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The Smell of Sex 6


The Smell of Sex Ch.6
by Couture

(FF, panty, humil)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2001 by Couture

Part VI

'Well aside from feeling incredibly naked, by not
wearing any panties and losing the natural protection
of my hair down there, whatever it was that Monique
did, really has helped keep me from getting horny so
far today.' Laura thought.

However, as her third class ended, she slipped up, and
began again to notice other girl's panty lines. Then
too, there was the dreaded thought of having to sit in
Dr Adams office, naked, with her bare sex spread wide
open drying before that damn fan. Further she had the
thoughts of Dr. Adams probably wearing some frilly
beige panties and matching nylons.

These thoughts started making her feel very randy
again. Her hard nipples began pointing out from her
sweater. She worried that the wet juices leaking from
her sex, would leave a wet spot on the back of her
skirt, since she didn't have panties on.

Thankfully, her class ended without any incident, and
reluctantly she headed to Dr. Adam's class.

Then in the hall, someone came up behind Laura and put
their arm around her, placing their hand on her cute

"Hello, Pink Pumps. Did'ja miss me?" asked the girl
in black.

Laura, began to panic. 'OH NO! It is black boots and
she recognizes me!' Laura tried to turn down the next
hall in order to lose the Goth, but she easily kept up
with Laura.

"I don't know who you are, but if you don't leave me
alone and let me get to class, I will scream and get
you thrown out of school" whispered Laura with much
more authority than a poorly covered Catholic
schoolgirl should have been able to muster.

"Now, that's not a very nice thing to say. The little
girl I helped in the bathroom yesterday was much MUCH
nicer to me." the Goth girl said, as she pouted her
black painted lips.

"Yes, I liked that darling little girl much better,
not this snobbish bitch beside me now." The Goth
reached into the back pocket of her book bag and
brought out some photos.

"Princess, I'm afraid if you don't give me my sweet
girl back, I'm going to have to show all your friends
here what kind of girlie you really are." Black Boots
said, as she waved one of the pictures in front of
Laura's face. The picture showed Laura standing on top
of a toilet, back arched as she faced the wall, her
wet sex and rosebud displayed between spread legs.
'Oh God! I look like such a whore,' Laura's face
turned bright red and she tried to snatch the photo
before anyone else could see it. However, the Goth
was unwilling to let it go and Laura had to let it go,
because their struggle was beginning to draw unwanted

"Oh please give it back. Please don't show anyone,"
whined Laura, as she began to cry at the hopelessness
of her situation.

"Don't cry Princess Panty, just give me a pretty smile
and be me sweet little girl like yesterday and
everything will be just fine. Okay?" The pale girl
reached up and wiped the tears from the crying
blonde's eyes.

Laura forced a smile on her face. "Okay," she

"Okay, Goddess Goth" said black boots as she playfully
spanked Laura's ass.

"Let me see what kind of panties you have on today
Princess Panty." said the Goth, casually lifting the
hem of Laura's cute school girl skirt in the crowded

"No, no! Please, Goddess Goth, not here. I'm not
wearing panties today." The blonde squirmed, as she
tried to keep her skirt out of the Goth's hands.

"Please let me go. I just HAVE to be at my 2:00
class." said Laura as she held down her skirt and
walked quickly to the restroom to avoid being further

"Then you better hurry and do as I say, because you
don't have much time."

With that a smiling Goth girl hustled the reluctant
blonde, into the far stall and locked the door.

"Okay, now let's see if my little school girl was
lying about her panties."

Then black boots waited, arms crossed tapping her
black boot impatiently. "I can wait all day, if that
is what it takes."

'God, I can't be late for class,' thought Laura. She
looked down at the tile floor and slowly raised the
hem of her skirt up around her waist, exposing herself
to this wicked girl.

The Goth's whistle echoed off the walls of the
restroom, while she stood ogling at Laura's denuded
sex. "Mmmmm . . . very nice . . . my naughty little
girl is all smooth for me today. I love it!" Black
boots remarked, as she traced a black fingernail along
the exposed lips of Laura's wet sex. "And she's so

"Now let me feel those itty bitty girlish titties I
like so much!" The Goth demanded.

"Please don't," Laura begged, but the hard crinkled
nipples poking through her sweater told a different
story. She slowly undid the buttons of her sweater,
exposing her small breasts to her tormentor.

The Goth began feeling and then slapping the small
orbs with glee, just to watch them jiggle. "So small
. . . So perky. You don't even need a training bra
for these babies." laughed the Goth as she pinched a
crinkled pink nipple between her forefinger and thumb.

