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Archived Sex Stories

The Smell of Sex 7


The Smell of Sex Ch.7
by Couture

(FF, panty, humil, Fd)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2001 by Couture

Chapter VII

Laura rushed to Dr. Adams's class, opened the door
quietly, and sat down in the back row trying very hard
not to be seen. When she finally had the courage to
look up, she saw the disapproving scowl on her
professor's face.

'Damn!' she thought, 'I'm going to be in trouble;
that old bitch doesn't miss anything.'

She made it through the class without drawing further
attention to herself, but all she could think about
was sitting naked, with her legs spread wide in Dr.
Adams's office, and having her professor look at her
like she was some kind of slut, while all the time
that horrible fan blew, teasing her aroused sex.

After class, Laura waited for Dr. Adams at the front
of the room, just behind the other girls who were
waiting to talk to the professor.

'I used to be one of those girls staying after class
to ask a few choice questions. It never hurts to
score a few quick brownie points with the teacher.'
Laura's eyes dropped down and gazed at the outline of
the other girls' panties. It made her conscious of
the absence of her own, and re-awakened the desire in
her own sex as well. 'But now I'm just a horny slut
craving the humiliation of spreading my legs for my
teacher while a fan dries my sex.'

Laura stood there, eyes downcast, as the last of the
girls left the class.

"Well, if it isn't little Laurie. So nice of you to
make it to class today, young lady." Dr. Adams packed
up the papers on her desk, not even glancing up at the
nervous girl.

"We will discuss your tardiness and take care of your
*problem* in my office. Follow me young lady."
Without a backward glance, Dr. Adams turned around and
walked briskly out the classroom toward her office.

A meek Laura walked a few steps behind her teacher.
Her gaze naturally falling on her teacher's full,
womanly ass as it swayed. Laura could see the outline
of lacy panties through the material of her skirt.

When they were inside her office, Dr. Adams paused at
the entrance and locked the door behind Laura.

"Laura, I'm very cross with you. Yesterday you cut my
class entirely. Now today you show up late."

Dr. Adams grimaced and turned up her nose after
smelling Laura's hair. "After doing God knows what,"
she added.

Laura's eyes grew wide and she began to nervously
twist a stray strand of her hair around her index

"I'm sorry ma'am, but you know my c-c-condition. It
makes some things very . . . um difficult for me,"
answered Laura, peeking out from under her bangs,
trying to play the poor-little-girl-lost look for all
it would be worth.

"Well, let me see how bad it is today. You know the
routine: take off your clothes and sit in the chair so
I can see how wet you are. Hmmmpf, I'm sure you are
leaking like a faucet, since I can smell you from
here," said her disapproving professor.

"Um-ah, it was just that, I-I was in such a rush to
get to your class ma'am, that um . . . I didn't have
time to clean up," murmured the horrified blonde, when
she realized she hadn't even rinsed off after her
earlier escapades with Beth.

To delay her fate as long as she could, she started
stripping off her clothes slowly. Then, she carefully
folded each item and placed them on the corner of her
teacher's wooden desk. As she bent to remove her Mary
Janes and socks she heard Dr. Adams say, "Leave on the
cute little socks and your pretty Mary Janes, Laura.
There will be no need to take them off, will there?"

Blushing and looking at the floor, the young blonde
shook her head indicating no. 'Let's get this over
with,' Laura thought, as she sat down on the wooden
chair and spread her legs slightly.

"Laura," Dr. Adams chided Laura disapprovingly, "You
know your legs go over the arm rails."

Laura dreaded showing off her denuded aroused sex, but
she obeyed her teacher and placed her legs over the
arm rails.

Dr. Adams began to circle the blushing girl, tracing
various parts of her body with a ruler.

"What is that written on your chest Laura?" Dr. Adams
said, as she slapped the breast on which Beth's name
and phone number were inscribed with her wooden ruler.

"Ouch! . . . um, it's a friend of mine. I'm supposed
to call her and ah . . . ask her to meet me at my dorm
tonight to ahh . . . study. I-I forget things so she
-- I mean, *I* wrote her phone number on my b-breast
so when . . . um . . . I change clothes tonight, I'll
be sure to s-s-see it and remember to call her."

