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The Smell of Sex 21


The Smell of Sex Ch.21
(c) 2002 Couture

(FF, exhib)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.


Laura stood naked in the bedroom she lived in as a
girl, hidden from view as she looked out her window.
Her fingers gently brushed her small high set nipple
before traveling down to the smooth swell of her
belly. She was very becoming with the moonlight
casting shadows on her skin, but her face was etched
with her conflicting emotions.

She caught the sound of one of her mothers crying out
in pleasure. She was happy for them both; they were
very much in love and seemed happy together. Laura
had declined to join them when they got back to her
house. It felt like they were sharing with her, but
there was still something special between them. It
was by the way they looked at each other ... it

Her hand left her sex and drew a heart where her
breath had fogged the window. Laura had grown up a
lot in the last week. She realized she wanted a
relationship with someone who would look at her the
way her mothers looked at each other. Monique had
looked at her with lust, but not the same intensity.
Apparently, she had traded her in for a car and a
sorority girl.

Then, her thoughts drifted to Beth. Beth's gaze made
her weak in the knees whenever she caught her eye.
Laura's finger traced the letters of Beth's name
within the heart and she wondered where the Goth girl
was this moment. Was she with another girl? Would
she go to Laura's dorm to look for her.

Just as Laura was thinking these thoughts, she saw a
car park across the street. As the person stepped out
of the car and looked around, Laura's heart leapt when
she saw a familiar bald head. It was Beth!

Laura threw back the curtains, and began waving and
knocking on the window. However, Beth wasn't even
looking in Laura's direction. Beth looked around
uncertainly as if she weren't sure she was in the
right place, and Laura sprung into action. She ran to
the door and blinked the lights to her room on and
off. Then, she ran back to the open window and waved
again. This time, Beth saw the naked form of Laura
waving her arms over her head in the window.

'Has she no shame?' Beth thought, grinning and waving
back to Laura. 'I sure hope not.'

"Wait for me!" Laura shouted through the window.

Laura threw on a small robe and wrote her both of her
mothers a note, telling them she was going with Beth.
Then she streaked outside and threw herself into
Beth's arms. They shared a long kiss, got into Beth's
car and drove off.


Laura and Beth walked hand in hand through the
department store, causing a few heads to turn. Beth
was wearing black leather and her hair had grown out
to an inch in length. She appeared to be looking
around as if to see if anyone were watching.

Laura walked next to Beth wearing an aqua stretch tube
miniskirt. Her hard nipples could easily be seen
through the fabric and she had to keep tugging the hem
down with her free hand. By her shy glances, anyone
could tell she didn't want to be seen.

Beth took a sharp right turn to the apparently
deserted arts and crafts section of the store.
"Here," she whispered urgently to Laura.

"Here?" Laura blushed and gulped uncertainly. "Ca-
can't we go to the bathroom?"

"We did that last week Princess. Hurry-quickly before
someone comes."

"God Beth, this is so *crazy*," Laura moaned, as she
squatted down in front of Beth, and her head
disappeared under the black leather miniskirt.

When she knelt, her legs were held apart by Beth's
shins. She could feel the cold air as it dried the
fluid leaking from her denuded sex. She could also
feel the chill deep into her clit, thanks to the
effects of the latest piercing Beth wanted her to
have. Every time Laura felt the little ring move, she
couldn't help but remember the way Beth probed it with
her tongue, causing the little ball on the end knock
against her clit. She almost came from just thinking
about it.

Laura attacked Beth's wet cunt with wild abandon. She
knew she had to hurry, before they were spotted. Beth
looked down and saw that Laura was covering her
beautiful pussy from prying eyes.

"Now Princess, you know where those hands go," she

Reluctantly Laura removed her hand from in front of
her sex and it joined its mate on Beth's bottom. Beth
felt the vibration of Laura's moan in her cunt, as the
poor blonde exhibited herself.

Beth looked behind and saw a young female sales clerk
watching their activities. The girl's face was
flushed with passion.

"Someone's watching Princess," Beth said. She almost
had to support herself on a shelf, when Laura
fluttered the metal stud in her tongue against Beth's
clit. The metal stud drew out a sharp bolt of
pleasure each time it beat against her little nubbin
of pink flesh.

