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The Smell of Sex 5


The Smell of Sex
by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by
sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2001 by Couture
email at

Part V

Laura woke up with her head surrounded by the bottom of Monique's
gown, staring straight into her dark pussy.

"Get off me! What are you doing?" Laura cried in desperation as she
struggled to dislodge her dorm-mate.

"Shhh, take it easy, pervie. I ain't gonna hurt you. See, my brain
started clickin’ last night while you was asleep, and I think I may
have a cure for yo' lesbianism.

"See, yesterday, you got into a lot of bad trouble ‘cause your pussy
got hot and wet. So this morning, I'm gonna give yo’ pussy a little
bit of stem-you-lie right before you go to class, to de-sens-itize
it for the rest of the day.

“This way, we work all your nasty urges out of there right now, so
you won't be trying to sniff your teacher’s panties or some other
pervie like you said you did yesterday.

"Otherwise, a whole day without panties on will make your pussy all
sloppy wet. That would be like -- like wearing a fuck-me sign for
every little lezzie bitch who smells ya.

"Hee, hee! Laurie the dyke magnet. Do you want that to be your new
nickname at school?”

“No!” Laura answered, shaking her head from side to side.

“Then hold still and shut up so I can get this over with. Do you
think I like messin' with your sloppy ol' puss?"

Monique grabbed each of Laura’s nether lips, then opened and closed
them rapidly. Laura was humiliated by the wet smacking sounds of
her arousal.

"Is it going to hurt?" asked Laura meekly. She stopped struggling
and spread her legs, so that her roommate could give her this new

"Nah. Maybe sting . . . a tiny bit . . . not much though. Hell, who
are we kiddin’, it will prob’ly feel REAL GOOD to a pervie like you.

"Hold still now. First, we apply a little goopy goo to your puss,"
Monique said, as she coated Laura's sex with a thick silicone gel.
"Hee, hee! As if it wasn't wet enough already."

"See, that feels good, don't it, girlfriend?" she asked, rubbing the
cold gel into every fold of her white dorm-mate’s aroused pussy.

"Uh huh," Laura gasped, as she tried to suppress a moan of arousal.
She was very grateful to have something . . .anything to hide the
obvious secretions dripping from her cunt from the eyes of her dark-
skinned dorm-mate. She tried to control her dark urges, but she
could feel her hips begin to thrust of their own volition.

"Now, we gotta stick this little thingie inside of you, so spread
wide." Monique waited for Laura's legs to open up for her, then she
pushed a small vibrator inside Laura's sparsely-covered blonde sex.

"Mmmmm," Laura moaned, getting into the sensations of pleasure she
was experiencing at the hands of her dominant dorm-mate. The dark
girl’s sex just sat there teasing her, just a few inches from her
face. She could smell its musky aroma and she was dying to stick her
nose in the curly pubes.

"Okay, this part may sting a bit. Cover your mouth so you don't
make a fool of yourself. You don't want the neighbors thinking your
are just some lezzie slut getting off do ya?" warned Monique, as
she applied a flat metal panel attached to a NiCad battery to
Laura's glistening pubes and pressed a switch.

"Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!" cried Laura, as she felt a mild electric
current pass into her cunny, causing every muscle of her sex to
tighten involuntarily. The effect caused her pussy to clamp down
hard on the small vibrator inserted deeply in her sex. Monique
switched on the little vibrator giving Laura even more sensation.

"OW! OW! OH! FUCK! OH! OW! ME!" shouted Laura with each pulse
of electricity coming from the strange device.

Her hips were pumping with every jolt of electricity that shot into
her sex. It had scared her at first, but in reality it only stung

However, the feeling coming from each pulse as every muscle in her
pussy contracted and grabbed the small vibrator inserted within, was
fucking phenomenal!

"You've got to be quiet my pervie brown-noser or you'll wake
everyone up," whispered Monique. "And we don't want that do we?"

From her confined enclosure of her roommate’s nightie, Laura looked
around for something -- anything to put over her mouth. All she saw
and smelled was the dark, moist sex directly in front of her face.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, fuck mmmpphhff," Laura mumbled, as she pushed her mouth
and face tightly against Monique’s moistening cunt.

Monique decided to give Laura a reward for this, so she turned the
vibrator up a notch.

"Mmmmmm," Laura moaned as her nose easily slipped past the wet labia
and deeply into her dorm-mate’s sex.

Careful to keep Laura's face in place, Monique kept working the
small device all over the exposed white pussy.

Everywhere the black panel touched, the sparse blonde hairs began to
wither, then fall off.

'Yes, my stuck up little lezzie whore. Soon . . . soon . . . you
will be smooth as a baby, ‘cuz these blonde pussy hairs ain't
growin’ back for a long, long time,' thought Monique, as she
wickedly kept giving Laura the home-made electrolysis.

'How do you like my afro-engineering now, you bald white bitch,'
Monique thought, as she leaned back trapping Laura's blonde head
between her open thighs and sex. She began riding the white face
below her like a horse. Laura's nose was trapped deep in her dark
musky sex, while pressing the white girl’s pouty lips against her
hard clit.

Every time Laura moaned, Monique felt the vibration through her body
and whenever the poor girl gasped for air, her nose would slurp cum
from the black girl’s pussy.

"That's it bitch, suck that pussy with your nose . . . oh yeah, keep
on moaning for momma," Monique cried, on the verge of a climax.

She turned Laura's vibrator on high, then roughly pinched the girl’s
small hard nipples, and proceeded to fuck the captive girl's face
for all she was worth.

Poor Laura could feel an orgasm building deep within her pussy.
‘Why am I so turned on by my roommate’s pussy? I'm not a lesbian .
. . I'm not a lesbian . . .I’m not . . .’ the delirious co-ed
thought over and over. Poor Laura, who had never voluntarily given
another girl sexual pleasure, suddenly knew one thing:

She wanted Monique to cum with her.