"Uh-huh. Sure it is, Laura," Dr. Adams said
skeptically. Her voice sounded unconvinced.

To Laura's horror, her teacher picked up the phone
from her desk and made a call. Then after a short
period of time, she said, "Hi Beth, this is Dr. Adams.
Laura wanted me to tell you to meet her at room 314 in
Parker Hall tonight at 8:00 to *study*." Smiling, she
hung up the phone.

"Wouldn't it have been a lot smarter to just leave a
message? Well we can't expect too much out of some
people can we, Laurie?"

'God! She must think I'm the dumbest blonde on the
planet,' Laura thought, as she shook her head
indicating her agreement.

Dr. Adams bent down and traced Laura's bare sex with
her ruler. "I see you're going for the *complete*
little girl look now. I like it! It suits someone like
*you* so well."

"Why, with those small breasts of yours, the hairless
vagina, and schoolgirl clothes, if I didn't know
better, I could swear that you were about -- oh -- say
twelve years old. You definitely acted like a little
girl today when you didn't show me the proper respect
and failed to come to my class on time. I think we
will have to address that *right now*," said the
stern, older woman, as she pointed her ruler at the
cowering student.

"Okay, you want to be a little girl, then we'll just
have to treat you like one! I want you to stand up
facing my desk and lean over and grab the far edge
with both of your hands . . . *this instant*!"

"Good girl," Dr. Adams assured the blonde, as she
assumed the correct position. "Now, bend way on down
there and lay your forgetful little head on the desk.
You will keep those legs together and straight, if you
know what's good for you. Remain completely still and
silent, until I'm finished," commanded Dr. Adams.
"That's my girl. Posture and respect are so very
important for young women."

Laura was very uncomfortable with this new position.
She couldn't see Dr. Adams or what she was doing, but
she could feel her Achilles tendons stretched tautly,
from her ankles to her naked ass. Her breasts were
mashed against the cold glass top of the wooden desk.

'Why does she have me positioned like this? She can't
dry me in this position," wondered Laura. Then a cold
realization struck her. She was about to be spanked -
for the first time in her whole life. Just like some
disobedient little girl.

"Well Laura, tonight when you look at your tiny
breast, you will remember your friend - um, Beth, was
it, is coming over to study. But, for the next few
days, when you attempt to sit down, you will think of
*me*, and you will remember to come to my class . . .


Dr. Adams brought the ruler down smartly on the tender
flesh of Laura's milky white bottom.

". . . *ON TIME*!"

"Oooo, please . . . don't do . . . OHH!" Laura


"Oooo, please . . . don't, I've OOO . . ."


"OW OW OW!!!" Laura surged forward onto the desk
knocking off some papers as she lay across the cold
glass surface and brought both her hands back to cover
the delicate cheeks of her now smarting ass.

"God! Please . . . that hurts . . . please!" Laura
begged, as she rubbed the burning ass cheeks, of her
still wiggling rump.

"Laura! Behave yourself girl. You moved and talked,
when I said not to, so I'm afraid those don't licks
don't count," the professor chided her errant student.

"Now we're just going to do this, *all over again*.
We can keep at this till you take the twenty-five
licks you deserve like a grown woman, instead of some
spoiled little twelve-year-old brat. Now get back
where you were and we'll begin again."

Laura blushed hearing her fears realized. Dr. Adams no
longer saw her as a grown woman with opinions, but as
a spoiled, disobedient child.

'Well, I'll prove to her that I'm not a child,' she
vowed, as she got back into the humiliating position.
She was determined to endure her punishment like a
grown-up *woman*!

"That's much better. Now, count them out little
girl!" sneered Dr. Adams.

"Gasp . . . um . . . one."

"Louder, you little baby."


"Owww . . . TWO!"


"As we're doing this for you own good, 'thank me' and
tell me that in future you will do as you are told,
you spoiled brat!"