"Fuck-fuck-fuck-fu-uck. . ." Beth moaned, as she threw
a leg over Laura's shoulders and gripped the blonde's
head tightly between her thighs. The black leather
miniskirt slid up, exposing Beth's alabaster bottom as
it thrust and clenched with each spasm. The squatting
blonde's fingers dug into the ripe cheeks of Beth's
ass, as she hung on for dear life.

"Oh God, that was a good one," Beth said, as her
movements slowed. "You made a mess of me again didn't

"Yeth," came the muffled reply from underneath her

"You know what to do Princess." Beth held still while
the bulge beneath her skirt moved up and down and then
back and forth. When Laura's face finally emerged
from beneath the leather skirt, it shone from Beth's

Beth helped Laura to her feet and kissed her deeply.
She savored her own sweet flavor. As Laura raised her
arm up to wipe away the wet secretions, Beth grabbed
her wrist.

"Leave it. You know I love it when you wear my

Laura's face blushed a crimson red, knowing she would
have to leave the store with her face coated and
reeking of sex.

"Bend forward now, you little cum-slut, I have a
present for you."

'Oh god, not here!' thought Laura. Horrified, but
turned on to a fever pitch, Laura bent forward at the
waist. She heard Beth open her purse. Curiosity got
the better of Laura; she looked back and was shocked
by what she saw. There in Beth's hand, was a very
large dildo; the girl could barely wrap her fingers

"Oh God, no Beth - Please not here," Laura begged.
She closed her eyes, unable to bear the thought of
being watched like this in a public place, but her
body stayed in position, eager for what was to come.

"Are your eyes open honey? Watch the pretty sales
girl looking at you."

Laura opened her eyes, watching the sales girl who
openly stared at her. Laura's blush spread down her
chest; she could feel her knees shaking in fear.
Laura tried not to show a reaction, but it was quite
impossible, when she was being opened by the large
latex cock.

"Ughhh---ohhh-goddd. . ." Laura moaned, as she felt
each ridge push into her tight channel.

"Shhhh baby, you don't want to attract a crowd, do
you?" Beth whispered.

Laura pursed her pouting lips to contain her moans.
Now the only sounds coming from the cute blonde was a
whining from deep in her throat. The whine became a
grunts, as Beth twisted and pushed on the ridged

Laura was relieved when she finally felt the plastic
cock slide home. "Ahhhh," she moaned as she tried to
straighten up. However, she was held down by a firm
hand on her back.

"Just one last thing, Princess."

Laura felt Beth fumbling around at the entrance to her
sex, and then her cunt was bombarded by intense
vibrations. 'No, she wouldn't," she thought in

But, she did. Laura's sex was filled with a very
vibrating dildo and she knew there was no way she was
going to make it out of the store without cumming.

"You ready to go now Princess?" Beth asked.

"Please," Laura begged. "Just-just let me get used to

"Come on baby, walk it off," Beth said, as she grabbed
Laura's hand and led the pretty blonde towards the
entrance of the store.

Walking slightly bow-legged, with her ass swaying from
side to side in an exaggerated motion, Laura did her
best to keep from cumming.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I need a pack of gum," Beth
said, stopping at the check-out.

Laura could feel the vibrations in her cunt taking
their toll. Each wave of pleasure growing longer and
more pronounced than the last. "Ahh-please-Beth-ah-
need-to-go," Laura moaned.

"It won't take but just a second Princess. See, I'm
paying for it right now sweetie."

But, it was too late. Laura felt the pleasant buzzing
grow in intensity, and then it washed over her body.
She grabbed Beth and hugged her body tightly - even
going so far as to wrap a lean leg over Beth's ass, so
she wouldn't fall down.

Laura's hips thrust in time to each spasm in her cunt.
The lower cheeks of her perky bottom now displayed to
the customers behind her in line.

Beth kissed her deeply, drowning out the cries of her

Afterwards, Laura looked around sheepishly at the
leering stares of the customers and wondered at what
she had become. Until she looked into the smoldering
gaze of her lover and knew.

The End

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copyright with all rights reserved by its author
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