Laura did the only thing she could. She opened her mouth and began
sucking on Monique’s hard clit. She ran her tongue over it,
pretending it was a little dick. 'Mmmmm, that tastes so fucking
good.' Laura tried to suck as much of Monique’s juices as she could
through her nose.

<mmmmmm . . . glom . . . glom . . .snert . . . gasp . . . glom . . .
glom . . . snert>

Monique began bouncing up and down as she rode Laura’s face. Her
sweaty breasts would rise up and swell each time she lifted up, then
filling out as they bounced down when she settled back on Laura’s
face. "Yippeee---kiii---yeeaaa you lezzie fucker . . . that's right
suck it . . . oh yeah, you know you want it! Oh! Oh! I'm cumming on
your face! Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhh . . . " gasped the rocking black

Laura continued sniffing, licking, and sucking the black girl's sex
with abandon, while Monique orgasmed, drenching Laura's face with
her spent fluids.

After Monique’s orgasm subsided, she rolled off of the cute, coated
face beneath her and removed the vibrator from the girl’s now
denuded pussy. Laura was motionless, with her legs still spread,
and her smooth pussy continued to spasm to the frequency of the
electrical device, even though the batteries had long since expired.

"Well, we got good news and bad news, pervie,” Monique said as she
admired her handiwork.

"The good news is, I think that oughta satisfy your nasty urges all
day long.

"The bad news is . . . that the mean ol' electricity done zapped
those pretty blonde hairs, right off of your cunt. Well, it ain't
like you had a much to begin with anyway. Heh, heh!" Monique
informed her now denuded dorm-mate, while she ran her hand all over
the exposed white pussy.

Laura shot up to a sitting position and was horrified to see her now
denuded sex. Her hands flew to at first cover it -- and then began
to explore it's unnatural smoothness.

"Oh, no! Oh, god! .. How can I ever face Dr. Adams with no hair
down there! She knows I had some yesterday. She will think I'm . .
. I'm some kind of perverted little slut for sure now . . . " Laura
whispered, as with her own hand, she began to manually explore her
sex's silky smoothness. It felt unnatural, and when she touched
herself, it felt as if it was a stranger’s hand. In a way, it was
quite delightful.

"Can't be helped pervie, you'll get used to it. Come on, get your
smelly white ass up! You need a shower somethin' awful,” Monique
ordered, “you're stinking up the room." She grabbed Laura's hand
and pulled her up and out of her bed.

Both girls wrapped their bodies in towels, grabbed their toiletries
and went out of their room and down the hall to take a shower.

In the communal shower, Laura took great pains to try to keep her
now hairless sex hidden from the two other girls already there.

Looking down, Laura began to blush, there was no little patch of
hair to hide behind. Anyone who looked at her red swollen lips and
distended nubbin would know that she had just been fucked. She
thought she heard one of the girls giggle, and blushed knowing that
someone was probably laughing at her aroused, prepubescent-looking
body. It was bad enough having tiny little breasts, but now she had
no womanly hair either. She felt like she was nothing but a little
girl, surrounded by a college full of women.

What was worse, was that the humiliation of it all was beginning to
turn Laura on.

After their shower, the two girls went back to their dorm room,
where Monique promptly started giving Laura orders again.

"You know that when you are in this room, you are supposed to be
naked, Laurie," Monique said, as she stripped Laura of her towel
and pushed Laura down to her knees onto the floor.

"Here, take this lotion and put it on my body so I don't get chalky.
Come on girl, I ain't got all day."

Laura was so embarrassed to have to handle another woman's body,
especially a black's, but, as Monique had said, 'It was part of the
cure for your lesbianism',

So, starting at her dorm-mate's feet, she began rubbing the lotion
into the dark girl’s skin and worked her way up to the girl's sex.

"All over, Laura. This has got to become ordinary to you."

Laura poured some more lotion in her hand and spread it all over
Monique's black hairy sex. Laura could feel herself getting very
aroused as she stared at the way the black girl’s shiny sex moved
under her hand.

"That's my girl . . . the back too." Monique turned around and
pushed her bubble butt in Laura's face.

‘God, how much more demeaning can my life get,’ Laura thought, while
she applied the lotion Monique's muscular bottom and even between
her ass cheeks.

As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, then she had to stand there
with her pathetic A cups next to Monique’s large breasts while she
finished rubbing the lotion onto her dorm-mate. Every time Laura
touched the girl's full, black breasts, she was reminded of how
inferior she was -- how inferior she would always be.

"Good job, girlfriend. Do you need to sniff my pussy or my ass,
before I finish dressing?"

Laura blushed; she knew Monique could see her swollen wet sex. "No,
no. I'll be alright." The truth was, she could still smell the
dark girl’s scent whenever she inhaled through her nose.

"Don’t lie to me pervie, you have nothing to hide behind. Not
anymore,” Monique said as she easily slipped a finger into Laura’s
cunt. Soon she had the blonde grinding her hips and wobbling on
weak knees. “Here this should hold you off until tonight," Monique
said, as she took her soaked finger and smeared the juices under
Laura's nose.

"Well, go ahead and get dressed, girl; remember you have to see Dr.
Adams today."

Laura had to follow Dr. Adam’s orders today at least. So, she only
wore a loose-fitting pleated pink and black-checkered skirt and her
tight, cashmere, white, button -up sweater. Monique insisted she
wear her pink pumps with knee high socks. Laura felt like she had
regressed to a little Catholic schoolgirl.

‘Well, Dr. Adams is going to think I'm a little girl anyway . . .
so what does it matter?’ Laura thought, as she left for class.


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