"Thank you Dr. Adams, I will do as I'm told from now


"That's my good girl - keep going"

Laura's cheeks were turning a dark shade of red as she
struggled to keep her hands on the desk, her Mary
Janes on the floor, and her ass right up there for her
deserved punishment.


"FOUR! Thank you <sniff> Dr. Adams, I w-w-will do as
I'm told from now on."


"Awwwww. Is the poor widdle baby crying?"

Humiliated by her tears and nakedness, Laura's strong
will caved in. She openly cried like a baby in front
of the older woman.


" FIVE . . . thank you Dr. Adams, yes . . . I'm
<sniff> c-c-crying . . . because IT HURTS!



"Keep those little girlie shoes of yours flat on the
floor and that ass up high, little Laurie!"


It went on and on, and Laura's ass now seemed to be on

"Seventeeeeeennnnn! Please Dr. Adams I-I-I can't t-t-
take it anymore . . . I'll do anything . . . p-please
just stop spanking me . . . " blubbered the girl
openly crying, who had long since given up on her
proper position.

Dr. Adams was very upset, both with Laura and herself.
Why, she had gotten so aroused from spanking the
spoiled slut's ass that she had let the little bitch
get all out of position. Even though the small blonde
looked good enough to eat, sprawled out on top of her
desk crying like a child, it was no excuse for her to
get lax. The goal she was hoping to achieve was much
larger than her own arousal or the discomfort the
little brat on her desk was undergoing.

'I've been waiting for this moment for nineteen years,
I must keep control of myself," thought the professor.

"Laura, Laura, Laura," Dr. Adams tsked, "I'm afraid
those didn't count either. If your mother had brought
you up properly, instead of turning out a weak-willed
spoiled whiny brat, none of this would have had to

"Rule number one is that you don't get out of your
licks, ever; especially from ME!"

We can maybe postpone them or maybe you can work them
off, just maybe, but you can never get out of them."
The older woman addressed her remarks to her student's
now bright red ass, as she rubbed her own sweating
hands over Laura's burning ass flesh.

Laura didn't object. She would do anything to avoid
that ruler, besides, the soft cool hands actually felt
nice on her aching ass. Laura regretted her mother
hadn't been stricter with her when she was growing up
instead of leaving her to learn about such things on
her own.

"Come on girl, get up and clean up that mess you made
on my desk, and be quick about it," demanded a stern
Dr. Adams, who stood over Laura, menacingly holding
her wicked ruler.

'Oh God!' Laura thought, as she looked down. She had
covered the glass desktop with a nasty smear of her
sweat, tears, snot, and girlie cum. Laura frantically
looked around the room for napkins, tissues, or
anything, but could find nothing to mop up with.
Reluctantly, she picked up her precious cashmere
sweater. As she ran it over her tear-stained face, she
thought, 'Goodbye baby, you were a beautiful sweater.'

Then she commenced using it to wipe her fluids off the
glass desktop.

Dr Adams inspected as she worked and observed, "Very
good Laura, at least you are good at cleaning up. But
it's getting late and I have another appointment, so
we need to finish up here."

Assume your drying position in the chair over there.
You can remember that, can't you?"

First, lay your nasty sweater on the chair seat. That
will help keep your odious juices off my nice clean
chair, little girl. We'll come back to the subject of
your licks at a later time."

Laura placed her sweater on the chair and then sat on
it. Then she spread her legs over each arm rest
facing her demanding, stern professor. She was still
totally embarrassed at showing her open sex to anyone,
even another woman. However, the downright fear of
her harsh teacher and her ruler had the shy girl
displaying her body almost with enthusiasm.

"Let's see that nasty crack of yours today. Come on
girl, spread those lips for me!" the teacher said, as
she watched the young girl reach down reluctantly and
spread her labia wide.

"Ugh! It's as sloppy as ever. Worse even. Why, your
pussy is leaking like a faucet. Ha Ha. I think I'll
call you *Leaky Laurie*!" Dr Adams laughed, as she
scraped the flat top of her ruler between Laura's
spread lips, causing the young girl to gasp. Finally,
she wiped the soaked ruler top on Laura's face.