"Ow. Please don't! I'm not a lesbian." whimpered
Laura. "It's just-"

"Honey, doing this isn't going to turn you into a
lezzie. All I want to do is play with you. Two girls
having a little harmless fun together! Just like
yesterday, remember?"

Laura did remember. Thoughts of her carnal behavior
yesterday humiliated her, yet filled her with lust at
the same time. She struggled not to flinch when she
felt the Goth's hands begin to roam up her thigh.

"Just me and my own sweet little tiny-tittied girl,"
Black boots calmly explained as she began to slowly
explore Laura's denuded sex with her right index
finger. Then when she had saturated her finger with
Laura's juices, she began to spell out letters on the
trembling blonde's smooth belly and breasts. "C-U-N-
T. That spells cunt and that is where I want to feel
those magic little fingers . . .right in my cunt!"

"This will go quicker, if you get down on your knees .
. . okay?" said the Goth.

"Come on Pink Pumps, get down there, okay. It is your
turn to play with me.

"Now!" The Goth said, as she grabbed both of Laura's
hard exposed nipples and pulled down until the thin
girl dropped to her knees.

"Come on use your nice soft fingers. Put em up inside
me like I did for you yesterday. You remember, don't
you? Come on . . . It'll be quicker . . . Don't worry
it isn't going to make you gay. Anymore than me
making you feel good down there yesterday made you
gay. We're just two girls, being 'nice' to one

"Here. I'll even help you," said the Goth girl, as
she raised her stretchy black miniskirt up over her
hips exposing her pantiless sex.

"See I didn't wear panties either. We must be some
kinda special friends"

Knowing she couldn't leave until she brought the
wicked girl off, Laura parted the Goths black bush
with her left hand and inserted the index finger of
her right into the parted labia.

"Mmmm . . . now there's my good girl <ahhh> that
feels really good Princess Panty. Now play with my
clit . . . No . . . Don't stop . . . use your other
hand." said the Goth as she had put her right leg up
onto the toilet tank rim. This spread her black haired
sex wide open, mere inches in front of the submissive
blonde's face kneeling on the floor.

Both Laura's hands became a blur as she desperately
stroked in and out of the Goth Goddess sex, and played
with the other girl's clit.

"UUUUhhh, oh god! panty Princess . . . um . . . you
do that so goddamn good!"

Laura flushed with pride and then horror.

It seemed as if she had found a new niche for her
perfection, one that she really didn't want. Her new
ability was making this strange kinky girl cum. As
she became tired she leaned forward and rested her
head on the Goth's thigh, so she could smell the sweet
musky aroma emanating from the girl's hairy sex.

"Ohh-ohhh -ohhhh-ah . . . that's my girl . . . make
me cum . . . ohhh gawd keep working inside me with
them pussy fucking fingers of yours." All the while
the Goth's hips were grinding her thick black bush
against the side of Laura's face, as the blonde
inhaled the aroma of her sex.

"Ugh . . . Ugh. . . . Oh . . . ah-ah-Ahhhhh" As the
Goth climaxed, she grabbed the blonde's shoulders to
keep from falling down. She bent over, raising
Laura's head upward by her chin. As she looked deeply
in her eyes, she kissed the thin girl and explored
Laura's accepting mouth with her tongue.

The Goth stood back up, holding her skirt around her
waist. She looked down at her matted sex with

"Oh dear, you naughty girl you, you've made a nasty
mess of my pussy again!" sneered the Goth, as she ran
her finger through the sticky wetness of her sex.
"See?" The Goth showed Laura the evidence of her
secretions on her hand, then wiped it clean in her
blonde hair.

"I guess it's time for you to clean up your mess
again. Just like yesterday."

"But..b-b-but, I . . . I d-don't have any p-panties,"
Laura stuttered.

"Well neither do I, so unless you want to use your
pretty little sweater or skirt, I would suggest you
put that mean pouty mouth of yours to some good."

"Damn! Damn! Damn! Why do these things keep happening
to me? I can't go to class smelling of this horrible
girl's pussy, but I MUST to go to Dr. Adams's class. I
MUST." Laura worried.

The Goth began running the tip of her black boot
against the wet folds of Laura's denuded sex teasing
her, as the poor girl's conflicted mind tried to come
up with some way . . . any way . . . out of her

She could hear Monique in the back of her mind urging
her, 'Come on girl, this has to become ordinary to
you, in order for you to be cured."

