night,' Monique surmised. 'This is turning out better than
I ever imagined. Mmmmm, that feels so damn good. Bottom -
what an appropriate name for her.' Monique buried her face
in her pillow, as she moaned with desire.

Dawn was next to Terry, encouraging her. Stroking the
girl's hair lovingly, teasing her sex, massaging her back,
all the while whispering, "I love you Bottom. Do you love
me? See how nice it feels when you please Mistress? Don't
you love pleasing Mistress?"

Terry didn't look so good. The black circles underneath
her haunted eyes and the dried smears of sex juice on her
face told the tale of her night better than any words
could. She renewed her efforts to please Mistress, thereby
pleaing Dawn. She had learned last night that only by
pleasing and loving could she in turn be pleased and loved.
She knew with all her heart that Dawn loved her, just as
much as she loved Dawn. However, there still remained the
pleasing. Terry had pleased Dawn time and time again, yet
her own need had been put off.

"Be patient Bottom, your time will come. You know I love
you don't you." Dawn would say, stroking her doubts away.

Terry could feel Monique's ass spasm around her tongue. It
wouldn't be long before she came. "Please," Terry moaned
in her ass.

"Oh, that's it baby. Keep on moaning in my ass," Monique
ordered. "Say I love Monique's ass. Ugh, you fucking
bitch, you are going to make me cum so hard!"

Terry moaned the words in the black girl's ass. Luckily,
her passion kept her from thinking of how far she had
fallen in only one night. She could feel Dawn leaning over
her from behind. Her lover's hands wrapped around her body
and found her sex.

"Oh-god-oh-god-oh-god-" Monique cried, with her hips
thrusting on the bed.

"I love you Bottom. Do you love me?" Dawn repeated over
and over, as she attacked her former mentor's cunt with her
nubile fingers, while she ground her wet sex against her
ass. She began to pound her pubic mound against the
blonde's ass, wishing she had a dick to fuck her with.

"I love you! <ugh> I love you Top! I love you so much. Oh
God please Top, please please- ah-ah-ah-cumminnnng!" Terry
moaned in climax.

After coming down from her climax, Monique looked down on
the floor and was pleased to see Top sitting against the
bed, with Bottom in her arms. The dark-haired girl was
deeply kissing her very willing sorority sister. It was a
touching sight and it gave Monique an idea.

"Top, ask Bottom if she remembers her daddy's phone

"It's 917-555-6451." Terry told Dawn. Monique was pleased
the girl addressed Top, instead of her. When Monique
picked up the phone Terry began to panic.

"B-bu-but, I was wondering. I mean, could you ask Mistress
if I could stay." Terry began to think about what would
happen if she left. She wasn't worried about telling her
parents what had happened last night, but she was
desperately afraid of losing Dawn. Tears welled in her
eyes and she began to plead, "Please, I want - *need* to

"You can talk to me now Bottom," Monique said. "I need to
know something. Do you love Top?"

"Yes," Terry said, blushing slightly. "I love her."

"Good, because if you stay, from now on, you are no longer
going to be able to do anything for yourself; Top will do
it for you. The same goes for you Top. If you need to
eat, bottom will feed you. When you bathe, she will wash
you. If you have an itch, she will scratch it. But, Top,
you are in charge. So, if you are not satisfied with
Bottom's performance, feel free to correct her. Do you
love each other enough to do this?"

The two girls looked into each other eyes, before answering
as one. "Yes, Mistress."

From there, the three girls went to the showers. Monique
watched with delight as Top fell into her role and ordered
Bottom to bathe her with her tongue. It appeared that Top
wasn't shy at all when it came to her body or with her
sexuality, whereas Bottom was acutely conscious of it, a
fact that Monique was determined to take full advantage of.

When they got back to the dorm room, Monique had her two
slaves prepare her for her class. Next, she laid out two
outfits and had each girl dress the other. Then, Monique
proceeded to direct the application of make-up and other
accessories to achieve her desired result.

Soon the girl's stood side by side. Top was wearing black,
from her fingernail polish to her leather dress and
lipstick. Bottom was wearing a white stretch dress that
displayed her every curve, broadcasting to the world that
she wasn't wearing underwear. Her accessories and makeup
were all hot pink and so were her aureoles that peeked
through the fabric of her skirt.

"What a pair you girls make," Monique said, while Terry
nervously fingered her pink collar and tried to pull down
the hem of her skirt. Top slapped the girl's hand away,
before adjusting the skirt herself.

"Now, Top, why don't you hold Bottom's hand today so she
doesn't get lost."

Monique grinned evilly as she watched Dawn hold Terry's
hand, leaving the girl standing there uncomfortably
conscious of how much the two of them would stand out

"P-Please, Top, ask Mistress if we *have* to walk like
this. I won't get lost . . . I promise," she whined.

Monique's gaze turned hard and she picked up the phone and
began dialing Terry's father's phone number. "9-1-6-5-5-5-
" she began.

Meanwhile Dawn whispered something in Terry's ear.

"Wait! Wait! It's okay. I'll do it," Terry pleaded.

Monique smiled to herself as she watched the two girl's
leave the dorm room. Dawn's hand raised the back of
Terry's white dress, displaying the blonde's beautiful ass,
which she rubbed possessively for Monique's benefit, before
pulling it back down.

'Something tells me this semester is going to be a lot of
fun, even with my sweet little Laura gone,' Monique said to
To be continued. . .

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