"Well, let's try to dry your sloppy cunny before your
condition gets worse," Dr. Adams said, as she turned
her desk fan on high and pointed it directly down at
Laura's spread-open sex lips.

"You know, Laura, or should I say, *Leaky Laurie*, I
think I've come up with an idea about how to get at
those nasty juices hiding inside your vagina. See?"

The doctor had opened her left top desk drawer, and
pulled out a curious plastic device, which she held
under Laura's sniveling nose. "This thing is called a
breast pump, Laura. Women use this to pump milk out
of their breasts to feed to their babies.

"We're going to use it for a slightly different
purpose. I've modified it a little and we're going to
use it to suck all that nasty girlie cum right out of
your vagina."

"So, it's actually a good thing you shaved your pubes.
This way, without all those pesky hairs in the way, we
can really create a much better vacuum. Now hold still
while I . . ."

She had plugged the thing in and was now placing the
modified cup over Laura's gaping sex hole.

'Oh! Oh! Ooooo shit! OH! That feels good," thought
Laura, as the pump started to suck at her flowing
pussy. It pulled the juices out of her and deposited
them into the small cup below. Then it paused . . .
and sucked at her cunt again.

"Oh!! damn! Oh damn!" Laura gasped. 'This thing is
gonna make me cum.'

"Does that hurt, Laura?" asked the amused professor,
as she observed her creation's work on the little
blonde's sex.

"Ahhhhh . . . No-no, it doesn't . . . Ohhh -- h-u-r-
t," Laura purred from deep within her chest, as she
bucked her hips into the pump's cup.

Dr. Adams held the pump against Laura's bare,
thrusting sex until it looked as though the poor
shaking girl was on the verge of an intense orgasm.
Suddenly, she pulled the device off at the last

Just as soon as Laura felt the warm delicious wave of
pleasure began to permeate her body, the sucking
stopped. Her climax dissipated, fading back from
whence it had come. Laura's body sought her
mechanical lover: her ass rose off the seat and into
the air searching, praying that the pump was there
just out of reach.

Laura opened her eyes and looked up at Dr. Adams who
was ignoring her and looking curiously at the
secretions collected in the cup. "Please?" Laura
begged meekly, as she lowered her hands to her cunt.

Dr. Adams looked down at the frustrated girl, "Stop
that this instant! This is supposed to be for your
medical condition, *not* your perverted pleasures!"
sneered the stern woman slapping Laura's questing
hands away from her bare sex.

The older woman watched as Laura blushed and began to
settle back down into the chair. The young girl
looked up at her with her hopeful, bright blue eyes as
she willed her body back into the required position.
When Dr. Adams was satisfied her student was going to
behave, she again applied the pump to the eager girl.
She took the frustrated girl to the brink of climax,
not two, but three more times.

Each time the warm flush of arousal would spread down
between the young girl's immature breasts that rose
and fell with her shallow gasps. She spread her long
lean legs and tried to still her body's reaction, as
if the older woman would reward her for her obedience.

However, as sexy as the young girl looked biting her
lower lip and her face scrunched up delightfully in
pleasure lookedd, Dr. Adams once again withdrew the
pump, causing the young girl to moan in

Laura reached to grab the pump, but then hesitated
under the teacher's harsh glare. Then she willed her
hands back down and grabbed the back legs of her
chair, her knuckles turning white from the force. She
looked up into her teacher's condescending eyes, then
glanced down, staring at her swollen pink sex. "Please
. . ." she whimpered.

"Please what, Laurie?" Dr. Adams asked, as she lifted
Laura's chin up, so that the young girl faced her.

'Please, don't make me say it. Don't make me expose
my dirty thoughts and then laugh at me,' Laura
thought, trying to win a battle against her body, but

"Please, leave it on until I . . . cum."

"Laura, I know you can't help how you were brought up.
I sympathize, I really do, but do you think that it is
fair for you to have an orgasm all by yourself? What
about me?" Dr. Adams explained to the frustrated girl
as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
"Anyone but a spoiled, self-centered, little brat
would know that to get someone to do something nice
for you, you have to do something nice for them . . .