So finally, she stuck out her tongue and tentatively,
began licking at the dew on the black hairs in front
of her face.

"Oh . . . you're good. You are such a good little
pussy licker pink pumps. Mmmmmm . . . and your
tongue feels . . . so silky. Lick inside the lips
Princess, they need some attention too."

Laura realized that this had gone much further than
cleaning up the mess she had made. She was on her
knees in a public restroom, performing oral sex on a
stranger. She gave up on pretending otherwise and
began to lick the Goth in earnest. Her only wish was
that Goddess Goth wasn't quite so vocal in her

"Yes! Oh so good . . . Now do that clit . . . mmmmm.
Oh! Keep doing that clit baby girl. Ahhhh . . .
that's my sweet pussy licker." moaned the Goth.

"And you said you weren't a lezzie!"

Laura hated the thought of what she was doing, but she
was lost in the smell, taste, and feel of the
overbearing girl's sex against her face. What she
hated more was the fact that the depravity of her
actions brought such a sexual rush to her pussy. She
began grinding her own pussy onto the leather black
boot of the Goth girl towering over her to sooth the
yearning in her cunt.

The steel chain on the Goth's boot kept 'clinking' as
Laura humped her own overheated sex lips against them.

Ching . . . Slurp . . . Gasp . . . Ching . . . Slurp .
. . Gasp . . . Ching . . . Slurp . . . Gasp . . .
Ching . . . Slurp . . . Gasp . . .

"Oh yes! Suck it. Suck that pussy. Mmmm . . . I love

"Fuck . . . ugh . . . fuck. OH! I feel you down
there, don't try to hide it slut. You are fucking my
black boot, aren't you Princess Pussy? . . . Oh yeah.
Work that boot with your cunt, you nasty girl! Mmmmm
. . . ugh . . . you gonna make me cum again . . . you
little tittied lezzie bitch! Now come on!"

"Don't go all shy on me now . . . that's right . . .
Suck that clit . . . ohhhh . . . Yeah, like that . . .
suck it . . . suck it harder!!! HARDER!! Oh god . . .

As the Goth girl came, Laura, couldn't help herself.
She began to hump against the hard metal chains and
now shiny black leather of the boot with abandon.

She felt her hair being grabbed and then her head was
tilted back. "No! I'm so close. Please oh please let
me finish!" Laura moaned.

Flash! The Goth girl took a suprise picture the slim
girl hugging her leg tightly and humping her black

Laura was to far gone to care, the humiliation of the
picture sent her over the edge as she began to climax
on the boot beneath her.

"Oh . . . Ohhh . . . Ahhh . . . Goddesss . . . fuck my
cunt with your boot. . . . ahhhhh," Laura orgasmed
loudly. Then she buried her face in the Goths black
dark sex, before falling down in a heap at the Goth's
feet. She lay staring her wet juices shining on the
right black leather boot before her face.

"Mmmmm . . . That's my sweet pussy licking girl. Now
be a good girl and clean up that nasty mess you made
on my nice shiny boots. " ordered the Goth girl
towering over her.

Seeing no alternative, an exhausted Laura began
licking the boot in front of her. As she did, she
noted the subtle difference in the flavor of her own
secretions. She even worked her tongue around the
metal chain, to get all the stray drops of moisture
that had accumulated there.

"I hate to interrupt the spit shine you are putting on
my boots, since you are clearly enjoying yourself, but
didn't you say you had a class at two?" asked an
amused Goth.

"Oh shit! It's 2:05, I'm going to be late." said Laura
as she jumped up eager to get ready for her class.

"Stop!" commanded the Goth.

"Give me a kiss first and thank me for the pleasure.
Then hold still and I will dress you myself, my little
Barbie doll." said the Goth girl.

"Thank you for the pleasure Goddess Goth!" Laura said.
as she leaned her head up to kiss the taller girl.

"My name is Beth and my phone number is 555-4532.
Here, I'll write it on your tit. So you won't lose

Then the Goth girl took out a pen and wrote her number
on the blonde's small left breast.

"Hee Hee . . . your tiny titty is almost too small for
my phone number to fit."

The Goth girl frenched the submissive blonde deeply.
Then she buttoned Laura's sweater up, playfully
tweaking her nipples, until her hard nips stood out
like two pencil erasers.

"Perfect!" she said as she opened the door and smacked
the rushing girl on the ass as Laura hurried to her

"I probably should have told her to wash off her face
and hands, but I do so enjoy marking my territory."
Beth thought smiling, before strutting saucily from
the restroom herself.

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