"OH GOD PLEASE . . . I'll make you cum Dr. Adams . . .
I swear I will!" cried Laura, clutching the doctor's
left arm, her wishful red face peering up beneath her
wet sweaty hair. She prayed the older woman would
relieve the burning need in her cunt.

"Well Laura, I am a proper woman and I have special
needs. It's just that it takes longer for me to get
off than some slutty little brat like you.

"Do you think if I let you try, you could maybe . . .
make me cum? If you could do that, perhaps I could see
my way to leave the pump on until you have the best
climax of your pathetic, self-centered, little life."

"Oh please, Dr. Adams, I know I can. I'll do a good
job. I promise. Please?

"Please let me try . . . *PLEASE*!" Laura begged.

"Well, okay, I'll let you try," said a smiling Dr.
Adams, as she picked up Laura's clothes and the breast
pump. She carefully placed them into her lower left
desk drawer, then reached up under her skirt and
pulled off her lacy black panties. She was going to
put them in the drawer as well, but when she saw the
little blonde girl's eyes she decided to place them
over the girl's head.

"Taste me," Dr. Adams said as she centered the wet
crotch of her panties over her face. Then, with her
finger she pushed the silk fabric into the lusting
girl's sucking mouth, causing the young girl to moan.

"Laura, if someone comes by and hears you making
grunting and moaning noises while my door is locked,
we could both get in a lot of trouble. So, while I go
and unlock my door, you hide underneath my desk."

'Wait, I'm not dressed!' Laura thought, but the older
woman was already on her way to the door. Laura flew
out of the chair and then scooted under the desk, just
as Dr. Adams unlocked the door.

Dr. Adams walked back to her chair, looked down at the
kneeling blonde and smiled. She picked up Laura's
cashmere sweater and spread it on the seat of her
chair. 'No sense in wetting my chair,' she thought, as
she raised the back of her dress and sat down on her
bare ass. Then she removed her panties from Laura's
head. "Don't be selfish, you're about to get the real
thing now," she said. "See, now, I can put my legs
over your shoulders like so," the teacher said,
placing her thighs over the blonde's shoulders and
sliding forward, filling the submissive girl's face
completely, providing Laura total access to her hairy
wet cunt.

"Now, all I have to do, is lay my skirt on top of you,
while you try to please me, safe and sound from any
prying eyes. That way if someone comes in, all they
will see is me, just sitting here grading papers all
by myself."

Laura, was very embarrassed about being in an unlocked
room, hidden naked under a desk, pleasuring an older
woman, but she was beyond caring about the risk at
this point. All of Laura's concentration was centered
on her hot, wet, frustrated sex.

As Laura began to service the older woman's pussy, Dr.
Adams thought, 'Mmmmm. I've always wondered how those
male chauvinist pigs felt when they get some bimbo
secretary to get on their knees and give them a blow

'Ahhh fuck! It is only right that a liberated woman
such as myself, <ahhh> gets to experience this
pleasure. Oh yes, I've waited for this moment for
nineteen years and it was worth every minute of it!'

"Ahhh!" Dr. Adams cried; then she looked down and saw
that her personal pussy licker was masturbating her
clit. "You selfish bitch, concentrate on the job at
hand!" The older woman grabbed Laura's hands, put
them underneath her ass, then sat on them.

Not being able to pleasure herself until the dominant
older lady had been satisfied, motivated Laura to work
that much harder. She turned all her attention to the
older woman's pussy, working her tongue and lips with
enthusiasm as she tried to follow her professor's
demanding orders.

"That's it. That's it girl!" Dr. Adams encouraged,
"but, flutter your tongue on my clit more. Now go way
down and push it in my cunt."

"Oh! Harder you leaky bitch! Suck it now. No-no,
that's getting repetitious, front to
back . . . *then* side to side."

The demanding woman continually corrected her
subservient student and when displeased, she would
painfully twist the girl's ear or nipples.

To reward her licker, the older woman would massage
the girl's small breasts or run her nylon covered toes
on Laura's denuded cunt. In just forty minutes, Laura
was licking pussy like she had done it all her life.


'OH GOD!' thought Laura, 'someone's at the door. She
tried raised her head, but banged it on the underside
of the desktop.

Dr. Adams slid her chair further underneath the desk
wedging the girl tightly underneath. Laura slid back
as far as she could, but it wasn't enough. Finally,
she had to squat on the dirty floor, legs held wide by
her professor's slightly spread knees.

Now, she found her face pressed tightly between Dr.
Adams's thick thighs, held fast by the teacher's dress
as it was pulled down over her naked body. She was
effectively immobilized and most disconcerting was the
wheel of Dr. Adams's chair was embedded neatly in
Laura's pussy.

"Oh, it's you Susan. Come on in. Come in and have a
seat. Now, what can I do for you?" Dr. Adams said

'Oh No! It's Susan Riggs. She's in the sorority I'm
pledging.' Laura was horrified. 'She can't find me
like this! I'd just die.'

Laura wanted to panic, but all she could do was to
stay perfectly motionless staring at the wet matted
hair and pink blossomed lips of her teacher's sex,
pressed against her cheeks and under her nose. She
tried to raise her head off the older woman's pussy,
but when she did Laura felt her ear being twisted.

'OH GOD! NO! She can't possibly expect me to do this
now!' Laura thought.

But, Dr. Adams was persistent and kept twisting the
ear harder and harder. Finally Laura quietly began to
lick the parted lips in front of her face.

All the while, the older woman chatted with her future
sorority sister as if nothing was out of the ordinary.
However, she slid her chair back and forth slightly
driving the chair wheel repeatedly into Laura's
aroused cunt flesh.

'Damn! I wish that dumb spoiled slut would leave so
that I can relieve my frustrations. Hell, who am I
kidding, I am the one on my knees servicing an old
woman; I'm the dumb spoiled slut," Laura thought, as
she worked her tongue over her teacher's crinkled sex

Laura concentrated on licking the older woman's pussy
without making any sound, while pushing her own cunt
into the chair wheel. She lost track of time and the
conversation above her. She was jerked back to
reality when she felt the chair wheel rudely pulled
away from her sex, when Dr. Adams scooted her chair

The older woman pulled her dress up and spread her
legs wide. She pulled Laura by her ears tightly into
her aroused sex.

"Okay she's gone now! Be quick now . . . finish me
off my leaky slut!" Dr. Adams demanded.

Laura applied every trick, she had learned in the
previous hour. She worked her aching tongue and sore
lips over the older woman's large, crinkled, musky sex
with a vengeance.

"OH GOD! That's it, you little slut! Make momma cum .
. . oh I'm gonna cum so *hard* you lezzie bitch. Oh-
oh-oh . . . I'm cummmmminnnnng . . . you're makin' me
cum little girl. Lick it all up . . . Don't you dare
make a mess."

Part of Laura was horrified by her teacher's language.
Especially, calling her a lesbian and calling herself
momma, but Laura also found the dirty talk further
inflamed her desires.

Her teacher pulled on Laura's ears, mashing the
blonde's face into her sex, then as she came she
smothered the blonde in her juices. The young girl
hungrily drank it all down, then politely began
licking and cleaning her Professor's sex as she had
been taught earlier, by Goddess Goth.

"Mmmmm . . . that's it. Clean momma off. Wash up my
nasty juices with your cute little girlie tongue, you
spoiled little bitch. Oh yeah, work off your licks on
my pussy you small-titted slut. Ahhhh . . ."

"Stay where you are Laura, while I go and lock the
door," Dr. Adams said, as she stood up on trembling
legs and locked the door.

"Okay, let's give you your just deserts, baby. Come
on, get out from under that desk and . . ." Dr. Adams
was interrupted when, in attempting to get out from
under the desk, Laura accidentally stuck her head
under her teacher's dress. "My -- my -- my, you
really love my pussy, don't you?"

Laura quickly pulled the skirt off her head, then
stood up. She was humiliated that she was naked and
covered in the older woman's shiny juices, while the
teacher remained fully dressed.

Dr. Adams grabbed Laura by the arms and guided her
body to the desk behind her. "Okay, now I want you to
lie down on your back, on top of my desk."

Dr. Adams moved to the back of the desk, and cradling
Laura's head, gently eased the girl down until her
back was on the desk. "Spread those lean legs for
momma, I want your hairless sex facing my chair," Dr.
Adams said.

Laura complied, exposing her red, swollen, open sex to
her lecherous teacher's scrutiny.
Dr. Adams walked back and removed the breast pump from
her drawer and sat down between Laura's legs.
"Not good enough, get these legs up out of my way if
you want your nasty cum," ordered Dr. Adams, as she
pushed Laura's cute little Mary Jane shoes up, forcing
her knees onto her under-developed chest. Then,
spreading her knees wide, leaving Laura extremely
exposed, Dr. Adams applied the modified pump between
the girl's red, swollen labia.

"You'll have to help Laurie -- hold on to your ankles
so my little angel will be available to me," cooed the
professor. Dr. Adams applied the modified breast pump
to Laura's swollen sex and turned it all the way up.

When the machine pumped it made a *dzzzt* sound as the
young girls pussy was sucked outward into the vacuum
and her sweet pussy juices collected in the bottle.

"Does my little girl like having her pussy sucked?"
Dr. Adams asked, even though she already knew the
answer by the young girl's symptoms.


"Oh yes, ma'am!"


"My nice little baby's cunt is filling the bottle with
her nasty cum. What's she going to do with it?" asked
the older woman.

"I don't know," Laura said. "OH!" she then exclaimed
as she realized what was in the doctor's mind.

<dzzzzt >

"Will my leaky lezzie girl drink up all her girlie

"Ugh - No p-p-please, don't make me ah-do that."

"I guess, I will just have to take the pump off," Dr.
Adams threatened.


"Oh, no please don't ma'am, ! I'll d-d-rink it."


"Are you going to be mommy's little lezzie slut?"

"Uh-huh. I'm going to be your little . . ." Laura
began tossing her head from side to side, as she began
to feel the hot waves of pleasure spread throughout
her sex.


"Ahhh . . . lezzie slut.

"I'll eat your p . . ."


"p-p-usssy underneath your desk


"Ahhh . . . I'll let you s-spank my . . .


"naughty ass"


"Oh Fuck! I'm cumming ma'am....oh...oh...oh.....I'm


Laura spurted her fluids in the slurping machine as
she hugged her knees tightly to her chest.

When Dr. Adams removed the breast pump from Laura's
red, swollen sex and took off the bottle, it was half
full of Laura's sexual secretions. She brought it up
to the blonde's gasping mouth as Laura grimaced and
turned her head to the side.

Laura, it seemed, was no longer interested in
following through on the deal she had committed to in
her moment of passion.

"Drink it and be sure to get it all out sweetie, or we
will have to go and finish your spanking," lectured
the older woman.

Having no choice, Laura opened her mouth and let the
horrible woman pour the contents of the bottle into
her mouth. She swallowed it all while trying not to

When the bottle was empty, Dr. Adams made Laura lick
the remainder of her fluids from the walls of the

"Remember, good girls must always clean up their
messes Laura.

"Well, I hope you learned some manners and respect
today, young lady. Hopefully, this has taught you the
importance of following my orders. I'll see you
tomorrow, promptly.

"Have a good evening Leaky Laurie."

Slowly, Laura put her skirt over her aching body and
having no other option, her very wet, musky, ruined
sweater went around her chest, clinging to her small
tits. Finally, with her mind in a daze, she left the
room to go back to her dorm. It was as if her whole
world had been turned upside down. Why, in just two
short days, the poor blonde had gone from the uptight,
snobbish, prick-teaser her mother had raised her to
be, to the biggest lesbian slut on the campus.

"I'll have to talk to Monique! She must step up my
treatment . . . *she really must*!" Laura thought, as
she entered her dorm.

To be continued . . .

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